February 15th, 2007


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Is your birthday 9 months after a holiday or one of your parents' birthday?

My father's birthday is March 30th; and I was born December 17th, my brother is December 19th. I think my brother and I are a result of birthday sex...

so slow here tonight :(

What names give you bad feelings?
*When I hear the name Hannah it gives me a yucky feeling right now. *NO OFFENSE TO ANY HANNAH'S OUT THERE. I am sure you are all very nice.*

Do you know anyone who was ON a talk show or a reality tv show? Who and which one?
Lost - Anywhere But Here

Doctor question

Ok so I need to go to just a regular primary care physician to get a refill on a prescription and I'm wondering if it would be possible to get them to also write me a script for birth control or if I need to go to an OB/GYN for that? I'm hoping to be able to kill two birds with one stone here since generally I have to leave town by 10am to get to work on time so I really don't have much time in the morning to be going to a bunch of places, plus it's hard to get appointments that early...well for me at least, I'm definetly not a morning person at all. So yea anyone know it if would be possible or if I better start looking into two seperate appointments.
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I turned in my study abroad application today, so I'm going to vent my pent up anxiety by interrogating you guys.

1. Have you studied abroad?
2. What country did you go to?
3. Why did you pick that country?
4. What sort of program was it?
5. How did you like it?
6. Have you gone/would you go back?

If you haven't gone abroad yet but want to, feel free to answer in the future tense.

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What do you think of the "Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them!" shirts?

Personally, I dislike them. I think they should get rid of them or make "Girls are stupid, throw rocks at them!" shirts so that it's fair.
just what do I have to eat?

All great chefs start out humble

Prior to hitting the double digits (meaning age 9 or younger) do you recall any of your early experiments in the kitchen that turned out less that stellar? Basically, it seemed like such a good idea in your head but didn't quite make the muster past the tastebuds...

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x posted to thursdaythree

01 How often do you cut your hair? What style(s) do you have? Do you change it up or go with the same every time?

02 Do you do any facial/body hair grooming? If so, how often?

03 How many colours have you dyed your hair? Have you had a perm or ever straightened your hair?

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If I was directing a movie, and there was a part where some anonymous person is walking down the hallway of their apartment building, carrying a grocery bag, on their way home from food shopping

I'd have a loaf of french bread sticking out the top of the bag
I wouldn't have a loaf of french bread sticking out the top of the bag
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Has anyone ever ordered anything from Lush? Some amazing LJ friends got me a $50 certificate for the site, but I am overwhelmed by everything and have no idea what might smell good!!! HALP.


I'm trying to decide what to do about my car.

I received the shittiest service ever, and I'm trying to figure out how to handle it. In a nutshell:

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So, TQC, what should I do? The manager is a rude asshole. I want my money back TODAY, and I want a free alignment.

Should I call the customer service line? Try to find out who the district manager is and call them? I'm afraid to call someone in charge before they give me my money for fear of retaliation from Asshole Manager.
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puttin on the ritz

1)How often you get all prettied up to go out? like full make up, hair, nice outfit etc? Do you enjoy doing so?
2)When was the last time you wore a dress/suit to go somewhere? Do you have pictures(every likes to see prettied up pictures!)?
3)What was it for?
4)Do you love these events as much as i do?

My Answers

1) full out prettied up... i try to do that at least once a week. i still wear make up and stuff to work and school but usually friday or saturday i like to get all dressed up to go out.
2)Last time i wore a dress for an event was probably in June. Im sure ive worn like causal dresses and stuff since, but i mean full out go buy a dress, make up and do my hair type dealy.
3)It was for my best friends Grad from Broadcasting School. it was the best night of my summer. i want to do stuff like that all the time :(
4) i try and FIND more things to do like this. i want to go to a ball...so i can wear a ball gown again haha. im a dork.

see photo here.
im the one on the right :) best friend on the left.

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1. If you were walking home alone at night and a stranger came up to you and sliced off your nose with some kind of nose slicing off device (machete, maybe?) and then ran off, how do you think you would react? Would you try to get to the hospital to save your nose, or try to stop the nose slicer before they attacked someone else?

2. What would you think if you were walking along and saw someone's nose laying on the ground?

3. Have you ever gotten a fish hook stuck in any part of your body? If so, how'd that turn out?

4. What flavor/scent do you like your bubble baths to be? If you don't like bubble baths, what the hell is wrong with you?

