February 23rd, 2007



So I have dry eyelids. On the inside corners of my eyelids, the skin is pretty dry. It's never done this before, it just started recently. They're also very itchy, and starting to get red because I can't stop scratching them. What should I do about this?
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Academy Awards online?

I think the Oscars is one of the most exciting events in the whole year, and that's why I went batshit crazy with anger when I learned that none of the channels I have are going to show it this year. (non-US citizen here) Is there ANY way to be able to watch it online somehow? Since I've never been in this situation before I have no idea what to do with myself! I'm desperate. D:

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I'm very tired but my heartburn is keeping me up. I've told my doctor about how I keep getting heartburn, very frequently recently, and I'm worried that I might be getting/have acid reflux like my parents do. He told me to just chew some Tums when my stomach gets upset and not to worry about it. He's really rather useless. So anyway, I'm looking up some quick ways to get rid of my heartburn (the Tums isn't working so great) so I can go to sleep.

Do you get heartburn?
If yes, what gives you heartburn?
What do you do to get rid of the heartburn?
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egg product /=/ whipped cream

For those of you who like to cook and/or bake, etc: What's the worst cooking/baking mistake you've ever made? 

I just realized that I bought 'egg product' instead of heavy whipping cream.  Unfortunately, I found this out AFTER adding it into the mix.  Damn it.  There goes my chocolate fudge cheesecake. 

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I've never had a fake ID (they only brought in enforced carding at clubs after I turned 18, so it wasn't a problem), but in American movies, tv shows, etc, when someone has a fake ID, they tend to be quite ridiculous. Like, the age of the person is WAY older than what they are. Say, a 30 year old when the kid is 17. I'd like to think that a lot of that is just fun for the storyline, but I suppose there are some folks out there who do get a bit carried away with it. I'd have thought putting your age at or just above the legal age would be more realistic and believable (which is what my friends here have done).

So...for those of you who had fake IDs or know people who did, was the age on them realistic or farfetched? If it is common to have a stupidly old age on there...why?? Did you ever get busted with it?

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Where should I go?

I'm sick of Houston (I've been here six months) and I want to go somewhere else (I don't like being in one place for too long). Of course, considering I'm still monetarily dependent on my parents, this isn't going to happen until I graduate from college and find myself a "real" job. But it's nice to dream. So tell me...if you were me, where would you go to just leave it all behind? It can be anywhere, anywhere in the world. Give me some ideas and maybe one day I'll build up the courage to actually leave.
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1. Of the four Iron Chefs, who would you like to have prepare a meal for you?

2. What is your favorite Food Network show?

3. Who is your favorite Food Network personality?

4. Does Rachel Ray and her incessant "YUM-O!" phrase annoy you?

5. Do you find yourself getting hungry watching Food Network, even if you've just eaten?
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This is going to make me sound like a horrible homophobe, I just know it..

...but what is the obsession (especially among internet females) with gay guys?

I see girls eveerywhere fangirling over gay men and freaking out because gay men are so hot. I just don't see it. I know what anal sex is like, it's not pleasant to watch. And boys kissing is just like any other couple kissing to me. Maybe I'm broken or something but I just don't see the obsession.
Could someone PLEASE explain this to me? The only reasons I've gotten so far is "it's hot" and that is entirely unhelpful.
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1. WTF? More specifically, is this really the general idea of the celebrity types held dear by different groups of people? Frankly, I've not talked to any Americans who aren't sick of all the Anna Nicole Smith coverage.

2. The judge: Camera whore or tawdry by nature?
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How is it possible?

I wanna know how it's possible that I'm so damn sleepy?

