February 20th, 2007

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The Sims

For those of you who have played "The Sims", have you ever been given a black child?

Because I have never been able to get a black child from raising a baby, Even if I have two black parents. I may get a half-black child then.

What is going on? Has someone programmed it like this because of assumed consumer racism?

(no subject)

Is anybody else getting irritated at the exorbitant amount of "inspired by this post" questions lately? I don't even have a reason for why it bothers me :(

Oh, and at the concert I went to on Saturday (JACK'S MANNEQUIN!!!), they had awesome action figures lined up on the amps. If you were a rock star, what weird/special requests would you make?
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WITHOUT googling...
Have any of you ever heard of Arashi? News? Kattun? Johnny's Entertainment?
Does anyone else here think YamaPi is the sexiest man alive (and that jumping his bones could be defended in court as a 'crime of passion')?
Edit: Who IS your favorite then?

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I have a wisdom tooth growing in and it's very annoying, especially since I thought I already had them for some reason and wasn't expecting this at all.

Do you have your wisdom teeth?

When did they grow in?

Have you ever had teeth pulled? If yes, how many and why?
I had four teeth pulled when I first got braces because my mouth is small so my teeth were crowded. Now I might need to get my wisdom teeth pulled (when they grow in or whatever) because I don't have room in my mouth for them.

(no subject)

What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? If it's a picture/you have a picture, post it! 
EDIT! Instead of commenting back to everyone who did the 'plastic bag' thing, I'm gonna give you all some
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I'm hoping that everyone who said that at least knows what it's from/what it means.

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Also, I am taking my lip ring out tonight, I think. If you have a retired lip ring, what did you do to make sure it didn't get infected? (Don't refer me to piercing comms, I'm checking there, too. But most are moderated posts or the memories suck. I just want first hand experiances).
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(no subject)

i was sitting in traffic in brookyln new york, and i was beside a taxi cab, and on top of it was an ad for what i'm supposing was a menswear company. it consisted of men in white suits and read "great minds think alike."
i can't recall the company now. it had maybe five letters in the name and perhaps started with a p. i'd really like to find that out.
do you know of this ad, and if so, what is the name of the company/designer/whatnot?

thank you.

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Hello :)
Happy 4am for those of us in EST lol.

Just a few questions Ive been meaning to ask.
1) What is your favorite website to go on when you want a laugh? When you need to cheer up from something that made you upset/pissed you off? What about for killer cuteness? Or even just in your spare time? (These can be lj communities, too)

2) What awards shows do you tune into? (Emmys, Grammys, ect.) Is there a website that has most or every award show listed and what month they're on? I tried google, but as you probably can tell, I have a wording issue.

3) Can you remember the last day that felt like it was the best day of your life? Why was it so great? You can share pixx from the day, too, if you have any. I love pixx :)
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Looking for good gluten-free food

My doctor thinks I might have Celiac Disease and has put me on a gluten-free diet. When I went to Ada's to see about gluten-free breads, the only stuff I found was thick and had the same texture as styrofoam. I'd like to find something to eat that won't absorb all my spit the moment it hits my tongue.

Are there any good brands of gluten-free foods (particularly breads) that you'd recommend?
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looking into the past

I am really, really nearsighted. If I didn't have my glasses on at all times, I would probably be hit by a UPS truck. Really--if I was the character in Cast Away that ended up on the island w/o my glasses, I wouldn't last a day.

So, using the idea of Darwinian evolution, why don't all human beings have perfect eyesight? Why isn't something as detrimental to survival as near- and far-sightedness bred out of us?

(no subject)

WHY do women like boxers on men so much?

I hate them. They make me "dangle".

Why do I find it interesting amusing that women have such definite opinions about mens underwear???
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(no subject)

1) Why do so many myspace/LJ people have pictures of themselves with knives or guns? Why is it "cool"?

2) Does anyone else remember makeoutclub?

3) Why am I depressed today?

4) What is your favorite kind of museum?

5) Do you think that teenagers who say "I'm mature for my age" really are?
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Geography. part 2, and stuff.

1. What country is this?

2. What famous movie trilogy was filmed here?

3. Do you have cravings for anything in particular right now?

4. How long would you expect it to take for a someone to ring back and tell you if you were successful at a job interiew?