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Ok, let me preface with the fact that I know this question is somewhat stupid, but I don't know how!

I got an ipod for Christmas and I don't want to pay for songs using itunes (I think that's a crappy rip off), how do I use limewire or bearshare (or some other free program) to download music and put it on the ipod? Thanks!

Obligatory House Question

It's a day late, but here's the post anyway.

1.) What did you think of this week's episode?

2.) What's your opinion on Cameron?

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And here are some questions for those of you who don't watch House.

3.) What is your favorite color?

4.) What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
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The Receptionist Classic

Lock the Cash Box

Are there any song lyrics that you thought were one thing but turns out they were another thing?

I used to think the Clash was saying "Sharee don't like it" but it was really "sharif don't like it" (Rock the Casbah). And up until Monday, I thought the Bangles were saying "the party boys, called the Gremlin" but it's really "Kremlin" (Walk Like An Egyptian). I feel pretty dumb.

Does it make you feel weird when your professor has an obsession with a band you like?
(My research professor has an unnatural obsession with the Clash. She uses them in every lecture as an example. It's starting to get weird.)
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Resume (CV) questions

I'm fixing up my resume, preparing to apply for both IT jobs and clerical jobs.

I can't decide if it needs a section that describes my skills and activities, or not. Or whether certain types of jobs would respond better to a resume without that section. (Right now it mentions stupid stuff like peer tutoring, how fast I type, that I do digital art in my spare time, and some other stuff like that). Part of the reason I can't decide is that some of the jobs I'll apply for don't care, while some of the jobs very much like this kind of "fluff" even if my work experience and education descriptions would illustrate these skills already.

Would it be better to save those things for a cover letter, or create two different resumes (one with the fluffy skills and activities, and one without) depending on which job opening I send them to?

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If you lock your keys in the car and the spare keys are at home, call

someone at home on your cell phone.

Hold your cell phone about a foot from your car door and have the other

person at your home press the unlock button of your key fob (clicker),

holding it near the phone on their end. Your car doors will unlock.

Saves someone from having to drive your keys to you.

You could be hundreds of miles away, and if you can reach someone who

has the other "remote" for your car, you can unlock the doors (or the


Editor's Note * It works fine! We tried it out, and it unlocked our car

over a cell phone!

I locked the car, drove a long distance away, then had my youngest

daughter call me from her cell phone. I clicked open into the phone and

I could hear the car doors unlock through her cell phone.

My daughter confirmed that sure enough the doors opened.

i just got this in the mail from my mom, i guess it's going around her office and she was wondering what i thought about it. it seems impossible and ridiculous to me, what about you?


What bands, singers, artists are you willing to admit that you secretly like?

haha for me it would be
Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jojo, Michelle Branch, O-town, Sarina Paris, Jessica Simpson, Nick Lacey
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Gettin all personal.

1- If you know someone--online--is into kiddy (teenagers, lower numbers) porn, who flaunts it openly, what would you do?

2- Is there a name for the... condition (don't know if that'd be the right word) when you look at a group of small objects and get a migrane or feel nauseated? Like a cluster of pomegranate seeds, or holes in the ground. I suffer from this big time, and would love to know if there's a name for it so I can do something about it. :(

3- So this isn't all depressing... How is your day going today?

lame gift question + work curiousity

My best friend is obsessed with ducks. I'm thinking of getting him a hoodie for his birthday that says something about ducks on it but I'm horrible with guys clothing sizes. He's 6'4" and around 190-195. He says he wears a size Large. Does that sound right? Also, does anyone have experience with CafePress and their sizing?

And a regular question,

What's your routine when you first get in to work?

2 Hypos

1. You're visiting a fortune teller with a friend. After giving your friend her reading, she looks at you and says "OMG, I can see your future and...you will be seriously injured during a Jim Carey movie. I see a fight breaking out and you getting injured. Be careful!" You both leave and nervously laugh it off. Later that night, another friend calls you and asks if you want to go see the movie The Number 23, that new Jim Carey movie. This friend got opening night tickets in a poshy theatre, and there will be a couple celebrities attending, including one you rather fancy. It'll be fun, your friend says.

Do you go? How seriously do you take the fortune teller's warning?

