February 8th, 2007

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What's your beauty regime?

What do/did you use to get rid of acne? Did it work?

I'm getting a bit desperate now. I also live in the UK, so UK specific brands would be good. :D
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Laptop condundrum

I have an HP dv4000 series laptop. About two weeks ago, I noticed that when I was running it off the AC adaptor it thought for some reason I was running it off the battery, so I bought a new AC adapater. It came in today's mail. I had turned off the computer a few weeks ago, and hadn't turned it on since. Now it won't turn on PERIOD, either running off the battery or when I have it plugged into the AC adaptor. Anyone have any ideas and/or suggestions on what might be the problem?
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Am I A Lesbian? Is She?

Ok, I'm sorry to have to do that, but I must ask again. Last time I asked, the answers I got just were a bit too stupid (no offense).

I really love giving oral sex to my girlfriend. Does that mean I'm a lesbian?

To help justify making this new post about the same question, I'll add a second question: Does it mean SHE is a lesbian?

Could someone with some knowledge finally answer me?

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There's this joke that's been bugging me.. I don't get the reference so maybe someone here can explain it to me.

In the live show for the Mighty Boosh (at least on the dvd) there's a joke about how Daley Thompson is going to be in the show. They said he's going to saw a calculator in half, to see where the numbers live.

What's up with that?
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Beauty and the Geek!

Do you watch the show Beauty and the Geek?

Who has been your favorite pair so far (eliminated or non-eliminated)?

Who has been your least favorite pair?

Who do you wish was never on the show to begin with?

Who would you pair up together who were not originally paired up?

What did you think of the elimination tonight?

What do you think of Scooter and Megan NEVER having gone to elimination?

Whose the prettiest beauty?

Whose the cutest geek?

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Special FX hair dye, "fish bowl"
The bottles say to wash your hair without conditioner and then dry before applying the dye. (along with, you know, other instructions I don't pay much attention to.)

do they mean dry, DRY, or do they mean dry, run a towel through it and make sure it's not dripping?

Because, i want to dye my hair again, but i don't want to buy 2 $14 bottles of dye and then fuck it up. It's been a while and I can't remember.

question two:
I had a fish that had an infection that made her always look pregnant, i named her whore. to match, i named the male stud. When whore died, i replaced her with Bimbo and slut(just to keep up tradition). Stud and bimbo spent 2+ hours having sex all over my fishtank (proving the point, but slut was renamed frigid bitch for her refusal to participate). Stud's heart apparently couldn't recover and he died shortly after, but a few eggs hatched and one has survived (not to adulthood yet, but to a size where i can consistently find ehr in the tank).

So, what do i name her? i think as the offspring of Bimbo and Stud, naming her on the theme would be a little odd. I was thinking something like foodstamps, but i want suggestions.
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Hypocritical vegans?

You visit someone you know is vegan for animal rights reasons. Whilst there you use their bathroom, and can't help but notice that a number of their bath products and shampoos are made by companies well known for their animal testing.

ETA: In the specific case that inspired this question, the companies are sufficiently well known that anyone who's into animal rights would know about them, and they're verging on the obnoxious type (certainly someone who thinks they're a lot more knowledgable than you on the topic).

Do you think they're a hypocrite?

Do you make any comment on it?

(My answers: Yes, and no.)
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Do you have a relative who you don't like to be around? Who you actively avoid? Why?

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Also, what's your favourite, most often worn piece of clothing?

I have a green Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time t-shirt and my boyfriend's fiance's (! it's been almost two months and I still keep forgetting!) black zip-up sweatshirt that I wear as often as I can.
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Modding XP

Anyone know any good programs to modify the look/feel of Windows XP? I'm talking startup screens, icons, start menu layout.. I've used WindowBlinds before, but I was wondering if there was anything that was better.

How do you take your coffee?

What was the last book you read?

Do you shave anything other than legs/pits/face/naughty bits? Why?

What's a good program I can use to animate my icon? If I choose to animate it, what should happen?
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If TQC was high school:

Who would be...
1. ...the loner(s)?
2. ...prom queen and king?
3. ...be the big bully?
4. ...be the drama queen?
5. ...the slut?
6. ...the hottie(s)?
7. ...the principal?
8. ...the smart kid(s)?
9. ...the kid that everyone really does like?
10. ...most like you were in high school?
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If you told your girlfriend or boyfriend you loved them, would you rather them say it back (even though it wasn't from the heart) or would you rather wait? I mean, obviously you want them to mean it, but if they didn't feel like they could say it and really mean it quite yet, would you rather them just say it back? Would you get angry or hurt if they didn't? Would you do that if the situations were reversed?

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PsyD vs. PhD?

Anyone hear of the PsyD for Clinical Psychology? It's a newer degree and very few grad schools offer it. I'm thinking about getting that instead of a PhD, but I was wondering if anyone here was going for it.
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I was prescribed Ambien CR last night. My doctor warned me that it could make me black out or wake up and have major munchies (he kind of joked about the munchies, though). Anyone take it, and what are your experiences? Are you groggy in the morning?

How old were you when you got your first cell phone (if you have one)?

What was the last vegetable you ate?

