February 10th, 2007

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So I leave for England in June and I've been thinking about it more and more now, my dad has this friend who went to England on a work visa for a few months to work, and live, she's not a british citizen like i am, but she has experience, where i've never lived there. For the past three years i've put off talking to her, i wanted to deal with my plans myself, but now that i've quit my job, and im unemployed and no more income is coming in, i feel like i want to talk to her about living there, about finding a job there, i mean..i could live on £9000/year because that would cover my budget for rent, and would give me £250/month for groceries and things.

(1) Do you guys think I should talk to her?
(2) Have any of you moved from the United States, or from Canada to England? Ireland? Scotland? Wales?
(3) For those of you who live in Belfast, are jobs readily available? I was considering Belfast for a while
(4) Do you have any advice for me?  


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How drastically do you think the world would change if a third sex were discovered?
(not hermaphrodite, or the PC term "intersexed", but an entirely new gender.)
For example:
Would the laws in your country be altered?
Would it change your outlook on sexuality?
Stuff like that is what I'm curious about.
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Mac Attack!

So I just downloaded BitTorrent so that I could view the Grey's Episode that was posted on the greys_eps comm. My first question to you is:

1. (okay, number the question is redundant...) When you are using a torrent downloader, does it interfere with your internet connection? And do you know any solutions?

It seems to be interfering with mine. My msn messages are not sent and my pages are absurdly slow to load.
My specs: MacBook, OSX 10.4.8 , msn for Mac (whatever the latest version it), AirPort WiFi connected to my (unprotected) Linksys Wireless G router and Safari as an explorer; BitTorrent for Mac.

2. If you use MSN/Windows Live Messenger for Mac, what kind of issues do you encounter?

When I add contacts, they are not added until the other person sends me a message or they take a few minutes to show up. Also, adding groups is slow and transferring contacts between them suffers some sort of time-lag. Also, sometimes I get a "this screen name is not appropriate" or something similar kind of message. That happened on the windows version too...
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How many times have you been in love?

My first love just ended, and I can't imagine ever feeling this way about some one else. But, it seems like most people are able to do it more than once.

So how long between your loves? Did you eventually stop loving the people who it didn't work out with? If you are married, does that love feel different than the other times you were in love?

Feel free to go into lots of detail...I am very obsessed with the idea of love right now.

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Guys: You've just had a romantic dinner with a girl. Who pays?
A) I pay. It's the chivalrous thing to do.
B) We both pay. It's only fair.

Girls: You've just had a romantic dinner with a guy. Who pays?
A) He pays. It's the chivalrous thing to do.
B) We both pay. It's only fair.
C) I pay. It's the feminist thing to do.

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Assume you are enrolled in 2 consecutive classes. The first class ends at 1:20, and the next starts at 1:30. So there are 10 minutes to get from one class to the other, but it takes you 15 minutes to walk from one end of the campus to the other end.

Would you leave the first class early in order to get to the second class on time?
Would you just be late for every class?

Collapse )
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What one phrase/sentence/saying/thing did your mom/dad/guardian/s repeat to you over and over again growing up? Some nugget of wisom...a silly nickname..etc.

My dad called me "goofball" a lot as a kid.

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I've come across a few studies in the past year or so claiming that couples who live together before marriage have a higher divorce rate than those who don't, depsite what was previously thought. (This is because mostly once people get married, they tend to lose a sense of "my space" because they suddenly think that everything in the home is shared space.  So, the concept "his" and "her", or his/his/, etc, is just gone.)  Morevoer, I've noticed a big hunk of couples I know who lived together before getting married, or who are not married and live together, either breaking up or are about to break up.

What do you think of this? 
Do you think couples do better if they don't live together? 
If you're married, did you live with your spouse beforehand?  If so, did you feel like you lost a sense of what was yours, and what space was yours?
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Car ?'s

1. Have you ever changed a tire?

2. Have you ever changed the oil in a car?

3. a) If you own a car, do you let people eat in it? Do you eat in it?
3. b) If you don't own a car, do you have a friend that DOESN'T let people eat in his/her car?

