February 18th, 2007


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1) Have you ever had to pee really bad while having sex? Did you stop and pee or keep going?
2) What are some things you and your parents disagree on?
3) Is there any dish you despise except for when a certain person or restaurant makes it? What is it and who makes it?
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I'm hoping to sell my 6GB mini-iPod on eBay sometime soon (and buy any 80GB). I know no one really has a mini anymore, but it's in great condition and I'm selling it with a case...how much do you think I could get for it? How much would you pay if you were gonna buy it?
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I'm filling out college transfer applications and I'm up to the dreaded essay. These are the questions:

Please use this space to provide additional information about yourself so that we can base our admission decision on a combination of your academic credentials and individual merits. We are interested in learning about your goals, values, accomplishments and any special circumstances that you would like us to take into consideration. 


Please provide a personal essay of at least 200 words describing your goals, values, accomplishments, and reasons for wanting to attend Five Towns College.

So my question is...WHAT DO I WRITE??

What are these essays actually looking for? I seriously suck at writing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


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1. What are you doing at this exact moment? Aside of looking at LJ. If that's all you're doing, what did you just do?

2. When was the last time someone made you happy?

1. My friend and his friends and I (I am visiting him at school) just ordered a pizza from Dominos, and we're watching the Little Mermaid, and we are hanging in his dormroom. And we are planning on doing Jager bombs, which makes me happy.

2. I am iming my friend Barak right now, and he's telling me how happy he is to visit me at school next month, which makes me quite happy, because we are going to explore nyc, since he's never been without his parents.

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Did you ever do that "post an anonymous comment with what you really think about me" thing in your journal? How did that turn out?

I never did because my friends are sweet and would just say nice things, so it's too much ego-stroking for me.

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If you pack a lunch for school or work, what do you like to put into it?

What is a flaw of yours that you are completely aware of and instead of trying to change it, you embrace it? Or maybe you don't embrace it and you are just very aware of it.

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if you could send anyone from TQC to bansville who would it be? why?

can i see your prom pictures?

why didn't you go to prom?

for those of you on "reading week" [spring break basically] this week or next, what are you gunna do?

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Alright, Ive heard both but let's go with majority wins here.

For a laptop, specifically a brand new MacBook Pro 15 inch, 2.33 gHz, 120 GB - not that it matters.

What is best, shutting it down everynight? leaving it running for a few days? sleep mode...etc etc?

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Have you ever had a dream so intense that it woke you up?  Not a nightmare, but some other kind of dream?

How often do your dreams (of any kind) wake you up?

Let's just say that if a penis-endowed person had walked in when I woke up, I would not be responsible for my actions!

I think I need a cold shower.

Edit: Sorry, I posted my question before I looked at my friend's list.  This is not related to the dreams and church question.  Please don't flog me.

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What, in your opinion, is the worst musical of all time? (stage or movie)


I'm going to have to go with CATS on this one, folks. With Carrie the musical at a very close second.

my mind is all over the place...

1. How is it logical for it to be legal to put a pet to sleep because they are suffering but assisted suicide is not legal, despite the fact that a pet cannot consent and a person can?
a. If someone you loved asked you to help them die, and they had no obvious hope of relief, would you help them? Would you try to stop them?
b. What if their suffering was psychological and they'd tried all sorts of treatment but just weren't getting better...would help them then? Would you try to stop them?

2. How much syrup do you like on your waffles/pancakes/French toast, if you eat them?

3. What did your parents do right? What did they do wrong?

4. What are you looking forward to?


Another annoying PC question

Okay, so why would my computer just randomly be shutting off?

I'll be typing something or just sitting here staring mindlessly at the screen and all of the sudden - blink - off it goes.  

Overheated internal parts?  Virus?  Gremlins?

What's going on?

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The 5 "W"s, and the lowly "H"...

1- Who (group or single person) can you simply not feel sorry for? Anyone you dislike that much you wouldn't mind if they vanished from the face of the earth?
2- What sound makes you really want to punch something?
3- Where did you last go when you stepped out of the house most recently? Shut-ins can say where they wish they could go. ;P
4- When did you wake up today?
5- Why are you on the computer right now?
6- How the hell are ya?