It's nothing new...

same job...3rd shift for 3 years (and before that I was a total night owl)
same/more sleep avg. 4-6 hr (truthfully NO it's not ever enough but the fact remains it's average and hasn't changed)
200-400mg Provigil (similar to amphetamine given to people with narcolepsy)

It doesn't matter what I do...come 230a-4a I find myself doin' the head Bob's.  It drives me crazy!!! not to mention it's not a good idea considering my job (private duty nurse)  And then like clock work come time for me to head home from work and actually SLEEP I'm wide awake...blah internal clock crap.

and before it's mentioned I recently nixed my caffeine addiction in the bud...there was no difference before or after. 

Changing jobs is not an option (nor something I really wanna do at this time)

So why am I so sleepy now...and not when I need to be?
How can I/do you ward of the Bob's?

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know anyone that speaks farsi?

ok, so, mahmoud ahmadinejad's last name is written أحمدي نجاد SO, does that mean it's two separate words? or can there be an independent ya in the middle of a word in farsi? and if it's two, which are the proper syllables to emphasize?

this has been bothering me for a while. i'd appreciate any insight!
(i know i can post this to other comms, but i'm morally opposed to linguaphiles and honestly can't be bothered to join any other ones. thought i'd give TQC a shot)
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in the meantime...

What're you waiting for?

(I'm waiting for 9am, 4 hours from now, when Student Health will open and I can get my throat looked at. I can't sleep because it hurts so badly to swallow that, when I do, I wake up. Or I wake up choking in my own saliva. Attractive, huh?)


Because punk_is_so_deadtold me my last questions were too depressing, here are some happy ones:

1. Do you prefer the unicorn or the pegasus?
2. How much do you love cute little furry animals on a scale from 1-10?
3. Which is more fun: blowing bubbles or flying a kite?
4. Do you like the smell of freshly baked cookies and brewing coffee as much as I do? ('Cause its a lot.)


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What is your favorite cd of the moment?
(yes it counts if you download, just name the cd your fav songs came from, but you have to pick one)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --
I bought "Begin to Hope" (Regina Spektor) yesterday and I am loooovinnng it.
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Is it true...

What happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam???

What would it take for you NOT to make up with your S/O?

A Thermos can keep cold things cold and hot things hot...but how do it know? HOW DO it know????
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Which is correct, nauseated or nauseous?

Whichever it is, that's what I've been on and off since Saturday afternoon and consistently since Tuesday night. I've also been extremely lightheaded and food turns my stomach.

I'm not pregnant. I've been taking ibuprofen for my head and it's done a little bit, Would you go to the doctor?

Night sweats and... twitches?

Good F%$#@!G morning.
I hope you all slept better than I did.
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else has ever experienced something like this in their sleep:
You get sweaty and hot, but you feel chills - cycles of chills and sweats throughout the night, and its so bad that it keeps you awake. These chills and sweats are simultaneous with your body "jerking" itself awake... its almost as if your body doesn't want you to sleep, so it makes you jerk and move random body parts. If you had your choice, you'd be laying perfectly still, sound asleep... but no, you keep having this urge to roll around, move your arms, move your legs, etc - all the while, sweating your ass off but youre still freezing.

Yes yes, I know... Dr. LJ to the rescue. I'm not asking for medical advice, I just want to know if anyone else experiences this BULLSHIT or knows what its called?


1.) If you had an entourage, what kind of stuff would you have them do for you?
2.) Yesterday some guy pointed at me & laughed on the highway. When's the last time you saw somebody breaking the fourth wall on the road?
3.) How do you answer the phone at work?

Computer Question

I'm so bad when it comes to technical stuff on the computer.
I have some videos that I took of my boyfriends band and I need to convert them to audio files so that I can burn them onto a cd. How do I go about it?

The Dude Abides

Only in...

1a) When was the last time you heard a phrase starting Only in America... and what was it in reference to?

1b)If you're not American, when was the last time you heard a phrase starting Only in [insert your country here]... and what was it in reference to?

2. What's something that seems to only happen or to only be true in thequestionclub?

(no subject)

1. Do you have an opinion on ZZ Top? If so, what is it?

2. Have you ever been to the rock and roll hall of fame? Was it completely boring, or mildly thrilling in a 'look at Elvis' jacket hanging behind that plexiglass, wow' kind of way?

