February 17th, 2007

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have you ever had a PET or SPECT (?) scan?

If so...What was it like? What were they looking for, or what did they find? Did they leave the IV in for the whole test?

Ive had brain MRIs and CT scans before, but the receptionist told me this one would take 2 hours and im kind of freaked out!


I just watched The Fountain last night, in my city's local Dollar Theater. It was probably the worst movie I've ever seen in my life, and I've even seen most of Ed Wood's movies. I felt like demanding my $1.50 back.

Has anyone else seen this movie? Do you agree with me?

If not, what is the worst movie you've ever seen? What made it so terrible?

The Fountain was terrible because to begin with, the story itself was just stupid. It has three parallel plots in it too, which just makes it incredibly confusing and really hard to watch.
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Have you ever been to Toronto? What are some fun things to do there?

I've been there once before, but that was like 10 years ago, so I don't remember much.

My friend and I are trying to plan a vacation there for May. My mom wants to go to Niagara Falls to gamble, so we figured that since we'll be over there anyway, why not?
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Is there any test you can do to see if eggs have gone bad or not?

I heard you can put them in water and if they sink they're fine and if they float they're bad, but I'm not sure how true that is.


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Why so slow, TQC?

What would you do with $30 extra bucks that was just given to you out of the kindness of someone's heart?

Do you hide your porn viewing from your SO?

Do you think you will still be LJaying 10 years from now?

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1. My school library sucks and I need a book to read. Recommendations? I'll try anything once.

edit: a couple more questions

2.  What is your favorite book and why?

3. I was in a show over the summer and I HATED the director. She promised us she would have a professional videographer taping the last performance and because of this I told my friend to not bother doing it (He had done it for a previous performance but the quality wasn't that great so he was going to do this one also). The performance turned out to be amazing.

On Thursday, December 28 the cast got an e-mail that the dvds were ready and could be ordered by making a payment to her business e-mail through paypal. I did that, and never got the dvd. I e-mailed her and she didn't answer. I filed a claim through paypal and she didn't answer. They are working on recovering my money.

I really really want this dvd. The show meant a lot to me and it just upsets me that she is not delivering. It would have been no problem for my friend to tape it, but she promised we would be able to get these dvds.

Is there anything I can do about this??

edit 2: I'm going to sleep, I really want to wake up to comments. Please leave me some? Even if they are just random macros? I love comments.


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Which anti depressant med do you recommend the most? It seems like every one I try just fucks with my mind even more, and leaves me in worse condition than I was before starting the med.

Also, does anyone have useful insight to anti anxiety meds? Valium and xanax just aren't cutting anymore. Neither is getting drunk.

gah morning.

1. whats the first song you listened to this morning?
2. did you rest well?
3. do you get happy when the holiday candy goes on sale for 75% off?
4. would you rather some stomp on your foot or shut your hand in a door?
5. is there any number that pisses you off? color?
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Do you have problems with misdirected and/or lost mail? Lately at work we have been having problems. If you had problems, what did you do? Report to the postmaster? Let it go and hope it stopped? Rent a P.O. Box? We also had some serious problems when we put a hold on our mail over the Xmas holidays, We received some mail right away but mail from the end of December finally showed up around the second week of January.
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1) I've won two free tickets from Fandango to the movies. Is there anything out right now that I should go see? FWIW, I've already seen Pan's Labyrinth.

2) What are some possibilities for healthy snacks at the movie that I can sneak in, besides my own healthy popcorn?

3) When was the last time you vomited? Was it from drinking too much or were you just sick? What nicknames do you use for vomit?

4) I have a half gallon of soy milk that I don't like the taste of straight-up. I put some in my coffee; it was okay. What are some other things I could cook with it/put it in? Do you think it would work in instant mashed potatoes?

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1. What're you doing today? What're you doing tonight?

2. What brand/model of cell phone do you have?

3. What kind of car do you drive?

4. Do you like public transit, or use it regularly?

5. Favorite magazine?

6. Are you on any dating websites? Would you ever sign up for a dating website?

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Does anyone know the name of the actor in the new Justin Timberlake video 'What Goes Around Comes Around'? No, not Scarlett Johansson. The guy that plays Justin's buddy & made the toast for girls liking girls at the club.

I just saw the video clip & I know that dude! It's driving me insane because I know I've seen in in a movie or show before.

