February 12th, 2007

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Birthday event thing

K, so I'm taking my best friend out for his birthday Tuesday. He's a sarcastic 20-year-old who likes horror films. I am thinking about taking him out to dinner and a movie. He's said, "no" to Hannibal Rising, The Messengers, The Hitcher never mind, just as I was writing this, he decided he wanted to watch Catch and Release. Have you ever seen it, if so, what'd you think?

2.) What is a good idea for dinner? I'm paying, and I'm on a budget. He says he doesn't care where we go. What is a good place to eat (that isn't a fast food place), but I won't spend more than $30 on?
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I could post this to freestuff but I know/like you guys better =)
I have 3 5-day guest passes for Club Pogo (pogo.com). Anyone want one?
First 3 people to e-mail me at elisasrandomstuff@yahoo.com with their e-mail addresses or Pogo screen name will get them!

k apparently no one wants them so I'm posting this in freestuff instead

Okay real questions.
What is your favorite:
tv show?
type of music?
lj community?
search engine?

help me buy a computer

I want to buy this and I don't know computers well, so in your opinion is $640 a good deal for this computer:

HP Media Center Pavilion
Manufacturer’s Warranty: JUN 2007
Processor: PENTIUM 4 3.0GHZ
Memory: 2GB
Video Memory: NVIDIA GEFORCE 7300LE 128MB
Optical Drive: DUAL LAYER DVD +/-RW
Hard Drive: 500GB (2x250GB) SATA
Modem: N/A
Internal Floppy: N/A
USB: 6
Firewire: 2
Memory Card Reader: YES
Restore / Manuals: YES
Keyboard / Mouse: YES
TV tuner

I want a computer that will do me good for photoshop and video editing.

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Who remembers The Elephant Show?(I think thats what it was called)
The song..Skinamarinky dinky dink...erm..Yeah anyone? haha

If you read in bed, can you read comfortably? I find it very hard to read while laying on my side but I don't have a headboard so it's hard to read laying on my back.

Do you tend to over imagine situations and play the "What-if" game? Care to tell me some of those stories?

Cohabitation questions

After having to listen to an arguement between a "You must live together first or you won't love your husband" person and a "OMG! you people are living sin!" person, (and being reminded about it from an earlier post here), I find that I really don't understand either side. Not to offend anyone, but I'm honestly curious about these questions.

*****Barring religious reasons, people who have no intention of marrying, and people who are just plain stupid and shouldn't be together anyway*****

Why is it that so many people say you won't really know your SO unless you live with them before marriage? I don't mean why do they say it, but I mean what are these things? Why can't you know them without living together? And what of these is so important that you wouldn't marry someone?

And, why do so many people bring up seeing if you can deal with their annoying habits? What habit is so bad that you'd leave someone you've made a lifetime commitment to? And if someone knew they couldn't be with someone who has these habbits, why wouldn't they have figured it in beforehand?

Also, why is it that people assume that if you don't live together you've never discussed important things like how you're going to handle money, raise children, have your time apart, etc?

And on the flip side:

Why is it that so many people who don't live together say that it's selfish to do so? Again, now really why, but how is it selfish?

Why do people assume that because you live together before marriage aren't as serious about marriage? Why is it they think if someone intends to marry, but lives together beforehand, they somehow think something like "Oh well, we can always split up?"

Also, why do people think you're attached to your SO's hip? Or that you can't be your own person?

Also, why is it that when two things are essentially two sides of the same coin, many people think their side is right for everyone and anyone who picks the other isn't as smart/mature?

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My brother's friend decided she was so bored, she was going to do some self piercing. I have no problem with self piercing, if you know what you're doing and have proper equipment. This girl was, in fact, SO BORED, that she did not pierce her ear, or her lip, like so many other bored scene kids do. She decided to pierce her nipples. With an old sewing needle. Then used some old earrings to put in the holes. Now, I can't think of piercing my own nipples without cringing, let alone piercing them with a dirty dulled needle and shoving crusty old jewelry that's bigger than the needle into the hole. I heard about this just before, when said friend decided that when your nipples turn purple for 'no reason' that maybe something is wrong. Now let me tell you, there is nothing I enjoy more than telling my brother's friends how stupid they are (especially this girl, she's a special kind of stupid), but no matter what I said she could see no difference between my tongue piercing (which I researched and went to a reputable piercer for) and her nipple piercings. After arguing for almost twenty minutes about the exact level of her IQ, I gave up and walked away.

What would you do in a situation like this?

Should I tell the girl's parents what she's done, or should I trust her to tell them herself? (she needs to see a doctor, and can really only go through them since she's so young)

How would you try to prevent something like this from happening again?
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Do you enjoy Schadenfreude? What are some good sources/examples?

