February 19th, 2007


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1) I came upon this article in another community I'm in. What is your opinion of this article? Do you think the findings are relevant, or was it too small of a group to make any real assumptions?

2A) What is your favorite type of healthy food?
2B) What is your favorite type of junk food?
2C) If you had to choose between the two, which would you pick?

3) I just made my first animated icon. For those of you who make your own icons, do you have any tips for making a good icon?
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Can you tell I just watched Top Gear?

A while ago I found a car on eBay that was half Nissan, half something else (some kind of Mitsubishi? Oh well, it's not really relevant). Like, someone had literally made an AWESOME(-looking) new car out of two old ones, and shinied it up like new and everything. I'm 99% certain it was made by a company that made these kinds of cars to sell them, but I can't remember what it was called, and Googling is proving difficult because I can't think of a way to describe it. "Hybrid cars" doesn't work, obv. :/ Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Is there an official name for these cars that I could Google? The company definitely had a proper, professional-looking site. I'd really love to find it again.

And since that question is a long shot: What's your dream car? Money and space no object.

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What is a song that reminds you of
1)high school
3)your mother
4)your father
6)one of your best friends

7)When was the last time you found out you missed out on something really fantastic by just a few minutes/hours/days? And what was it?
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I discovered this incredible song/music video by Terra Naomi. The song, "Say It's Possible," is about possibilities, and she asked people to send in videos of themselves holding up a sign showing, in three or less words, what they would do or want if anything was possible. The video is here: http://www.youtube.com/terranaomi

So, I ask you: What would you do or want (in three words or less) if anything was possible?
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For those of you who have seen Rosemary's Baby, who or what do you think is the "monster?" EDIT: I realized in trying not to ask a 'leading' question I made myself sound like an idiot. To clarify, I mean, who do you think is the "bad guy," the real source of horror in the film? Satan? The baby? The neighbors? The husband? Rosemary? Etc. (It's for my seminar on horror films... we spend a lot of time deconstructing the cultural implications of each film's 'monster' but I realize it's kind of ambiguous in Rosemary's Baby really what or who it is.)

What do you make of the ending?

For those of you who have also read the book, can you tell me how it is different from the movie? I've heard they are very close except the ending is different, so what's the book's ending?

Obviously the comments will be spoileriffic.
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so im up late after pulling a...half nighter to finish my politics paper..again and im very much awake so i turn on the tv to see that Now and Then is on!
i used to love this movie ridiculous amounts between the ages of 12 and 14
so my question is
Do you love this movie as much as i do?
Have you even seen it?
Are you watching it as i am right now?
Do you get ludacrisly happy when movies/music comes on that you havent seen/heard in years and it brings back throngs of old memories?!

my answers
1) obviously
2) obviously
3) obviously
4) a lot of the time i will stop whatever im doing to relish in the flooding back of memories. im a fan of making cds filled with music of my youth so i can bop around to them during my long drives to the cabin etc
petit prince

heh heh, whoops

good thing there was nothing too private in that post that i just accidentally posted for all of you to see.

aand lemme think of a question...

on a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love penguins?
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What's with all the Fall Out Boy hate?
& those of you that do admit to like them say it so grudgingly!

[edited because 'good music' gave me rather a lot to be shouted at for, obviously.. heh]
They make catchy songs, lead singer has a [at the worst] pleasent voice, in tune, they put on a great show...
i am hello snow white!

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This is going to sound odd. It's not from personal experience, I've just been wondering about it...

If you sleep with a killer/criminal, whilst they are on the run, and you know that they're a killer/criminal - is that aiding and abetting, or what?

I mean, seeing as you're having sex with them rather than calling on the police hotline to call in their location...
You're not hiding the perp, you haven't committed any crimes with them, and you haven't aided them financially or given them advice re. their crimes.

Is there just terrible social stigma to this, or are there possible legal ramifications? XD

< / end weirdo questions >
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So TQC...

1. I'm planning to buy a Rolling Stones greatest hits/compilation album. Out of the their compilation albums, which do you recommend?
2. So what attracts (physically and/or mentally) you to another person?
3. Outside from your own race, what other ethnicity are you physically attracted to? What is it about them? If you don't fancy anybody outside our own ethnicity, obviously question doesn't apply. Don't worry, I won't take offense.
4. Four people, living or dead (famous or not), to your dinner?
5. What's your favorite curse word?
6. I want to delete one of my accounts on LJ. How can I do this?

My answers..
2. What always got me in the past was the athletic, intelligent, cute but not narcissistic, funny guys. Also, they were easy on the eyes and had great smiles.
3. Italian and Spanish. I guess because they're sexy and passionate people (of course doesn't apply to all now..lol)
4. My date: my bf...and the other three: Barry Zito (for additional eye candy), Stephen Colbert (for laughs), and Rolling Stones (for entertainment)
5. Simply put: Fuck...can be use in soooo many contexts.

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This was brought up in a chat I was just in, and it was really interesting. I thought I'd ask you guys.

It is completly hypothetical. No one I was talking with was propositioned. We were just discussing when being a fan of someone becomes an obsession. And then we moved on to this question.

You are at a party. Your favorite semi-celebrity (who would not be considered by most a 'sex symbol') is there. You have both had a drink, but neither of you would be considered 'drunk'. They approach you and you start talking. They ask to accompany you home. The only problem is that they are in a commited relationship, they have a couple of children with said partner, and they are at least 20 years your senior.
You know for a fact that they want sex.

Do you have sex with said 'favorite semi-celebrity'?
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Why are YOU up so late?


my answer: I am nocturnal. I wish more would go on during these hours of the night, because I've always been such an insomniac. But unfortunately, the world does not work that way (maybe i should move to vegas?)