That holiday

What kinds of things does one get boys on Valentine's Day? The only guy I was ever with on Valentine's Day... I was with for 5 years but he was extremely anti-Commercial-Holidays, so we never celebrated it. I'd like to do something special for my current boyfriend, but ... flowers and chocolates just don't seem right for a 21-year-old guy. Ideas?

So what to see? What not to miss?

I am taking a road trip. From Phoenix Arizona, through Texas, stopping in San Antonio, to Lousiana, then up to Washington D.C. then to New Hampshire and then day trips to Boston and Salem Mass. Then to Niagra Falls, then across the northern states, down through Idaho and Utah and back into Arizona, stopping at the Grand Canyon.

So, what should I be sure NOT to miss on my trip? I will have three kids with me ages 9-10-11 and I want this to be a memorable trip for them.
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1. Do you like snicker doodles?

2. Is this platypus really as cute as he thinks?
I don't think so.

3. My cat got out when my dad was going outside this morning. She is hiding under our deck in the backyard and won't come out. I went out there and sat on the ground and figured she would come over to me but she wouldn't, I think she was well aware I was going to pick her up and bring her inside. How can I get her to come over to me so I can pick her up? I was going to bring out some cat treats or something but they really don't interest her at all. I had planned on going to the mall an hour ago but I can't leave until she comes in =[
My cat is totally defective and has no interest in tuna or wet food, or anything similar.

: We have lattice that goes around the bottom of our deck, she would let me pet her through it but she would not come out where there are the two openings. I cut a whole in the lattice and grabbed her when she let me pet her, she scratched the shit out of me and I had to put her down. Then my dad said not to worry that he could catch her, he chased her back and forth between the front bushes and the deck with no luck, which was the worst idea ever. Last we saw her she ran into the backyard but now we can't find her. It doesn't even matter anymore because it's too late to go where I had wanted. She'll come in when she gets cold.

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Let's say you win a contest and win an all expenses paid vacation to the destination of your choice.

Where would you go?

How long would you stay?

Are there any specific places you would want to go while on this vacation, or specific activities you would want to do?

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What are your favorite bedsheets like?

When you took the driver's test, how did it go? Did you get anything wrong?

Any advice for me? I'm going to take it either today or Monday. I'm going to try to wait til Monday.
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looking ahead

Do you have any big plans for a specific period in your life? Like something out of the ordinary that you want to do after you graduate high school, college, or maybe after you retire? Maybe you're doing it right now or have already done it?

Tell me all about it! I need some inspiration.

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Prompted by this post.

Is it reasonable for a 20 year old with his own bank account and source of income to be prevented from accessing his bank statements and online banking?

A friend of mine has his parents snaffle his bank statements when they arrive and he isn't allowed to look at them, and his parents set up online banking and won't tell him the login.

Thanks everyone who has offered advice for my friend. He's very grateful.

At what age should a child's spending no longer be monitored by their parents? Does it vary according to how much money they earn?

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You're married, with children (if you're not married/don't want kids/whatever..just pretend) and you're put in a situation where you have to choose between the life of your child or the life of your spouse. Which do you choose, and why?

More help gathering data for my master's thesis.

Back in October, I made a post asking you all to help me out with my research for my Master's Thesis by typing up your text messages and sending them to me. I got a great response from everyone, and it was very helpful with the intial research. But I need more text messages, and I am very aware that it is extremely annoying to type up all your text messages for me (many people's comments ended with "I have a lot more but I'm tired of typing"). So I've come up with a solution.

If I had a Cingular phone number that you could just forward text messages to, would you be willing to do it to help with my research? The way I'll have it set up, only the text portion of the message will come through to the computer (no actual cell phone involved), and your phone number will never be downloaded to the file so it will be completely anonymous.

If not, why not (eg. cost, annoying, too personal ...)?

I actually have a poll with various questions here if you're willing to answer it that way, which would be -really- helpful so everything is in one place. The poll also has a lot of other information about how exactly I'm doing it and why, if you care. But if you'd rather just answer here, that's helpful too.

