February 14th, 2007

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1. do you think alcoholism is based on frequency or motivation? for instance, my roommate drinks pretty much every night. i consider her an alcoholic, not because she gets drunk every night (although she does get messy drunk almost every time she drinks), but because i think her drinking is how she deals with problems, escapes from life, etc.

2. on a completely unrelated note, why would someone ask me what my "sign" was if they weren't flirting awkwardly? it wasn't a way to start the conversation either - i already know her (although not well), and she brought it up totally randomly and never explained why.

3. what asshole invented valentine's day?
Pedo zee breakdancer.

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I've had a killer canker sore for a couple days and I knew that hydrogen peroxide can potentially help, so I did a Google search to see how much I should dilute it for mouthwash. I was actually surprised with the results saying that hydrogen peroxide can be used for so many things such as cleaning, dish washer detergent, facial astringent, laundry, detoxifying bath and many other things. One article even said how potentially helpful it can be to ones health by ingesting a few drops of it a day.

Have you heard of this, and if so, do you partake in anything that involves hydrogen peroxide other than the typical disinfectant?

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Have you ever been featured in stupid_free? What for? Did it bother you?
Yes, for a question I posted about marriage a while back. I didn't really care, but I read through the post about me and had a few good chuckles.

I have a webcomic that I absolutely love working on. I'd like to improve on how I draw people, though. I tend to draw them in very stiff positions, instead of looking normal and relaxed. Are there any good sites that can help me improve on how to draw people (especially hands)?

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Bros before hos. So what's the chick equivalent of this phrase? Is there one?

Additionally, if you are a man and you have no woman, who makes your sammiches and fetches your beer?
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Do you like a man/woman in uniform?

Me? No. I think they all look identical and nearly each and every one has a superiority complex. Plus, I feel that most of the people they are fighting for arent worth saving in the first place. Therefore, I cant really have a uniform fetish.


So every Wednesday my mum goes out to her friends and has dinner there which leaves me, my brother and dad to choose something for dinner that we haven't tried before/haven't had much of.

Three weeks ago: Hearts (dads choice)
Two weeks ago: Steak (my mum told my dad it was my choice, liar!)
Last week: Liver (brothers choice)

So since I get to jump ahead of my dad thanks to my mum, what do you suggest we have?
Pretty much open to anything as long as it's simple to prepare. Oh and if you name products or anything, bare in mind I'm in England so we might not have the same over here.

Not limited to just meat either as that seems to be the pattern as the weeks have gone.
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first post

This is my first post ever. My best friend watches this group and often posts, so I thought I'd try.
My question is really weird. Several years ago, 2002 in fact, I was watching TV really late at night and saw the strangest cartoon. I believe one of those video networks, like MTV or VH1, was showing a series of independant cartoons, possibly like a film festival or something. For some reason, I have the feeling it was a Canadian-made cartoon, but that may be wrong. The one I am concerned about was drawn in such a way that it reminded me of School House Rock, and the "plot" was that a little letter-shaped guy was looking at a statue of another letter, and he turns to another bystander to say the name of the letter. The bystander disagrees and states the name of another letter, so they get to arguing. The whole time, though, there's no real dialogue, just these letter-shaped guys essentially squeaking the name of their letter somewhat angrily. As the cartoon went on, more and more letters kept coming in, arguing about what the statue was, until the King came and proclaimed which letter was right, but only after some huge ridiculous war-like rioting scene. Not only do I not remember what this cartoon was, I don't think they ever showed the title. I know it sounds really, really stupid probably, but I have some memory attached to it and so it's important to me that I find out what it is.
So here's the question for the post: Does anyone know what the heck I'm talking about? Can someone give me the name of the cartoon? Am I lucky enough that it's on YouTube?
Thanks for your help, sorry the post is so long.
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1. If you woke up in a strange room, tied to a chair, and one of your arms was missing, who would you think was behind your unfortunate fate?