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Do you know what Comedy Sportz is?
Do (or did) you ever play on a team?
Which? High School League, or College, or pro?
Did you ever go to the improv camps?
What are your favorite/ least favorite games?

Do you like ska?
Do you know how to skank?

Why are you answering questions now?
Are you planning on staying on TQC much longer?

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To any of you that have worked at a WalMart or places similar.

What is it like?
What department did you work in?

I've never worked in a superstore like WalMart but my room mate wants me to work with her so I may try it.

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Okay, I have about two hours until class starts. I have all of my work prepared and enjoy the class, plus the teacher is really cool. On the other hand, I didn't sleep at all last night (seriously, I just sat there the whole time hoping I would fall asleep) and I feel horrible, plus I'm having a bit of an allergy problem and my dad took my medication with him by accident when he went to visit my grandparents.

Should I go to class this morning, or should I wait for my allergies to calm down a bit (and maybe get some sleep) and just go to my later classes?
What&#39;s that smell?!

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1. What is the benefit of eating breakfast?
2. Do you eat breakfast?
3. What do you normally eat for breakfast?
4. Have you changed what you eat for breakfast recently, like on a routine basis?
5. Why is it called "breakfast"?

I just am curious about breakfast!

a question for victims of abuse

Have you ever missed your abuser after ceasing contact with them?

Yes, I just started to miss them even though they abused me all of my life and have caused the current situation I am in (penniless, they closed my bank accounts and took all the money I ever made out of it. But since I'm a minor, they're able to get away with it)But I still really miss them. I can't really figure out why except I miss having certain things that they still let me have while they abused me, and took away as soon as I stopped letting them abuse me.

I googled some stuff about it, but I'd really like to know some of TQC's personal experiences with this.

The Terminator

My boyfriend and I were watching The Terminator last night and got into a heated discussion about whether or not it is a really awesome "B" movie or a lousy "A" movie. Even various internet websites can't seem to agree. It seems that there is a certain amount of personal opinion involved. So my questions to you are:

1. In your opinion, what makes a movie a "B" movie?
2. Under your definition, would you say that The Terminator is an awesome "B" movie or a lousy "A" movie?
3. What are some other great "B" movies?
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1) I want to buy something (less than $30). What should I buy?

2) Ladies with a mustache (hahahaha), do you bleach it or wax it? Or do you just go natural?

3) Bleaching/shaving your arm hair: opinion?

4) Do you have a good recipe for chicken fajitas?

5) If someone goes and sees Equus, starring 17-year-old Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame and featuring full frontal nudity of him, would they be found guilty of viewing child porn?
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Let's say you have to have surgery on your intestines. When they are finished whatever they were doing and closing you up, do they have to make sure your intestines are back a certian way, or can they put them in kind of willynilly (as long as nothing is entangled and wrapped around so as to cause further blockage or other problems)? They are so long it seems like it'd be impossible to put them back exactly how they were and from my understanding it doesn't seem as though there are tendons or ligaments holding them in a specific spot in our abdomens anyway.
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1. I feel like a moron, what does IAWTC mean?? (I always tell myself it means I am with the club, but I'm probably way off)

2. Have you ever drank Sailor Jerry? If so--
a. Aren't you in love with him now?
b. How do you drink it?
c. How much do you pay for it?

3. If you watch/watched Arrested Development, who is your favorite character?

4. What's your favorite band that has a lot of songs about smoking up??

1. Yup..

2. Yes
a. yes
b. SHOTS, always
c. $8 handle

3. Tie- Michael & Gob!!

4. Kottonmouth Kings

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1. Is there a way to dry out a place without buying a dehumidifier (which all seem to be really expensive)?
My apartment is always slightly damp when you first come in, and at night my sheets tend to get a little sticky and gross. :( I keep a fan on all night to circulate air, but it doesn't do much except aggravate my sinuses. There aren't any windows to let in fresh air; they all open into the (enclosed) hallway or air shafts. Should I just try opening them anyway?

2. What's the most interesting thing that happened to you last weekend?
I had a friend message me on AIM last night out of the blue; we hadn't talked for months, but after we chatted for a bit, he suddenly said he loved me, even though he knows I'm dating someone else. He's driving up to have dinner with me this Friday because he's tired to "holding back." So...yeah. The boyfriend is fine with it, interestingly enough...

3. When you're arguing with someone or having a "difficult" conversation, do you keep eye contact or do you tend to look down/away from their face? Why?
I look away. I'm good at making eye contact any other time, but not in an argument. If I can see the other person's facial expression, chances are it will only upset me more and make me cry (I cry over everything).

4. Where do you get your swim suits, ladies?
I've had the same two since high school and I'm getting really sick of them. I want something that's got pretty prints but I haven't had much luck so far in looking online.
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for the technically minded...

This is my first question here, and I don't know if anybody can help me out, but if you could, I would be really grateful.

So here's the thing, I am completely computer illiterate, on top of the fact that I have a 2002 iMac, which has had its fair share of problems over the years, but nothing too major, except now, whenever I turn it on, or dowload something new, this message pops up and says that my start up disk is full.

So I guess my question is, what exactly is a start up disk, and how do I get things off it to make it less full? I've tried deleting a bunch of things, but nothing seems to work.

Thanks so much, and if anybody can help me out, I would be really appreciative.
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History e-books?

I'm trying to find some good mp3 audiobooks to buy that are on historical topics. Suggestions? It seems as though Amazon.com doesn't have an awful lot of downloadable mp3s on historical topics...

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So today I backed out of my driveway too fast and hit a car parked on the other side of the street. It was a big SUV, so my bumper just hit the wheel. I got out and looked- no dents or damage at all.

