February 9th, 2007

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Random, somewhat.

1a. Do you have any piercings? If so, how many and where are they?
1b. If you don't have any piercings, do you plan on getting any? Why or why not?

2. How do you feel about piercings in general?

3. How do you feel about companies that refuse to hire people with visible piercings regardless of the fact that they may be qualified for the job?

4a. Do you have any tattoos? If so, how many and where are they?
4b. If you don't have any tattoos, do you plan on getting any? Why or why not?

5. Whether you have tattoos or not, do you think tattoos are "better" if they have some sort of significant meaning to the person?

6. Are there any areas of the body you feel look horrible when tattooed [regardless of the subject matter of the tattoo] or pierced?

7. Has anyone tried the new taquitos at Taco Bell?

8. My younger cat, Squeef, sucks on his balls a lot. He's five months old. How do I get him to stop?

9. Any American Idol fans here? Who's your favorite so far?
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burning words

magazine back issues

i've been wondering this for years:

after a new issue comes out for a magazine, what do stores do with the previous issues? do they ship them back to the supplier? and if so, what do they do with them?

i love collaging and i always wonder what they must do with dozens and dozens of backissues.

thank you!!

(no subject)

Do any of you guys know a good place online to listen to choral music? I was in choir for a few years in high school, and I loved the music, but now I have no idea where I can hear it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(no subject)

does antibacterial hand wash kill sperm?

EDIT: wow... i thought this question was simple, but i guess i have to elaborate... say i give a hand job and then wash my hands with antibacterial hand gel. my HANDS... not my vagina; it was not involved in any way.  are the sperm (from the semen on my HANDS) dead?

Its been 12 posts..I can post again, right???

Is there anything that you are waiting to hear the news about that you REALLY want to happen?

If my old roommates husband gets a transfer they are buying a house two blocks from me. She's pregnant and I really want them to be near me so I can totally spoil the baby! (Right now they live three hours from me)

If you've never been pregnant before(but are sexually active) do you ever wonder if you aren't able to have children due to the amount of people getting pregnant while still using birth control? (this is of course if you even WANT children)

I worry about that a lot...even though it might just mean the bc is working how it is supposed to.
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(no subject)

Better question: When people see a question repeated, why do they get annoyed and bother answering it (sometimes snottily, might I add) instead of just ignoring it? Seems pretty simple concept to me. Not like you have to answer every question in the comm, ne?
(Or has this been asked already too?)
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1 - Have you joined tqc_notebook yet? If not, WHY THE HELL NOT?! D:

2 - Why do I have my thoughts flow easier in the middle of the night?
2.5 - When do YOU feel most creative?

3 - What is directly to your left? (Since I asked what was to peoples' rights before..)

4 - Do you smell anything right now? What is it?

5 - Meow?


1- Of course I have. :)
2 & 2.5 - I don't knooooooooow, and at night, apparently!
3- My cat who supposedly looks like Godzilla. And a wall.
4- CHICKEN! Husband decided he needed to cook a whole chicken at 2am. Who knows why.
5- Meow. :3

(no subject)

1. If applicable, how were you proposed to?
If you proposed, how did you do it?

2. How do you want to be proposed to?
If you want to do it, how would you do it?
my answer in comments.
.the game is on!.

(no subject)

1. What is your favorite LJ layout?

2. Do you hold grudges?

3. Are there any foods/drink besides warm milk which supposedly aid in making you sleepy?

4. Your favorite nonsense words? i.e.- fantabulous.

5. Are you addicted to ebay?
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(no subject)

For people with a shower curtain:

When the shower isn't in use, do you like the curtain to be open so that the design shows and people can't see the tub or do you like it bunched at one end of the tub?
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Two unrelated questions

1) In the last few days, I've been having a rather annoying computer problem. It tends to happen when I open Semagic and start typing a post, oddly enough. I'll hit a key and nothing will happen, or other times I'll hit a key and it will enter that letter 8 times, sometimes in caps or something. Sometime it enters other characters altogether. I tried switching over to WordPad and other programs, thinking maybe it was just Semagic wigging out, but the problem continued. I don't think it's the keyboard itself, because it's generally fixed once I restart the computer. I haven't spilled anything on it. It is wireless, but we've never had any problems with it before, and the battery is new.

2) Also for the last few days, every time I blink really hard it feels like there's something in my eye. It feels sort of like when you wake up in the morning and you have sleepies in the middle of your bottom eyelid, except there's nothing there. I keep instinctively rubbing my eye to get rid of it, but there's nothing to get rid of. Do I need to go in to see an eye doctor? If it helps any, I wear contacts, but wearing them doesn't affect the problem. I've read those horror stories about insects laying eggs in people's eyelids and I'm super paranoid about that for some reason.
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sleep disorder?

