February 13th, 2007


she likes me, she likes me not...

If someone you have a crush on, and make out occassionally (though never sober), said to you "It's like you're like my secret girlfriend/boyfriend". Would you take that as an insult or a compliment.
Confusion coming from it being a)Compliment because they feel as though you're sort of almost dating or something, which implies a growing closeness. Or b)Insult because secret implies they dont want others to know about said closeness.

Regardless, of how you'd take them saying that, would you give them a (small) valentine?

and the search begins...

Where can I get my hands on the song "Glass Vase, Cello Case" by Tattle Tale? I recently rediscovered the song when watching "But I'm a Cheerleader!" and now I'm obsessed with finding their '95 album Sew True, or at least the song.

I can't buy it from iTunes or Amazon (the CD isn't made any more). Napster and BT don't have it. Before I go hunting high and low through every music place in seattle, does anyone own it and can maybe burn it for me? Or point me to where I can download it?

edit: thequestionclub = god. thanks guys :]

(no subject)

Would you find it odd if a place hired you without asking for references?

What is the worst reaction you experienced to a break up?
*After I got dumped by this guy who ended up being gay(ahahah lolz at it now) if I tried to eat, I felt sick to my stomach and I went from around 128 to 112 in just a couple weeks.
south park

(no subject)

i know i've posted too many questions today but i have one more.

see, when i was at home for winter break, my father took away my adderall, which is prescribed to me and i have NEVER and WOULD never abuse them, and he hid them, and refuses to send them to me at school.  He won't even tell me why, but I guess he thinks I'm abusing them, which he had no proof of.... annnd  i guess you could say he's just being an asshole....  Problem is um i can't pay attention in class, especially the ones that go for about 3 hours. 

And... I really don't want to go through another semester where I don't do as well as I wanted to.  So I guess my question is since I'm ADHD and it's really hard to just snap out of it and pay attention, does anyone know what I can do to solve the problem for the time being, until i can get my own prescription?

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did you have a secret in highschool that you would have never told ANYONE not even your best friends, because if it would of gotten out people would have talked about it alot/made fun of you/ ruined your rep? did you tell anyone AFTER highschool because well, after highschool, nobody cares anymore.

answer: I went to a small school where everyone knew everyone and one night there was a huge party in a field and everyone was camping and I ended up fooling around with a guy in my class, ( we were really drunk) and my friend was sleeping right beside us in the tent but never found out, and we NEVER talked about it again, even thought we had classes together. if people would ahve found out they would have made fun of me until graduation! because we were in 2 totally different cliques and well i went to school with a lot of very judgemental people. then after we graduated I told the friend that was in the tent with us  and she was like WHAT! WHILE I WAS THERE? and she had no idea this whole time.
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(no subject)

How attractive do you think Maggie Gyllenhaal is?
Even though I think she's not that drop-dead gorgeous and I have no lesbian tendency, but I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers. She's quite attractive in some ways.

What non-pornographic movie(s) do you watch for pornography use?


Mostly directed at women, but boys can answer too! Would you rather

A) discuss marriage with your partner from early on and know from the beginning you are going to marry each other eventually?

B) not really talk about it and eventually be completely surprised when he/she/it pops the question?

My personal choice... b. I like mystery.

(no subject)

1. Have you ever given a password (e-mail, bank card, LJ, etc.) to anyone?

2. Has anyone ever given his/her password to you?

3. Any fun stories about having given/received a password?

o rly?

1. So... What did you get your SO for Valentines Day? If you don't celebrate it, what did you get them for their last birthday?

2. What are all the unattached people going to do to show they don't care?

3. Where is your favorite city/place in your country? The world? Have you been there?
Pictures, please!

4. Be honest, how often do you floss?

Answers in comment.


Has anyone kept track of the number of times this community has been asked about its virginity?  Seriously.

Also, how would you describe the feeling you get when you put on clothes fresh from the dryer on a cold day?  I call it comforting, and I think my nether-regions call it "Jesus Christ it's about time..."
desert dragon

I've never understood this

11:46 AM 1/1/07 · Okay, for the longest time we've had women who were (how to put this gently?) huge. They have put forth the concept that they are natural women...as opposed to those that are frighteningly thin. We're talking the skin & bones crew like, say, Nicole Richie or worse.

Yes, there really is worse.

However, in this country inparticular, there's been an enormous campaign against the fact that because of trans·fats and a number of other less than healthy attributes in our food has caused people to be tremendously obese. We're worried about our kids being too fat and the adults they become being unbelieveably overweight. It's a strain on the heart, doesn't due much of any good for any number of other biological systems...in fact I can't think of one part of the body it does any good with.

So, why is it that "natural women" were touted so long as being the ideal when they were actually very unhealthy?
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What's the best make-up?

I don't wear make up, have no compulsion to try the crap, but my big brother is getting married for the first  (and we pray only) time and I am going to go as his little sister and not his little tomboy. I even bought a DRESS and am going to by DRESSY SHOES and am going to attempt the MAKE UP stuff.. I may even attempt to lose an itty bitty bit of weight (I don't do the diet thing. I'm trying to eat better that's all.)

this could turn out to be a complete catastrophe. So I'm beeeeegggging.

What are the best brands of make up?
Is powder better than liquid?
I blow my nose a lot, is there a base coat (whatever it is called) won't come off if I blow my nose.