2. Is there anyone in your life who deserves to have one of their arms chopped off and then slapped in the face with their own hand? Why or why not?

3. If you were kidnapped and were being tortured by some psychotic stranger, what kind of background music would you like for them to play?

4. When was the last time you were on a picnic? Was it a nice picnic?
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This doesn't actually have anything to do with the 'holiday', but..

Is it possible to feel that your life is inconsequential and meaningless, but still enjoy your life? One of my friends is confused by this concept. She thinks the first part means I'm suicidal, and the second part just wierds her out.
The Receptionist Classic

Someone Had Sugar This Morning... (it was me)

Holy crap! It's snowing! There is like, a bazillion inches of snow out there and my professors just canceled classes... Oh, wait, just kidding. It's sunny and 42 degrees (going to get into the 60s) and I still have to go to work and school today.

For those of us NOT covered in snow, how's the weather?

And one for everyone: Where is the weirdest place you've ever gotten a paper-cut?
(I have two little ones on my middle finger, on the side of a knuckle. I have NO idea how they got there. But nothing beats the toilet-paper paper-cut on the butt.)
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ringo starfish

coachella question

for those of you who have been to Coachella and know how onsite camping works:

I plan to go with a group of friends and stay all 3 days/nights. one of the friends that I'm going with purchased an onsite camping ticket, and it said that it was good for 10 people. however, on the Coachella website (and on the festival tickets), it says each person must have their own camping ticket. does this mean that everyone in our group needs to buy their own $45 camping ticket, if even we plan to camp together/in the same tent?

plz advise!

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1) The weather outside is so horrible (everything is coated in a layer of ice) that classes are cancelled! What would you do if you had all this free time?
I've got some work I need to take care of, then I'm going to finally update my comic and watch some movies with my sister (her classes are cancelled too).

2) What were you doing at 9 PM last night?
Cleaning out my turtles' tank!

3) Do you have pets that you named in pairs? (ex: Sonny and Cher, Starsky and Hutch, etc.)
Two of my cats are named Smokey and Bandit, and I named my turtles Bulk and Skull (points if you remember what the names are from).

In honour of our first real snowstorm...

You are driving on a snowy road and lose control of the car. You can not stop but you can semi-control which direction you are skidding in. Ahead of you, crossing the road at varying intervals are an old couple, a pregnant woman and a dad with a little kid walking next to him. You can avoid hitting two of the three groups so who would you steer towards?


1. Iron and B12 injections - your experiences, please! *please only information about injections not infusions

2. Do you take your Iron & B12 shots together?

3. How long do they last in your system?

4. How much did they hurt you? *please rate your usual pain threshold factor.

5. Did you get the tattoo, brown spot reaction on your arse?

6. Have you've ever taken b12 lozenges as opposed to injections?

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Do you think I'll be called in to work today? Note: If the store opens, I'll be called in.
Normally on Wednesday my manager opens. She goes in an hour earlier than usual (7 in lieu of 8) to do all of her inventory and goes through all of the standard opening stuff and opens at 9. It's now a little past 11 o'clock, and she's yet to dig her car out of the snow. The street department is out but has yet to touch our parking lot. We were closed yesterday, which means bread wasn't put down (in short, it'll take a lot longer to bake bread this morning than it would on a regular day). Most of our Wednesday business is lunchtime.

Also, when will Larry King stop talking about Anna Nicole Smith?
I generally don't watch Larry King, but I turn the channel to CNN at midnight in case, per chance, he has something of interest to cover that night before I watch Anderson Cooper 360. But so help me, if he dedicates another show to just talking about her I'm going to lose my mind. D:

Serious and non-serious answers plz.
The Dude Abides

Feud ?'s

1. Have any of you guys been following the ongoing feud between Joe Rogan and Carlos Mencia?

2. Do you have a favorite celebrity feud?

3. Do you think the majority of celebrity feuds are just tools to garner publicity or do you think some celebrities really harbor hatred against each other?

