February 11th, 2007

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Do you regularly take any pills - vitamins, meds, etc.? What are they?

I take a daily vitamin plus iron, Evening Primrose Oil for cramps during my period, and I just started taking Ginkgo Biloba daily. If I'm having trouble sleeping I take Melatonin or Valerian root. If I start to get sick I chug some Airborne.
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A few years ago I was talking to a friend of my uncle's from America and she was saying that only about 5 per cent of Americans had passports, I was kind of shocked that so few people would want to travel and she said that that was just how it was there.
So to the Americans here, and anybody else who feels like answering, Do you want to travel? And is the idea of traveling overseas really that unpopular over there?

And one more, completely unrelated: In movies and tv shows, when people snort drugs what is it they're actually inhaling?
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I read everywhere that if you fast, it will make your body lose no weight and lower your metabolism, but why is that anorexics and some bulimics end up so horribly skinny? I know they have to eat at least -some- food, or they would die in a few weeks so there has to be some sort of food intake.

Does your body just start to rot away after being in a "famine" mode after a period of time or what?
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1) Are you bilingual?
2) If so what languages do you know how to speak?
3) How old were you when you learned your 2nd (or 3rd, 4th etc...) language?
4) What language would you like to learn?

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Have you ever entered a competition and came fourth out of three people?
Or something along the lines of that.

When I was around 12 I came fourth mountain biking in my age category... out of three people. And some random old guy took third. I still don't understand how that happened.

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it might be a stretch, but does anyone have any cingular pay as you go cards lying around that they don't need?

does anyone know where to get these minutes at any type of a discount?

(no subject)

1. Aside from Amtrak and Greyhound, do you know of any other methods of transportation from Philadelphia to Washington D.C. that isn't wildly expensive? Under $100, anyway.

2. Do you know of any websites where you can download or play King's Quest 7, The Princeless Bride? I'd be willing to pay money, too, I just don't want to have the CD from some website and install it on my computer.

3. For those of you who play Guitar Hero II, what's your favorite song to play?

4. For those of you who watch Metalocalypse, which member of the band are you the most fond of?

5. Have you seen Mastodon with Converge and Priestess while they're touring around right now? Would you say you got your money's worth if you went to see them?
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I lost my voice, and I sound like a teenaged male chipmunk going through voice change, which is not good because I'm a human and female, so my question is-

How do you get your voice back when you've got strep or a cold?

tia! <3
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myspace galleries/photobucket/etc, which of these image themes (if any) makes you want to administer a fuckin slap the most

hand over mouth exaggerated surprise
charlies angels pose
holding up a bunch of money
pointing a gun at the camera

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DOes this every happen to anyone else?

When I read or hear abuot blood, or veins, etc... my hand and feet lose all feeling.  it's really a bitch when I'm taking notes on Cardiovacular disease :P  Am I a freak?
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Who is this character?

I keep seeing him (her??) in macros about rape and killing.

He's got some kind of reddish, triangular cardboard box on his head.

Is it from a video game? Does he rape a lot?

Picture of character behind Collapse )

Thanks. I look forward to starting to get the jokes.

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Nissin Top Ramen (in the cellophane) or Maruchan Instant Lunch (in the styofoam cup)?

Plain sunflower seeds or BBQ or Salsa?

Digital watch or one with hands?

Tobasco or Texas Pete?

Left or right?

What is your definiton of a TROLL??
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Let's say you're unfortunetly very poor. You get paid twice a month. All bills are due the first week of the month, including rent. Rent took up all of your first paycheck -- there is no money left over for electricity, phone, or the gas. E & G is due by the tenth, but you don't get paid until the 17th. How long until they would turn E & G off? Does this hurt your credit? Any advice?

I'm fairly freaking out.
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I'm looking for a free website for online fundraising. I'm doing the San Diego Walk for Hope in March and I need to raise some money. Is there a site specifically for fundraising (one that doesn't charge a fee)?

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inspired by this post

1. Where you breast or bottle fed?
2. What health conditions do you face?
3. Do you think any/all of these can be traced to a definite source (genetics/lifestyle/whatever)
4. If you were bottle-fed, do you feel your mother deprived you of something or that she didn't love you "enough" (because of that, not other reasons)
5. When and where were you born?