Leave a note y/n?
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Okay, so I am computer dumb.

I really want to get a laptop and trash my old PC.

I'm told an external hard drive for my copious amount of pictures and music (20+ gigs of music/videos) is the best bet and runs around $90.

How much memory would I need on a laptop to just use for wireless internet and maybe word processing? I could just hook my laptop up to the external hard drive to access my pictures and music when I need to, right?

Would getting a used laptop be a bad bad bad idea?
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Of owwies and illnesses.

1- When is the last time you hurt yourself? On accident or otherwise... >_>
2- When's the last time someone ELSE was the cause of your pain? Mental, physical, uh, spiritual?
3- What's the very sickest you've been?
4- Last doctor/hospital/walk-in visit?
5- Most used cough syrup?

1- Yesterday. :( I leaned over to put some laundry down to turn on a light, and my back crunched. Still hurts. x_x
2- My cat scratched my arm up last night. Gah.
3- Had pneumonia in the second grade. :( I don't remember much of that though, luckily.
4- Last Monday. My new doctor told me the tests we've done so far weren't showing anything, so I have an ultrasound today. Never had one before, so weeeeird.
5- Buckley's. Argh. I kind of feel a cold coming on, so I'm gonna be chugging this poison back when I get home I think. x_x

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I have no idea what a lot of internet lingo means, so what sort of internet lingo do you use and what does it mean?

Do you know anybody who uses internet lingo in everyday life? (ex: saying "BRB" when they leave a room or saying "LOL" when they find something funny)
My dad does this and it drives me insane!

Do you ever wonder what happens to friends you don't talk to anymore?
Sometimes, but I don't really carry through on finding out how they're doing.

What is the strangest/funniest/most disturbing conversation you ever overheard?
Summer school for high school students is at the middle school down the street. I had to go to summer school a few years ago and as I waited for the school to open the doors, I overheard some 6th-7th grade girls talking.
"...big black dick!"
"Oh my god!"
"Yeah, my jaw hurts!"
"So did you get grounded for it?"
I didn't hear the rest of it, I'm kind of glad I didn't.

edit: What kind of laugh do you have? Can you type out what it sounds like?
Most times mine is pretty generic sounding (hahaha) but sometimes when I'm giddy I laugh just like Scooby Doo.

The Dude Abides

Review ?'s

1) How much stock do you put into critics reviews of movies and video games?

2) Where do you read most of your reviews (if you do)?

3) What's a movie or game that was given poor reviews but you enjoy it anyway?

4) What's a movie or game that was given excellent reviews but you didn't enjoy it?
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1. working today?
2. stinky feet caused by work shoes?
3. if you're working, average age of staff?
4. recycle at home? at work?
5. ever scratch your eyelid?
6. if you have a pencil holder, how many writing utensils?
7. color scheme of office, if any?
8. plans for lunch?
9. bored?
10. last piece of candy you've consumed? and when?

1. yup, unfortunately.. and boss is basking in the sun in San Diego!
2. sorta.. these cute black shoes + my feet = ew after 8 hrs.
3. 42 [out of 7 & i'm the youngest:)]
4. yup, yup
5. yup, yesterday w/edge of broom while sweeping some leaves
6. 6
7. red and black
8. heading home to download pics from the wknd.
9. YES!!!!!! keep the questions coming TQC, you're my only hope!
10. one perfect square of carmel about 7min. ago.
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Car questions

I'm going used car shopping this weekend. As a young looking female, I have found that I don't get taken very seriously when I go car shopping by myself, so I usually bring my boyfriend or a male friend with me. They usually assume I have no idea what I'm talking about, or they try to charge me more than something is worth. Other women, have you found this to be the case? Have you found this to also apply to having repairs done to a car?

I have a boner for Suburu Legacy sedans, Volkswagon Jettas, and Honda Civics, so I think these are what I'm hoping to get. Does anyone else really like these cars?

I'll be registering this car in Virginia, where vanity plates are apparently very cheap to get, and I've been joking around about getting something to play off of my handicapped license plates. I've always just taken the numbers that they've given me in the past, but I'm thinking maybe a word or phrase with the little man in the wheelchair could be very clever. My only thought was SPEEDY, but I'll bet that's already taken. Any ideas?

Hotels in Petersburg, VA

My sister is graduating from Fort Lee (in Petersburg, VA) the first week of March, and I'm looking for hotels there. Has anyone stayed in any hotels around this area? I did a GOOGLE SEARCH for hotels near where she'll be (her base is located NE of the hospital), and would like better reviews than were offered there.

Thanks. :)
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Little Children

Is the movie Little Children any good? My friend and I are going to catch a movie in about an hour and this is what I've chosen, but there's still time to choose something else if I need to.

No spoilers please.

(no subject)

1. Is paying for photobucket worth it? Are there other free sites with higher bandwith limits?

2. For those who watch Days of Our Lives, does Abbey have a home or does she just wander the streets of Salem talking on her cell phone?

3. If you end up stopping up your kitchen sink, do you think drano and a plunger would fix it? What about Red Devil? Better idea?


Mostly for Americans....

If you family immigrated from some other country...would you want to visit your relatives country of origin?
for example...I'm Dutch and recently visited Amsterdam...and I am planning a return trip in APRIL...
Where are you from and would you go back?

burning questions

1. Is there a difference between a booger and a snot? My sister insists that a booger is kinda dry and hard and that a snot is wet and drippy. She also says that there's a booger-snot which is when you have a wet drippy snot attached to the end of a dry booger. I use the words interchangeably.

