February 26th, 2007

abby genius


How much of your current knowledge would you say you learned in school? How much on your own?

I'd venture to say that no more than 25% of my current knowledge I learned in school. Most of what I've learned is things that I learned on my own through books, conversations, the Internet and so on.

Why I ask: I would suspect that most people are in a similar situation, and thereby I don't understand why, when someone doesn't know things that I would consider to be common knowledge, the excuse inevitably is "they didn't teach that in school".

So, your guesses as to what you know?
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Is there anything that you cannot look at/think of without being horribly disgusted? What is it?
Honeycombs, like the kind bees make. I saw a photoshopped picture of a woman with a honeycomb pattern superimposed onto her breast, to make it look like her breast had all these holes in it and for some reason the sight of it made me so disgusted I started gagging. Every time I see a honeycomb or a pattern similar to it, I think of the picture and just feel sick :\
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Boombox problem

My portable boombox has stopped reading my CDs. 

I have cleaned the system, cleaned the discs, turned it off and back on and to no prevail.

When I put a disc in, I can hear the disc spinning but after a few seconds it'll stop and the a "No Disc" message will appear on the display.

Anyone have any clue what's wrong?

I just want to chill with my headphone and some good tunes... *sigh*

Guess it's time for me to invest in an IPOD...


quick body mod question +1

I have my tongue pierced. Right now it hurts...A LOT. I took it out a few hours ago and just tried to put it back in and it wouldn't go. I managed to shove a retainer in there so it won't close. I don't know if it's infected, but should I just let it close up and then get it repierced? Or should I just ignore the pain and it'll feel better eventually/take painkillers?

It really really really hurts, but I WILL have my tongue pierced whether I suffer through the pain now or get it re-pierced later.


There's this artist who does this animal- I think it's a bunny- and it's very bloody. Someone (possibly from this comm) has a tattoo of one of the pieces, I think it has to do with a bee.  Anyone know who it is?

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Five unrelated questions, because I'm tired but can't sleep. =/

1. What's your guilty pleasure?
Stoner movies

2. What was the last song you listened to?
"Danny Tanner Was Not Gay" by Bob Saget

3. What was the last text message you sent? Received?
Sent: BAGINA! :D
Received: I'm leaving for ur house

4. What color is the shirt you're wearing (if you're topless, what color was the shirt you last wore)?
Dark green with brown writing

5. You have five dollars to buy yourself junk food/a terribly unhealthy snack. What do you get?
A pint of Ben and Jerry's (Half Baked or, despite my inability to locate any, Americone Dream) and an orange Fanta
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About a week and a half ago, one of my roommates logged into her school e-mail account on my computer to e-mail herself a presentation that she had to do later that afternoon. She logged herself out and later that night or the next day sometime, I signed myself back in and used the password saver feature.

So how come both last night and this morning, I've clicked to login to my e-mail without paying attention to the name and realized that I was in her e-mail? I check my school e-mail at least once a day, if not more. And I know I checked it out on my computer the other day and had no trouble.

What could be causing this? Why would it suddenly go back to her e-mail after over a week of being back in my name? I use firefox if that helps any explanation. And she definitely didn't use my computer again because the first time it happened was last night after I had my computer home with me all weekend and when I asked her she said she hasn't used it since the 15th when she e-mailed herself her presentation.

More on torrents

Is there a program that i can download for my powerbook G-4 that i can switch the .avi files i have for the movies i've downloaded to something that i can import and watch in itunes?

Also. Does anyone know why my torrent stoped downloading in the middle yesterday? it started back up but VERY VERY slowly..?

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If you wrote and published erotica, would you use your real name or a pseudonym?
I'm leaning towards pseudonym.

Would you tell your parents?
"Hi Mom! I'm a published author now! But you can't read it, sorry." I'm leaning towards no.

Entirely hypothetical.

For the sake of garden gnomes.

1. If there were no actual consequences, what crime would you commit or what thing would you do? And I mean no consequences - like, the entire world turns into a video game for one day and you are able to go insane across the globe and then wake up and everything is as it should be, what would you do?