Please save me from my own self.

It's greatly appreciated.
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Give a dog a home

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HAI seanutbutter!!!!! (or anyone else who can offer any tips)

Where can I find a comprehensive list of Disney tips and tricks? I want to be well-versed in what to avoid whilst there.


Are you tired of the virginity questions?


What is your definition of a slut?


What band do you absolutely DETEST?


You're going to a potluck! What are you taking?


In honor of Valentine's Day tomorrow, who in TQC do you have a crush or crushes on?
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Nextel Data Cable

Are there any Nextel data cables that are compatible with Windows Vista Home Premium with Media Center? Before when I had XP Media Center Edition the USB cables for Nextel Iden phones weren't compatible for some reason. Any help or suggestions on how to get MyJal (or another program?) applications, ringtones and wallpapers to my i580 would be highly appreciated!

i don't get it

1. what is your interpretation of what the hell happened in the movie Stay?
2. is there a website or something where they give explanations of confusing movies? i've always wondered.

showers, credit card bills, and nail polish names.

1. When I take an usually long and hot shower, my knees feel weird when I get out. They don't hurt, it's more like it feels like they don't want to bend all the way or something. Do you know what I'm talking about? Should this concern me?

2. For those of you who pay your credit card bill online, have you ever had any trouble with it? Have you ever hear any of the paying-your-credit-card-bill-online horror stories that my father has claimed exist?
I would much rather pay mine online but my father has greatly advised me against it. It seems like it takes Capital One forever to get my check, I takes them like 15 days it just seems easier to do it online.

3. If you're wearing nail polish right now, what is the name of the color?
I'm wearing Chapel of Love on my fingers, and Lincoln Park After Dark on my toes.

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What would it take for you to join the military (of your country)?

Which branch would you join??

For the Americans: are you ARMY STRONG? ARMY OF ONE? or BE ALL YOU CAN BE?


If YOUR country (one you are a citizen of) had MANDATORY service (like S.Korea, Israel, and Switzerland)and you had to join thier military or had to do a civil service ...WHAT kind of civil service would you be willing to do? i.e. Park Ranger? Pre-school teacher? other.....

Should I go to the doctor?

I've had a cold since Thursday. Friday was probably the worst day (symptoms-wise), but I can't say that I've improved significantly. My symptoms are:

- scratchy throat
- cough (goes back and forth between a dry cough and a rattly cough)
- sinus pressure
- stuffy and/or runny nose
- swollen throat (sometimes very sore/swollen, other times only slightly swollen)

I don't like to go to the doctor unless it's absolutely necessary. I'm not sure if I should wait a couple more days, or go now. I called out of work on Sunday and today because of it. I didn't want to spread germs, plus working with this cold zaps my energy.

Should I go to the doctor? When should I go?

(If you're wondering, I've only been taking generic Benedryl and using Chloraseptic spray for my throat, as well as drinking a lot of juice.)
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(no subject)

So our furnace is broken and we need a new one. I can obviously put on more layers and blankets to keep warm but does anyone know if I should be concerned about my cat getting too cold?

If you have snow, did you take pictures of it? Can I see??

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Guys and dolls

For Valentine's, you get a gift certificate for one free RealSex doll. Top of the line, deluxe sex doll. They've come a long way and they look almost real. You can customize the face and body type any way you want.

1. Do you use the gift certificate and purchase the doll?
2. If you do, who do you have it look like, or what features would the doll have (big boobs, red hair, muscular, etc)?

(no subject)

1.) Besides guzzling gas and driving too fast in dangerous road conditions (slow down you hooligans! :O) what do SUV drivers do?

2.) What the everloving hell happened to stupid_free? I remember cat macros friday, then I check it monday and mass chaos ensues.

3.) Are you ready for House tonight?
3a.) Are you ready for my House question tomorrow? :P

4.) I'm reading American Gods. I like it so far, I'm on page 50. Have you read it? If so, did you like it?
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smelly Ibuprofen

Does Ibuprofen usually have a strange smell? I normally take other pain relievers, but ibuprofen is geared more toward colds than Aleve and Excedrin and I've noticed that the ibuprofen has a weird smell, almost like licorice. Is this normal? It doesn't expire until next year.
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(no subject)

Is there anything/anyone that makes you encounter/experience the sublime?

All answers welcome.

For me, random things always make me feel like there is an entity that is larger than me. Beyond me. Not necessarily God.

For the cat owners...

I know nothing about owning cats (I've only had dogs), and I was thinking of getting one. I want it for companionship because my house is very quiet and lonely when I'm there on my own.

1. I was told it is better to keep a cat indoors. I'm just not convinced. I'm worried that my lounge room can't offer enough mental stimulation for it to not get bored. Are cats happy to sit around all day?