Something that always cheers me up is reading communities of high school seniors freaking out over college applications and knowing that whatever kind of bullshit is in my future, THAT bullshit is behind me.

Love songs on a mix CD...

So I met this fella maybe two-three years ago at a friend's house during a hurricane. When I met him he was there with his now ex-girlfriend. Once the hurricane moved on, he went home three hours away.

We started talking online constantly, the main topic being his girlfriend problems. Eventually they broke up. We kinda-sorta "liked" each other based on our long talks, but neither of us could be bothered to make the drive to hang out, and it was very clear we were nothing more than friends. Finally we did end up hanging out about a year and a half ago. We made out and spooned all night but it didn't go any further.

We continued speaking all the time but never met up again. I found a boyfriend. He got himself a new girlfriend 6 months-1 year ago-ish and completely stopped talking to me. I was irked for awhile, but then I got over it and even spoke to him a couple times briefly. I found out he got himself a cat (when he supposedly hate-hate-HATED the idea of pets) and became a vegetarian because she was one. They have moved in together.

Randomly this week he asked for my address... bear in mind we rarely talk anymore, and never anything beyond "hello, how are you." He sent me a package containing a few of his business cards, and a CD entitled "Booty Mix 07" which I expected to to be full of ass-shakin' rap music. Instead it is full of LOVE SONGS. There is NO mistaking that this is a CD full of love songs. My question is... why?

I know it is possible he just sent me a CD of songs he likes, that happen to be love songs. But I personally would not do something like that without some kind of motive. Based on the circumstances... what do ya'll think?

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Part 1. Lately I've been crying over everything. In the past two weeks I have cried over two books, five different tv shows, and a musical.

Am I crazy?
What makes you cry?

Part 2. My sleeping schedule is beyond fucked up.
Friday night - went to sleep at 8am and woke up at 2pm
Saturday night - went to sleep at 7am and woke up at 1:30pm
Tonight - It's 5:45 and I'm not asleep yet. Have to get up at 10 for class.

Do I need sleeping pills?
I don't feel tired but I feel lazy, like I don't have the energy to do anything.
AAAHHH what's wrong with me TQC??

questions from the pizza delivery wench....

1. Do you tip your server/pizza delivery wench/gas station attendant?

2. What determines the tip amount? the cost of the product? the service? does it matter?
2 a. what things would cause you not to tip?

3. Do you think people realize that most of us live off our tips?

4. Why is it that when people pay for shit with thier credit card, they never tip?

*lately, tips have sucked, so i'm wondering why.
sweet dee mothafucker


I am starting a race themed art project. I am going to be asking tons of people questions like these so I figured I'd start here.

1. What are some prejudices you have against other races? I think everyone has at least some, which I don't think makes you racist. How did these prejudices come about?
2. What stereotypes do you fit into, regarding your race?
3. What are some obvious stereotypes I might miss and which race are they attributed to?
4. Do you think racism will stop? Why or why not?


1. Have you ever used CVS/Walgreens/Walmart/other to develop and print your own pictures from a digital camera?

If yes:
1a. Do you have to have the pictures on a memory card or can I put them on a CD?
1b. Where did you go and how much did it cost?
1c. Was it easy to do?
1d. Will employees stand behind me the whole time to instruct me? Cause I hate that.

If no:
2. Who thinks Laura Winslow from Family Matters is not that attractive at all? Steve should keep Myra.
3. Do you love or hate sports?

Here's what I don't get.

This is not to start meanness and arguements and put-downs and mud slinging. I am going to try and do this question without an example or context and see if you lovely people can come up with some good stuff.

Certain people shout freedom! freedom! freedom! 

But when those same people infringe on my freedom and rights, they say I don't have the right to have that right - that their view is right and mine is wrong. So in the end, the freedom they are so political about is not freedom at all - is it?

How does that work?
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Two unrelated questions (honestly!)

1. What would be the masculine equivalent of "suck it up, princess!"?

ETA: I'm looking in particular for a phrase that does not emasculate a man, but has the same meaning that princess=privilege.

2. You're sitting on a crowded bus (but you're able to stand on a moving bus if need be). A older (think 65+) woman and a middle-aged pregnant woman (you have no idea how far along she is) approach you: who do you give your seat to? Or are you an ass and keep yourself planted? :P
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Give a dog a home

(no subject)

For stupid_free members:

What the HELL is going on in the community lately? Do you still find it amusing/funny? Personally, it's getting a little old for me.