2. Do you think Britney has any justification for going insane and losing it?

3. Are you one to complain if it snows/ices and the snow plows don't do an immaculate and quick job of making the roads perfect again?

4. Does your body get tired when it knows it's had plenty of sleep - it just wants to be rebellious because you're at work and your body wants to be at home - or where ever?

5. Talk radio or regular radio?

6. Your favorite of the five senses?
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(no subject)

quick question... lets say you've deleted someone from your msn messenger list... (simply delete, you didn't block them, so they can still talk to you and see when you're online).. if you decide to undelete this person, or add them back or whatever, would they get that little pop up message saying "xyz has added you to their list.. do you want to add them back"?

i ask cause i want to.. but i don't want the person to know that i'd deleted them.. ya kno.. :p

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I just moved into a new house. My wireless AP (Netgear WGR614v6) doesn't broadcast through my brick walls to the other rooms very well.

Any ideas how to extend it's range? or do I have to buy a newer, longer range AP?

(no subject)

1. Have you ever lost something and asked TQC to help you find it? If so, did they help solve the mystery of the disappearing object?

2. I can't find the key to my dorm room. I checked under the bed, on my desk, under my desk, behind my bed, in the sheets, all over the floor, in the mini-fridge, in my jacket pockets, in my purse, in my bookbag, in my closet, and still nothing. Where do you think it is?

(no subject)

What should I do in Paris?

(Relevant info: dates are March 2 - March 11, I'll be around the 16th or 17th arrondissement, I speak French so that's not an issue, I've never spent much time in Paris, and I'm not that into ubertouristy stuff. I'm going with a group, but we'll be split up a bunch, so any activities can be something for individual or group entertainment.)

And then just to make this actually somewhat interesting...

What city have you always wanted to visit and why? Think you'll ever make it?

And are you in love with Eleni Mandell yet?
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A whole lot of random.

1- For fiction writing, is using the names of clients as character names a no-no? I get calls from people with some pretty funky names, and I'm tempted to take them... Not like they'd ever find out... >_>;

2- What is the most comments you've ever gotten on a post? Comm or personal LJ, up to you. :)

3- What is the weather like outside right now?

4- What do you WISH it was like outside? ;P

5- Using your psychic skills, do you think that my next visit to my doctor (the fourth one in two months!) will finally result in me starting on medication to fix my hormone problems so we can start having demon spawn babies? Or am I doomed to more testing like a guinea pig?

6- Do you believe that if you don't want people looking at you, you should stay out of the spotlight?
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hair cuts

So I stopped in for a quick trim and a wash on Saturday to my usual place; I didn't get anyone who ever touched my hair before (I have always had great results there), so I thought it would be okay. After I had my wash, he asked what I wanted and I said just a cut, trim it a little bit off the ends, do some texturizing to take out some of the bulk. (I have extremely thick hair and I usually get this done every month and most people know how to do it....). So, I took off my glasses. Eeep. He gave me layers, cut 4 inches off and texturized the ends! Anyway, it doesn't look horrible necessarily, but I can't do anything with it because of all the F-ING layers, it's way to short and it is completely NOT what I wanted. I'm pretty upset about this and I didn't say anything because I didn't know what to say... "No, please reattach all my hair. Thanks.) So, now it's monday, is it too late to call and complain? My hair is in my eyes, poking me in the eyes at that, and I couldn't put it up today... I am beyond frustrated. So, should I call? or should I just.. deal with it and hope it grows really really fast? Or should I try to find someone else to fix it? Thanks!
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(no subject)

1. Has anyone here every done Americorps? Specifically the VISTA program?

2. Has anyone ever started Americorps and quit before your year was over? What happened? Where you looked down upon? (I'm thinking my placement isn't the best fit and I really can't decide what to do at this point. It's going to be a VERY, VERY long year if I stay...)