ETA: Mine!:

1- Everyone who isn't me, currently. Sooo tired of everyone's drama that come along to bug me. That and I'm tired in general so I hate the world right now. ;P
2- People crunching food. Ice is the worse. :(
3- To get groceries yesterday.
4- Too early! 9am! On a weekend! I'm going back to bed after I do this...
5- Was going to try and wake myself up. It's been an hour, to hell with it.
6- See above... sleepy!

First question.

So, there was a dude down here who got robbed, had his leather boots, his bag full of money stolen...

...and his hair extensions.

Now, what I'd like to know, is, if you stole some hair extensions from someone, what would you do with them?

(Ignore the fact you're not a theif, and probably wouldn't steal someone's hair extensions of all things. If you are a theif, just go ahead and answer honestly! :D )

My Answer: If I were a criminal? I'd take the hair extentions, find a dude that looks similar to me, and, sell them to him. Or maybe just talk him into letting me attach them to him.

Or maybe, give 'em to someone who I don't like who wants some hair.

So, if the guy I stole them from walks down the street, and sees someone wearing them, and recognizes them, I'm off the hook. :D And the evidence is gone from me! XD

The link.
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Last night I had nightmares and soon I'm going to be heading off to go to church, get some breakfast with my dad and go to rehearsal. In honor of my plans for today, here are a few questions.

1. What was the last dream you had? How often do you remember your dreams? How often are they actually nightmares?
2. What kind of church-like activities are you involved in, if any? If you go to church, how often do you go?
3. What's your favorite breakfast food? How do you like your eggs?
4. Are you in a play right now? Who do you play? How close is your performance and do you think you'll be ready?

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Have you ever had your gallbladder taken out?

How did it restrict your diet?

(I was only told in passing by a nurse that I can't eat greasy food.  I knew that, but is there anything else?)

(I tried looking it up, but want personal experience as to what will make my insides explode)
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Flea Markets & Easter Baskets

1. Have you ever been to a flea market? When was the last time you went to one? What did you buy?
Yes. I went to one about 6 months ago, before that I hadn't been to one since I was like 3. I bought an old record to turn into a bowl, it was only $1!

2. Will you be getting an Easter basket this year? Will you be making one?
Assuming I haven't completely stopped talking to my mother's side of the family by Easter, yes. My aunt makes me one every year, apparently she started buying stuff for it right after Christmas. I might make one for my dad.

moderate tl;dr but i promise it's interesting.

1. i was in bed this morning, not wanting to get up because i've got a cold. it made me think. i hypothesize that if there were a surgery that could remove the passage by which the nose and the throat were connected (and then connect the nose somehow to the lungs only, and the mouth/throat to the esophagus only and block off it's connection with the lungs,) that perhaps people wouldn't get sick from colds. would the nose still get clogged? and if yes, would we still get sore throats? i know that most sore throat problems are caused by post-nasal drip, so obviously such an operation would stop this problem, thus it would be much less likely that one would suffer from a scratchy throat. and, it would make us unable to die from choking incidents related to swalling food improperly. i assume that since this is already not being done, there are plenty of reasons why it's not feasible. lacking complex knowledge of human anatomy, i don't know why. what do you think the reasons are? edited to add: if i wasn't so addled with sick i think all the obvious answers to this question would've been obvious to me, and i never would've asked. i am proud of how retarded my brain has become. lol, i'm going to sleep.

2. do you prefer margarine or butter?

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I have a few very thick, filled photo albums. They're all of my old friends and I doing random things when we were 13 through 16- getting our noses pierced, wandering around the mall, sitting on Santa's lap, running around Disneyland...

While I'm not friends with these people anymore, I feel guilty throwing the albums out. It's just that they're taking up a lot of needed space, and I have no idea what to do with them. Any ideas?

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(I hate questions like this, but now I know why people ask them. Sorry in advance.)

I'm looking for a new car and have learned not to trust my own judgement no idea where to start. I'll have to finance coz I'm tired of $800 cars that asplode immediately after purchase. I can afford payments up to $350 a month. Features aren't terribly important to me so long as it's safe and reliable, but plain old 4-door sedan is preferred, and shiny is good, obviously. The poll only includes brands I'm seriously considering at the moment but feel free to make suggestions. I'm leaning toward a slightly used 2006 VW Jetta, just FYI.

