February 24th, 2007

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This is a little personal, but anyway: I'm a virgin though not for very much longer. I was talking to a friend of mine tonight who was telling me something I should be prepared for for my first time, and then we started talking about all the things about sex that people don't tell you. Mostly the bad things.

So my question is, TQC, what do you wish someone would have told you about sex before you had it? What are the things that no one talks about?

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This was recently on my flist, I'd like to help her out if any of you know if it?

Do you have a favorite painting? If so, what is it?

I found this gothic painting in an art book in seventh or eigth grade that I just adored and I haven't been able to find it since. It's a scene where this man is in a lush four-poster bed, dying. There are no people around him, just little devil creatures slinking around hiding in certain places, and I think there may be an angel or two in there.

Does that ring any bells? :X
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Do you get along well with your neighbors?

We have the crappiest neighbors ever. They're from Maine and only come down for the winter, so I guess that is the only good point. They've been doing construction on their house since October. Every day. Starting at 7am. It makes me so sad. They've had big beautiful trees cut down and they had a garage built in their backyard and covered the lush grass with asphalt. It's hideous. The woman has the most annoying shrill voice. I've woken up thinking she was actually in my home, it's so loud. They also are big fans of light. They have one light hanging off the side of their house that shines directly into my mom's room, and one off of the garage that is practically a spotlight into our bathroom. Taking a shower at night makes me feel like I'm on stage. I hate them.

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I...Hope its okay for me to do this. But I'm desperate need of somebody to help me get my DS to connect to my Linksys Router. x_x; (I don't know if this is the write place to ask, but a friend pointed me to this comm.)

I've tried EVERYTHING I know to do, and the little bugger keeps giving me the (I think) 51300 error. I just want to get an Onion Knight of FFIII. ;_;' (That and if I don't get it to connect now, then I'm s**t out of luck when I get pokemon diamond later this year. >_> Cuz I probly won't get to connect then, either, lol.)
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360 Headset question

Not sure if this has been asked before, tried looking at previous entires(when my browser wants to work...), but are there any better headsets for the 360 aside from the standard one that comes with it? I had the volume cranked up and friends i talked to while playing Gears of War(went out and got it today at last) still sounded as if i had the volume on medium to low. Not to mention it looks very flimsy like if I poke it..it'll break. >_>; I was hoping Logitech made a headset for the 360...never had a problem with their pc headsets, though they might cost a bit more. Thanks for the help!
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I did it for the lulz.

Happy 1:13AM EST, everyone! :)

1- What's the last thing that made you laugh, or at least smile?
2- Are you able to laugh at yourself, or do you die inside when people laugh at your expense?
3- What is something that other people find funny that you just can't laugh at, or simply DO NOT GET why it's funny?
4- He who laughs _______, laughs ______? (It's like Match Game, with two words! And no Richard Dawson. D:!!)

1- Our cab driver when coming home from dinner. He kept apologizing for EVERYTHING. Twas quite silly.
2- Now I can laugh at myself. A couple of years ago I took everything too personal. Now either I laugh, or tell people off. It works. :)
3- Most things. I'm broken. My lulz-o-metre is on the fritz. Eternally. :(
4- He who laughs first, laughs awkwardly.. >_> Eh hehehe... heh..?

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What age do you think is appropriate to have the "birds and the bees" talk with a child?

I gained a lot of weight and I'm cutting out a lot of junk food and working out more. I usually work out for a couple of hours a week (jogging on the treadmill and attempting yoga), but what else can I do besides this? What has worked for you?

If your significant other offered to work out with you or diet with you (without you bringing it up), would you be offended?

What time is it by you? How's the weather?
It's 2:20 AM and very cold and windy here, I hope it gets nicer tomorrow :\
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Pool question!!

I am by no means a pro pool player. So I have a couple questions.

1) Ok so I have a chance to sink the 8 ball and win. The 8 ball is positioned at the head of the table, near the railing and in between the corner pockets. I call for it to go in the left-hand corner pocket. I hit it and it banks off the head railing and then banks off the side railing near the right hand side pocket and goes into the pocket I had called. Is it true that since I did not say how exactly the ball was going to end up in the corner pocket I have lost?

2) Is true if you get the 8 ball or cue ball in on the break its an automatic loss?

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I sleep too much.
When I say I sleep too much, I'm saying thinking of going back to sleep when I haven't even woke up. I sleep so much I don't do my homework, don't do revision and miss all my TV programs. I've tried things like following a schedule before I go to sleep but it just doesn't work. Any thing I can do to curb this bad, bad, bad habit?

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Do you think mohawks should only be worn by people of certain standards?

What are these standards?