Also, if you want more information about my project before you decide, it can be found here. Thanks!

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You are behind a secret wall with the rest of your village, and the government is trying to hunt you down to kill you.

Your baby has a cold, and you sense she is about to cough/cry. Soldiers are just on the other side of the wall, and will hear even a baby's cough.

Do you smother the baby to death, and save the village, or let the baby live knowing you're all going to die?
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Have you been to Hershey, PA? How old were you? How did you like it?

My husband and I (no kids) want to take a road trip and that's one of the places we're thinking of going. We're just scared that it's going to be all little kids running around and that's not what we're looking for.

Any other ideas on where we can road trip to? We're currently in Chicago and we'd only have a week to do whatever.

Edit: Oh yeah, we don't do roller coasters, but water parks are ok.
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Ripping off some questions from the Vagina Monologues, so they're not the most original, but I checked and I don't think they've been posted (at least not recently?) so here goes

1. If your vagina could talk, what would it say? 2 words.
2. If your vagina got dressed, what would it wear?

3. If your penis could talk, what would it say? 2 words.
4. If your penis got dressed, what would it wear?

5. What hypothetical genital question would you ask? Feel free to reply to each other's comments to answer these.

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1. What model of camera are you currently using?
2. What are the pros and cons of your camera? Would you recommend it?
3. How much did you spend on it?

Bonus points if you can show me some examples of pictures you've taken with this camera.

(I'm in the market for a new one, can you tell? :)
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Which is better, Mastercard or Visa? And where is a good place to get each, for someone living in Canada? I have a BMO mastercard right now which I like cause I get airmiles with it, but I'm looking into getting another credit card and I don't know where to get one from.

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What's a better way to word this?

"In addition, the participants of the this all were from a swedish island; the isolation of Gotland may have influenced the results of the study."

Y'know.  A way that doesn't sound retarded.
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Greatest advertising schemes ever? Based on effectiveness, creativity, or just plain fun.

A few of mine in order of favorites:

1. The Burger King. Seriously, whoever came up with this is genius. Sometimes often creepy, sometimes hilarious, and always memorable.
2. The Quizno's spongmonkeys
3. The cat herding commercial. Although they sort of lose, since I don't remember the company, only the cats.
4. Geico commercials, but the Tiny House one wins above all.
5. Budweiser frogs (Bud. Wei. Ser.)

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Okay, so I was wearing these diamond earrings in the second hole in my ears. I switched the backs from the ones they came with to a plastic kind. When I tried to take them out, I got one of them out but the other one won't come out of my ear; I just can't pull it out. So, my question is, how can I get the earring out of my ear?

Plumbing question

I guess I can ask anything here so here goes...

I have my washer and dryer in my basement, with the washer draining to a laundry sink. The laundry sink drains to a pump that takes the water to ground level. Today, the pump stopped working. It still makes sounds, so the electrical part of it is working. But the water doesn't drain from the sink, although there are tiny bubbles that form when I turn on the pump, so it's trying. I don't see any obvious clogs, and when I tried to snake a wire down the drain nothing improved.

Is this something I can fix myself or do I need a plumber?

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1)Are there any sports you miss once the season is over? I don't mind watching basketball and football but summer sucks because all that's on is golf, baseball, or tennis, which I find to be painfully boring to watch.
2)What are some oddly named cities in your state/province/what have you? Are there any cities whose pronunciation is not immediately apparent and which out-of-towners/foreigners always mispronounce?
3)Do you have attractive feet?
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OK sorry I posted just a few hours ago but here's something urgent and totally unrelated:

1. I have tequila. What should I get to go with it? Bear in mind I don't have a blender.

2. What's your favorite drinking game?

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Do you look at:
a. the toilet paper after you wipe?
b. the tissue after you blow your nose?
c. the q-tip after you clean your ears?
d. the razor after you shave somewhere hairy?
e. your finger after you pick your nose?

You know you do.

