February 16th, 2007


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When you were younger did your parents dress you and your siblings or cousins close in age alike all the time?

My best friend from high school just gave birth to her son this afternoon. My mom still has no idea Em was even pregnant. Is it weird that I never told her?

Anything aching on you right now? I've got a horrible headache..
My eye...

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When you were in elementary school, did your teachers ever put ENORMOUS emphasis on never starting a sentence with "because"? They always insisted that it wasn't a complete thought if you started it with "because", therefore it was WRONG! AND IF YOU DO IT YOU FAIL!

...Or was it just my school's idea?

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What's your favorite religious joke?


This is mine:

And Jesus said unto them, "And whom do you say that I am?" His disciples replied, "You are the eschatalogical manifestation of the ground of our being, the ontological foundation of the context of our very selfhood revealed." And Jesus replied, "What?"

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the past few nights i've taken my birth control pill [yasmin] 3-4 hours later than i normally do, i know you're supposed to take it around the same time everynight... will this make it less/ineffective?

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You take a dump right before you shower. Which of the following would you do?

a) Wipe ass like I normally would
b) Wipe ass, but not as well as normally
c) Don't wipe at all since it's getting cleaned in the shower
d) Doesn't matter, I never wipe anyways

How to cook hambugar??

So, I'm trying to cook hambugars without burning them. The direction says heat the pan up to medium heat in a non-stick frying pan. Ok.. I do that... but the mintue I put the hambugars in the pan, it starts smoking like crazy . So I'm thinking the pan isn't non-stick. I guess I need to add oil? Right? What kind? I don't like it when the oil spits out and burns my arms.


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Anyone read vampire romance books?

What are some good vampireromance books? :-)  I personally love the Black Dagger Brotherhoodseries. March 6th 2007 the next one comes out!!

-- Edit --
I have two nightgowns - chemise that I love- they ae 90 percent polyester, and 10 percent spandex, both of them.

Iam trying to find a store online that sells that. But I've found one orthe other, not both. And, I've also found 100 percent polyester.

Would I notice the difference if I bought the 100 percent polyester?

body image

Do you think Mariah Carey is as overweight as the media portrays her to be?  I know she is bigger than a lot of the female celebrities in the public eye, but in real life compared to the average woman is she fat?

Do you lie about your weight/size when asked?  Is the weight on your drivers license (or whatever is registered with the state if its not on your license) correct?  How much do you weigh?

baby its cold outside...

I know I just posted, but I just was thinking about this and decided to ask.  It is totally off topic from my other post I made a new one, if its better to edit the last post let me know!  Thanks!

I live in south east Michigan, a few days ago we were hit with a pretty big storm (for us at least!) and a spell of paticularly cold weather.  I just moved back in with my parents, and I didnt realize how cold they keep they keep the house.  I don't remember it being this chilly in the house growing up but that could be selective memory.  Everywhere I've lived on my own has luckily included landlord paid heat, so I'm used to being toasty inside.

My parents set the thermostat at 68* during the day, at 11pm it drops to 64*. 

What is your thermostat usually set to in the winter?  Do you turn it up when its really really cold outside, or do you just dress warmer?

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What movie could you practically recite line-for-line if you wanted/had to?

For me: Lost in Translation, So I Married an Axe Murderer, Girl Interrupted and a lot of the Mr. Show episodes. ...okay I know those aren't movies but I had to throw it in there.

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What's the most ridiculous hairstyle that you fancy?
Rufio's out of control mohawk. (from the movie Hook)

Do you ever hum "theme music" to yourself when you're alone?
I tend to hum "The Final Countdown" when I'm alone and completing some task that I could get injured in.

What did you think of Hannibal Rising (if you already saw it)?
loved it! Hannibal was one of my favourite movies in middle school.
plop the ham thusly please

help me wif mah maf

for those of you who know how to do combinations/permutations (nCr and nPr) and that sort of math, how would you solve this problem?

10. (a) Using a standard 52 card deck, how many five-card hands consisting of all spades are possible?

(b) How many five-card hands are possible if they all must have the same suit?

I did this shit in high school but it's easy to forget. is it a combination or a permutation, and how do I solve it?
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Clean Hair

How much (approximately) do you spend on shampoo? If you are like me and tend to stick to the less expensive brands (I cringe inwardly to pay more than $4 a bottle), would you buy the more expensive brands if you suddenly had a lot of money to spend on hair products? If you use the less expensive brands, do you feel the more expensive brands are just pretty much the same thing, only with better perfume added to the mix or do you think those expensive brands really have something the cheaper brands don't (besides a double or triple digit price tag)?
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Why are people so opposed to picking up dog shit, but have no problem picking up cat shit? What makes cat shit better? Is it because you don't have to go outside to do it? Because of the litter clumping?
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So, what did you do/are you going to do with your tax refund?

Let's say you got $800 back. How would you spend the 'fun' part of it? If bill paying is required, let's say you kept a little slice of it for your own fun and games.

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So, Lushies, how did I do? What am I missing that you would tell me I absolutely MUST order? (I hate patchouli, though.)
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1. For $10,000 and any lawyers fees and fines covered (you'd be getting the best, most connected lawyer out there and wouldn't serve any jail time - maybe a little community service) would you punch a complete stranger in the face as hard as you could? You'd get to pick the stranger.