2. There's a future-seeing device that's invented. You're allowed to see the near-distant future and react to it, if you have to. You pay to use it, and in your vision of the future, you see yourself get hit by a car at a certain crosssection the following Tuesday at 2pm. You're flung through a window, and suffer a head injury. You end up in a coma for 5 years. You come to in the 6th year, which will involve primarily rehabilitation and recooperation. There's no lingering problems with your brain, and it's like exactly how it is right now: bright and functional. You find out in that year that due to the lawsuit pressed against the driver, you have 25million in your bank account. After that, the vision ends. Knowing what's in store

Do you go to the crosssection at that time? Would you sacrifice the next 5 years of your life to be very wealthy and never have to work again?

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What have you learned this week?  (I learned that in some states you can't turn right on red.  I really had no idea that this wasn't allowed in some places.)

What's something you're good at, but really hate doing?  (Writing research papers)
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1. I made etouffee before I realized I have no rice. I have no way of getting to the store, so now what am I supposed to eat it on?

2. What's the strangest question you've ever been asked at a job interview?

3. If you have internet banking, how often do you check your balance?

4. Do you keep a loaded gun anywhere in your house?

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Would you find it awkward if your significant other worked for your parents? What if you worked for their parents?
My boyfriend's mother is a landscape designer and I'm working for her, I add color to all of her designs. I find it awkward to take money from her, but other than that I enjoy working with her.

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My car is resting on a bed of ice. I need to create some traction in order to get it on the road. I know that you can use rock salt, kitty litter, any of those special mixes you can buy at the store, but anything else? Maybe something I already have in the house?
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Is there any way in S2 style to view my friends' page not in the style of my personal LJ?

How the fuck do I view my comments to my personal LJ NOT in my personal LJ style (i.e., the "normal" comment view or whatever)?

I won a $25 gift certificate to Amazon.com on Blingo (so did thejoysofjess since I signed up under her!). What should I buy with it? I'm considering a Disney World guide and a cheap food processor.

So... how's your mom?
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The nose that knows

"Getting there is half the fun"?

If you're getting ready to travel somewhere, do you tend to get excited about the actual plane/bus/train/boat journey itself, or just about the place where you're going?

Do you enjoy the experience of actually 'travelling' there, or do you just see it as a way to get to where you're going?
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Because TQC is smart :)

Hopefully y'all can help me.

At work I have an HP Scanjet 3970 scanner, which I use most often to create .pdf files, but sometimes I use it to scan multiple-page documents for editing later.

What I don't understand is why, when I scan the document to MS Word for editing, does it create text boxes all over the document instead of a straight-up MS Word file?

It would be so much easier to edit if I could just insert my cursor where the editing needs to be done instead of trying to hassle with the text box.

Any ideas how to change it so that it will scan without creating text boxes?

I've tried scanning straight to a MS Word file, and scanning to a file and specifying the file type as .rtf or .txt and still, each time it creates the text boxes.

*headdesk* Help?

ETA: Problem solved. cottonmanifesto has AWESOME google-fu!
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for fans of the office (us)

1. When did you get hooked on The Office?
2. Who is your favorite character?
3. Which character would you like to see get fired?
4. What is your favorite prank that Jim has pulled on Dwight?
5. I always miss the first few minutes of each episode. What did Jim give Dwight to eat last week?
The Dude Abides

Random ?'s

1. If the 1997 you met the you of today, would the 1997 you be impressed?

2. What's the last hyped up or critically acclaimed event/movie/book/etc that actually lived up or surpassed your expectations?

3. Why are gas station (and most public) toilets/restrooms usually so disgusting?

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tell me about the badassiest way that you've ever quit a job. i almost quit mine this morning but being rational and mature got in the way. darnit!

also, are you one of those people who have never liked a job that you've held? why do you think that is? what did they all have in common? i am asking becuase i'm pretty much in the same situation and i'm worried that i'll go all through life never liking a job and that i'll be unhapy forever.

also, why can't i change my homepage? i have firefox and for whatever reason, i am at a total blank when it comes to figuring out how to change it. i'dlike it to be my school email account but it's msn. :(

what are your thoughts on menstrual cups? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menstrual_cup

Animal-themed poll

You wake up one day, and you possess...The Eye of the Tiger! What do you do?

I take boxing or martial arts, where I will quickly rise up, due to my combative drive
Sell it on ebay
Let go of it before the tiger gets pissed
Nothing. Sounds like it involves activity. Not interested
Track down Mr. T...and punch him out

They say that you're 'as clever as a fox'. What are they saying about you?