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When you go out to eat, how do you usually tip? Do you largely put service into consideration? What about things the server has no control over (ie food takes long, the restaurant ran out of your favorite dessert)? Or do you always just tip 10/15/20%, or just always leave $5?

I'm a server and I can't figure people out-sometimes I feel like people will leave me five bucks no matter what, even if I'm really superawesome and their check is like eighty dollars. Other times I feel like I'm mediocre and will get a really awesome tip.

Edit: If you live in the US- (sorry LJers from other countries! dumb of me)
Completely unrelated, will you have off for President's Day next Monday?

-I won't since I go to a private university but I don't really care anyway. The middle school I volunteer at does, though, so I get a day off in that sense!
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I didn't sleep last night. Do you ever stay up all night? Can you be productive while running on no sleep?

Do you have social anxiety? Do you take medication?

Collapse )

Do you watch religious shows on tv? Do you take them seriously or do you mock them?

Collapse )
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hair care

So I want to try Dove's brand of hair products, only I've no idea which I should go for. My hair gets greasy at the roots very quickly, yet I tend to have dry ends. I have coloured (lightened) hair which is a little damaged from straightening irons, so it seems I need a bit of everything!!

Can anyone suggest which Dove shampoo and condition combo I should use?
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(no subject)

Last year for my birthday (November) and Christmas, I asked my mom if she'd be willing to just give me money. She said sure. When my birthday passed with no gift, I figured she was planning to give me one big check at Christmas. But I never got anything. I was planning on having that money available to use now. I am couch surfing and hoping to buy a house or condo in the next couple months.

Since it was supposed to be a gift, I feel funny about bringing it up with her, especially since she has very patiently waited for her birthday present from me, which I am still working on. (Her birthday was in October. I'm making her a collage. Yeah I know, I'm lazy and unfocused.)

In your opinion, what should I do now? Should I just forget about it?


This is why math is good for everyday life, people!

If I have 16 people who are socially phobic.  Of those, 8 are socaially phobic with avoidant personality disorder.  50% of the particiapnts with social phobia WITHOUt APD are women.  66.67% f the particiapnts with social phobia WITH APD are women.

How many women are there out of the total 16 people?  My math is giving me 9.3

I don't think you can have .3 people :(
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(no subject)

1. What's the most you've ever paid at a vet?
2. What's the most you've paid at a restaurant?

3. Has anyone here ever moved across the country before? I'm more interested in hearing stories about people who have done it for no REAL reason and people who have done it after they've already been established in one area. So, not people who just graduated college and got a job someplace, not people who moved to go to college, etc.

If you did, how long did you plan the move beforehand and how did you find a job?

4. What has been your biggest disaster in the kitchen?
5. Which do you care about more: certified organic or certified Fair Trade?

6. How would you define "poor" (and I do mean it in a financial way)? Is it when you can't afford necessities? Or can you be poor, in your opinion, if you afford what you need but live paycheck to paycheck? Have you been poor by your definition?
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Feelings and crap. ;P

1- A couple of days ago, the husband accidentally headbutted my nose. Yes, actual accident, we goof off and stuff, no one call the cops please. :P Anyway, my nose still is kind of sore, could it be broken? It doesn't LOOK any different... I'm going to my doctor tomorrow for unrelated reasons, wondering if I should bring it up to get some pain pills, or just suck it up.

2- How are you today?

3- What are you looking forward to tomorrow, even if it's a small thing?

4- Is there anything good on tv tonight? We get a lot of US cable stations, and obviously Canadian ones too. :)


1- I dunno. :/ It's not that big of a deal, I guess. Blaaaah...
2- Sniffly, but we made tacos, so life is grand. :)
3- Going to my doctor, since hopefully she'll tell me what's really wrong with me and put me on the RIGHT kinda drugs. Graaarh!
4- I'm pretty dumb when it comes to anything on tv, so I dunno!

US election.

I live in Australia, so I get minimal information about the USA'a presidential candidates, but I am far too affected by who is elected because of our current lap-dog prime minister.

So, TQC, what can you tell me about the candidates and their policies?

EDIT: Okay, so noone has any policies, that seems a little odd even in the primaries. I guess what I'm asking is:

Who is likely to get through?
What is their general stance on stuff?