Favorite car brand, based on manufacturer reputation and/or personal experience:

other (see comments)

Anything else to add? Any specific makes and models to recommend/curse to the fieriest depths of hell?


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I made a poll very similar to this many months ago, but there's been a large influx of new people, due to the journal spotlight, so the averages might change

The majority of the people on my f-list are __________

Male by a large margin
Female by a large margin
Male by a small margin
Female by a small margin
About even
I have no friends on my journal

The majority of the people on my AIM/MSN/Y! list are __________

Male by a large margin
Female by a large margin
Male by a small margin
Female by a small margin
About even
I do not chat

The majority of the singers on my cds/mp3s/ipod are __________

Male by a large margin
Female by a large margin
Male by a small margin
Female by a small margin
About even
I do not like music and do not own any

The majority of the movies I own have a lead who's _____

Male, by a large margin
Female, by a large margin
Male, by a small margin
Female, by a small margin
About even
I do not own movies either. I may be amish

What would you rather have dance for you?

A very attractive, sexy, skilled female stripper
A very attractive, sexy, skilled male stripper
A very attractive, sexy, skilled shemale stripper
A very attractive, sexy, skilled transvestite stripper
None of these appeal to me
Don't you have anything in a German shepherd in drag?

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I just got my driver's license last week, I'm 18, and I live in California. Does anyone know if I'm allowed to drive with my 11-year-old brother in the car? I remember my friends had to wait a year before they could drive anyone, but they were under 18.

I've tried looking it up, but the DMV site is a mess so I was hoping if any Californians could help me out?
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1. I need to re-install microsoft office (word, powerpoint, excel), but my disc drive won't read the disc. Is there a place that I can download them online? I have the key and stuff to register since I did buy it.

2. What are your favorite songs at the moment? It doesn't matter what genre.

3. What classic songs do you think everyone should have in their collection?

4. What songs in general do you think everyone should have in their collection?
you need her


do you think a subway sandwich artist would judge you if you told them you didnt want vegetables on your sandwich?

do you think a doctor who has been prescribing you birth control pills for a year would judge you if you were still a virgin?

do you think a waiter/waitress would judge you on what you ordered?


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If you ate something at a potluck and found out later that the cook thought it would be funny to substitute breast milk for the regular cow's milk, what would you do? Would you be pissed about it? Would you let it end a friendship?

edited to clarify: I mean used breastmilk in the recipe. Like if it were mashed potatoes or something that calls for milk in the recipe.

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Do you have a particular coworker who just annoys the hell out of you? Why?

This guy at work feels the need to yell out "Ballin'" (like in that song) every time someone throws something in the trash (I work in a restaurant so this is frequent). When he throws something away he not only yells out "Ballin'" but emulates the throwing motion they do in the video. I know it could be A LOT worse though.
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1a. Do you own/help to run a LiveJournal Community? If so, what is the community for? (IE. icon community, 'fic community, issues community, etc).


1b. If you're thinking of setting up a Community, what will it be for?

2. What is your least favourite colour clothing?

3. Why does my dog want to eat my gerbils?

4. And finally...what made you want to answer the above questions?

My coffee is hot.

Seriously, why would a person say they have no intention of suing, and then have an attorney within the week?

If you tripped on a curb in a parking lot because you didn't pick your foot up above the curb, would you sue the landowner?

If you were inside a store, and you fell, but there were no spills and no objects on the floor, would you sue them?

How about if your car was hit by a shopping cart in a parking lot on an extremely windy day?

And my favorite, would you sue a store if you were assaulted and robbed outside the store in the parking lot, in broad daylight by a complete stranger (i.e. not an employee)?

More open-ended, what would it take for you to sue a business owner as a customer?

And semi-off-topic, has anyone played Phoenix Wright for the DS? I just picked up a DS Lite this weekend, is it any good? Any other game suggestions?
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For those who have seen Brokeback Mountain:

Near the beginning, Jack says that Joe has no right making them do something against this rules. This might be really obvious, but what is he making them do that's against the rules? I never quite caught on.
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Here comes the bride..

For those in the central Texas area, are there any nice little chapels/halls for weddings which are also relatively inexpensive? Links?

Are there any site's (aside from David's Bridal) that show wedding dresses for plus sizes in detail? Also relatively inexpensive!