Edit: It's Shawn Hatosy. Thanks racheypoo!

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What are some all time great movies? ones that are considered classics that everyone should watch before they die?

i've finally gotten a blockbuster membership and am looking for some movies that i should watch. i haven't seen many of the movies everyone always talks about (but i recently watched Secretary because of all the times it was mentioned on TQC :) )
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Who broke the Internets?

Is anyone else having a LOTT of trouble with the Internet lately?
It started the other day, and here's a list of some of my problems so far:
-Tried to go to JayPinkerton.com, and the Maddox website displayed.
-Tried to view a few of his articles, and got rerouted to the Cracked.com homepage.
-Using the Google search bar results in an error message informing me that the search directory could not be found.
-Failing that, accessing Google directly generates a 404.
-LJ tries to tell me I've entered an invalid URL for everything I try to do for about fifteen minutes.
-My browser seems to think that a lot of pages which can't be found should be found on Google, or else has changed the format of its error pages to a format exactly like that of Google, with a nice little image saying "Google", and a preformatted URL indicating a file hosted by Google.

The problems generally go away before long...but did someone break the Internets? I'd google it, but would you look at that!

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What are some, preferably more postive and upbeat, songs about friends or best friends? Love songs that aren't "romantic" or sappy could be neat as well.

Also, do girls have cooties?

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Did you ever just went for a drive somewhere with your SO or friends just for fun? like kinda like a mini roadtrip?

what exacly did you do while on the roadtrip?

I'm really bored today and I dont have much money to do anything really I was just planing on going for a drive to a neighboring city that I haven't been to before, but I'm not sure what I should do once I get there, I dont know anyone in the town, so I cant go visit anyone and I dont have much money either, just gas money. so do you have any suggestion??

its also very cold so i cant do much ouside, except maybe go skating

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1. Where are you right now?

2. What's your astrological sign?

3. What movie terrifired you as a child?

4. What movie did you like the first time, but can't watch again because now it sucks/you hate it/it's dumb/any reason?

1. In my friend's friend's bed, at their school in nj. I'm trying to go back to sleep, because I have to be up in half an hour for brunch, but it's not working, so I'm reading my flist on my phone.
2. Sagittarius.
3. The Brave Little Toaster
4. The Sandlot.

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1)Was it wrong of me to spit on that Jehovah Witness girl? Tell me the truth here, I need a second opinion.

2)I'm making a list of things I need to do this weekend since I have Monday off for President's Day. What are some things I need to do? Are there any errands I can run for you?
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At what point does holding someone on an aircraft against their will become kidnapping?

I was held on a plane for about six hours one time. It was over 100 degrees in the plane and they ran out of drinks and food. Everyone got pretty thirsty. I had my kid with me. He was not quite three. It was miserable.

Now I have a cell phone. If I get stuck on a plane again, I figure after about three hours I might call 911 and ask to be rescued. I don't think it's legal to hold people against their will.

EDIT: I'm looking for a time limit. How should they be able to keep you on the plane? An hour sor so, ten hours, days, weeks... What's the upper limit?

(another) fashion question

I just bought a really cute cream and tan colored skirt for a wedding in April. It's tan and darker tan flowery swirls on a cream colored background, and I really love it... but I have no idea what to wear with it. My sister says a white shirt but I'm not so sure.. I was wondering if green might be nice.
Any suggestions on a color?
edit.. this is the skirt...http://www.kohls.com/products/product_page_vanilla3.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=419076703&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=283299901&bmUID=1171731907554
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five questions

1. Do you enjoy going to weddings?

2. Have you ever been to a Rock Gym?

3. What is your favorite card game? Board game?

4. How often do you get something GOOD in the mail (besides bills and junk)?

5. What is the worst or scariest side effect you've experienced from a medication?
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According to superstition breaking a mirror causes 7 years bad luck. Similiarly, seeing a black cat is also considered bad luck.

Exactly how unlucky is it for your black cat to break a mirror?

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In a few hours or so, I'm going to get a tragus piercing.

I'm a little bit scared, so for those of you who have it done, how much does it hurt, and is there anything I can do to minimise the pain?

Also, how long did yours take to heal?
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when it comes to reposting things online, or even using them in your own artwork, do you worry about copyright infringement? what's your opinion on such matters?


Two questions!

1. What natural/herbal things would be appropriate as gifts for a newborn infant and her scared new parents having a child for the first time?