2. If a stranger socked you in the face and gave you a black eye, but then offered you $5,000 to make up for it, how do you think you'd react? Take the money? Sue their ass? Cry?

3. At what point in your life were you the smelliest? Like after a week of camping when you got foot fungus or something.

4. What do you think it would take for the current/upcoming generation to get up off their heineys and take the cell phones and iPods out of their ears? Would something drastic have to happen, or do you think there could be a gradual change instead?


hey i have a question. If your driving and someone is about to go (at a 3-way stop) but you can't see their turnsignal and it feels like a game of chicken and you go and they write down your liscense plate number... can you get a ticket for anything?
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2:16 PM 1/25/07 · While they may generally be used often enough in common speech, not many people outside of me uses Complex Contractions as much as I do when I type. It's just a thing, was doing it for quite awhile before I was conciously aware of it. The ones I most commonly use are the following:

  • I'd've (I would have)

  • wouldn't've (would not have)

  • couldn't've (could not have)

  • shouldn't've (should not have)

  • All seem to end in have and it's hard to think of a 4 word combo. All I can think of is (I would not have) but my head won't wrap around how to type it. Hell, even the simpler (I have not) confounds me.


    Do you use any?
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    So, it's Friday. What are you doing this weekend?

    Well, tonight I'm hopefully getting snowed in so I don't have to go hang around the barn for 12 hours in hopes of a foal being born (we were lucky Sunday and there was one, so the night wasn't a complete waste). Tomorrow I'll be sleeping all day since tonight is going to kill me. Sunday I get to be at the barn all day (vs all night, like tonight) and watch the freshman and make sure they don't pull anymore stupid shit--like breaking buckets over the arena rail so the water freezes INSIDE THE ARENA. WHERE WE RIDE. EVERY. DAY.

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    For some unknown reason, you're put in a situation where you have two weeks to find someone to marry..and it has to be someone you already know. (for those of you who are married/in a relationship it has to be someone other than your spouse/SO)

    Who do you pick, and why?

    Does your answer change if the person is guaranteed to automatically agree to marry you?
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    This may be a ridiculous question, but I've probably gone to the doctor 15 times in my entire life, 90% of those for prenatal care.

    If you go to the doctor and tell them you want blood taken to test for something specific, will they most likely be receptive and do it for you? What about if it's the first time you've seen this doctor?

    To clarify, I'd like to get tested for hypothyroidism and also have my blood sugar tolerance analyzed. Since I've never seen this doctor before, I wondered if she'd think it odd if I ask outright for the tests.

    How many times a year do you go to the doctor?
    Are you one of those people who will only go if forced at gunpoint from your deathbed?
    If you have children, do you tend to take them more often or less often than you go yourself?
    Have you ever asked your doctor to test you for something specific?

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    Your fiance likes porno magazines but has never owned one while you've been together. You want to surprise him with a few on his birthday, but have no idea which ones are considered better than others. Any recommendations?

    Edit: It should be straight porn. No fetishes. Decent looking girls.
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    Do you think a million is still a big number? How long would a million dollars (or a million of whatever currency you use) last if you were in possesion of it?
    Give Peace A Chance

    Converting movies to play on a website

    Hi all,
    I have a .vob movie and the attendant .bup and .ifo files that I'd like to put on a website. It needs to be as dialup/non-geek-friendly as possible (aka compact) and able to choose to view the video, not just have it start playing. I know about Windows Media Player and Quicktime (but am not sure I have all the extensions straight); can anyone recommend a way to do this and keep it simple? I found this website, any other suggestions? I've never done anything like this before.

    The Food Bank says thank you!

    mmmm, poll

    Poll #928584 socks? food?

    when choosing a pair of socks to wear...

    matching color is of utmost importance
    matching texture/weight is most important
    i am anal retentive and MUST have matching socks at all costs
    all of my socks are identical so i don't have to worry
    i never wear socks
    i don't give a shit

    but i hate mushrooms!

    sneaking food someone doesn't like into a dish you cook for them is rude
    sneaking food someone doesn't like into a dish you cook for them is a-ok
    sneaking food someone doesn't like into a dish you cook for them is somewhere in between rude and a-ok
    i don't cook, never have, never will
    Give a dog a home

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    1) Is anyone else SICK of "OMG GREY'S ANATOMY" posts?

    2) Does anyone else NOT watch it?

    3) Did you happen to watch "The OC" last night? What did you think of it? The plotlines were so factually incorrect, stupid, and I yelled at the TV a lot.

    4) What kind of underwear are you wearing today?

    5) Have you ever sued someone or pressed charges against someone?

    6) If a conservative has an unpopular opinion (for explanation, being pro-life, being pro-Christianity, being anti-same-sex marriage), why are they constantly vilified by liberals and the liberals are cheered on, but if a liberal is vilified by a conservative, everyone jumps on the conservative hating bandwagon and supports liberals spouting what is basically a huge amount of intolerance?
    (For the record, I'm a liberal, so this isn't a "grudge" question." Also, these are "generalizations" and I realize that, and in no way represents the whole of these two mentioned groups. There are obviously ones who do not fit this description in both camps.)

    7) What's with the fatty hate?
    Red head

    Hard to word question

    I can't think of the name of a certain kind of brain-teaser. And it's hard to give examples because of the nature of the teaser.
    Like... there will be something like:

    And the answer is "Read between the lines."


