February 21st, 2007


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My cousin says that she thinks Veronica Mars jumped the shark tonight.

Do you agree/disagree?

When did YOUR favorite show jump the shark?

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If you smoke, which hand do you hold the cigarette/joint with? is it the same hand you write with?

I realised just how crappy my left hand is. I held my cigarette with my left hand and was like "holy shit, i'm going to miss and poke myself in the eye"

also, is tobacco under one of the classifications that other drugs are under? ie, a suppressant etc?
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If you've ever waited tables, what sort of patterns do you notice about your customers?

Example: Though British people are pleasant, they generally do not know how to tip.

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I admit, this one's pretty dumb. I was one question in when I get very distracted and half-assed the last 2

Most difficult thing to do

Teach Britney Spears a convincing Russian accent
Wax off all of Robin Williams' monkey fur
Teach Lassie to kill
Read every TQC post from today back to Halloween
Count to 100,000

I just baited my trap with Swedish fish. What kind of critter will I catch with it?

Gummy bears (they love fish)
A Hilton
Swedish shark

New improved Rice Crispies. Snap, Crackle, Pop and ______

Oh, snap!
Wallah wallah bing bang

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If you could only listen to one musical artist (individual or group) for the rest of your life, who would it be? You would only be able to listen to music that has been released up to today.
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I keep seeing this Honda commercial where the guy does the Rubix cube blindfolded and then the voiceover says something like "We can't all be geniuses, but we can all be smart and lease a Honda for $199/mo." And most smart people I know would not flush hundreds of dollars down the drain on a lease. What are some really stupid commercials you've seen on TV?

2 ?'s

have you hear the song "freak on a leash" by korn featuring Amy Lee???

what do you think about it?

I personally think it sounds like shit the way they re-did it.

I love both bands, just not together :(

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have you ever heard pachelbel's canon in d?

has it affected your life at all?

do you have a favourite (or least favourite) rendition of it?

do you have a favourite (or least favourite) song that features part of it?

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randomness at it's best:

1. what kind of pets do you have, and what're their names?
2. what's the easiest thing for you to do (could be anything)?
3. where're you going and what will you be doing when you're done here?
4. what's the worst weather you've been in and what happened?
5. if you follow the whole lent thing - what're you giving up?
6. favourite kind of meal your parental units make for you?
6a. favourite kind of meal your parental units taught you to make?
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Inspired by some post I don't feel like linking...

1. Do you like Dr. Pepper?
2. Do you think only certain people like Dr. Pepper? (Rednecks, ghetto, etc.)
3. Do you have any other preconcieved notions about drinks?
4. What do you order to drink at restaurants?

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Do you think mixing 2 different flavours of instant oatmeal could be causing my funny tummy? Or is it the Red Bull? Or lack of sleep? Or....?
How do you wake up in the morning?
How am I going to get motivated to do a fair amount of work today, running on 6 hrs of crappy sleep?
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Last night I asked about what I should bring with me to my first class at community college. A few people mentioned I shouldn't buy the books before the first class. Would not buying them yet probably be best? Would you buy them before the first class?

I'm worried that if I don't buy them we are going to need them today, and that if I do we won't need them ever and I'll be stuck with them.

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You ever feel displaced?
Like what's happening around you shouldn't be happening?
Like you're not on whatever path you're supposed to be?
Like you're messing with fate?
How did you remedy this feeling?
Did anything dreadful happen?
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I want to go on holiday for 2 weeks but where in the world should I go?

Antartica is way out of the question as it is too cold - only penguins would want to go there....

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When is the latest that you have started a paper and had it done on time? How long was it supposed to be?

I started this paper at 7 am today and it's due at 11. Fortunately it's just a 3-5 page quickie, so I'm sure it'll be done on time.
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I'm trying to find the journal/post where an LJer details how ranting about the President earned him/her a visit from the FBI. Does anyone here have it bookmarked or remember what I'm talking about?