2. Do you think bras/wearing bras are/is unnatural? I mean, women have only been wearing bras as we know them for less than 100 years, and corsets only for the past 400 years or so.
2a. Do you think there is a link between bras and breast cancer? There's been breast cancer forever, clearly, but it seems much more prevalent now and women are wearing bras at a higher rate than they have in history.
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Another milk related question.

I was in the women's locker room a while ago and saw a mother in there with her little boy. The boy was sitting in her lap, breastfeeding. She started to make polite conversation with me and so I asked how old her son was. She said he was five.

Am I alone in thinking that is kind of strange? 

What is a normal age to stop breastfeeding? Do you know when you stopped?

Or if you are a parent, until what age did you breastfeed your child?

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Did __ria ask her lunch question yet?

What are you craving?

a big hunk of chocolate bon-bons. wtf, I'm allergic to chocolate, lol.

Who are the "most-wanted" of TQC?
Who is the Paris?
Who are just the most well known?
Who would get into a knife fight with me?   who would win? Why?  (the correct answer is latharna, and I would win because I have more baccon in my blood than her. Or, y'know, whoever.)

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1) So, let's say that your friend gave you his or her MySpace password to look at their account pictures but with strict orders that you are not to open their mailbox. Would you?

2) Let's also say that while logged into that account, you found some very interesting, partially nude photos of someone who treats you like crap. Would you, perhaps, find a way to make sure those pictures got back to their parents and other select individuals?

3) What is the deal with MySpace anyway? I just don't see the appeal. What purpose does it serve that e-mail, livejournal, or the telephone can't???

4) Would you be disturbed if someone who expressed romantic interest in you was obsessed with the movie A Clockwork Orange?

5) Why do some parents freak out if their sons want to play with "girl" toys or style hair?


1. What was your favorite book you ever had to read for school?

2. Edit: Least favorite?

3. Do you think that having to read a book makes reading it less enjoyable than it would be if you weren't forced to read it?

(no subject)

1. What can you tell me about the places you've lived that's not on wikipedia? Like the best pizza place to order from, the best place to watch the sunset, the park with the best swings, the nicest movie theatre, the best road to go for a drive on to clear your head, the best place to listen to live music, and etc.

2. What's your favorite book/movie/blog/whatever that's about a road trip? It can be fictional or real, doesn't matter.

3. Ever been on a road trip? Where'd you go? Was it fun?

(no subject)

Inspired by this post

Who would you consider a 'famous' member of TQC?

Who do you expect to see a post from every day?

Are there any members who used to post frequently that now no longer post as often as they did that you miss?

Any banned members you miss?

Any banned members you don't miss?

Any TQCers that you'd love to see get hit with the banhammer?
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Help me identify this picture!

Ok, so I have a class where the professor wears this one specific belt buckle everyday. On the belt buckle there is some sort of logo/animal/weird thing that I don't recognize and I really am interested in what it is, just because...i'm like that. I tried to draw it (not very well) and then took a picture of it (also not very well...) Anyway, it's a bit off and I apologize for the quality, but it looks enough like the belt buckle that someone would recognize it if they knew what it was.
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(no subject)

I heard about this a while ago, and although I have my own take on the subject I'm curious to hear the opinions of other people.

"Under Initiative 957, if a couple were to be wed and not produce a child within three years, their marriage would be annulled by the state..."

What is your opinion on this article?
Is this a good way to gain support for same-sex marriage?
Is it fair to deny anyone the right to marriage?
What do you think would happen if the couple adopted a child within three years of marriage?

(no subject)

I was browsing through my college's newspaper this morning when I came across this tiny ad in the corner:

Earn $8,000! Women age 20-30 needed to help infertile coouples realize their dream. and then provided contact information.

Now, I'm all for infertile couples using alternative methods for getting pregnant but this struck me as kind of creepy. Does anyone else find this creepy or am I alone here? And what do you think they are paying 8 grand for? Surrogate mother maybe? Lots of eggs?

Edit for clarification: I'm not considering doing this; I always knew that donating eggs got someone a decent amount of money, just not THAT much. I've never seen sperm/egg donations advertised before and found the context strange.
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Quote Question

Exactly.. where does this phrase come from

[A] do not a [B] make.


A Cheeseburger do[es] not a meal make.
Cheesebuger[s] do not a meal make.

Is it based on a quote or a famous saying? Or just something that developed in the english speaking culture

(no subject)

Lame question 'cause my brain can't handle anything too crazy right now :P

What is your fave band of all time? I'm talking about the band that you will love forever, no matter what?

Why do you love them so much?

Edit: If you don't have a band, a singer is just as great :)

Me: RHCP, without a doubt. And I love them 'cause they've somehow managed to become the soundtrack to all of the major events in my life.

(no subject)

So, if you were moving to the country, would you eat you a lot of peaches?

If you're singing along to a song where the singer has a strong accent (say, anything by The Proclaimers), do you sing in accent too?
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Is it just me, or has seanutbutter been kind of scarce around here lately?

EDIT: ok so apparently she HAS been posting within the last few days and I'm just a paranoid freak.

....so anyhoo, um, how dark do you like your toast?
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kihei akahi

(no subject)

Does this "recipe" make you sick or does it sound like something
you would be willing to try?

Take a BIG handful of corn nuts (plain)

and put it in a bowl.

Take a handful of raisins

and put it in the same bowl.

Pour in some milk

Get a spoon

and dig in!

When I was a kid I used to do this
all the time.. a few years back I was nostalgic and
tried it again and damn if it wasn't just as delicious
as it was back then!
Crunchiest cereal ever! Sweet and salty goodness! I dare you to try it! And come back here
and tell me what you think!
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(no subject)

How do you know when you are "over" someone? Is it when you stop being angry with them? Stop missing them? Stop being sad that they are gone? Stop thinking about them? Or is it one of those annoying things that you "just know" and if you have to ask you clearly aren't to that point?

