February 22nd, 2007

death from above!

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1.  What's your favorite joke/funny story?

Mine is this:
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2.  What's your favorite quote, and where is it from?  (Including books, movies, comics, or even stuff that someone said at one point.)
I have a hundred and one favorite quotes, but I'm gonna hafta go with this one, from the TV show House:  "You talk to God, you're religious.  God talks to you, you're psychotic."

Working as an interpreter/translator

Has anyone ever worked as a language interpreter?
What has your experience been? Did you get to travel?
How did you go about finding the job in the first place?

I'm a Native Russian speaker and have done some translating work in college, but now I'm thinking of doing something out in the real world, but not sure of how to go about it.
I'd love some ideas, especially of a job that would let me travel.

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Last questions before bed.

Every time I watch that commercial it freaks me out a little, I think it's the way the woman moves her head.

What kind of reaction did you have to watching the commercial?
Do you normally get weirded out by people contorting their bodies strangely in any way?

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What is the difference between a relationship, and a "friends with benefits" situation?

(I'm especially interested in the large poly section of TQC; the typical answer I get is "exclusivity", which wouldn't exactly work in that situation.)

a hairy question

1. How do you feel about body hair on yourself? Other people? Your significant other?
2. What do you consider to be an 'acceptable' amount of body hair and on what body parts?
3. How do you get rid of your unwanted body hair?

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bjork 2


1. Do you brush and floss as often as you should?
2. Do you get dental cleanings every six months?

I've always had an aversion to tooth brushing/flossing. I don't mind the process of it, and I feel much better after being a good person and actually making myself do it, but I hate trying to muster up the motivation. Despite this, my dentist always used to comment about the fabulous condition of my teeth. I never had a cavity until this past year, and it was between my bottom molars.
Really, I just cycle through spurts. Sometimes I'm very diligent, but most of the time I'm lucky if I remember to brush them before I go to class. I'm addicted to Trident. This winter was the first time I've ever missed a six month appointment. I'm a little sad about it, since my hygienist and I always have fabulous chats and she is excellent at not knicking my gums.

3. Do teeth disgust you and/or do you judge people by their teeth?
4. Have you ever had braces?

My roommate absolutely cannot stand people with bad teeth. I put up with them to an extent... If they're bad, though, they're bad. I used to absolutely hate my teeth until I had braces in high school. They're not perfect and they still annoy me, but at least I don't have a huge gap between my front teeth anymore.

5. I used to think that my gums bled because I didn't floss enough, but after years of increasingly compulsive oral hygiene there was no improvement. Then I found out that I have a mild clotting disorder, for which one of the symptoms is gums that bleed easily. And here I thought I was going to be the first ten year old to have dentures because of gingivitis. Did any of you have similar fears when you were younger?

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Poems, Marketing

1) What is your favourite poem (not lyrics)? The other day in English class my teacher gave us a poem in which the author talked about the Pope's manhood, so bonus points if it's controversial.

2) Can someone help me find a print advertisement that shows an example of observational learning? Basically, I'm trying to find an ad that shows someone imitating another person or is persuasive in getting a message across to consumers that you need their product/service because everyone has it.
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How fast is your internet connection?

I'm not sure how fast the internet at work is (its fixed wireless radio), but I know that if i started downloading a large file, the speed would show about 40 kbps.

Back when my home broadband was working, I had 256 kbps DSL, with 512 kbps at night. (It's the fastest non-commercial connection you can get with a totally flat rate and no download cap. There are faster speeds available, but you have to pay either based on how much you download or by hours, which of course sucks.)

Edit: quick test of my office broadband:

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1. If a guy is flirtatious in real life (we've hung out a few times in groups) and on facebook, and asks for your AIM (and IMs you) and says "we should hang out," but NEVER PLANS ANYTHING, does that mean he's not interested? Or should I take the initiative to ask him to do something?

2. What can make whiskey shots not taste like ass? It literally makes me gag, but I have limited access to alcohol.

3. How do you best remember people's names?

Best place to buy contacts

Hi y’all,

If you wear contacts, could you please recommend me the best places? I’ve heard 1-800 contacts is cheap and reliable enough. Same with Costco. (I already have a prescription)

Anywhere else?