5. Do you have any ideas about things I can do to take my mind off my impatience?

6. Also, what shoud I cook for dinner tonight?
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(no subject)

Have you ever felt completely unmotivated for no reason?
Yea, like right now. I just want to stay in bed all day but I know I have to go to class.

When you get like this, do you find it hard to even entertain yourself?
Yes, sometimes.
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(no subject)

We've all heard of really bad pick-up lines that ended with the guy getting laughed at or slapped...  What I want to know is:

1) Ladies, has there ever been a pick-up line used on you that actually made you want to have sex with the person?  


2) Gentlemen,  what line have you used that actually got you laid?

(no subject)

What would you do if you saw a mother slap a child across the face in a store? What about if the parent spanked the kid bare-assed in the store?

How long is too long for a child to be shut in a closet for a time out?

(no subject)

Im trying to install the Sims 2 Holiday Edition on my computer, and when I put it in, it says please insert disk 1, even though thats the disk in the drive.

I have the sims2, open for business, family fun stuff, and university already on my computer.

The Dude Abides

Random ?'s

1a) What's something that you think everybody can agree on?

1b) If you can't think of anything for that, what's something that you think everybody in TQC can agree on?

2) What's the last thing somebody told you that you had to look up or see for yourself before believing them?

3) Inspired by Phillip Bauer, who do you think is the worst father in the history of television and cinema?

4) What do you think is the most effective way to smell your breath?

(no subject)

In relation to a recent post, kindof:

If you know what your eye prescription is, is there a website where I can figure out what my 20/?? vision is, or would I need to call my eye doctor?

For instance, my left eye is -9.00, and my right eye is -8.00, but what is that? 20/200, 20/400, 20/548895??

edit:I called the place where I get my eye exams, and my particular doctor wasn't there, but the lady at the desk told me that the only thing my doctor had noted in my file about my prescription was that my vision could be corrected to 20/20. She didn't note what is was without correction.

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My cat has been wandering all over the house, meowing, and it's really annoying me. His box is clean, he has food and water, and from what I can tell, he's not in pain of any kind. He doesn't want me to play with him or anything (when I try, he gives me the "you're an idiot" stare).  What the hell's his problem?
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(no subject)

I'm going to be purchasing an 80GB video ipod sometime soon, and I'm going to need a case for it. Does anyone know where I can find a case like this one?:

I'm looking for a case that offers a high level of protection, covers both the screen and click wheel, and is not much over $30, if possible. Silicone cases would be ideal. Any suggestions/links would be great.
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(no subject)

edited:   ANSWERED: so when does the Oscars start on tv?  ANSWERED!

also.. are you planning on watching?
or perhaps having a shin-dig?

slammed w/deadline.. i apologize 4 idiotic 1st ques.?   (bowing to TQC gods)
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(no subject)

I like

graphic art
graphic sex
graphic violence
charts & graphs
Steffi Graf
American Graffiti
none of the above

2)How is New York in July OR when is a good time to visit New York?
3)Have you been to a high school reunion? If not, do you ever plan to go to one?


I booked tickets to Europe last night. I heard somewhere that when you travel, your passport should be valid for at least 6 months after your trip. I looked at it last night and found that it expires 5 months after I travel.
1) Does anyone have any experience having an issue over such a little thing? I have time to get another passport if I need to.

2) Anyone here ever done couch surfing (www.couchsurfing.com)? Good, bad, tips?

3) Have you visited Stockholm (or are from Stockholm)? Any recommendations on things to see and do? (I mean aside from take a picture of the Ikea store. ha ha ha)

(no subject)

How in the hizzlell can I wake up?

I'm not allowed carbonated drinks or coffee right now, and tea would put me to sleep.  I can't go for a run, etc, lest my belly explode.

(no subject)

i'm giving up fast food for lent. thus i am splurging on way too much fast food today in preparation.

i had a sonic breakfast sandwich for breakfast. i can't decide where to go/what to get for lunch.

where should i go for lunch? what should i order?

if you were to eat only fast food for one day, what would you order for breakfast? lunch? dinner?
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Vegetable Names

Chickpeas or garbanzo beans?

Green (red, yellow, whatevers) pepper or bell pepper?

Grean beans or string beans?

Eggplant or courgette?

Can you think of any others?

EDIT: Whoops!!!