Is there a specific type of sleep disorder that has the following characteristics?

*falling asleep nearly as soon as you hit the pillow
*only needing about six hours of sleep
*not being sleepy or taking naps during the day

Or is my boyfriend just really, really lucky?

ETA: Might I add I'm as envious as you all--I usually toss and turn falling asleep because my brain won't slow down. So I lay there curled up with him snoring in my ear! And if he falls asleep while I'm talking to him, I just nudge him and remind him we were talking.
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Dun dun dun.

In conclusion to this post yesterday:

1. What kind of person is a "Becky"? Do you think there is a difference between a Becky and a Rebecca?

2. Have you read Mary Shelley's Frankenstein? Did you like it?

3. Do you ever eat "kid food"? Sometimes I eat Fruit Roll-Ups for breakfast and I feel like thats wrong since I'm 18. :x


A woman I work with is sick. Rather than go to her doctor, she is going to self medicate and buy some penicillin (intended for fish) from the pet store. She seems to think it's perfectly ok because "it's only $2.99 for 10 pills!!" I think she's insane, my health is way more important to me than saving a few bucks.

That said, what's the strangest thing you've ever done to save money?
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Digital Cameras

What is the best digital camera to get for shooting pictures that are moving? Pixel quality a must, as well as something with wall-charging capabilities as opposed to battery-operated (AA, AAA, etc.). Thanks!
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Friday mishmash

Poll #923928 Twins!

Let's say you have identical twins. How often would you dress them in identical clothes?

All the time! It would be great.
Sometimes, when my mood depended on it.
Occasionally. I'd still give them different shoes or something though.
Never. That's just wrong.
It wouldn't matter what they were wearing, because I would have gouged out my eyes long ago.

Also, how many different people have you seen naked in real life (pics/videos don't count) in the past 365 days?

Also also, what's your favorite type of cereal?

writing samples

what does an employer look for when they request a writing sample along with a resume?

i'm thinking of applying for a developing associate for an art institute in my area and they're asking for a writing sample. i have no idea what to send in!
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me and reagan 24th

surprise parties

Any ideas on what to do at a surprise party for a 19 year old?

My brother turns 19 on the 25th. I'm in a party-planning mood. Problem is, I suck at planning parties. I can do things if I'm told what to do, but when it comes to creativity I'm sunk. I don't want anything major, he isn't the type to want a huge fuss over his birthday. As it stands now, it's my parents (recently divorced OH YAY), maybe about 5 of his friends, and me (with my husband, and baby daughter).

After the "SURPRISE!!"...then what? Order pizza, play some video games? Watch a movie?
Hang around and eat, then disperse? I'm at a loss.

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Ok. I needed a laptop for school, so I invested in a Macbook. I like it but there are some things I'm not finding any easy answers to...

1. What type of printer can be used with it? Can I use anything or do I need to get something specific?

2.Is there an easier way to download internet explorer onto the mac? I've tried and it doesn't ever work. I need internet explorer because there are things posted from my college that only will run on internet explorer.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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(no subject)

So, yesterday I was listening away on iTunes, then closed it and left the computer for half an hour. I came back and re-opened iTunes and everything was gone. All my music, playlists, custom settings, gone.

Is there any way I can retrieve everything... magically or otherwise? I've tried loading those 'iTunes Library' files, but they're no good. I can get my music back from my hard drive, but I'll miss my 70 playlists =[.

If you can help me, I'll love you forever.

(no subject)

Better burger?

White Castle

Favorite booze? You're allowed to mix it

Wine coolers
Another liquor
I don't like alcohol

Best ice cream?

Vanilla/French vanilla
Chocolate mint
Rocky road
The kind with ground up candy bars in it
Black cherry
I don't like ice cream

Favorite oral-centered vice?

Giving 'oral pleasure'
None of these are really things I do
I have no mouth

where there's smoke, there's fire

it's 1am, smoke alarms in your house are going off and they're known to be fickle. you conduct a thorough search and find not even the slightest hint of smoke or fire.

do you...

1. call 911?
2. switch them off at the circuit breaker in the basement and call an electrician in the morning?
3. something else (please elaborate in comments)?
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(no subject)

1. How often do you get mail that is not yours?
Everyday I get mail for the lady who has the same house number as me on another street that also starts with a B. Yesterday a man tried to deliver her treadmill to my house.