I saw a grandfather yesterday with the most killer mohawk but it seemed like people were giving him cruel looks. I think anyone can rock a mohawk if they have the right head shape for it.

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When was the last time you had a sterotypical "gender" moment?

eg: I'm being pissy because I'm pissed my boyfriend did just about nothing when I was in the hospital, other than call me to say that it's too hot, and he's overheated. :\ And I'm the most pissed because he didn't send me flowers. >.< lulz

ETA: Why are there so many retards in this community who don't understand simple English?  D=

poor leno

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Does anyone have any feedback (preferably positive, but whatever you've got really) about the Child and Adolescant Mental Health Service (CAMHS)?

My boyfriend just got referred to them, and a friend of mine told me a load of bad stories, and I want to know if her experience was the norm.

Also, how can I support my boyfriend more? He has manic depression, mild schizophrenia, and he's been suicidal for the last 7 years, but he's only just starting to get the professional help he needs.
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lots of computer questions

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And before anyone says anything, yes, I know Macs are better, but they are also out of my price range, and this one appears to be capable of serving my needs. The PC I'm on right now was a refurbished compaq that I bought almost 4 years ago for about the same price as this laptop, and the time has come to upgrade, even if it's not the most awesome laptop ever.


Do you think that Antonella Barba should be kicked off of American Idol for these pictures? (NSFW)

Do you think she should be kicked out of the (Catholic) school she attends?

If you were her parent, how would you feel about this?

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WHAT is a stupid movie you like but no one else does?

WHY do long winded questions get answers?

WHERE is your SO right now?

WHEN are we gonna get it on?

HOW do you get someones LJ name to light up and go blue..I dunno...

for my next trick I'm gonna ask how to do an LJ cut and post a photo... I THANK all you wonderful people for teaching me the code! hajiomatic
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My boyfriend just recently rented an apartment above a bar. Needless to say, it gets rather loud between the hours of 8pm and 2 am. I'd love to stay over sometimes, but I'm an extremely light sleeper (and I have sleep issues to boot). Is there anything that he or I could do to minimize the sound/vibrations so that I could actually get some sleep? Or am I SOL?

Things I've considered:

- Carpet or large area rug in the bedroom. Floors are currently hardwood.
- Ear plugs, but I'm afraid of the possibilities of ear infections.
- White noise machine. Is it helpful or will it just add to the mess of sounds?

What else am I forgetting?

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Is there a program where a person's keystrokes or AIM messages to other users can be tracked even if the stalking person has no real access your computer?

Am I just being paranoid?

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If your husband/SO had a problem in the past with porn, would you tell them that it would be ok to look at porn again while you are very pregnant? And if they decide to do it, and hide it from you, would you have a right to be pissed? edited to add: the person is choosing to wank off rather than spend time with their family/baby. It would be considered an addiction in this particular instance.

Do you think being a meteorologist would be a cool job?

Why is it ok to eat Fish for Lent, but not other meat? Fish is still meat.


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Should I bake cookies for the nice guys at the computer shop who tried to save my computer?

I have a cold/sinus infection/plague.  I should probably buy cookies/baked goods to avoid giving them the plague.  Where should I get baked goods from?
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1- Why does this comm seem to be featured in RANDOM SNARK COMMUNITIES which shall stay unnamed, so often? Quit bein stupid, people! :(

2- Dumbest thing you've done lately?

3- Are you likely to do it again?

4- Am I allowed to be referred to as a shemale cuz I wanna be? Some people seem to think not!

5- This is pretty stupid, ain't it? FORCED (for the lulz?) stupid, please don't S_F me! WOE!!
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Questions: When you were between the ages of 9 and 16, did you "experiment" with your friends, either same gender or opposite gender? To what extent? Did you go to public schools or a private/religious school?

Background: Many of those "how to raise your child" books I've seen, and also several autobiographies I've read mention kids fooling around sexually their friends (masturbating together, having oral sex, etc). Most people I've talked to have said this never happened to them (it never happened to me). However, my boyfriend did do lots of fooling around with his friends, and he went to a private religious school. The only other people I know who've said they did this all went to either Catholic schools or private schools. I'm just trying to test my hypothesis that this kind of major sexual fooling around mostly happens with private school kids.

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What's the most unusual food you've had for breakfast?

I would say this morning...I'm eating chicken fingers and oreo cake from TGI Fridays because the appetizer/entree/dessert thing for $12.99 was way too much food for one person. Mmmm. Cake for breakfast.
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What sort of mileage should I be looking for in a used car? Like in a 2004 or 2005, how many miles should they have on it? A lot of the ones I'm seeing have like 70,000 on them, and that seems high since my '97 is just short of 100,000.