You're sly and intelligent, and prone to have the upper hand
You have high knowledge of chicken coops and the uncommon ability of digging under chain-link fences
You're stupider than a human

They say 'the early bird gets the worm'. What does this mean exactly?

Those that are early to rise are rewarded for their behavior, usually by accomplish much more than their late-rising neighbors
Those that wake up first can start hitting the tequilla bottle before anyone else
Late sleepers starve to death
Birds apparently have an intestional parasite problem

What does 'busy as a beaver' refer to?

Being as active as the bucktoothed mammal, who chew down trees and build dams and stuff
To work as hard as your vagina does. This usually applies to prostitutes and drunken sorority girls
To do nothing but fuck around all day, like the Beav from Leave it to Beaver. That kid needed a job or something

When you're 'bright-eyed and bushy-tailed', what are you?

Awake, alert and ready to go
Suffering from radioactive mutations. You're probably quarrantined from the rest of the human race while you're reading this
Mid-transformation into werewolf
Clearly on drugs
You're a freakin' furry

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Inspired by my college's blood drive today...

1. Have you ever donated blood? (or, if you're not old enough- do you plan to?)
1a. How many times?
1b. Why not?
2. Ever been rejected?
3. What color bandage do you usually get?

And just for kicks
4. Do you actually read the answers OPs put at the bottom of their posts?

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I do an alternative schooling program through my high school which is basically just me homeschooling myself, along with the fact I have mono right now. So I find myself being super bored out of my mind when I'm not learning and going through random livejournals. This has resulted in me asking many a questions for ya'll.

1. What do you do when your bored?
2. Whats a good website or community for Livejoural layouts?
3. I just ate 2 dozen peanut butter cookies, whats the one pathetic thing you've done today?
4. How do you get rid of sugar ants?
5. Do you play The Sims 2?
6. Did you have a nice valentines day?
7. What did you do on valentines day?

Thats really not a whole lot of questions...but eh.
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Medal or Coin

I'm not sure if I can post this here. If it's not allowed, I'm sorry.

I have this medal or coin and I need to find some information on it. I've had this about 15 or more years. My uncle found it in a burned down house he was cleaning up in Arizona.

1. Does anyone know any site that I can possibly find out what this is?

2. Does anyone have any idea or know what it is?

Thanks a bunch.

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scenario --

*walking down the street minding my own business* when i notice you standing across the street from me.. gosh, i haven't seen you in forever! *waves until i catch your attention* me thinking: 'oh shit! that's not who i thought it was' *stops waving* oh crap.. now you're crossing the street and you're headed towards me with a big smile on your face...

i have no idea who you are..

1. what are you getting ready to say?
2. has this ever happened to you irl?
Beast mode!

(no subject)

1. What is the worst stapler related injury you have ever suffered?

2. How likely is it that the parking police are out patrolling unplowed streets today for parking violations? EDIT: It's a side road in a neighborhood, not any main road, if that makes a difference.

3. How is your Thursday? Get the hang of it yet?


To the men:

Do you believe that it is true that when men listen to their SO's problems they feel compelled to try and "fix" them by offering advice or doing something? If you do this, why do you do it?

To the straight ladies:

Do you find that your SO does this? Do you like it or do you wish he would just listen and not try to fix things? If you think that they do this, why do you think that they do it?

(no subject)

What is your favorite slang for sex?
I love to use Shakespearean slang, ie 'beast with two backs'
What is your favorite slang for genitalia?
I always say 'sarlacc pit' for some reason, I don't know why.


1. Have you ever thought about just how important reliability is in almost every realm of life?

2. Girls: Do you wipe back to front or front to back?

2. Boys: Do you wipe your weens for pee drip or do you just let the boxers/undies wipe it off?

3. Would you rather have:

    A~Someone that treats you like an absolute queen and runs errands for you, tells you you are beautiful, truly would never think of leaving you, truly doesn't have an interest in the world to the opposite sex romantically besides you, has a great nether region,  loves to cuddle and be cuddled, etc etc etc


   B~Someone who has mildly all that, but the connection you have in your minds is beyond time and space.