Tattoo question

I got a new tattoo on my left upper arm on Friday.  I work in an office, and it's snowing, so it is necessary to wear long sleeves.  Is it okay for me to put saran wrap on the tattoo for 4 hour periods so that the tat isn't rubbed by my clothing? 
Puddle Graphic

The power of 3

1. Where is my wallet? I suspect it has been stolen. :(

2. What's the best way to shut up an annoying coworker?

3. What was the last film you saw?
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First Time

Somebody gave my daughter a rose for Valentines Day. She's 15.
Should I hunt down this kid and kill him? Do I need to lock her up?
Help me TQC...I'm a panicky dad!! WHAT DO I DO!!!??????

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My Yves Rocher Vanilla Silky Body Lotion has a date on the bottom of the bottle that says "08 2006". I know it's not the manufacturing date because I've had it for longer than that.

Will I die if I use this lotion on my body?! Will I break out in hives?!

Non-serious answers only please.
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i'm not in the best of moods today, how are you doing today? my boss just walked in with valentine's day presents for all of us girls, he brought a smile to my face and helped with my *not so good* mood. :)

i get paid tomorrow and i am the type of person that i guess a lot of people would be O_O in re: to certain decisions i've made, ESPECIALLY when it comes to getting in my car and driving somewhere. i'm having that type of day today and i've decided that i'd like to get away this weekend. texas is rather close to me so i considered maybe hitting up dallas or something.. if you could pick a destination to go to this weekend, *JUST* for the weekend, where would you go?! and remember you have plenty of $ to spend, what would you do there? would you take anyone or go by yourself?

and.. wait for it, wait for it......... what's for lunch?! papa john's pizza, courtesy of my boss<3
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Attention New Yorkers!

I'm going to NY next week (half business, half pleasure) and making a detour to Times Square on my way to White Plains. I've been to NY several times before where I rented a car, but I won't be getting my car until I get to White Plains because the first part is for pleasure. Also, never traveled in snow before, so it's kinda freaking me out. I have to pick someone up at Penn Station on my way to our hotel in Times Square. What's the fastest/easiest way to get from JFK to Penn Station? The only things I'm familiar with are a) cabs, b) the Air Train from the airport.

Thank you thank you!
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What's the farthest you've ever travelled for a concert? Who was the band? How much did you spend on travelling expenses [not including the price of the concert ticket(s)]? Did you regret it?

Have you ever flown to a different country for a concert?
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1)I have a friend who reminds me of Mary Poppins she's so practical and cheerful. And I had this lawyer in a training class who reminds me a lot of James Woods in Shark (if anyone watches that). Do you know anyone who reminds you of a fictional character?
2)Who is your Valentine today? Was it the same person as last year?
3)Would you tell me about a past crush you've had?
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If you were held hostage by some sort of evil genius in a room which was bolted from the outside three times and the evil genius gave you a computer which was programmed so it was only capable of doing one of the following things which would you pick and why.

a. Post a question here asking how to get out. You are allowed to describe the room briefly but anything more and the computer will some how destroy itself.

b. Google a way to break through the door using only the computer parts.

c. E-mail your friends and relatives asking for help but you have no idea where you are.

d. Look at porn.

The room I'm in has black walls and the door is metal and the hinges are fortified and...can't describe it more or will explode...

Grr, survival!

Well, my university's closed for the first time in four years. Hurray for deus ex machina! (Who's a good blizzard? You're a good blizzard, yes you are! *insert baby talk here*)

Right then. Using only the stuff you have at this very moment in your current dwelling, how long do you think you could survive? How about if the water were shut off? The heating system? The electricity?
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What is the last thing you have made that you were extremely happy with the outcome?

It can be anything that you have made from scratch:
lj layouts, baking, a craft project, absolutely anything

Collapse )

Pictures or links would be awesome!
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Foot/Ankle Surgery

Has anyone here had a tendon release surgery done on their foot or ankle? How about having bone spurs removed?