ETA: Answered; thank you so much!
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My husband and I went to see "Letters From Iwo Jima" and there were three jackasses that were singing, laughing, and talking loudly through the whole movie.

1. Don't you think this was an odd movie choice to choose to be a jackass in? Norbit I can see, but a subtitled, limited release war movie?

My husband ending up shouting obscenities at them before leaving the theatre and complaining to management. Others in the theater had shushed and yelled "SHUT UP!" at them.

2. What do you do when people act up in theaters? Do you shush them, tell them to "STFU", throw things, complain, leave, or all of the above?

3. What are some of your stories of theatre jackassery?

4. Have you committed theatre jackassery? (And may I slap you?)
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Have you used, or do you know of any websites that can deliver present type things (besides flowers)?

Ive also used cookies by design, but im wondering if theres anything else fun like this.
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Waiting ?'s

Inspired by Duke Nukem Forever which is currently 10 years in the making but rumored to NOW be "in full production."

1. What's something (anything) you think should've happened by now that hasn't already?
2. What's the longest you would (or have) waited to be seated in a restaurant?
3. When you knock on somebody's door or ring their doorbell, how long do you wait before knocking/ringing again?
4. What's something you can't wait to do?
5. What's something that wasn't worth waiting for to you?

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My brother is getting married Saturday, and I don't have a gift yet. My parents, sister and grandmother are each giving money, which I think is a bit tacky, since he makes almost 6 figures and she's doing pretty good herself. No one in the family knows if they're registered anywhere, nor really know what 'registered' means, being utterly lacking in wedding knowledge. I guess I could call him and ask, but I don't want to get in the way, since no doubt they have a lot on their plate these days.

I figured to spend around $200. What's a good wedding gift?


I was eating some raspberry sherbet last night and I remembered an episode of Unwrapped where Mark Summers was talking about sherbet and it got me thinking.

So...how do you pronounce sherbet?


or something entirely different.

Also..what's your favorite kind?

I can't stand anything but raspberry.
Mr. Misto
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Please no hurty, Computer/Sims 2 Q

So I bought sims 2 last night, and installed it into my delightfully new computer which happens use Vista ( Poo ), I know that it works on XP because my former copy of sims 2 ( MIA ) worked just fine.

My issue is... I can't get my Sims to move into a house, any house, at all. I followed the instructions but the price doesn't show up above the house, or anything. It no letty me clicky..  It's also a laptop, if that has anything to do with it, but the laptop is twice as powerful as my old machine.


1.  Has anyone else ever had a problem like this with the Sims?  How did you fix it? 

2. Who else out there has a Vista machine, is it a laptop or a desktop? ( Probably already been asked a million times )

3.  What color is your stapler?


1. No.. no issues
2. Laptop
3. Black, it's a Swingline

buffy horrified

Big Girl life...

1) Okay, so I'm looking at graduating this May with a BA in English (don't laugh!). Anyhow, it's time for me to start thinking about where to apply for Real Life jobs. I don't want to be a teacher, but I'm not sure exactly what I want to do. I've been a bookseller for 2 1/2 years, as well as a Writing Center tutor, a Course Tutor (like a TA, but specifically for writing), and an RA. I plan on living in the Greater Atlanta area. I'm not particularly picky about having something directly related to the English field, but at the same time, I don't want to just be a receptionist. Any ideas for careers/jobs to look at?

2) What was the most surprising thing you learned when you entered the Real World after graduating/leaving your parents' house?
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How can I set an alarm on my computer to wake up to music? I downloaded Citrus Alarm Clock but when I set the alarm, it doesn't actually go off as my laptop like goes to sleep if not used for a length of time. How can I fix this? Or are there any other types of alarm which I could use for the laptop?