What's a good birthday present for a special needs 3-year-old?
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Help meeeeeee

Hi, I was wondering if I could get book recommendations. I am currently rereading the Georgia Nicolson series ( Angus Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging, Away Laughing on a fast Camel, ect. )  I've also read and enjoyed Piers Anthony, Neil Gaiman, Anne Bishop, Laurell K Hamilton, Anne Rice, Bridget Jones' Diary, T. A Barron, Steven King, and... Sherrilyn Kenyon, So it's pretty useless to reccomend books by those people since I've probably already read most of them, if not all from those particular writers. 

I don't like Terry Brooks, or Terry Pratchet, or by that guy who wrote Fight Club Chuck P-something,  so please nothing by them.  

Series are fine, and appreciated. I like comedy, sci-fi fantasy, romance, drama, just about anything so long as it has an engaging plot line.  

1. Sooo Any good reccomendations???


2. Have you ever dropped anything in the toilet, were you drunk or not? And did you go after it, get someone else to go after it or did you just see if it would flush?

3. When you were little, did you ever stick anything into a VCR/DVD Player?

A sandwitch, and a hairbrush because I wanted to see them on TV.

4. Have you ever done anything cosmetic ( or not ) to a pet? Shaved it, Colored it? 

I had my puppy's nailed painted Pink
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(no subject)

1. It seems that I have developed feelings for my ex. Should I tell him?

2. White, milk, or dark chocolate?

3. Why is it that Lincoln and Washington are the only birthdays listed on the calendar?
3b. Is Presidents Day a legitimate holiday?

4. How many hours a day are you online?
Is it for work or for some other reason?

5. Whens the last time you got portraits done?

1 I dunno. I kinda think I should just leave it alone
2 milk
3 I dont know, its dumb
4 Id say at least 5. No not work, Im a SAHM and Im bored.
5 December, and Im going again in March (with my kid, duh)

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1. When you are angry or upset about something how do you express yourself?
2. Do you tend to hold it all in or go onto a verbal rant?
3. Do you express your anger physically?
4. Do you think/expect your loved one/SO to lend and open ear and just listen to what you have to rant about (knowing you will be done with it in a few minutes and won't have to hear about it again anytime soon), or should they roll their eyes at you and wish you to shut up?

Challenge Day

Have any of you heard of or participated in Challenge Day? www.ChallengeDay.org

What is it like? Was it helpful or worth the time or was it just weird? I would like to hear especially from guys about this one.

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  • Would you like to know the precise date of your death?
  • How might knowing when you'll die help you plan your life? Is life enhanced by the feeling that death could strike at any minute?
  • Would it disturb you much if, upon your death, your body were simply thrown into the woods and left to rot? Why?

Woman's suffrage

Since Bush is starting to tear down the 14th Amendment, which pertains to "due process" and "equal protection" clauses, maybe it's time we look at other amendments

Women have been able to vote since 1920, enacted through the 19th amendment. Since that time, the U.S. has been involved in one world war, two wars in Asia and 2 in Iraq, not to mention the historical fiascos that were Watergate, American Idol and the 70s also happened on their watch.

Obviously, we all hoped this experiment with women voting can be considered a bad idea. Sorry, ladies! Maybe you should all go back to the kitchens and make us menfolk some sloppy joes and let us worry about politics.

1. Should we amend Amendment 19?
2. Women got the right to vote in 1920, and 80 years later, Dick Cheney is the VP. Coincidence, or proof of some hidden agenda of women to upend the U.S.?
3. Should presidents be allowed to backdoor compromise an amendment because of their position? Is an amorphous war on terror reason enough to walk on our Bill of Rights?

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I have plenty of free time, so today I'll be taking another shot and stenciling and sewing. I've never had that much luck with either, though with the help of my dad I did sew a fabulous Rilo Kiley tote bag a few years ago. I'm going to buy a blank tote bag to stencil into a Quintron and Miss Pussycat bag, and I'm going to sew a tote bag using fabric I have from the last time I was feeling crafty.

1. Are you familiar with Quintron and Miss Pussycat? If not, if you saw someone carrying a tote bag that said "Quintron and Miss Pussycat" on it, what would you assume it was?

2. Which fabric should I use to make a tote bag with today?


3. Any helpful tips that might make stenciling and using the sewing machine less frustrating? I mean I've done both before but they usually end in lots of frustration. I have a feeling I'll end up getting frustrated, crying, and quitting.
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What's your guilty pleasure TV show? That one that you feel like you can't miss but would tend to deny in a public situation for the sake of your own personal dignity.
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Illegal or legal??

Is it illegal to tape record someone without their prior knowledge?

Example A: What if I were to record a friend of mine who complains about her husband and then the next day says she didn't say "any of that"? This would prove to her that she did say the things she did. Legal or illegal?

Example B: What if I were to record my boss yelling at us (me and my co-worker) in a very unprofessional manner? This would show our (even higher) boss that she acts all nice to us when he's around but is really the sister of the wicked witch of the west. Legal or illegal?
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(no subject)

1. What are some of your favorite childhood birthday memories?
2. What is the greatest thing someone has done for or given to you for your birthday?
3. Who else is an Aquarian? Do you think that we really are the weirdos of the zodiac?
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A hodge podge of stuff.