How do you get the best deal on a vacation? My husband and I want to go to Disney World, but want to get a kickass deal on it. I've never gone to a travel agent before. Is it worth it? FWIW, we're going to leave from a different airport than we are going to arrive at.


So, I found out about my car. Apparently, they charged me for brake work that I may not have needed and/or was not performed. They need me to stop by and check to see if I needed it and if it was performed. They already charged me for it, and if it ends up I didn't need it, they are going to refund the payment for it.

Do you think that is sufficient compensation? If not, what would you do?
Personally, I'm not too concerned, but I'm just curious as to how others would react.
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1. What does the weather look like outside today? (Take a picture of the weather outside your home/work/whereever you are right now, and post it)

2. Whats your favorite LJ icon?

3. How was your weekend?

4. What are you having for breakfast?

My answers are in the 1st comment

long flight

okay so i'm going to be going on my first overseas flight later this week, and i'm totally feeling anxious about it. the longest non-stop flight i've been on was about 4 hours. after a few hours on a plane i feel like im gonna die. i get really fidgety and uncomfortable and almost claustrophobic. i'll be on the plane for 9 hours this time.

what do you do on really long flights?

p.s. -one of my coworkers said that alcoholic beverages are free on international flights. is this true????

Age for Marriage

Poll #925739 The Youngest Age for Marriage

What is the youngest age that a person should get married?

30 to 35
35 and over
There isn't a "youngest age", people should get married when they feel it is right.

How much of a relation do you think there is between age (people marrying too young) and rising divorce rates?

They are 100% related.
People nowadays are marying too young, and this has a lot to do with the rising divorce rates.
Marrying too young probably is a factor in some divorces, but it is certainly not the biggest factor.
They have very little to nothing to do with one another.
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Breakfast, and music.

1. Do you eat breakfast every morning?
2. What do you have?
3. How long have you been eating breakfast every day for?
4. What do you do for a living?

5. What are your top 5 songs at the moment?
6. What's your favourite song ever (so far)?

My answers:

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(no subject)


for some questions:
1. how do you work out your GPA?
2. what is the highest?
3. what's an average GPA?

i ask because i have seen people say "i have a GPA of____ but still cant work out..." or "yeah, well i have a GPA of______ so you can take my word on it".
i want to know if the GPAs cited by these kinds of people are really all that good, because they dont sound too great.

lies, socks, plans, and one not so hypothetical

1. What is the last really obvious lie someone told you? Did they really expect you to believe it?
The other day my dad told me Bright Eyes was going to be performing at The Grammys. He really thought he could convince me of it.

2. What are your plans for today?
I'm going to clothes shopping today, and to look for some Marshmallow lotion I can't find anywhere. And I'll probably eat lunch at The Java Moon Cafe or Salad Works.

3. Are you wearing socks right now? Do they match? What do they look like?
I'm not wearing socks, I can't even remember the last time I really needed to wear socks.

4. Lets say you are at Panera Bread. They forgot you iced green tea and your dad's soda, and then they gave you both the wrong kind of bread. While you're eating your salad you discover a jagged little piece of wood in it, about the size of of 5 toothpicks attached side by side. Do you say anything to the people working there? What would you say? Would you continue eating your salad?
My dad asked for our drinks, but didn't say anything about the bread, and I didn't say anything about the mystery piece of wood. We are not the type to complain at all, so obviously we didn't, but I was wondering if other people would have.

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I am in charge of throwing a bachelorette party for my extremely conservative mormon cousin. I have never been to a bachelorette party that wasn't raunchy, and i'm having trouble coming up with ideas for the party. Has anyone been in the same situation, or do you have any ideas for "appropriate" games?
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(no subject)

1. How old are you?
2. Where do you live?
3. a) Anyone in Texas?
b) Where at in Texas?
4. Do you think I'm a stalker?
5. Have you ever heard of HEB, Te Magic Time Machine Resturant, Big Red Soda, or Blue Bell ice cream?

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(no subject)

If you buy greeting cards from a store, how fast are you in the card aisle?

1 - I should probably pack a light lunch
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -
6 -
7 -
8 -
9 -
10 - I, sir, am a blur
Queer focus


I watched "dazed & confused" yesterday & it left me with the overwhelming feeling that the american system sucks.

1 Did you ever go through some kind of highschool initiation?
2 Was it voluntary?
3 What did it involve?
4 What did you get for going through it?
5 What was your feeling to the whole experience?

6 Did you ever put someone else through initiation?
7 Was it voluntary?
8 What did it involve?
9 What did they get for going through it?
10 What was your feeling to the whole experience?