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my room is very, very dry. i do not have access to a humidifier and i'm in college, so there are probably limits to what i can have up here. any ideas about how i can wake up in the morning and not immediately have to drink two gallons of water?

I love snow

What are you doing on this wonderful snowy day?

berrytone and I are going to make a pumpkin pie, and brownies, and cook and bake and watch movies.

And i'm going to do clean my "area" and do laundry and clean my room at my parents house... if I don't get stuck again.

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Poll #934383 Wedding showers bring nuptial vowers

I'm going to be in a wedding in a few hours. In the wedding itself, escorting my grandmother down the aisle. What do you think are my odds of any of the following happening later?

Accidentally setting the church on fire
Accidentally converting to christianity
Drunken revelry. I lose rental pants
Getting attacked by wild turkeys (there are flocks of them in these parts)
Attacking bottle of Wild Turkey (there will be flocks of them at bar)
Hooking up with a bridesmaid
Hooking up with my lonely self at conclusion of reception
Fistfight with DJ when he won't play Lords of Acid
Big One hits, and California sinks into the sea
I wake up in tub of ice, with a kidney missing
Accidentally setting the reception area on fire
Food poisoning. Who mistook Ant Paste for antipasto?
I get stinking drunk
I stay stinking sober
Nothing of interest happens to you

Things I should pack on my person in preparation of the wedding and reception

Breath mints
Garter-repelling forcefield
Cricket bat, in the event a zombie uprising occurs
Flask of booze
Doggie bag for dinner leftovers
Limbo stick, to start up impromptu limbo contest
Nothing out of the ordinary. It isn't like anything of interest will happen

After all the fuss of this wedding, my grandmother said "Steve, when you get married, just go to Vegas". I'm 95% inclined to agree with her, but I've always wanted a theme wedding, if I take the matrimonial plunge. What is the best wedding theme?

Star Wars/Han and Leia
Thriller video/zombies, myself as Michael Jackson
Little House on the Prairie
Goth wedding
Visigoth wedding (barbarian-themed)
Pirate Wedding
80s wedding
Clerks (takes place in convenience store, and complete with donkey show in third act)
Matrix wedding. We all weather leather and shades, and instead of rings, take red pills ass extended by bald black minister
Swinging 30's wedding
Victorian-era wedding
Naked wedding
Princess Bride wedding (complete with lisping priest and vows that use 'as you wish' as a response)
Mime wedding. Everything's down in pantomime and sign language. No spoken dialogue
Hillbilly wedding. Everybody's in overalls, there's moonshine, square dancing and some real white trashy activities

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I'm sorry, this is going to be incredibly lame, but it's been a long time since it was warm enough to hang out outside.

My boyfriend gets out of a meeting in 3 hours, and I want to hang out with him outside... but I live in a university town (UNC Chapel Hill, if anyone else here knows the area) and don't particularly want to go to an arboretum.


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I've tried googling, but things don't make sense to me... I want to make a mix cd that is bigger than the standard 74 MB on a regular CD-R.  If I have a 120 MB DVD-R, can I make a music cd that will play in a cd player or will the disc just store the music as data?


Edit: Answered, thanks!
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I'm about to apply for an internship with a photography studio, but I graduate in three months with a bachelor's degree in journalism. Here I sit, completely clueless as to what to do.

1. Have you ever applied to an internship position that has little to do with what you majored in? If so, how did you style your resume? (Note: I'm creating my resume now. My original disappeared, so I'm starting from scratch.)

2. Should I keep my resume focused on my actual writing experience but dedicate my cover letter to my interest in photography?

Anyone? Bueller? I'm feeling quite lost.
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Drug testing

I smoked pot a little over a week ago, two times. It was the first time I had done it in months and all in all I've smoked maybe three or four times in my life. Next week I have to take a drug test for this job that I want. I don't know if body size has to do anything with it, but I'm 5'2.5" and 124 lbs. I really want this job.

1. What are the chances of me passing the test?
2. Are there any ways for me to I guess "clean" out my system, not including those detox dealios some people buy. I'm broke.


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When you see a sentence with "H20" in it (uh.. subscript 2, can't figure out how to do that.. ), how do you read it in your head? Do you read it as "H 2 O" or do you read it as "water"? Do you have a science background?

Edit: please answer the part about the science background too. ;) thanks!

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I would like to be advised by you lovely people.

In April, I was thinking of going to see The Stooges in concert. The only problem is the tickets will more than likely be over $30 and I am a poor college student. Also, they're playing at the venue I hate most in the entire world, The Electric Factory in Philly. I greatly enjoy The Stooges, but it'd be on a Wednesday night and I'm not sure if Iggy can still rock it like he used to. Although I believe Mike Watt has taken up bass duty, which could make up for the fact Iggy is old. Plus I don't really have much interest in hearing any songs that aren't off of Raw Power or Fun House, and they'd probably play a lot of new material. Anddd the subways and bus to my school don't run very late, so I'd have to either leave early or be stuck in Philly overnight.

