February 25th, 2007

Mr. Misto

VetMed R Us

Okay, so my question is.. coming eventually.. I have a puppy.  Said puppy has roundworms. I know she has roundworms as I watched them wiggle around after she threw them up. *gag*.

My questions are; 

1. As it is a sunday tomorrow and all of the vet clinics are closed, should I buy her an OTC product from a petstore and treat her with that temporarily until I can get in to see the vet? ( This is assuming that the vet clinics are backed up after the "storm of the century" going on here )

I know that part of the vet's role is to diagnose the condition, but it's very obvious, so has anyone else out there had roundworm issues with their pet?


(no subject)

I may be modeling for a 2-4 hour photo shoot soon and I have two options of how I can get paid; $125 flat fee or 40% of the profits. I'll probably be posing for shots for several different projects, magazines, etc so I'm not sure that their would be buyers lined up for all of the prints.

Which would you take, $125 or 40%?

(no subject)

So I've been thinking of sending an e-mail to an old friend to catch up.

He was a very close friend, and he started dating another one of our close friends. I was happy that the two of them got together, we'd been waiting for years for them to hook up. Shortly after they started dating, the girlfriend started to get really paranoid and decided I was trying to steal her boyfriend away. She threatened me, got some of her other friends to threaten me, basically just made it very clear to me that she did not want me near her or her boyfriend. He never knew about the threats and figured I had stopped talking to him for no reason and became upset with me. It's been about two years since we last spoke and I found his myspace through a friend and now I want to get back in touch. He's still with the same girl, though, and she still hates me for some reason (I really honestly don't know why, nobody does!)

Should I send him an e-mail? I just want to say hello and see how he's doing, but I don't want anything to go on with the crazy girlfriend. I don't know if she looks at his e-mail or not. Should I risk it?

Second question!
What kind of name would you give to a 9-week-old female yellow labrador retriever? Physically, she has pale features and I think she's the English breed, so she'll be pretty stocky when she gets older. Personality wise, she's very sweet and playful and managed to teach our toughest cat a lesson when he tried to play rough with her. It usually takes my family a while to give new pets a name, but I'd like to hear some suggestions.
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(no subject)

What are some songs you listen to when you're sad and don't feel like being cheered up? Songs you can commiserate with.

I've got "Bye Bye Love" on repeat at the moment. I didn't just get dumped, I just feel crappy sitting here at rock bottom, you know.

Out of curiosity...

How many of you had "The Talk" with one or both of your parents? You know, the birds and the bees, all that jazz.

• If you did have The Talk, how old were you? Did your parent (which one) broach the subject or did you? How did it go? (Did you learn anything you didn't already know? If not, where did you learn it?)

• If you never had The Talk with your parents, how did you, and at what age, eventually (and properly) learn about the "forbidden subjects"?
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Because we all love ipod questions :DDDD

Alright, my mother's iPod shuffle isn't working. It was fine yesterday, plugged it in to charge it today, it went 'Usb device not recognised'. I followed the steps as set out by apple, and now, when I plug it in, nothing happens. No flashing lights, not even an error message. Every other usb-powered device works fine.

How do I fix this?

Are you mosquito bait?

If so, how many mozzie bites do you currently host?

(More then twenty. 11 on my hands alone.)

How the fuck do you make them stop itching?

(no subject)

1. What are your favorite low calorie foods? Preferably things eaten raw or cooked in a microwave since that's all I have.

2. What are your favorite moderate to difficult workout DVDs? Preferably ones that don't involve any equipment aside from weights.
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(no subject)

Wow I just read 5 pages of TQC

since there seems to be a college theme going on in the past couple of days I figured I would post this question. (even though the college stuff is at least 2 pages back now :-D)

1. Does/Did your university have a Greek system?

2. Did you know that some universities don't have a Greek system?

3. Did the availability/lack of Greek system influence your college decision?

1. Mine doesn't
2. I knew that, but I only ask this question because I give campus tours and about 90 percent of people who visit campus seem to think that it's so strange that we don't have a Greek system, especially at a public school. I even had a dad claim that the school was close minded because we don't have Greeks.
3. Yes, when I made a pro/con list for my two top schools the Greeks turned out to be one of my top three major reasons to attend this school.
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Totally weird.