EDIT: Never mind, got it sorted!! But I have a new computer question: How do I change the image that displays between logging off, and the log in screen appearing?
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fantasy is just that

What, if anything, do you say to someone who only has one thing they want to do with their life and assume it WILL work out, but in reality they have very little chance of actually acheiving this goal.

background: i have a friend who plays guitar. all he wants to do with his life is be a rock star. he has no back-up plan and just continues thinking that he WILL make it big. the problem is that he isn't as awesome as he thinks he is. he says he has unparalleled skill in this and that (yes... he thinks he's better than clapton and other greats), but is really quite mediocre. he's in his twenties.
i feel bad for him as it seems like he'll wind up being a fat 40 year old man playing in some dodgey function hall or something being paid a pittance.

do you have anyone similar?

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Is it considered bad taste to throw a baby shower for a second baby? i.e., if a woman had a shower for her first baby, is it tacky to have one for any babies following that one?
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ever wanted to say something to a fellow TQC member, just haven't gotten around to it?

what did you want to say?

pageless, i can always count on you to bring a smile to my face with some of the questions you post.


If you are sensitive to chilli, can your stomach build up a tolerance? Or are there some people that can't go near the stuff and others than can handle the heat?

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I was at Walgreen's the other day and I saw this card that said "Sometimes I think I'm a squirrel because I like you and you're a big nut." I actually laughed out loud. I read the inside of it but it wasn't very memorable compared to the outside.

What's the silliest thing you've ever seen on a card? I mean, I know there's always dumb silly things on cards but what was the one that really got you? That you weren't expecting?
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Does anyone know the maximum amount of tickets I am able to get from Ticketek in a single transaction? I will be doing it in person via a debit card if it makes any difference.
My Internet is being screwy (damn you dial up!) and won’t load Ticketek.com.au so I cannot check for myself.

Never mind. I rang the number that was stated as being 'not for general enquiries' which was in fact the only number they had on the site and was told it was also their general enquiries line. Anyway- there is no limit for my state. woo!

For those that won’t know the answer: what’s the longest amount of time you’ve spent lining up to get tickets to an event?
edit- what was the event?


Followups on sending resumes.

I'm employed but am actively seeking another job. This last Friday, 2/16, I emailed my cover letter and resume to a company. How soon can I send a followup email? I hear that it's an excellent idea to do a followup but I don't want my followup to get lost in the resume shuffle, if it's too soon, or tossed out because it's too late.

So, is today too soon? Is a full week best even though it would be on another Friday and then may get "lost" over the weekend? Should I wait until next Monday?

I REALLY want this job.
The Dude Abides

Respect ?

There were a lot of big words in there and since I don't know what they mean, I'm gonna take it as disrespect.

When was the last time somebody blatantly disrespected you? How did they do it?
A Lady's Space

Lotions and oils.

What kind of body lotion/moisturizers/oils/creams do you use on your skin?

Do you use different kinds for different seasons?

Is there a particular product that you love but cannot use (because of allergies, it is no longer in production, etcetera)?

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Am I the only one who thinks babies look absolutely disgusting? Is it some sorta inherited characteristic people get once they become parents, thinking their newborn babies are beautiful?

Would it be terrible of me as a father, on the day my kid is born, if I look at it and just think to myself: "eww....."?

Because honestly, I think most of them look like plucked chickens.

Bathroom habits

1. Do you use those paper toilet seat covers provided in public restrooms?
2. Do you subscribe to "If it's yellow let it mellow, if its brown flush it down" to conserve water?
3. Guys, you're going to use a urinal and notice the person before you hasn't flushed. Do you flush before you go?
sad girl

Psh, typical.

What stereotypes do you fulfill?

Me, I'm from Texas and I love fried chicken. I have also eaten road kill (I was 5, I didn't know!). I'm white and I'm nerdy and can't dance. I'm a female and I hate going to hardware stores. I also hate sports and know little to nothing about them.
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Should I shave my head for a cancer fundraiser??
I'm always really bad at posting pictures, so maybe I can figure it out later, but I have shoulder-length hair, and it's really really really thick, and curly/wavey. Most people love it and think it's very pretty, but I think it might be fun to shave it off....
But what if my head is a funny shape?!
I have some posted on that page that might do me some justice if anyone wants to look-see. :)

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Ok, I have a wedding to go to soon, and here's the deal:

-My boyfriend is the Best Man
-It's on March 10th
-The ceremony is at 3pm

Is it ok to wear a black dress to a wedding that starts in the afternoon, or should I look for a dress in a lighter color?
Is it ok to be dressy since my date is the Best Man and will be in a tux?