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Has anyone ever used a Ouija board?
Did it even work?
What was the scariest/freakiest thing that happened?
My friend swears up and down he got possessed while using one .. I don't really believe him, but do you guys think it'd be possible?
I really want to try it, but a lot of my friends are afraid to do it ever since above friend got "possessed", should I have a reason to be nervous if I do end up doing it?
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maybe the internet police are on to me...

When I use uTorrent, sometimes if I leave it on for a really long time, my internet gets all wonky and kicks off. I came home today from being gone over night, and the internet was off. I closed out uTorrent and then it's been fine. I called tech support the other day and they sent a guy out (my internet is through my city utilities) and then it was fine.

Suggestions? Are they on to my evil, evil, ways?
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Out-of-season clothes.

This question is for my friend.
She's looking for a pair of jeans that came out about two years ago from Abercrombie.
We've checked CraigsList and Ebay, and found a few pairs, but not in her size. Does anyone know where we could find a better selection of out of season clothes on-line?

Oh, and is there a way to use PayPal without having a credit//debit card? Could I use just my bank account?
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Summer Concerts!

In a desperate attempt to get my mind off of ALL THIS SNOW....

What's the best summer (or just outdoor if you live in a nice climate) concert you've ever been to?

My answer: Just this past summer. Tom Petty. The Allman Brothers opened. It was sold out. And amazing. Just amazing.

What's the worst?

My answer: Dave Matthews Band. Also this summer. They played a PHENOMENAL show, but stupid me got General Admission tickets (I love sitting GA, but never get GA tickets when there are going to be a bunch of drunk 15 year olds running around). These kids behind me were obnoxious and throwing up all over the place. I seriously wanted to punch someone in the face. And I'm the most passive person you will ever meet.

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1. Have you ever played "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a board"? Were you successful?
Yes. No.

2. If you have seen The Craft, did you decide you wanted to be a witch after seeing it? If you did, how old were you when you saw it? Did you follow through with it?
I totally decided I wanted to be a witch after seeing it, I hope I'm not the only one. I saw it when I was 10, 11, or 12. I never followed through with it.

3. This one is fairly strange and I can't believe I'm asking TQC. Every once in a while I get this weird feeling like I managed to get crumbs in my bra or something. Even though I know I didn't I check anyway and there is never anything in there, well except for my boobs. It has happened with many different bras, but it's never happened when I'm not wearing a bra. Does this ever happen to you? What causes it?
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Say you're going to a university that requires you to take two years of a foreign language. Assume you can't test out of it. Collapse )

Which do you take? And, if you feel so inclined, why?

Edit: I forgot we also had ASL (which is pretty dumb, since I took a semester of it). Also, I'm not looking for advice on what I should take; I had enough Spanish skills to test out and I'm taking Irish Gaelic for fun. I'm just curious as to what other people would do.

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1. Where was the last place you took your dog for a walk?

2. Where was the last really amazing place you took your dog for a walk?

3. Where is the most beautiful spot that is within driving distance of you? Do you ever just go and look at how beautiful it is?

4. If someone you know looks beat up but hasn't brought up anything about their appearance do you ask what happened?

5. What has changed for you in the past 3 months?

6. What is something you cannot relate to?
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cake mix

Does anyone know when Duncan Hines peach-flavored cske mix was discontinued? My friend and I just bought a package from a corner store and we plan on making them, even though it could be a decade old box of mix.
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Have you ever tried the iLogic speaker for iPods? What'd you think of it? When music isn't playing, does yours make a high pitched squealing sound?

I got one for my nano the other day -- it was $10. It pretty much sucks, probably because it was $10!

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1. What's the most random text message in your inbox/outbox?
2. If you're watching TV right now, what are you watching?
3. Why'd you pick the LJ username you have?
4. What have you done today so far?

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Have you ever used the acne-treating medicine Clindamycin HCL?
If so, did you see any results?

I've been on it for about a week to a week and a half, and I haven't noticed much at all.
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So, I downloaded last week's top gear from torrent, and I accidentally downloaded an xvid version.

I now have a folder called topgear.ws.pdtv.xvid-river . What the hell do I do with it?