It's looking more and more like I will have to have both of these surgeries done on my ankle/foot. I'm wondering what the recovery time is like.

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Poll #927375 What's the real meaning behind these sayings?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

An apple is filled with enough nutrients that you stay healthy if you consume one a day
A well thrown pome, connecting with his face, will keep that creepy pediatrician from stalking you
Providing that doctor with an imac daily will stop him from pressing that lawsuit against you for that thing you did to his lawn. You know, when you were drunk

Too many cooks spoil the stew

Too much meddling in a project can ruin it
You have to watch how many chef corpses you throw into the cauldron. Too many and it might be too chunky to eat
Stewart, or Stew was son of the cooking school dean. Many amateur cooking students sought to curry his dad's favor by buying his son nice things. In the end, his dad could never impress him because he was spoiled

A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush

It's better to actually possess a decent thing now, then to gamble on a better thing that may not come through
The primary rules in quail catch-and-release contests
The exchange rate for manual stimulation during foreplay

He who laughs last, laughs best

You may laugh now, thinking you have won, but you may not prevail in the end.
When the laughing gas has taken effect and everybody is giggling uncontrollably to the point of being unable to breathe and fighting over the last oxygen tank, the last one still alive in the end gets the oxygen
Stupid people are always the last to get the joke, and tend to keep laughing when milk shoots out of their nose

Good things come in small packages

Sometimes it's the smaller wonders that result in the most happiness
That weird day when Dakota Fanning swallowed the Hope Diamond
The deposition from the Michael Jackson underage trial involving small boys
"Some guy in Utah is willing to pay me $1,200 for those wings I clipped off that faery I caught in my trap yesterday!"
"Sir or madam, your sex dwarf is ready. Do you want fries with that?"
girl reading by ourescape

Why does everyone seem so scared of sex?

I just read another article about how Paris and Britney are turning America's children into "prosti-tots." I'm not a fan of celebs like them, but the main focus of the article seemed to be that they would make kids think it's all right to have sex at younger ages (a study said people who were more exposed to sex in the media were more likely to have sex at age 16 than people not exposed to it). They also decried the media as being more filled with sex than 20-30 years ago.

My question is, what's the big deal? As long as they're consenting and they are infomed about sex (STDs, birth control, anatomy) why is it so horrible for them to do it? I'm talking about this beyond the religious values, because I know plently of non-religious parents who freaked out about their high school kids having sex. My parents view was always to be open with me about sex and give me the info, so that I would be comfortable talking to them when the time came. Couldn't the parent's fears (pregnancy, STDs) be controlled if the parents were willing to be open with their kids about it? Is it just a moralitity thing, even beyond the religious issues?
Someday I&#39;ll be a flower

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I have a six-year-old RCA stereo--but it's a 5-cd changer, radio, etc. I connect it to my computer and use the speakers for my computer sound, or listen to CDs or whatever. Point is, I have speakers and this system, and I like the system.

I don't like the speakers. They are the insert-the-wire sort, not a plug kind, but one doesn't work, etc. Is it a dumb idea just to repalce the speakers?

And if I do replace the speakers, what are some good ones in the $100-$300 range?

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Quick and probably been asked before:

Say you have a purebred puppy. You get the papers and all the other fun requirements for the dog to be registered with the AKC. You're set on training this dog to compete in agility trials.

-Does the AKC require the dog to remain intact throughout its life (as in not speutered) to remain qualified for registration?
-Does the dog have to be intact to be eligible to compete in agility trials (no specific level, but assume that you want to be awesome and run in big-name competetions eventually)?

I feel that I should know this.. but a quick glance at the FAQ on the AKC site turned up nothing and a lot of other things I'm finding through google are tl;dr. Figured someone on this community would have an idea, no?

(for the record--I have no dog, yet)
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breakfast at tiffany&#39;s

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If there was a TQC convention, would you attend?

Where should it be held? (No fair picking the city in which you currently reside :P)

What sort of events/rules/parties/talks/guest speakers/anything would you want at the convention?