Do any of you get migraines?

What do you do to deal with them?

I'm currently at work and I've had a migraine for three days. In the past the only thing I've been able to do to make them go away is take vicodin...and that makes it so I can't function at work. I HAVE to be at work.. so I'm looking for some ideas of how to deal with the pain I'm experiencing.
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say you're a 19-year old female in a dorm apartment, and instead of having one room to share with a roommate, there are four singles, 2 bathrooms, a living room, and a KITCHEN. Add that everyone in the apartment is territorial about their food, with the exception of condiments, etc.......
Problem is, you are out of food, and you are relying on your meal dollars to spend on meals/fast food on campus, and you don't want to rely on THAT much fast food on a daily basis. And, you have no more than 30 dollars in cash to spend on food. Also, you don't really know much about cooking, except making things like eggs or pasta... you need to buy some cheap food (including some healthy stuff, since you don't want to gain any weight this semester on fast food and the ever-so-unhealthy cafeteria...).

sorry, but im sortof ranting here... but the question basically is, you have 30 dollars to spend on food, somewhat healthy food, and cheap food, what do you buy? (and im not a dieting nazi.. i mean like a pizza and a carton of ice cream every here and there...)
unnecessary cuteness

kinda hit me waiting for the bus this morning at 6am

At the newsstand there was a review of the new movie about the Zodiac killer and it got me to thinking. For the most part, all serial killers tend to have grim and ominous sounding names. Whether they pick a name for themselves or one get assigned to them, only other one I can think of offhand was the Son of Sam, the name usually is one to make a person uneasy or panicked.

If I ever become a serial killer...I'm going to be the Fluffy Bunny Killer!

So, if you had to pick a serial killer name for yourself what would it be?
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have you ever had couscous?
how was it prepared?
was it good?

i have a container of the stuff and i have never tried it.  
do you know any easy recipies that i could prepare to see if i like it or not?

Meat makes the Baby Jesus cry

So, during Lent...why do Catholics have to abstain from red meat and chicken, but fish is okay?  Is there a Biblical substantiation to this demand?

And could a good Catholic eat something like, say...Emu meat or rattlesnake burgers on Ash Wednesday? 
Mitty box

6 more weeks of winter?

So Groundhog Day was the other week. Our local groundhog did NOT see his shadow, therefor forecasting an early spring. Sure enough, after being in the 20's all last week, this week it's been in the 70's.

Did your local groundhog predict 6 more weeks of winter or an early spring? Was he right?
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what is the name of this game?

it was on windows a longg time ago probably around 1996 or so and it was basically like capture the flag but you traveled in a spaceship thing through what i think would be a building of some sorts.
so i'm back to the velvet underground

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1. The Anna Nicole case's judge's desperate attempt to be the next Judge Judy has inspired a question. Who are YOUR favorite TV judges?
2. What was the last movie you watched?
3. What was the last CD you bought and/or burned?
4. Are you bored?
5. What band/musician/etc. that everyone seems to think is overrated do you like?
6. What band/musician/etc. that everyone seems to love do you think is overrated?

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Brothels and Pirates


Well, I just got home from the hospital and it turns out I have a horrible ear infection and strep throat. I'm supposed to get this "Magic Mouthwash" stuff, and gargle salt-water a few times day. For anyone who has ever had strep throat, besides the salt water and mouthwash, what really made you feel better?
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1. It's 4:40 on Wednesday.  You get out of work at 5pm.  Everyone in the office is gone, including your boss.

Stay or go? 