If not, why not? What were the consequences?
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Knock Yerself Out ?'s

1. Have you ever held a conversation with someone while you were asleep (or had someone tell you about a conversation you had with them that you didn't remember)? Do you know anyone who has?

2. Have you ever been knocked unconscious, outside of a medical setting? (ex. a fist fight, too much drugs/alcohol, etc).

3. Do you sleepwalk or ever lived with anyone who did?
The Receptionist Classic


Sporks: great invention or a pain in the butt cheap way for fast food places to give us utensils?

Aside from Marshall gouging that guy's eyes out with a spork (Alias), what good things have sporks done for us?

How do you feel about sporks in general? Tell me.

(For the record, I hate sporks.)
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Rec me a game.

So I want to get a good RPG to play. But... the last one I bought, which everyone was pretty much drooling over, turned out to be not to my taste.

So, my question is: will you guys check my list of games I liked and disliked, and then recommend me something to play?

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(no subject)

OK, I haven't really been around LJ much for quite some time, but recent events have pushed me into trying to find out about the complications in the following, so I'm here to seek the TQC's advice!~

I'm a British guy, born and raised in London, and looking to move to the US - New York in particular - and I'm wondering if anyone else here has done this and/or can offer any detail on what visas or such I need to apply for, and anything else that would help. I've been checking the Home Office site and similar, but it's all confusing me a bit. I've heard that it helps if you have someone living in the state you're aiming to move to who can sponsor/vouch for you? But not entirely sure on that.

Any help is greatly appreciated :D

Desperate Housewives

Hi, I'm Canadian, I have a quick question.

I watched the housewives last night on ABC but my mom saw it on CTV which is the cable company that picks up on the link from ABC.
We both saw different previews for next week's show.

I want to find the 2 previews on youtube but cannot seem to.

Can anyone help?
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Love and stuff.

1- I think I love you, so what am I so afraid of?

2- First love? Doesn't have to be a person.

3- Current desire? Again, doesn't have to be of the human sort.

4- Aside from computer paraphernalia, what is closest to your hand-of-choice? (If you're right handed, then your right hand, if you're a lefty, blah blah. If you're ambidextrous, pick a hand!)


1- Alligators of love. They attack people in mid-makeout session.
2- FOOD. It explains so much. Hah. :)
3- For the day to be over with, since I'll have gone to my doctor already. Dreading that so much. :(
4- Spicy basil noodles with chicken. Thai food ftw!
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(no subject)

YOU. yes, you! what's for lunch? uhm, i'm back to my burritos again! *at least for today* they're bean & cheese burritos.

If he/she didn't ________ i would _________.

(no subject)

Do you always read things before you sign them?

I ask this because people always get aggravated when I take the time to read entire legalese documents before I sign them. It's like they don't expect people to read them or something.

(no subject)

Is ELVIS really dead? (I think he's living in a trailer park in Tupelo....)

Have you ever built a deck? and is it still standing? Any tips?

WHY should I pay $2,700 for a new kitchen floor?
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Storing clothes

I'm in the process of moving, but I'm going to have to store a bunch of clothes in suitcases for about 6 months. Last time I had stuff stored in suitcases, it all smelled horribly musty when I came to unpack it.

I already had a couple of lavender bags in the case, but what else can I do to avoid the mustiness? Is it caused by moisture?

I prefer solutions involving natural products, but any suggestions welcomed. Thanks!
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Alright, so, I was reading a tqc question about bachlorette parties and it got me thinking. All of my close friends are gay males, I really only have one friend that is a girl and we're not like amazingly close or anything. So, whenever I decide to get married, would it be weird to have a male as my "maid of honor"(or whatever it'd be called now)? Have you ever been to a wedding where the Bride side mostly consisted of men and not women?

(no subject)

have you ever thought about what songs would be on the soundtrack of your life?
what songs would be?

have you seen the movie running with scissors?
what did you think of it if you have?
do you know where i might find an icon of the dishes on the lawn part of that movie?

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Mac photo editing software

Hello, oh knowledgeable people.

I have a Mac iBook G4 and a lot of pictures. I'm not happy with iPhoto for my editing needs. I have Digital Image Suite 10 on my Windows Desktop, and that does everything I need just fine, but I'd like something similar for my laptop. I want to be able to edit and organize my photos, and it would be a big plus if it were compatible with the keywords that the Digital Image library uses. Any advice? I'm not a hardcore digital picture editor, but I enjoy being able to clean them up, crop them, etc and I'm finding iPhoto a little too light for my needs.

Thanks in advance!
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Work Work

So, how many people are in your 'department' today? 

2 out of 5, and one doesn't know how to do the majority of the work. ( Only trained in on two out of five million things )
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Bizarre parent outings

Please make me feel as though I'm not alone here.