2. Do cats get lonely? Is there a way to prevent this without adding more pets/staying home?

3. I have a lot of birds and nests in the backyard. Can I let the cat out without it scaring all the birds away?

4. Will a cat ruin my furniture while I'm gone all day?

5. Do cats shed a lot of fur?

6. Do you have any other advice or tips for someone who has never owned a cat before?
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(no subject)

what's for lunch? chicken parmesan hot pocket.

what has pissed you off today? this dumb ass customer just walked in and asked did i know something in re: to an order his company had supposedly placed, i said no and to give one of my co-workers just a minute because he was with another customer and he's the one in charge of glass block and he might know of the order. well his impatient ass is going to wait.. what? 3-4 minutes and then tell me 'look, i have guys waiting for the block, will you figure out what i need?' 'I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU NEED, LIKE I SAID GIVE HIM A SECOND AND HE MIGHT KNOW.' {i didn't yell this, i told him rather calmly} his ass is going to walk towards my co-worker (who is STILL with his customer) and ask him 'do you know anything about this order? because she doesn't'. the customer that he was originally with was just like O_o 'go help him, he looks like he needs it and i can wait'.. so of course my co-worker knew what the guy needed and sent him on his way. but UGHHHHHHHHH why did his dumb ass self have to be so damn rude?! FUCK. /rant

what has made you happy today? i contacted someone about a gift for someone, i can't divulge too much information :p

go to google.com, enter your intials, and click on i'm feeling lucky, LINK me to what comes up? http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/mrls.html
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(no subject)

What are some weird goals you'd like to acheive in your lifetime?
not like bungy jumping/getting married etc. some things that other people are likely to look at you as if you're a nutjob and think your goal is pointless.

I'd like to eat a big bucket of 2minute noodles.

EDIT: oh. my. god. i just found out that the noodles i want to eat a bucket of are on sale now. the universe is telling me i MUST do this.
so do your things too. and take photos.

Apple stickers.

1. I have about 100 Apple stickers. I am talking about the kind that come with Ipods, macs, and other Apple products. What nifty things can I do with them?

2. How many times in a row do you wear your PJs before tossing them in the dirty clothes?

This or that

Which one best describes you?

I forgive and forget
I forgive, but never forget
I do no forgive, do no forget
I do no forgive, even though I forget what you did in the first place and why I'm holding a grudge

Which are you?

I leap before I look. It's not a good trait, but yeah, I'm guilty of this
I look before I leap

Which is more true for you?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Out of sight, out of mind (who are you again?)

Which is more true for you?

If you love someone, set them free. If they don't come back, it wasn't meant to be
If you love someone, set them free. If they don't come back, get emo and write lengthy blogs about it
If you love someone, never set them free. Reenact Misery if you have to (metaphorically), but you will not easily let them go
If you love someone and they break free (stupid 99cent Store chains) and they don't come back, spread ugly rumors about them behind their back and ruin their reputation
If you love someone, set them free. If they don't come back, track them down and force them back
Freedom's overrated. So is love. Let people do what they want, just as long as they lock the door behind them

What pitter-patter of little feet would make you the happiest?

A baby/small child taking their first steps
A pet with nails in need of trimming
Sex dwarf in gimpwear, pacing in circles near 'the rack'
"My faerie trap caught something!"
Dakota Fanning in tweenie heels sharing an elevator with you
The nose that knows

(no subject)

I've been neglecting my relationship with MAD magazine lately, but was re-inspired by an old copy lying about the house to check out some new copies.

In addition to the regular issue, there was something called Mad Classics, and the subscription form in the front of the magazine says something about ordering regular issues + the 'classics'.

So are these 'classics' a new name and watered-down format for the super specials? Do the super specials still make their way to the shelves, or are they now a fading memory?
[dance] pink side to side


1- Just how many of those 'what are you doing on valentines' or 'omg i hate valentines, do you too?' posts have you responded to? Do you keep your answer the same, or change it up a bit each time for fun?

2- Do you think that people who tell wild stories are always lying/exaggerating, or do you believe there's honestly people out there with lives that are just really whacked out? (Asking cuz someone mentioned I have a really wild life. I don't anymore, but I like mentioning old experiences. If I exaggerated, I'd have to claim to be a god or something...)

3- When, if ever, can someone be excused for being ignorant of something? Does it matter how significant to your life the thing is? (like, someone doesn't know how every religion on earth works, but you get mad because you are a religion major or something... I suck at examples.)

4- Do you ever seek out questions by individual users here, if you're a 'regular'? If you're not a regular, HELLO NOOB! ♥ :D

5- Do you stock up on things the day/week after a national holiday? What sort of stuff?

1- I think I've responded to one. I'm too tempted to make up stupid things to answer the others seriously.
2- After all the crazy things I've seen, I know anything is possible. I like to think I listen to people with a fairly open mind. :)
3- Always. Then I can corrupt them with my false information. :D Nothing is that important in my life that I'd battle someone to the death about it.
4- Yes. Not saying who. :X
5- Yes. Chocolate! :D And sometimes Christmas decorations that aren't very Christmassy (like garland that has stars and moons... I need more.)

(no subject)

1. Is there a way to figure out which livejournal community gets the most posts per day?

2. If not, which community would you guess has the most posts per day in all of livejournal land?
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need some song ideas

im going out saturday night to celebrate my birthday. the place i usually go, the dj does "alterna-80s". he asked me to give him a list of songs i want to hear. i want to make sure i hear plenty of dancey songs from the 80s. ideas??
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Make a compliment instead of complaint

Have you ever written a letter to (or called) a company, to say how well you were treated by one of their employees?