2. Anything interesting happen to you today?

3. How are you?

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i have a pair of white chuck taylors. they have neon pink soles, neon pink laces, and have pink satin (or something) on the inside. they are canvas. i bought them in april 2004.

when i bought them, i was told that i can't throw them in the washing machine like regular chucks because the pink dye from the inside will run and ruin the white.

well, they're dirty, and i'd like to clean them. what's the best way to go about this without disturbing the pink? what's a good cleaner to use on the canvas? what's a good cleaner to use on the rubber? what should i use to scrub the shoes with?

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What color do you feel like today?
I'd have to say blood red or black *shrugs*

What's your favorite song?
Beast of Blood- Malice Mizer, Girl Anachronism or Mandy Goes to Med School - Dresden Dolls

What happened to all the good men?
They went the way of the dinosaur and good Michael Jackson music

Do you know the muffin man?
Yes he baked me a chocolate muffin.

What're you doing online?
Talking to people, general boredom

Watch any good youtubes, shows, movies lately? What were they?
youtubes:Charlie the Unicorn &The Kity Cat Dance,
shows:Family Guy
movies: RENT, and CATS

Anything interesting ever happen to you? If so, what?
....Not that I can think of right now lol.

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What would you do if you were looking around on youtube... and found a film directed by a friend of a friend.  Only, this was a film that you wrote half the script.  They used it without asking.

What would you do?
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Do you use cheat codes when you play games?

If life came with a cheat code, but you could only use one, one time, what cheat code would you use on your life?

(no subject)

1) You know how in the winter your hands will sometimes get dry and cracked? Yeah, well that's happening to my legs and it's gross. Should I slather them in vaseline and sleep in knee socks or is there something a little more convenient?

2) Would you volunteer to stomp grapes with your feet for wine? Would you drink the wine?

3) What's a place in your village/town/city that you really loved but it went out of business? What sort of business were they in?

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A couple of random questions...

1) What is the most romantic thing someone has done for you?

2) Have you ever had a crush/relationship with a co-worker and what happened?

3) Do you think your past/present choice of partners is any way related to how your parent's relationship has been?

4) If someone was to tell you they like you (as more than a friend) what would be the best way to approach you and tell you?

5) Can I please have a hug and a cookie?

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HP love

One more for the guys.

This has kind of been bugging me for a while now, so I figured I'd ask here.
Guys...can you "crack" your penis?
If you've never tried, give it a go. Just don't try to hard.
Girls, do you know of any guys who can (or have you ever cracked a guy's penis)?

I've only talked to two other guys who can, one of whom only found out after we told him about it.
Is this question simply too wierd?

Edit: To clarify, by "cracking" the penis, I mean pushing/pulling/twisting it in some way to produce a satisfying cracking sound, much as you would crack your fingers. The quotation marks are there because I'm fairly certain they're not the same thing. There's no bone in the penis.

Google Search

I was recently playing around with my computer and changing the colors and stuff when I found out how to save what it is you're searching in google... When I click on the box to type what I want to search, all past searches comes up... Well I thought this would be a good idea because I do a lot of the same searches lately, but realized that me and my bf also search some not so family safe things and my family is coming to stay with us in a few days so how do I get it to stop?? I looked everywhere but don't quite know how to word this in a search... So does anyone know how to turn that feature off?? Thanks in advance!!

EDIT: Got it figured out! Thanks! :)

(no subject)

I heard that there are vet offices available where they will treat pets for a low price, usually for low-income families.
Do you know of any in the chicagoland area? Or where I can learn more about these?
Any info is helpful, thanks.
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(no subject)

Does anyone here practice Bahai?

I just heard about this faith today, and I'm looking it up currently on google, and wiki and everything, but I was just wondering if there was anyone here who could give firsthand information about it...whatever you want to say about it is fine, I'd just like to hear from people that actually practice it.

Also...is anyone else here as excited as I am about Eddie Izzard's new TV show? I can NOT WAIT.