I checked on the Winamp help site, but I have no idea what I'd even be looking for, and a glance there doesn't show me anything useful.


I recently upgraded my Winamp to 5.33 from 5.24, and I believe this is the first time I've played the file in question with the new version. Video file. It still plays properly. It has a specific name, obviously, and in all of the properties I check, both in Winamp and just as a file, the name is the same.

Then why is a new name for the file suddenly appearing in my playlist when I play the file in Winamp? A name that has never been associated with it before, that isn't anywhere associated with the file in any of the properties?

I did virus and spyware scans to be safe, came up with nothing, and this is also a file that I've had on my computer for about six months, and it has been in my playlist since then, so it would be weird that it would rename itself in the Winamp playlist, and have that name not show up anywhere else besides the playlist - right-clicking "View file info" only gives me the name of what the file is supposed to be, same if I go look at the file in its respective folder.

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Random questions.

1. If you have specialized comments, what do yours say?
2. Which sock do you put on first, the right or the left?
3. When do you know you need to buy more toilet paper? What kind do you buy? And what kind don't you like to buy?
4. (I'd say girls, but some guys have long hair as well)
Can you french braid your own hair?
5. If I gave you two sharp pencils could you put your hair up into a bun with them?
6. Say I give you a picture to color and a box of the following, which do you choose to color it with? Markers, crayons, chalk, colored pencil?
7. Ever draw with chalk on a sidewalk? What did you draw if you did?
8. Has anyone else reached that perfect shoe slide in their shoe yet, where there's no need to untie your laces to get your feet in, they just slide in without having to untie then retie afterwards?

Collapse )
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(no subject)

A local radio station is having a 'live' weekend. They're playing live tracks from various bands.

So, what is your favorite live track?

Mine is Damien Rice's cover of Creep from Glastonbury. I also love U2's cover of Everlasting Love.

Also, I remember seeing an advert for a battery replacement. Something like you hook this battery thing up to your iPod or PDA and it gives it some extra juice. It was between $60-$100. Might have been in a recent issue of Wired, but I can't find it anywhere. I do not possess any Google-fu skills and none of my friends have had any luck either. Anyone heard of this?

"Honey, what you do for money..."

1.) If you had your choice of being a stripper or a mortician, which would you pick?

EDIT: And what is the reason for your choice?

*For these purposes, both are the same hours and pay the same*

2.) If someone payed you 1 million dollars to walk around for a day with the "c" word painted on your face, would you do it?

(and to you comedians, I'm not talking about "crackers" mmkay?)
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(no subject)

Would you ever undermine the stuff a parent teaches their children if you disagreed? For example: they teach their children homosexuality is wrong or they teach their children Christianity.
If you say yes, why?


Okay. I have a question. I saw a movie probably about 8-9 years ago and only saw a specific part but my husband and I want to see it again. There was a family of a dad, mom, and daughter I believe. This particular town every year would always stone one of their members and would pick peices of paper out of a box and who ever had the 'X' would get stoned and the mother ended up picking it.

Then she got stoned, like not drugs stoned, but people threw rocks and killed her stoned.

cat tea

Home remedies

1. Inspired by the post on relieving sinusitis... I have chronic sinus problems and have had surgery on them a couple times. While answering her question, I googled "home remedies sinusitis". I found this page. Most of the remedies on that page are ones I've never heard of (save a few) and I have tried A LOT. Has anyone here actually tried these? For those who are too lazy to click on the link, Collapse ) If you have tried them, were any successful?

2. What are the strangest home remedies you've ever heard of?

3. What is a home remedy (or something similar to the above) that you use?

4. What was the last movie you saw in theaters that was worth the close to $10 (at least here)?

5. One of my LJ friends told me that she recently figured out what my icon actually WAS--she initially thought it was something to do with watercolors. Do you know what my icon is?

(no subject)

Let's say that you wanted to make a bunch of cash, but you didn't actually have the time to work.

How much money would one make selling for-teens books on ebay/half.com/amazon?

Do people actually pay to those "DONATE!  I HAS FUN STORY LULZ" sites?