I think in the food industry people are likely to tell the chef the food was good, but do taxi drivers ever get told they drive well? etc. I was treated so nicely by a member of the recruitment team of the job I applied for, that I'm thinking of writing a letter of praise.
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(no subject)

Scenario: You are on the Metro/Subway/commuter-train-of-choice, merrily (or not so merrily) making your way to work. Suddenly, motion sickness overtakes you. You are going to blow chunks, and blow them now! Luckily, the train is pulling into a station, so you quickly get off. Here's the problem. There is no way you are going to make it out of the station to where you can quietly throw up in the grass somewhere. In the station there are trash cans, but they are all capped and can only be accessed from the side, which would require you to stick your head through a hole in the side and into the trash can. Other than that all you have are tile floors, stone benches, escalators, an elevator, and the tracks.

So, where do you vomit?

(no subject)

1. Who is the dumbest person you have dealt with today, and what did they say/do?
2. What would you say to them if you didn't have to worry about any repurcussions?


3. To anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant/fast food - have you or someone you personally saw tampered with a meal that was sent back for whatever reason? (i.e. spit on it etc.)?

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(no subject)

1. My grandmother died at the end of June last year. After the funeral, my parents brought home all the donated flowers. Almost immediately, my mother emptied the nicer of the pots/vases, and bought cheap fake flowers to arrange in them. They are currently on display in various places in my parents' house. As far as flower arrangements go, I guess they're kinda pretty, but it sort of creeps me out. Thoughts? Clever recycling method/memorial or just plain fucking weird?

2. When did you realize you were not "normal" (by the classic definition)? It's only just occurred to me in the last month or so...

(no subject)

Because I think up weird shit before I fall asleep.

You're going to die. Which way would you pick?
a. Not seeing it coming (eg, getting an axe to the back of the head), but you have to bare the pain for 10 seconds before you die.

b. Seeing it coming for 10 seconds (eg, someone holding a gun to your head & counting down), you have to bare the terror of knowing you're going to die but your death is quick & painless.
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Christmas Jim and Pam

I'm sorry to post again so soon! Last post of the day. I solemnly swear.

I'm using Craigslist to post an ad for a roommate. Ive received two responses so far, both from Austrialian females with suspiciously similar stories, grammer, and spelling errors. Both have very detailed stories, and one is now asking for my address and phone number to send me the rent check (I haven't even agreed to it yet!)
I'm fairly certain I'm being scammed/trolled. Opinions?

Have you ever used Craigslist before? Good or bad results? Something similar ever happen to you?

(no subject)

What are your favorite/least favorite commercials right now?

Favorite: The nut commercial with Robert Goulet
Least Favorite: The Vermont Teddy Bear commercial w/the bandit bear... ugh.
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The Dude Abides

Justice ?'s

1. Did you hear about the two teens (17 and 19) that binded a puppy with duct tape and cooked it in an oven? (link)

2. Do you think a 10 year prison sentence is fair for them?

3. Do you think certain types of criminals are not able to be rehabilitated?
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(no subject)

hm. People have catch phrases. People I know use the following:
Indeed, Allegedly, Totally, Completely, Super-Coolz,POC (peice of crap, but they actually spell it like that...don't ask), and jerk-store (I don't get that one...)
Do you have a catchphrase (and what is it)?
Do you know other people that do?
Are there any really weird ones you've ever heard?
"Will the sea have seen or not seen me"

Dental Question

I have a cavity. I called to make the appointment to have it filled, and was informed my dentist will be doing a labial veneer chairside, not the usual "filling".

This procedure costs about 3x more even with my insurance, and I'm not too keen on dropping $100 if I don't have to.

When asked for an explanation on the difference in procedures (filling vs veneer), the receptionist told me to just ask the doctor when I come in. However, I'm a little wary. She also said that the office has nixed all of the metal type fillings.

Am I just out of the loop here? I've tried google and haven't gotten an understandable explanation on what a labial veneer is and how exactly it fills a cavity either.

Anyone know what I'm talking about, and if so if my dentist is just trying to make a fat profit off my co-pay???
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Help me

The community college near me has these extension classes, which are not curricular. They're just fun courses, like dancing or home improvement or flower arrangement or whatever type classes, and they're only a few sessions long. I want to take a couple, but damn does the menu have a few interesting choices. These are the ones I'm curious about, and why. It is a somewhat lengthy read (by this community's standards), but I would appreciate some input
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I'm thinking of taking 2. Which 2 do you think I should take?

Yeah, yeah... lunch question.

I want to order some food for delivery (to my work), but I'm stumped as to what to have. There are the typical things that I get (Chinese, Jimmy John's [subs], pizza, California Chicken Grill...), but I kind of want some different suggestions.

Can anyone recommend a few delivery places? I'm in the US (Florida, to be exact) if you want to name a specific, but even a food "genre" would work right about now. I'm not picky at the moment; any and all suggestions are welcome!

Brown Tattoo?

I want to get a line art tattoo that I have designed, but I want to know...

Is it possible to get a brown tattoo? I want it to be only a few shades darker then my own skin which means it would have to be light brown or tan. I want it to look like henna, and be less noticable then a black one.

Does anyone know if that is possible?

(no subject)

Does your math class use fractions or decimals?

I go to City College of San Francisco, and the school uses fractions. I haven't used fractions since 8th grade. I flunked a test today because I couldn't get them to click. :-\

The Other Side

Have you ever had anything paranormal happen to you? (ie: you have seen a ghost, owned a haunted doll...etc.) 

If you have tell me about it. 