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If you are bilingual/multilingual (or know phrases in a language that isn't English), will you teach me a neat phrase in that language?

Yesterday my friend taught me how to say 'mouthfuck' in ASL. Although this is not practical or useful, I still enjoy the fact that I know it.
Oh, and I have one! In Japanese, there is an adage that goes "derukui wa utareru", which means "the stick that stands up will be pounded down", because Japanese culture stresses conformity over individuality.


What to you would make a good song to be put on a "sex" or "sexy" CD? For instance, to me, the Maroon 5 song "Secret" is very very sexy to me.

edit: Also, not that any of us would dare do the horrific thing of downloading music online, but if you were to do such a thing, what program would you use?

adolescent homophobia

Randomly, I remembered something me and my friends were debating about in middle school, and decided that yes, eight years later, it's still somewhat intruiging.

In gym class, we had to undress in front of each other and get into gym clothes. The question was thus: should there be/would it be a good idea to have a seperate changing room for gay/lesbian students?
Some straight students felt uncomfortable changing in front of people they thought/knew may have had particular interest in their bodies aside from the typical locker room comparisons.

This attitude involves homophobic feelings (OH NOES, T3H GAY! They're gonna come after me!)
What would be the best way to assuage/get rid of those fears in that age group (11-13 year olds)?
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Ya wai.

Hey TQC! I got new cotton sheets a day or two ago. I've washed them once, but they're still kinda stiff. Any suggestions on how to break them in quicker? I can't sex on them. :(

What was the last thing you were really iffy about doing?
For me it was hanging out with my exboyfriend last night so he could explain himself in person. I ended up letting a coin toss decide for me, and seeing him won. We spent six hours talking, crying, laughing, and sighing uncomfortably in silence in his car. I'm still iffy about it, but at least there is more clarity now. Guys are dumb.
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(no subject)

Women: What would you do if your boyfriend proposed to you on a commercial of your favorite television show?  Would you be upset?

Men: Would you ever think about doing this?

Influence for this question:



ETA: This guy was sponsored.  He originally wanted to do it on a commercial during the Super Bowl since they're both football fans, but the sponsors fell through.  He received money from various people and had enough money to do a local commercial.  He also donated the rest of the money to a fund to help the less fortunate children.

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What is making you happy right now?
My socks are warm and fuzzy and they feel good :) Plus I made a cake and it was delicious.

Who was the strangest person you ever met? Describe them.
This kid Nick I met in high school. He was the most flamboyant gay guy I ever met and had a habit of exagerating to make stories more interesting, or just making things up so people would pay more attention to him. He gave a friend of mine a lap dance in front of her family (it was hella awkward) and once disappeared from school for three weeks. After he came back he told some people he had been kidnapped, some people that he had developed a horrible neurological disorder, and some people that he had a sex change. I once saw him throw a knife at some girl on the street and then he ran away screaming when she picke di up and said she was trying to kill him. He moved away a couple of years ago, and swears up and down and sideways that he goes to a school exclusively for gay males and is not only a fetish model, but also a porn star (I think he might be 17 now).
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I helped a buddy move and my arms and legs are pretty wasted.. What sort of things can I do to help my body recuperate? Load up on protein?

Are Macs any good for gaming? I'm not much of a serious gamer, but I do like to play a few games (Starcraft) now and again.

Are there any dishes you reuse? I've always felt a little weird about it, but it strikes me as being practical. Instead of using a new bowl for cereal each time, I'll reuse the same one for 4-5 days. Same with a glass for water.

(no subject)

ok so like i am trying to make something for dinner, and it's telling me to add three cups of boiled water...so, should it still be boiling in the measuring cup, or if it's a little cool is it OK?  How do I boil the water first?  If I am standing by the stove, it wont boil cause like, a watched pot doesn't boil.

Why do everyone like them cat macros things?  their stopid, cat's can't talk! i looed it up on google and wikipedia and they BOTH say cats can't talk!

amythyst, help me!