Eggplant vs. aubergine
Zucchini vs. courgette
petit prince


Poll #931217 lol learning

i have a paper due which needs to be done tomorrow by 1 pm (it's currently noon). i have 1266 out of 3000 words done. al qaeda class is 2 hours, plus a half hour travel time. pros: class is awesome, i work well under pressure. cons: i lose 2.5 hours of writing time, and i'm unmotivated and dicking around a lot as it is. SO do i go to class?


EDIT ok, i'm gonna go to class, i need a mental break. (but feel free to keep voting)

replacement question!- on a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you like cookies?
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A toilet question or two

1. Do you close your toilet seat cover after you are done using the toilet?
Well my boyfriend is believes in no-keep-it-closed-so-the-toilet-monsters-don't-get-out but I tend to believe in free toilet love. Let the toilet stay open and free.

2. If you are a closed toilet seat cover person, have you ever accidentally lifted up the toilet seat AND the cover together and THEN sat down on the toilet and felt cold water on your bum?
I have done it at least three times in my life. I'm usually half asleep when it happens.

3. Do you ever feel like someone out there hates you?
Yes...especially when my warm bum touches ice cold toilet water.
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Looking for Music......!

Hello, everyone. I'm sitting here playing the second Phoenix Wright game when the theme in any of Edgeworth's "flashback" moments plays. It jogged my memory to start looking for music from the first PW game. My searches have come up empty, so I'm asking in here. Can anyone help me out? Thanks! =)
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(no subject)

My doctor recommended that I go on the South Beach diet. Have any of you ever gone on this diet and actually lost weight? I need to lose 10 more lbs before I can get covered for my reduction surgery. What's a good quick way to lose weight?

Also, it's 60F outside right now. I'm waiting for the cable guy to get here, but I want to go downstairs and play on the playground with my son. Should I continue to wait for him, or leave him a note on the door that I'm out back and go outside?
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Translating English to Japanese...

Can someone tell me how to say the following in Japanese? (in romanji)

1. I think you're special
2. I want to be a samurai
3. I must eviscerate myself
4. Do you sell English books

It's for a think I'm writing, my Japanese isn't good enough...and all babelfish did was translate it into kanji, which I can't read. SIGH

ballet photo

teeen heart throb!

Remember the good old days of Tiger beat and BOP and the like?
Who was your ultimate Tiger beat dreamboat?
Did you put up pictures from Tiger beat/BOP/etc on your walls?
Who's your current dreamboat (celebrity speaking)

My Answers

1)Man i was so the queen of Tiger Beat, i had ridiculous amounts of them
2)My Tiger Beat dreamboats were Leonardo Dicaprio and Zachary Ty Brian, it was right in that time frame, Leo-mania haha. I was also big on the Backstreet Boys- the early era- And of course JTT, who could not love JTT.
3)My walls were covered. Literally COVERED, some areas you couldnt see the wall. I was all about teen bopper idols.
4) Channing Tatum and Patrick Dempsey <3

*fixed idiotic name error*

Election time is coming...

So, with the upcoming election, we've got a few decisions to make about who we want in office. So let's get the debate started: Who would you vote for? (I'm including the top 2 or 3 candidates for each party, but you're more than welcome to add other candidates in the comments.)

Poll #931467 America's Next Top President

Democratic Nominees

Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama
John Edwards

Republican Nominees

Rudy Giuliani
John McCain
Newt Gingrich

Who would you ultimately vote for, out of every potential candidate?

Hillary Clinton (D)
Rudy Giuliani (R)
Barack Obama (D)
John McCain (R)
John Edwards (D)
Newt Gingrich (R)

What is your reason for voting for the above potential candidate?

For those of you who are not American, you can vote anyway, but please let us know why you're voting for that potential candidate, especially since you're not a citizen. That'd probably be really interesting. :)
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!- Hello?
@- How are ya?
#- Have you ever had a song ruined for you by its use in a movie or commercial or other media? If so, which?
$- What are you procrastinating with right now?
%- Meep?

Hello! ;P
Bored! :(
What a Wonderful World, the original one. Cuzza that Michael Moore movie... I can't hear it without the footage of 9-11 running through my head.
Working on stuff for tqc_notebook... I keep meaning to, I'm sorry! :(
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Six degrees and more

1. We've all heard about the Six Degrees of Separation idea. Have you discovered your six degrees to anyone fun?
(When you count the six degrees, only use people who have relationships rather than people you've only met once. For example, I met Masi Oka once, but our degrees of separation are Me-->Stella-->Ayesha-->Georgia-->Masi. I'm connected to Regina Spektor (having never met her) as follows: Me-->Marina-->Regina.)