My answer: I only have once. I felt a presence behind me and heard my name called...but sadly did not see anything.

shacked up in paris

(no subject)

1. What is the last thing you won on ebay?

2. What is your current away mesage?

3. Aren't fake tans nasty?

4. Do you do any weird things with food that other people think is gross?

5. Do you read overheardnyc?

6. Am I the only one who thinks the "Dick in A Box" thing is not funny?

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Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

(no subject)

So, do guys (any of you/them) really like it when or want girls to sit on their faces? That just seems really disgusting to me.

edit: oookay, so apparently that refers to oral sex, in which case, nevermind. I thought it was literal. Ha.


Does anyone know where I can get really, really good heating pad? I bought one from Walgreens last year and it barely heats at all. I have to take the liner off of it and put it on bare skin to feel the warmth.


-do you believe that your dreams have anything to do with your waking life? 
 or, do you think that they have meaning/symbolism for the future?

-strangest dream you can remember?

-how can i jazz up a boxed  cake mix? (its yellow cake)

-what is the most you would pay for a comforter or quilt?

-if you wash something that is dry clean only what will happen?

-favorite board game?

-if someone is wearing a hair peice, can you always tell?

(no subject)

So, what's the weirdest thing that's happened to you today?

Tomorrow's going to be a snow day and the manager of maintenance for the office building I work in just brought me a card and two boxes of candy for Valentines Day. He's about 45ish and we talk every once in a while when he's in our suite fixing something. A while ago he said he'd be my Valentine, but I thought he was kidding. Apparently he wasn't...
Hay Guys!
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(no subject)

I just got home from the vet, one of my cats has been peeing everywhere but the box on and off for a while. This round we're testing to see if she has hyperthyroidism. If she does the treatment will cost over $1100, which I know I'll pay because she's my little buddy and one of the sweetest cats I have ever known.

1)What's the most you've paid for your pet's medical needs?
2)What's the most you're willing to pay?

1)$600 dental with extractions my other cat. The little bugger had an extra set to teeth growing under his gums and into his jaw bone.

2)The most I'm willing to pay, I honestly don't know. It's one of those things I guess I won't know until I face the situation. I think I'd pay for anything as long as it was reasonable and realistically improve the quality of my cats' lives.
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(no subject)

I don't dance. My boyfriend doesn't really either. Though, he will...if an event calls for it.

We've been "talking" about getting married lately. Nothing too serious, mostly all in fun. We've been talking about WHAT THE HELL to do at our wedding reception? I would honestly feel out of place at my own wedding if dancing was a main attraction. Can you think of anything else to do? (FYI It's HOPEFULLY going to be a small/intimate outdoor wedding/reception. But he has a huge family....and I don't know where/when to cross the line with invites. Eh, we're not there yet.)

If you miss a couple of days on TQC how far back are you willing to see what you missed? I just went back 200 entries on my friends page to catch up. I'm totally not stressed for time today though. I don't think I would normally do that.

Anyone ever work at a Renaissance Faire? What'd you do? I worked for Johnny Fox's Roasted almondsin Sterling, NY. Crystal Stix in The Greater PGH Renaissance Faire. Painted swords and shields for a vendor during the week (also in PGH). Helped a jousting company out during the week. Some minor construction/painting work on booths pre-season. Among MANY other things. I live and breathe those places. (Go ahead and laugh)

(no subject)

Judge Judy...did anyone see the one today with the child porn thing going on?  I wonder what she saw in those pics that pissed her off?  That guy freaked me out.  I wish she did follow ups.

As a follow up: why do you think some adults are attracted to children?  Why do you think more women aren't caught?

Edited to add:

Here's the low-down:

A couple rent a house and move in, pay their dep. and first month rent.  They NEVER pay again, citing that carpeting was not changed and the man had other bills to pay due to a divorce.  They are suing to get their deposit back (even though the NEVER paid rent) because the house was a slum etc.  Judy is all like NO.  They were also suing because the landlord filed a flase police report because the LL saw matresses with cameras surrounding them and found pics of the couple involved sexually with their kids.  Cops find nothing but LL took pics and Judy reviewed them and called the couple weird for whatever it is she saw.  Now I know I heard her saw that some of the pics involved kids, but it sounded like a majority was just regular porn.  The whole time though the male half of the couple is just standing there with a smirk on his face and the female said nothing.
veggie chaz

midwest whatwhaaaat


My university is notorious for not canceling class even though it will be 0 degrees outside and snowing like crazy. it started snowing last night and hasn't stopped. CLASS = CANCELED. we got the official email this morning!

Supposedly, the last time class was canceled was some time in the 70s.
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a few random questions

1. Do you wax or pluck your eyebrows? How often?
2. Which do you wear more often - comfy clothes or clothes that make you look good*?
Which do you prefer wearing?
*I hate you if you are one of those who looks amazing in comfy clothes
3. Do you have SKILLZ at MS Paint?

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Hummer - Don't Say

(no subject)

I've got one more!

What song(s) do you think should NEVER be sung karaoke.

Have you ever heard someone attempt them?

I went out the other night, and some guy sang Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) and Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen). I'm a fan of both songs, but I don't think anyone should even attempt them.

(However last seasons American Idol STUNNED me as Kelly Pickler (sp?) sang Bohemian Rhapsody and did a GREAT job in my opinion...)

song question.

This has been bugging me and my bf forever.  Actually like 4 days.