3. Anyone here drive a Saab? Have you ever had problems with the gas lines freezing during the winter? Is there a way to avoid this other than keeping the gas tank full and putting Heet in it if you don't have a garage? (It's happened 3 times in the past 2 weeks, twice when I was trying to leave work....it's getting a little absurd).

4. Are there any states that still offer the E-ZPass or Fastlane box thing for free?

5. This is old news, but I just got into the show recently....what's the deal with Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica being split into 2 parts and still being crazy expensive? Are they planning on doing this with Season 3 as well?

computer savy?

im in the market for a new computer, but i know very little about the options/possibilities, and what companies are good and bad. any input/advice any of you could offer would be appreciated!

Disabled Bathrooms

Have you ever used a disabled bathroom even though you could have used a regular bathroom?
Have you ever been caught by a disabled person while leaving or entering the disabled bathroom? What was their reaction/your reaction?

If you are disabled how do you usually react when finding someone who is clearly able-bodied coming out of or going into a disabled bathroom?

I use a manual wheelchair and unless i am totally emergency desperate to go to the bathroom i usually find it amusing to catch someone. They usually blush and apologise or rush off and say nothing. I never make a big deal out of it. It's funny if you just give the person a big smile and say Hello How are you? and they feel even more guilty cos youre just so nice about it haha :)
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(no subject)

I took some Sudafed in the early stages of my cold, and it worked great. Since the first dose, though, it has done jack for me. Is my cold just super resistant, or does it lose effectiveness? I've had great luck with Sudafed before.
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Sudoku Question

A person on my friend list asked a Sudoku question.. regarding to how many possible puzzles can they make on an everage 9x9 puzzle.

I think I already worked out an answer for that.. however, what's the limited revealed number to assure the puzzle has only one answer? Is it simply how many numbers are shown, or is it the placement of those numbers?

On bear traps and bullets

The neighbor's dog has borrowed himself a hole under our fencing and into our locked backyard. This is the 2nd time in two days that they've dug new holes.

I asked the neighbor to keep their dog under control and was met with a "whatever".

So, my questions..

1. If I put some bear traps in my back yard and the dog springs one, what legal liability do I have? They are trespassing in my locked and fenced yard, after all.

2. Lets say I catch said dog in the act. Do I have the legal ability to throw the dog back over the fence?

3. Again, I catch it in my yard. Can I shoot it until dead?

4. What would you do in this situation?
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(no subject)

1 - What fashions/fads/crazes do you wish would come back?

2 - Which ones do you wish never existed?

3 - Which ones completely baffle you as to why they even became popular in the first place?


1 - Flares. =D

2 - Crocs. Well, more specifically, Crocs in public.

3 - Crocs. Also, chatter rings/jitter rings.
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(no subject)

While I was walking on campus this morning, I found an envelope floating around on the ground. I hate to just walk by trash like that and not throw it out, so I picked it up and stuck it in my pocket to throw away when I got back to my room. Now that I'm back, I see that it's actually an opened envelope with a letter inside. It's addressed to a campus mailbox.

What would you do?

-recycle it
-send it back to the addressee through campus mail (no stamps required)
-send it back to the addressee with a note
-something else?

If I send it back to the addressee with a note, what should the note say? Just "I found this and thought you might want it" or "don't litter" or something?

Thanks :)

EDIT: I facebooked her, and sure enough, she lives in my building. So I'll just go hand it to her. :)
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Tell me what to do, TQC!

So today I dropped off my renewal lease. We've lived here two years and today the woman at the leasing office decided to tell me that as long as we paint it back to white before we leave we can paint our apartment whatever color we want.

Would have been nice to know that two years ago. Anyway. Now I am undecided because I don't really have any colors I'm dying to put on the walls and right this second it seems like a lot of damned work. We have 10' ceilings and if you're really nosy, this is our floorplan.

Should I paint?
What rooms, if any, should I paint?
Any color suggestions? I like really bright colors but I think that would be a bitch to paint over with white.