Edit: For the record, I have google'd, but haven't found anything worthwhile and am hoping someone can recommend something nice.

U.S. Citizens

In honor of President's Day, will you list your top five favorite presidents of all time?

Mine are as followed:
1. Ronald Reagan
2. George W. Bush
3. Gerald Ford
4. Abraham Lincoln
5. Franklin D. Roosevelt
The Dude Abides

Random ?'s

Do you work harder than you party?

If you could vacation in any fictitious place from a book, movie, television show, etc, where would it be? What do you think would be the main tourist attraction?

Where's the worst place you've ever gotten a bruise?

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For those of you who own a record player:

How/where did you get it? How much did it cost you? What condition it is in? And what records do you have?

I'm dying to get one as I have some records doing nothing!


So, my younger sister is failing eighth grade math, and if she doesn't get at least a C by the end of the year she won't be able to move on to the ninth grade. I've tried working with her and explaining the concepts she doesn't understand, and she says she gets it when I explain it to her, but she can't do it when she has to do it in school. She doesn't seem very motivated to change. I also think she has self-esteem issues, which are probably part of the problem.

What can I do to help her? What shouldn't I do?

Also, have you ever failed a grade or been in danger of failing, or know someone who has? What did you/they do about it? How did it effect you/them?
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People that flip out about LJ icon theft/usage.. warranted or annoying?

I, personally, take it as a compliment that someone uses a crappy little icon that I make. When people are polite about it while asking for credit, it's not a big deal IMO. When they go "WAY TO BE A THIEF!!!ONE!!omfg!!" I can't help but laugh, and the urge to use their icons goes way up.
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pop quiz hotshot!

Without looking it up or reading the comments, can you identify where the following quotes come from?

1. It's not that we're afraid, far from it. It's just that we got this thing about death, it's not us.

2. Until you've been grabbed by a flying monkey you haven't known fear.

3. When's the last time you tried to tell two fifty-ton tanks to stop having sex!?

4. Death by stereo.

5. He won the science fair in eight grade by turning his mom's vibrator into a CD player using chicken-wire.

6. There is a very fine line between love and nausea.

7. I love my dead gay son!

8. You ever bop your bologna?

9. It could get wrecked, stolen, scratched, breathed on wrong, a pigeon could shit on it.

10. If I left one, you'd be walking around crooked all the time.

(I'll edit with all the answers on Monday before I go to work, around 3pm Seattle-time, for those who want to know.)

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back in the day....

what was you favorite thing to wear in the 80's and 90's?

who was your favorite band/singer?

Did you sport high tops and wear neon colored clothes?

did you have one of those purses that looked like leather patchwork?
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Yellow or blue?

I'm making necklaces for a swap and they need to be as unisex as possible. I'm making beaded moon necklaces but I can't decide on the color. So which should I go with blue or yellow?

The necklace will look like this but either blue and white with a white moon or yellow and white with a yellow moon.

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I'm in a music rut...

I'm in a music rut. I need something new to listen to. I rarely listen to the radio, I'm a strictly dl or steal music from my sister type of person.

Any recommendations?

I'm all rock and alternative, *some* pop (guilty pleasure I spose), absolutely NO country. I'm good with classic rock too.

Here's a list of bands that I currently have on my mp3 player: Alkaline Trio, Heavens, the Beetles, 311, Green Day, 30 Seconds to Mars, Jack Johnson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Eyed Peas, Jack's Mannequin, and Something Corporate.

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In regards to the recent breastmilk vs. cowsmilk post, might I ask wtf is with the answers? Why is it such a disgusting thought to drink milk that comes from a member of your own species and is intended for injestion by certain members of your own species but perfectly acceptable to drink milk that comes from another species which was never meant for consumption by anything other than baby members of THEIR species? That's such a foreign concept to me and really makes no sense whatsoever. If the only issue is with the pasteurization, that's understandable, but it seemed to be very much something else with most of the comments.
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I have some white cotton curtains I took out of storage and they're now all wrinkly from where they were folded. The instructions on the curtains only say "Dry clean" so I'm wondering if anyone knows what I could go other than dry-cleaning them. Iron them? Throw them in a dryer and cross my fingers?

Sorry, I'm a clueless college student.