How much money could a person make selling vicodin on the black market?  (lol)
Big Love


Law and Order: SVU marathon on USA all day today! Are you watching?  What episode do you hope they'll show?

1. Yes, this is better than Christmas!!
2.  I even set my alarm so that I didn't miss one episode!
3.The one where they are trying to figure out who is bringing children from Africa to be slaves/sex slaves.
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Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

Black Americans? Negros? African Americans?

What is the politically correct term for referring to an American citizen of African descent, i.e Denzel Washington, Beyonce etc? I REALLY hope no one taskes this as racism, I just honestly don't know what the polictially correct term is.

Just to give a bit of context to this question, I'm an Australian and honest to God, the first time I saw the race of the people in question was when I visited California, aged 18.

(no subject)

In hentai and Japanese porn, why is the penis always blurred out?

Would you rather do the dishes or the laundry?

Have you ever had Bruster's icecream? Did you like it? If not, what place makes the best icecream?

(no subject)

my friend's birthday is this week and when i asked her what she wanted, she said that lately she has been getting into "fresh and clean smelling candles or lotions".

i really like happily ever after by grassroots at kohl's. i believe it'd be a perfect scent for her but it's about $15 a bottle and i couldn't find a gift set.

any recommendations for "fresh and clean smelling candles or lotions"?
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(no subject)

What are some natural cockroach killers/deterrents? other than just treading on them?

within the last week cockroaches have been FLYING into my apartment then scurrying on the floor. it's really hot, so i keep the windows and sliding door open (we dont have fly screens). keeping the windows shut isn't really an option.

i dont like chemical stuff and dont really want to buy anything fancy and expensive.
any tricks using stuff that's just around the house?

FLYING!? i haven't seen cockraoches flying so much in my life than i have this past week. ARGH! and they narrowly miss my head. they're like kamikaze cockroaches... if only they followed through with the dying part.

EDIT: what are dixie cups made out of and how big are they?

(no subject)

Inspired by the post about moving out..

How old were you when you moved out on your own?
Do you wish you had stayed at home longer?
How much were non-rent expenses (utilities, groceries, transportation, etc)?
Film - Star Wars

(no subject)

I'm shopping for an 80GB iPod on eBay -- how can I be sure that they're PC-compatible (as opposed to Mac)? None of the profiles mention it; is that just because they're sort of neutral until you plug them in for the first time? I guess this is a dumb question, but help is appreciated -- a lot of the auctions run out soon! :)
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(no subject)

1-How much money did you have saved up when you moved out?

2-How much money did you make at your job at the time?

It seems like I'll never be financially stable enough to move out.
I barely make $200 a week.
Car payment= $265 a month
car insurance= $225 a month
half of rent= $350 a month
utilities= I'm not sure, about $200 a month?
Of course I didn't include food, cell phone, internet, or hygiene necessities.

3-So...any suggestions on speeding the process of leaving my house? I can't get a really great paying job considering I'm a 19 yr old college student with experience only at Target and Books-A-Million.

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(no subject)

Are you a clumsy person?

What was your most recent clumsy experience?

I am, and last night I got my foot stuck on the seatbelt and fell out of a car onto the pavement. Ouchies.


This is a craft question. I have an applique that I'm going to press onto a sweater. The instructions say put a "thin pressing cloth" over the applique, and then apply the iron to it. Do I need to go buy a special pressing cloth, or can I use something that I already have around the house?

(no subject)

What is a good snack to go with             ?
- Hot Cocoa
- Tea
- Coffee

How fast is too fast to be driving in a 45 mph (72 kilometers/hour) zone?
Anything over 60 mph (96 kilometers/hour)

What is the best kind of cookie?
Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

If someone was to take something important to you and hold it for ransom, what would they most likely take?

For those of you who have spring break, when do you have it?
I have it from February 28-March 4, which is about half the time that everyone else I know has off for.

(no subject)

Can you plagiarize yourself? Say you write a paper for one class and then two years down the road you have another class discussing the same subject and you can make a few modifications to the original paper for it to fit the criteria of the new class?