Make up my mind for me, TQC!
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1. Let's say you're washing your hands or brushing your hair or applying makeup or something in the bathroom. Then let's say someone you know - not someone you're friends with, but someone you've seen around before - walks in. What do you do? Do you say hello and chat it up just like you would if you were buddies, or do you wait for them to talk first, or do you just let an awkward silence elapse? Or do you do something else?

2. Let's say you enter the bathroom with a friend, and you're in the middle of a conversation. Do you continue this conversation as you perform your necessarily bodily functions (while you're on the toilet)?
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maybe this will wake me up.......

pick an artist (singer and/or group/duo).. using ONLY either a song title or lyrics.. answer the following questions?

1. which artist? christina aguilera
a) how's your day going so far? enter the circus.
b) how's the rest of the week going to be for you? on our way.
c) what's on your mind? running out of time.
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(no subject)

Have you ever had....somebody kind of nuts on your LJ friends list? Substitute "weird", "very odd", "psycho" for the words nuts and thats pretty much my question.

If you answer to the above is 'yes', what did you do? Ban them? Abandon your journal and start a new one?

Has anyone in LJ ever become a real life problem for you?

Just curious.

(no subject)

If you have a finger that is twitching a lot, what would you do? Besides go to the doctor, that is. It's the finger I use to click the mouse, which I use a lot at work. It's getting kind of aggravating that it just goes nuts on me occassionally.

I used to have the same problem with my thumbs when I played video games more often, but I don't know how/why that stopped.
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Random ?'s

1. If you were able to download a skill set and instantly become an expert in it, what would it be? (ex. Neo instantly learning Kung Fu in the Matrix)

2. What's the worst (funniest?) thing you've seen someone(s) do to someone else while they were sleeping?

3. When you go out somewhere (the grocery store, the park, etc) how often do you randomly run into people you know?

4. If you were to meet up w/ some friends for a casual lunch at noon on a weekend, what time would you need to wake up in order to arrive there on time (assume your commute is 15 minutes)?

5. Have you ever dreamed that your teeth were falling out? What do you think is the most common dream?

(no subject)


1. OK, I am a bit late to the party but, for those in pregnant/parenting comms...who is Lizzey and what's the deal with her? Why were her kids taken away and why does everyone SERIOUSLY hate her?

2. What is your favorite memorable drama? Links?


1. What is your gender?

2. How old were you when you had your first orgasm?

3. How long had you been sexually active until that moment?

4. How was your first orgasm induced?

(no subject)

Question One;
Lets say you had a friend, and she complains to you all the time about how screwy her life is, and how much her boyfriend doesn't care about her. After you have put up with all her complaining for months now, and have gotten really tired of being dragged into everything, she tells you that she doesn't like you. Your not horribly upset with this, because she was starting to get on your nerves anyway. Then you have a great day. A fantastic day. So, you write about it in your LJ, in this post you happen to say that no matter what, in the area that you live, you have the best boyfriend, because you don't get replaced by a computer, or ignored for his friends. She then posts a LJ entry about how fake she thinks you are, and that she thinks its funny that no one can stand you. This, btw, is a lie, because you home school, and you don't like large groups of people. So the only people that you hang out with are your best friends, who also home school, and your boyfriend, who is also home schooled. Anyways, the point is, how would you react to all this?

Question Two;
In the original Willy Wonka movie with Gene Wilder, don't you think the scene with the women who has been asked to give up her case of Wonka bars in return for her husbands life is a little odd? I mean, I do understand that sometimes things mean alot to you, but its weird.

(no subject)

What's with people using two ampersands lately?
(e.g. My mom && dad are coming with me.)

When did just one become insufficient?

Are you supposed to read it as "My mom and and dad are coming with me" ?

Am I the only one that's bothered by this?
HCL Who the hell do you think you are

Tough day-

brief situational overview: I'm married with 2 young boys. We met a couple last year who became great friends. They also have 2 boys, and we get together at least once a week. The kids play together and we talk or listen to music and dance around.