1- Would you be interested in a TQC 'travelling notebook' idea? Collapse )

2- Are the days seeming longer or shorter to you lately?

3- What's the last e-mail you received's subject? Junk mail or otherwise.

4- When do you (or your parents, or whatever) get groceries?

5- How is your morning/afternoon/evening/middle-of-the-night going?

1- Duh, yes I would.
2- Shorter, which is strange since I've been tired all week.
3- "iPod® nano™ for Jen --- Please Claim Now" (Suuuuuuuuuure!)
4- When we can get away with it, we go shopping after 8-9pm on a Friday or Saturday night. I hate crowds of people! :(
5- Boooooooooooooooring.

ETA: tqc_notebook's been made. ;P Request to join, I'll take ya right in. Will write out a more detailed pile of ideas for it in the near future (like... next couple hours, since I AM at work :P) and take in ideas too, of course. :)
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1. When you're driving in your car all alone and you're listening to a funny program on the radio or whatever, do you laugh out loud?  Has anyone in another car ever seen you do this and given you weird looks?

I was listening to the Kane show on DC's 99.5 this morning, and I was laughing all the way to campus.  While I was sitting at a light I looked over at the vehicle next to me while in middle of a full laugh, and the guy was giving me a really weird look.  It might have been for something completely different, or he might have been daydreaming or something, but I was still surprised and I stopped laughing.

2. When you get a bad headache, how do you treat it?  If you take medicine (like aspirin, etc.), what type/brand do you prefer to take? 

3. What's your favorite way to exercise?

4. Do you prefer really, really scorching hot weather or really, really cold weather?

5. Have you ever had Naked Juice?  If yes, which smoothie is your favorite?

6.  A lot of people complain about chocolate and flowers as gifts because neither don't usually last very long, but if you had to receive one or the other, which one would you prefer?
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Is there anyone you know who has an obsession with something that makes you go, "For the love of God, why that?" Which is not to say that I don't realize that everyone likes something that most consider a little odd, but we're talking people who seriously fangirl/fanboy something to a potentially scary level.

What is he/she obsessed with?

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Do you hate your job?

How long do you think you could stay in a job that you hated?

A year, two years?

EDIT: What if money wasn't an issue?

Alright, my situation is, if you care: I work in aged care, doing a nursing traineeship. I quit in Decemeber because I hate aged care. Do I go back to school to get my nursing qualification, knowing that I will have to work in aged care for another year to get it?

Sugar Gliders

I can't have cats or dogs or anything with too much dander, so someone suggested sugar gliders as fuzzy, cute, and virtually allergy-free pets. :)

Anyone have a sugar glider? What's its (or their) name(s)? How do you care for them? Is it easy? And pictures would be awesome, lol.
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Here's another question, but this one is a tad bit harder. It deals with politics

Considering no single citizen should have complete control over another person, should child-rearing and/or pregnacy be viewed as a privilage that the government can take away, or an unconstitutional right? It's a fact there are people who are known to be unfit to take care of a child, but should such a person be able to help create one?
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(no subject)

Die-uh-beet-eez or die-uh-beet-us?

Do you think people in Japan splooge over American culture like Americans do over Japanese culture/media/etc.?

Would you rather be stuck in an elevator for 3 hours with a furry in their fursuit or a completely baked stoner?

(no subject)

Any tips/advice/suggestions for moving house? I have a few days but I can't do much lifting, not heavy stuff anyways. How do I make these boxesw lighter?

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Backordering Domains

Hey TQC:

I wanted to know if anyone knew anything about backordering domain names. About a week ago I paid to backorder one that would expire yesterday. I'm kind of wondering how the whole deal works. When I called my the company I backordered it through they told me it could take up to three months before there is even a possibility of it coming into my possession


Karla Homolka

Do you know who Karla Homolka is?

For those of you who don't, she and her husband (the Scarborough rapist) raped and killed three teens, one of whom was her own sister. She received a very light sentence in return for her testimony against her husband. She has supposedly gotten married and had a child in the two years since her release.

If you had the authority would you let her keep her child? Would you sterilize her?

What kind of man would marry a woman like that, knowing her background?
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1. have you seen the youtube video that's a song about george washington? if so, do you think that this is disrespectful? hilarious? a little of both? (link if you need it)
2. is there something in your life that you hate but have had to learn more about in order to live better? (in my case, it's money - i hate money but i've needed to learn about investing, etc)
3. stoners, what do you like to do when you're high?
4. also for the stoners, do you participate in any kind of creative activity? if so, what?
5. i just got a response to an email i sent out monday (it's thursday today). i'd totally forgotten that i'd even sent the email. do you think that's a reasonable turn around time for an email with a simple question in a business environment?
6. can i have your lunch money, please?

(no subject)

What would YOU do?

There's a guy/girl you like who has mentioned that they want to get together this week. You got an email from said person this morning when you were online and wrote them back asking if they'd want to get together tonight. If you never got a reply back, would you continue to wait? Or call said person thinking they never checked their mail again? (There is also the factor that they are leaving for a trip tomorrow (Friday) morning, and will be away for a few weeks.)