Please help me because I’m going blind...LOL

Okay, thanks in advance! And have a great day!
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Has anyone seen The Who's Tommy? If so, what did you think of it? Also, what's up with the baked beans?

Do you clean out your navel/bellybutton? How?

I have the flu. At least, I think it's the flu. I'm dizzy and sick to my stomach and feel awful. No fever, sore throat, or stuffy/runny nose. No, I'm not pregnant.

Can you suggest any remedies?
Pluto- I believe in Pluto

Why is my right foot bigger than my left?

Is everyone's like that?

If so, why don't they make the right shoe just a smigde bigger than the left?

I ask cause my left shoes always fit, but my fight shoes are always way snug. In fact, I was wearing a pair of shoes that normally don't hurt my feet, but my 2nd smallest toe was digging into the third toe and omg, hurt. like. HAYL! A blister developed, busted, and then the toe continued to dig into it witch caused even more PAIN!


What makes it WOYSE is that I have GIGANTIC FREAKISH FEETSIES!

I am about 5'6- 5'7 maybe 5'8 and I have SIVE ELEVEN FEET! It's hard enough to FIND size eleven shoes (that aren't gold lemma', silver, or otherwise gawdy as hayl!) that fit nicely, let ALONE find size 11 and a HALF so that my right foot fits too,



Have any of you tried those hoodia gordonii weight loss pills? I seem to be hearing about how natural and effective they are everywhere. I was just wondering if anyone here had had an experiences, good or bad, with them. The freshman fat ass fifteen is starting to kick my ass :/
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1. Now I'm not a regular American Idol viewer, but I have watched it the past two nights because the roomate enjoys it. Anyone else agree that after the last woman last night (LaKesha, I think her name was), the contest should be over and she declared the winner. There wasn't even a contest after she sang. Wow.

2. Does it annoy anyone else that we have to wait two more weeks for the next episode of House? It peeves me that they have a episode, three week break, an episode, another couple week break.

3. What's for lunch today? (mmm delicious lasagna).

3. What do you absolutely have to get done today? (sign up for the gym! Also finish this poster for work. :/)
rufus, muppy

owie foot

So for some reason I have an issue with my foot. On the side of it where my little toe attatches to my foot, there is like a lump...

Today for the second time in a couple weeks, I stepped on it a certain way and immediatly felt pain. It feels like a bruise almost, very intense pain though, and it looks kind of purple as well. It really hurts and kind of is a pain when I have to work (im on my feet the whole time). Any idea what this is or what is causing it? It kinda came out of nowhere. It will hurt a few days, then go away, then for some reason I will suddenly feel the pain again and it's back....

I hope that made some sense...

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Could you be in a long term monogamous relationship with someone who, for whatever reason, wouldn't sleep with you? How long could you handle it?

Along those lines.... who would you rather be involved with (again for the long term): a person who refuses to go further than kissing or a person who chronically sleeps around?


I think my leave will not get approved and I need to make alternate plans...
WHERE should I visit the last week of April. First part of May?

Phillipines? Where? Whats to do??

OZ? Where? Whats to do?

NZ? Where? Whats to do?

Mediterrain? Where? Whats to do?

This is pissing me off....
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For those of you in school, or formerly in school(high school, university whatever)
whats the most ridiculous topic you have ever had to write a paper on/ due some sort of assignment on?
did you struggle with it?

My Answers
1) For my World History class i have to write a 10 page paper(not bad) on whether or not Adam Smith's "invisible hand that leads society" is a great taloned claw.

2) i dont think ill struggle too much, if you think about it, its actually a great topic...but its just..odd.

unplanned pregnancy

1) Have you/a partner ever had an unplanned pregnancy?
2) How old were you at the time?
3) What was the nature of the relationship? (Spouse, fiance, serious relationship, boyfriend or girlfriend, one night stand, etc.)
4) Were you using any method to prevent pregnancy?
5) What was your reaction when you found out?
6) What did you (or she) do with the pregnancy? (Abort, adopt, keep the child, etc.)
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I have a Sidekick 3. I love it. But it's awkward to use as a phone - to dial and talk on. We also have a spare flip phone floating around, if I can find it. Both are bluetooth-enabled. Is there any way to link them up and use the spare phone as a bluetooth handset for the SK? Alternately, are there bluetooth headsets around that include a dialing pad? (The SK doesn't have voice-activated dialing.)