This weekend, I found out the man in the relationship is abusive with his wife. He's even hit her in my house when they were babysitting the kids (they were sleeping).

She's been with her husband for 19 years, and is not going to leave him and I have a hard time imagining cutting her and the kids out of our lives (we're neighbours, and I'd worry too much), but I need advice. I should also note that my friend says things have gotten much better since we've been socialising together.


1. Would you stay friends (or friendly) with a couple when you know one of them is abusive?
2. Does the fact that someone is abusive automatically make them a bad person?
3. Now that I know what's going on, what's my responsibility in this?
4. Any other advice? About her, their kids, our kids?

Thank you-

EDIT: Thanks for your thoughtful responses. I'm extremely preoccupied with this, and reading the different comments and points-of-view have helped a lot. I will not respond to all comments individually, but I appreaciate them all, sincerely.
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As most people are experiencing this time of year, I have a bit of a cold. It's your typical stuffy nose, sinus pressure, headache, tired, weakness kind of cold. I've had it since Friday, and I need to get over it by this coming Friday.

I've been taking echinacea once or twice a day, and I take Tylenol Cold+Sinus Nighttime at night -- along with 1mg of melatonin because I have a hard time falling asleep when I'm sick. It's kind of working, but I need something a little faster.

Zicam, and anything else like that (that's supposed to "shorten cold length") has no effect, for some weird reason.

So, how do you get over a cold quickly? Natural methods are preferred, but I'm willing to try anything once!

(Well, most everything. ;) )
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(no subject)

1)How do you feel about the word "twatcicle" for vagina? What are your favorite euphemisms for vagina and penis? Which ones do you dislike?
2)How many of the friends you've made on LJ have you met in person? (like you met them on LJ first)
3)Do you have a myspace? Do your friends have a myspace? Does your favorite band have a myspace?

(no subject)

Snow Day questions!

Given that I’ve lived in Queensland most of my life (which has a climate similar to California, I believe), snow isn’t something that occurs here too often, and definitely not in the areas I’ve lived.

From what I’ve read over the years, if you had a snow day while in school (primary or secondary), then you have to ‘make up’ that day later. Does that come out of the school holidays (or vacation/break if you prefer)? On weekends? Does the same process apply for university students? What about people who can’t go to work/work has been closed due to snow? Do you still get paid for it?
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(no subject)

1. How do I get rid of the "signature" below my emails? I use Hotmail. (Sorry, "Windows Live Mail") I know I can just delete it rom every email I send, but there must be some way to just get rid of it right? I cant ind it in "settings"

2. What are you favorite really old school artists/songs? Like from the 20s,30s,40s. My grandfather is turning 85 next month, and Im in charge of getting songs from this era. Help a sistah out! :)

3. Why is my F key stuck? silly answers only plz!

4. Whats your favorite part of Rejected?
I think you can watch it here in case you havent seen it


1. I dont knowwwwwww I keep looking and I cant find it
2. Britney Spears? Im so lost.
3. Its because I ate meat on Friday.
4. Silly Hats Only, hands down the best part.
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Calling all TQC math geeks!

Not Homework. ^_^

I received this quiz in an email, and the 6th question has several people I sent it to stumped.

Question: Divide 30 by 1/2 and add 10. What is the answer?
Possible choices: 10, 35, 50, 70, 90, I Don't Know

Solution: 1/2 = 0.50 --> 30/0.50 = 60 --> 60 + 10 = 70

I got it right, but in trying to explain how I got the answer, I became curious myself. The people I've been trying to explain the above solution to are wondering how do you get double when you divide by HALF? I'm at a loss to explain that one. ^_^
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90s alt rock

Today my boyfriend and I got into a discussion about mid-late 90s alt-rock bands, not grunge, but what came after. All those bands that sounded similar, got lots of radio play, and often only had one or two hits.
We're going on a road trip soon, and now I really want to make a cd of all those songs.
So far I have stuff like, The Verve Pipe "Freshman" (the song that started the discussion), Third Eye Blind "Semi-charmed Life" & "The Jumper", The Verve "Bittersweet Symphony", Matchbox 20 "3am" & "Real World", The Wallflowers "One Headlight", Fastball "The Way", etc etc.