3. Top five albums to listen to while being skullfucked?
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Pet peeves

Do you have any one thing that takes you from zero to sixty in 0.2 seconds?

My current one (as I have a set of pet peeves, but one that annoys me more than others) is my dryer door. I do a lot of laundry. I'm a stay-at-home mom of three boys, so I do about four loads per day. Our house is rather old; the laundry room and bathroom were added on to the original house. The laundry room is done so that it slopes (unintentional, I'm sure), and whenever I transfer the washing to the dryer it closes between handfuls. I prop it open with things, but said things get in my way. I've taken to using my knee, but it wrenches my back. It is such a small thing but it drives me batty. When you have to open a dryer five times in the course of two minutes it becomes a complete inconvenience.

So what things are driving you crazy lately?
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Mario and Luigi - WTF!!
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(no subject)

Q) Is truth subjective or objective? Someone I know argued that truth has no agreeable definition and that it's really subjective.. with [Wikipedia] being the source of that conclusion. I think the person put it out of context.. But what are your answers?
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lecture change

I got emailed yesterday to advise that one of my lectures has changed the day and time it's on.
yeah great, notify us only THREE FUCKINNG DAYS before uni starts. yeah people dont have schedules. we didn't figure out our time table to be most convenient. and now they just change it on us (so one of my friends now has to find an alternative class because he travels and cant make it on the days it is now on), not to mention that it probably clashes with other peoples classes.

have you had anything stupid like this happen with your schooling?


1. Are you a trustworthy person? 
2. Are you nice to people?
3. Do you smile at strangers?
4. What is the difference between and excuse and a reason?
5. Do you snoop?
6. Do you put people in boxes/ label them?
7. Do you assume?
8. Are you quick to write people off?
9. Do you try to look for the good or bad in people first?
10. Do you ever feel like committing roadside homicide (the extreme extension of road rage)?
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1. When talking on the phone, do you hold it to your right or left ear?

2.Do you pick up the phone every time it rings or do you screen first before answering?

SAD and you

EDITED FOR 1 FINAL TRY: Do you suffer from sad If so, how do you cope with it? Does it affect you during winter, or do you suffer during other seasons? PLEASE EXCUSE MY SUCKINESS. COMPUTERZ ARE NOT MY FRENDZ. AND I DIDN'T REALIZE THE CODING WOULD NOT WORK IN "RICH TEXT MODE", SO THAT IS WHY IT WAS NOT WORKING. PLUS, I SUX.

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Totally pointless question but I want to know!

Why is everyone ragging on the Chili Peppers in the question asked somewhere down there? *waves arm around and gestures*

Does anyone here actually like them (except for me)?
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(no subject)

Does anyone here eat/make/like pierogi? Does the plural needs an 's'?

I have a Polish grandma. Before she went into 'the facility for old people', she made them and they were WONDERFUL.
happy monkey

(no subject)

1. are you added on your own lj friends list?

2. are you added on your own messenger list(s)?

3. do you bcc (blind carbon copy) emails that you send out, to yourself?

4. what gifts do you want for your next birthday?

5. why do dogs bark at &/or run after moving vehicles?

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[dance] pink side to side

Yum yums!

1- Do you dislike any foods based on their TEXTURE rather than flavour/scent?

2- Do you eat anything that you're allergic to, just because it's SO GOOD? How bad of a reaction do you have if so?

3- When you're sick, what is simply something you cannot eat, due to it tasting too 'off', if anything?

4- Strangest pregnancy craving you've heard of/suffered through?

5- Oddest thing you've consumed? In your view, not according to anyone else. :P

1- Yessssssss... TOMATOES! They're squishy and gross for it! :(
2- Oranges. Eating them makes the skin OUTSIDE of my mouth all red, but egads, I love em.
3- Meat. I should just go vegetarian and be done with it, as often as I get ill.
4- My mom's craving for pickles. Not so odd in itself... But she NEEDED them from this tiny arse store at some mall two or three hours away in New York. Grah??
5- Paper. Mmmm.