But now I've found out that Ben Folds is playing at my college and I could see him for $14 on Thursday (the day after The Stooges concert) and would only have to walk about ten feet. I am not a Ben Folds fan at all, but I've been informed he is awesome and does a good live show. It would be cheaper and a lot less hassle to see him.

So here is the question, TQC. Do I suffer for the music I really love and go see The Stooges, do I take it easy and go see a nice Ben Folds concert, do I go nuts and see both, or do I sit at home and not go to either because they both suck?
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Okay so I've been thinking about this for a while. Here in the good ole U S of A, there seems to be a major stigma between sending your kids to public school versus a catholic/private school. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why. I grew up in the public school education, and oh my god, I turned out fine, great even! I even got a full scholarship to a decent school! In fact, a majority of my friends(granted we're all honor/gifted kids) all received major scholarships to great schools, and a few even interviewed for Harvard.

What I find so ironic is that people assume if they put their kids in a private school,then they're automatically going to be amazing kids. A majority of kids I know that went to catholic school constantly slept around, did tons of drugs, aren't really that intelligent, etc. Now, I'm not saying these things didn't happen in public school either, but here(meaning southern Louisiana), it was much more prominent in non public schools(mainly because the private school kids could afford to do drugs).

Okay, so this doesn't become a tl;dr, what do you think? Why do you think there is such a stigma between schools?
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Quinn Twin


Ladies (and ... dudes that carry bags/have opinions on the matter) :

If you find a bag line that you love, are you apt to get different prints/colours in the style you love most/have and be done with it or do you feel the need to get different prints on different styles of bags so they're more obviously a different bag?

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So tell me, all who care about this ridiculously materialistic and supremely unimportant topic - What Do YOU Think?

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Weekends are so slow on LJs....

I come bearing questions...

1. Your partner is cheating on you. You know this person. They don't know you know. This person goes out of town and leaves your partner in charge of checking on their animals. Your partner hasn't been doing so. This person has two cats. Do you tell them no one has been checking on the cats when they call?

ETA: this is not actually happening, no cats were harmed in writing this post.

2. What's up with breastfeeding in public, and pictures of breastfeeding? Do you think public breastfeeding/pictures of breastfeeding are wrong? If so, why? Why do you think this freaks people out?

It doesn't bother me. Pictures especially don't bother me. As long as mom and baby are comphy and safe, I couldn't care less. Well, as long as they aren't blocking me from getting to the 2 DVDs for 11.00 section of Wal*Mart, then there may be a throw down. The only time it did make me go "ummm..." was when I was on the bus and this woman is breastfeeding a 4 and a half year old (I asked the baby's age, and yes I WTF'd because of the age, I know better now) and because all I could think about was if we go over a bump...that kid is going to bite down, and someone is going to have an owwie.

3. Because I am bored, I am looking for things to read online. I am into anything having to do with predictions (accurate or not), the end of the world and all things dark and disturbing. Any ideas?

4. Inspired by another post on here, is there a wedsite that follows write in votes during elections? I want to know if anyone else voted for Winnie the Pooh (I-Pooh Corner).
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1> Would you let your mom read your journal if she asked?
Do you have embarrassing or otherwise confidential things in your journal that you share with total strangers, but wouldn't share with your family?

2> What are you vices/guilty pleasures?

3> When is the last time you hurt yourself doing something stupid?

My answers!

1> uhh.. I think I would. I basically only talk about my kid. But a year ago, when I was in college and doing naughty things... no way =]

2> Chocolate. Danity Kane. Target. Kittie macros. Snark communities.

3> I was moving too fast and slipped, and fell down the stairs. It hurt. A lot. :(
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My car got broken into last weekend as I was dancing the night away downtown. Needless to say, it was a complete buzz killer to see my broken window! Anyway, my mom pays for my insurance and has refused to file a claim for the window, so I'm stuck having to replace the window myself. I have a Saturn SC2, it's the one with the little "suicide" door on the driver's side. They broke the one that is on the little door itself. It is a tiny little window. I have called at least 10 auto glass companies, most of which do not have the part, or have quoted me at $545, $383 and $180. Seriously, the window is tiny and I would hate to pay even $180 for the damn thing.


Am I stuck paying the $180?
Is there any use continuing to call salvage yards since the car (and window at that) is not tooo common?
Should I try other companies, possible NOT auto glass companies? Or are they the only ones who will do it?

Any help is greatly appreciated :)
The Receptionist Classic

Do I live near a loony-bin?