2. Are there any legitimate websites for printing out coupons for groceries?

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Does anyone know the origin of the icons that follow this kind of format:

"I'm in ur ____, _____ ur _____" ? I've been wondering this for a while now...

Edit: No, my Google did not "break". Google was not helpful to me. I have never seen this question asked here. Sorry to interrupt your daily lives with this simple question you could've skipped over instead of being rude.
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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, OH MY GOD

I was loading up some stuff to take to my mom's for a garage sale in the spring, and I live in Iowa, it's been cold here, I haven't really cleaned out my car the best for a couple of months...

Anyway...I have a little two door Mazda...I moved the passenger seat ahead to get a box in the backseat, and where the seat was, was some shredded napkins and a Reese's Peanut Butter cup THAT HAD CLEARLY BEEN EATEN BY SOMETHING OF THE RODENT PERSUASION. OH. MY. GOD.

It's been practically sub-zero these past few weeks...do you think that if there is indeed, something ALIVE and RODENTY in my car, that it would have died from the cold by now? We had some temps around 15 below in the overnights.

ETA: I opened my hatch and the roll of paper towels I had in there was chewed on and there was some wrapper bits from the PBC in the hatch. Yikes. I'm scared to drive my car now, but I gotta!
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What's the best meal you cook? Feel free to share the recipe.

And for those of you with tattoos...

How many do you have?
What size(s)?
How much did it cost?
How long did it take for it to heal?
What's the meaning behind them?

Post pictures if you have them.

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1) Are films that have won or been nominated for Oscars ususally 'good' films?

2) Who's the most annoying, pointless celebrity around today?

3) What's the best sports movie ever?

4) At what age is biting one's toe nails simply weird?

5) Did you like Brokeback Mountain? Why or why not?

6) Why do teenage guys who are into the gangsta culture call their girlfriends 'shorty'?

7) Have you ever went out and looked for an item of clothing because you saw it in a movie and really liked it?

8) http://www.adelaider.com/?thread=7297 I was googling and stumbled on that webpage which showcases photos of an actress, Eva Longoria, without make-up. Does the change in her appearance surprise you? Is it really not that big of a difference?

9) What's worse for a child to see in a movie, very graphic sex (not porn but full view of bodies bumping together, nothing really obscuring what's going on) or very graphic and non-sexual violence (blood guts, seeing the impact of people getting hurt)?

10) My mom and I were discussing that fake Richard Gere/Hamster rumour that went around for years and she mentioned that for a while it was actually popular for people to stick Barbie dolls up their asses and that some people had to go into the emergency because the arms were getting stuck when they got pulled out. I want to know if this is true but I'm afraid to Google it and find something gross. Anyone know if it's true?

11) Have you ever felt totally blinded with horror by a sex scene in a movie? Which movie was it from?

12) Worst movie ever?

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I've got to read a novel with a strong legal theme for my law class. The only suggestion he listed on the paper with the actual assignment was "anything by John Grisham", but I don't like Grisham.

Any recommendations for legal-themed novels?

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Is there a free program like Microsoft Word I can download?

I recently formatted my computer, then found I lost the disks for Microsoft Works. I really don't need anything but a word processing program. I have WordPad, but it annoys me greatly.
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When my friend turned 16(or maybe 15, I don't remember), we threw him a surprise birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese(because we're losers and we thought it would be funny), and it was amazingly fun and entertaining. Oh and don't worry, we didn't traumatize any youngins, we did it on a weekday when there's barely anyone there.

So, have your ever thrown someone a surprise party? What was it like? Did he/she like it?

Has anyone ever thrown you a surprise party? What was it like? Did you hate/like it?
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1. So my roommate told me last week that she was bringing a tour here today at around 3:30. I thought it would be no problem. Turns out I like to sleep. So I was basically woken up by her looking in, then telling the people "my roommate is still asleep, you can peek in if you want". I really didn't mind that they were there. Hey - It's my own fault for sleeping so late. It was just awkward because I woke up when she came into the room and the people kept going "OMG there's someone sleeping in there!!!!"

What's the most awkard situation you've been in lately?

2. What's your favorite song from a musical?
Mine is Breeze Off The River from Full Monty

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What fact or facts about you tend to surprise/offend/confuse/etc. other people?