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Halp me LJs!

I am supposed to make basic shortbread (flour, butter, sugar, maybe some vanilla extract) for work tomorrow, and the DH got margarine (Imperial, like 65% veg. oil). Can I use it to make the shortbread, or will it totally ruin it?
A Lady's Space

What's a tourist, anyway?

So, tomorrow my boyfriend and I are going to take a tour of San Francisco. Thing is, we live right across the Bay in Berkeley :D.

1. Have you ever taken a tour of a local city?
2. Do you think we'll get frowned upon for not being the standard 'tourists'?
3. What would you do on vacation if you didn't own a car?
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magic markers and ADD

(no subject)

oo1 // Do you prefer your shoelacs be 'just right'(as in JUST long enough to tie them in a bow with very little slack - just to clear up confusion) or longer than necessary?

oo2 // Do you know what the little plastc thingies on the ens of your shoelaces are called?

oo3 // Crushed ice or cubed?

oo4 // If someone you knew was in the market for a computer, where would you recommend they look and what would you recommend they buy?

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College & Early Graudation

If I wanted to, I could graduate a year early. I am not sure what to do. I'm not having the time of my life at college and I have very few friends. I also feel like my motivation school realted things are fading. However, I'm not too excited to be pushed out into the real world either. What do you think? What would you do? (No need to answer if it's going to be like, "College was so great, and I loved everyone there" etc etc, because this situation does not apply to me).

gnome child

(no subject)

What is the strangest thing you've ever seen another driver doing?

Once, while on the freeway, I saw a man applying his clown makeup. Also, I've never understood why people would think it's a good idea to read and drive.

(no subject)

I hate my current college advisor. She was more interested in talking about my life story than about my education and my desired future.

So I have a question for you educated-types:

Have you taken a Classical language? I am considering doing a minor in Classical Studies and I am wondering if this is realistic whatsoever. Unfortunately, I did not go to a highschool that offered Latin or Ancient Greek. Will this be a problem? Is it like other language courses where you're expected to know how to ask for apple juice beforehand?

I want to save myself the heartache if there's no hope for me to take this minor.

(no subject)

Have you ever been reading posts in a community you belong to, then gone to a completely different community and seen someone from that other community in the one you where looking at?

I was looking through one of the fashion communities I belong to, and I saw a comment by seaponies, I then came here to read up on some questions, and there they were! It was cool I guess.
happy monkey

(no subject)

1. how do you feel right this moment? (in one word)

2. what would you do if your co-worker kept playing the same song over and over and friggin over even after you've indicated your ever growing annoyance? (be creative &/or amusing please.. cause ah have 2 more hours till i leave work, and ah needs summin to keep me sane.. cause if i hear that song one more damn time!..........)

3. what was the last thing that annoyed you?

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Rebuilding Credit

So I have heard so many tricks of the trade on how to build up credit.

For example, don't max out cards, only charge them up half way.
Pay your bill as soon as you get it, so it is paid BEFORE the due date.

Any other tried tested and true tricks that can build someones scores up quickly?
I know it is a complicated science, and those who know the answers are sworn to secrecy...

Many thanks...
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(no subject)

I have to work a Home & Garden show this weekend, blah! what's something you have to do this weekend you're not looking forward to?

As some of ya'll know i'll be headed to L.A next week with my job, we're going to The Ivy for lunch on Saturday.. at noon. SO YEAH, you can bet i'm going to have a run-in with a celebrity.. who would you like for me to track down and take a picture of while i'm in L.A? (i'll be there for 5 days)

How's your bank account looking as of right now? eh, not too bad.. after all of my bills are paid i'll be left with $200 [that i can't touch] until next payday.

Overall, how did this week treat you?
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(no subject)

What would you do to the person that comments before you?
Or, in the case of the first commenter, what would you do to me?
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Beast mode!