Book of Mormon - spooky Mormon hell drea

Missing plugins

I'm using Firefox on my Intel MacBook pro, installed the latest Windows Media plugin for Mac, and still can't view the vids on this site. Should I be looking for something else? Firefox won't specify which plugin I need to view these. Thanks!

oh god help me

i've been growing my hair out for eons. it's a couple inches below my shoulders. in the meantime i wanted shorter layers, and i ended up with a mullet. not even a halfway mullet, it's just a mullet. short on the sides and top, long in back. i might have wanted a "fashion mullet" a couple years ago but now i hate it. it made me cry. i dunno what to do.

should i:
a. get a cute short haircut and be really devastated that it's gonna take years to grow my hair back
b. be humiliated for a few months until my hair's long enough to cut it into a less mullet-like fashion

Collapse )

2nd edit: thanks for the advice ladies! i think i'm gonna wear it up and with headbands and stuff until it's looking a little better.
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I can't seem to remember the name of the website where you can watch full episodes of TV shows. I know Season 1 of House is on there.
So my question.

What is it called?

I remember it is 5 letters, and has an a in it? If that's help at all. Haha, sorry!

Answered! Thanks!


Is it worth it to join AAA? My fiance and I take frequent road trips to visit each other as well as do a lot of camping and traveling to hotels and things.

I'm mostly interested in the roadside automotive services except it really only seems to cover a 3 mile tow and they'll bring me gas if I run out.

(no subject)

so the killers are coming to concert here (orlando, fl)  in april and tickets are already sold out =(
i've been trying to come up with alternatives but i'm not having much luck...

do you have any suggestions on how to get tickets?
i keep checking with ticketmaster and on ebay but they are crazy expensive

would you drive an hour and a half away to go to concert by yourself?

is scalping tickets illegal?

if it comes down to it and i still have no luck getting tickets by then... should i go down there the day of the show and see if i can get tickets then?

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(no subject)

I'm considering buying a PVP (Personal Video Player) in the next few months. If you have one, what kind is it? Are you satisfied with it? Is there another kind that you wish you had gotten instead? Is there anything I should know when considering which to buy?

Right now I'm leaning towards a Creative Vision W. Although I'll play videos, I will mostly be using it to play music, so I'd like the best audio quality pvp I can find with a reasonable price.
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(no subject)

How does one kindly explain to their boyfriend that because there is no basis of friendship, there isn't much emotional stuff going on and you want to end the relationship on a dating level? I really hate hurting people's feelings and I want to let the guy down easy (or as easily as possible)
emoticon death
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Fair rental costs? A long and angsty question

Say you have an apartment, in the inner suburbs of a city in which housing is expensive and hard to find. It's a two bedroom, one bathroom, one garage spot. One bedroom is a master bedroom, where you sleep. It is around three times the size of the other, which is smaller than the bathroom. The parking space is yours. You pay around $50 a week more than you expected to when you moved up, but you're a young professional clearing $600 a week, so it's not a huge stetch.

Say you've got a friend, who is coming to live in the same town, to study at university. To do so, they have to leave their job, and will be existing on government benefits until they can find work. They'll get the equivalent of $180 a week government assistance whilst they are studying. You're currently living by yourself in the apartment, paying $270 a week rent, and don't really want to have a stranger live with you, so this is pretty much your only option to take in a boarder to help pay rent.

a)What would be a fair price to charge them in rent & utilities? What proportion?
b)Would it make a difference if they were a member of family, say, younger sibling?
c)What if you'd initially been excited about the idea, and then changed your mind at a point at which it was too late for the other person to apply for on campus accomodation?
d) Would it make any difference to you if the other person had lent you, interest-free, their portion of an inheritance from a bereaved relative in order for you to do more things on an overseas trip? And you didn't pay them back for almost a year after you returned?
e)If a family member were taking advantage of your being dependent on their assistance, using it to extort more money from you than they'd get from a stranger in the same position, but you had to live with them anyway for a short period of time, how would you keep things civil?

I'm the younger sister. I applied for uni there because it's easier to get a place in the course I want to do, because she'd initially been excited about the idea and I knew she was lonely. I asked before I applied, and then again after I received an offer in the course, before accepting the offer. My sister initially said 'sure, whatever you can afford, love to have you up here' but is now pushing for an amount of rent she knows I simply don't have, leaving me pretty bound. We used to be really close, too, so it's all unexpected. I never intended to mooch - if I am able to find work up there, I might even agree to the much higher rent)
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does looking at bright light (especially the sun) make you sneeze like crazy? what the hell is up with that?

my mom and i are the only ones i know that this happens to. people think i'm crazy.
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(all because I am not convinced! lol)

Dear TQC...