Also, wtf can I use besides photoshop to resize a picture for an icon? I want to switch mine (sorry, Raja!) and I don't think this computer has photoshop.

Internet Addiction covered under the ADA?

What do you think of this article?

My answer: I think this guy is being completely ridiculous. I believe in internet addiction, but to have it covered under the ADA? No. My feeling is that addictions shouldn't be covered under the ADA at all, unless it's for something like accommodating work schedules so people can go to therapy to deal with the addiction. I don't think active addictions that people are not seeking help for should be protected.

Barley Soup

1) Can anyone direct me toward a good recipe for a soup that contains barley and vegetables but no onions?

2) Did you enjoy the books or movies with Hannibal Lecter by Thomas Harris?

3) How tall are you?

is it all in your head?

1. how do you refer to yourself in your head? (by your name, "you" etc)

2. do you ever address yourself, out loud or otherwise?

3. have you ever heard voices besides your own in your head? i don't mean like "i hear voices and they don't like you...oh and i bought everything i'm wearing including this cliched keychain at hot topic."

i refer to myself in the third person as "elizabeth" even though i've gone by Liz for several years. i talk to myself in my head - i'll argue two opposite points, or ask myself questions. it all sounds like me, which always reassures me that i'm not completely insane, but i'll catch myself talking out loud when i'm really stressed or it's busy at work - i'll be on bar (i'm a barista), and i'll ask myself things like where the milk went, what i'm doing with my life, why i'm talking to myself, etc.
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Hi, I just joined!

If you could go back and pick out any three movie roles you wanted to play in the entire history of cinema, which roles would you pick and why? Males can pick female roles and females can pick male roles.

I would be:

1. Ella (Judy Holliday) in "Bells are Ringing" so I could kiss Dean Martin.
2. Mary Bailey (Donna Reed) in "It's a Wonderful Life" so I could work with Jimmy Stewart and Frank Capra and experience the magic of my favorite movie ever.
3. Michael Corleone in "The Godfather" trilogy just so I could say I was a part of that amazing series.
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(no subject)

What are some songs that you absolutely MUST sing as loudly as possible when you hear them?

I've had a few drinks, and I'm feeling super happy, and I need some music (any genre) to sing along to so loud the neighbours can hear me.
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(no subject)

1. You are in your best friends wedding. The have gone bat sh*t insane. they think everyone in their wedding party is too fat, even when it's not true. They want to put you through pre-wedding boot camp, what do you do?

2. Do you think you will see WWIII in your lifetime? Who will it involve and what will be the end result?

3. Forget law, just going by your opinon: two first cousins having sex, is that incest?

leon/stuffed animals/snuggle/cute

Movie questions!

         Has anyone seen "Birth" with Nicole Kidman?  How does it end?  I was only half paying attention.

What movie ending left you saying "Wow!  Amazing!"?

What movie ending left you saying "Holy shit, I just totally wasted my life.  This fucking sucked!"?

As not to be totally spoilerific just name the movies you liked / hated.

If you haven't seen Birth - then, uh there will be spoilers too.

edited so I don't seem like such a spaz :)

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hello lion-o

sweet snack time

Does anyone know where you can still buy (especially in so cal)...

Koala Yummies?

My boyfriend and I are talking about snack foods we use to love back in the day. I know a 7-11 by my work use to sell Koala Yummies until about 2 years ago, but they were called "Koala's March"

(no subject)

If you suspect you might have hypothyroidism, is it reasonable to insist a doctor do the blood test to find out? Not at the exclusion of discussing other possible afflictions, of course.

(no subject)

1) If you were a high school student, how would you feel if you found out that one of your teachers previously had a sexual relationship with a student? Would it bother you? Would you feel uncomfortable around them or not care?

2) Is it always a form of rape for a teacher to sleep with a student? (I'm talking about levels of education lower than college and, no, I'm not planning to boink one of my teachers, just FYI)

3) I told a friend of mine that she was putting herself at risk for skin cancer by tanning every week to 2 times per week. She claims that there are special lotions to filter out the 'bad rays' and that she won't get cancer nor will she age prematurely. This is bull shit, is it not?

(no subject)

1. How come the provolone that you get on a sandwich tastes different than the kind you buy in a block and shred to put on pizza?

2. I dunno if I'm allowed to ask this cuz I read the rules, but I'm not sure if this applies .. so just don't answer if I'm breaking a rule, BUT! I got a layout from one of those communities and when I refreshed my page, it's the layout I picked, but the pictures aren't there .. so it's just big blank spaces on the top and side where the pics should be .. how can I fix it? I'm really not HTML savvy so answers in a lot of detail would be great.

3. I made a banana bread the other day and I followed the recipe exactly, but when it came out of the oven it was really .. dense. I like it fluffy, but I don't know what I did wrong .. what can I do to make it less dense next time?

4. What actor can you really not stand?

5. Is there any website that I can watch season 2 of Grey's Anatomy? I tried googling it, but I couldn't find anything.

6. Which do you like better: Gilmore Girls or 7th Heaven?
panda dance

(no subject)

How many languages do you speak, have studied, or otherwise had a familiarity with?
Which ones, and your level of fluency/expertise?

English - write/read/speak fluently

Mandarin Chinese - speak relatively fluently, but lost most of my reading/writing skills

French - studied in High School for 4 years, remembers some, but not fluently. Probably know enough to get around though.

German - studied during my undergrad, took 4 sems, not fluent but probably know enough to get around.