    And the answer is "Three degrees below zero."

    Does anybody know what they're called? I really want to google-search a bunch of them, but it's nearly impossible to do without knowing what they're called.

    Sorry, but I have a lot to ask...

    1. Does ANYONE know what "ahis zyxur li peru resh" means or even what language it could be? 
    2. What is the sexiest language to you?
    3. Know of any websites where I can find cheap motels?
    4. Got any spare change you want to give me?
    5. I am serious..what does ROFL and IAWTC mean? I really am not familiar with these terms.  Any more I should know?
    6. Most interesting serial killer to you and why?
    7. And finally......do you think that Sid Vicious is really sexy?

    ANS and the US

    Another Anna Nicole Smith post, this one about her legacy

    1. I've heard her referenced as 'America's Rose', the way Princess Di was 'England's Rose'. Do you agree with this title?
    2. Will her legend be on a par with Marilyn Monroe?
    3. How many weeks total do you figure that the tabloids and celebrity mags will have ANS gracing their cover?
    I love you

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    Five years ago I found an internet site with romantic poetry--some from contributors, some from classics. Each one you clicked on had some pretty background music. I think the cursor was butterflies or something.

    One of the poems was about love, but talked about a fairy ship from across the sea. I can't for teh life of me a) find the site, or b) remember enough of the poem to locate it.

    Anyone have any guesses?

    Also, what's your favorite romantic poem?
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    Alright, I need some help again, so here I am, TQC.

    My computer is full. I'm running out of room on the hard drive and it keeps harping at me when I try to do things that need a lot of temporary memory like burning DVDs. And it's making everything go suuuper slow.

    I got the computer from my school, and when we first got them I'm pretty sure they told us that they were set up to automatically back up everything you do from the other end of the harddrive. Not that "the other end" really means anything, but basically, as I understood it, only half of the hard drive would be accessible and the other half would just back up everything. Down the road I might need to figure out how to change this, but for now I'd like to leave it as is, I think.

    So, I need to get rid of some crap. When I get time I'm going to go through and burn some files and stuff that I don't need very often on DVDs so I can get them off of my hard drive. But I'd like to do more than that, since I don't think that'll really free up too much space.

    I have a lot of software that came on it - stuff that's automatically on the laptops when we get them from school. A lot of this stuff is stuff I will never use. My major is like electronic art, basically, and I'm at a tech school, so a lot of the software is there because the engineering majors or whoever else needs it and I don't need it at all. I don't even know what it IS.

    Which is where you guys come in! Can anybody give me an idea of what any of these programs are for, so I can make sure I won't need them and I can go ahead and uninstall them?

    I've got:

    There's also a few other things in my Programs menu that I suspect are smaller applications so I'm not going to worry about them quite yet. So, any input regarding those 5 would be great.

    Also, any tips for freeing up more space on my hard drive? Maybe I should just buy some more memory. :)

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    What's a website/store that sells nice, inexpensive bras?

    I love Target- they have really cute underwear. But very little selection when it comes to bras. They're all the same bland style- just different colors.

    (I'm a D cup, too. It's near impossible to find the above criteria in my size anywhere but Victoria Secret. :-( )
    Sam outside

    Swedish to English

    Does anyone know of a website where I can put in a sentence in Swedish and it will translate it to English for me? And vice-versa? 

    Someone sent me a message of myspace in Swedish and...well...I don't know any Swedish! But I want to know what it says!
    [dance] pink side to side

    Icky yucky stuff.

    1- Gah! The husband finally has his winter boots out of storage, but lo... there's apparently spider eggs in one! :(!! How do we get rid of them? ETA: Without buying something if possible. He wants to come over to the office. :/ I'd rather he be able to come over, and me not have to go out and buy something just to have him come out too! ((He's just going to throw em out, too bad. D: Size 14 boots aren't easy to find!))

    2- Have you ever been bitten by a bug? Are you scared of them now, if so?

    3- What physical thing ARE you scared of? Anything?

    LCD or Plasma?

    I want to buy a flat panel tv. Which is better? LCD or Plasma? I see that Plasma are a lot more reasonably priced. Is it alright to get a Plasma or are there huge benefits in buying an LCD?
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    1. Whats your favorite TV series?
    2. Are you sad that the OC is going off the air (don't say anything bout last night's episode! I haven't seen it yet! )
    3. What are you having for lunch?
    4. Whats the temp/windchill where you are?
    5. Take a picture of anything and post it here


    1. The OC, Greys, House, My boys, Gilmore girls
    2. yes! all my fav shows keep going away
    3. Peanutbutter and jelly on honeywheat bread, Doritos cooler ranch, and a peanutbutter cookie
    4. 8 degrees w/a windchill of -8
    orion's belt.


    1. What do you think of train travel?

    2. What's the longest you've ever spent on a train?

    3. Have you ever traveled in a train "roomette" or a sleeper car?

    4. If you have, was it worth it - or do you think the coach seats are just as good?

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    I've noticed recently that whenever someone does something that bothers or upsets me, I have to think about it for a couple days before I'm ready to talk to them about it. If I try to talk about it right after it happens, I can't seem to get my words out or figure out what I'm even feeling and I usually just end up crying (my specialty, ugh); I'm a really emotional person obviously.