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It's my birthday in a month & I hate organising things like parties. All I want to do is get trashed & fuck around, but don't have anywhere to do it apart from friends houses.

So, question time. What would you think about being asked by a friend to organise something instead of giving a present?

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Let's say your roommate just moved out, and you know a guy who wants to move in with you, who is willing to pay the entire rent and will do whatever you tell him to. Basically he wants to be your slave. 

He's ugly and obnoxious, but fortunately he's not asking for any sexual favors, or anything really, except that you write up a contract he can sign so he knows what will be expected of him.

First question: Would you let him move in with you?

Second question: What sort of things would you put in the contract? So far I just have doing the dishes, the laundry, basically cleaning whatever needs to be cleaned in the house. He offered to let me tie him up and beat him and have him give the landlord (who's gay) blowjobs, but I'm more interested in having him do things that benefit me, or at least amuse me in some way, like hand over his credit cards or force him to watch the entire Sex and the City series. So, what would you have him do? 

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Based on the What do you look like? entry where I got several 'You look like XXXX' comments..

1. Do you think you look like/been told you look like anyone famous?

2. Do you drink enough water?

3. Do eat well? What have you eaten today?

4. Tell me a joke?

5. Most listened to band/artist lately.

6. Have you ever been in a situation where a relationship could be wonderful, but for whatever reason just couldnt work?

Apart from the post a picture comments, I've been told Keira Knightley lots & a young Sophia Loren [funny they look nothing alike]

2. No, i should absolutely drink more. I always try to, but i have such a small bladder!

3. No. I don't eat enough most days, then occasionally i'll eat too much. Right now it's toooooo much, let's see. 2x pitta bread, pasta with tomato sauce, 2x toast with marmite. ouch carb fest.

4. Well, I don't know any. i'm not very funny.

5. Probably Fallout Boy. Their new album is awesome.

6. Yes, He was my ex boyfriends friend.
Yes, he lives in Australia, he goes back tomorrow and it's breaking my heart a little. Rather a lot if i'm honest.
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Who do you think has the best singing voice in contemporary music (Male and female)? Who do you think is the best contemporary songwriter?

Best Female Voice: Charlotte Martin
Best Male Voice: Ryan Adams
Best Lyricist: Ryan Adams/Adam Duritz/Tori Amos
kiv dancin.

bend over abagail may, cause here comes the gravy pipe!

you know, when i was a kid, i used to wear my clothes to bed. in fact, i did this for years until i went to university and figured out that it was a wierd enough behavior to change.

in fact, when i'd watch teevee shows and see the kids wearing pajama tops and bottoms, i assumed they were of a higher class than me.

so here comes the questions:

1. do you wear traditional pajamas? did you always?
2. do you use a robe? did you always?
3. do you normally wear slippers? did you always?
4. how are your sleepwear habits different from when you were a youngin?
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1. Have you ever visited or lived in Athens, GA? Coolest place EVER?
2. Do you listen to a band that none of your friends know of, or didn't know of before you turned them on to it?
3. What would you do if your company's policy says that there must always be 2 people working at any given time and you consistantly get stuck working in alone? You don't work in a very nice part of town.


1. Visited. Totally cool.
2. Practically all of the music I listen to.. but Brainiac more than others.
3. I dunno what to do about this. ;;
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This is what I spent my Friday night on:


Q. Am I crazy?
A.Maybe a little, but mostly bored.

Q. How does it look?
A. It's not as good as the first one I made, but it died. I want to make the boxes a little transparent, but I couldn't figure out how.

Q. Would you friend Do?
A. I already have!

For those of you who seem to think I'm serious... psst, it's satire.
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Math orientation.

Is it strange to do math horizontally? As in, instead of
(y-b)/m = x
y-b = mx
y = mx + b
You do (y-b)/m = x, y-b = mx, y = mx+b?

I still do addition/multiplication vertically(or on a calculator) but for more complex problems it's all horizontal. I never thought anything of it until my math teacher this year insisted that I do all my work vertically because it would be easier for her to follow. Do other people actually do this?
so seductive

inspired by the doodle post

1. What does your handwriting look like? Describe it.
2. Do you like your handwriting?
3. What do you think your handwriting reveals about your personality?

if you have anything of your handwriting scanned or something, post it!