I would have it in Chicago and have a roundtable on snark improvement, and make everyone somehow dress up as the icon they use most in TQC so that everyone can recognize each other.

Unrelated, but does anyone have the macro that says "Sephiroth demands an explanation for this bullshit!" with Sephiroth and the my little ponies? I wanted to show it to my boyfriend but then couldn't find it.
south park

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SO. i'm jewish and single at the moment... so valentines day=mah.

SO I say FUCK IT, MAN!!--Any other jews/anyone else out there up for getting some Manischewitz wine and just having a big game of jew pong?
goofy cat

Cleaning People Question

If you work in an office or anywhere that closes down for that day and then has other people come in to clean the place, have cleaning people (or the cleaning person) ever started before you were done for the day? And I don't mean you are staying late, what I mean is they are starting while the business or office is still operating.

Our cleaning person is the spouse of one of the people who work here and this is a small office. Every Friday this person is in here at least an hour, sometimes two, before we are set to leave for the day. This person is wiping things and emptying garbage cans, etc. while we're (supposed to be) still working. I find it annoying and so do some others. One other time we complained because this person was running the vacuum while we were still working and other business people were coming in to meet with various people here, the phone would be ringing and it was impossible to hear the person on the other end of the line, etc. The boss put a stop to the vacuuming before our quitting time but still lets this person come in and clean. I think its not only unprofessional, its annoying as hell.
Me--State Fair

sing it, man...

So on this Valentine's Day...who do you think writes the best love songs?

I'd have to say either Phil Collins or Paul McCartney. Vivaient les hommes anglais!
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where can I hide money at in my house where my husband won't find it?

I tried the piggy bank theory, but he snaggs it out quicker than i can put it in.
He doesn't save for shit and i'm the only one who will....

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1)Do you judge the answers you get to questions you ask in TQC? By judge I mean if it was an answer you liked or was worthwhile to read, not like judging the person.
2)What's something you tend to beat yourself up over a lot?
3)If someone you loved turned into a zombie, would you keep them chained up like a pet or something or would you go ahead and kill them?
4)What are some of your favorite chip dips?

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1 - What are your favourite things to do at work while slacking off?

2 - This one's for me, while I'm at work ... does anyone know of a hexcode finder I can use without downloading anything?

3 - Do you get along with people at your work? Did it take you long to make friends there or was everyone nice straight off the bat?

My answers
1 - I like to read old updates at Television Without Pity. I usually go back through the Veronica Mars and Grey's Anatomy recaps.

2 - I don't, that's why I'm asking.

3 - Everyone on my floor is really nice and we get along, so that's good. I was worried, because I never spoke to anyone at my other job. No one ever approached me until my last day there.

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Poll #926930 Green Day

For fans (or former fans) of Green Day, which are your favourite tracks from Dookie?

Having A Blast
Welcome to Paradise
Pulling Teeth
Basket Case
Sassafras Roots
When I Come Around


Coming Clean
Emenius Sleepus
In The End
All By Myself
I can't stand Green Day
It's been so long, I can't remember which I liked

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I got three different phone numbers that I don't know that called my cell phone. I tried calling them back, but got no answer and it went to the generic voicemail message. I tried to look up the numbers but I can't find a site that won't charge me to look up who these numbers belong to. Do you know any site that won't charge me for this?

Have you ever had something that stopped working for no apparent reason? Did you ever find out what was wrong with it?
My oven stopped working last night and I can't figure out why, since it's only a couple years old and in good condition.

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1a.What is the sweetest thing someone has ever done for you?
1b.cruelest thing?

2. who was the last person to make you smile today?
3. And for the hell of it. what movie should I watch right now?

1a. I would say my friend being there for day and night after my daughter died. Considering I was a complete asshole with her.
1b. Being used to get back at her ex bf, and I didnt even know. I thought she actually liked me.

2. My neice
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Has anyone been told they're temp banned for being a bot today?