1 (a) Are you Chinese/Asian?
(a)(ii) If so, does it make sense to you if I tell you a food is "heaty" or "cooling"? (in other words do you know that food can be "heaty" or "cooling"?)
(b) If yes, do you know the difference between "heaty" and "cooling food"?

2. If you said yes to all the above, is coconut a heaty or cooling food, because I seriously do not believe it is a cooling food, cause I always thought it was heaty until my mom told me today (and I am still quite unconvinced)


Thank you! (lol)
regina [lupinskitty]

Because I saw at least 8 girls at dinner wearing them...

When did leggings become an acceptable substitute for jeans and sweatpants?

Would you ever wear leggings with a regular length shirt (like a button down, not a dress or tunic or anything)?

Aren't they just glorified tights?

Am I the only one who is bothered by this phenomenon?

(To be clear, I'm not talking about wearing leggings or spandex-type stuff to go jogging or to work out. I'm talking about wearing them to class, to the grocery store, etc.)

(no subject)

Poll #925390 Fun and games

What are the activities in which you might be able to beat Superman?

Arm wrestling
Foot race
Pole vaulting
Drag racing
Trivia pursuit
Superman's dead, man. Reeves R.I.P.

What would be a more horrible experience in your life?

Yet another Britney Spears-pantyless crotch pic exiting a car
The last Harry Potter movie gets directed by Joel Schumacher, produced by Michael Bay
Tom Delay gets absolved of all past crimes, gets his job as Republican leader back
Getting a zit on your butt
Getting a wedgie from the Rock

Rock paper scissors! What do you show?

I have no hands. Damn you for pointing out my digital deficiencies
The taser in my purse beats all

TQC hide-n-go-seek. Where do you hide?

Under the bed
In the closet
I put a lampshade over my head and pretend to be a lamp
I hide in the woodchipper outside (no one turn it on, ok)
In plain sight, using only my jedi mind powers to hide me
I put on a disguise. No one will be looking for the Easter Bunny.
I go into the Witness Protection Program
I don't play games
I'm always the seeker, never the hider

(no subject)

EDIT Answered, thanks!

I've been searching Google and my useless MLA handbook on how to cite a prologue from a play. Specifically I'm writing about the movie Romeo + Juliet and comparing the director's vision to Shakespeare's (not that anyone cares). At any rate, I noticed that the prologue is not part of the first act. What I've done is simply: (Prologue, 1-4). I have no idea if this is correct and I'm ashamed at myself for being an English major and not knowing this stuff intrinsically. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated, as the paper is due at 12:30pm tomorrow. :/
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Research, mother fucker! Do you know it?!

1- What's the last thing you Googled?

2- What's the last thing you Wikied?

3- What is the last thing you wondered about? (ASK IT! Go go go!)

4- Which do you prefer here, personal opinion questions, factual questions that can be debated, or iPod servicing questions?


1- Pork recipes.
2- Types of fish for someone on here a couple of days ago.
3- This stuff!
4- Personal opinions. :>
kiv dancin.
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let's have a silly one

why would you want to bother the Wu Tang Clan in any way, shape or form?

i believe they have politely told you they are, in fact, nothin to fuck with.
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JEALOUSY! Just in time for Valentines!

1. An attractive friend of your boyfriend (or girlfriend) takes a picture of their breasts (or some male-part of the same caliber) for someone else, but shows the picture to your significant other knowing good and well he (or she) is in a relationship. Do you have the right to be angry? (ETA: Not so much angry at your partner, but more angry with the person who took the picture.)

2. Your signigificant other is planning on going away without you for a about a week. You know there will be attractive members of the prefered sex there and your SO jokes about hooking up with them. Do you take the joke as joking, or an underlying hint?

For those depressed by relationship questions:

3. How often do you have to use Urban Dictionary?
I thought I knew everything but sometimes you guys stump me!
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(no subject)

I just got my car repaired to the tune of $600 yesterday. I got:
- 2 new tires and rotation
- Alignment
- Oil change
- New brake pads and rotors

The lady from the mechanic just called today while i was away from my phone and left a message asking me to call them ASAP. By the time I called, they'd closed for the day.