2. Whenever I have to drive for more than 45 minutes straight or on like the parkway or turnpike I hold onto the steering wheel way too tight. My hands get sweaty and start to cramp, and I have to stretch them out while keeping them on the steering wheel. If you were this way when you started driving, how long did it last? If you are this way now, how long have you been driving? Any tips for getting over it?
I've been driving for about 2.5 years and I drive a decent amount so I feel like I should not still be doing this. Sometimes if I think about it really hard I won't do it, but that usually doesn't happen.

3. This is an update and a question. I finished the tote bag I asked about and mentioned yesterday, how exciting is that? Anyway, what would be the best way to keep it closed? Someone suggested toggle closure, would that be best?
Last time when I made a tote bag with my dad we put magnets in before it was finished but it's too late for that now. Had I put the straps closer together I wouldn't need to put in any sort of closure.
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(no subject)

uhhhhhhhhhh i've never done this before... ummmmmmmmm what do you get a guy on valentines day anyway? O_O

some background info:
  • we haven't been together that long prolly bout 2 months
  • he's about 26
  • he's into computer stuff
  • i've NEVER heard him say "i wish i had this" or "i want that" (which is why this is so hard :(
  • i really like him :)

please help!


1. Would you consider fishnets inappropriate for work?

2. What if they were under slacks and only visible on my feet?

3. I'm the only person here who will answer the phone (everyone else is in a meeting) and I need to pee.  Should I put the phone on night mode (directy to voicemail) and go? or should I run and hope it doesn't ring?  Edit: I ended up putting it on night. I figured better to go to Vmail and not miss a call.  :)

4. Im sitting here moving files around on the PC. Its boring and tedious.  What can I read while I do this? Bonus points if I'm reading small bits of info because I hate to read/stop/read/stop on one thing.
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I just need a new desktop that wont get pixialted at 1280x1024 any ideas? Whats your favorite one? (it has to be work safe)

So I just put this moniter together for work and one of the guys comes up to the front desk (where i work) and says "ahh you got 'er working. What a genious. For a girl thats not bad." OMG I can't tell you how badly I wanted to respond right there.. but i know with the indivudal who said that you have to just let him think he's always right! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
ok so yeah... desktop pics.. help?
My eye...

(no subject)

Ok, so I went to the San Diego Zoo about five years ago. I saw something in one of the big tanks outside that looked just like a bunch of dark greenish brown sticks hanging in the water. But as I looked closer, a man came by and put a whole bunch of goldfish into the tank. Suddenly, the "sticks" twitched to life and started snapping up the goldfish and eating them!! It was amazing.

So I'm trying to find out what these animals were, because I don't remember. I think the label called them Chinese Water Dragons, but I Googled that, and that's definitely not them. They were long and had sort-of fins that looked like leaves. They reminded me of a seahorse, but they were more snakelike. They really did look sort of like dragons. I can't remember if they had gills or not, they might have. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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(no subject)

1) What kind of geek are you?
2) Have you ever won and award/1st place for something? Won't you please share the tale?
3) Do you like pop-up books? Do recall looking at any that were quite impressive in their paper engineering?

Birthday cake!

I am making a red velvet cake for my birthday.

Does anyone here have a good recipe for red velvet?

If not, what are the hallmarks of a great red velvet cake? What sites have the best dessert recipes?

What flavor of buttercream icing will taste best with it? Vanilla? Almond? Somethine else?


So I'm going to Europe next week for 10 days. Going to be doing ALOT of travelling. Germany/Czech/Belgium/Netherlands, possibly France, Austria, Switzerland. I've never been to Europe before. For those of you that have, what are some MUST SEE places/things?
And don't say Amsterdam. Duh ;-)

(no subject)

So last night I was with some friends at Perkins. One of my friends is friends with our waiter.
On his apron-thing he had a giant button that says "FREE PIECE OF PIE if I don't offer you one". So he brings us our bill and stuff (aside from being friendly he was kind of a crappy waiter.. but whatever, we were at Perkins), and he doesn't offer us pie! So I brought it up.
He said oh, darn, I forgot to offer you one, what kind do you all want?
We all told him, and then he jokingly said, "you know, this comes out of my paycheck".
My friend who was friends with him changed her mind about the pie, and got pissed at me for bringing it up because it comes out of his paycheck!
I wasn't about to change my mind, cause, hey- its his own fault he didn't offer us pie, and I was almost positive that he didn't really have to pay for it.
After he brought us our pie, I said "I'm sorry if you had to pay for these" and he was like, "hey, I was just kidding!".
My friend was still pissed at me, and didn't get pie.

1. Do you think it was okay for me to ask for pie, given the circumstances?
2. Even if it had come out of his check, would it have been okay?
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Ego boosts?