I'll go first: I'm a Fanilow. Yes, I have seen him in concert where I got drunk and danced in a field to, "Copacabana."
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Can vinegar smell make you sick?

I cleaned my bathroom floor with vinegar diluted in water and about 2 hours later, I was dizzy as hell and nauseated. i feel awful.

My bathroom has no windows to air it out and I've been running the exhaust fan for hours.

Is there anything I can do to get the vinegar smell out?

What was the last place you went out to eat?
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This is driving me crazy.

So there are these things where you get this little console and it has 6 or so old video games on it and then a controller attached. There is one for Sega and there is one for Atari and perhaps something else. Does anyone know what it is called or where to buy it?


[Inspired by the previous post.]

1. Which test did you do better on?


2. If you did better on the ACT, do you feel that it was the added science section that resulted in your better score? Or was it something else?
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Mix CDs

1. Do you like making mix CDs (or tapes)?
2. How often do you create mixes? Why do you make them?
3. How do you go about making a mix?
4. What was in the last mix you made (you don't have to list all the songs, artists or theme works too)? Who/what was it for?
5. What do you feel are "must-haves" on a good mix? OR What do you always include in your mixes?

Collapse )
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Because certain communities are horrible at actual answering questions, some of you may have seen this question elsewhere:

I need a personal CD player, but haven't bought one in over 10 years. I have no idea what brands are good anymore or what to look for. Does anyone have one or can recommend one?
lead me

three random questions. be creative.

i. Where the hell did I put my W-2's?

ii. Best looking luxury SUV out there, in your opinion?

iii. It's Mardi Gras and I'm thinking of putting Christmas lights up in my room to celebrate. Creative ideas for getting them up and around the room? I've got cup hooks and tape but I'd rather not use the tape if I can help it.

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Okay.  My boyfriend's golden retreiver is THE BIGGEST PIG EVER.  He wolfs down his food in 3 seconds, and pukes it back up and eats it 4-5 times.  We've switched food, tried feeding him more, less, less at a time, more at a time, even putting tennis balls in the bowl, nothing slows him down.  How can I slow him down?

What's your city and state?

Do you like red hots?

What did you do last night?

What are your plans for tomorrow?

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Is quitting dr.pepper the same as quitting chewing tobacco? My husband says since I won't give up my dr.pepper habit, he should start chewing tobacco again. 
I say its apples and oranges and am not giving my soda up since it's the same as when he drinks coffee in the mornings.

edited to add: my husband was being a smartass when he said it. I told him that the members of TQC could decide which of us was wrong.

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what is it with people's over obsession with protein shakes?
do you drink protein shakes?
if so how many do you have a day?

my answers

1) i have NO clue. one of my friends has 4-5 a day to "bulk up" and he's being doing so for a year and its not helping him along. i dont think he's getting it. my trainer tells me they are unneeded if you eat properly, so i yet to understand all the people who feel it necessary to take in ridiculous amounts of protein. Not only that but too much and unused protein gets stored as fat..which kind of defeats the point...
2) no i dont take any protein supplements as i am pretty much the anti protein shake.
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1. I'm doing a mock editorial board for my Book Publishing class, and I'm pitching a kind of DIY- book with contributing trashy public figures. {Think scrapbooking with Paris Hilton, interior design with Kevin Federline, gardening with Lindsey Lohan, crochet with OJ! It's supposed to be a joke, lol.} Name some controversial, trashy celebs.
(Sorry if this is worded terribly. I need to sleep.)

2. What are some similar low-brow books and authors you can think of? {i.e. OJ's "If I Did It" almost-book.}

3. Completely off-topic! My old mp3 player died yesterday (a beloved Dell Jukebox) and it's been discontinued. What should brand should I replace it with that is not an iPod?

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Can someone help me with a computer/internet problem? I have been having a problem with my internet over the past few days. I use cable internet through Cox, and I have never had this problem before.

I keep getting disconnected from the internet. I get an error message at the bottom of my screen saying 'Local Area Network cable is unplugged.' The message goes away immediately and it will say that I am connected, but it will still take about a minute for me to actually be able to surf the web and do things online. This seems to happen every five minutes, and it's ridiculously annoying.