And also, to just be COMPLETELY random...what is your favorite type/brand of soda?

(no subject)

1. Do you collect designer vinyl toys?
1a. If so, which ones are your favorites?
I do! I love the Tokidoki toys and Dunnys among others.

2. I'm going to Florida for a week on Saturday. I'm from New Hampshire and haven't been to Florida in at least ten years. How's the weather? What kind of clothes should I bring?

3. The new Die Hard movie is entitled "Live Free or Die Hard". Like I said, I'm from New Hampshire. Our motto is "Live Free Or Die". Do you think we should get some sort of royalty since they jacked our state motto?
Totally! Or at least have a cameo or something, haha.

(no subject)

1. Would you say that you have a fear of the police?

2. Is this a heathy fear or an unhealthy fear?

3. Do you believe that police, for the most part, are out to serve and protect or out to harass?

4. If you are in a restaurant and uniformed police come in to eat, do you avert your eyes and try to stay out of view?

5. Can you name an incident in which the police have been helpful to you?

6. Can you name an incident in which the police have harmed, harrassed or otherwise unfairly treated you?

7. For the most part, are you a law abiding citizen?

8. If a police man stopped you on the street right now, as you are currently, could they have probable cause to search, arrest and/or detain you?

9. Have you ever been to jail? If so, how long were you there?

10. If so, what were the circumstances that put you there?

Toilet seat licking? What???

I was online earlier and had the Tyra Banks show on behind me so I was half hearing today's episode.
Today's episode was about teenage prostitutes and porn stars. There was one teen prostitute, a former teen stripper and prostitute, and an 18 year old porn star named Sasha Grey.

I didn't catch everything but I heard the reformed ex-stripper and prostitute say that Sasha Grey did degrading things like licking a toilet seat. Sasha didn't deny it What?

So my question is to the porno watchers who have seen Sasha Grey movies, what's this toilet licking stuff? What other terrible things does she do?

As a second question, what are some terrible things that you've seen women do in pornos? I know the worst stuff is vomit, scat, incest, animals and such but I want to know what else have you seen that was just not normal?

I don't watch porno and I didn't want to Google either of these questions because I don't feel like being bombarded with nude females and search results that don't answer my questions.

Obligatory Anna Nicole Smith poll

How excited are you to see another poll about Anna Nicole Smith?

I just creamed myself. This puddle I'm sitting in isn't sweat
Pleased enough because I like polls
Only somewhat pleased because it's a fourcorners poll
I'm indifferent
Annoyed that there's yet another post about ANS. Enough already!
Disappointed. Let the poor woman rest, damn you
I hate this poll with the fury of a thousand burning effigies (in the image of Howard Stern)

Which of these celebrity deaths and their total loss to the world does Anna Nicole Smith's death resemble?

Marilyn Monroe - why must the pretty ones die?
Tupac - in the midst of his prime
Bob Denver - beloved but past his prime
Steve Irwin - iconic and lovable and taken too soon
James Dean - legendary, cursed
Saddam - couldn't exit this mortal coil fast enough
Gordan Jump - who?

How will her death change your life?

I'll wear a black band around my arm for the whole week
Avoid the fuck out of Trimspa until the autopsy's in
They took down ONTD because of that. Bastards. I was bored for a whole hour or two!
Not much, except that there will be a lot more pictures of her face on tabloids in the supermarket
I can't stop crying
Who is she?

What will Anna Nicole Smith have done if she had lived?

Ended world hunger as we know it
She'd have gone out the same way, just a year later
Had more babies with different fathers, caused unnecessary drama out of each one
More Trimspa ads
Hopefully just cleaned her act up and lived straight
She didn't do anything useful with her life this far, what makes you think that she'd do anything if she had more time?
Probably gained all the weight back

I first heard about the news on the radio. Then someone called the show, and said that his son's school sent them home early because of Smith's death. Do you think that her death deserves such national respect?

Yes. Without a doubt. It's a national loss and we're all in mourning
No. They didn't do anything with President Ford's death, and they sure shouldn't do anything with hers
Not sure yet. It's still sinking in that she's gone
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(no subject)

whenever you write/type mississippi do you spell it out in your head? i usually go m-i-s-s-i.. etc. in a sing-song way in my head, lol.

what is a perk you get at your job? i have 1/2 a day on thursday's and i get paid as if i worked the whole day.

r.apist kelly had his appendix taken out [article], we're going to send him a 'get well' card.. what would your message say?

how's your thursday going so far?
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1)Are you a good driver?
2)Have you been in any accidents? How many?
3)Were they your fault?
4)Do you know anyone who you are actually afraid to go out with if they are driving?