I'm asking because I've had two people complain to me today that their LJ account is temporarily banned because they suspect they're bots. I don't get it.

(no subject)

What are your thoughts on the musical "Chicago"? (The stage show or the movie, please specify which)

Who is YOUR t.v. talk show lesbo, Rosie or Ellen?

If you could live as one animal for a day, what would the animal be and why?
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Brothels and Pirates

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Okay, so, I use Cingular for my cell phone service. If I go on ebay and buy, say, one of those new Chocolate phones made for Verizon, will it 100% not work for me with my cingular service? Do I need a verizon SIM card, or would a Cingular one fit and work just the same? Has anyone done this?

It just seems that Cingular has very bleh phones and I want something different without have to change the service company.
bowie bright
  • hry2007

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So, I'm in Brooklyn in a temp housekeeping gig but in the process of finding a roommate situation in Manhattan, since that's where my real job will be and school and such.  Anyhow, I'm new to the city, and haven't found a gym here yet. Any recommendations?  Cheap is probably my biggest priority.  Also, if it's part of a chain, would my membership apply at or transfer to other locations as well?

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so ive had some pretty personal letters go missing this week in the post! well either that or my 'friend' has decided to keep them and lie about posting them!

anyway, have you ever had anything personal/private go missing in the post?

sup amanda

If you were opening your own chinese restaurant, what words would you include in the name

great wall
other to be mentioned in comments

(no subject)

I am a hardcore fan of Mary Poppins (both the book series and the movie). I'm a little worried that if I go to see the Broadway musical, I might not like it. Have any of you seen the stage musical? How would you compare it to the movie or book? Did you like it?
  • klsse

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Why? WHY are we not supposed to eat the waffles and cheesecake in the freezer? I'm not even hungry, but there is now nothing I want more than to eat all the waffles and cheesecake that have ever been in the freezer.

Somebody tell me: why?

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1)How would you like to die while being fellated?
2)How would you like to die of laughter from watching your drunk donkey eat figs?
3)How would you like to die of a heart attack while discussing Adolf Hitler?
4)How would you like to die?

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I have a neighbor (he is maybe around 65/70 years of age), and EVERY holiday he gives each person in my family gifts. Nice, right?

Well, the thought is very sweet, and I really appreciate that he cares enough about us to do that, but the things he gives me are just...well, I just don't know what to do with them. For Christmas he gave me a Cushi Pals Puppy Massaging Pillow. If you press it's paw, it vibrates (the mechanism is located in the crotch area of the animal, no less), and it's filled with beads. Today he gave me a Beanie Baby with a heart on it. On my last birthday he gave me an inner tube. The Christmas before last he gave me a candy dish type object shaped like a Christmas Tree.

I don't know what to do with this stuff. I don't want to get rid of it, but you know...I just don't know what else to do.

What would you do with the stuff?

Buy now or save $50?

I want to buy a new camera. The model I've settled on is $250 at Walmart, and I could get it for $200 on ebay, including shipping. The main reason I want to get it is to send pictures to my husband who is in basic training right now. I want to start taking pictures right now, because I know how much it'll cheer him up to receive them. And if I buy it on ebay, who knows how long it'll be before it arrives.

Would you get it right now or deal with the shipping time?

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For those of you currently watching the Brits:

1. Is this actually the biggest ever televised piss-up? Seriously, when did everyone start drinking, last Thursday?

2. What do you think of Russell Brand?

3. What in God's name has happened to Joss Stone?
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(no subject)

1. What annoys you the most about your father?

2. What annoys you the most about your mother?

3. When you go on vacation, let's say a week long, how much luggage do you bring?

4. How many times per month do you go to the grocery store?
  • zooey

Long, beautiful hair.

If you saw Collapse ) would you assume it was a boy or a girl?

My mother has seriously considered taking him to get his hair cut while my sister isn't around, but I don't think it would be taken very well for obvious reasons. Her continuing excuse is that she doesn't think he will sit still long enough to get his bangs trimmed. No mention of the rest of his hair.