Do you have any crazy and/or eccentric neighbors? Do tell.

I was woken up this morning by one of our neighbors yelling to another neighbor about "the god-damned slut" who apparently went to work high on crank today. [I think this is the same crank whore that got the fire department out here in the middle of the night twice this week.]

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1. Have you ever met anyone famous (in a band) after a show without a backstage pass? How?

2. Have you met anyone famous in general that you loved? Where they as awesome as you thought they would be?

3. Where can I get cute T-Shirts that DON'T have "funny" phrases (or anyone phrases at all)on them?

4. What time did you get up this morning?
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For the sake of procrastination:

1) Do you like honey mustard sauce? You see, I'm having chicken strips for dinner, but every time I buy honey mustard sauce from the grocery store, it's always way too sweet, and has a relatively syrupy consistency. Anyone know of any good, somewhat tart, honey mustard sauce?

2) Who has a better life (in broad terms, of course): You or LonelyGirl15?

3) You've gained twenty pounds, and a couple of your old friends you haven't seen in awhile want to get together next weekend. You know they're snarky, but generally nice people (which is why you‘re debating seeing them to begin with), and will comment behind your back about your weight gain. Do you go knowing what they’ll be thinking, or do you avoid them?

4) I want to get a freshwater fish. Nothing too expensive, under $20 for the actual fish, and I want it to be able to live in a relatively small tank. I dislike beta fish. Any suggestions?

5) What is your favourite (potato, corn, or otherwise) chip flavour?

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I'm assuming y'all are faster than WWTO... strength in numbers and all...

For those of you who just watched the episode of TLC's "Clean Sweep" (11am to 12pm EST)... what were Randy and Patty's items that whoever sold the most they got to keep it? Oh and who won? I missed that segment because my parents called. Thanks!

music musings

Geez, calm the hell down! I don't know how that happened.

I am going through the arduous but perversely enjoyable task of organizing my massive music collection. What thoughts do you have on genre labeling? I intend to label my stuff to make it a little easier to organize but just trying to decide how to label stuff is a daunting idea. Is Fall Out Boy punk rock or alt rock? (I don't intend to have any genre labels called "piece of crap" so spare me commentary.) Is Joy Division gothic? alternative? Is Siouxsie punk? gothic? Is Blondie pop or new wave? Is any of the stuff that was called new wave in the 80s new wave or is it pop, alternative, etc? New Wave is a term that describes a certain sound but at what point does that sound stop being new wave? And alt rock vs mainstream: Just because Nirvana became mainstream doesn't mean they stopped being grunge. And then how far do you go with parsing? I'm not going to distinguish between Minor Threat punk and Ramones punk, but I feel dirty having Fall Out Boy in the same category as The Damned and The Bollocks.

Computer Question

I went to upgrade the ram in my computer. I had 256 and I was planning on adding a 512 stick of OCZ ram that I bought from newegg.com

My computer geek said that it should work, but it didn't. All and all, it was a faulty stick of ram. I didn't work in my computer and it didn't work in his. I talked to the computer tech that runs the local shop and he said that OCZ isn't compatible with my type of computer...which is a Dell. (No Dell is crap comments please. I know they aren't the best, but when you're working on a budget and not wanting to do a ton of stuff, they are fine)

Does anyone know what type of ram would work with a Dell? That's cheaper than $80? I spent $50 with shipping and handling for the stuff I got from newegg and I prefer to stay around that price.


They say I have no taste...

I'm used to dressing for comfort. I'd like to learn how to have a bit more of a fashion sense and style, seeing as how my friends want to go out to these places with dress codes (gasp) and I want to fit in with the kids these days. I'm going to be 20 and I attend school, so I'd like for the clothes I buy to be interchangeable between "fun" and "class". I'm really out of the fashion loop, so I'm looking for a bit of help.

So my question is:

Are there certain magazines, websites, or blogs, that you would recommend for me to check out in order to get a better "sense of style"? Any other tips? Thank you! All suggestions are appreciated.
The Dude Abides

Sesame Street ?'s

Did you (or do you still) ever watch Sesame Street?

Do you think the way that everybody treated each other on the show helped in shaping the way you view homeless people?

Who's your favorite Sesame Street character?

On Voting

Morally and philosophically, do yo uguys think it's acceptable to not vote because you just fuckinjg hate all the candidates? The reason I ask is because so far, in the '08 election race, there is only one candidate I would acutally vote for and not shoot myself for doing it (Ron Paul for those curious), and if he doesn't win the republican primaries/get on the ballot somehow, I'm seriously considering not voting at all because I really just don't like anybody else. Everybody tells me "OH ITS UR DUTY TO VOTE CUZ ITS DA DEMOCRACY LOL!" but if all the candidates blow so fucking much, I don't think it really matters if I do or not, because in my eyes, I'm just electing another shit head.