I don't think it would matter, it's your own work, no one owns rights to it. But I don't know the answer really so I ask you all.
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(no subject)

This community is so active these days, I can't believe I can make a post three hours after my last one and have there be almost 30 questions already asked!

1. Similar to the moving out questions: People who have bought a house, how much did you have saved for a down payment (or what percent of the total cost of the house was it)?

2. What would you like to be famous for?

3. What is the most common physical feature/trait (e.g. big nose, curly frizzy hair) in your family? Do you also have this trait?

4. What would be your first opinion on the following relationship (if any): 25 year-old male who is a virgin and has never had a girlfriend dating a 35 year-old woman with a 15 year-old daughter. If it matters, the male works at the only job he's ever had (since he was 15) and doesn't make much money. The woman works different temp jobs through-out the year. Not sure why that would matter but it's pretty much all the information available in this uhh..hypothetical situation.

(no subject)

1)What celebrities have you dreamt of having sex with?
2)Have you ever had something get stuck in your nose?
3)What's your favorite food/fast food mascot? (y'know like Koolaid or Tony the Tiger or whatever)
Edit:4)Would you like to be abducted by aliens?

plz to help me celebrate with questions!


my husband's birthday is this week.
for christmas i wrote a bunch of short lovey notes, favorite movie quotes, quotes about love and lyrics from songs we love.

So, he has recently become very interested in the question club.
I want to fill another jar with questions we can both answer.

What are some good questions I can use to fill a jar?
--maybe some of the best questions you can recall from TQC?
--maybe some good questions to help us reflect on life and whatnot?

fun facts:
-he will be 42
-his name is chuck
-we have been married 2.5 years
-he loves sports, especially the broncos and the yankees
-he loves bruce springsteen
-he is very interested in politics & news
-he golfs loves the idea of fishing, but doesn't fish much
-he is currently job hunting like a big dog so we can move
-he is spending the next 20 hours or so in airports trying to get home, yay snow!
-we want kids
-we want to own a dog some day
-we dream about our future home
-no iPod questions plz, he is having a hard time with the shuffle :)
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crying in public

When was the last time you cried in public? Why?
I hit my head on this metal thing at Costco today. I cried a bunch and a huge bump formed within seconds =[ I was with my dad and I could tell he was really embarrassed.
*betty draper reading


1. What kind of swimsuit do you like to wear? Bikini? Tankini? One piece? Swim trunks? Speedo? Naked? T-shirt and shorts? WholesomeWear? Bodysuit?

2. Why do you wear the type of swimsuit you wear? Comfort? Style? Modesty? Peer pressure? Competition?

3. How often do you buy a new swimsuit?

Creep you out son

Does anybody know where I can get the radio edit of Creep by Radiohead? I'm determined to have it be my solo for dance next year, and apparently the judges wouldn't like the f word;). Anyone know? Thanks!
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(no subject)

As part of a university project, I've got to come up with a post-production schedule for a television advert.

I'm sitting here and just going 'wtf?' The professor has been absolutely NO help, neither has Google, and I'm lost. If any of you has a clue about what a post-production schedule should include, and what format it should take, pleeeease could you let me know! I'm relying on you, TQC!

Thanks in advance :D

- Anna


a year and a half ago i had really long hair. But it needed a trim and so I got it cut. The hair cut was HORRIBLE. So for the past year I have been doing everything i can to fix it.

My hair is still dry, unhealthy. I am losing alot of it and it isnt growing. Im now starting to think that most of this isnt caused by that one hair cut. but what could it be?

Any ideas?


Boring backstory: I now have a job where I can listen to music, and I'm quickly running out of it. I can't use any program because my computer can't handle lotus notes and 97 access at the same time already, so online radio stations are out. I do have an mp3 cd player so I can burn (legally of course) 300+ songs on a cd.

Anyway, I want to make a cd with pretty songs on it. Stuff like Belle and Sebastien and pretty much any song in Scrubs or Garden State. I'd like it to have soft vocals and acoustic guitar or piano as the main instrument. I'd also like to know what specific songs by that artist you like best. I know pretty much nothing about new/indie type music, so recommend whatever you want.