1- What makes you feel good about yourself? What, not who!

2- When's the last time you spoiled yourself, just because everyone deserves a little love? What did you do?

3- Be truthful, do you post pictures to those "can we see a picture of you?" posts to get compliments? ;)

4- Could you say something nice about someone who posted before you here? Even if you don't know them, go snoop around their LJ or profile. You never know how wonderful people are, even who you don't know! :) Feel free to respond to this question after more people comment. :D (Psst, you don't have to talk about the person who DIRECTLY posted before you. :3)
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Car insurance woez

So...my car insurance was canceled!
Awesome, dandy, fabulous!

Edit: It was suspended due to late payments...I know, I know. But in my defense I didn't get ANY notice about the cancellation.

Obviously I haven't been driving, but what do I do until I have some money for a new policy?
Will the DMV suspend my license or my registration?
I live in NY.

Also...I had GEICO...are there any other comparably cheap insurance companies? I was paying $150 a month for a 6 month premium.

Thanks so much!

Second Edit: I called GEICO and they said I can reinstate my policy, I just have to do it ASAP because of the stupid DMV fees.

(no subject)

ARG, what the hell.

I bought an "enhanced" cd a few weeks ago, and have just gotten to listening to it.  I'm trying to listen to it via my CD-ROM drive... but there's not actual music files on the effin cd!

I don't have an actual CD player... where are the music??  I jsut want to listen to my three days grace D:


Do you find yourself telling people on the internet extremely personal information about your life that you would not even think of mentioning if they were face to face?

Tell me something really personal about yourself?
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I'm having a 1920s themed party for my 25th birthday in a couple of weeks.

What are some things I should do to enhance the theme? (decor, music, games, random stuff)  I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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Morbid ?'s

If you were to wish death upon someone in a moment of anger, and "that someone" died later that day how would you feel about it?

Would you feel differently if you said it out loud in front of a group of friends than if you just thought it to yourself and it happened?

If you had the power to do this and could get it removed would you, or would you try to parlay it into an unscrupulous career? (ie assassin, mercenary, etc)
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Six Feet Under

So this show ended in 2005. I was addicted from '01-03, but moved out of my parents house...and thus no longer had HBO. I got all of the seasons for Christmas, and FINALLY finished watching the last episode two days ago. I think it's the best television show ever made, but I don't know a single person other than my boyfriend who watches it. And even he only watched it because I got the seasons.

Did you watch it?

Who was your favorite character?

What'd ya think of the ending?

Got any icons I can steal?

Any other thoughts on the show?
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has anything pissed you off yet today?
do you get mad easily?

my answer

oooh hells yes. my sister called me today at work to tell me her new math teacher at school is this jackass guy i dated over the summer that had used to me to cheat on his uber religious girlfriend.
it enrages me so.

yes i do get mad really easily. but todays situation has put me in an all out rage.

what would you do if...

You spoke to your SO during the day and he/she said that he/she was at lunch with two coworkers (one of each sex) but it just so happened that you saw him/her in the same restaurant (they were inside and you were going through drive-thru) but he/she was only there with the one co-worker who happens to be his/her preferred (and hot) sex. You are late getting back from lunch.
Would you stop to say hi and see where the other co-worker was?

Let's say that you didn't and later that night you say something to your SO and he/she tells you straight out that he/she lied about the other co-worker because they didn't want you to get jealous (note they didn't say something was going on, just that it was meaningless and they didn't want you to get jealous.)

What would you do/how would you react in this situation?

Do you have the need?

1. For the people who have played one, some or all of the Need for Speed video (or computer) games...Which one is your favorite? (if it was released on multiple consoles, which version did you own?)

2. Also...I have downloaded both demos for NFS:Most Wanted and NFS:Carbon. (on 360)...I am still not sure which, if any, I like more and will consider buying...if you have played either one of these, which one do you prefer?

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1.) What are some movies that are criminally unappreciated or underseen by the general moviegoing public?
2.) What's your favorite movie in a language other than your own? (besides Amelie and Pan's Labyrinth godammit)
3.) What's your favorite movie produced before 1970?

(no subject)

1) Have you ever seen a ghost? What about an alien? What's the weirdest paranormal (or extraterrestrial) thing you've ever witnessed? Any urban legends about your town?

2) I'm doing homework, well, at least trying to. Since a lot of you went to (or go to) college, who's your least favorite theorist, of any discipline?

3) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

4) Are there any good movies playing right now? Outside of indie film houses, that is.
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(no subject)

I have this song stuck in my head, the only part of the lyrics that I can remember is something about "walk on water". A woman sings it and it's most likely only with guitar. It's a very soft song. Does anyone have any idea what it is?