A more specific vacation question--for Southern CA residents

If you live in Southern California, U.S.A., and you go to school or know someone who goes to school:

1. Does your school have President's Day (February 19) off? Just the day, or the whole week?

2. What kind of school is it--elementary, middle, high school, or college? (If you have any info on Pres' day breaks for elementary or middle school I'd love to have it)

Bonus question: Are you going to Disneyland that week?

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What do you say to a friend who wants to "mother" everyone?
She recently got married, and she now thinks that she knows the answer to everyone's problems. In fact, she knows the answers to problems that you don't even know you have!
I've been very stressed out, and I'm worried that if I don't find a way to politely ask her to stop being so... annoying... I'll just snap.

ALSO, is there a word for this behavior? Its not exactly patronizing, because she's not trying to be condescending...
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by another other name

Do you have a nickname that you are known by to many people?
Do you actually like the nickname?

My Answers
1) ive never had an actual nickname that like.. stuck. it makes me a little sad. One small group of my friends does call me Clever though. when i first met my friend Colin, he was going around introducing me to his buddies and he went "oh yea this is manda and her twin clever" 1) obviously my name is not clever, nor is manda my twin...we just look realllly similar for best buds. couple of my friends get pure joy out of calling me "ral" cause its the end of my first name and i call one of my close friends Mal..which would thus make us..mal and ral. not happening.
often at parties random people call me reefer cause of my name- Coral-. its so very funny..
2) well i obviously hate ral. as well as reefer. but Clever kind of makes me laugh.


Have you ever lied about something that was obviously a lie and not get questionned about it? Have you ever lied about something that you could have easily just told the truth for because the truth was boring? Basically, just tell me funny or weird lies you've told...

I once wanted to get out of class but had already missed quite a few days and my professor wasn't too happy, so I told him I had an important gynecologist appointment to go to because he was very shy and I knew he would just get embaressed and not bother saying anything about it...

I was once late for work because I slept in, but told my boss that I had gotten trapped in my elevator and that was why I was late... It was an obvious lie and I could have easily just said I missed the bus or slept in but for some reason that was the first thing that came to mind...
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Tomorrow I have to do a presentation on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. It has become a tradition to see who can be the most creative when bringing in food. I looked up "frankenstein food" and found
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What can I make or bring in that will be frankenfood-esque? I'm just trying to think of something that seems mutated but I'm coming up with a big nothing.

(no subject)

I'm thinking of getting a cat when I move but I'm not sure what color, or what breed i want, I'm thinking of getting a long hair cat, possibly a persian, but I know they can be very expensive.

so my questions:

do you have a cat?
what breed is it?
whats his/her/their names
how much did you pay for it?

please post a pic too!

Me--State Fair

kickstart my appetite

Do you ever go through phases of feeling hungry, but you look at or think about food and NOTHING sounds good? What do you do about it?

Lately, I've been hungry but not eating a lot and not thinking anything sounds good when I'm hungry. I suspect it's the cold weather.

When you post a question here, do you have comments emailed to you?

Mostly no, because I'm pretty bad about checking my email. If it's important, I just open the question in a new tab on Firefox and refresh it.

Did you ever have a product that was part of a recall? What was it and why was it recalled?

I just found out this morning--I think because of a post in here--that my Peter Pan peanut butter could have salmonella in it. My first recall...

Did anyone you know lose their hearing? What did you do? How did this affect your relationship?

My grandma is losing hers, I called her today and she was able to mostly hear and understand me, but it really just bummed me out to no end.

Do you know who's in my icon?
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1. When you go to shows in the winter time, what do you end up doing with your coat once you're inside?

2. I'm going to a show at the 9:30 Club on Saturday with my friend, who goes to school in DC. We're taking the metro to get there, so we can't really leave coats in our car or anything, and it's supposed to be 40 degrees, so we can't leave them in her room, either. I doubt the place has a coat check. Any creative ideas for what we should do with our coats during the show?
so super!

(no subject)

1-If applicable, how did you quit smoking?
2-When do Easter eggs start going on sale?
3-Do you hate it when people say “this is my first post..” etc when asking questions in TQC?
4-Are you partaking in the tqc_notebook ?
5- how ugly is LJ’s Valentines Day theme? (!)
6-Do you remember LJ'ers by their username or their icon?

edit- i'm talking about chocolate bunnies and so on. not eggs that I can dye etc.
edit because now i'm really curious- what do you call, ah..easter eggs? My definition of easter eggs is basically anything chocolate and in the shape of an oval, or similar. (bunnies and other shapes sometimes fall into this category too)

What should I do?