1. So, any recommendations for artists? Which songs?

2. Have you come across things that have textures that annoy you?

There are some packagings that feel like sandpaper to me and I avoid certain shampoos because of the way the bottle feels. My biggest pet peeve is people rubbing their hands together. There are lots of fabrics I can't wear either. I'm curious if that's normal or if I'm hypersensitive.


If you have went/are going to college-- How much debt do you have?
I am in my senior year and I have about $43,000 and my husband has about $20,000.

For those of you who do have debt and are out of college- How much are your monthly payments and do you feel as though you are set back in terms of being able to buy a house, have kids, etc.
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Beef stew

For those of you who like traditional beef stew, what do you like to put in it?

I'm making a pot of it and I can't decide whether I should put in a can of crushed tomatoes. I'm thinking no, but I might change my mind.

I keep seeing strange recipes that call for things like black olives. No no no! Gross!
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Have you ever gone on an extended trip (let's say, more than two weeks long) by yourself? Where did you go? How old were you, and what gender are you? How was it? Did you go alone and meet new friends along the way to travel with, or did you strictly travel on your own?
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Pathological Liars.

I have this 'friend' at school who I'm fairly sure is a pathological liar. Not only does she contradict herself quite a bit, but most of the stories she tells are unbelievable. And she always has a wild story to tell.

1. Do you know (or have you known) someone you suspect(ed) to be a pathological liar?

2. What made you think they were?

3. Did you ever call them out?

I have no interest in getting her to confess, as I try to keep a distance for obvious reasons. I only see her at school, anyway.
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what is this song?

I've been trying to figure out this song for ages but have had no luck.

It's a recent hit in Australia - it was big in late 2006 and still gets airplay now. It's dance, sung by a woman. The word "revolution" is mentioned a fair bit in the chorus, and she mentions something about "made my mistake". It sounds like her voice has been through a vocoder.

Here's me humming it. (in Odeo, needs flash, a bit soft so increase your volume, if it doesn't work this time it's Odeo's problem)

Does anyone know what song this is?

edit: FINALLY worked it out! It's the Mylo remix of Freeform Five's No More Conversations.
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Stone Mountain ?'s

Have you ever been to Stone Mountain Park before?

If you were/are black, Jewish, or Catholic do you think you'd have a moral dilemma working/visiting there since it used to be the headquarters for the Klu Klux Klan?

I can't find the answer to this on google or wikipedia but maybe someone in here knows. What are the names of the horses on the Stone Mountain Carving?

(no subject)

on the episodes of grey's anatomy when there is a bomb in the guy's body, they play this song and the lyrics go "woke up wished that i was dead..with an aching in my head..." and i can't figure out what song it is.

please help :)

(no subject)

OK, it's pretty much a given that a good number of us are watching the Law & Order: SVU marathon. So here are a couple of questions:

-Which are your favorite characters and why?

For me, it's hard to pinpoint, but right now, I'd have to go with Fin and Munch. Basically for no other reason than seeing those two work together amuses me.

(no subject)

What would make a person suddenly really crave sweet things?  and lot of food at that?

(said person has already eaten a big chicken calzone)

What's on the agenda for tomorrow?

(no subject)

I had tests done a while ago for a problem with my leg, but I'm having trouble remembering the name of one of them. A line of needles were put into the back of my leg and up my spine and varying levels of shocks were sent through the needles into my muscles. I remember it being really painful, to the point where I was crying, but I can't really remember much else about it. Do you know what this is called? I'm trying to google it but I keep getting something completely different. 

Found it! Thanks lierre. It's electromyography.

(no subject)

1. Is anyone as excited as I am to see "Black Snake Moan"????

2. I always see random shoes on the side of the road. Have you ever lost a shoe on the road? How exactly does that happen?

3. I had a 20G ipod and it's dead dead dead. Now I think I will be getting a nano for my birthday but have 20G worth of itunes music. How do I get 4G of music on my new nano without deleting my songs? Do I just uncheck all the ones I don't want transferred?? This is probably a stupid question.
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(no subject)

Been having a couple of weeks or so of v. early mornings. The trouble is, even though I go to bed early, it's taking me hours to fall asleep. The result is that I feel like a total zombie.