I love this, for amusement value, and if it had a keypad built in, I'd own it already. Heh.

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I'm going to California for the first time in March. I'll be staying in Sunnyvale, near Cupertino, in Silicon Valley, about 40 minutes south from San Franisco. I'm looking for stuff to do within that area and the surrounding area, up to a four hour drive.

For those of you who have been to or live in California..

Where are some good places to go eat (vegetarian friendly)?

Where are some good, local or unique places to shop?

Any must dos while I'm there?

Most fun thing you've done in California?

Know of any cheap/free things to do?
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Converting .MOV files to .MPEG, .WMV, etc

I have a few .mov video files from a digital camera. I'm trying to convert them to .mpeg or .wmv etc. so that I can use Windows Movie Maker to play around with them. I've tried a few conversion programs that have not worked for me.

Any ideas? Suggestions of programs? Anything? Thanks alot.

Never mind, I worked it out. Apparently, I just happened to find a bunch of crappy programs before I found a good one.

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A co-worker is being evicted from her house this week (due to her own fault:i.e: underage drinking, whoring around with anyone with a dick ect.) and our boss wants the rest of us to donate/let her "borrow" money for a new place.

1. Do you think is this proper?
2. Would you give up your hard earned money for her stupidity?
3. would you offer any other help other than money?

my answers:

1. No, unless it's for a serious medical issue or something tragic...fire, death or something of that nature.

2. Nope. I bust my ass for what I earn and don't want to enable her to do it again.

3. I would give her the number for welfare or something along that line.

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I have a meeting with a photographer tomorrow to discuss a photo shoot, obviously it's not set in stone and I would really love to get paid to do this, the photos will probably be sexual or edge-y in some fashion(bondage, fetish, dark), so my question is:

What type of outfit would you wear? (keep in mind that telling him i had pink hair made him want to use me as a model more)

For those of you who have modeled/been the subject of a photographer, what is the hardest part about it?
what is the best part about it?

How do you stay confident during the shoot?
The Dude Abides

Food ?'s

1. What are some foods that you don't like the smell of but enjoy eating?
2. What's your favorite snack?
3. In a pre-sliced loaf of bread, do you eat the end pieces?
Got Rat

recommend a printer

What is a good printer to buy for making art prints? It would also be great if it could take A3 and A4 and have separate colour cartridges.
I leave college soon to be a freelance illustrator, so quality is the most important thing.
I'm thinking something in the region of around £200 ($400)
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Say you can't physically have children of your own for some reason...
Do you take that as a sign that you aren't meant to raise children
Do you find another way? (Such as adoption)

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Why is whenever you post a question in a cat or children community, people always respond by saying "Well my little Chloe bla bla bla" or "Kayleigh likes to do bla bla bla". Why can't they just respond by saying "my cat" or "my son/daughter"?
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formal research proposal

so I have to submit a formal research proposal for my English class that includes my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices of topics, and I'm not sure what the hell I want to write a research paper on.

it has to be a matter of public policy. as a broad subject, I'm thinking maybe something to do with economics? but honestly I've got no clue.

oh, and there's a list of Collapse )

that leaves me with a ton of options, huh?

the issue question has to be something like these:

What restrictions should be put on bioengineered foods?
Should teens be tried and sentenced as adults?
Should oil drilling be allowed in ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge)?

anyone have any suggestions?

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Yesterday, I impulsively got an eyebrow piercing.

I didn't tell my dad yet. (He's in Vietnam until March)

How do I break it to him gently and still keep my piercing?
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pop quiz hotshot! (U.S. edition)

This edition is mainly for the Americans out there today, it stems from a conversation I had last night at work with 3 other people who honestly didn't know ANY of these. ...sigh.

Without looking up the answers or reading the comments, do/can you....