Lent starts in a week and I don't know what what I'm going to do. I drink a lot of coke, so I was thinking of cutting back on soda and drinking more water, but thats all I've come up with so far. Now for my question:

Any ideas of what I should do or what I should give up for Lent?

Please help, I have this problem every year, and I never seem to come up with any good ideas!
gregory peck smart is sexy

(no subject)

Would you be able to be rational if a friend told you they thought a passion of yours was dumb/useless/selfish, etc? By rational I mean able to talk to them about why they thought the way they did and have an intelligent discussion. Rather than, you know, turn red, splutter, and cry.

Personal examples: a good friend just told me she thought Women's Studies was useless (it's my major), a friend once told me he thought my interest in astronomy was selfish, a friend's mom hates that she wants to be a writer, etc etc etc. To me it feels like a really personal rejection.

(no subject)

Ok...this is really bugging me. A friend of mine in the UK showed me a video of the performance that the Scissor Sisters did last night at the Brit Awards. (Now mind you, I thought I didn't know the song before she sent me that, the song being "I Don't Feel Like Dancing) But I realize I recognize it from somewhere (and not the radio, lol) and I cannot figure out where I recognize it from. It's either in a commercial or now for some reason I think it was in Happy Feet. So my questions is, does any of you know if that song was in Happy Feet, or is it in any commercial?

Thanks for your help in advance :)

Cleaning my closet

Does it seem overly obsessive that I need all my hangers to be a certain color and type and match? Of course they all go the same direction. When I go to store and the are all flipped this way and that on the rack I will actaully fix them.

Anyone else?
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(no subject)

1. One of my teachers in high school used to never wash his coffee mug -- he says it "washes itself out" each morning he fills it with coffee. Even over the weekends. What do you think, is that really sanitary? It just seems dirty to me....and I'm reminded of it every damn day as I'm washing my coffee mug.

2. Does bleached hair keep lightening as the months pass? My hair looks SO much lighter than in pics from a year ago or so. It was supposed to match my roots but now my four inch roots are still dark and there is a definite line where the bleached hair meets the natural hair.

3. Hypothetical: if your job alloted you $5 a day as a "lunch fund" (approx. 1300 in a year) that could only be spent in certain locations in the area, within a certain time frame, and only on days that you worked.... OR you could cash out 75% of it at the end of the year (approx. 975) and forgeit the other 25% -- would you take the lunch fund or would you cash out at the end of the year?

4a. If you don't like dogs: why not?
4b. If you don't like cats: why not?
4c. If you don't like kids: why not?

yay vacation!

Poll #928195 school vacation

when i was in elementary school we...

had one break for a week at easter time
had two breaks, one in february and one in april
we didn't get breaks, we got beaten with sticks
i didn't go to elementary school
i lived in california and was on their freaky random system

(no subject)

non-virgins of this community --

I have issued the simple, direct command "Fuck me" to someone, during an act of passion.
I've never issued the simple, direct command "Fuck me" to someone, during an act of passion.
sad girl

Daylight come and me want to go home.

1. Can you make an origami crane?
2. Do you think home-schooled kids turn out socially inept and/or weird?
3. What's your favorite brand of bottled water?
4. I'm 23 and don't have my ears pierced. Should I get them pierced or refuse the lobe stabbing tyranny?
5. What's your stance on mandating the HPV vaccine?


1. Yes, but only while looking at directions.
2. Yes, some to lesser extents, some to bigger extents. That South Park episode with the home-schooled kids was hilarious.
3. Deer Park.
4. I have no self importance!! You tell me!!
5. I am a little torn. I can see both sides, but I probably favor to not mandate it, because it's not a disease like mumps or chicken pox that's spread from just touching or being around someone. You have to make a decision to have sex with someone (excluding rape and all that). However, I do understand that mandating it doesn't inconvenience people all that much and the people who need it the most are probably not going to voluntarily go in for a $250+ vaccine.
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(no subject)

I'm writing a paper on "union contracts vs. public need" and I'm looking for a company to use as an illustration. A kind of case study, actually. I wanted to go with Kaiser since I know they use a lot of union work, but I'm not finding a lot of material. Same with Safeway, my backup plan.