Order in the Court Room!

did you ever go to court?
describe every detail! 

like what was it for, were you the defendant or the claimant? did you win or lose? what were you there for, what was it like, how long did it take for you to get the settlement?

heres my story

my tenant gave me her notice that she was moving at the end of the month but she  moved out  before and didn't tell me, she lived in a house i had for rent, she unhooked the power without telling me ( she was paying her own power thats why I was never contacted when she did that) and there wasn't any power for a few days until i found out, so theres about $3000 of damange because the pipes blew and froze up because of the cold weather. she also stole the washer and dryer which she is saying is hers! and I dont ahve a receipt for it because it was given to me with the house in in heritance so I dunno how thats gonna go, Im not even sure where she moved, I called the cops but they said that when they tried calling her there was no answer and they went to her new appt and no one answered the door so they  couldn't do much more about it and  that I would have to take her to court. I also had to pay an emergency call out for the power to get rehooked. she hasn't given me the keys to the house yet and her reason was that she has till the 28th, which is technically true, but she doesn't want to pay the power anymore and etc. so she's a lying thief. i tried calling her for the last few days but she makes her bf answer and he makes up a story that i have the wrong # and the last time i called they said if i called again they would press charges for harasment, i dont think they can do that, because i wasn't really harassing them i never had a real conversation with them yet! but I dont want to push my luck.

so does anyone have any tips or suggestion on what I should do? everything I am sayign is true, so I dont have to lie in court but theirs still some things I'm unsure of on how much i can actually  sue her for, like i'm thinking of sueing her for the hassle of going around and getting documents, and filing reports and missing work but I dont know how to go about proving that she owes me that time and etc.


1. do you have a bicycle?
2. what color is your bicycle?
3. what is the most BADDDDASSSSS color for a bicycle?
4. what did you name your bicycle?
5. have you ever experienced having your bicycle stolen? tell me about it, dear.
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(no subject)

My dad's car was broken into and his briefcase, filled with countless electronics, was stolen. In all, the amount of items stolen were worth about $2000. He already filed a police report--is there anything else he can do? Anything? He's miserable.

fyi, his car was locked at the time the items were stolen.

(no subject)

1. for those that drink. laws aside, what does it take you to get drunk? number of drinks? what is your tell sign for being drunk?

2. if you had to stereotype your significant other, what would you label them as?

3. what interests/hobbies do your signficant other have that you don't? do you encourage this hobby or leave them to explore it for themself?

4. is there a musical group/singer/artist that you've always liked but you wouldn't consider them a "favorite"?
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Do I have a right to complain to the apartment manager about my neighbors three year old grandson banging on the walls or slamming doors late at night(anywhere from 11pm 12am) or do I just suck it up?

If you were the grandparents\parents and you found out someone ratted you out, would you be pissed?
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(no subject)

What do you think about the singular they? As in this example from Wikipedia: "If anyone claims this seat is theirs, tell them they'll have to show their reservation."

I avoid it.
tea good war bad

(no subject)

1. What was your latest pleasant surprise?
The coffee at 7-11 is actually decent, and comes in many flavors. Mmmm.

2. Do you think black outs are fun or a hassle?
We had one last night, and I love them, but my family acted as though the sky was falling.

3. If multiple people told you that you dress like Mary Poppins, would you be insulted or flattered?
I think it was meant as an insult, but I like Mary Poppins.

4. What was the last thing you ate?
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(no subject)

There are some Kava bars in my area... I have heard it's expensive but I am curious..

Has anyone ever had kava?

Is it worth a try?


(just in case..http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kava)

☺ name » gaëlle rainbow columns

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 I seem to have misplaced two CDs somewhere in my room. Can't find them. What's the strangest place in which you've unexpectedly found one of your belongings (and what was it)? Who knows, maybe it'll give me ideas as to where to look.

birds building

comic book question

I have a theory.