What would you recommend to help me drop off to sleep?
(except drinking hot chocolate, cause I really don't like it)
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gregory peck smart is sexy

(no subject)

Every channel but ABC works just fine on my TV. Of course, the Oscars are on ABC. I can hear the sound just fine, but there are white static lines going across the picture.

What is causing this? Is there any way to fix it, hopefully in the next hour or two?
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(no subject)

One of my best friends has recently become vegan. How do I explain to her that it's annoying when she keeps sending me links to pictures of animals being abused? I don't want to be vegan and I know about all this already. I don't want to look at gross pictures of raccoon dogs (whatever those are) being skinned.
lactose intolerant

(no subject)

i've noticed at american cafe and some other restaurants they have strings of light-bulbs they hang from the ceiling. it sounds like i'm describing christmas lights, but i'm not. they're full-sized lightbulbs on a thicker, usually black cord. do you know what i'm talking about, and if so, do you have any idea where i could find them?


My little sister broke the port on our computer where you plug in your ipod..so now i cant charge or put songs on it..i was wondering if anyone knew of a different way to plug the ipod so it connects.. thanks alot!

(no subject)

Are you familiar with R.E.M.'s music (or would you at least know it was them if you heard one of their songs on the radio)?
How old are you?

A guy came in to work today and "Stand" was on the radio. He asked if I knew who it was, and I said, "Yeah, it's R.E.M.". He kind of laughed and said something about not being as old as he thought he was. He was 30, and I guess he was surprised that someone ten years his junior knows R.E.M.'s music. o.O

(no subject)

What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

And, while we're on that track, has anyone tried this year's new flavor? The brownie things?

For me it's a toss up between Thin Mints and Samoas. Bah. My mother's sending me 5 boxes, too. HAHA.

Thank you liquid courage....

Ok so I'm bored and I've had like half a giant bottle of wine in me I'm feeling up for signing up for some more websites to meet people, specifically websites like match.com, okcupid.com, etc... execpt preferbly with no memebership fee because well funds are a concern for me right now. So anyone have any good recommendations for websites? Any good experiences? Any bad experiences?

EDIT: the websites I mentioned, match.com cost money and I was using it as an example since I know it's actually known. As for the other two I'm already a member, just I'm either bored with them or the people on there have this habit of going MIA so yea wanted to see if there was anything else worth trying.

Girl Concerns

I've got myself in a really tough position.

First, there's a girl I'm seeing and she's an ex of mine. She isn't doing well with her husband and marriage. The problem is I can't trust her to not betray me by sleeping with some other guy especially when she has done it several times while she is/was married. The question is, how do I handle this situation?
The reason her and I broke up is because I couldn't trust her. Plus, should I trust her again? Can I trust her to not hurt me emotionally again?

Second there's a girl at work and we've had problems in the past. She wants us to be nice and not negative towards each other. It seems like she wants to maybe hang out again like we did in the past. The question is, can I trust her again? Can I trust her to not use me, lie to me, and/or hurt me emotionally again? Is she wanting to keep us as just work buddies, to where I can only see her at work, or are we gonna be able to hang out by going out for dinner, go see movies, ect.?

Warning!!! I have a very big problem trusting girls because I have been hurt so bad I couldn't trust them even if she was telling the truth.
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CVS ExtraCare Bucks?

I've had a CVS card for a while, and have managed to rack up a lot of points. Problem is, I have no idea how to use them, or if they're even to any advantage.

If you have a CVS card, do you know how they work? If so... how? I'd really like to use them however they can be used.
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1- Have you ever temporarily lost any of your senses? Which one(s), and how? I don't mean waking up with a towel over your eyes and being 'blind'. :P

2- For those RARE non-virgins out there (haha) what is the oddest way that a sexual encounter has began for you?

3- Why in the world is a 695mL can of AriZona iced tea less than HALF the price of a 591mL bottle of the same drink? Cost of the glass?

4- What is something supposedly addictive that you've tried more than once, but not actually gotten addicted to? (Like, NEEDING it... Not having it once in a blue moon.)

5- 'People' names for pets: weird or perfectly normal?

6- FURRY?!