1. Know what the 4th Amendment is?
(not the whole exact text, just the general meaning)

2. Know who the Commander-in-Chief is?

3. Name all the Justices currently on the Supreme Court?

4. Name just one of them?

5. Do you even know how many there are?

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I have searched online and haven't found anything that I want to try, so TQC, please give me your best baked chicken recipe, using a whole 3lb chicken and potatoes, celery, and carrots. 

I looked on various recipe sites and nothing sounds very good. 

edited to fix a spelling mistake. 

Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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1. Someone has suddenly appeared on my friend's list and I swear I didn't add them. Semagic says they were added yesterday and I am positive I did not add them yesterday. Does anyone know what could have happened? I guess the only thing I can think of is someone got my password but I really, really don't think that happened.

2. What are some of the more creative ways you got out of/ditched school(not counting college because anyone can skip college)?

3. What are some ways to relieve cramps when you're stuck at work, or in class (that happened today and I couldn't take it, I ended up leaving early to go home and take a nap), or in any situation where you need to concentrate/sit in uncomfortable positions, etc. ?

4. Of all the vacations you've been on, which one was the most boring?
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Fun (nerdy?) times!

1- When's the last time you went to an arcade? For yourself, not to cart around some kids.
2- The last time you played hide and go seek, what were you? Hider or seeker? Were you good at it? :)
3- Favourite ride at an amusement park?
4- How many game consoles do you own? What are they? Computers count!
5- What game do you swear you could own EEEEEEVERYONE else at?
6- What's the last game you played?
7- Do you believe rides, games, amusement parks and arcades are only for children? If so, how old is too old to have a good childish time? :)

1- Too long ago! If I get over whatever stomach flu I've been hit with this week, we might go to one this weekend. :)
2- Hider. No one ever found me. I started to get an ego problem, that no one WANTED to find me though. ;P
3- Roller coasters! Ones with loops = the best. :D
4- 3 computers (two in use), 2 DSes (one for me, one for husband), xBox, xBox360 and PS2... 8! I know I have a NES and SNES somewhere around, but I don't know where, so I won't count them.
5- Pool. Though I know this is a lie, and I'd just be saying it to look cool. ;) More likely Bejeweled. Buah hahaha. :)
6- Bejeweled 2. :X It's on some bonus disk that came with the 360. I'm in heaven. It has a scoreboard!
7- NOOOOOO! I'll have fun with stupid crap as long as I can. What's left after stupid games? Getting drunk with other adults who think video games are for kids? Puh-lease. ;P
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Easter goodies

Right, I know there was a TQC christmas exchange, I didn't participate coz duh, different country, think of the postage! :P
However, I am now suggesting an Easter* goodies exchange - specifically for those in different countries. It is mostly inspired by all the talk of marshmallow peeps. I got a friend to tell me what the hell they were and now I think it would be fun to send people in America\Oz/Europe British Easter treats, like Creme Eggs and get American/Australian\European stuff in return, just to see what it is like. I think it would be fun. Though I could well be doing with getting a life! :p
So what do you say, oh mighty TQC?

* I mean easter = excuse for lots of chocolate not Easter = celebrating resurrection of Christ.
Why should non x-tians miss out on all the goodies? Besides bunnies and eggs have WHAT to do with Jesus exactly?
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1. Is there any kind of psychological disorder linked to someone having a habit of hiding trash instead of throwing it away? Like putting empty soda bottles in their closet and food wrappers under their bed. Or is it just a weird quirk someone should probably get over due to the fact it's kinda gross?

2. If someone can function within society but think they're depressed or something, do you think they really need to see a therapist/psychiatrist/whatever?

3. Have you ever been reluctant to seek out psychological help simply because it seems like that's just what everyone else is doing? Like you feel your problems aren't as valid because everyone else is claiming they need to see a therapist twice a week or need to take their medication every morning and you're not sure if you'd have even considered going to seek help if it wasn't such a popular coping mechanism. Or is that just silly?