My mother went through a phase when each weekend she would take us to the airport to hang around there. No idea why, she just saw some sort of entertainment value in hanging around there, and naturally expected us to feel the same way.

So, were there any bizarre parent-imposed outings that you remember from your younger years? Any activities that your young and controllable self had no chance to question or rebel? Or was my mum just a Froot Loop?
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(no subject)

1)Have you ever changed clothes in your car? For what reason? Did anyone see you gettin' naked or could it have been possible for someone to see you?
2)When (and where, of course) did you last pee in a place that was not specifically intended for urination?
3)Which do you find to be more disturbing: living forever or ceasing to exist?
4)If you became a ghost after you died what place or person would you want to haunt?

Be creative!

I have a test today.  I was told this about it:

"there will be 45 m.c. ques - 15 D.M., 30 E.T."

M/C = multiple choice

wtf is DM or ET? 

DM= definition matching/direct matching?

E.T. = ???????

The Fellowship of Ring, rewrite

This is either for serious discussion or just giggles

Say you were on the casting board back when Lord of the Rings was being cast, and you had a strong say in who got picked for each role. These were the final 3 actors in each category. Who would you pick to play...Frodo?

Elijah Wood
Matt Leblanc
Jake Gyllenhaal


Ian McKellan
Andy Griffith
Crispin Glover in old man makeup


Viggo Mortenson
Matthew Perry
Matthew McConnaghey


Christopher Lee
Don Knotts
Christopher Plummer (google, y'all)


Cate Blanchett
Tori Spelling
Kate Winslet


Orlando Bloom
Hulk Hogan
Johnny Depp


Liv Tyler
Dakota Fanning
Mia Kirshner (google, y'all)

What's that smell?

Ok, is it just me, or does eating a lot of curry make you smell? Over the last 3-4 day's I've been eating a lot of curried foods and even curry flavoured chips! today my urine reeks to the high-heavens... it's horrible! Now I'm concerned that maybe my body is giving off a stench too..lol

(no subject)

Are you the first member of your family to do something? What?

(EX: You are the first one in your family to graduate college, first openly gay person in your family, first family member to become a vegitarian, etc.)
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(no subject)

I'm sure a good portion of you know the poem The Highwayman. In the poem, King George is mentioned, which King George, I have no idea. What I'm wondering is if anyone could speculate a guess as to what time period the poem would be set in. I'm not up to snuff on British history so I'm throwing out the question to you guys.

(no subject)

How far do you have to drive for work? Does the commute bother you?

I just got called to go to an interview later today and the place is 25 minutes away. I have no problem with that if it pays well.

*edit* Holy crap I got the job!
credit to http://catty-laughs.livejourna

suggestions please!

I need to know what you guys would do in the following situation, and if you think it is at all a health hazard...

so rewind to about 10 days ago. I'm walking through my apartment and step in a puddle. this puddle is now about 2 feet wide by at least 10 feet long. Its coming up out of the ground and its gone from clear to a brown/black/orange color. its pretty constant and its getting to the point where it stays sopping wet. obviously the carpet is going to mildew or mold because it can't dry out.
the leak is near my kitchen/washer/dryer area. The sink,dish washer,washing machine have all been checked and they can't figure it out. nobody seems to be really trying either.

what would you do? request a new apartment, move to a new community, buy more towels?

also please excuse the typos I'm on my pda.

(no subject)

who does your taxes for you?

a friend usually does mine but she just bought a house and has a lot going on right now. i thought i might try to do my own. it should be simple. but i'm not sure what i'm getting myself into. (i'm 25.)
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Question based off this news story...

A principal put some rules into effect at a high school, and some of the stupid brats who go there got mad, and ran their mouths off online. Apparently what they were saying was pretty bad, since 11 of them have been suspended.

Do you think that's fair?

How old are you?

I just wonder if adults or kids really think differently when children decide it's cool to rebel and act like jackasses. :P

ETA: Would you guys change your answers if it was a fellow student? How about a sibling? Someone younger than them? What if it was YOU? Would you want something done to them?

Hunger and working out:?

I'm STARVING. (Breakfast at 9am, then nothing...)

I'm also going to the gym to work out after real-world work (about 6:30).

Can I eat something before I go? How much earlier should I eat? I get home about 5:15, so I can eat then, and have an hour before I go work out to let everything digest. Is that enough time? And I'm assuming I should eat light (maybe a quesadilla).

Oh, and I'm either doing Yoga or Abs & Back -- the latter is more intensive, but is also later (7pm rather than 6:30). Still not sure which one to go to. :)
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Someone was murdered yesterday in my town.