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i recently got a new laptop because my last one blew. it needed a new dc and motherboard... i was wondering if i could bring it to a computer shop and have them put my music and photo files on my new computer, and then erase everything from the hard drive (moms worried about someone stealing our info)??

also, im giving away the memory sticks from my old computer, are there files on there, or just the hard drive?


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Hmm, another question within the span of 5 minutes lol.

What's a college with an exceptionally good philosophy department? No, I don't want to hear your bullshit about philosophy is a useless thing to major in, because A) I quite frankly don't give two shits about your opinion regarding my educational career, and B) you're wrong. I just want to know which ones are good. Just like Harvard is renowned for it's law school, MIT tech is respected for it's engineering department, I want to find a college that excels in philosophy.
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1. Would the thing Ariel from The Little Mermaid wears to cover her breasts be considered a bra or a bikini top?

2.  Who would win in these fights?
  • Quagmire vs. Clevland - Family Guy
  • Raoul vs. Erik (aka The Phantom) - Phantom of the Opera
  • Mistoffelees vs. Rum Tum Tugger- CATS
  • Mark vs. Roger -RENT
  • The Duke vs. Christian- Moulin Rouge
  • Roxie vs. Velma- Chicago
  • Elphaba vs. Galinda -Wicked
  • Leo vs. Max -The Producers
  • Captain Jean-luc Picard vs. Captain James P. Kirk (@_@ the ex's question)
  • Kyle vs. Stan- South Park
  • Yahoo vs. AIM
  • Firefox vs. Internet Explorer
  • Guns N' Roses vs. L.A. Guns
  • Windows Media Player vs. Realplayer
3. What's going on in your life right now?

4. What's your biggest pet peeve?

5.  What do you think about those stupid little high school labels?

6.  How are Arts schools? Home schooling? Normal public schools? Other charter schools?
I wanna go to an Arts school but I might be stuck at a normal public school next year, and because of shit oging on at my charter school I'm oging to be forced into home shcooling for the rest of this year.

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We have a Q regarding Iron-on designs for T-shirts.

So my buddy and I were trying to iron on photographs that we took...Here is what we tried:
1. Print photo onto Avery Inkjet Dark T-Shirt transfers.
2. Use T-shirt and put the avery paper, paper side up
3. Iron for about a minute
4. Let cool
5. Peel

So we peeled it, and basically NOTHING was on the shirt!
We're quite confused.

Please help!

Oh hay thar

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about journalists or reporters?

I was reading in Time that we are at the bottom of the list of respected professions and the most hated besides used car salesmen and lawyers. Haha.

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I went out for a walk today in my neighborhood and there other people out walking too. Whenever I walk by people, I glance away pretending that I'm looking at something else. I thought that I was the only one that did this, but I finally noticed today that other people do it too. Also, if both people make eye contact they will say "Hi," but then quickly look to the ground once a comment has been exchanged.

My question is do you look the other way when you walk pass strangers? Why?

I guess I look the other way because I don't want that person to think I'm staring at them, which is impolite.
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how hard is it to find a plain green cardigan??!!! What's with all the damn ruffles and bows and crap on spring stuff this year. Makes me not want to go shopping anymore!
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Entirely related to things I did today. Hah!

1- The Dairy Queen down the street is having a half off cakes sale today, so we got an ice cream cake. I was going to have them write "Congrats, you're now a daddy!" or something to that degree on it. Would that have been too cruel? ;P (We're trying to have kids, no real luck as of yet, boooo.) PS, this dude keeps telling me I'm pregnant whenever I get any sort of craving, or have a tummy ache. :P Payback!!

2- Have you ever had a store you really like go out of business? Did you go buy out as much of their stock as possible on closing day? (We did. It sucked, but eh... 40% off? Hell yeah!)

3- Do you generally rent movies/games before you buy them, or just go on other peoples reviews/opinions? Or do you just illegally download and burn everything you own? :P

4- Have you ever had fruit pierogi before? How were they? We bought some from the above going-out-of-business sale, curious what they'll taste like. o_o

5- What have you done today with your time? :)

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What would you think of a person that got the chinese character for 'drunk' tattoed on the back of their neck?

(I just saw one of the blonde bimbos on The Bad Girls CLub do this, with a guy, they were both drunk)
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Inspired by this.

1. Which majors are "useless"?
2. Do liberal arts majors have it easy?

My answer:
1. I'm not sure that Psych and Communications are "useless" but they certainly seem to be the majors of people who don't know what the fuck they're doing.