So TQC, please give me all the 90s alt-rock bands/ songs you can think of!

(I did a few internet searches for 90s alt-rock, but mostly got grunge bands or like, The Smashing Pumpkins, who I may include, but I'm really going more for the bands that flared up & then faded away, or only had a few hits.)

(no subject)

This is my first time asking a question, so, cool. Anyway,

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I know the pill does really help in contraceptive ways - I just don't know how FAR it goes as to helping. Thanks for anyone who answers my seemingly billion questions~

(no subject)

1. I am in love with the Walgreens EasySaver rebate program, particularly the offers that get you free stuff. Are there any other stores that have similar rebate/savings programs?

2. Do you like condiment flavored chips? So far I've seen sour cream, ketchup, salt & pepper, salt & vinegar, dill pickle, and various mustards, and only really hated the ketchup flavored chips. Would you eat mayonnaise flavored chips? Would you like them?

3. I need some running/jogging shoes. Any recommendations?

(no subject)

What does this animation have to do with feminism?

The description calls it a feminist animation. I don't get it. To me, it looks like she killed those guys just for being guys, which isn't what feminism is about.

(no subject)

I remember reading here recently about the principal who suspended some kids for writing about him on facebook after he banned iPods and cell phones at his school, but I couldn't find the post.

Do you know of any cases where kids were suspended/expelled/otherwise punished by the school system for activities they participated in outside of school? Could you link me?

What do you think about kids being punished by the school system for activities they partake in outside of school? Should this be allowed?
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1. What meds are you on? (Including vitamins)

2. I do not have health insurance-- Does anyone else not have health insurance and have you ever had to go to the hospital? What did you pay?

3. How many clocks do you have in your apartment/home? How often do you look at the time throughout the day?

4. I am a senior in college and I have a 4.0. Do you look at that as a positive thing or do you see it as me "missing out" on the college life and partying and stuff?

5. What is one thing you like to treat yourself to?

6. What is the last movie you saw? Did you like it?

7. What did you eat yesterday?
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Does anyone know the technical term for "Blocking someone's Chi" by hitting a person's "pressure points"?
For example, Ty Lee from Avatar: The Last Airbender has mastered this, able to stop Katara's bending or Sokka's movement.
It's cool, and I've looked all over Wikipedia for a better term than the quotes above.
Thanks a bunch!
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graphics tablet

My boyfriend's birthday is next month, and I want to get him a graphics tablet. I have NO idea where to start looking, and am interested if anyone here has one, or has used one at school who could give me some input.
Such as, what brand would you recommend, what should I stay away from, etc?
He uses a Windows based PC and wants one that connects via USB. I am looking to stay under $200.

I plan on doing e-research before buying, but am looking for some personal experience/ feedback to give me a starting point. Thanks!

ETA: Thanks for your help everyone! I went with the Wacom Graphire4 6x8. I'm sure he'll love it! (He'd better!)


I'm sure this is obvious...but help! lol On Myspace my friend posted this:

Find the error. It's impossible!


Did you know that 80% of UCSD students could not find the error above? Repost this with the title "what's wrong here", and when you click "post bulletin", the answer will be really obvious

Can anyone figure it out? Am I really missing something? It's just the alphabet posted 3 times in a row. Is that what's wrong?

(no subject)

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So TQC, Here is my question to you...

If you had a friend who was just as crappy, would you stick around?
Or would you leave and not even think twice about it?

If you read all of that, you deserve a cookie...Thanks.
  • niki4jm

(no subject)

I suck at the social shit so I'm asking you guys:

There is a guy at my job who I used to talk to all the time. He's REALLY fun and cool. When we moved to new offices, I basically quit visiting him because we're in a suite now and everyone can hear our conversations. I hate people overhearing my business.