Do you have any suggestions for a good company to use for this sort of research? Have their been any good union scandals lately I should look into? I'm just not familiar with this topic at all. :/

(no subject)

1. do you save your paystubs?
2. if so why? and for how long?

I just came across some of my paystub, some are definitly missing, so I dunno if i should save them or not, I just check to make sure I got paid right, and that theres no mistake and then, well, I either throw them out or misplace them. I dont know if its important to save them for like the current year or not.


3. is there a way to stop getting replies to your email? is there a way I can just make it go through my message box here on LJ?
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Tried to post this for V-Day but LJ didn't want me to...

My apologies if this has been asked recently, but this is the question I used to keep my mind entertained on the long public transit ride I had today and I thought I would ask it of the great TQC.

What do you remember most sexually about the partners you've had in the past, not including your current one. When you think back to your past bedroom exploits, what's the first thing that comes to mind?

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Trip with kids

So, in a few months I am taking three kids on the road. Touring the US. For three weeks. We will be spending a lot of time in the car. Anyone have any ideas on what we can do in the car to keep busy?

EDIT: My kids will be 9-10-11 at the time of the trip.

(no subject)

1)How much did you pay for the last show you went to?
2)How often do you go see live music?
3)Have you ever been told you couldn'd come into a bar/club/restaurant because you weren't wearing the right clothes? What were you wearing that wasn't allowed?

(no subject)

1A)Have you ever asked your partner how many people they had been intimate before they were with you?
1B)What would you do if their answer was ridiculously high, or they didn't know?
1C)Have you ever insisted your partner be tested? If yes, have they ever refused to get tested/insisted they had already been tested?

2) What is your favorite bit of useless information?
Americans eat about 95 million pounds of marshmallows every year.

3) What is your favorite kind of flowers?

4A) What is your birthstone?
4B) What is the flower of your month of birth?

5) Do your initials spell out anything?


(no subject)

If you've seen Kairo, what is it that the ghosts on the website say in Japanese that means "Save me"?

The dictionary I consulted doesn't agree with my memory and I don't have a copy of the movie to check.

Edit: Answered, woot. "Tasukete."
epic fight - pwnd
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(no subject)

Anybody here a fan of the UK version of The Office?

If so...

1. Were you really worried when you found out they were making an American version? I sure was! I thought for sure it was going to be crap.

2. Who is your favorite UK charater? David Brent.

3. Do you watch the US version? I've seen two episodes.

4. What do you think of it? I think it's pretty funny, I just never have any time to watch it.

5. Does it bother you at all that some lines/entire scenes are complete copies of the UK version? It did the first time I watched an episode, but the second time it wasn't so bad. Steve Carell is funny enough that he can make it different enough from Ricky Gervais.

(no subject)

So, this year, my school gave us all PowerBooks. I KNOW, COOL.
But, for some reason, they're all kinds of ridiculous. Everytime you open up any type of document in Microsoft Word, you get asked if you want to enable macros.
Now, I have this fatty paper I need to turn into my Creative Writing teacher. He doesn't want it as a hard copy, because it's 8 pages. I need to e-mail it to him, but everytime I try, I get told that my essay is carrying a virus that cannot be cleaned. Perhaps a quick Google would help, but it's not telling me what kind of virus or anything. Does anyone have ANY ideas about what to do to make it so my e-mail will send this fucker?

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(no subject)

Who have you met who's been the complete opposite of a stereotype associated with their group?

I went to France when I was 13 and stayed with a host family. The mom was a complete clean freak. She did laundry every day and yelled at my roommate for skipping a day between showers.

Clinical Trials?

Has anyone here ever participated in a clinical trial?
-If so, what was it and what happened?
-Did you try out an investigational medicine? Did you get any weird side effects? Did the medicine really work?
-Did you have to stay in the facility for more than a few days? If so, how was that?
-How much did you get paid? What form did you get paid in? Were you reimbursed for time and travel?

I'm not currently looking to do this, I've just always been curious. These things are always posted in my local newspaper and some claim to reward you as high as $5,000.

I wonder if participating in these clinical trials is really like being a "lab rat". Someone told me that they make you sign papers and you're basically signing your rights away and they can do whatever they want to you. I've heard all kinds of things from people who've never participated and I just wanted to know if they were talking out of their ass or if its really not very safe.