When was the last time someone was murdered in your town? How frequently are people murdered in your town?

I don't ever remember anyone being murdered in my town before this, I mean I'm sure it's happened it just isn't very common.
judi in a hole


i made chili for the super bowl last sunday. i had SO much leftover. i didn't freeze it right away, and there's still a lot.

is it too late to eat? is it too late to even freeze and eat some other time in the future?

my mother in law was shocked i'd kept it around but my family did always have a bad habit of keeping leftovers around a while... and i don't remember anyone ever getting sick so i never thought it was really a bad thing.

so, please let me know. i do realize it's now 8 days old. yes it has meat in it. please don't yell & scream at me. i'm willing to throw it away if that seems to be conventional wisdom (which apparently i'm sorely lacking).


(no subject)

If you're not living with your parents anymore, just imagine that you still are for this one.

What is one thing that your parents say in any argument, no matter whether it makes sense or not?

No matter what we're fighting about, my parents insist on telling me I'm not acting like I'm "part of the family." For instance, I asked my mom to go out and she told me "Why can't you stay home and act like you're part of this family?!" I don't understand what staying home has to do with being part of the family.
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Book of the Month Club

If you've ever joined Book of the Month Club, or anything else like it, was it worth it? I read a lot and I'm very acquisitive about books, but I am leery of being roped into anything. I also find that the selection isn't that great, but when I looked at Book of the Month Club's website, I was pleasantly surprised to find at least 8 titles that I was planning on buying anyway and all of them were  hardcovers. Worth the hassle? Did you really save any money in the long run?

ke?//white ninja

(no subject)

A long time ago I found a cooking website that gave you recipes based on the ingredients you had at hand.

Does anyone know what it's called? I can't remember it and it's driving me insane!


thank you emosauce it was allrecipes.com

TQC grab bag

1.   Is all manga porn or is porn manga a special part of the anime industry, like porn movies are a special part of the movie industry? Edit w/explanation:  I just went to the Museum of Sex's exhibit on japanese pornography, and they have a big section on animated pornography, but it didn't distinguish if this was just a small section of anime.  And so I started to have visions of a bunch of middle schoolers looking up anime on the internet and seeing all the bobbing breasts and opening vaginas that I was seeing in the exhibit and then telling their parents I told them about it. LOL~  thanks.

2.  What's a favorite love song of yours?
("Origin of Love" from Hedwig and the Angry Inch)

3.  If you were required to wear a hat in your every day life, what kind of hat would you wear?
(Cloche hat)

4.  Do you have a favorite muppet or sesame st. character?
(Rolf, Gonzo, or Grover. I can't really decide)
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(no subject)

I know of sites you go to in order to find out what a name means.. but do you know of any place I can do that in reverse? As in, I'm curious what name means "humble servant."

Or you can just fill me in on what name that is if you just so happen to know.

Computer Question

I'm not big into computer games. The only one I play is the Sims 2. I'm wanting to upgrade my computer so my game doesn't lag.

Do I need a faster processor or more ram?

The system requirements for the game are a 800 MHz processor and 256 MB RAM. I know I have the ram. How do I know if the processor is good enough? Its 2.53 GHz. Yeah, I totally skipped electronics in highschool, so I can't do the conversion thing.

Where's the best place online to get what I need? Someone suggested I go to newegg.com, but I was wondering if there was anywhere that was better.

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Sheer insanity.

1- I plan on attempting to roam around the streets for 24 hours this weekend to make a true adayinmylife post. (As in, a FULL day, yay!) What do you suggest for staying awake that long without passing out?

2- Longest you've been awake non-stop?

3- Energy drink of choice?

4- Strangest thing you've done on a whim lately?

5- Have I asked too many questions today?

just doin' a bit of character research

I know there's a lot of expecting mothers in TQC right now, and man, am I grateful.

I have to play a character who's about three weeks from delivering her kid for my acting class. Seeing as how I haven't spent any significant amounts of time around someone in that condition since I was three years old, I have to ask: what is that like? What hurts? How on earth are you supposed to tie your shoes? Were you overly emotional at all?
Anecdotes would be greatly appreciated. I'm in search of detail.
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(no subject)

Based on this post:

Do you think that people who are sexually active should be tested?
Under what circumstances is it unnecessary for a sexually active person to get tested?


What was the last good thing that happened to you by surprise?
I bought a lottery ticket on a whim and won fifty bucks, woot.


How do you feel about snark communities?

Martial Art Schools

I don't even know if this is a real term or something the people I talked to made up, but is there a term for the type of dojo/martial arts school that's "fake", and if there is, what is it? I know one example of things they did was making up additional belt color ranks so that students would end up paying more to test for them in the long run. (I think having to pay to test at all was one of the warnings as well.)