    So naturally the other person is totally confused if I bring something up that happened earlier in the week because they had no idea they even did anything to hurt me, so they get defensive and then I get upset again and it's just a big mess.

    How do you keep your emotions under control when you need to have A Talk? I need some tips, man.

    I've tried Ambien, Ambien CR, Lunesta, Lexapro, and Rozerem and nothing has helped me sleep. Have you guys tried anything besides those that helped you? I want to be more knowledgeable the next time I go to my doctor instead of just accepting whatever medicine he gives me next.
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    If this has been asked already I'm sorry and you can yell at me...

    Does anyone know anything about the new presidential dollar coins that came out yesterday?
    how often they will be released and so on?

    is there a website to go to ?
    lulu guinness clutch

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    Inspired by this.

    1. How long have you spent sitting in a plane on the tarmac?
    I spent 6 hours sitting on a plane waiting to go on a 2 hour flight. They took us back to the gate 3 or 4 times and before anyone got off they would change their mind and decide we were really going to take off that time. On the way home we got to sit on the tarmac for about 4 hours.

    2. If it was unusually long, what airline was it? Did they give you anything for it?
    It was Continental. Worst airline I've ever encountered. They gave us a coupon for $50 for the 6 hours, but nothing for the 4 hours.

    3. Did the plane finally take off?

    some of that yum yum chocolate chip, honey dip.

    1. What is the most unreasonable thing that pisses you off? (Like, something you wish you could tolerate, but just can't.)

    2. Don't you just love a salt and vinegar chip?

    3. Have you ever attempted to or succeeded at running someone off the road? Has someone ever run you off the road?

    4. Green tea Or sweet iced tea Or hot tea Or what kind of tea is your favorite?

    5. Your sister (or brother or best friend if you are siblingless) disappears over a holiday, after talking with you and saying she and the husband are having some really difficult times. You call and call - finally the husband tells you she's with him but won't talk to anyone. This persists for 5 days. Finally, you call her and she is out and about and acts as if nothing happened. You explain how worried you've been and are glad to hear from her and she acts glib about it and says "I never asked you to worry about me." Come to find out, there was an attempted suicide by her while she was so absent - and she still stands by her glib POV that people need to not make such a big deal out of things and not worry or pay attention to gut feelings they may have about her in the future.       How does this make you feel?

    apartment hunting

    So I'm searching for an apartment and I'm having trouble finding a place that is cheap, safe and pet friendly. Does anyone know of a website that I could use to find apartments other than apartment.com, rent.com, move.com, craigslist.org?

    BTW, I live in California.

    Believe it or not, this question sprang from the ANS post

    Q: Considering the currency in place in your country (penny, nickel, quarter, dollar, $5, etc), do you feel that there should be another bill or coin to bridge the gap somewhere? A new bill or coin that should be introduced for convenience' sake?

    My answer
    I think there could be a $30 bill. Many things exceed $30, and sometimes a bunch of twenties isn't efficient enough. Because things cost more these days than they used to and $20 doesn't go as far as it used to, and not everyplace can break a $50

    I also feel they could boost the economy by making a $15 bill. Many meals with a drink fall into the low teens, and it forces people to have to sometimes get up and break their $20, which is inconvenient, and they may tip less as a result. A standard $15 bill might make people more generous for there's a greater chance they'll just leave $15 regardless of bill to avoid dealing with change afterwards, and it would be more convenient in the food industry who wouldn't have to waste time counting out several bills for every other transaction
    south park

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    not that im being drug tested any time soon...

    but out of complete curiosity: say you go to the doctor, and they find drugs in your system, do they have to report it, keep it confidential, or what?

    Adults R Us

    1. Do you play in the snow?
    2. Do you jump in rain puddles? Play in the rain at all?
    3. Do you run if you are getting rained on? Why?
    4. Do you like to watch thunderstorms?
    5. Do you do donuts in freshly snowed parking lots, etc?
    6. Do you J-hook on gravel from time to time? (This is like doputs in snow, but more skill with the E-brake)
    7. Do you put your face out of the window in the summer? How about your feet?
    8. Do you lick the bowl? Spoon? Sneak some cookie dough bites?
    9. Do you want to grow up?
    10. Are you a Toys R Us kid?

    jus chill

    (no subject)

    1. are you happy?
    (i know there was a question about happiness recently.. but i don't think its the same thing)

    2. if not, what would make you happy? / if you are, what makes you happy?

    3. what time do you wake up everyday to go to work/school?

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    turtle in the hood

    Stuff to have on you

    I always have a lot of stuff in my pockets, with the possible exception of when I'm changing pants for a brief few seconds they're empty. That aside there's really only a small number of things I regularly carry all the time:
    • only one set of keys

    • something random

    • pocket knife

    • wallet

    • condoms (though of late they've migrated to my backpack)

    • nail clippers

    • necessary medications

    • something with a hood if it rains

    • a disturbing amount of spare change

    What do you keep in your pockets?
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    Okay TCQers, important question here

    In my bedroom, I can hear my Russian flatmates in the room next to me laughing and talking, but I cannot hear music. From the hallway, I cannot hear them talking, but I can hear their music playing.

    My question is:

    If I have a movie or music on, do you think they can hear the buzz of my vibrator from their room?
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    Is it general knowledge that using teeth during a blowjob is unpleasant?