(no subject)

Why has my TiVo been sitting at the UPS sorting facility 20 minutes away from my house since 2 pm yesterday? Don't they know I need that? EDIT: I can't go pick it up, they close before I get home from work. :(

What shoes are you wearing today?

Do you like the liquid correction fluid (White-Out) or the correction tape better?

(no subject)

1. Who are you most afraid of?
2. Why did you choose your college or university?
3. How badly do you smell when you sweat?
4. Girls, how did you feel about getting boobies and having to wear bras?
5. Guys, when did you switch to boxers/boxer briefs/etc, if you ever did? Why did you switch?
6. OMG! ______ has declared he/she is madly in love with you! Who would it be?
7. And the age-old classic, what's your dream car?
8. Also, today I was chatting with a lady at work and somehow we got on the topic of having kids and I told her I didn't want any. She said it was something you should do just once "to see how it felt." I think that would be the stupidest reason ever to have a child. Anyone else agree?

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When you screw up at work Do you freak out?

I just miss heard a person on the phone on a call for my boss and didn't realize till i hung up who it was and what it was about :( I can't stop screwing uptoday!

mornington crescent
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(no subject)

Rock and roll attained perfection in 1974. True/false?

If false, in what year did it happen?

ETA: What are some of your favorite 70's rock songs/bands/artists?

I have way too many to list, but I've been listening to The Who a lot lately. And I tried to make a ringtone of Behind Blue Eyes but it didn't work. :(

(no subject)

What is the best way to get from Amsterdam to Lierre's house?

Which rocks more Amsterdam NL or Melbourne AUS?

Can you tell I have no life?


HOW many more $^%$^%$^ iPod questions do I need to endure before TQC explodes??

I haven't had an erection for a month...is this a bad thing?

Am I being ignored or do I just suck a$$?

Songs that remind you of Africa

My little brother is going to Africa (specifically Tanzania) in a few weeks.  I'm trying to make him a sort of Africa-inspired playlist  for the occasion, but I'm coming up a little short.

Using google, I found:
Dario G-Sunshyme (the "heya mamama" song)
Toto- Africa (haha)
Enya-Storms In Africa

   Can you suggest any songs that remind you of Africa, safaris, or.... riding a lion through the Serengeti?  It doesn't have to say anything about Africa specifically.   Any style will do, traditional African music would be great too.  Thanks!

I Love New York, hip hop, etc

1.) Who's gonna win I Love New York?

2.) If applicable, favorite hip-hop/rap artists? Favorite albums? Least favorite?

3.) What do you expect from the new Smashing Pumpkins album?

4.) How often do you drink? (drink as in enough to get tipsy or drunk)
--Honestly, do you ever play up or downplay how drunk you really are? (i.e. be a little tipsy but let yourself act drunk, or be really drunk but insist you aren't)

(no subject)

What are your academy award predictions?

Performance by an actor in a leading role
Leonardo DiCaprio in “Blood Diamond”
Ryan Gosling in “Half Nelson”
Peter O’Toole in “Venus”
Will Smith in “The Pursuit of Happyness”
Forest Whitaker in “The Last King of Scotland” (my pick)

Performance by an actor in a supporting role
Alan Arkin in “Little Miss Sunshine” (my pick)
Jackie Earle Haley in “Little Children”
Djimon Hounsou in “Blood Diamond”
Eddie Murphy in “Dreamgirls”
Mark Wahlberg in “The Departed”

Performance by an actress in a leading role
Penélope Cruz in “Volver” (Sony Pictures Classics)
Judi Dench in “Notes on a Scandal” (Fox Searchlight)
Helen Mirren in “The Queen” (Miramax, Pathé and Granada) (my pick)
Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wears Prada” (20th Century Fox)
Kate Winslet in “Little Children” (New Line)