Oy vey.
Mitty box

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Poll #927530 Jelly Belly!

Which of these is the worst Jelly Belly flavor?

Bubble Gum
Grape Jelly
Peanut Butter
Buttered Popcorn
Pink Grapefruit
Top Banana
What?! These are all delicious!
Other (list in comments)
What are these Jelly Bellies you speak of?

Also, what are some of your favorite Jelly Belly recipes?
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Bruins - shadow

Im so bored

1. Have you ever heard/used the expression "bored to tears" ?
2. What communities are you a member of, but never participate in?
3. What kind of milk do you drink (if you drink milk at all, obviously)?

Ill answer in the comments, my kid is awake.

vday... ech!

Say you spent a lot of time decorating and hand-writing a mushy letter/card for your SO. You haven't been together that long (say 6 months or so).

You realize last minute that your SO grabbed you something random from the store and hasn't prepared anything homemade or overly sentimental.

How do you react?
What do you do, if anything?

humor me people...

*if you were talking to someone in the military and but they couldn't tell you where they were stationed for security reasons but they keep calling it "the desert" where would you think they were talking about?

*any cool photoshop techniques you know and might want to teach me?
i'm trying to teach myself and its not working out so well. 

(no subject)

Be creative..

Where were you on the night of January 16th?

What ever happened to "Rabbit feet"? It appears they are no longer cool to collect.

How can you tell you are addicted to something?
*I just looked at my piggy bank and realize I TQC too much because my piggy bank looks like hajiomatic's icon. Relating irl stuff to online stuff means I am on here WAY too much.

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You meet three girls at a bar:

One is energetic and perverted and has funky colored short hair. She's drinking shots and talks about dance and theater and music.

One is loud and flirty and wears brightly colored clothes. She's drinking some exotic drink you've never heard of and talks a lot about her job in a hospital and how much she loves it.

One is quiet but witty and wears muted colors. She's drinking a beer and talks about her job as a computer programmer and playing video games.

Which one of these girls, based on the information you have, would you be most attracted to? Least attracted to?

Which one would you most likely get along with? Least likely?

Which one would you party with and forget about in the morning?

This is just something from a conversation I just had, and it's got me curious.

edit: What do you think would make a sexy pinup poster?

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What real life application is there to recognizing rhyming? I have to put a "real life application" on every lesson plan I write for school, and I'm usually okay with coming up with stuff, but this poetry lesson plan has stumped me. All I can come up with is so they can be rappers. While my teacher has a sense of humor, I don't think she'll accept that if I turn it in.

(And I'll go ahead and tell myself to do my own homework, to save you the trouble).

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Best battle scene from a movie?

I have a few.

-The opening battle scene from Gladiator.
- The battle of Helms Deep from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
- The battle at Minas Tirith from Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

I'm so nerdy.
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I became curious about this because of some of the responses to my last post (about teens and sex):

1. Non-Virgins: Did you feel different after you lost you virginity? If so how- emotionally, psychologically, physically, any other way? Did it change you?

2. Virgins: Do you expect to feel different/change once you lose your virginity? If so, what changes do you expect?

(I didn't really feel any different, and neither did my then-boyfriend- it was just like taking the next step. So I'm curious about how other people have felt, since it seems to be a much larger deal for most people.)

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I've always thought that the Naked Cowboy in Times Square was someone everyone knew about.  But after debating with a few other people, everyone else says its just New Yorkers who know about him.

Anyone mind settling this debate?

Tattoo, Part 2

Alright, I asked about getting it in  a brown tone, so today I am asking the overall opinion of a group of strangers...

Take a look at this . It's the design and the location where I want it.

So, random group of strangers... should I get this tattoo this weekend?

EDIT: This is my design and my picture. I Photoshopped it.

Oh... and if no, please tell me why. Ugly design? Ugly place? I am not concerned about pain or the like...