Does anyone know the name to this one song they've been playing on the hiphop/r&b stations alot, its like one of those "We're gonna make it through, we'll be together forever" songs?  One of the lyrics I remember was like "girl hold on, hold on tight".  I googled it and got nothing.  The theme of the song is like they've been together for a while, through thick and thin and he's telling her to hold on for a bit longer, they'll make it through.

It sounds like R.Kelly but my boyfriend insists its not, and I looked at some of his music and it wasnt there.

Its not "Lost without U" by Robin thicke
and its not that song by Lloyd 

Please help!!!

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Windows Movie Maker Question! YAY!

Another computer question from me! Yay!!

Ok, I'm trying to make a 'Best of The Colbert Report Jan 2007' dvd for myself/anyone who really wants it, and I'm having a lot of trouble with Windows Movie Maker. I tried importing the episodes so I can go through the clips and make my movie, but I keep getting this error message

The file C:\Documents and Settings\Ilyse Rose\Desktop\Videos\2007[1].01.08 - Ethan Nadelmann.avi cannot be imported because the codec required to play the file is not installed on your computer. If you have already tried to download and install the codec, close and restart Windows Movie Maker, and then try to import the file again.

Codec? huh...
What do I do??

At first I got a message saying that the "download codec automatically" box wasn't checked in options, so I went to options (after searching for about 5 minutes) and checked that box.
Now I'm getting this. I restarted WMM, but I don't know what to do.

Is there any other free program I can download/use to make this? What can I do about this "codec" situation??

TIA Guys!

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Weee! A poll! Because I'm curious.

How often do you post questions?

I post questions a lot (several times a week).
I post questions frequently (once a week on average).
I post questions occasionally (once a month).
I post questions infrequently (every few months).
I never post questions.

How often do you answer questions?

I answer everything. Always. It's a compulsion.
I answer frequently (more than 75%).
I answer regularly (about 50%).
I answer infrequently (25% or less).
I randomly answer questions, but with no regularlity.
I never answer questions, only polls.
I never answer any questions, except this one.
I never answer any questions...oh shit...
I only reply to picture posts.

I figure that about 5% of any online forum is active at any one time (I did the maths on several mailing lists I was on YEARS ago (hey I was sick and bored!) and want to see if that works for here too.

1 Also, if you only ever reply to the picture posts, why?

2 Though this may defeat the purpose...if you never post a question or a reply, why are you here? Have you forgotten about us? Are you just a peeping tom?
2a Why do you think some people are here but never post a question or reply?

3 What's your favourite sort of cheese? Does your answer change if it's for different uses (like, to have on a sandwich, to snack on, to have with crackers, for cooking, etc)?

4 For those who care about such things, what house at Hogwarts do you think you'd be sorted into, if you were to attend, and which would you be in, if you had a choice?

5 If you were on Deal or No Deal, and you've knocked out several of the big bucks, but not THE big bucks, would you keep playing on, taking risk after risk, or would you wait for a good offer from the bank and deal?

Need help identifiyng theme song >

This is a debate over a tune a friend of mine whistled and we cant remember where its from! But it sounds sooo familiar..

Boys and girls come out to play,
The moon does shine as bright as day;

Its a nursery rhyme but it was the theme to a kids tv show...can anyone remember it?
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Video Editing

basically, I am trying to take a screen shot of a movie. I am viewing it in windows media player. But when I take the screenshot all I get in the windows media player skin, and not the acutal movie.

Help, please?

(no subject)

Are hotel security allowed to disclose events that happened in a hotel room when security was involved after the person in the hotel room has checked out?

Like if I wanted to get a statement from the hotel about the actions of someone I stayed with at that hotel, would the be able to say anything or would it be confidential?

I love everyone. And you are next.

Poll #926644 tqc sweethearts

Do you enjoy your chocolate when it's mixed with....?

maple flavoring
nothing. don't mix my chocolate with anything, plz.
something else that i will list in my comment
I am a freak of nature and do not enjoy chocolate.

what is hanging from your rear view mirror now?

graduation tassel
some kind of cross
air freshener
a crystal
i have no car
i have no rear view mirror
some combination of the above
something else completely that deserves explanation in comments

How many Girl Scout Cookies did you manage to eat today?

I managed to keep it under 10
I might have had half a box or so
I quit after one box, but only because I ran out of money
I quit after one box, but only because people were looking at me funny
I lost count/passed out after the first two boxes
The Scouts cut me off after 'the incident' last year
The Scouts have me on speed dial, and I am not done for the day yet
I do not enjoy cookies.
I do not enjoy Scouts.
My cookies have not yet arrived
Hey, get off my back...I can quit anytime I want
I love Scout cookies, but you are a bitch for bringing this up because I am trying to avoid them delicious poisonous things
something else entirely that I deserves some 'splainin' in the comments
My heart belongs to the Camp Fire Girl candy sale
i like to live on the edge

(no subject)

Okay, I'm getting clues about this person, and I'm sopposed to figure it out.
Now, one of the clues is, "My grandmother says it's called gravy not sauce... and ketchup is a sacrilege in my family, then again she's the one who loves tripe."

Is there a location (area) that you know that maybe narrows down my search of where the person lives in... the USA. Like, south/ northeast. etcetc Or maybe an ethnicity that cooks with tripe? I dunno. lol

edit/PS: She says that she's really from South River (but obvi doesn't live there now).
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(no subject)

I have tomorrow off work.. so does my sister. What are some cool websites I can check out so I don't kill her. also, anything else fun we can do tomorrow while we're stuck inside during the blizzard of '07?