1- Yeah. Hearing, from a double ear infection.
2- While trying to play a video game... During a really hard fight! :(
4- Energy drinks. I actually like how they taste, I've never gotten a buzz off them. I'm broken.
5- My pets all get old fashioned human names. ;P
6- Sometimes. ;3

If you have netflix.......

1. How many DVDs do you keep at home at one time? (2 at a time, 3 at a time etc)

2. How long have you had netflix?

3. Has your DVD ever gotten lost getting to your or after you mailed it? If so, how many times?

4. Has a DVD ever arrived damaged, if so how often?

5. Do you still go to video rental stores and get rentals there as well?

I am only asking because I have the 3 at a time plan and have had it for one year and already 4 DVDs have gone missing and I am afraid netflix will freeze my account even though I have not even stolen a DVD- lol. Plus, it has happened about 3-4 times that DVDs come completely cracked and unplayable. I still love netflix but I am curious how many other people experience problems as well. :)
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The boys in the room next to me (the wall my bed is against is shared with their wall) keep banging into the wall. I can actually see the wall protrude whenever/whereever it gets hit.

What could they possibly be doing?
Silly answers only.

What can I do to make them stop? I've tried banging back. My roommate and I also yelled at them to "stop having the gay buttsex" against the wall.
Again, silly answers only.
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

(no subject)

Have any of you lost someone close to you to death? What did your friends do that helped the most? My half-sister's mom (my stepmother) just died and I'm at a loss as to what to do. I told her I was here for her if she needed to talk and that I was really sorry. Should I do more?

(no subject)

OKAY: So on the Oscars just now, they had a foreign film montage...what was the name of that Netherlands film that had like, a computer animated Jesus....?
I missed the title, and i was very intrigued by it.

(no subject)

1) What do you think of pageantry? Would you enter your daughter in a pageant? Do you know anyone who does? Do you feel bad for Swan Brooner?

2) How many children do you think Eazy-E has? I saw a legitimate daughter of his on TV this morning (Oh, My Super Sweet 16), and couldn't help but wonder how many more he has.

3) You download a song. Where'd you hear it first? Radio, TV, recommendation from a friend?

(no subject)

Is anyone in the Hudson Valley (NY) currently on the road, or just getting home? How are the driving conditions?

I'm coming back to Middletown from Albany tonight, & I'm really worried that I'm going to get stuck on the Thruway or something.

I know this is a long shot, but I'm curious. Thanks kiddos.

(no subject)

Is there a website where I can find predictions on how the roads will be tomorrow? I've gone to traffic.com and weather.com, but neither of them really have road conditions. I live on Long Island, New York, and it's snowing out right now. If this is as bad as that last storm that went through here, I want to know if the roads will be safe enough for me to get to school or not.

Do you think that after a certain age a person should stop calling their parents mommy and daddy?

Do you use chapstick or anything like that on your lips? If yes, what do you use?

One of my teachers wanted a project mounted on stiff black board. I've looked al over the house for some, but only have a few scraps left. Should I mount my project on regular black paper, or should I go to a supplies store before class (which starts at 9AM tomorrow) to pick some up?

(no subject)

For those who met their significant others on the internet(Not on a dating website, just sort of randomly):

How did you go about the first meeting?  How did your friends and family react when you told them how you met this person?

And also, what was your first in-person meeting like with your SO?  Was it awkward, did it feel like you'd known each other all your lives?

I ask because there's this guy I've met on line, and we've really hit it off(We've talked on the phone as well).  We've been talking about me going to visit him this summer(I live in Chico, Ca and he lives in Anahiem, Ca.  It's like a 9-10 hour drive, so I'd probably fly).  I'm just curious as to the best way to go about the first meeting.

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What's the name of that home-made dip where it's cream cheese mixed with a little mayo on the bottom, a layer of green peppers and red peppers and whatever else, then a layer of salsa, then on top it's shredded cheese?
I've heard Sex in a Pan, but I've heard that for everything.
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(no subject)

Have you ever had the urge to cause internet drama?
Not because you want the attention or something like that, just because you're bored/annoyed and internet drama seems a good way to get it out?
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I have been seperated from my husband for a long time. (6 years) We tried to get back together about a year ago, but it didn't work, the feelings just weren't there.