Mocking anecdote: I worked in a college bookstore and we sold the graduation regalia. The tassels were colored according to which school of the university you were graduating from. An alarming number of people didn't know which school they were in and almost all of them were majoring in Psych or Communications.

ETA: Elaboration on my answer:
I don't think that any major is "useless". Even underwater basket weaving. I think learning has its own use and it's stupid an materialistic to judge the "use" of ones education by how profitable it can be. I love when people tell me they're majoring in philosophy or english or something, because I think those are so much more interesting and mentally stimulating than business or whatever. I just wanted to slightly take the piss out of the moronic Psych and Comm majors at Portland State. The people I've met at NYU majoring in Psych seem to have many more brain cells.

I posted the second question because I was tired of people saying "yes". By "liberal arts" I sort of meant humanities. I went through this crap with my ex-roommate SO many times because she thought her physics and chemistry problems were oh so difficult and my anthropology papers were a walk in the park.
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So I bought a new (to me) car today.

In my last car, the ceiling lining was beginning to fall down. I found it really obnoxious and hated the way it made my otherwise mediocre car look like an aboslute peice of shit.

What causes the ceiling lining to fall down and how can I prevent this from happening in my new car?

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In Cycle Seven of ANTM, what did CariDee say to Nigel that made him so angry? I had to miss that part of the episode (now that it's on marathon!!!!) and I'm really, really curious.


omg help me! (serious question)

So, like, San Diego has never really had an 18+ clubbing scene and finally just opened a "club" or whatever. I've been there the last 2 weeks on the main night both times. But um.

I want to be like *reeeeallllly* popular like *realllllllllly* fast. Like, I sort of am popular but I want a gazillion people I don't know to really like me upon meeting me. What all should I say? Sometimes I start conversations then come across an empass. You should know that while I have the willpower to run up to every stranger imaginable and start talking, I'm actually really shy! So bad. I think my current lineup of friends is constantly revolving and inconsistant!

I'm going there tonight and it's not the main night so there could be a lot of people or there could be very few. Who knows.

Also, what should I do in every other imaginable situation (Porky's the emo vegetarian hangout, random coffee shops, emo concerts, etc.)?

Just straight up give me your advice! Also, how do I work "Do you have a Myspace!" in the conversation best? And speaking of which, if I'm buying something somewhere at the mall and think I'd click with the person behind the counter how do I ask them for their Myspace?

and what cologne works best for this techno/rave/whatever night I'm going to tonight? LeMale by Jean Paul Gaultier or Zero Plus by Diesel (the latter is very cinammon-y!)?
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I was giving hopes to my fan club in Melbourne that I was going to make a trip Down Under. But it looks like I'll be going home and to Holland instead.

HOW do I break it them that I'll be skipping OZ?

HOW do I get a hold of peeps in NL and try to arrange a link-up?

WILL anyone want to hang with the haji?

DO you think I look good in orange?

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Does anyone here have a hyphenated last name? Do you use the full last name, or just one? Like, your name is Mary Smith-Jones, do you introduce yourself as Mary Jones, Mary Smith, Mary Smith-Jones? Does it make a difference if one of your last names is really long?

I'm thinking of giving my baby a hyphenated last name, with the father's surname first (it sounds better that way), because while we're not together, he wants to be involved as much as possible, and I feel that's the right thing to do. But his surname has 10 letters, and mine 6. And I thought the first name was hard to decide on!
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Lots of "useless major" questions recently, so here's another one. At your school or alma mater, what was the major that everyone knew was a big cop-out?

At my school it seems to be Sports Management (yes, this is a major at the University of Michigan, folks), Program in the Environment, General Studies, and of course Communications.

Another question: do you like midnight movies? When was the last time you went to one? How was it?

I love midnight movies, because you can laugh and talk and shout (and in some cases, drink and smoke weed). I went to the Big Lebowski a few weeks ago, and going to Fight Club tonight.
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.Hack// fans?

Does anyone here happen to know where I can find a good timeline of the entire .Hack// series? I've read all the books and mangas, seen all the shows, and played all the video games. I know the order and all, but it'd be really nice to have the whole thing layed out in front of me you know? I found one once but that was a couple years ago, and I can't find it again. Plus it'd be cool to have an updated one. Any body?

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I used to have a job that involved standing all day, and walking around some. Now I work in a job that involves mostly sitting down and being in front of a computer and on the phone all day.

What are some good ways to sneak some physical activity in while I'm at work?
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While I was chatting with my boyfriend on AIM tonight, he noticed that he has a ridge across both thumbnails. He told me to ask you all about it. So. Is this normal? Does it mean that he was malnourished or anything? I guessed injury, but then he told me it was on both thumbs, so that's probably not very likely. Does he just have weird fingers?