Regardless of a term or not, anyone into martial arts who knows general tips on how to identify these types of schools so they can be avoided? Or tips for identifying when a school is probably good or authentic?

Weird question

I have never seen a girl play hackeysack. Ever, as far as I know

Have any of you girls played hackeysack? I don't mean like, once back in '05 I was bored and played it during lunch because there was nothing better to do, but did it often enough where you got some hackey skillz

(no subject)

Are you a vegetarian? If so, how long have you been one? What are your reasons for being one?

If not, have you ever given being one a go? How long did you last?

ALSO, completely unrelated: http://www.familywatchdog.us/

Is there a sex offender near you? I just discovered through that website that there are about five within two miles of my house, and I live in a nice area. x.x
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south park

(no subject)

what is your biggest pet peeve when driving?

my answer: 

i have a couple--people who stop at yield signs, and people who just can't stand to have people pass them.  they will go super slow, then you try to go around them and they jam on the accellerator.  or, when you are trying to get over, and the asshole in that lane won't let you.  because god forbid they have someone driving in front of them.

my other HUGE pet peeve--two roads where i live.  One road, Northlake, is the only road out of my neighborhood.  It's a long ass road, it takes forever to get anywhere, and everyone is an asshole.  Not only that--say you're driving back at 1am, you get off onto the exit on Northlake--the light by the supermarket is red.  No one is going into the supermarket, yet you have to sit there for a good 5+ minutes.  Then, you can't make any lights.  Another road, Military Trail, is N-S--go north, you can't make a damn light. ever.  no matter how fast you go, no matter how empty the road is.  You to South, there is so much construction and the lanes are so smallll, you are literally unable to see which way each lane goes, and its just literally undriveable.  You just can't win with these motherfucking roads.
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I don't feel like dying, kthx.

It's been raining for the past couple of days, and I've noticed an odd, musty smell in my apartment. The apartment itself is clean, so that can't be the source of it. The odor comes and goes, but has only been occuring since the rain began. This is the first rainstorm I've experienced since moving into this apartment, and the first time I've noticed the odor.

I have a feeling it's mold, but I'm not sure what I should do about it right now. The office is already closed for the night, and while I plan on visiting them in the morning to let them know about the situation, I'm a bit concerned about what I should do tonight, since mold can be deadly. Does anybody have any suggestions that might make things a bit safer?
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(no subject)

does anybody know which party (democrat or republican) buddhists tend to vote for?

i am asking in regards to the two MAIN parties. i am quite aware that there are more than two political parties, thanks.

(no subject)

Which of the following have you eaten and/or tasted?

human blood
ear wax
steak tartare
liver and onions
corn fritters
boiled crawfish

2)Why does bad stuff happen to good people?
3)Do you ever donate money or time to a charity? Which charity?
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(no subject)

H'okay...can't think of any fun questions so here are some that I need help with..

1. I joined a community where I had to be accepted to join, and I was accepted, but now I can't post a journal in said community. It isn't even listed in the Post to: drop list. What's goin on?

2. I'm going to be doing a webcomic, I was curious what size (pixels or inches) I should do the beginning art digitally? (please tell me if you do not understand, I don't make much sense most days)

Thank you!!
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(no subject)

I asked this quite some time ago, so I'm sure answers have changed since then.

What is the last new product/food/anything you tried? Would you recommend it to others?
I tried Max Factor Lash Perfection Mascara in deep blue, I would definitely recommended it. I usually use Diorshow in black, and this looks and feels way better, and is considerably less expensive.

(no subject)

I look like 
Collapse ) and I don't know what to do with my hair. What would you suggest?
I am tired of looking through webpages of scary women with too much eyeliner and silly hair.

What's the weirdest thing you've done today? I hit someone with a frozen carrot.

*I cannot do html. An extra cut snuck in...Aha! I beat the cut. It must've been scared by my carrot story.

comptuer questions!

i am using kodak easyshare to put my pictures on my computer. i think i am just missing it, but how do i save the pictures to my picture folder, not just to the easyshare software? i'd like to do whole folders at a time, not just a picture at a time.

if you are trying to copy a dvd and the original dvd itself isn't working, what can you do to "fix" it? i'm not sure if i'm being totally clear, hmm. the problem isn't the computer, i'm sure it's the original disc. i know that it might be scratched or something, but i'm not sure how you'd fix that properly. these aren't my original discs, so i don't want to screw them up.
Zach Braff