Italian - just started studying it right now, so I'm not very good at it.


because i am mildly internet retarded, i am having a really hard time understanding how to upload and put up a new mood theme (my ex uploaded and put up the one i have now).

can anyone put this shit into easy to read steps or pointers?


  • jeckers

(no subject)

1. If you woke up in your most recent ex's body, what is one thing you'd make sure to do that day?

2. Whose the person you talk to most on the phone?

3. Who was the last person you could have hit in the face?

not based on personal things :)

What's the best sex you've ever had? What made it so great?

Do you think someone who is "not so great" in bed will always be that way or do you think they can learn?

How important is sex to you in a relationship? Would you date someone you had a great connection with but bad sex? How about great sex but a not so great connection?
Tangled // Darkness
  • aralana

(no subject)

I just got Animal Crossing: Wild World for the DS. But I don't have any friends that play and I think it would be more fun if I did soo...

Anyone else have it? Wanna be 'friends' and visit and stuff?

World Day

1.Where are some countries you'd like to visit if you had the time/money??

2.Do you currently have a passport?

3.Where do you live now??

4.Do you speak more than one language??

5.Boxers, briefs or thong?

Ya'll be nice. I have to go. I'll check back tomorrow...
  • valera

(no subject)

Some folks seem to be opposed to Hilary being elected president. Why?

I'm not really familiar with her platform, but it seems like most of these people are just idiots who are against Bill and against female presidents, and are mostly just immature.

I mean.. republican or not, our current president is en ex(?) alcoholic and if you listen to his speeches.. I mean, I usually don't, but when I hear him speak, even one or two sentences, I'm really amazed at how we chose this guy to be our president. A president can have bad policies.. after all, it's a difficult and a demanding job.. but Bush is just a stuttering idiot, seriously. At least Hilary doesn't sound retarded (and doesn't seem to be retarded either).
Kill Bill - Elle
  • poo

Semi-perm. dye

On Friday I had my hair dyed a dark candy apple red (see icon) along with black. I know semi-permanent dye fades, but in the shower today, the water kept running a very light pink. And then later, at the gym, as I mopped up sweat, I noticed a pink tinge on the rag whenever I wiped around the hair line. So my questions are:

How long will this keep happening? What do I need to do in order to keep my hair from being a total waste of seventy-five bucks, besides cold water and color-safe shampoo? And what can I expect for maintenance - will I be able to just get the roots touched up, or will I have to keep dyeing it over and over every six weeks? Thanks!
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pyramid eyebrows

(no subject)

1. California roll, tuna roll, eel roll, or salmon roll?

2. Spring roll, fried wanton, or crab rangoon?

3. General Tso's Chicken, sweet & sour chicken, or orange chicken?

4. Fried rice, lo mein, or chop suey? 
Daria procrastination

extra skin...

Okay. This has been a problem for me for months now, and I am still stumped on it.

About October, I accidentally cut both my thumbnails a little too short. When they started growing back, this funky thick skin started growing under the new nail (not the nail bed, mind you) and it keeps the nail from growing. Plus if I let it get thick enough, it HURTS. I usually end up clipping off all the thick skin, but no matter--it just grows back. It's not anything fungal or bacterial--I went to Student Health and got a cream to rub on it, but no dice.

I'm going back to student health, since they told me to if it didn't get better, but have you ever heard of anything like that?

And in lighter fare: Do you feel like we do?

Oh, and why does my iTunes audio get all scratchy and garbly after I play songs for a while? I pause it for a few minutes and then it's fine, but seriously...WTF. Totally messes up my trying to write.
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(no subject)

Does a man's penis become flaccid immediately after orgasm/ejaculation, or does it take some time for the erection to go away? If the latter, about how much time would you say it requires?

Thanks in advance for ignoring the awkwardness of this question.

(no subject)

Do you need a passport to drive into Canada from the US? Could anyone link me to a website stating whether or not you do? I'm trying to help out my friend whose boyfriend is very adamant that he can get into Canada without a passport.

(no subject)

1. I want to get a low-maintenance pet. I would not have a lot of time to devote to them, though love would never stop flowing in their direction! Any suggestions?

2. I am allergic to cats. Not terribly allergic, mind you. Does anyone have cat allergies and still manage to live with one? Did you take any medication or just keep them out of your room, etc.?

(no subject)

1)What do you think is the appropriate amount of chest hair? Post pics if it helps you demonstrate your opinion.
2)Have you ever gotten so drunk you didn't remember something that happened?
3)Do you have a regular place that you eat lunch? Or maybe a regular meal? If so, what is it?

(no subject)

I remember seeing some clip of a show/TV movie/miniseries, that was like, some man built a robot version of his son who died young. But he totally didn't give the robot boy legs. So, one day he leaves his neighbor to babysit the robot boy and he gets all violent.
I also think this was referenced in a Simpsons Episode (the one with REM).
Does anyone know what it's called?

blog compiling/aggregating website/program?

Is there any website or free program that can be used as a compiler/aggregator for specific blogs?

There are blogs I would like to read on a wide range of sites, from LJ to Xanga to Blogspot to Myspace but I don't want to have to hop around to a half dozen websites each day to read individual blogs. I know what specific blogs I'm interested in and just want a way to read them all in one handy place. I have no previous experiance with aggregators/etc.

Any ideas?


(no subject)

Do you ever get excited over semi-random things only to have your excitement ruined by someone who doesn't understand?

