February 7th, 2007

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1. What color are your eyes?
2. What color is your hair?
3. How tall are you?
4. How much do you weigh?
5. What is your favorite part of your body?
6. What is your least favorite part of your body?

post photos if you want

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There's this girl I used to hang out with all the time. We were close, but she was always more interested in herself and didn't really bother with anything that didn't directly effect her. She does a lot of drugs and drinking, and I don't do anything, really. We grew apart and she only calls me if she needs something (its been a while, so I guess her computer is working fine) but she works at a supermarket by me and always tells my parents that I'm pretty much a horrible friend and never call her or anything. My parents know about her habits, she tells them everything, but always come home after seeing her and yell at me for being a bad friend.

1) How in the hell do I get it through to my parents that I'm more interested in school and starting a career than I am in following this girl from party to party?

2) How do I get it through this girl's skull (without being too mean) that no matter how much she cries to my parents, I'm done with her and her selfish ways?

3) Does it make me boring to not party like this girl does? Even my parents tease me for not drinking!

4) Do you have a person like this in your life? How do you deal with it?

5) How do you make new friends/meet new people? I've been trying to meet new people at school, but I'm extremely shy and I'm just generally not good with people.

dead zone johnny & sarah

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I'm moving out this weekend. I don't have much stuff as all the apartments I've lived in before, everyone else I lived with already had pots and pans and what not, so I brought my kitchen table, vacuum cleaner, and bedroom stuff and was all set.

And so I pose a question to all of you, what could you absolutely not live with out? I have most basic stuff, but what am I most likely forgetting?
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Though it's probably not...anyone know if it's possible to pry the loops out of GarageBand for use in a different program, short of exporting them as .mp3 or something? (I haven't messed much with GarageBand, just enough to know that I like the loops but vastly prefer ProTools, so I don't know the ins and outs of it all too well.)

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so in april, my b/f and i are gonna see:


cirque de soleil's tribute to the beatles...it should be frigin' awesome...

1. has anyone heard of it?
2. has anyone seen it? - if so, what's your opinion?
3. if all the beatles were reunited (john and george still alive), do you think they would still make great music?
3a. would you pay top dollar to see them in concert?
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sup docs

I lost my voice :(

1)Which one of you punks stole it?
2)OK, now to be serious. How long does laryngitis usually last?
3)Any tricks on making my voice come back faster? I miss it :(


I have an obsession with names and would be interested to know...

1) Your favourite boys and girls names?
2) Your least favourite boys and girls names?
3) The strangest or funniest name you have heard?

My answers to those questions change a bit but at the moment
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(no subject)

1.) Would you generally describe your life as "good"?
2.) Are you better or worse off than you were around this time last year? Whyzat?
3.) What's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you?
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(no subject)

If an 18-year-old daughter of a senator was caught in bed with her (female) English teacher at an all-girls Catholic school, would the US government be able to do anything to the teacher?
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Do you ever have a spasm or jerk when you are in bed awake, but drifting off to sleep? Does that have a name? Just to clarify, I'm not talking about when you are asleep and dreaming and something startles you in your dream.

Have you had any interesting dreams lately?
Young - Bubbles are great

Do my homework!

What is your favorite cereal?

Oh, and I've been getting fat because I eat out too much because my class ends at 10:40 and I have to work at 11. What are some healthy lunches I can pack that don't need refridgeration that can be eaten in the car on the way to work? Do you think a wrap would hold up from 7am to 10:40 outside of a fridge?

I am one of those people that eats because I'm bored. What are some healthy snacks I can keep around the house for when I get bored and start eating?

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I'm going on a huge pub crawl friday and I'm looking for interesting ways to transform my t shirt.  I would just experiment myself but if I ruin the shirt I can't get another one.

Soooo does anyone know of any lj communities or websites that would have good ideas?  Or does anyone have shirts of their own that theyve cut up?   Thanks!

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This song is by a local-ish band (i think they started here and they're beginning tog et big, but i could be entirely wrong), and this song... I really like this song but it reminds me of another musical group, oldies-ish, but i can't place it.

Who do you think it sounds like?

edit: okay, not localish or anything. i just assumed they were because they've played at a few local outdoor concert thingies for the university here.

heretical hypothetical

Surprise! It just so happens there's a higher power, and it's decided to do some weeding in the garden of life on earth. It's also decided to start this weeding with humans, and more specifically, YOU. So...

How do you justify your existence (and plead your case) to this almighty auditor?
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I have a friend who has become very depressed and negative lately. Before trying therapy, is there any sort of self-help he can do? I've tried encouraging him to think differently about bad situations, but is there a website with a plan or steps to take to change negative thinking?

Has anyone managed to make themselves less negative and depressed just by changing your way of thinking?
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Disney Stuffs!

1. Is there a disney movie that always makes you cry? Which is it?
Fox and the Hound

2. What is the saddest disney song that you know? 
Either I will go Sailing no More, or When she loved me as sung by Michael Crawford

3.  ( Beauty and the beast ) Why does no one apparently take notice that the Prince/Reigning Moncarch just sort of dissapears, then reappears 10 years later with very little interest? You'd think that the towns people would still be gossiping about the vanished 11 year old. 

that's it.


Have you had some sort of weight loss surgery (Such as a Gastric Bypass, LAP Band, ect) or know someone who has?
If so, how much weight did you/the person you know lose?