    Do YOU know that using teeth during a blowjob is unpleasant?

    EDIT: Based on the fact that some people apparently like teeth, I must ask: Is it a special technique or just sort of.... grating/ scraping?


    Is it illegal for an adult female to have sex with an underage male?

    For example, an 18 or 19 year old girl with a 17 year old boy.

    I assumed it was still statutory but someone on a forum just told me that statutory only applies when the male is older... So I'm confused.
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    Gaga: Elegant

    (no subject)

    I'm asking this question for my friend:  What does it mean when you're talking with a guy one of your classes (you're in college) and as you're exiting the elevator together he puts his hand fondly (at least it felt that way) on your right shoulder and says, "Have a nice weekend?"

    (no subject)

    On average, how many hours of sleep do you get a night?

    Is it enough?

    What do you do when you are tired and need to stay awake?

    Can coffee or caffiene pills have bad side affects or are they pretty safe?

    Oh, wow.

    Whoah, hey...

    If you don't like the possibility of snarky answers regarding a question that people are pointing out was mentioned not too long before, why delete all posts (or forbid anyone from replying)?

    You asked the question. Ignore the snark, get the serious answers, and get on with your life.


    P.S. More macros, plz, inspired by inside_belle. Thx.

    Secret Music

    What album do you have on your mp3 player or music collection that you don't want anyone to know you have?

    What album do you have on your mp3 player or music collection that people who know you would be surprised you listen to?

    What was the first cd you ever bought?

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    I know how the "Prnt Scrn" key works and how it only captures what is being viewed at that instant.
    Is there a way to capture the entire window thats open?
    (I've tried google and i just dont know if i'm searching for will work)
    I'm trying to prove to someone that I actually am enrolled in classes and all the classes I am in aren't visible on one screen shot.
    Aside from doing separate screen shots and then just putting them together, I have no idea how to go about doing this or if its even possible.
    narrator - f1_roxie

    (no subject)

    What's the weirdest compliment you've gotten recently? Or even something you took as a compliment, even if it wasn't necessarily meant as one?

    My stepdad came home and was surprised to see me because he didn't know I was getting out of school early. He asked me why I was home and I told him he had a half day. He nodded, paused for a second and then asked, "Did the ugly kids get a half day too?"
    I took it as a compliment.
    Truck Tipping
    • molkat

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    When was the last time you were almost killed? What's the closest you've ever come to a grisly and gruesome death?

    It's windy here today in Denver and while driving home from class there was some debris on the highway. One such piece of debris was the entire metal hood from someone's car. It went straight at my windshield but luckily swooped downward at the last second and ricocheted off of the front and side of my car. If it would have hit directly either my face and head would probably be rather messed up or sitting in the back seat of my car. Still very shaken up.

    (no subject)

    Avoiding work...

    Does anyone actually like getting needles?

    In the same vein, do you like getting medical procedures done?

    For me, I'd say yes and yes. I've had so many needles that I just tell them to have at it, and medical things are fun! I got to enjoy medical procedures in a perverse kind of way after a while (after 6 major surgeries, I had no choice lol).
    cat mask

    (no subject)

    How are you today?
    I'm pretty good. No class until tuesday, WHOO!

    Do you know where I can find AiMutation? Or some cool desktop planners/calendars/weather things? Cool Windows XP themes? Preferably spy-war/ad-ware/virus-free? Thanks!

    (no subject)

    1)When you have a cold sore do you let it run it's course or are you like "OMG" and slather Abreva all over it? Do you use anything besides Abreva?
    2)What oral work have you had done? (surgery, braces, fillings, etc.)
    3)When you are sick of your journal or just grow out of this phase where you want to share your life with people from the internets, will you just leave it out there for posterity or whoever is fortunate/dumb enough to stumble on it or will you delete it?
    4)Is it possible to save your journal to a disk before you delete it?

    (no subject)

    Have you ever been kicked out of a public establishment for taking pictures/recording video of you and your friends inside?

    At my old roommates bachelorette party we went to KMart for a bridal scavenger hunt and they got all freaked out about it.

    (no subject)

    Hypothetical question.

    Say you're in a relationship. You're happy with your chosen mate and you have little to no desire for others and he/she is happy with you. One day, you discover that someone outside your relationship sexually fantasizes about you.

    - How would you react to this news?
    - Do you expect people to not fantasize about you if you're dating someone?
    Mitty box

    Computer Tech shit

    EDIT: OMG It freakin' works now. Stupid thing.

    I am putting an old hard drive into my computer. It has Windows ME on it. My hard drive has XP. Yesterday, I could get it to boot from XP and be able to browse the files on the new D drive. But today, for some reason, it will only boot from the ME drive and won't say that the XP drive is there. The ME drive also won't register the CD drive, so I can't put any drivers on it or anything. I am trying to get the important stuff off of the ME drive and format it. But today, I can't even get the XP drive to boot without unplugging the ME drive first and that defeats the whole purpose. I even changed the boot order in the BIOS and it still isn't working.

    WTF am I doing wrong? Do you think maybe one of the IDE cables is broken? It registers both HDs in the BIOS so I don't think that's it. And they both have the correct jumpers in to make them Master and Slave. Why would this work yesterday and not today? How much would I electrocute myself if I plugged in the ME drive after it's already booted from the XP drive?