Performance by an actress in a supporting role
Adriana Barraza in “Babel” (my pick, really tuff call though)
Cate Blanchett in “Notes on a Scandal”
Abigail Breslin in “Little Miss Sunshine”
Jennifer Hudson in “Dreamgirls”
Rinko Kikuchi in “Babel”

Best animated feature film of the year
“Cars” (Buena Vista) John Lasseter
“Happy Feet” (Warner Bros.) George Miller (my pick)
“Monster House” (Sony Pictures Releasing) Gil Kenan

Best motion picture of the year
“Babel” (Paramount and Paramount Vantage)
“The Departed” (Warner Bros.)
“Letters from Iwo Jima” (Warner Bros.)
“Little Miss Sunshine” (Fox Searchlight) (my pick)
“The Queen” (Miramax, Pathé and Granada)

Original screenplay
“Babel” (Paramount and Paramount Vantage) (my pick)
“Letters from Iwo Jima” (Warner Bros.)
“Little Miss Sunshine” (Fox Searchlight)
“Pan’s Labyrinth” (Picturehouse)
“The Queen” (Miramax, Pathé and Granada)

Adapted screenplay
“Borat Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan” (20th Century Fox)
“Children of Men” (Universal)
“The Departed” (Warner Bros.) (my pick - complete guess)
“Little Children” (New Line)
“Notes on a Scandal” (Fox Searchlight)
little soul

(no subject)

Based on the picture, how long are my nails?

1 - Freakishly short
2 - Really, really short
3 - Short
4 - Average
5 - Longer than average
6 - Pretty long
7 - Freakishly long

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ETA: There is no white.

(no subject)

"That's what she said." They say it all the time on the office (american ver.) why is it funny? i don't get it 0.o

What's the funniest joke you know?...that isn't offensive?

(no subject)

1.) Is it possible to convert a song from a cd into a song playable on myspace? If so, how?

2.) Do you like your Renee Zellwager "Chicago" railway skinny or "Bridget Jones Diary" pleasantly plump?

3.) When getting ice cream, do you like soft serve or the other hard-ish kind?

(no subject)

1)Do you ever worry that you smell bad? Do you ever check yourself?
2)Have you ever experienced culture shock?
3)What's the most important thing to look for when purchasing panties?
4)What is your most favorite/least favorite facial feature (on your face, not someone else's)?

edit: Right. I shower, etc. too. Do you guys not worry about it when you're drinking either?
minnie and zeus

match.com question

if you sign up for a subscription, you can send emails. but if someone is just a member without a subscription, can you read emails you're sent and reply (i know you can wink as a nonsubscriber, but what's the fun in just winking at each other?)? or is the only way of actually talking is if both people are subscribers?


i tried google, but didnt find much...

i was wondering what jobs i got obtain with a degree in social services or human services. anyone know? or have any resources?

thank you

(no subject)

"A six-year-old girl was bitten to death by a tiger at a south China zoo while posing for a picture with the animal. The tiger attacked the girl shortly after the flash went off on her uncle's camera. The tiger's paw shot out and grabbed her, pulling her head into its mouth. Five zoo staff beat the tiger with wood sticks and a bench until it released the girl after about one minute."

So let's say you work at a zoo. One day you see a tiger attacking a little girl, do you:

Hit the tiger with a stick.
Hit the tiger with a bench.
Point at the kid and laugh.
Point at the parents and scream "Where is your god now?"

(no subject)

You get an sms from an unknown number telling you there's a party at a local spot. You assume the message is from a friend because no one else would have your number.

It's a Friday night & your close friends have all ditched you because of work the next day. Do you go to the party?

(no subject)

Does anyone know of an adblocker for Internet Explorer which would allow me to block individual images? I know there's one for Foxfire, but I'm not a big fan, to be honest, and would rather not have to change my browser.

(Icons that tap into kooky phobias and make me itch = very annoyed.)


I am watching "Joe Vs. The Volcano" its goofy and I love it. But no one else does...are there any other Tom Hanks movies that suck a$$? Do you love Meg Ryan as much as I do?