2. Do you have any habits that aren't good or bad... just odd? Why do you think you have that habit?
This weekend I was walking with my friend who stopped and turned to ask me why I'm always singing. It's something that remember doing at least since I started high school. If I'm not otherwise occupied, I tend to sing to myself. I told her I used to think it was a coping mechanism of sorts and she thinks it might be that singing forces me to take in more oxygen which is shown to elevate mood. Snuh.

3. If someone offered you a free semester of the class of your choice at the school of your choice, where would you go and what would you take?
I'd be tempted to take acting at NYU or Journalism at Columbia. I just don't know.

(no subject)

this question is about George Jung

if anyone remembers the part in the movie Blow, where George and Tuna are moving in together, I heard that there was actually a 3rd roomate in real life and he is now a film maker

if this is right does anyone know his name?

did you ever buy any drugs from Boston George? my uncle was one of his "clients" in Boston :P

(no subject)

Why is Love Connection against inter-racial dating or homosexual dating?
(snarky tone here...very very lacking in seriousness)

I watch a lot of the Game Show Network and whenever I see Love Connection, they never offer inter-racial options for those choosing a date. Maybe they picked it that way. I really don't know. This show is from the 80s, so I guess it was still on the conservative side. People might not be able to comprehend two chicks going out on a date and being interviewed by Chuck Woolery. hehehe


I will be in the Netherlands/Holland/Nederland for 4 days in April.

What are some things I just HAVE to see?
(It will be 2 weeks before Queens Day...sorry..I'll miss that)

Will you show me around your city?


For those of you whove BEEN to Holland....what did you see? (Other than the inside of a Coffee House.....)

Its my Birthday today...will you give me spankings?? Please?
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Tech stuff.

1. Do you have Windows Vista? If not, will you switch to it someday?
I do, since my new laptop came with it installed last week.

2. What do you think of it?
Meh. I like the new gadget bar, just so I can get my weather forecast immediately. And the fact that the Start menu no longer blows up to cover my entire screen when I view all my programs. But the glassy window effects and general "OMG look at us! We're COOL!! Like Apple!!" feel is a little grating.

mismatched thing of questions

1) You're walking arund walmart when you spy a mid-late teens girl in a wheel chair, the kind provided by walmart.  She has no visable injuries, is talking, and can move her arms/legs.  What do you think of her?
People kept staring at me D:

2) Have you, or has a member of your family, been kicked out of a religion?
My grandpa and three of his brothers were kicked out of the Quakers, lol.

3) Is it okay to send a professor a thank you note if you feel they went above and beyond to help you out?
My indoor cycling prof basically threw out the department made syllabus for me this week, and really helped me out.  I want to know if it'll be weird to send her a thank-you note.  (After I get my grade for the course, that is)
Ryan Seacrest - Eep


For an advertising class, I'm having to pitch a new idea or invention, and if I do well, a group can work on a hypothetical campaign for it.  Which idea do you like better?

1.  A lawn mowing type thing that uses lasers
2.  A wheelchair that can climb up stairs
3.  A new protocol for credit/debit card companies - the owner of the card authorizes purchases with a fingerprint rather than signing a sheet of paper.

I thought up one of those on my own, and the other two were ideas from friends.
bunny peeps
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What do you think of marshmallow peeps?

Cute to look at, but not to eat!
Ewwwwwwwwwww!!! *GAK*
I LOVE THEM! Peeps Rule!!
What the hell are marshmallow peeps??
Don't give a shit.
Don't celebrate Easter, but that doesn't stop me from eating the candy.
Jelly beans rule!
BLACK jelly beans are made of AWESOME!
Don't like the candy, I just like to color me some eggs.

1. Solid or Hollow Chocolate bunnies?
2. Jelly beans or Jelly Belly's?
3. What goes in your Easter basket?
4. What is the bane of your basket? (Or, what gets you into the most trouble?)

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yellow submarine

(no subject)

1. At least 3 or 4 times in the past few days I've caught sight of myself in a mirror or something reflective and either been startled by it as if it wasn't me or had it actually look different (one of the times I *swear* my hair was parted on the wrong side). Should I worry that I have a split personality and the other personality might go crazy and break out and lock me up in all things shiny?