My Answers

1) Id like to think i'm a good driver, the roads are always icy, ive never been in an accident where i was driving, and i can do some excellent driving stunts haha
2) Ive been in two accidents. None where i was driving.. though. Accident one- i was 8 getting my bag out of my dads truck and i grabbed it and went to jump out and put the truck into gear with my purse... it rolled down the hill of our driveway, into my neighboors car and then smashed into a very large tree. Amazingly my dad thanked me?
Accident 2- the very next summer..(both happened at the cabin) our neigh boors place is up a very steep hill.. and his workers had parked the truck right on the top of the hill and had left it running in neutral(stupid) and it ended up rolling down the hill and smashing through the walls of my bedroom and hitting my bed. where i was sleeping. I was fine/extremely startled and without a room for many weeks.
3) technically...the first one was my fault..second one definitely not
4) uhh yea. I just went out for lunch with one of the girls i work with and she drove and i literally thought i was staring death in the face. She drove in BOTH lanes at once for most of the drive. not only that but she was eating the remainder of her lunch while she drove on the way home. Distraction+ worst driver= me FREAKING out in the car. i straight up told her she was the worst driver ever...

yea sorry that was so long.. bored at work.

The Office

Do you like Pam and Jim and their stupid "relationship" on The Office?

Do you think the writers actually think we believe Jim is straight? Do you think Jim is in the closet? I totally do, obv.

Do you like the stupid dopey omg-hello?! looks Jim gives the camera every two seconds?! WTF is up with that? Is he supposed to be cute????

Choose one: ANGELA AND DWIGHT!!! (FTW!!) or dumb old jim and pam? (they don't even get caps)

(no subject)

Hi- fancy helping with my psychology PhD?

Can anyone think of any films or TV programmes with self harm in? I don't really want rip your veins out stuff, just a bit of cutting or burning would do nicely.


(no subject)

Technical question, I'm afraid.

My camera - a FujiFilm Finepix a345 - no longer wants to connect to my computer. It gives me 'communication error' when I try to connect it to my USB port, and my computer won't recognise it either. I've tried it in various ports, I've tried removing all my other USB devices, and I've tried reinstalling the software that came with the camera. I'm at my wit's end. Does anyone have any suggestions before I give up and chuck it in the bin?

[EDIT: just bought a card reader. Thanks guys :)]

(no subject)

Do you like those meal/hunger control bars?

What's your favorite kind?

When was the last time you had a hot pocket? A lean pocket?  What's your favourite kind?

Why do I always get the group project with the annoying guy who thinks I have the luxary to wait until the last minute? D:


Why did I take 17 hours this semester when I have a research methods class? lolsooooooob.

(no subject)

Poll #923441 OMG IZ SHE RLLY DEADZ?!

How many Anna Nicole topics will there be in TQC during the next week?

None, she's not really dead. You're just having a bad dream and your boss is about to wake you up and fire you.
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(no subject)

1. What is your favorite political cartoon?  I need a new desktop background.

2. (If you have one) Do you leave the shower curtain open or closed when you leave the bathroom?

3. What color is your toilet water?

2. I leave it open, but one of my 3 roommates leaves it closed everytime. I get really nervous and have to open the curtain before I pee.

3. Blue.

(no subject)

1. I  just ripped the Sweet Charity Original Cast cd to my computer and it came with 7 tracks of recordings from the opening night on Broadway in 1966 and interviews with the cast.

What really cool things have been on cds you've gotten?

2. Do you guys remember me/know who I am? It's really sad that in my mind everyone thinks I'm a n00b.

First Date

Okay, so I'm going out with this guy for the first time tomorrow night, and I have a bit of a dilemma.

Afew days ago, I was getting my bills ready to mail out, and I licked an envelope, and got a papercut on the corner of my lip. I put neosporin on it, but it's still kind of red and herpes-coldsore-looking.

What do I do when he comes to pick me up on Friday?

1. Don't go out. Wait till the redness is gone.
2. Wait til he says something and explain that it's perfectly innocent.
3. As soon as I see him, explain right out, before he even gets a chance to ask.

It's not really THAT noticable, but I want to look as close to perfect as I can look.
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Thursday Three.

01: What item of clothing should you *really* throw out of your closet, but you cannot bring yourself to toss out? It can be more than one, if you've got lots.

02: What was one of the horrible fashions that you fell victim to? Post more if you wore bell bottoms AND parachute pants!

03: What fashion trends of TODAY do you think we'll look back on with shame?

x posted to thursdaythree
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Phone Freaks

So my co-worker bought a cell phone from this guy on CraigsList and it arrived today. The guy forgot to delete all of his stuff from it. And I do mean everything - pictures, videos, phone numbers, text messages, his Yahoo ID and password... My co-worker has been going through the stuff and deleting it, but there are some weird things on there. Namely the penis pictures. (Why, why didn't he clear his stuff out?)

That made me think... If someone were to obtain your cell phone right now and go through it, what weird stuff might they find?

People would be listening to the Jackson 5's "ABC" and viewing pictures of crochet hooks on mine. Wahoo.
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News ?'s

1. Who/what do you think is the most reliable resource for news?

2. Do you watch (listen, read, etc) more about local news events or national news events?

3. Do you think there's a conservative/liberal local news bias where you live?

4. What do you think is your best local news station?


There's this song I've been thinking of today. It creeps into my thoughts now and then, and it just makes me feel so...beguiled. The song itself is a Yeats poem, set to music, called 'The Song of Wandering Angus'. The version in particular I like is by Ruth Barret and Cynthia Smith. Every time I hear it, it sort of creeps up along my spine, this otherworldly song that sounds like it slipped out of the ether, and chills me with its enchanting strings. It's an eerily beautiful song about an eerily beautiful...event. Here's the lyrics
Collapse )

For some reason, this song has haunted me for over 15 years.