If anyone has any clue I'd appreciate it. Google's not much help because there are many songs title "walk on water" but none of them sound right when I search it in iTunes.
SS Klondike

Gays in team sports.

John Amaechi, a former NBA player came out of the closet recently.

A columnist in the Washington Post says that Amaechi "is the sixth professional male athlete from one of the four major U.S. team sports to openly discuss his homosexuality."

I know of Amaechi, Esera Tuaolo, Roy Simmons and Billy Bean.

Who are the other two?

Edited to add: I missed David Kopay, who's mentioned in the Wikipedia entry on Roy Simmons. So, now I'm missing only one.
Big Love

Want to die

So I'm at work, and as usual, when exiting the bathroom stall I check the bottom of my shoes because I don't want to be that girl that drags TP through the office.  Something told me I should look a little higher, so I look in the mirror and thats when I notice that i have a huge split in my jeans...which are too big on me so I don't know how that happened. but anyway...on top of having a huge split in my pants I'm also not wearing any underwear so my bare ass has been showing for God knows how long!  I even did the lunch run for the office today.  Which could explain why the man at the pizzaria was so nice to me!  

Has anything ever happened to you where you thought "Ya know, this is just my luck!"?

Any mortifying stories to share?!

I want the ground to swallow me whole right now.

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(no subject)

who was the last person that you came across that you were shocked/surprised to see?
i just had a high school classmate walk into my place of employment, he goes 'hey ___' and i'm like 'oh hey' because i always have to greet customers when they first walk in and then i got 'omg, i didn't even recognize you!!!!!!!!!' haha. but yeah, man.. it's been 5 yrs since i last saw him.

if applicable..

what year did you graduate high school? 2002.
what year did you graduate college? 2005.

and because i haven't asked in what seems like forever, what'd you have for lunch? chicken fried steak sandwich from Cattlemen's.
Piku ^^;
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Silly Question

I just now learn that Vegan was a special type of vegetarian, instead of just a nick name for vegetarians.

So the question, have any of you made an understandable blunder like that. Honestly :). If so, mind sharing?

(no subject)

1. Am I the only one who gets seriously annoyed when I see a question asking something like "What should I have for lunch?" or "What color ____ should I get?"
(Not because I'm like OMG, how dare you waste my time on this question, but seriously!! Have a mind of your own)

2. If a person is arrested, posts bail and is later found innocent of the crime, do they get their bail money back? answered. Thank you! =)

3. Do you feel guilt/the need to apologize for the things your family does?

4. Do you get complimented on your eyes?
  a. Do you wear glasses?

(no subject)

1 - What toppings do you get on your pizza?
2 - Do you get special crust? What about breadsticks?
3 - Is it from a chain or from a local place?

I've got a Dominos menu in front of me and I'm waiting for General Hospital and the ANS press conference to be over before I call.
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(no subject)

Do people disable the comments on their "Freindz Onley: Comment 2 b added" page for all non-friends just to taunt people or because they're actually douchebags who fail at internet?

(no subject)

1)Do you use Excel very often? If so do you use a lot of functions and/or macros?
2)Do you know how to use Visual Basic Editor?
3)On what subject would you consider yourself to be an expert (or close to expert)?
4)What was the last thing you irreparably broke and had to replace?
Beast mode!

(no subject)

A bit of a follow-up to my post last night, since of course you are all desperately worried, I have not been fired (at least not yet). I'm pretty sure this is due to the fact that a co-worker quit last night, and there is no way they can function and be two employees down.

So, question is, what is the most providential thing that has happened to/for you this week?

(no subject)

Other than stealing them, does anyone know of a good, cheap source for standard 16qt milk crates?

I don't care about the color and they don't need to be the collapsable kind.. as long as I can get either 12 or 16 of them pretty cheap.
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(no subject)

A month or so ago someone made a post about (I think) the best/worst cakes you've had. Someone posted pictures of sushi they made out of candy and such. Can someone either link me to that entry or repost those pictures if they're yours?

(no subject)

1. What's the worst part of your job and/or going to school and/or staying home?
2. what's the easiest part?
3. the last thing you learned?
4. the last thing you taught someone else?
5. what is something you have a hard time remembering?
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For those of you who believe that global warming is going to cause mass chaos within the next century or so, and do not currently have children, will you be having children? Why, or why not?
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(no subject)

When you are eating, do you take a drink while you are still chewing, or do you swallow and then take a sip?

My boyfriend takes a sip to drink while he is still chewing and it drive me nucking futs.

More randomness from work.