1. Do you consider testicle sucking and playing with to be an important part of oral sex and hand jobs?

2. If you have a SO, do you wish he/she would do it more often?

3. What do you like done to them? (As in, specific techniques.)


1. Do you enjoy having oral sex performed on you?

2. If you have gotten oral sex before, were you nervous the first time it was offered? What did you do to combat your nervousness?

3. What do you like to have done to you? (As in, specific techniques.)

HAAAAY me again.

I tried Googling "bat repellent", and the first hit contradicted the other 120947124 hits, so anyway... is there anything that can be used as bat repellent? There are these bats that shit on my patio type thing and it's annoying as hell! How do you make bats go away?
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Stuff and stuff.

1- What's the last thing that freaked you out?

2- When you pry yourself from the computer, what will you be doing thereafter?

3- Does anyone know of any communities on LJ that attempt to have wifi DS tournaments? In any games. :P

4- Will you go join tqc_notebook if you haven't already? Now with userinfo!

5- What is directly behind you? (Aside from the back of the chair you're in, if any.)

6- What do you hear right now, aside from yourself typing?

1- I thought I saw a spider crawling on my leg. Turned out, it was only the shadow of my hand... -_-
2- Cooking! Either eggs or tacos. Hmm.
3- Duhhh, no.
4- I made it, I don't have to join it. ;P
5- A DOOR. It leads to the bathroom, but is closed, since my chair is up against it. There's a second door that leads in there, no worries. As if you were worried.
6- The hum of the computers, and Jamiroquai's "Virtual Insanity" playing on the other computer.

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On the subject of discrimination/hatred:

Have you ever encountered any kind yourself?
Not discrimination as such, but I was bullied alittle in high school for a few years for having a 'posh' accent. Certain people assumed I was a rich stuck up cow. Heh, they were losers.

Were there any out & proud gay/lesbian/bi in your school? Did they suffer from homophobic hatred?
Yes, several.. and some quite flamboyant characters who could have been easy targets. Surprisingly enough I don't believe they ever had trouble, and the school i went to wasn't particuarly tolerant either.

Have you ever seen racism?
I've heard racist jokes/comments especially directed towards asians, but never in person.
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The following looks frequented fashion week in NYC:  19th Century prim and properness, hats! granny heeled oxfords, and high waisted pants, all of which I'm excited about.

What fashions do you wish would resurrect themselves?

What fashions do you hope stay away infinitely (even though they'll all come back around someday)?

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1) How much does a good hair straightener usually cost?

2) What can one do to minimize the damage that using a straightener does to one's hair?

3) Have you ever straighten or curl your hair?

4) Have you ever permed or had your hair chemically straightened?

5) What did you think, if anything, when you heard that Anna Nicole Smith died? Will ye forever remember exactly where you were when you got the news?


Why do girls think that its ok to play hard to get?

my answer:  i don't.. But i did play hard to get for a while and realized that it was not going to help me get the guy that i want i stop and started dating another guy.

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1)How do you feel about Boards of Canada?
2)Do you know how to say anything interesting in sign language?
3)If you were eating an orange would you rather peel it and eat each section or cut it and like chew/suck the flesh off the peel?
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1. What is the best bar-dancing song?

2. What is the best song to chill out to?

3. What is the best driving and/or road trip song?

4. What is the best song to have playing in the background while having sex?
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Beast mode!

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1. What kind of car do you drive? What year is it? Color? Mileage? Are all your mirrors still intact?

2. Which room in your house is the cleanest right now? The dirtiest?

3. Have you ever had Burmese food? If yes, how much did you love it?

4. How lame am I for spending my Saturday night on the computer?

5. How many people are in your house right now?

EDIT: I like all the answers to #4. We may losers but dammit, we're in good company. :)

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Did you watch Beverly Hills 90210 back in the day? Who was your favorite character? I had a crush on Dylan McKay and wanted to be Kelly Taylor. I hung up those little posters of them from Tiger Beat and BOP.


1) what are some songs... kinda of happy songs, but depressing? haha do you know what kind of songs i mean,,

kind of like OC songs.

songs with feelings.