The problem is not with my router or computer, as we have had the same router for quite a few months now, and every other computer in my house is having the same problem. I have a feeling it has something to do with my service provider, but I'd like to attempt to fix the problem before I call them, as they have never been very helpful over the phone. Does anyone know what I can do to try and fix this? I was disconnected twice while typing this.
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What type of nigga slanging banging the streets? What type of nigga stay in the trunk for weeks? Do you get the point bitch? Are you the kind of bitch who carries 22's in their hosiery? What's the easiest way to shake the feds?

Do you know a ho who can spend the grands that I spend? That's off the chain like me? That'll floss the thang like me? That sell more ass than me?

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Poll #929709 Stuff

Which of these bits of information impacts you the most?

Bush's proposed military surge in Iraq
Global warming's been confirmed
Britney Spears rocking the bald look
Possibility that Mars might have water
Anna Nicole Smith

Biggest contributor to society, culture or the arts in terms of useful, positive contributions

Prince Charles
Anna Nicole Smith
Paris Hilton
L. Ron Hubbard

I disagree that Anna Nicole Smith was 'America's Rose'. What would be a better title for her?

America's Pork Rind
White Trash's Rose
The TrimSpa Tulip
Golddigging Weed

If homosexuality is a big no-no in the bible and the conservatives go after them, who should the next biblical sinners of some obscure passage that conservatives cannot tolerate be?

Those that do not make holy the Lord's day
Those that wear a garment made of 2 kinds of fabric
Those that do not honor their mother and father
Those that covet
Those that covet thy neighbor's ass
Those that allow different animals to breed
Farmers that sow their fields with different kinds of seed
What is this sin thing you speak of?

Lastly, what is your opinion on vaginas?

They're sexy
They're icky
Complete indifference
I like mine, but hate all others
I dislike vaginas

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anyone have a good recipe for me to use up a can of pumpkin on (besides pumpkin pie)?

I got the big can to feed to my cat (the vet told me to b/c he was having constipation issues and the fiber in pumpkin is supposed to help) and he only needed a little bit. And I'd hate to waste almost the entire can, just throwing it away. . . .

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I'm making a break-up cd for my best friend. Any song suggestions? Here's what I have so far:

Tim McGraw-Taylor Swift
Lucky for you, Tonight I'm just me-SheDaisy
Kerosene-Miranda Lambert
I'll take you back-Brad Paisley
Still holding out for you-SheDaisy
Before he cheats-Carrie Underwood
I'll never do better than you-George Canyon
What's left of me-Nick Lachey
Never had a dream come true-S Club 7
Stupid Boy-Keith Urban
Our song-Taylor Swift
Too little too late-JoJo
Wasted-Carrie Underwood
Say it right-Nelly Furtado
I can't make you love me-Bonnie Raitt
On my own-Hedley

They can be funny sons, sad song, not completely the same topic....but close. All suggestions welcome. Thanks!

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If you ever shop on eBay, what do you usually buy?

I'm finding that I want to spend my money on there all the time, even if I can't find anything I want to buy. It's the worst. So I guess this is to give me ideas of what I should buy.

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When there's a poll about who's the hottest between two guys, are you annoyed when someone says "I'm a guy, so I can't choose" instead of "I'm straight, so I can't choose"?

(no subject)

  1. What's the best place to buy skiing gloves? large Princeton Ski Shops type of store, or a small town store, or something else? What do you look for in good skiing gloves?

  2. I have a bunch of monitors i don't use anymore. Some are old, some are pretty much new. I just have more of them than pcs. Would it make sense to put them up on ebay.. or what?

  3. What's good music CD ripping software?


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How come us whiteys can't use the word nigga in a jocular sense? Is there even a difference between the ga and the er suffix? If not I don't think you should be using that word period if you find it offensive when people of other races use it, isn't that passing judgments based on one's skin color and diminishing the equality? You have to admit, that's being somewhat bigoted, the same thing you claim to dislike, which also makes you hypocrites. Consider this an important linguistics inquiry.
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Boredom in the night. Just random questions, yes.

1- Why, in movies, do aliens only seem interested in the US? Don't silly aliens realize there's way more people in other countries? Like... China? Is this solely due to the movies generally being made by yanks? ;P

(Whoops, that's like, four questions... too bad! :P)

2- Why, after Japan, does Germany seem to be the most used country in anime? I could be wrong, this just seems to be how it is.

3- Why, in any genre at all, do super villians always choose to co-exist where super heroes are? Wouldn't it make more sense for them to rob banks where the super heroes don't live?

4- Why are waffles so wonderful?