When are you gonna confess your true feelings for me?
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(no subject)

Has anything of interest happened to you today?

I failed my driver's test (never take it in a standard transmission Element, it is one big blind spot on wheels) and found out my septum hole never closed up, even after almost a year of having it out (still 14gauge, too). I'm gonna start wearing my retainer again! :D

And later today, I get to begin Operation: Huge Secret That No One Can Know About. Except now you guys know it exists. Don't worry. It's just as dumb as all my other dumb secrets, you're not missing out on much.

peanut butter!

1. What is your favorite BRAND of peanut butter?

2. Do you prefer creamy or chunky?

3. Did/Do you have any contaminated jars of peanut butter in your house? Did you return them? (FYI: If the number 2111 is imprinted on the lid, it could be contaminated.)

- I was using Peter Pan, but it's been recalled. Tonight I bought a jar of Skippy and it seems alright.

- I used to love chunky, but in the last year, I've grown fond of creamy.

- Yes, we had two jars: both opened and one was 2/3 of the way gone. I returned them at wal-mart and was given a cash refund.
Ein - Badass (default)

Interior Lights

Ok, I figured this was worth a shot.

I've got a '98 Ford Taurus. Lately (as in the last month or so), the interior lights haven't been working properly. When they're set to "Door" they're supposed to turn on when the doors open and turn off when the doors close. But they don't. On "Door" they just stay on all the time, just like if you turn it to "On."

The only other alternative is "Off," which kinda sucks, because then I have no lights when I get in my car.

In addition, the light over the pedals won't go off. This is a recent development (today), but I think it's happened once or twice in the past. (Fixed for now, by unscrewing the light bulb.)

So, if anyone has any idea:
1. Why is this happening?
2. How do I make it work again?

And also, I can't figure out these new-fangled eye-Pode things

(no subject)

I'm cooking my first duck tomorrow, any tips or advice? What should I serve with it? Should I serve the duck cooled or hot from the oven? I am thinking of making, French onion soup as a starter, should I stick with a French theme? Thanks!
cat tea

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1. What type of natural disaster/severe weather event is most common where you live?

2. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/whatever, did you have a similar upbringing? If not, what were the main differences?

3. Do you think your birth order has or had a big impact on the way you are today? What is your birth order?

4. I'm assuming other Chinese restaurants have lunch specials that include a side of rice and soup. What kind of soup do you usually get (wonton, hot and sour, egg drop, chicken noodle are the options at places near me)?

5. What is a rule of English grammar that you can't keep straight or can't remember?
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1)Have you gone out with a coworker? How closely did the two of you work?
2)How do you feel about relationships in the workplace?
edit:3)Do you eat the crust on your pizza? If so, do you eat it plain or do you like to dip it in something?

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New question because I decided that I'd be responsible for once & not go running off to a party after getting a random sms. Party at a lighthouse at the end of a dark, creepy, very long road surrounded by bushland? Hmm... how about no.

Ok so it is now 9.15pm on Friday night. I feel like getting fucked up but I'm all out of alcohol & my mother keeps her random assortment of pills locked up & hidden from me. I'm bored shitless.

What the fuck should I do?


Looking for Canadian poets with written work dealing with a 'fantasy' or 'supernatural' theme.

Also, what would be the best era (old, middle, early modern, present day) for this type of theme?
mornington crescent
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I told my mother I'd send her a picture with a funny cat in it. What cat macro would be most mom-friendly? She doesn't mind profanity at all, but she won't understand internet in-jokes.
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In terms of books, what exactly is a Deluxe Edition?
For instance, I just checked B&N's website and it mentioned the next HP book will also be available in "Deluxe Edition".
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Those of you in the path of the hugeass storm barreling through the midwest, how much snow are you expected to get this weekend?

Southern Wisconsin is supposed to get 9 inches tonight and another 7 by Sunday. :(