2. Does anyone remember the other question I meant to ask you guys?

(no subject)

This is Tovasshi's boyfriend. I don't have an LJ account but she browses all the time and I saw this board so I figured "Hey, what the hell."

I'm enrolled an a hard science fiction gen-ed (Not "hard" as in "difficult"... it's a specific genre) at college and need to create a proposal by this Friday at midnight for my final project due 8 weeks later. The final project can be anything. Anything. As long, of course, as it is related to science fiction somehow.

This has me at a creative block. I have no idea what to propose, so I'm posting here in hopes of getting a few ideas. Any ideas are good, so long as it doesn't include motherfucking Star Wars (It's so cliché). Some previous assignments were things like newspapers from the future, games (paper or digital), art, and so on.

So. Any suggestions?
I&#39;m excited by food.
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photobucket shizz


I need to make a slide show thing for my Youth and Government delegation.  I have a BUNCH of pictures to use, so thats not the problem.  The problem(s) is/are:

1.  I'm not sure if I should use iMovie or Microsoft Power Point.  Advice? Any other programs to suggest? (keep in mind I have to burn like 50 copies for each member)

2. Is there a way for me to get pictures from Photobucket onto a program like iMovie or Power Point?...I tried to get pictures off my photobucket account onto Microsoft Word, but it didnt work...so if there are specific procedures I need to do, PLEASE TELL ME!!!!

please help...I don't know when the deadline is, but I really AM clueless right now

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(no subject)

do you have business cards?

do you actually use them for/at work?
no. i do put them in drawings for free lunches and stuff though.

what is your job title? does it actually describe what you do?
production assistant. yes.
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(no subject)

So, the fiance and I have a really, really, squeaky wooden bed.

This wouldn't be so bad, but we have sex it's stupidly noisy and results in other people in the shared house knocking on the walls and yelling at us and awkward glances in the kitchen.

Short of buying a new bed (we are le poor), is there anyway we can lessen the noise while we fight crime?


[Inspired by this post..]

(Answer whichever one applies to your gender and sexuality.)

1. For straight men: During sex, do you prefer to be on the top or on the bottom more often? And if you feel like explaining why, please do.

2. For straight women: During sex, do you prefer to be on the top or on the bottom more often? And if you feel like explaining why, please do.

(no subject)

mac computer question..
anybody know if you archive music files, can you still use them in programs like iTunes?
my startup disk is pretty full (i have an iBook G4) and i've already archived basically all of my pictures and the next thing taking up space is my music..

(no subject)

I recently bought a Nintendo DS Lite & 3 games:
1. Yoshi's Island
2. Feel the Magic
3. Trauma Center: Under the Knife

I was wondering if I could get some suggestions for more games. I'm a girl & I like to play games that are pretty much like the ones above, but give me whatever you got & what you liked the best... Please?! :)

(no subject)

New York City's Empire State Building is the American public's favorite work of architecture in the U.S., according to a poll of 1,800 people. The White House and the Washington National Cathedral placed second and third, respectively
-American Institute of Architects/Harris Interactive-

I found this interesting, because up til now, I've never heard of the Washington National Cathedral before. Being a West Coastie is my only excuse, I guess.

1. What's your favorite work of U.S. architecture?
2. Did you know what the Washington National Cathedral was, or did you have to google it as well?

why you shouldn't cook while battling preggo-brain

I turned on the wrong stove top burner, and now I've melted a plastic colander onto one of my best cooking pans.

Did I kill my frying pan, Y/N? Any tips on how to remove melted plastic from Teflon coating?

ETA for interested parties: I actually managed to get the melted crap off (and left the Teflon on) by scraping with a plastic spatula. Not quite good-as-new, but better than in-the-trash.
this is what my user name is from

Inspired by the last toilet post;

I was wondering how, if you sit on the toilet after lifting the seat (along with lid) how the hell you would feel toilet water... I was like, are American toilets really shallow? Then I concluded it must be the WAY people sit on the toilet. I suppose if you have a small bun and sit right in the middle, your bum could go down... I realised this seems odd to me because I sit quite far forward on the seat.
So, the question is, do you sit back on the toilet so your back is almost resting on the cistern, or forward so your bum doesn't touch the back of the seat.
Leaning forward is supposed to help empty out the bladder better, the things you learn when pregnant!