1. My check was for 69.96.  I had to supress giggles.  It was difficult.  Immature or actually funny? (I don't mind if you say immature. :) )

2. I'm STILL organizing files on a computer (have been since 9am)! How much would you need to be paid to do my job? (I also answer the phones, file some stuff, and generally do what I'm needed to.)

3. I have Mango juice at home. What interesting (yet tasty!) alcoholic beverage can I make with it? 

4. My boss has been in a meeting since before I got here (at 9am.)  It is currently 4:30 pm.  Anyone else think this is a very LONG meeting?

5. Doing anything special this weekend?

6. There's a cup of chocolate dangerously close to me.  I have to glue myself to my seat not to eat ALL of it. What is your food weakness?

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(no subject)

1. Do Paypal transactions show up on bank statements?

2. When's the last time your entire house was clean?

ETA: I asked #1 because my 17-year-old friend has an extremely controlling grandfather who won't even let her have her checkbook, and she wants to use Paypal to buy some things, but can't let him know about it. D:

(no subject)

1) How do you 'let someone down' when they have romantic feelings toward you and you don't feel the same way?

2) Who was the first person you expressed feelings like that to? Who first expressed that they had those feelings for?

3) Can a relationship between someone who is sexually active and has been for sometime and someone who isn't and doesn't plan to become so any time soon work?

4) Why do so many cultures focus on virginity or lack thereof? If society didn't put so much emphasis on it, would people experience less regret and heartache?

5) People often accuse me of being flirtatious and 'leading people on' when I don't like them 'in that way'. In my view, I'm just being friendly. I don't say anything sexual or suggestive when I speak to people. How do you define flirting?

6) This is completely random, but: Do you think that TV shows about fictional crimes make it seem like the number of rape victims who are actually false reporters is much greater that it actually is? It just seems to me that a lot of episodes of Law & Order: SVU, CSI, or other crime procedural show has a plot twist where OMG THE RAPE VICTIM WAS LYING AND ISN'T A VICTIM! SHE WAS ACTUALLY EVIL AND CONNIVING.
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I've had some down time recently, when I am normally very busy. So to fill my time I've become a bit obsessed with cooking and making things from scratch.

So what's your favorite recipe? It can be for anything.
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(no subject)

Let's assume we're all straight

1. Which celebrity would you go gay for?
2. Once you're gay, which celebrity would be able to straighten you out?
3. Now that you're straight again, which celebrity would turn you gay (like, he/she is so gnarly, they can turn you off men/women)?

Looking for a name of a computer game

There was this game that I remember playing when I was in the fourth grade or so. I think the character you would play was an elf. I remember trying to catch butterflies with a net and climbing a ladder to get to the next level. I'm not positive but I think the name of the game had the word 'mountain' in it, or maybe I'm thinking of two different games. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Thanks.
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(no subject)

What are the most immoral/unethical jobs you can think of?

Preferably aside from the really obvious like torturer or assassin.

Would you ever do one of the jobs you mention, or ones other people have mentioned? For how much money?

(no subject)

Who was your least favorite/meanest teacher growing up? I'm talking like elementary school. Why?

Mine was my 5th grade teacher. She called the parents of the kids in my class and said they shouldn't let their kids be friends with me cause I was a bad influence, lol. I'm just now realizing how inappropriate of her that was.
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(no subject)

I need a new bathing suit this year.
Ive worn bikinis since I was like, 12.
Well, I had a kid in September and now I need a one-piece.
Id like one that isn't hideous or boring, and also isn't expensive.
Is this too much to ask?
Where do you go swim suit shopping?
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(no subject)

Erm. I've been defecating and uh, flatulating far more than usual lately. Used to be that I'd defecate once every other day.. lately I've been going about twice a day. And I used to hardly flatulate at all, if ever. Now I'm doing seemingly all the damn time.. Thankfully I work alone most of the time.. but occasionally I get around people and man it's embarassing. Thankfully it's not loud.. not so thankfully it's a nuclear SBD (silent but deadly).

... Should I be worried?

Oh, forgot to mention, my diet hasn't really changed, so I don't know what gives. And I'm trying not to think much of it.. but I'm just wondering wtf is going on. It's getting to be pretty damned annoying. And I'm not really stressed out either. So.. I dunno.

ETA: The flatulence seems to occur nearly right after eating. Which I find odd. Like I wasn't really farting at all.. but I started eating a bowl of cereal, which is pretty standard for me, and it's starting up again.
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Computer Question

I'm getting a new computer really soon.  Does anyone have any suggestions for me?  I'm a sophomore (almost junior) journalism / music student.  I take / use a lot of pictures.  I have loads of screencaps on my computer as is and I make lots of my own icons.  I also have loads of music on my computer, too.  I'm looking for a laptop computer.