Now I'm worried that they left a midget in my engine or something.

Should I drive my car to work tomorrow, or drive my husband's?
What do you think is so wrong with my car that they need me to call them ASAP?

EDIT: Nope, the check didn't bounce. There was more than enough money in my account to cover it, and I deposited some extra just in case right after I wrote the check for payment to them.


Do you think the gangster scene of the 50s and 60s is similar to the gangsta scene of today? Meaning, the illegal things, the money, the under-the-table-stuff, etc.
Sweet Candy
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1. What is a word or a phrase that you just hate?

2. Are you going to watch the Grammys? Why or Why not?

3. What are you doing on Valentine's Day?

4. Anything exciting happen to you today?


1. Discharge. Because every time I see the word discharge it's to describe STD symptoms
2. No. Award shows are boring
3. Nothing, but i know my mom will give me candy. :)
4. I tripped over the phone and broke it.

(no subject)

Can anyone find a simple diagram of brown algae on google? Like.. one that just points out the stalk, blades, and holdfast? Or hell, ANYTHING? I've been looking up things like "algae anatomy" and "fucus physiology" on google image for half an hour. :/ I need it for a PPT. Well, I don't need it, but I'm sure my students would appreciate a picture.

Edit: answered in about two minutes as usual. Thanks.
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(no subject)

I need a video of close up of a clock ticking really fast (in fast motion) and maybe some clouds moving behind it really fast? Can anyone help me with a scene like that from a movie?
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yummy in my tummy!

What are your suggestions for a healthy breakfast?

My typical breakfasts right now consist of either Carnation instant breakfast, instant oatmeal, a banana and an English muffin, or a bowl of cheerios. I feel like I should be eating something more nutritious, but I don't really know what that might be. I don't really like meat and my mom is big on the sausage-and-biscuit thing in the morning, which I have really grown to dislike. Ideas?

(no subject)

1. What would you think if I sang out of tune, would you stand up and walk out on me?

2. What do I do when my love is away?

3. Does it worry you to be alone?

4. Do you need anybody?

5. What do you see when you turn out the light?
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What would you do?

So, tomorrow morning DHL is coming by to pick up my laptop. It'll be gone for almost 2 weeks while repairs are being made.

I already know what I'll do to pass the time (and it's not porn, because, HEY no laptop!).

What would *you* do to pass two weeks without a computer or the internet?

Some of the things I'll be doing are replaying through my Zelda games, and reading up on internet/tech support type stuff for my new job (IP Support for Comcast). If my tax refund comes in before my iBook comes back, I'll most likely pick myself up a DS Lite as well. Haven't decided on a color yet.

(Non-serious answers welcome, as always.)
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(no subject)

I've been wondering this forever and keep getting mixed answers from all over the place...
are you supposed to wear your wedding band on your left or right hand??

Is it possible to be generous in a non-selfless way? As in... you like to spend a lot of money for yourself, that makes you a generous person? I'm not a native speaker and have been fighting with my English teacher over this.

What's a goal in your life that you'd love to accomplish but know is never going to happen?
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Big Wheel


On Friday night I had three Fuzzy Navel wine coolers. Just 3!! It affected my heart and arms in a bizarre way. My heart was racing and aching, and my arms were aching, too. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. However, this isn't the first time something like this has happened to me. My questions are:

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

What do you think could be causing this, and should it concern me?
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(no subject)

What's the one thing you look back on in your childhood/teenage years that you STILL think, "What an idiot I was!"?

Mine...I'd have to say when I went for coffee with my mom, she ordered something with shots in it, and I didn't talk to her for a WEEK, because I thought it was liquor.  It was Dare week in school, and she had to drive home.  I was convinced she put my life at risk. HA. 

(no subject)

1. Do you like your mom or dad better or neither? Why?

2. If a person or an animal falls asleep on you and you really have to pee, do you feel no guilt in immediately shoving them off you/dropping them on the floor, etc. or do you sit and debate with yourself for ages before finally getting up?

3. Be honest, now. How often do you clean your bathroom? And I mean the works: scrubbing the tub, the toilet, the sink and the mirror.