Without wiki'ing it,
1. What do you think the song is about? What did Angus see?
2. What songs do you feel are haunting? More than just beautiful or strange, they take on some other trait that uniquely pierces you
3. Can you find me a link of this song anywhere? My only copy's on cassette and it's in a box somewhere

Questions about stories!

When you witness a story in any sort of medium (books, TV, movies, video games, so on an so forth), what's your favorite type of main character/protagonists to see carry that story out? Are there certain aspects or quirks in characters that you have automatic biases toward, whether or not it has much bearing on the plot itself?

What about antagonists?

Which stories have you actually taken the message/theme/moral/lesson to heart? What was the message?


1. I'd like to learn sign language. Who offers classes? Community places like the Y? colleges? I'm not in school.

2. I work as a Standardized Patient for a local university, where basically I act as a patient and the medical students have different case scenarios and get feedback on how they handled things/their bedside manner/etc. Today I was a woman finding out she has MS, and some of the questions that came up frequently were:

a.) Do you give a patient a lot of information about their malady upon telling them about it or is that overloading them with info?
b.) If you're a med student who doesn't know this patient very well, but they are obviously upset, what is the boundary as far as consoling them, physically or nonphysically?
c.) If you have the report w/the bad news results, do you tell them right away or is there a way of easing into it?

I dont know. If you're interested, if you're a doctor, if you play one on TV, let 'er rip!

(no subject)

OK This is going to sound as insensitive as all fuck.

Anna Nicole Smith died. Clearly this had to be posted in ONTD. So I go to read the comments and ONTD GETS SUSPENDED WHILE I'M READING THE COMMENTS.

Can LJ seriously suspend an entire fucking community?????

And, why do you think ONTD got suspended?

Edit: Thank you, retombe.

RIP Anna.

Just a few ...

1. What is/was your best school subject? Worst?

2. What do you think about college professors who ''don't do'' e-mail?

3. What component of culture interests you most?

4. If a car starts off using a specific type of gas, do you always have to use that type of gas?
i.e. A car is bought and filled with premium gas, do you have to use premium gas in that car for the rest of it's duration? I'm getting two different answers on that.
- Answered by plus_c.

5. Drivers - what's the worst thing anyone's ever done to you on the road?

*If any of these were posted, I apologize. I didn't find anything related to any of these questions when I used the LJ search.
**Googling #4 gets me things about cars, but not what I'm looking for.
britney: dream within a dream

(no subject)

I'm going on a trip to Palo Alto, CA for a Latin convention [I swear it is not as lame as it sounds]. I live in Orange County, and the bus ride is going to be 8 hours long, so I need stuff to bring on the bus.

If you were going on a wicked long bus ride such as this, what are some things you would ABSOLUTELY need to bring with you?

(no subject)

Does anyone else suffer from obsessive thinking?

I can't stop thinking of somebody and I repeat conversations, events, and things they said over and over again in my head. Any advice as to how the heck I can stop this?

(no subject)

I'm putting together a rock mix (mainly hair metal type bands) about partying & getting trashed.

So far I've got 'Blind in Texas' by WASP & 'Nothin But A Good Time' by Poison. Anyone know any other songs I could add?
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(no subject)

Why is it that you always seem to know when someone's looking at you? You know, you just get that feeling and you glance over and someone's looking at you. Very rarely does that feeling just occur without someone actually looking. And how weird is it that sometimes they continue to stare?

How friendly are you? Are you able to strike up a conversation with a stranger?

How's your public speaking skills? Do you get nervous about speeches, or is it a cakewalk? Did you (or do you) ever speak up in class, without having a question being directed specifically at you?

How's your temper? Easily aggravated, or are you pretty passive?

(no subject)

1. What was the religious signifigance of Copernicus' heliocentric theory?

2. What is englightened absulotism? Who could be characterized as an 'enlightened' ruler?

3. Discuss the colonial rivalry between England and France. What were the results for France in Canada, India, and the Caribbean?
cubs hat
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(no subject)

1. Why is it that I just got a flier today in the US mail from the YMCA to join while they are still having their latest promotion? Oh, and the promotion ran from JANUARY 2-15th. WTF, USPS? Edit already: I also got a Costco flier that says on it, "Postmaster, please deliver between December 29th and January 5th."

2. What are good, fast paced songs I can put on my iPod to listen to while working out? Bonus points if it's instrumental only.

3. Is it completely insane that my mom bought my SIX year old nephew a Wii for his birthday on Monday? Or am I the only one who thinks so?

4. What did you think of Lost last night?

(no subject)

hello!!!  couple of questions...

1-has anyone here driven from california to texas or texas to california?  how long did it actually take, taking into account any sightseeing you might have done. it said on google maps that its about a day of non stop driving so does that equate to about 2 days worth of travelling or more like 3?

2-i tried google, but came unsuccesful, what song is this... "its mostly medical, im sorry to inform  you all, the situations critical..." something like that and it goes "hello -clap clap-" at one point of the song.

and a bonus one!!!