    I hope there are some tech geeks in here who can help me. I would normally call my brother, but he's in class right now and it can't wait. I need to get this done ASAP.
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    (no subject)

    sometimes when i'm on youtube and i'm waiting for a video to load, it starts to load for a few seconds and then the red line that shows how much has loaded goes straight to the end, making me think that its fully loaded.

    the problem is, when i play the video, it only plays for a few seconds (and sometimes not even that) and then finishes. this has happened to me several times and even when i refresh the browser, restart the computer, reconnect to the internet, the video will only play a few seconds with the red line fully loaded. its pissing me off so much, because a lot of videos i reeeallly want to view are acting like this!

    does anyone know how to fix this problem?
    The Dude Abides

    Boo ?'s

    Inspired by J. Lo

    1. Do you feel that anyone is above getting booed? For example if Michael J. Fox or Tom Brokaw did something dumb would they get a boo pass?

    2. If ever, when's the last time you went somewhere where people were booing? Why were they doing so?

    3. Do you remember the last time you booed somebody?

    Bonus: Can you tell I'm really boored?
    so seductive
    • chana

    (no subject)

    who else gets really annoyed when stupid white people(SRY I OFFENDED PEOPLE) white people less intelligent than the average white person say things like this:

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


    it drives me crazy, and i don't know why.

    Profiles and adding

    1. What do you think makes for a good LJ bio? What should it include?

    2. What turns you off about a bio?

    3. Who do you think has the best bio on LJ?

    4. Have you ever read and bio and just had to add that person? Why?
    ballet photo

    workin on my fitness

    alright kids..

    1) do you go to the gym/workout?
    2) how long do you go for? How many times a week?
    3) do you focus more on cardio,weights or both?
    4) do you have a kickass work out playlist/music/cd/whatever?

    My Answers

    1) yes i go to the gym.. im working with a personal trainer right now. i feel that its slowly killing me/i love it and feel bad when i dont go.
    2) i go for approximatly two hours a day, 5 times a week...ugh
    3) i do an hour of each. my arms hurt today :(
    4) YES i love my gym playlist. its pretty much DDR music cause it gets me all hyped up to work out... then some techno and the rocky theme as well. haha cause im lame.
    im french

    (no subject)

    1.) Can you swim?

    2.) Do you think it's important to know how to swim?

    3.) Someone (my mom, actually) told me that black people can't swim/don't swim. Do you think this is true just a strange thing to say?

    *My mother is not braindead nor a raving racist. If she were, I wouldn't ask.

    (no subject)

    Some friends are taking me to a sushi place tomorrow night, and I don't have much experience with sushi, other than California rolls.

    This is the place's menu:

    What would you reccomend?

    I don't have any food allergies, but I don't like things really really spicy. I'm not a picky eater at all, and I will basically try anything. I'd just like to know what your favorites are.
    beauty and the beast
    • aero82

    (no subject)

    Okay. I've been laid off since November third and I've applied at 63 different places since then. I've had less than 10 interviews and no job has come through, either. I'm beginning to think I suck at interviewing. I never know what to say or ask when the potential employer says 'do you have any questions for me?', or 'can you tell me anything about yourself/introduce yourself to me?'

    I've been out of the job market for the past two and a half years and I feel like I get visibly nervous and flustered. I just had an interview today and I took a notebook with me with questions and things to say on it, and I just need pointers. So, what do I ask or do to stand out? Help me plz.
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    omg! =(

    Basically, I've been stood up literally every day of the entire week.

    I planned this year so the first few months would pretty much revolve around nothing but photoshoots. I kept up with my end of everything, but apparently can't seem to make up for other people not keeping up with theirs. This week I had photoshoots planned for like every day and they all fell through. All of them. At one point, I showed up at a studio and it was abandoned. I waited an entire hour, but the photographer didn't even get in touch until I was already home and rescheduled it for an entire WEEK from now.

    I was set on going on a date today and the person was making a big deal of how they'd call me last night and only missed my original call because their day minutes ran out. I got no call, and if they have no minutes, I can't call them. No date.

    Without being able to do shoots, hang out with people or really go shopping (my shopping trips were going to be geared toward out of state photoshoots so I could brush up on luggage and the likes....and those trips are delayed due to the current delays in shoots) I'm really left without getting to do anything.

    And have found myself eating the entire week. It being the week of Valentine's makes it especially bad, because of the overabundance of stuff to eat. I've so far run through piles and piles of boxes and trays of cupcakes and brownies. And now that I've plowed through it all, my mom comes home with a giant chocolate cake.

    I can already see my abs smoothing out, but have nothing planned for the weekend and am freaked out. Any ideas to reduce my hunger? =)
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    (no subject)

    Do you think everyone's opinion deserves respect, no matter what it is? Even if they are bigoted or (as bigoted views are) based on faulty/no information?

    Do you think some view points need to be left behind as society progresses?

    Are some opinions worth less than others?

    What do you consider 'equality' to mean?
    Jerry Water Dog

    Related to lindseytheforks question...

    Do you ever have an itch that you cannot find? Like you THINK it's in one spot, but when you scratch the spot, it's just not there.