* Edit, who has a picture of an American toilet? :)
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lots of questions...

Inspired by this post

Would you go somewhere that was offering free food as a fundraiser, but not donate money at all?
Why/Why not?
Have you ever?

Not inspired by that post:

Has spring arrived (for the time being at least) where you live?
Where do you live?

Do you have a will?
Have you told your family/friends what you want done after you die?

What (if any) TV shows, books or movies do you find yourself referencing frequently?

I swear I didn't mean to ask so many. lol
  • cdaae

Inspired by my goddamn hormones

Does anyone have any experience with / recommendations of natural supplements or products to help with depression as a PMS symptom?

I have trouble with depression anyway, but I've noticed that during my last few periods it's gotten incredibly, almost uncontrollably severe. I've been seriously suicidal, partly due to life stress but it's gone from being difficult and troublesome during most of the month to literally life-threatening due to PMS. I already take a calcium/magnesium supplement before and during my period, and am going to up my B vitamins, but has anyone had any luck with any herbs or other supplements for keeping their hormones in check?

(I'm not on hormonal birth control, but am on SSRI anti-depressants.)

Very serious question.

Do you think it's normal for a 6 year-old to use sex toys (I don't mean vibrating plastic broom sticks.)
This is actually part of a more serious question, but this probably not the right forum for it as it involves a long-assed explanation.
My answer? NO! I know that children are naturally exploring their sexuality. Why sex toys? Ew.
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Three questions

1. What are the odds of meeting someone in college that you went to preschool with (and only preschool, or whatever your first year of school was). Especially when this person is one of the exactly *2* people you remember from preschool?

2. Are there any deities you know of who have something like "kel'lah" somewhere in the middle of their name? Spelling is unimportant as long as the pronunciation is the same or similar.

3. I think "Perkele" might work, but does anyone know how "Perkele" is pronounced (in native Finnish)?

recipes, sickness, and curiosity, in that order

1. What's your favorite ubersimple recipe for real food? (As in, if it has the instructions "use a knife to make a slit in the top of the package before placing in the microwave," not real food.)

2. Anyone have a cure for sore, swollen tonsils? My throat itself is fine, no drainage at all, not congested, just my tonsils take up most of my throat and it hurts like hell to swallow anything past them. It's not strep or anything, though.

3. What're you curious about right now?

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misc - cemetery

(no subject)

I disappeared a couple weeks ago because the n00b drama was boring. Have I missed anything good? I saw on a thread earlier today that loanwords is engaged! Congrats on that, btw. Anyway, what else is new? :)

What's your favorite Mighty Ducks movie? (mine is the second!)

What's your favorite pair/trilogy/series of movies, and what's your favorite movie in the series?

Same as above, but for books?
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Sam outside

LJ Wishes

Is there a way to see when someone last logged into their livejournal? Apart from their last blog or community participation. 

Also, is there a way to make your posts, in your journal, public to everyone except one person? Like if you don't care who reads your stuff except this ONE person. Or is that just going to be one of my wishes forever? 

Lastly, was anyone else really sick of high school their senior year and just ready to get out?! I am! I've been bit by the senioritis bug and it's getting infected.
Chuck&#39;s library

How would you sort your books?

How do the majority of you sort your books? I have a rather large collection (600-700) and I was wondering what the best way to group them would be before making a sort of inventory of them.

So, do you sort yours:

a.) alphabetically by author's last name


b.) by genre (i.e. fantasy, sci fi, etc.)

Edit: Also, does anyone know of a place (preferably not Amazon or Wikipedia) where I could find out easily how a book is grouped into a genre?

(no subject)

1. Who are some musicians who you think make better music together than they do seperately? Or just famous musical pairings. Ozzy and Randy, Paul and John, Dylan and Baez, etc.

2. Which musicians would you like see to colaborate on something who've never worked together before?

3. There seems to be this general consensis amoung most people I know that musicians are somehow more attractive than the average human being just by being able to play a musical instrument. So which instrument do you find maximizes sex appeal? Tuba, lap steel guitar, tamborine? I like bass guitars, personally.