3-whats your favorite soda?!
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Salad dressing

I need to make a salad dressing. I have most ingredients you could throw at me in a recipe, within reason. I'm trying to makes something super delicious. Any ideas?
I want your tried and true recipes, otherwise I would Google, thanks.
call me vera
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Love poems

Okay, TQC, I need some poetry. I'm looking for love poems: either happy ones about finding/being with someone you love, or ones about unrequited love.

Looking for "legit" poems here, so no 'roses are red,' please. ;P Give me your favorite love poems!

And, just so this has a question mark:


(no subject)

When you're friends with two people who are dating, after they break up, do you think that the reasons/conditions of their break up should have any effect on your frienship with both of them?

I ask because this is going on right now and while most people are taking sides, I'm not sure if I have any right to. The girl is being a huge cunt to her ex (she cheated and broke up with him and makes fun of him a lot now that they're broken up), but I don't know how that really applies to my frienship with her. It just makes me a little wary of her and I'd certainly never want to date her, but everyone else has pretty much abandoned her and I don't really get why, since they weren't the ones going out with her in the first place.

edit: Forgot to mention. I'm a lot closer to the girl, and my best friend is really close with the guy who she broke up with (they're more than probably crushing on each other, too, aw). It sort of complicates the situation because my best friend absulotely is siding with the guy, and I'm empathetic (sympathetic?) as to why this girl broke up with him (it was an internet relationship, and after she broke up with him he's become a lot more active off of the computer - the break-up was actually pretty beneficial for him, aside from any emotional scarring), so it's just sort of lamely complicated. I want my best friend to understand why I'm not taking the same side that she is.
Text - best is yet to come

(no subject)

Is there anyone on livejournal that you seem to see everywhere you go on livejournal and everytime they post, it just makes you go "Ugh, bad choices."?

Would you ever say that to them?

Don't you just want to figure out where they live and smack them really hard?

(no subject)


have you ever had tofu?

if so, did you like it?
if not, would you willingly try it if someone offered it to you? (as in would you WANT to try it, i'm sure most people would be polite and try it even if they didn't want to).

I'm making sweet & sour tofu right now. It's taking ages. I burned my rice to a crisp :(
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Do noise-cancelling headphones actually work?

If they do, then what are the best ones to buy that aren't outrageously expensive?

Is anybody else as bothered by background noise as I am? It drives me INSANE! Especially base. How do you cope?

Are there any ways to soundproof a dorm room?

What's in a name?

1. What are your nicknames?
Recka and Rebreakfast.

2. How did you obtain them?
Reading a baby-name book with friends and Recka was a listed nickname for Rebecca. It seemed to stick. Rebreakfast came from a friend who would always add random things to "Re".

3. Do you love them or hate them?
I don't mind them but prefer being called Rebecca.

4. Whats the one name you don't want anyone to call you?

(no subject)

Let's say you were someone else. And you go to a party. And you're there. (the real you, not the pretend you).

1. What kind of person are you? (in the corner, life of the party, getting drunk, making out with a stranger, etc.)
2. Would you like yourself?

(no subject)

When was the last time you were drunk?-lastnight, most of this morning
What were you drinking?-uhhh vodka & lemonade, sea breeze jugs
Did you have a fun night?-absolutely, i danced the night away and it was aces.

Extra points for drunk pictures! im suffering from a hangover, make me giggle with them.

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Sunny Smile
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Shifting Perceptions

It seems all of my questions have to do with my job in one way or another. I teach junior high language arts and I'm doing a unit on media literacy. Here's what I'm looking for, but I have absolutely no idea if it exists. What I want is either of the following options:

1) a video or clip where on first viewing, it seems as though one thing is happening. On second viewing, something is changed, whether it be the music or the camera angle or something similar and the meaning is totally altered.
2) an image where at first glance it seems as though one thing is going on in the shot, but at closer inspection, the viewer sees what's really going on.

This is all to teach about perception and critical viewership.

Do you know if something like this exists? Where could I find it?


Do you have a job that you love but can't or don't want to do for the rest of your life?

Are there times in your life you love but you know they're going to end eventually?

I love my job. I work at Valvoline Instant Oil Change and it's the best job I've ever had. It just makes me feel good. I love the people I work with and I always have fun when I'm there. It's not a job I could do forever though. Even if I became a manager and earned enough money to live off of, this job is doing horrible things to me. I'm developing problems in my back and feet. I'm also developing carpal tunnel(more so due to playing the piano). I have no idea what I'm going to do after I get out of college and have to support myself.

I also love this time in my life. I have great friends and co-workers and everything is going my way. Soon I'm going to have to go back to school though and be away from home, I'll have to study and I won't be working. This summer is the last I've got before I'm off to school. I'm going to try and milk it as much as I can.
I'm an Angst Muffin >:[

Piercing Retainers

How well do retainers actually work with covering piercings?  More specifically, how well would they do with covering up a snake bites piercing?  I'm sure they'd be easier to hide if they were with barbells, but I'd like to know everything, basically.  Any help is very much appreciated-especially if you could show me pictures of you/someone wearing one or if any of you have had personal experiences.  Thanks~
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(no subject)

I just bought two 60 watt lightblubs for my bedroom. While screwing one in, I noticed the label on the base said, "Fire Hazard - 60 Watts Max". Now, does this mean that I should go out and by two 30 watt bulbs (or less, idk watt sizes), or am I fine as is?