4. I'm an English major and I despise Shakespeare. What thing about your major or job are you supposed to love but don't?

5. Does anyone else agree with me that Leonardo DiCaprio became decidedly uglier as he got older? I had to write a paper for a Shakespeare class about the 1997 Romeo + Juliet and I had forgotten how hot he was then. What happened to him, jeez?

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Gap hip-hugger jeans

I have a horrible time finding jeans. Especially now that skinnier fits are in; I look horrible in them. But today I stumbled on a pair of Gap "hip-hugger" jeans at a local thrift store that fit absolutely perfectly. They are mostly straight leg, but not "skinny" and they're relatively low rise but they still go over my ass. They are lovely, and I was wondering if anyone knows when they sold these? Is eBay my only hope?


(no subject)

Is there actually a real quote that's similar to:

"Gotta have a bit of pain before you can have any pleasure"
"You have to experience the bad to appreciate the good"
"You've got to experience darkness to appreciate light"

I've tried googling different phrases, but to no effect. If you get the idea that I'm trying to convey, can any of you think of a more eloquent way of putting it?

(no subject)

1. Do you find that you listen to more music by men, or by women?

I just realised that, of the 715 songs currently on my iPod, only 20 of them are by women, or bands that have a woman in them.

2. Can anyone recommend some female musicians to a girl who listens almost exclusively to classic rock fellas? :)

games > learning

1. What games (old school and new) should I upload to my 500mb flash drive to play while I'm at school?

So far I have been thinking:
- SimTower
- Knytt

2. A group of kids at my school are trying to 'bring back' Rubik's Cubes and it's catching on. Another group is trying to bring back yo-yos. And yet another group is trying to bring back Pokemon. Any ideas on what I could try to bring back?

So far I have been thinking:
- Tamagotchis
- Pet rocks
- Risk
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A conversation I was having just reminded me of this.

Do you LARP? If yes, what kind of LARP do you partake in? Do you do this often, or does this only happen once in a while? Is it a lot of work, or is it more fun?


Cat owners: does your cat avoid eye contact with you? I tried to look my cats in the eye, and they wouldn't do it. If they got clos eto making eye contact, they would close their eyes and turn away. Do all cats do this or do I just have strange, antisocial kitties?

brothers in arms

(no subject)

Ahoy, TQC!

1. So, lucky me--I'm going to see Equus in March! How does one dress for the West End?

2. Apologies in advance for this one. For all UKers out there, what's the equivalent of the US's Target? Or even a Best Buy? If you know of location in London it would be even better, because I'm going to try to find Torchwood (!) and the new Doctor Who series on DVD while I'm over there.

3. For anyone who went on to college/uni directly after high school, did you change your major at all? I'm graduating next year and I'm the only person I know who hasn't.

4. What's your experience with book-binding through Cafepress? The cost is decent (~22 for a paperback bound 500 page book) but I worry about what the quality will be.
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(no subject)

So I can't open AIM on my computer. The icon on my toolbar doesn't work, and neither does going to Program Files and clicking on it from there. It's been about 2 days, and I can't open it! Can somebody help me?

P.S. My AIM is saltyj3 if you ever feel like chatting. :)
Mitty box

(no subject)

Have you ever had Godiva chocolates?

How long would it take you to finish a box?

What's your favorite kind of chocolate? (not a brand, but a type like caramel or raspberry creme)

My husband just got me my first box!

It's taking all I have not to devour the whole thing right now! He says I can have 1-2 a day. =(

I like dark chocolate with caramel inside. Also, the maple chew from Whitman's/Russel Stover is good too.
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If the foodserver at a restaurant was taking the whole table's order without writing anything down

I'd be impressed if they got everything right.
I wouldn't be impressed, no matter what. Just write the shit down please.
I'd think nothing.

For the guys.

Do you like it when a girl throws herself at you? I mean like blatant, obvious flirting with lots of touching, hugging, and "Oh [insert male name] you're so funny!"? Annoying or not?


Do you prefer the girl who plays hard to get?

Please help me out here. I'm desperate for some education on how guys think.
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(no subject)

What's the shortest amount of time you've ever been given to finish a project/essay?