4. Do you think therapy would work if the person going for it thinks their therapist is an idiot?

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So I got invivted to a friend's house this weekend, and he wants us to cook some elaborate dinner from scratch (we both cook/bake for each other often, but never have together -- whatever.. ) Anyway.. any ideas about what we could make easily enough completely from scratch? Like, I'm not talking about boiling boxed pasta and pouring canned sauce on it. I already thought about homemade pasta and sauce, or chili, but I need more (non-meat) ideas. We already have dessert figured out. Thanks!
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Inspired by another post...

On Sunday, a friend of mine is having a dress up Oscar party, where you dress up as a movie character.

The question is, what character would you dress up as?

I'm going as Marie Antoinette, since that's what I was for halloween and I have everything already...it's cheap.
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Bacardi Gras

Did you get any beads on Tuesday?
If so, what'd you do to get them?

I told the bartender it was my birthday so he gave me a whole bag full.
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Moar cooking questions. D:

What are some good bulk things to invest in for the kitchen? I tend to be the one to make food for my roomie and myself 9 times out of 10, so I'd like to have a stock of things to work with. I have a Sam's Club membership, so I can buy things in bulk from there. Thus far I have chicken, rice, instant mashed potatoes (I can't peel potatoes to save my life) and pasta, but I'm sure there are things I'm not thinking of that would be nice to have to work with...

Also, spices! I need spices. I have salt, pepper, and paprika, but that's it. I have allspice, garlic, and cinnamon sugar on my list, but I'm not sure what others to invest in. Anyone care to share what their spice must-haves are?
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Should I skip class tonight?

It's Human Development, that I'm taking simply because I needed an elective and it fit into my schedule. Class is from 6-9pm and I have to get up at 4am tomorrow for work, if that factors into your decision at all.

What, in your opinion, is a valid excuse or reason for skipping class?
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Truck Tipping

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Are you an undergraduate student?

Did you buy textbooks this semester?

If you answered yes to both of those could you fill out my survey that I'm doing for my statistics class? Thanks!

Do you find that you learn a lot less when taking a class online and are way less motivated?

For me it depends on the class. I threw stats in this semester because it's a class I always wanted to take but now regret taking it online. I'm not motivated to memorize anything since we take all of our tests online and our professor gives us four hours to complete them.

Fixed the link. Sorry. :(

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My fiance and I are moving in together this coming summer. I'm excited but worried at the same time since I don't know what to tell my parents. They are extremely against people living together before they are married (including my fiance and me). It's strange because they know my fiance and I visit each other every weekend and they know we have sex. Whenever we visit my parents they make him sleep in the guest room! We're guests in their home so it's their rules; it's just kinda weird. Any advice? Anyone else have weird parent stories they'd like to share?
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south park

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When you were in high school/middle school/whatever, did you ever get a Baby Think It Over?

if you dont know what it is:  http://www.solutions-site.org/kids/stories/KScat3_sol72.htm

What was your experience with it?


I got that thing in 8th grade for my Home Ec class.  Even though I got that in middle school, that assignment was probably the cruelest assignment I have ever had, out of all the assignments that I had in high school and college so far.  The alternative assignment was to write a 3 page paper (in 2 weeks) on how much a baby would cost, and what type of plan I would have to use to take care of a baby.  I could have saved myself so much trouble if I just did the alternative assignment.

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I got a tragus piercing last Saturday. It hasnt been too painful since I got it done, however looking at it today, it's swollen, a little red and is aching more than it was the first few days after having it done. Its not weeping or anything, there is no pus, only a few tiny crusty bits around the jewellery. I have been using the anti-bacterial stuff everyday... but does this sound like it is infected, or is this normal!?

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O Thequestionclub, divine for me my evening plans.

Background info: I am sick with a sinus infection.  Spring break is next week (aka, no classes til... March sometime).  I have lots of studying and work to do in between now and then.

So tonight, should I:
a) leave the house, which is so full of distracting things, and go study in the Land of Bubble Tea (or possibly the Land of Coffee)?
b) do not leave the house.  Stay where it is warm, read something for fun, or perhaps play video games.
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Edgar Allen Poe

So, to all the helpful people at TQC...
I'm doing my third quarter paper on Edgar Allen Poe....

What are some good short stories/poems by him that are good, aside from The Cask of Amontillado...