So my friends and I were having a discussion today. We're all high school juniors and are about 16-17 years old. At our school, we have a lot of young(under 30) male teachers who are incredibly attractive. While the majority of the schools lusts after these men, everyone knows it is a taboo for a teacher to be involved with a student. However, we were wondering, what if this did happen? For example, if a student was incredibly mature and seemed to have a very friendly relationship with a teacher, would it be so wrong for them to be invovled? Why? What if the student had this teacher in the past(ie. 10th grade math), would it be less wrong because the teacher isn't instructing them? Have any of you been involved with a teacher while you were still in school or did you pursue them after you graduated? Any other thoughts?
regina [lupinskitty]

(no subject)

I was reading this article today in the New York Times

For those who don't want to click or don't have accounts, it's about a young earth creationist who just received a doctorate in geosciences at the University of Rhode Island.

He made references in his dissertation to events happening millions of years ago, but he says that “I did not imply or deny any endorsement of the dates.”

He is now teaching at Liberty (the Jerry Falwell university) and apparently uses his legitimate scientific credentials to support his position as a creationist.

So, I'm stealing these questions from the article, because I want to know what you all think.

May a secular university deny otherwise qualified students a degree because of their religion?

Can a student produce intellectually honest work that contradicts deeply held beliefs?

Should it be obligatory (or forbidden) for universities to consider how students will use the degrees they earn?
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(no subject)

Any TQCers desiring a valentine?

Here is my idea. I will set up a post with anonymous comments, and people can say who they would like as their valentine. Any mutual matches will be published on the day. Would anyone be interested?

Edit: tqc_valentine!

Have you met Terry Pratchett? What is he like in person?

Have you read the comic Strangers in Paradise?
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(no subject)

When you rip audio (or convert from lossless), at what bit rate do you encode at? Or do you prefer variable bit rate? Or have you never played around with these settings at all?

And... since no one answered my question last time, a poll! I've read pages and pages of descriptions and reviews for both of them and now my brain is tired. Please vote with your gut.

Poll #926202 Decisions, Decisions

Which one should I eventually buy on sale months down the road?

I have a twisted/sprained ankle I can barely walk on right now. Should I call in gimped to work tomorrow?

Definitely not.
jesus, jennilee, why can't you make your own decisions
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(no subject)

1. What sort of temper does your SO have?

2. Are they very physical when they get angry or is it all talk and no action?

3. Does it scare you when you're around them and they get mad?

4. Do you notice a difference between the times they're angry with you and angry with someone else or about something else?

5. When was the last time you bled a lot, and what happened?

6. Do you have tendency to fall up or down stairs (if you fall at all)?

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1. Is there a liquify filter in PSP7? I can't seem to find it and google isn't helping.

2. Do you agree with the people who said Seinfeld is the funniest show ever?

3. Getting personal, have you ever taken nude photos of yourself? How about others?

4. Valentines Day: best day of the year/fun/just another day/overrated/superficial and commercial/I HATE IT!/other?

5. What is your opinion on typically "girl gifts" for guys? (i.e. teddy bears, flowers, chocolates, etc) I don't think I'd like it if I was a guy considering I don't like it as a girl.

Computer Question, What??

My computer is being a doody.
Yes, that is a technical term.

I shut my computer off because it was being a douche (another technical term) and was frozen. I turned it back on after a few hours, and my internet connection wasn't working. It said the wireless connection was all good (I have a widget for it) but it wasn't letting me load any websites. I then disconnected it, and tried to use the actual connection in my room (I'm not supposed to be able to have wireless, but my room is close enough to the lounge where I get a pretty good wireless signal). It wouldn't let me use that at all. I went back to using wireless, and it let me load 2 or 3 websites, and I couldn't get anywhere from that. All my settings are the same as before, my computer is just making me so angry. I turned it off and on a  few times, disconnecting wireless and reconnecting it, disconnecting my internet cord, reconnecting it, and it still is being stupid. It let me load more sites now, but I still can't log onto AIM or check certain websites.

What can I try to fix my computer?
I'm so mad right now, if I think of anything else I tried I'll update. I'm just so frustrated!

EDIT! I am pretty computer illiterate. Please give me step-by-steps and such. I am a moron!

I think it's fixed.?? Onto my other question!!

What are some racially motivated movies (totally not worded right, but I can't think of how it should be said)?
I am trying to find movies with racial tension that take place in America. I have American History X and Crash.

(no subject)

1) do you think virginity is all that big of a deal?
2) why is a females virginity highlighted more than a males? thoughts..
3) my friend told me she lost her virginity when she was 11... !! I didnt even know what sex was at this age !!... did you???
4) when and how did you learn what sexual intercourse is...(stories??)