Any suggestions?
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(no subject)

Which do you think is "worse"? Holding up conversation by making the other party needlessly wait, or talking with food in your mouth?

I ate out with some cousins, and her husband refused to talk with food in his mouth. It just struck me as really odd.. and rather annoying. I'd ask him a question and he'd sit there with the "one minute" gesture while chewing his food 5000 times..

See, if it's me, I merely squish the food off to one side, and cover my mouth, usually with my hand. I don't like to keep people waiting.
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1- If you were having big family issues, would you take the argument to a public forum, or keep it quiet and at home, or in a courtroom, or anywhere BUT in a public place? Why?

2- If you saw a grown pair of adults (or group) start to fight to the point of seeming ready to be violent in public, what would you do, if anything?

3- What's the worst thing you've said/done in public that likely got you stares?
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For those who live in countries where English isn't the primary language -

1 - Basically, what sort of...connotations or stereotypes, etc relate to the English/American/Australian etc accent in your language?

I mean, you know, to us an Indian accent might sound comical, French or Spanish sound exotic and sexy, to some the British accent (well, the English Received Pronunciation accent) sounds snobby, Asian accents sound a bit harsher...etc. Blanket statements, I know - I can't speak for everyone.

Other questions -

2 - What do you think of the New Zealand accent?

3 - Fave accent?

4 - Hardest accent to understand?

5 - And where are you from? What accent do you have?

(no subject)

1. How young is too young to...
a. ...have sex?
b. ...date?
c. ...get engaged?
d. ...get married?
e. ...drink?
f. ...do drugs?
g. ...move out?
h. ...have children?

This is all in YOUR opinion, and I'm not asking because I'm a bitch and want to hate on you for your answers. And, I want AGES, not "Before you're ready." In your mind, for the average person, when should you be ready?

2. Also, how do YOU stay strong? I mean about anything. Right now, I'm trying to refrain from calling a certain person. What do you do in that//any situation to keep yourself from going back to old ways?

3. How did your semester grades come out, if you're in school still and your school runs on semesters?
4. What are you doing for your next vacation?
5. Do you know of a good site where I can find fun surveys to fill out? You know, like the ones people post in MySpace bulletins and send in e-mails? I'm bored and want to do that while I watch Mean Girls.

(no subject)

1. Is getting drunk really all it's cracked up to be? (I've had alcohol before, just never felt the need or desire to get drunk. And no, I'm not 12)

2. What's the stupidest and/or funniest thing you've heard of? (add: just looking for something fun to read about. I'm really bored)

3. Is your tap water considered drinkable where you are? Where are you, anyways?

hearing things

are you ever just sitting there, in your house or whatever, and its really quiet, and you think you hear a tv on, or radio, or something, and you get up to go turn it off, or find out where its coming from, and then you dont hear it anymore? this happens to me all the time and it drives me freakin crazy. i have a fish tank in the other room and maybe its the sound of the water that my brain is turning into other sounds, who knows. i never really said anything to anyone about this, cuz i don't want to sound wierd, but does this ever happen to anyone else? for the record, i have no mental problems or anything whatsoever. my ears just play tricks on me alot.
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I recently posted about a friend who has an eating disorder.
She told me today that she wants to start some kind of therapy and get on Zoloft because she's depressed. She has never ever seemed depressed to me- I know its definitely possible, especially given whatever emotional problems she has with this eating disorder- but I was very surprised when she told me.
It got me to thinking:
Is weight loss a side effect of Zoloft?

EDIT: Okay, I have determined that weight loss is a side effect. Now I want to know (especially if you have had experience with the drug): is it a pronounced enough side effect to make someone want to take it for the purpose of losing weight?
I mean, you can lose weight on hormonal birth control, too, which is probably easier to get. Do you think that realistically she might want to take it for weight loss purposes?
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Two questions:

You can really only answer the last question if your answer to the first is "Yes"

THE CHALLENGE: At the next chance possible (and in some form of context), yell the words "YOU'RE NOT THE KING OF ME" at someone. If questioned, calmly deny having ever said it. BONUS POINTS - for saying it to an authority figure (Boss, Policeman, Teacher etc) or a female.

1. Will you accept my challenge?

2. Who did you say it to and how did they react?

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(no subject)

First of all, THANKS for all the advice about red velvet cake. I realized between buying flour I can't store, and other things, it was best to go with good old chocolate cake. I will make red velvet when I get some mix next time I see it. I think Martha Stewart's would be perfect for a springtime celebration. ;-)

Tonight's question: Who read cards here? By reading cards I mean tarot. Any other kinds of divination? Is anyone up for a swap of readings tonight? I need an outside eye...