Problem is, I miss talking to the guy. I want to start shooting the breeze again, but I don't know if I should drop a hint, just start showing up, ask permission, or what. Do I say anything to him first? It's been three months since we've had more than a 5 minute chat. (Except for last week, when we had a long talk about electric cars over lunch. It made me realize what I've been missing. Good conversation is hard to find!)
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(no subject)

What's the weirdest/funniest band/group name you've ever heard?  Especially taking into consideration the members of the group themselves.  For example, the best one I could think of is the Barenaked Ladies--a group of middle-aged, fully-clothed men.

Question about Ohio Bankrupcty- NEED RESPONSE ASAP

I have a friend that is having marital problems. She has moved out of her apartment, but now her husband is requesting for her to come back in order to file a joint bankruptcy.

The question is: Is it manadatory for a couple filing a joint bankruptcy to live in the same household?

There has not been any incidents of physical abuse, she is just needing to move on.
Thank you to anyone that would have some insight into this subject.
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09, Craig and I

debate between my husband and I

What side do monkeys open their* bananas, stalk side (top) or non stalk side (bottom)?
Yeah, yeah I could Google, but where's the lolz in that?
And, yes my husband and I DO have weird conversations! :P

*Edited to fix my stoopid there/their mistake
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Gift ?'s

1) What's the longest it's taken you to receive a gift from someone? (ex receiving a Christmas present in February)

2) What's the longest it's taken you to get a gift to someone?

3) Have you ever gotten a gift for someone you've never physically met before? (ex friend of a friend, somebody you met online, distant relative, etc)

4) Do you have an online wish list? Have you ever had anyone buy you anything anonymously and what was it?

1-2-3 BUH-LETE!

1. how many origami swans have you made in your lifetime?

2. what are the next three movies in your netflix/blockbuster queueueueueue?

3. If you push the SHUFFLE button, what are the first three songs that come up on your iPod/other MP3 player?

4. wasn't there just some kind of post where someone insulted TQC? Where did that go and what was that about?

1. I mean CRANES. not swans. because i have never made one.
4. I fail. the post is still there. 'scuse me, i am kinda out of it.
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Ok. So in 2 months my husband and I are getting a puppy. I have a couple questions.


1. What kind of a dog do you have?
2. How did you train your dog?
3. Do you also have cats? Do they use the same box?
4. Do you use cat litter?
5. Does your dog understand that he/she can go outside and in the litter box?
6. How long did it take to train?

I know these are odd questions but litter training dogs can be done and I want to do it damnit lol.

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I got a Tupac watch/knife/lighter pack for Christmas. My mate is in love with it & begged me to get him a similar watch for his birthday, which I did. But this pack comes with a watch & a very cheap looking necklace.

Collapse )

So, all he wants is the watch. I'm guessing he won't take a second look at the necklace. Should I give him the watch on its own, or give him the necklace too? The pack only cost $20 & I doubt the necklace would sell by itself on eBay so I was just going to throw it out or take it to Vinnies (an Aussie charity store).

I'm undecided, what would you guys do?
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Dear Doctor LJ,

Does Chloraseptic make your throat numb?

Is it reasonable to assume that if I'm coughing because of a tickle in my throat, using Chloraseptic would help me stop coughing?

(For the record, I have already seen a doctor, I have bronchitis, and I am on antibiotics, however, I've only taken one dose and I'm still coughing and I want to go to sleep but I'm thinking going to sleep with a cough drop in my mouth is not the wisest choice).
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Bounty hunting & shoes!

1. Do you think you would be a good bounty hunter? What about a repo man/woman?
I think I'd be equally bad at both.

2.These shoes. Should they be worn with socks, without socks, or are they so ugly it doesn't matter? Pretend they're being worn with jeans, not dog pajama bottoms.EDIT: If with socks, what color?


for those of you that own a flat screen plasma or lcd
which one would you recommend? 
whats the difference?