I'm on a site that has all of his work, but there's just so many works to choose from!

Is it summer yet?

This is kind of random but I'm excited its getting warmer here in good ol' Florida.

1. What sort of bathing suit do you wear? Whats it look like? Where did you get it?
2. Do you laugh at larger women wearing bikinis and old men in speedos or do you think they're brave? 
3. How big is too big to try to wear a bikini? How old is too old to do the same?
4. Do you like bathing suit season and summer fun? If not, what season is your favorite?

FOR DA LADIEZ (or guys who know a thing or two):
5. Do you have any suggestions for bathing suits for larger-chested women? Something with support and that will actually cover you?

(no subject)

1. When was the last time you behaved irrationally or inappropriately?
2. What exactly did you do?

I suspected that someone had eaten my salsa. So, of course, I began shouting profanities until I found it behind a box of rice.

(no subject)

1. i watch movies in my basement while i run to distract myself from the boredom. i rented the following:

the departed (which i love, but have already seen)
the hours
american beauty

i haven't seen the last two. which one should i watch? i'll only be watching a half an hour or so tonight and i'll probably watch the rest tomorrow.


2. what's a low calorie food that makes you full? i'm dieting and i'm perpetually starving even though i drink glass upon glass of water. ideas?


Have you ever/when did you first crash a car? Whose fault was it? How long had you been driving?

I had my very first driving lesson today, and hit a gate. The gate is bent, pieces have fallen off the car and I punctured the tire. But it was fun!
Bruins - shadow

I just might stop to check you out

1. Does anyone know when the series Gossip Girl is starting to air?

2. Would you be mad if your significant other got something pierced without telling you?
Would it depend on the piercing?
Would it just be the principle of them not telling you?

3. Whats your favorite lotion/hand cream?

4. What time did you go to bed last night?

5. Whats your favorite Goldfish flavor!

My answers:
1. I dont know, but I cant wait.
2. I think piercings are really hot, I would be kinda sad that they didn't tell me, because I would have gone with them ;)
3. The Bath&Body Works "shea it aint so" hand cream. Its amazing. I dont think they make it anymore :(
4. 4:30 in the freiking morning. I hate teething SO MUCH.
5. Original !!
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I'm in serious need of a fresh anime series or three to watch. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore the ones I've already discovered (Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, Rurouni Kenshin, Fushigi Yuugi and Twelve Kingdoms/Juuni Kokki/whatever variation of the name you prefer to use), but it's nice to have something new to watch every so often. One of my friends suggested Trigun, so I'm going to look into that. What else would you all recommend? Thanks!

(no subject)

i just got my glasses back with new lenses and they're not what i asked for. i wanted the lightest, highest-index lenses, and i specifically asked for NO anti-reflective coating because i don't drive and therefore really do not need it.

i got 1.67 index lenses (not light enough for me at all) and i did get the anti-glare shit. they're also a little too strong for me. everything looks distorted out of the sides and they're really nauseating me. these glasses are now as useless as they were when they were too weak.

the thing is that i have my receipt here and all of this is written down like i asked for them this way. i didn't. i know i didn't.

i probably can't afford to get another pair of lenses made, though my dad will probably pay for me (i am not proud of this). they charged me for the 1.67 lenses and i'm sure the higher index is more expensive, so even if i go back they'll charge me out of the ass. and it's a far walk to the eye doctor and i don't know if i feel like going back there another two or three times while i wait for my new lenses.

so if you were me, would you call and complain or not? i have no idea how to handle this because there's no proof that i asked for something different than what was written.

Just bored, and some random questions

1. If you have a cell phone, whats your default ringtone?
2. Whats your screensaver/background picture on your cell phone?
3. What are your plans for the weekend?
4. Do you sleep on your side, stomach, or back?
5. 2 bad habits that you always do?
6. Why does doing the right thing always hurt?
7. Why cant I stop thinking about you?
8. Favorite 80s movie?
9. Do you sleep with stuff animals?
10 The Killers or The Strokes? and Why?

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I very rarely ask personal questions, so please do not crucify me.