I read cards, dice, pendulum, runes, and a spirit-possessed 8 ball. I am up for trading readings tonight.

ETA: Will start drinking soon....What would you drink?

(no subject)

1 If you could get away with vandalising a famous work of art, which would you choose, and what would you do to it?
2 What movie would you like to see be remade? What would you change about it?
3 How long do you think movie producers should wait before remaking a movie? eg 10 years, 5 years?
4 I want to learn to teleport. How do you think I can achieve this goal?

Paypal Question

When someone pays you via Paypal, is it best to leave the money in your Paypal account or deposit into your bank account?

I use Paypal regularly to pay for things off eBay, is there any advantage to leaving the money there?

(no subject)

I'm becoming bored with the music I have. I haven't heard anything new that I like in a while and listening to the same songs over and over again is annoying.

What are some good bands you would recommend listening to? I like a little bit of everything, so any suggestions would be awesome.
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(no subject)

How fucked up is this?

A paraplegic man wearing a soiled hospital gown and a broken colostomy bag was found crawling in a gutter in skid row in Los Angeles on Thursday after allegedly being dumped in the street by a Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center van, police said.

The incident, witnessed by more than two dozen people, was described by police as a particularly outrageous case of "homeless dumping" that has plagued the downtown area.

If the allegation is proven to be true, what do you think should happen to the people who did it?

On behalf of friends

1. Does detoxing your body cause aches and pains?

2. Ladies, do you find good massage skills and strong, nimble fingers attractive in a guy (or girl, for that matter)?

3. Do most guys feel more satisfied giving rather than receiving? This includes but is not limited to sexual activities. What about girls? Do they prefer to be pampered rather than pamper their guy?

(no subject)

What's with the whole, "If you love someone let it them go" thing? Do you really think that is sound advice?

If someone was going to pay one of your bills for this month, which one would you like them to pay?

Edit-oops, I typed that question wrong.

(no subject)

This is going to be a slightly emo question, I fear. :)

Everyone always talks about the inspiration their idols/influences are to them, the positive impact they have on their lives, the things they've encouraged them to do. But do the people you look up to ever just make you feel really shit, almost the complete opposite of the above? As if you're such a failure by comparison? I have a feeling I may actually be the only one this lame. :)

If you can relate, examples/stories would be much appreciated.
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(no subject)

Do you find it regressive (? probably wrong word choice) when girls want to be housewives/stay at home moms/just rely on their husbands for monetary fund (ie find a rich husband)

Because I tell my mom that sometimes, I think it would be pretty sweet to be a housewife and take just care of the children/throw dinner parties/go shopping/yoga (Basically, if you watch Desperate Houwesives, Gabrielle Solis- Eva Longori's character) etc lol, ie stepford wives, and she gets hysterical about how woman now/in this day and age need to get jobs and be financially dependent and yadadada. And then she goes on how I need to sign a prenup and other stuff...

ps: My mom is one of those "girls" who is the stepford-type wives. She's the one who constantly tells me how much she wish she had had a career ... she has like no work experience ever since she got married (at a young age.)

(no subject)

1. Have you ever asked for a gift receipt so the cashier would think whatever you were buying wasn't for you when it really was? If so, what were you buying?
No, but it's totally something I would do.

2. Do you like Drake's Coffee Cake?
I don't think I've ever had one, but they were just on Seinfeld.
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Ooh, spooky.

For all those who have been asking about the paranormal lately:

Last weekend I was woken up at approximately 5:30AM by one of my cats, who was clawing frantically at the door. They both used to do this when we first adopted them, but after a while they realized that night time is sleep time for the humans and they can have plenty of fun without us; thus, any attempts to get into the bedroom at night are very rare and very half-assed pawing.

I let the cats in and got back into bed, expecting Sophie to demand petting (she's one who if you have a hand and it isn't moving, she'll pet herself with it. She also doesn't know how to lay or sit still unless she's totally passed out.) Instead, she flopped across my fiance (who was still asleep) and watched her brother, who sat directly beside me and stared straight at the corner for a good ten minutes. He was tracking something -- up, down, a little left, a little right, etc. -- but all within one corner. I couldn't see anything for him to be following, but he was rather intent. After a bit he hopped to the floor and sat between the corner and my side of the bed, at an angle which allowed him to see both at the same time. Sophie was still in the same spot, watching him. It was bizarre. Normally if something is around I can tell, but I felt and saw absolutely nothing.

What do you think it was, TQC?

Edit: Man, you guys are no fun tonight :P