I have an (four-page) essay due tomorrow that was assigned on Friday. (I'm a junior in high school, to let you know.) Is that a reasonable amount of time, or am I justified in being pissed? ETA: Arrrg. Guess I'm just used to having a long time to finish these things. Oh well.

And because I'm such a theater geek I seem to have to have it in every post- Are any of you in a production right now? I'm in Once Upon a Mattress.

Is/was anyone here a drama major? I'd appreciate anything you'd have to say about it.

(no subject)

Do you ever find yourself thinking about literary characters long after you've finished a book? If so, what books have prompted this? What was so compelling about these books, the characters, plot, setting, language, or something else?
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(no subject)

What's something good that I can make for Valentines Day? Like cookies or something that reflect the holiday? I need to be able to make a (relatively) large amount of it, because I'd like to hand it out to my friends (they've been very kind to me this year) and also to some family members. Preferably something that doesn't have to be refirgerated because I might also send some to my cousin(s) and brother who dorm four hours away (and would therfore have to receive them through the US postal service...). So if anyone has any ideas or stories please let me know.

Edit: * And if possible, direct me to a recipe. Sorry! Thank you!
long winding road
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(no subject)

Who was the man who brought out James Brown's cape in the Grammy Award's "In Memoriam" part?

I thought that that was very well done, Chris Brown and all. Thoughts?
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I'm making a binary bot, because I'm weird and indecisive.

Anyway. Short of getting a huge list of every verb on Earth and then checking each word to find which is a verb, how else can I check if the string has a verb in it/what the verb is? I'm not sure if there is a way to do this, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

The reason for this is because my "bot" works with stuff like "Should I play Guild Wars or have food?" because they both have a verb in it. But in "Should I play Guild Wars or Solitaire?" it gets a bit confused. It's even worse if there's no verbs at all.

Erm... I'm not sure if that makes sense, but I'll clarify if people comment and are like "wtf?".
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(no subject)

I need a quick answer!

I asked this guy out on a date. We have a lot of mutual friends, and I've known him for awhile. He's a super nice guy, and he said yes.
Well tonight I hear from his best friend that he's really not interested, he just said yes cause he's nice and he felt bad.
Now I'm embarrassed, and I want to call off the date. I don't want to go and sit there knowing he's doing it out of pity.
How do I tell him?
"Hey, your best friend told me you don't really like me, so you don't have to bother going out with me."
Yeah... that doesn't seem like the best idea.

Vocab Question

Is there a word to describe a person who will be really nice to you when they are in a good mood, enough for you to feel comfortable telling them most anything...but as soon as they get pissed off they throw everything you told them back at you?? Besides maybe "fake"?

(no subject)

1)Would you rather have a diamond made in a lab or a diamond made from millions of years of pressure and tectonic shifting?
2)When was the last time you received flowers or balloons? Who gave them to you and for what occasion?
3)What is the single best dessert you've ever eaten in your life?
Sam Roberts
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Sunday Night Homework Hour...
1. Have you read the (American) Declaration of Independence?
2. Why did you read it?
3. Any thoughts on it?
4. Are you American?

1. I am starting to read the draft and the final version right now.
2. It is a reading for my English class; I guess we are investigating different types of writing.
3. The first paragraph of the draft is very painful.
4. Canuck

(no subject)

Heterosexual women:

Would you be offended if a guy you made out with made out with another guy?

Last night, my friend asked me if I'd be offended if he kissed a guy I kissed a while ago. I said no, and he tried, but failed. Later, I mentioned this to the guy, and he seemed slightly offended that I wouldn't be offended.


Travel questions

1. Have you traveled anywhere outside of the US? If so, where?
2. Did you find that you had trouble getting around if you didn't know the language?
3. Is there anywhere online that has good refrences for "survival" phrases for tourists?

I have been to a total of nine countries, and had tour guides that knew the languages. This summer, I am looking to do a backpack trip with my friend to London, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, and somewhere in Italy, and neither of us know any of the languages, besides English. I know that a lot of people know English, but I can't remember if it's really as bad as everyone thinks.

Any help would be great.

(no subject)

If you were raped, and you found yourself pregnant, what would you do?

For those into women, if your Significant Other were raped and the rape caused her to become pregnant, what would you want her to do?