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(no subject)

I'm so bored. My SO plows at the Newark airport, tonight is my first night alone, ever :( (Overnight)

I have a $50 Visa gift card I want to spend at an online store. Where should I spend it? Both silly and serious plz.

Should I have pulled pork sandwich for dinner, or Dijon chicken?

What do you think is the most asked question here? 

What is the first thing you do online? Checking email doesn't count.
Ryan Seacrest - Eep

Notebook Computer Questions

1.  Has anyone ever had experience with a TV tuner (such as this) in a notebook computer?  Does anyone know to what extent they work?  My point of wanting one is to record some things off of some network channels, but I'd like to record some stuff off of cable channels as well.  Do they use an antenna?

2.  I have a printer that's bluetooth compatible if I was to get an adapter for it.  If I were to get a computer that's also bluetooth compatible, would I have to plug the part of the adapter into the USB port, or would it work without that part of the adapter?

Thank you!!
Bruins - shadow

My computer is my boyfriend

Have you hung out with a friend you met online? Or gone on a blind date?
Tell me your stories!

I have this overwhelming fear of meeting an online friend, that it will be awkward and we'll have nothing to talk about.
Please prove me wrong or justify my fear. Whatever. <3


I'm a junior in high school. I'm starting to really think about college. And, I figured this is the place the most people will respond, so...

What college did you attend or are you attending?
What are//were you majoring in?
Do you like it?
How far from home are you?
What kind of grades did you get?ETA:In high school
How many schools did you apply to?

And anything else you wish someone had told you.
cubs hat
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(no subject)

What was your first car accident like?

I just got into my first one today. My car slid down a hill while I was braking and I just ran into the guy in front of me. Man, that was weird.
Film - Star Wars

(no subject)

What are your favorite 'love sucks' songs? I'm looking for some good pissed-off/bitchy songs (a la Lily Allen's "Smile") to make a playlist for tomorrow. Heh. Extra points if you give me a link, but just the titles are good.

(no subject)

What's up with all the virginity questions?
How many people do you think are going to lose it on Wednesday(since it's valentines day)? Haha.

What do people do at high school reunions?
How was your high school reunion like?
Kanda - Falling Petal

Okay, a bit of a weird question here...

I'm writing a story for the anime Meine Leibe, which is set in a fictional country in Europe in 1935. I'm presuming for reasons known only to my subconscious that the country is somewhere in the region of Germany.

Now I'm extremely hampered by being from North America and having only a general knowledge of European geography, so.

Given the technology level at the time, and the fact that the boy in question is EXTREMELY rich, what would you suppose would be the most logical port for him to leave from if he wanted to take a ship to Japan? Would he have to go to France or something and then sail all the way around Africa, or is there a way to bypass that part of the trip? I don't need a whole lot of detail, but I'd like to toss a city name or at least country name out in the fic and I'm lost.

Thanks for any help you can provide!


a question for the Singles...
are you going to confess your love/likeing to your "crush".. seeing that it is Valentines day and all??

what are you and your SO going to get up to? do you celebrate?

....does this day make you feel depressed?
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1. a. What are you majoring in/will you major in/did you major in at college? (Why)?
b. Would you rather major in something else, but don't have the talent/funds/etc?
2. Have you found that men and women differ greatly in how much time they want to spend with someone they like (assuming they both like the other person a lot)?

3. Does it ever get on your nerves when people don't comment on your entries?

4. Can you suggest an online store with cute, but not too expensive, jewelry like charm bracelets??

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(no subject)

How would one go about removing a lot of superglue from plastic ?

Background : My boss hates us turning up the radio when a song we like comes on. She constantly turns it down/pulls out the plug and we constantly turn it back up. Before she (although she never admitted it was her) hid the radio under the worktops. NOW the latest radio drama. Someone has SUPERGLUED the volume button so that we can't turn it up (3 guesses who) it's barely audible.
My boss is not working tomorrow and I want to unstick the volume button (and then superglue it again at a much louder volume maybe :p) But I've no idea what to do. Me and my workmates have already tried acetone, pliers,(and various other tools in our lab) and stabbing at the lump of glue with a knife. What's>superglue ?

Any help much appreciated.

EDIT: She won't fire me, my uncle is her boss so it's not even up to her. I've been here a hell of a lot longer than she has (3 & 1/2 years - 6months)
And it's not anything to do with the customers. I work in the lab in the back of the shop. When we had the volume button we tried the different levels we could have it before it was heard out in the shop. It could go pretty damn loud.
As forbeing immature, at least I'm 16, the rest of the people involved in this are in their 30s. I think it's pretty immature to hide and superglue the radio anyway.

(no subject)

Dear QCers,

I have always been really in the dark when it comes to banking. So I would love some advice/suggestions/um duh's?

Say I have an extra grand in a checking account right now that I don't need to use. What would the most productive thing be to do with it? Savings account? CD? I'm going to college in the fall, but I won't need to use it.
tea good war bad

(no subject)

Would you find a wall covered in hardened pasta to be awesome or creepy? I don't mean a wall in some bizarre modern art museum, I mean a wall in an apartment. An apartment that someone lives in.