My answer: YES. Yesterday I bought a bright red comforter and bright red sheets for my bed. Red is my favorite color and I figured it was about time I slept inside what looks like a huge striped vagina. hehehe. I was on the phone with my boyfriend and I'm really excited as I'm putting on the new sheets and smoothing out the comforter. He said "it's just sheets" in his most monotone voice and it ruined my fun. It was like someone threw a bucket of cold water in my face. =(

OH! Here's a picture!
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Close to You

(no subject)

Later this week, I'm going to visit a friend at a local psychiatric ward. She's there for ODing on her medication. I want to bring her something to cheer her up and to let her know that we're all thinking about her; the problem is, I'm not sure what kinds of things she would be allowed to have.

Some ideas I've been kicking around are:
a journal
a magazine
a book of poetry
a stuffed animal
food (ice cream, cookies, coke, or chocolate)

Could any of those items be viewed as potentially dangerous? Does anyone have any other suggestions?
Sweet Candy
  • myxwill

Skincare Questions

1. What is a good way to heal/soothe broken capillaries on your face?

2. What are some products that really reduce the size of your pores?

3. What do you think is the best exfoliator product?

4. If you have tried Micro-dermabrasion, What kind of results did you get?

5. What skin type do you have and what face wash do you use?

(no subject)

After we all got our asses kicked out of the pub at closing time, I met my very first Canadian! His name was Raj & he was so very cool & mighty sexy (I think, I was 3 sheets to the wind).

Are all Canadians so unbelievably awesome? Should I trade in my Australianness, search the local motels for Raj & run away to Canada with him?

Edit: Should I also slit my mates throat for dragging me away from Raj & making me possibly lose him forever?
so seductive
  • chana

(no subject)

Plato said, "There will be no end to the troubles of the state or indeed of humanity itself until philosophers become kings or until kings or until those we now call kings really and truly become philosophers."

Do you agree?
Why or why not?

(this is homework due tomorrow.)

(no subject)

1. Think of the most memorable teacher/professor you've ever had. What was he/she like?
2. What was your favorite class you ever took in high school?
3. What was your favorite class you ever took in college?
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Bless this fucking nub
  • z_o_e

satellite webcam?

I used to have a link to this website that was basically a list of all the satellites in orbit.. and you could choose one, and it would show you a live image of Earth, like a webcam. I think it was either an official NASA thing, or maybe a university site, I don't remember exactly. I'd very much like to find it again. I hope someone knows what I'm talking about.


random q's

I just realized today that I have never had sex in this apartment. Does anyone want to help me with this problem?  I have been here a year and 4 months now, I think it is time I christened the place, don't you?

On that note, do you and your SO make a point to "do it" in every room when you move to a new place?  My ex husband and I did that every time we moved...and we moved a lot!

I had problems with TWO DVD's this weekend from Netflix :(  this is unusual for me and upset me.  Does it bother you when you are getting interested in a movie, and then it won't play?

Would it be weird if I moved into a house that was very near my ex-husband's place?  I just saw him yesterday after over a year, so it is not like we hang out still.

One more:  What would you do if you found out your ex brother in law was in jail for molesting his stepdaughter?  I want to punch him in the face and then castrate him.
little soul

(no subject)

This is such a longshot.

When I was younger, on Elfwood, there was an artist who did art-noveau style pieces. I'd do anything to find her art again - a number of them were based on flowers.

Does anyone have any idea who I mean?
Chuck&#39;s library

(no subject)

Does anyone live in a predominately Irish community? I am in the earliest stages of writing a fiction book about a woman (26y.) who lived in Ireland, but not lives in an American town that is mainly made up of Irish people (either new immigrants or families that have a strong background from the country).

The time era is now and I'm going to set it in NJ, so any helpful tips about communities in that area (east coast) would be great, but I'll take information about communities in other areas of the States as well.

(no subject)

Do you get canker sores? I'm curious as to how many people get them, because a lot of my friends don't even know what I'm talking about.

If you do, do you try to treat them or do you just let them heal on their own?


Hi, and apologies for x-posting

What would be a good, original present idea for my nephews first birthday? He's got loadds of toys and clothes, and I'm thinking of something different.

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International moves

Have you ever moved to a different country?
From where to where?
Why did you make the move?
Any advice for making this sort of move? (Mine would be from the United States to Australia, but I'm looking for anyone willing to share their experience.)
What do you miss most about the country you lived in before?
Do you regret the move?

Ok, that's enough. You get my point. Please share. :)
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The More You Know

1) Did you know that the first person to be called an internet troll had "Tad" for username, and that he was called "troll" by "Mark Miller"? The More You Know...

2) Why do you trolls keep trolling the troll posts? So many trolling comments in here whenever a troll has a trolling entry. You know how I see it? We all have a little troll inside everyone of us. We should learn to embrace our inner troll: if we all embraced our inner troll, there would be no need for violence in the world anymore! It would also end poverty, and would be the solution to global warming! This is why I, on behalf of the National Institute of Trollology (founded by our guru Tad), declare February 30th the official Troll Awareness Day! Be proud of your inner troll! It's time to get out of the closet, and say it loud: I AM A TROLL! (The More You Know...)

3) Why is it that the symbol for peace is the white dove, when the white dove is actually one of the most violent animals you'll find? (It's always fighting...) The More You Know...

4) I'm getting married soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who's coming?

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(no subject)

You know the font that's on all the University sweaters? The big blocky one? What's that called/Where can I get that?

I'm being super nerdy and making my best friend a 'Wittenberg University' tshirt for her birthday, but I want it to look authentic!

(no subject)

What do you think is vital in life?
Do you think there is a purpose to life? To each their own?
What do you think your life purpose is?
Where do you think everyone should go before they die,
What do you think everyone needs in their life?

I think it is a really personal thing but although a personal preference I think everyone should travel before they die, wherever they go depends on their interests, but I think seeing other cultures, nature, architecture, history, anything is really important!
virginia tech

(no subject)

1. What is the closest blue thing to your left foot?
My underwear.

2. Where is your birthmark? And if you don't have one, where is your biggest mole?
I don't have a traditional birth mark, but my biggest mole is on the inside of my upper right thigh.