I'm getting HD cable so I need to get an HD tv  I dont know much about TVs so thats why I dont want to go to the store and get screwed over so someone can make a sale, 
this is where I'm gonna be buying it http://www.futureshop.ca  if theres a brand you'd recommend please let me know!

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Has anyone here been on Risperdal for any amount of time?

No, I don't intend to ask "Dr. LJ" questions that would be better suited for a medical professional. I'm looking for real-life experiences of people who actually have some personal knowledge of the medication.

Harold Silverman's The Pill Book is likened to the Bible at the facility I work in, and what it had to say about Risperdal scared me a bit.

Tremor, twitches, convulsions, muscle spasms, symptoms associated with Parkinson's? Not terribly appetizing if you ask me.

The fact that these weren't listed in the "Possible Side Effects" section but rather in the "General Information" section kind of bothers me.

Truly, do I have any reason to worry?

Your mission, if you should choose to accept it...

Okay guys, so I'm in need of a bit of help. I'm from New Zealand but am currently in Connecticut with a friend of mine. We've come out for four weeks as part of an exchange program, and have been here for two weeks already.

So far I've managed to see: 

The Statue of Liberty
Ellis Island
Ground Zero
Grand Central Station

we went to see Washington too and hence did all the touristy things there.

So, my dear friends, I am trying to make a list of all the things I should see here before I leave. So far, I have:

Empire State Building
Guggenheim Museum
Metropolitan Museum
Museum Of Natural history
Central Park
Rockefeller Centre
Times Square
5th Avenue
Mme Tussaud's- merely out of curiosity as I have seen the one in London and wonder how it matches up.

Anything I should add to this list? Keeping in mind that I'm at school during the week and don't have a huge amount of time.

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1. When you're in a public place, maybe a bus/train, or something, and somebody around you smells reeeeeally good, are you comfortable asking them what they're wearing?
I'm a chicken. Can anyone identify this smell for me? haha: Pears, with maybe a hint of cherry, and notes of a nice sweet amber ale. (Yeah, I doubt anyone can finger it from that.) But man, my nose is in love.

2. What's it like getting a passport where you are, these days?
I'm in Vancouver, Canadia, and today, I spent from 8:30am to noon standing in the freezing rain, wind and snow, in a line-up just to get *in* to the passport building to wait in the hour-long line-up in there. Got soaked right through, and spent the rest of the day attempting to warm up again. I'm pooped. This is my 2nd try, too. On Friday, we showed up at 1:30, and at 3:30, when we were about 15 people from the door to the building, they told us all to just go home, 'cause the office was full of people and they were closing in an hour. Poop! At least then, it was sunny.

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So I've noticed that when I become ill with a cold or whatnot, the skin on my back gets extremely sensitive so that my shirt rubbing against it hurts really bad. Why does this happen? Does it happen to anyone else?

The wonders of a gap year girl =]

I'm looking at being in San Francisco around 23 - 28 May. If I go whale watching [helicopter or boat] how likely am I to see a blue whale? I mean, are they "in season" there, then? I am dying to see one! =] Also, if I'm alone in Los Angeles for 3 days, what should I do? [I'm 18, so can't rent a car...]
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My left arm has had pins and needles all day, from my shoulder down to my finger. What could be causing it? Could having slept on it uncomfortably cause pins and needles that lasted all day?


Boring question + not-so boring question

Is there anywhere online that I can find the texts to U.S. acts of law?
For example, if I'm looking for the Foreign Relations Authorizations Act, (Fiscal Years 1994-95, Public Law 103-236), where would I find it?

Eh, and because it's such a dull question, I'll ask another (on second glance it's almost just as boring, but hey):
What's something you find really annoying when others do it/don't do it , but hypocritically find yourself doing/not doing the same thing?

I'd say not indicating whilst driving. Drives me mad when others don't, but I've been caught out doing it a lot. 

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(no subject)

1. What was the latest band you really got into?

2. When you really like a band, do you advertise them to your friends until they are sick of hearing them or keep the band completely to yourself?