Sick grandma. Worried

So my great-grandmother was taken to the emergency room today. I just called and the nurse said she was  brought in with Congestive Heart Failure. Then she put me on hold and another guy picked up. He wouldnt tell me anything, saying that he could only talk to her legal guardian, and in person. He kept saying he couldn't tell me anything.
Is it true that he can't even give me her condition. I just wanted some information so we could know what's going on. I told him, I'm calling because the rest of the family doesn't speak english. But he still wouldnt tell me anything. 
Is this appropriate? What would it hurt to tell a relative (or even a stranger if he thinks I am) whether the person is doing ok.
We live far away and can't get there right now. Shouldnt he at least tell us whether her condition is grave or stable? 

Also, I don't really know what the implications of congestive heart failure are. Can someone still come out of something like this? 
Obviously it varies from person to person, but it sounds so very serious, I'm wondering if anyone's had experience with this condition and if there's any hope. 


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Wild bird question

A little wood thrush got into my house a bit ago.  The poor guy flew into the window above my kitchen sink, fell into the dishwater and is soaking wet.  

Needless to say, I can't put him back outside in this sub-zero weather.  Does anybody have any idea how I can make him comfortable for the night?  Will he even survive the evening in captivity?  And will he be okay to put back outside tomorrow, being that he'll be spending all this time in a warm environment and then thrust back out into the cold?

Right now I have him in an old wire hamster cage with a bowl of water and a dish of wild bird seed.  Anything else I need to do?

(no subject)

hey all!

So, did anything exiciting happen on the internet this week!?  like, monday-today?


(ps:  did j00 miss me, TQC? lol.  your favourite chook is in the hospital :P)
Sam outside

I'm eating cereal.

1. Do you ever mix your cereals? Like pour half of Cereal A and half of Cereal B? 

2. What are your favorite cereal mixtures?

3. Your worst cereal mixtures?

4. Overall, what's your favorite cereal?
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(no subject)

1. What's your greatest culinary achievement to date?

2. What's the most foul medicine you've ever had to take? What was it like?

3. Are you scared of IV's/needles?

4. Do you like listening to audiobooks? What's your favorite one?

5. What kind of dream did you have last night?
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(no subject)

1. In what way would you discipline a daughter who has been caught hanging her three hundred dollar dresses on wire hangers?

2. How many drinks have you had tonight?

3. Would you rather your child go to school bald or looking like a tramp?

4. What is your favorite movie about a total nutjob and/or alcoholic?

(no subject)

Random as hell question, but I'm heading off to a fancy dress party tomorrow night, as an LAPD officer. Thing is, the hat I'm wearing is a little tight and leaves a red mark on my forehead that looks like a rash when I take the hat off, and takes a few minutes to fade. What could I do to either stretch the hat or to stop the redness from forming? Could I like superglue some cotton wool on the bit of the hat that is making the mark...? Or what?


Does anyone have any ghost encounters/stories they like to share?

I've never had any but my mom likes to tell me the story about how when she was little, the boarding school she lived in was built on top of a cemetary. One night, her and her friends were playing hide and seek in the bathroom and one girl put her hands over her face to start counting, but then she couldn't take her hands off her face. They called a nun and only after she said a prayer or something could the girl get her hands off her face.

Yeah, not that scary but I'm bored. So yeah, can you guys share some ghost stories with me?

(no subject)

I have dreams in which I have a detachable penis, as well as a couple of vibrators on hand and I'm sticking them in various objects that have holes in them, then I have orgasms in my sleep. Does this make me a lesbian?

(no subject)

I have dreams of runaway slaves getting it on in the back of cars, does this mean I have a secret fetish for big black bucks with dripping appendages reaching for my body that live on plantations? Whoops, I just finally made myself sick.

Techie question about laser printers

Hey TQC - this is one for the techies among us.

I have a Canon Laser Class 2060 Fax/Printer. It's doing the same thing my laserjer 6L used to do. Paper would go to lift from the rollers, it'll pick the paper up but not pull it by the rollers. Any idea how to go about fixing this? I just got this fax so I'd hate to throw it out if I can fix it.

If you have an Amazon.com account...

another edit:: If you have an Amazon.com account...

What are the top five DVD recommendations?

Top five CD recommendations?

Top five book recommendations?

edit: If you don't have an Amazon account that gives you recommendations then just comment with your recommendations for others.