    That happens to me at least once a day. I HATE IT!! I think it's due to my allergies. I take Zyrtec because I'm allergic to EVERYTHING. But I've faced the truth....All the Zyrtec in the world isn't going to save me from getting itchy when I choose to share my house with 2 dogs and 5 rats.


    recently i've run into old friends (10 years back) and one of them is having a party tomorrow. she used to have the best parties and there will be strippers (female) and i'm sure it'll be good times. a couple nights ago i ran into one of the friends, a guy, and was drunk and too friendly and said he should be my date. i meant it purely in a platonic sense but he has since been flirty with me, i believe. i'm not interested and not exactly single.

    should i go to the party and if so, how do i send the right message without making an ass of myself? and also how do i avoid being a target for a stripper to stick her dirty cooter in my face?

    (no subject)

    What are good mixed drinks for whiskey?

    Debateably the same question: How can I consume whiskey without the gross flavour making me sick? I'm not looking to get drunk, I want to make some drinks/ cocktaily things for my friends and all we have is whiskey and white wine.
    • pi3r4t

    Halp, dearest TQC!

    Hey Colorado members:

    I live in Colorado with my mother over the summers on occasion. Over spring break I'm going out with a friend to give her her first far away adventure (we live in WV) and so I can see Mom.

    We'll be stationed in Colorado Springs, but can handle some travel. We'll expect at least one day in Denver. We're only 18. Since I'm not really a native, I just spend a few months there every once in a while, I tend to forget about all the really cool stuff to do out there.. So my question iiiis: What are some must-see or must-do things in Colorado that I should include in our list of awesome things to see and do?

    So far I have Casa Bonita and a trip through Garden of the Gods while eating BJ's Velvet Freeze ice cream. And da zoo.
    [dance] pink side to side

    Getting to know youuuu... o/~

    1- How do/did you make friends? Online or off.
    2- How many people on your LJ friend list do you talk to more than in just comments/posts? (In person or online, you choose!)
    3- When adding a friend on LJ, what's the most important factors in doing so?
    4- Is it obvious I don't know how to make friends and need help? ;P

    ETA: No, this isn't a dig to get LJ friends. I really wonder how normal mortals get friends. Talking to strangers out of no where seems to get me odd stares, and I don't go to school, nor have many co-workers (my grandparents and me, whoooooo!) :( So I figure that figuring out how to get LJ friends is a start. :3
    south park

    Hokay. my last ?'s of the day...

    1) If you could eat pennies and shit quarters (whether the "shit" would be just quarters, or if you would have to go through shit to get the quarters, whatever...) would you do it?
    2) What are some of your guilty pleasures on your playlist?
    3) What genre of music do you absolutely despise?
    4) what were some of your favorite TV shows as a child?


    1) well, i dont know if i would, but I could DEFINITEY use some money right now (especially laundry money....)
    2) Most of my playlist oldies, rock *NOT* pop rock, and weird stuff--i listen to air, broken social scene, death in vegas, expendibles, smashing pumpkins, etc... what most would consider stoner music. (which is good to listen to stoned, buuuut i dont consider it stoner music)--HOWEVER, i do have a few Britney Spears, Justin Timerlakes, Air Supplies, thrown in there.
    3) I hate rap. and country. but with few exceptions, other than that, hate them with a passion
    4) Ren and Stimpy, Daria (yes, i watched it as a kid, along with beavis and butthead at an even earlier age, lol), salute your shorts, doug, and many many others

    (no subject)

    I've got kidney stones, y'all!

    Have you ever had kidney stones?

    What was it like?

    Do you know of any ways to minimize the inevitable excruciating pain that they will cause me when they eventually pass?
    lost wolfwood

    (no subject)

    Creative practical ways of taking out a large snowbank?

    I throw in practical because.. I imagine a flamethrower would work wonders.. but like I have one of those lying around.

    But, for instance.. I was wondering if there's a way you could build a fire on top of it in the middle and it would just melt on down and the surrounding area.. But of course, melting snow = water = no more fire?

    Secondly, I wonder what road flares would do, if anything. Like, maybe if I had 6, and did something crazy like duct tape 6 of them together on the end of a broomstick. I imagine the heat off of that would be unreal.. but would it melt the entire snowbank or just barely melt an insignificant amount?
    Oh noes//Hedwig

    (no subject)

    I’m probably asking the wrong place, but you’ve never failed me before..don’t start now ;)

    2 years ago I leant $4,000 to a friends mother. She was in dire need of money at the time and I had recently come into a lot of it. Now, TQC, it has been 2 years and she has paid me back nothing. It is under contract that she has to pay me back that amount by January of this year! I have talked to her about it before and she has said she has deposited money into my account...I have received none of it over the past 2 years. I don’t want to go to court, it will cost me money I don’t have and I would rather stay on good terms with her. What do you suggest I do, TQC? Do I have to break her legs? What gives? I want my moolah.
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    (no subject)


    I use the word "cunt" so often, that it may very well have lost some of its impact
    I say "cunt" either not at all, or sparingly, so the sanctity of the word has been retained-- and if there are a few instances/people in my life, for whom the word is reserved, I may mention them in comments

    Strawberry Wine

    I just got my belly button re-pierced. Therefore, I have piercing questions.

    1. Have you ever gotten something repierced after it had closed? Did it hurt worse?
    2. What piercings do you have?
    3. What piercings do you hate?
    4. What piercing do you like but would never personally get?
    5. I'm thinking about piercing my tongue. I would have to hide it until I could change it to a clear//flat barbell. How long did yours take to heal?
    6. Any gross and weird experiences//stories?