So I'm pretty sure I'm gay. Well anyhoo, tonight I was at the movies and my female freind and I hooked up. It was not at all erotic or sexually arousing, it was just the adrenaline and excitment of it all that sort of made it wild and fun. Really impulsive, you know?

I wasn't at all turned on by her, but I found myself going "it would be fun to kiss her"

What the hell does this mean?
*gets prepared to be called a man-whore*
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(no subject)

What are some good creative writing activities?
I'm the president/guildmaster of the Creative Writing Guild at my high school, and I want to do something other than assign a prompt or have a poetry reading.
And yes, I googled it, but I wanted to get the opinions+ideas of all you intelligent QC-ers.

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01 What was the last live show/concert/theatre event, you saw?

02 What is the next live show/concert/theatre event, you plan to see?

03 What have/has been your favourite show(s), you have seen?


01 What was the last live show/concert/theatre event, you saw?

Hatebreed/Sworn Enemy/Scars of Tomorrow.

02 What is the next live show/concert/theatre event, you plan to see?

Meat Loaf, the Killers.

03 What have/has been your favourite show(s), you have seen?

The Rolling Stones, the Tea Party, Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie, Hatebreed/Sworn Enemy/Scars of Tomorrow, Cryptopsy/Suffocation/Despised Icon/Aborted.

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My favorite fries are

skinny like shoestrings
waffle fries
curly fries
crinkle cut fries
normal thickness, no peel
thick cut, no peel
thick cut with peel
potato wedges
sliced (cottage fries)

2)Who makes your favorite fries?
3)What condiments or toppings (besides ketchup) do you like with your fries?

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Say you find a pet that you bond with instantly, like it was in a room full of other animals and you picked it out of that crowd. You absolutely love it and it's everything you were looking for in a pet, but it comes with a hefty price tag. Would you get the pet, or would you pass it up to look for something cheaper?
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Waffles, Indian Food, Eatng.

1. My dad made waffles for dinner tonight. He used baking powder that expired in 1992. Are we going to die?

2. I don't eat meat and I hate spicy foods. I also dislike a lot of things vegetarians are expected to like. What would be the best thing for someone like me to order at an Indian restaurant? What is your favorite thing to get at an Indian Restaurant?

3. Two nights a week I have class from around 5:30 to 10:00. I used to sometimes work similar hours. The problem is it completely fucks up dinner, as I'm used to eating between 6:30 and 7:30. My dad always cooks before I have to leave, but when I get back I'm unnaturally hungry and end up eating way too much. I brought a snack today in hopes of this not happening. However I was still super hungry when I got home. What are the best ways to avoid being so hungry I want to eat everything by the time I get home?

it's a long shot...

I got some of that tiny coloured tubing that kids used to make little ropey things last year. i'm having trouble making a ropey thing and want to google instructions but have no idea what they're called. do you have any idea?

EDIT: apparently they're called lanyards.

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1. my boyfriend got a prescription for seroquel to help his insomnia. he takes 25-50mg a night and gets to sleep alright. i heard they give it to schizophrenics and a standard dosage is 800mg. why exactly is it so so high? how does it not knock them out? how can they stay conscious and function?
2. if you saw the name colclough, how would you pronounce it?
3. have you or anyone you know been to rehab? if so, what for, how long, and did you/they get better or relapse?
4. if you have sent a postcard to postsecret, has it ever been posted on the site (postsecret.blogspot.com) or published in one of the books?
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Been There... But Not There?!

Have you ever travelled somewhere, but for one reason or another, not been to the OMGMUSTSEE sight (or sights) that people usually associate with that place?

Similarly, have you ever lived somewhere, but not been to the OMGMUSTSEE sights around there?


I've been to France, but I haven't been to Paris, so hence haven't seen the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, or suchlike.

I live in Ottawa, but I've never been hiking in the Gatineau Hills, or to Mont Cascades. But I have done most of the touristy stuff here because of a school trip in elementary school before I moved here.
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Hm....Home Entertainment Dilemma...

Ok, so I got my sweeeeeeeeeet new 360 finally after what seemed like years. I currently have 3 games(XBL Unplugged, GRAW, and NHL 07) that came along with it. Now..tomorrow, I'll be getting Gears of War or Rainbow Six: Vegas. Which one should I grab?