All superheroes that can fly wear green or have a cape. When I say fly, I mean the actual power of flight. Human Torch supposedly heats up the air around him, which causes him to raise up. Storm doesn't fly, she just uses the power of wind to push herself. A few super heroes that can actually fly are Superman, Rogue, Ms. Marvel, and Thor.

Do you think my theory is correct?

I also know who the two exceptions are that prove the rule; can you figure them out?
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(no subject)

1. Should I dye my hair red? (I can get it professionally done for my birthday, if i wish. And i've always wanted to.)
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2. At your job, how long do you have to work to get a break? How long is that break?
I have to work 5 hours for a half-hour.

3. Have you seen Super Size Me or read Fast Food Nation? Do you still eat fast food, or did you stop after you saw/read them?
I've read Fast Food Nation, and i still eat it. Except i've never had the hamburgers, and that's mostly what the book was about. I eat the chicken and fries, occasionally. And breakfast, mmm.

4. What's the story around your username?
Tres is "very" in french, which i took for nine years, and carlota was the name i was given in Spanish 1, so i combined the two.
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If you had a band, what would it be called?

I feel like this question is posed a lot, not here really, but in conversations. No one seems to ever have an answer that they can pull out right away. Everyone says they have no idea or say they'd have to think about it. I think people should have an answer for it at the ready for when they're asked.

That said, I haven't got a definite answer for it yet. For a school project my fake band was called "The Doctors" but I didn't love that so much. If hard pressed I'd go with yeahwellalright.
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There is a quote which says that literature describes mundane things in complex ways, while science (I think) is the opposite: It simplifies the things that are hard to understand. Does anyone know what the actual quote is?

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1.) A friend of my moms wants me to take some pictures for a children's book she's wrote. She finally found someone to publish it, and wants me to be the illustrator. What are some things I should know for a situation like this?

2.) For those of you who have worked in a doctors office, what is the one thing that gets on your nerves the most?

3.) How many days after the experiation date is milk good for?
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Ninjas? Pirates? No thanks, I'm into cowboys.

Does anyone know what the song that plays during the desert ride scene in Ghost Rider is? It's the techno-y yipeekiyay song. I think it plays during the credits, too, but I haven't had the chance to watch til the music is listed the three times (once for free!) I've seen the movie. It's not on the soundtrack, and that made me very disappointed.

Have you ever taken scantily clad photos of yourself?

Do these jeans make my butt look big?
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I don't use an alarm clock. I have a clock but it faces away from me because if I stare at it while I try to sleep I can never get to sleep. The thing is I can wake up whenever I need to be up. If my mother tells me we need to be somewhere at 10 am, I am up at 9:30. The same goes for any other time. How am I able to do this? I don't believe it's my body getting used to waking up at the same time each day because I can do it for any time.

Toilet-training for cats?

We put our cat's litter box in the bathtub (we don't use it for bathing anymore), because it's less messy to clean than if it were just on the bathroom floor. However, my cat has taken to doing his business in the bathtub rather than the litterbox inside it, much to the dismay of Dad....

My cat never used to do it, but recently he's been doing it more and more frequently. Has he simply gone into bad habits, or would there be a reason why he refuses to use the litterbox? (Note: we keep it fastidiously clean, because my cat wouldn't use it at ALL otherwise. XD)

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What is your favorite non-alcoholic beverage (other than water)?

Mine is definitely Diet Sunkist. Other than water, it's pretty much all I drink. And during the summer I like UNSWEETENED iced tea with lemon or lime.
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Portable Video Player Advice


My parents want to get me something nice for Xmas and my birthday, but my GF got me my first choice (A Nintendo Wii) and I haven't been able to come up with a good idea. Recently I realized what I would like, but I'm finding information scarse on the subject. I want a portable video/MP3 player, with a screen about the size of the Zune's, that plays open standards.

So far, many players fit the bill, except for one feature I absolutly must have.

I need to be able to drag and drop 350mb hour long episodes of TV shows in Xvid format to the player, and play them, with no conversion necessary.