3. What color is your comforter? Pictures, if you like.
It's periwinkle. Lavender?

4. Will you do anyting exciting to celebrate Mardi Gras tomorrow?
I will wear beads. And that is all.

5. Do you own a bathrobe? If so, when do you wear it? If not, what made you forego buying one?
Yes, i do. It's green, and i am wearing it. And i wear it when i get out of the shower, and only then.

6. Do you have a facebook/myspace? Do you check those first before you check LJ, or vice versa?
Facebook yes, myspace no. I do check Facebook first. Eee.
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long winding road
  • lizdean

(no subject)

As I watch the ever-so sad yet happy scene in Patch Adams (the butterfly one, post Corine's death) I'm wondering:

What's the poem he reads to her on her birthday, and finished in her funeral?

:] Thank y'all!
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at seven

(no subject)

What's a good way to get revenge? Specifically, say you had an evil host mom in a foreign country. She fucked with you emotionally, lied to you, gave you awful food, left town randomly, had new people move in without telling you, and stole your ipod and digital camera. You reported her to the police but they didn't do shit-- getting revenge lies with YOU. What do you do?

This is fiction-- so the scenario is flexible from here on out. You can be moved out or still living with her, and you can be teamed up with other people, and you can have lots of money, or whatever. Try to keep it somewhat realistic though-- no calling in Samuel L Jackson to lay the smack down. But if you can figure out a way to rappel down the building and into her window... feel free.
  • z_o_e

(no subject)

I cant believe that I cant remember the name of this book, but I don't.

In like, the '60's or early '70's, a photography book was published, I believe by Life Magazine, and it was called something like "History of Man" or "Life of Man" or "Story of Man." It's long out of print, but I'd just like to know what it's called so I can keep my eyes open for it at used bookstores. I've tried searching every combination of words that I thought might reveal the name of the book, but to no avail. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

I think eventually a book of a similar name was published, pertaining to women, but I cant remember the name of that one either.

Please, help. Thank you.

(no subject)

I'm constantly tired, to the point where i've quit work and sleep at 7pm. And that is /with/ caffeine and chocolate pumping through my system. I struggle to form coherent writing, where once I could do chapters without blinking. And now I can't sleep. And I wasn't able to sleep yesterday night, either. But i'm not depressed, and I don't have any cold symptoms. I'm tireder now then when I was an undiagnosed coeliac eating allergy products day in and out for eight years, and that is saying something.

What's wrong with me, O gurus of computer wisdom?
cat stevens

(no subject)

What are some of your favorite album covers?

My very favorite is the Cat Stevens Teaser and the Firecat album cover (the one in my icon).

I also really like the Incredible String Band's The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion.

Also nice is Daedelus' album Denies The Day's Demise.

They just all give me really good feelings.
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(no subject)

what is something unusual or uncharacteristic (of you) that you enjoy?

figuring out Z scores

does it disappoint you or amuse you to have "inside" jokes in a field you have specialized knowledge in?

I was recently disappointed by being unable to explain the hilarity of the comment "why do we even study normal distributions? it's not like that ever happens in real life, right?"

(no subject)

1. What's the best way to cook tortillas so that they're crispy (so that when you pick it up it doesn't move, kind of like a crispy slice of pizza)?

2. What are your favorite quesadilla recipes? Mine is the black bean and corn recipe here.

(no subject)

Size Zero debate.

1. Who should take responsibility for eating disorders, is the media partially to blame? Genetics?
2. Do you suppose that celebrities/models who are super skinny are always hungry?
Could you ever do an extreme diet; 250-500cals a day? Do you admire the will power it must take to get that low?
3. Should models with a BMI lower than 18 have been banned from fashion week, not just in Madrid?
4. Do you think skinny girls are sexy?
5. Why is our society so obsessed with emaciated? Will this go out of fashon like boob jobs of the 90's have?
6. Have you experienced an eating disorder first hand, yourself or a close friend/family member?
[i mean an actual eating disorder, not just low body image and wannabe-ism]
Does she have a good body?


I feel like my moral psyche is completely deteriorating...I no longer have the intellectual faculties to judge right from wrong.

So I will turn it over to you, thequestionclub (after all, nothing's safer than in the hands of complete strangers). Should I or should I not transfer from Santa Clara University (a perfectly reputable university...blah de blah blah) to Columbia/NYU/some other college in New York City?

There's something about New York, I don't know what it is...it makes me very excited yet very scared and I almost want to see if I'll be able to survive there. I KNOW that my vision of it is slightly romanticized, and I can tell you right now...I'm NOT good with change, I tend to start a new batch of antidepressants everytime something big changes in my life.

Should I just stay? Stay in the Bay Area where I've lived all my life and where I've gotten used to the vanilla softness of North Californians? Where my whole [dysfunctional] family is? Should I just wait for grad school to move away from home? Spare me the hassle of applying all over again, causing further stress on top of the heavy load of school work?

I can't imagine this is a new dilemma in human history, so tell me...when faced with the decision between comfort/convenience and risks/growth, what did you do? And how did it turn out?
me: in glasses

(no subject)

Hmm... now I'm curious.

If I asked you to guess what "SoTL" stands for, what would you think?

(no Googling or the like, please... I want first impressions)

Edit: bopeepsheep guessed correctly, I was thinking of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. (aka, Emily's a big dork!)


What is the big deal with leather seats being a mark of luxury? - it's noisy, uncomfy, too hot in summer, too cool in winter and uncomfy...
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