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whats your morning routine ?


wake up (4:30 am) to cat biting me wanting to play, crawl out of bed go to couch and find husband sleeping there, throw him off of it forcing him to the bedroom, lay on couch, pass out for an hour or so, wake up again, flip from CNN to Saved by the Bell, get my ass up, take shower, brush teeth, get dressed, put on some make-up (not that it helps any), grab keys, leave for work (7:40 am)
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i was wondering if there is anywhere that you can book a vacation (in this case to cancun mexico) and that lets you pay off the price of the vacation month by month or in installments after the vacation has occurred. or anything else to that effect.

also does anyone of any suggestions on where to go to (on the internet) to book an all inclusive trip to cancun? where good deals are? any other suggestions or tips would help! thanks!
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What was the last item, not of the bodily waste kind, you dropped into the toilet?
I just knocked a paper towel tube in there

Here comes an incredibly "High School" relationship question but, females with boyfriends:
Say you called him last and there was no agreement of who would call who next, do you call him or wait for him to call you?
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what are the best songs to fit each and all of your different moods - and why?

what totally stupid drama is happening in your life right now, that you're completely aware is stupid, but yet stil affects you anyway?

mine -
1. i'm too moody to answer this. ha. 
2. exboyfriend/new interest bullshit. 'nuff said.
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Where did the phrase "friends with benefits" come from? Is there a specific movie or something that it was first said in (or maybe a movie that was known for having said it)?
My cousin is under the impression that there is a specific movie that it would be from, but google isn't very helpful.

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I have to write a 10 page French paper. The professor wants most, if not all, of our sources to be literary. I'm trying to think of a topic that is both interesting and fairly easy to research. Any serious suggestions? I'm stumped.

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On a scale of 1-5 (5 being highest), how jaded are you in terms of life in general?
What about just love/relationships?
Me: Life: 3, Love: 5 (hmmm.....)

What's your theory on why we wake up in a bad mood/on the wrong side of the bed? This happened to me this morning but I'm puzzled since I went to bed feeling great.

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3 men went to a motel. The man behind the desk said the room is $30, so each man put up $10 each and went to the room. A little while later he realized the room was only $25, so he sent the bellhop back to the 3 guys room with $5. On the way to the room the bellhop couldn't figure how to split the $5 between the 3 guys so he just gave each one of them $1 and he kept the other $2. That left the 3 guys paying $9 each for the room. 3x9=27+ the 2 that the bellhop kept =$29. WHERES THE OTHER DOLLAR??????

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What 2 movies, starting with W, X, Y or Z, do you recommend? (That I'll be able to rent on DVD)

See, I was organising my burnt DVD collection today & made a major fuckup. I now have 2 spaces left at the back of the case that need to be filled & seeing as the DVD's are all alphabetised with little handwritten labels on everything, I am not going to re-label 238 DVDs just to throw any old DVD in there. They must start with W, X, Y or Z so they fit at the back.
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Canterbury Tales

For those of you familiar with The Canterbury Tales...
I'm having a hard time visualizing modern day equivalents to the three "ideal" characters: the Knight, the Clerk, and the Parson.
The closest I can come to is the Parson being like Mother Theresa or Gandhi or something. It just seems like everyone else is too corrupt to be an ideal person.
Anybody out there have a person they can think of as ideal?
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money order woes.

How long would you wait after sending a money order for something and getting no response to file a claim or an inquiry with the Post Office?

What if you'd sent two the same day, and one was received quite some time ago? What then?
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printing stuff.

I'm on a Mac.

I'm trying to print a piece of sheet music. When I pull it up in Preview, it shows it much smaller than I need it. When I pull it up at 250% scale, it looks fabulous, not fuzzy at all. When I print it at 250%, however... the print is pretty light and has a yellow tinge to it. I've printed in grayscale and it does the same thing. A friend suggested I download Adobe Reader and print from there, so I did... and the same thing happened, even in grayscale. What baffles me is on the screen, it looks amazing -- nothing like the print quality. I've printed text from my computer and it came out fine, so it's not the print cartridge.

Does anybody have a clue what I could do to get it to print better? I can live with the copy I have now if I have to, but... surely there's a better way to go about this.
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Community College.

I'm starting school tomorrow. It's a community college, and the only class I have tomorrow is World Civilizations. I'm all sorts of worried. I worry all the time about nearly everything though. Anyway I was wondering what should I bring with me tomorrow? It's a 4 hour class if it matters.