For the guitar players:
What's your favorite chord?
I like G, it's handy and easy and it doesn't hurt my fingers.

What's your least favorite?
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(no subject)

Do you ever joke about things that are of a serious nature? (war, abortion, mental illness, race, anything important)

Would you believe someone w/ internet access who said they "don't know anyone who jokes about violence"? (internet access is important, because even if you don't personally know someone, being on a social site I feel you're bound to come across possibly offensive jokes)


more macros

so recently someone asked what's everyone's favorite macros were.

my question is:
where can I find more of those "One does not simply walk into Mordor" ones?

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or can you guys post some for me? pretty please?

Random selection

I opened up eBay, but then forgot what it was I wanted to search for.
What do you think I should search for?

Do you pay for services online? If so, what?
eg. SendSpace, LJ, online games

What's the last thing you thought you spent too much money on after you walked out of the store?

For the drinkers, what's one strange thing you do while drunk?

(no subject)

I'm writing a resume to apply for my first job (I'm fifteen) and I'm wondering what particular skills and qualifications I should write about. Should I include awards I've recieved (distinctions in English and IT) and approximately how many words should I use explaining my skills/qualifications? Should I include an objectives section and what should I include in it apart from the obvious (improving customer service skills and gaining work experience)?
brand new, blood in my veins

(no subject)

What can I do with frozen chilis?
I have about.. hmm, 2 kilograms of them. My dad got them from a friend of his for free, and he never does any of the cooking.
Any suggestions welcome! I need the space in my freezer.

Edit: They're red ones.

(no subject)

1. What styles of hats suit a face that is technically oval but really looks more round?

2. How many dollars would you pay to rent Snakes On A Plane? I hear $1 is more than it is worth.
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(no subject)

1. Why is toast so much better than regular bread? Our toaster is broken and only produces comically half-toasted bread.
2. Do you think babies can get songs stuck in their heads? Probably, right? No? Okay, how about animals? Yeah? No? Perhaps?
I&#39;m excited by food.
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(no subject)

Do you ever feel like you are so stressed you could die from it?  Can you die from stress?

If you answered yes to #1:  Do you wonder what would happen if you just pretended like all the shit that was stressing you out didn't exist? 
What could really happen if you just curled up into a ball on your bed?

just putting it out there...
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lj isnt emailing comments...IM me if you are bored renaethefuzz haha

Do you REALLY think Hef's girlfriends "LOVE HIM" love him or are they in it for the fame and money?

Would you ever be able to share a boyfriend with two other girls?

Did you ever eat snow as a kid? Did it make you vomit? I threw up from it once...right outside of my Godmum's house. We were pulling away and I was like OMG MOM PLEASE STOP!! And I opened the door and yakked.

What can I do until 4 am? Me and my family are taking shifts in heating the house tonight and I got the first one.
*our furnace broke and although we shouldn't have it on at all, we can turn it on for a few minutes at a time to keep the temp up above 60*

(no subject)

So every weekday I wake up, shower, attend school in the morning, and then from 1:30-5:30pm I go to work. Some week nights I hang out with my friends, and other week nights I stay at home and lounge. My weekends usually consist of me sleeping in from my previous, exhausting week, and then doing things with friends again or staying at home and lounging.

Basically, I'M BORED. Thanks to my job, my life is so routine now that it's just boring. Does anyone else have this complaint? Does anyone have any ideas as to how I could mix it up a little?
Edward Norton

(no subject)

Can you think of any questions concerning bio re-engineering and its ethics?

I'm having a hard time getting started because I'm limited in what type of questions I'm allowed to ask. I can't ask anything that's like "What is...." or "How is....diagnosed?"

(no subject)

Yesterday in English, the professor was asking a whole bunch of questions. If it applied to you, you were to raise your hand. The questions were pretty general, so a lot of people were raising their hands. Then the professor asked, "Were you raised around someone with prejudices?" Since everybody had been raising their hands the whole time, I figured a whole bunch of other people would raise their hands again, so I did. I was the only one who did. For some reason the teacher decided to concentrate on me and kept asking me more and more questions about the prejudices in my house (she couldn't get over the fact that my dad can be extremely racist) and it was very embarrassing. I felt almost like I had been singled out and noticed that after class, nobody talked to me on the way out like they usually do, which was probably the worst part of it.

Have you ever felt singled out by a teacher? If yes, how?

Was it a single event, or was it continuous?

Did this have any effect on your life outside of the classroom?

not your typical carebear valentine

Have you ever experienced a time in your life with intense paranoia of dying? A friendly acquaintance of mine from high school died in a car accident a few weeks ago. Even though I didn't know her that well, it really shook me up. Now whenever I'm driving I get these random thoughts like, "What if this is the last song I listen to..?" and just feel kinda overwhelmed thinking I will, in fact, die a specific way. It really freaks me out.

My dad passed away from cancer when I was 15, so it was then that I really learned to appreciate each day. Now, it's been exacerbated by this whole ordeal. That may not seem like a bad thing, but really valuing each moment has its catch. It makes me even more sad that my life will someday end.

Jeez, I sound like I belong on Sally Jesse Raphael. My apologies :( At least it's a deviation from the "OMG WHAT DO I GET MY BF FOR V-DAY HE WEARS SOCKS AND LIKES PSP!!!" questions.

Bottom line: How do you cope when faced with your own mortality?