So in March, I am taking my kids on a vacation to Disneyland. My husband wants to bring along his fiance to interact with the kids and spend time with us.

I don't want to spend time with her. At all. I am okay with him taking off with the kids for part of a day, with his fiance so they can get to know her. He wants me there to get to know her.

My question.

Would you want to spend the day with your stb-ex and his fiance and your kids?

He doesn't understand my not wanting to get to know someone who will be a primary caregiver of the kids when they have visitations with him. (He has never had them for visitation, but thinks that will change in the future) I said, I can see spending an hour with her, but not a day.

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My hands get sweaty. Not like dripping sweat, but kinda-sweaty-my-computer-is-wearing-down-where-I-lay-my-hands sweaty.

I was going to buy fingerless gloves to wear while using my computer, but I want to know if there's anything long term I can do to solve this problem.
My hands are always warm and usually moist and I don't know why. I'll come inside from the freezing weather, not wearing gloves, and my hands will warm up right away.
Why are my hands so sweaty?
What can I do? It's becoming kinda of a problem. And it's always annoying.

Edit!! I just spoke to my mom on AIM and she's making a Doctors Appt. for me for when I go home next month, so hopefully I find out what's behind my sweaty hands and feet and get something to fix it.

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1. If you wear it, is putting on makeup a tedious routine for you or do you really enjoy the process?

2. If applicable, are you comfortable showing a lot of cleavage (a boob tray, if you will)?

3. Could you recommend a perfume for me? I don't really like anything baby powderish or sweet.

4. Can one really learn to walk in high heels or is it a gift? I bought a pair and it's basically like a giraffe on stilts at this point.

5. Do you like this hairstyle?
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1. Have you ever been on a cruise?

a)If so, where did you go? What cruiseline did you go with? Did you enjoy it?

b)If not, would you ever go on a cruise? Why or why not?

(no subject)

Have you ever had a relationship (any kind of relationship) that you've looked back on and just wondered why it even lasted (at the time)?
Do you have any crazy stories about said relationship?
How about some crazy sex stories in general? Don't even have to be yours, just a crazy sex story that results in laughs. Or complete and utter humiliation. Either one is cool. I'm working on a very tedious typography project and would love the laughs, though.

(no subject)

my old roomates live in this really old duplex appt. it was actually not that bad when we had moved in ( I moved out now but they still live there) but now the walls are cracking, theres huge cracks close to the ceiling and it looks like the floors are sinking in and the door barely shuts anymore because its not leveled! they obviously didn't do it. i'm not sure if it was because of the weather or not, but it wasn't something that they could of done by hitting the walls or jumping on the floor.

so my question is, do you think they should call the landlord? which is a dick and never fixes anything?
should they report it to rentalsman or whatever because it might be unsafe?

and if they do report it to rentalsman, do you think they would make living arrangements for them until they find another appt? 



Who is the artist that did the girl in my icon? He does a lot of pastel, collage pieces with people that are really rounded in style. I can't for the life of me remember his name. Pete-something?

Edit: That was quick. Thanks! :D

To keep the discussion going... Do you like Kurt Halsey? What's your favorite piece if you do?
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(no subject)

Taking my 22 year old boyfriend on a date to the zoo.

Dorky-cute or just dumb?

I'm going to take him no matter what anyone says, but some of my friends it's a really dumb date for someone his age and I think it'll be a lot of fun. Plus it seemed like a fun question to ask.
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what's that word?

i'm trying to think of a specific word for feeling "not good enough", like inferior....but more of an overall feeling.  insignificant?  no.... but it's definitely either an 'in'  or an 'un', for sure.
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(no subject)

1 - I want a digital camera- nothing horribly fancy, but something nice and reliable within the 150-250 dollar range.

What camera would you recommend?

2 - Edit:
My boyfriend is talking a bunch in his sleep. He woke up quick, said "Hey baby." I said hi, kissed him quick, and he said "Where's Nicole?" I replied with "I am Nicole" (because I am, in fact, Nicole). He stared blankly at me, said "Oh," and went back to sleep. Should I mess with him more? :-)