I plan on bringing the required books (which I have yet to buy and will have to do so in the morning) and a notebook or something, but I just worry a lot.
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What color should I dye my hair? I finished up my interviews for pharmacy school and am planning on doing something unusual with my style. Once I start pharmacy school I'll have to intern regularly and will have to go back to a pretty conservative appearance. This will be my last time to do anything wacky with my hair. I'm leaning towards purple.

Also if I get accepted to pharmacy school this year I want to get a tattoo of "Rx". I'm right now searching for some cool fonts but if anybody had any suggestions that would be great.

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Buyer's remorse

I just bought a laptop (an HP dv6225us Entertainment Notebook PC), and I realize I don't like it. I threw out the box but kept the receipts, UPC and serial number info, but I can't return it to the store.

I spent $899 for it. I'm considering posting it on eBay, but I'm an eBay newb. Would posting it for $800 sound reasonable? If not, what would be? I've had the laptop for a week.

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I want to exercise late at night, but I don't want to pay for a gym and I can't afford a treadmill and I'd rather not go outside. I'm considering running up and down the stairs (we have a lot in my house), but I'm trying to get thinner legs and I'm afraid that running up and down the stairs will only aggrandize my leg muscles. Will running up and down the stairs make my legs get bigger? If so, what are some things I can do that would make my legs smaller? What is the best thing I can do (in or outside my home)? I'm guessing it's run or walk, but I want to know if there are any other methods I could consider.
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TQC's directed at you...

Why do people tend to get so pissy when you ask them for advice?

I see it in medical posts.

I see it in relationship posts.

Etc. etc. I understand that the people here aren't doctors, or therapists. But why get rude about it? Maybe someone has a similiar experience or maybe just maybe they might know something?

I'm just curious.

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If someone that you know in real life (meaning that you come into contact with them physically at class, events, etc..) makes a physical threat to you on the internet as opposed to vocally, does it still count as a threat?

Say if someone you know makes a threat on LJ or Facebook or even AIM/Yahoo Messenger that they're going to come after you with their friends and punch you or something messed up like that. For the record, I'm a chick and we're talking about one chick and a group of guys.

I'm curious. I'm laughing at the situation, but my boyfriend is being edgy and thinks I should print what she said and take it to the cops. I don't think internet threats have the same standing as vocal threats, but things have changed, and Facebook has even been cited for evidence recently, so I could be wrong.
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Is a curriculum vitae the same thing as a résumé?

A former professor of mine is writing a letter of recommendation for me and he requested that I send him my CV. I googled, but am getting conflicting answers from various sources. Some state that the two are the same and some state that the CV is in addition to one's résumé. One site even mentions there should be a part that addresses your life history (besides the standard job and academic history). That seems, well, odd and irrelevant.

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I got a new stud for my nose piercing today but the place I went refused to bend it for me. Is it possible/safe to bend it myself or should I just wait until I can get to the place I got it done at? {2 hours away}

Also, does anyone know where I can find a bunch of those angel/fairy images? the kinda cartoonish/anime ish ones that everyone seems to want a tattoo of? {not for me}

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1. Musicians: What is your favorite piece that you've played?
At community band rehersal tonight we got the music for Hoe Down from Aaron Copeland's Rodeo. I'm really excited about it. :D

2. Comedians: Have you ever told The Aristocrats?
I have a couple friends asking me to, but I won't. I've a long ways to go in comedy before I'll feel right telling it. haha

3. What was the last movie you watched with someone (either at home or in the theatre)? Who did you watch it with?
I watched Bewitched with my sister yesterday.
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I need to make some boob cookies. I'm thinking they'll be plain sugar cookies..

Creative ways to make boob shaped cookies? What should I use for nipples? should I include anything else?

What color is your underwear today?
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Poll #931674 Random Pointless Polls

Could you go a weekend without either of the following

None of the above
All at the same time

On screen tv logos are:

A good thing, all channels should have them!
a bad thing, all channels should remove them
Are alright if they remain small, grey and discrete

Assuming you have the same shower as me, what heating setting would you usually pick (where 1 is very cold and 10 is very hot)


-for this poll, a weekend is defined as from whenever you go to bed on a friday night, til whenever you get up on a monday morning.
-No electricity includes no landline telephones or anything battery powered. Will allow the use of an electric cooker if no natural gas alternative is available.