2) do you think im on crack hahaha

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I just got a pomeranian, what should I name her? I'm so good with names, I'm completely stumped.  If you give me a good name, I'll send you a cookie, or a dollar.

Where did the whole Bacos thing in the info come from? Aparently I can't read.

What are you doing tomorrow? What do you wish you were doing tomorrow?

Why do they sterilize the needles for lethal injections?

Worst name you've ever heard, ever.

Favorie flash game to play online.
Mitty box

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Do you find it annoying when people randomly put up their away messages without saying goodbye while you are talking to them?

What about people who terminate a phone call without saying goodbye?

My older brother always puts up his away message without saying anything. I think it's so rude. To me, it's like the equivalent of hanging up on someone.

My younger brother always hangs up without saying bye. Like, I'll be waiting for him to say someone else and then realize he's hung up on me. So annoying.
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Saturday night? Time for a superficial post!

1. Have you ever tried those stretch mark lotions? Did they have any effect? I can't imagine they aren't scams, but after a couple of years of weight gain/loss I'm willing to try.

2. How did you learn how to put on makeup?
My mom gave me some minor tips and I remember a couple of things from Seventeen magazine, but the whole world of blending colors and foundation and eyeliner is foreign and scary to me. o.O

3. Do you exercise regularly? Do you go to a gym, work out to a tape, play a sport, what?

With hoe tendencies. Hoes are your friends, hoes are your enemies.

1.I took out my belly button ring. I only had it pierced for six months. It's been out for like...a year now or something. Could I get it repierced? Would there any bad effects or anything?
2. What are you listening to right now?
3. How bad do you want something? I don't care what you want, but how bad do you want it?
4. Who's your favorite TQC member?
5. What's up with you being online right now?
6. What did you have for dinner?
7. Who's your best friend? How'd you meet? What are they like? What do you guys do together? What was the last hilarious adventure you had?

1. You tell me!
2. You'll Think Of Me - Keith Urban
3. Pretty fucking bad. Scale of 1-10? 9.
4. I like everyone who's nice on the regular. And I know barely anyone's usernames, just their icons.
5. I have to work in the morning, can't go out.
6. A freaking amazing salad, some garlic bread, spaghetti and lots of meatball.
7. Her name's Nicole, She's left, I'm right I met her when I was a baby, because we live across the street from each other. She's the best friend. Everything you find great about your best friend, I find in her. We do everything together; eat, sleep, watch movies, talk, cry, go on MySpace and laugh at idiots, answer questions here, and laugh about dumb stuff. Our last hilarious adventure was about an hour ago when she walked me half-way, I said, "Let's pee!" So, we dropped trou and went right there in her driveway. Cars drove by and we just peed.
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For the ladies.

Inspired by this post...

1. If you hit (playfully or with anger) your guy (friend, significant other), does he hit you back?

2. If he does/has, do you think it's fair? Or do you believe a man should never, under any circumstances, hit a woman? (Also open to the male members of TQC.)
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What's the name of the X-Files episode where Mulder and Scully pretend to be married and move into that 'perfect' community? I remember there was a part where Mulder stuck a pink flamingo in the front yard to try and piss everyone off.

For Supernatural fans, do you know of any Ash-centric fanfiction? I haven't seen any around.

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I need a job to fund my trip to Australia.
I hate to admit it but i'm a 19 year old university student who's been living off her parents forever. I've never had one before... but I can't expect them to fund my bank account forever, this spoilt princess act is getting boring.

So, how do i make my CV look more appealing than it is? I'll be applying to bars/clothes shops.

The only experience i've had is babysitting [which i shall be upgrading to summer childminding and asking my refrence to make me sound the dogs bollocks!]

i really really need a job. Pleeeease help!
What was your first job?

Merci :-)
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For those of you who have lived abroad:
What is your home country?
What foreign country did you live in?
How long were you there?
What did you find the most annoying/difficult thing about living there?

I am a US citizen,
currently living in Valencia, Spain
I've been here a month so far, with another four months to go,
and I think the most annoying issue would be not knowing what stores to look in to buy the things I need.