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1. I have a cavity. In fact, I have eight. Yesterday I went to the dentist to get one filled, in the front of my mouth. The rest are in the back of my mouth, apparently. It didn't hurt much, fortunately. But the rest are all in the back of my mouth...and I mean in the back. For those who have had fillings in their back teeth, how much does it hurt? The dentist seems to give a lot of anesthetic, fortunately...

2. Another major question. I live in Massachusetts. I'm looking into psychology. Does anybody know of any good colleges around New England known for their psychology program, other than Assumption?

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What is the BEST nail polish you have ever used? And by best I mean one that lasts long and doesn't chip easily.

Also, do you know anyone who makes a solid (i.e., not metallic or glittery) purple or turquoise/blue nail polish?

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1. This keyboard is weird. When I press the quotation key, nothing will come up. And when I press it again, it does a double quote (""). If I want to use quotations, and it actually lets me, it will alter the first letter after pressing the quote key. Ç <-- is what I got after trying to type "C. I would Google this, but I don't even know where to start, as I don't make much sense. What's the deal, and how can I fix it? It's a Dell keyboard, and to my knowledge, doesn't have any languages packs.

2. Why are you home on a Saturday night?
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Random Questions

1 - What's the most inappropriate thing someone's said to you recently?

2 - What do I need to know right now?

3 - Do you love writing with a quill as much as I do?

4 - Do you have an opinion of me? What is it?

5 - Sexiest fictional character?

6 - Your fave movie as a child?
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netflix question

This might be a confusing question but I couldn't find my answer on the website.....maybe somebody knows?

Netflix has an option for "1 disc at a time" "maximum 2 per month" for 4.99.......the next one up is "1 disc at a time" "no limit" for 9.99

I want to watch Season 1 & 2 of a tv series... and each season is a "3 disc set"

So if I had the "maximum 2 per month" plan, would that be considered for 2 of the 3 discs in one season; or would each full season be considered one disc? I know I'd only get one actual disc at a time but I can't tell if I would have to wait until next month for the third disc.

I don't really rent movies so if I can watch both seasons for 4.99, that's much better than 9.99 =)

Edit: Answered quickly -- each disc is considered one.

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Back from the wedding. Had like 8 glasses of wine. I'm not sober but I'm a few glasses away from being drunk, so what's motivating this post is not quite alchol-fueled, but not really the work of a sober man.

P.S. - all the cute girls were married. Actually, most people were there with their SOs. An alarming array of conservative values in a Northern California venue. but anyway, since I didn't get any, I gotta ask the community the same question

1. When did YOU last get any?
2. When do you think you'll next get some?
3. If you're getting some soon, do you think you're better than me? Do ya? DO YA? Yeah, you probably are.
4. Has there been any TQC hookups as far as you know? Like the TQCFWB short list
5. Who's on your short list of TQCers that you'd consider tapping that ass like a mini keg?

Radios and bodies and a bad memory.

Two questions:

1. I've always wondered and I hope this isn't a stupid question: Why is it that radios turn all shitty when you walk away but when you come closer, they get clear?

2. What can you do if you're some place and someone says hello to you and you can't remember their name or who they are? How do you politely get by this, how do you get the name out of them, and what can you say instead of sounding like an asshole with, "I'm sorry, I can't remember your name?"


Kids think strange things.

What strange things did you believe / think as a child? As in, things that seemed COMPLETELY rational to you as a child?

When I was a child, I believed that if you hid under blankets, God could not find you. I figured he could see in houses, but blankets? They were somehow IMMUNE.

I also believed my eyes were magical. I don't know how, they just were.

My little cousin, Brandon, believed he had a uterus. When I was 7, he was about 4... and my Mom had a uterine suspension done. (Her uterus fell.) So, he came up and informed her that, he too, had a uterus.

We tried to explain that, no, only girls have a uterus. They're in the stomach. What he had was a uvula, the thing in the back of his throat. He completely disagreed and told us that no, he had a uterus. We could not convince him that he didn't. We still pick on him over it, asking him how his uterus is doing. He's 18 now.

So, what funny things did you think, or, what funny things do you know that other children think?

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I'm considering going to a clinic to ask some questions about laser hair removal. I want to get a bikini line or a brazilian done.

Does anyone have experience with this (note, laser, not waxing)? What types of things should I inquire about at the clinic? (i.e. the type of laser, who the doctors are, the patients' testimonies?)

If you've done it, how much did each session cost? How many did you need?
I've read up some reviews on my local clinics (Vancouver, Canada) and the feedback is very uneven. There are a couple of clinics that look very reputable (judging by their website design and the info on it) but I read people saying that those clinics are a rip-off. I don't know who to believe! :(