    1. This motherfucker. I screamed during, and teared up afterwards. I didn't flinch last time.
    2. Belly button, tragus, cartilage and ears.
    3. I think the one where you get the webbing of your fingers pierced is just idiotic. There's lots that people do that just seems dumb and pointless to me.
    4. Lips and eyebrows.
    5. YOU TELL ME!
    6. My sister had her belly button pierced and played volleyball. She dove for the ball, her ring got caught on a crack in the gym floor, and tore up 3 inches of her belly skin. NASTY.
    epic fight - pwnd
    • saltyj

    (no subject)

    Have you ever been to one of those midnight, "let's dress up and throw rice at the screen" showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show? If so, would you care to share your experience? I'm particularly interested in first-time, virgin accounts.
    little big town - trying to find a place

    Yahoo Personals...?

    My Yahoo Personals subscription just expired. Do I renew? It costs $25 for a month, or $50 for three months, or $75 for six months (I had a six month subscription before). I've dated two people I met on there (one of which I went out with for about a month and a half, and we now hang out as friends). Worth paying the money to possibly meet someone?

    Any other personals sites you'd recommend? I tried eHarmony and didn't really like it. PlentyOfFish.com is pretty decent, but it's free. Tell me your experiences on dating sites, good and bad.
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    (no subject)

    My curiosity was spurred by http://community.livejournal.com/thequestionclub/17890973.html.

    Has any girl ever been chewing bubble gum while she was giving you a blowjob? How did that feel? Has she ever put her bubble gum around your cock like a condom, and then you had vaginal sex? Does it protect against STDs?

    ETA: The reason I ask is because I once was going down on my girlfriend while chewing gum, and I blew a bubble and it broke, all got stuck in her pubic hair, and we spent a long time trying to get it out, then eventually had to cut it out.

    New question: If you blow a bubble up a girl's vagina, is it like you just gave her a mastectomy?

    (no subject)

    Do you have any notions about faiths other than yours?
    Like, any strange stereotypical ideas that you can't seem to let go of?
    Let's include the agnostics and the atheists. those are considered faiths, right?

    My strange faith/religion thing is for some reason I equate Pentecostals with wearing weird hats. I don't know why. As far as I know I've never even met a Pentecostal, but there ya go.
    It's okay, though! I'm Mormon so I'm sure there's all kinds of whacked-out beliefs about us!

    I've been hearing a lot about "reverse racism". Apparently, DWPAW (Driving While Plump And White) is a big problem in some parts. That's fine, but reverse racism??? Someone kindly explain the logic of this, please?
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    (no subject)

    I know there's a bunch of different types of deoderant. regular white solid, clear gel, spray, and the crystal kind. which type is your favourite? also which brand and scent is your favourite? sorry about the random deoderant questions ..just curious.
    santa clam

    (no subject)

    1)Do you have any gray hairs? If so, does it make you feel really sad and old?
    2)Do you have any wrinkles? If so, does that make you feel old?
    3)What are some things that you've done and then thought, "wow, I'm getting old"?

    (no subject)

    I'm trying to estimate how long it takes for a letter to get from the east coast of the USA (specifically Richmond, VA) to Japan. I got a card a few days ago from the address I'm sending a letter to, and it was postmarked "-0.11.07·12-18".
    Any idea when it was sent?
    And regardless of that info, how long would it take? I've sent a letter from Japan that took less than a week to get to Richmond. Ohh I am confused.
    • enig_ma

    Orlando Haunted House Attractions

    My friends and I are going to Orlando this weekend to celebrate my birthday, and we really want to visit a good Haunted House.

    Back in the old days, I loved going to Terror on Church Street. However, if I'm not mistaken, that place doesn't exist anymore.

    Upon doing a search, we have found only two Haunted Houses in Orlando: Haunted Grimm House and Terror in Orlando.

    Have any of you been to either of these? Or are there any other haunted attractions you can recommend?

    Thanks in advance!

    (no subject)

    what are your favorite mnemonic devices?

    have you ever gotten a bad haircut? how did you deal with it? did you sass your hairdresser?

    what is the funniest joke you know?

    what is the most effective home beauty remedy that you use? i mean like, soaking your feet in olive oil so that they're soft or something.

    (no subject)

    How would you define the word normal? What is normal in today's standards?

    www.dictionary.com says,"conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural."

    I was watching baby videos of me, and it's sad that at that age you can't remember being a baby. Just looking at yourself as a child....

    Do you feel nostalgia when you watch the videos?


    Do you miss being a little kid?


    Does it amaze you when you watch videos of yourself as a little toddler? 


    Do you wish you can remember being a baby/toddler?

    Sometimes. It depends.
    CA- city by the sea (me~)

    (no subject)

    what can you do with a Bachelor's in Anthropology? ((mostly cultural anthro.)) what about a BA in Photography?

    I'm trying to decide between a BA in Photography vs. Anthropology... I love all the classes I've taken in both subjects, but I don't know what I want to do with my life...

    wargh. :\
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    (no subject)

    Why are boys selfish and dirty and a pain in the ass all the time when they should be kissing the ground you walk on just for the fact that you have to put up with them?

    I'm going to my local Farmer's Market tomorrow. Do you ever go to yours? What do you buy?