I have what most would consider a very slow computer, but it does everything I want it to, and I have no intention of upgrading anytime soon. I cannot stand having to wait for something to convert to a new format (usually takes an hour or more on this system).

So, my requirements:

Screen 2-3 inches in widescreen format
30gb+ hard drive space
Divx/Xvid compatable
Ability to play standard torrent TV episode downloads without external conversion
Around $300-$400

Not Required, but would be a bonus:

TV output
Wi-Fi connection
GPS uprgadablity

I like wahat I've seen so far from the Archos players, but I don't want to buy until I know if they'll do what I want. Any knowledge or personal experience is greatly appreciated.

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How many times have you been pulled over for speeding?
How many times have you been ticketed for speeding? (What speeds?)
Did you cry when you got pulled over the first time?
Any stories about being pulled over to tell?

ETA: Do you think State officers are worse than any others?

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so i was watching, for the love of a child, today on lifetime. it was good. and there was a part where the girl with the scar read a poem for halloween. i was wondering if anyone knew it... its like:

i want to be a bird up in a tree... fish deep in the sea... but all along i just wanted to be me.

something like that.

does anyone know??


x posted to ask_me_anything last night...

my nero startsmart came with my computer. i don't have a nero rom option or whatever. it always worked until i went to burn some dvd files and the "burn dvd" option was gone. there's "copy dvd" and "make data dvd" but no "burn dvd" option. it literally just disappeared and i didn't do anything to make it fuck up.

1) where the hell did it go?! i can't find a way to get it back as i don't know how the hell it disappeared in the first place.
2) what (free) dvd burning program can i download in the meantime? what's the best one?

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More mother than thou?

Piggybacking on a recent post...

Do you think women who have babies and breastfeed them are more of a mother/better mothers than women who feed formula? Don't scoff - this is actually the thought process around some parts.

Edited to add:
Do you think women who have their babies at home instead of at a hospital are ultimately making better choices for their children (ie, better mothers)?
Do you think women who make the food for their babies are ultimately more attentive (ie, better mothers)?

LJ Moms, come on out. You know it had to happen.
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Kill Bill ?'s

Which volume did you like better vol. 1 or vol. 2?

Besides "the Bride" who was your favorite character in the movie?

When do you think they'll release a DVD combining vol. 1 and vol. 2 onto one disc?

ETA: What was your favorite scene?

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Ok, there is this dry patch of skin on the top right side of my forehead. I have used moisturiser for over 2 months, but it never helps. It's still dry, sometimes it's itchy, and I really hope it clears soon. Anyone experienced this before? Any remedies? :<

I have lots of little brown dots, or patches on my face from past acne. Anything I can do to get rid of them? or have them fade away?


Has anyone read Brave New World before? Did you like it? Why and why not?
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Technology Hates Me

OK, um. I'm trying to upload a video onto Photobucket, but it won't accept the extension. Here's the message:

The file "VTS_01_1.VOB" does not have a valid video extension. Valid video extensions are: 3g2, 3gp, 3gp2, 3gpp, 3p, asf, avi, divx, divx, dv, dvx, flv, gif, moov, mov, mp4, mpeg4, mpg4, mpe, mpeg, mpg, qt, swf, wmv, xvid, rm.

I'm on my sister's computer, so I don't know how to do . . . anything. How can I reformat the video so Photobucket will take it? It's a Mac OS X, version 10.4.8.
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im watching sex and the city, and steve told miranda not to buy him an expensive suit because then he'd think of her like his mother.

If youre a guy, how does it make you feel when a gril buys you expensive clothes?

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So last night someone stole one of my windshield wiper blades from my car. Not both, just one. Now I ask you, what could a person do with just one windshield wiper blade?
All I can think of is hitting stuff with it, it's just so strange.

Also, what is your favorite book? Comic book? Manga?
A book of Edgar Allen poe my grandfather gave me. I don't have a favorite comic book. Claymore, or Chobits.