ETA: NVM. I just checked the previous bulbs, both 60 watts, both treated me fine for a year. :D

tips & tattoos

-i got a tattoo on tuesday (my bday) and it hurts worse than any other ive ever gotten (left foot). its been extremely sore. question is: how do you know if your tattoo has gotten infected?

-what is the best tip you have ever given? why?

-what is the worst? why?

help me live my grammy dream...won't you?


If you could vote, which Grammy-nominated tune would be "Song of the Year?"

'Be Without You' Mary J. Blige
'You're Beautiful' James Blunt
'Not Ready to Make Nice' the Dixie Chicks
'Crazy' Gnarls Barkley
'Put Your Records On' Corinne Bailey Rae
I am a stubborn fuck, and would not vote

Which of the following nominated 2007 Songs of the Year do you have on your iPod...er...whatever MP3 thingy you have?

'Be Without You'
'You're Beautiful'
'Not Ready to Make Nice'
'Put Your Records On'
I can't believe you asked an iPod question, but I forgive you.

Which of these things can you guarantee will happen at the live Grammy ceremony?

James Blunt gets hit with several blunt objects during the ceremony.
Fergie takes on the Pussycat Dolls...who decide it's time to cut a bitch.
Britney Spears tries to revive her career by kissing Mariah...upstaging good taste and giving birth to Nipplegate 2 (Mariah, obviously.)
Devotchka finally gets national recognition...thanks to the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack
Bruce Springsteen will win best folk album for "we shall overcome" making suzermagoozer very happy.
We finally learn the answer to the timeless musical question, "who let the dogs out?"
GIRLFIGHT: Carrie Underwood vs. Beyonce
Michael Buble gets all up in Nelly's grill...hilarity ensues.
Willie Nelson and Flea fire up a doobie together in the name of world peace.
the final performance ever EVER EVER of the Fray's "how to save a life" for obvious reasons.
The Pet Shop Boys reveal that they are, indeed, still alive and making records.
Timberlake calls out Timbaland.
Someone finally explains the symbolism behind "black horse and a cherry tree" using a pie chart.
Xtina Aguilera wears something other than RED lipstick.
The Police reunites singing "Roxanne" omg please.
loco tracks
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(no subject)

Do you give your playlists meaningful names?
I try to, though I often steal the names from elsewhere. My running playlist is "Compression of Time" because it makes the run seem faster; my sleeping playlist is called "Suppression of Darkness" because it relaxes me, etc. (Bonus points if you guess the origin of these names!)

What's under your bed?
Mini-fridge, two plastic bins filled with food, my suitcase, a chair, and two five pound weights.

Before you get started on your homework, how do you make yourself comfortable? (Or uncomfortable, if that helps you more).
I put my hair back, roll up my sleeves, and sit on one leg when I write a paper. If I'm just reading, I'll lean back and put my legs on the desk.
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(no subject)

Did you hear that Anna Nicole Smith died (supposedly from a drug overdose of some kind)?
I heard it from a girl at class and checked it out when I got home.

Are you surprised?
Surprised that she died, but not surprised that it was supposedly an overdose.

What are your thoughts?
This sort of thing happens to people every day, the only difference with her is that she had media attention.
Enough of that, I guess.

edit: A friend just told me that her Jack Russel Terrier is expecting puppies. My family has been looking for another dog and this is pretty perfect timing, too. Do you have any personal experience with Jack Russels? Did you find them to be good dogs or no? I'm looking up breed info, but personal info would be great.

Color me sinister

Honest and for truly, this question is for the sake of writing.

How many bodily components can be removed from a human while leaving that unfortunate soul alive and capable of prolonged survival (say, six months or so)?

In this scenario, there is access to the absolute best medical care the first world has to offer: dialysis, blood transfusions, artificial hearts, what have you.
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poll time

Since changing my username I've had quite a few people ask me what it means. I didn't think it was an uncommon word...maybe I was wrong? A TQC poll will answer that once and for all!

Do you know what the word "palatial" means?


ticky box?

no ticky.
smoog boob

frustrations, work, and the Bowery.

1. Do you have to work tomorrow?

2. What is the last thing that frustrated you?
I was 3 inches away from finishing a tote bag and the needle in the sewing machine broke. I wanted to fucking stab out my eyes. The whole thing was so frustrating and it was finally going so well and I thought for sure I'd be finished in 2 minutes. It's even more frustrating because all the stores that would sell them are closed, and I know there are some in my house that I can't find.

3. For those of you familiar with the Bowery subway station, do you think it's really that bad/shifty? Would you be okay with your 19 year old daughter being there alone late at night?
Beast mode!

(no subject)

So, I've had a bad day and need to hear that it could be worse (hopefully).

What is the worst mistake you ever made at work?

What happened because of it? Were you punished? Fired? Dragged out back and beaten with a computer cord?