Also, I heard that CRT tvs arent kind to 360s(or the Wii and PS3 for that matter). So...I'm wondering, is there any place that would sell a 20-25" hdtv capable tv for around $300 and under? Thanks for the help. =)

Eh...would help for me to state I'm in Ontario, Canada X_x;

go me. XD
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Have any you done a Detox or Cleansing for diet or health purposes?

If so, did you experience any side effects?

What were they?

How long did they last?

I just started on one for health reasons... it's not even been a full week and I feel miserable right now. Headaches, nausea, exhaustion, dizziness, and I feel like I'm in the bathroom way too often, considering I haven't been eating all that much... ugh. It's driving me nuts, and I just don't want it to last much longer. :P
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help asap

there is a movie I need to download for tomorrow for a seminar I have in one of my classes. I went to blockbuster & they don't have it. what are sites you can download movies for free on? (not limewire, I searched for it and all I got was porn!)

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Our two dogs are beginning to fight all the time in a really vicious way. One of them will get pissed off, and next thing we know they're snarling and attacking each other. My dog is about 50 pounds less than the other dog, so needless to say, he loses. He has claw marks all over his stomach from the other dog- and the smaller one is normally the one that starts it! You'd think he'd learn to stop after we had to pry her off his neck several times. :-\

It's completely random. One will walk past the other and, next thing you know, they're going crazy. I'm really freaked that one of them is going to get seriously hurt. We keep them separated 90% of the time. They're fine during 7% of the rest, but the other 3%... not so much...

They've grown up with each other- he's about two, and she just turned one. This just started about a month ago. They're both fixed. I just feel like moving out with my dog because I'm so worried about this.

What the fuck is causing this, and what can we do to stop it?

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Do you call your SO any silly pet names for no reason?
Sometimes I call my boyfriend my squishy, no reason, I just think it sounds cute.

Hypothetical situation time go!
Someone you used to be friends with always cheats in their relationships. They claim to have been pregnant several times, but it's never with the person they're in a relationship with, only with whoever they cheated with that time. This person has a history of manipulating and lying to people to gain sympathy and enjoys being a victim because of all of the attention they get. A few years after whatever falling out that ended the friendship, you hear that they were caught in the act of cheating in their most recent relationship and were kicked out. Even more, they keep asking for money from the ex that kicked them out to abort the baby they say is the ex's.

Do you feel any pity for this person?
Why or why not?
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is tylenol pm really that bad for you?

My doctors always yell at me for taking it, because apparently its bad for your liver. isnt all tylenol bad for your liver then? i dont get it.

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I feel like I've been listening to the new music over and over.

Would you like to recommend me something? Anything!

I don't mind anything, except possibly metal/anything too rock like that will blast my mind.

EDIT: I guess I'll be asked, so I'll include it now. I listen to a whole variety of stuff. The latest things I've been listening to are Michael Jackson, Sufjan Stevens and Elton John. Ok Go and Arctic Monkeys have been past obsessions. My most played include hits from the 70's, mainly because of That 70's Show. I don't mind fast or slow.
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Music ?'s

There was a program on CNN on Wednesday called Hip Hop: Art or Poison?. On the show, a poll was taken and 58% of the pollers deemed hip hop to be poison.

1) Is hip hop art or poison?

2) If this poll was taken in 1968 and "hip hop" was substituted for "rock & roll" what percentage of pollsters do you think would deem rock & roll to be poison?

3) Do you consider DJ's (think DJ Premier, Paul Oakenfold, etc not Dick Clark) to be musicians? What about beat makers like Pharrell Williams?

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i'm moving away in about 3 weeks for school and have a lot of big things to take care of before then. i do not handle stress well. i tend to let it overwhelm me physically and mentally and then i hide from it.

how do you relieve yourself from stress?

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What's a good camera to buy for someone who is looking to get in to photographing bands?
(Brand?  Digital or Film?  Etc).

I really want to get in to photography seriously, but I'm sort of clueless on where to start with the equipment. 
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