I had a gastric bypass done when I was 15. At 15, I was 296 pounds. I have currently lost 140 pounds and I feel great!
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(no subject)

What song(s) would you like to have played at your funeral?
100 Years – I think it’s by Five for Fighting
Red Red Wine – The UB40 version.
Standing Outside the Fire – Garth Brooks
If you’re not married, have you already decided on a wedding song? If you are Married, what was your wedding song?
Banana Pancakes – Jason, Jack, John…one of them “J” boys
Ordinary Love – Sade
Giving You the Best that I Got – Anita Baker
If you were to fight your worst enemy (Pay-per-view style), what song would be playing as you come through the tunnel and make your way down to where the fight is to take place. In other words, is there a song that gets you “amp’d up”?
Justify my Thug –Jay Z
Say it wit me – Spa
Shook Ones – Mobb Deep
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My weekly House post

This post is inspired by last night's episode of House, MD.

You have two people, both of them disabled. One has no use of her legs, but gets around in a mechanical wheelchair. The other has full use of one leg, and barely any use of the other and must walk with a cane.

Who gets the closer parking spot?

Also, any thoughts, comments on the episode are most welcome. :D
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How can the Canadian government justify spending more money on collecting student loans than on the actual student loans themselves? How is it fair that they charge interest daily when every other financial institution only charges it monthly??
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(no subject)

Do you think sizism actually exists?  If so, do you think it is a legit prejudice? (legit as in "true"--like the prejudice is actually well-founded)

What about fat acceptance organizations?  Do you think they should exist or do you believe that they do more harm than good?
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1- According to a bunch of people here, my cat looks like Godzilla.... Do you have a pet (or relative, or rock, etc etc etc) that looks like something else? Without being in a costume or something.

2- For people who have attended an anime (or equally nerdy fandom) convention, have you ever hosted something? A gaming tourney, a panel about something, etc. How was it?

3- As a kid (or now, if you've never kissed yet) have you ever tried kissing your own hand for practice? (Inspired by this article...)

4- What windows are open on your computer right now, aside from the one you're in right now?

5- What's the last thing you read/researched for the hell of it, and not because school said you had to?

No answers from me. ;P

ETA: Bonus question! How would you feel if a bride walked down the aisle while playing the wedding march on a violin? I've considered learning that song as my first one, for that purpose, and wonder how mortifying it would be to normal humans who aren't loco in the head like myself. :)
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While watching American movies it seems that all the families in the States have their dinner every evening all together sitting at the big table discussing their daily routine. 

I wonder if  it's a hollywood stereotype and people usually  come back home at different time so they don't wait for each other to have a bite or it's really so ( or may be a tradition in a high-class families)? (I'm asking about every-day-meals and not special occasions like holidays).
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Do you think the kids on GUTS came to the show with that nickname or Mike O'Malley picked it for them? Today there was a girl on it called "The Predator" but she was a cheerleader and the nicknamed seemed really odd.

If you were to go on GUTS, what would your nickname be?

What event would you dominate?

What event would you suck at?
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A simple question. Presuming that President Bush is a complete idiot, would it not be justified to say that even an idiot can graduate from college?

[Remember, the magic word is presuming. This is not political propaganda to view the president as an idiot. The fact is he has a reputation for being one, and that's all]

Accidental mobile/cell phone calls.

1a) Do you receive a lot of accidental "bottom of the bag" phone calls? If so, what is your name?
1b) If you are not one of said people, what is the name of the person that you call accidentally the most?

My answers:
(a)Yes. My name is Alex.
(b) I call Aida by mistake all the time.

(Edited to add a title to try and make the post more coherent.)
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Make-up and appearance

1. For those who wear make-up, where did you learn how to put make-up on?

2. What's the difference between someone who looks frumpy or has 'let themself go', and someone who is just comfortable not wearing make-up or getting dressed up?


Have you ever had Mono and felt okay?
Everyone I know that has had Mono said they felt like they were dying while they had it. Yesterday I spent some time in the ER and they think that I have Mono. They won't know for sure until the bloodwork comes back but they are pretty certain that I have it. But I feel fine. I'm not overly tired, I have headaches but not bad ones. I just feel pretty normal.
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Does aromatherapy really work? I'm stressed out and I can't sleep. I've tried over the counter stuff for the sleeping, but it doesn't work. I've seen the candles and the bath stuff, so I thought I'd try it.

Also..if you have kids:

Would you send your child to someone's home daycare if you found out they were asking for items needed to run the daycare from a site like Freecycle?
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(no subject)

I've been wondering about this for years now. When I was little, I remember seeing a kid's show or movie, something like that. It looked like it was from the 70s or 80s. It was about a green dragon who was having a race in some magical place, mountains or something. He was racing against a typical bad guy, dressed in black, twirly mustache, all that. There were also three smaller dragons, one was orange and one was purple, I think they were younger. It was animated, that's all I know. Anyone know of ANYTHING like this?

(i'm gonna post this in whatwasthatone, don't worry)
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ZOMG another Pan's Labyrinth Q!!!

!!!! Possible Spoilers !!!!!

Soooo continuing talk about Pan's Labyrinth. 

Why are people so quick to jump to the conclusion that in Pan's Labyrinth everything was just a figment of Ophelia's imagination, while in Chronicles of Narnia they are more apt to believe in the fantasy?  

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PS. Does it seem like there are fewer posts today than other days?  Are people not at work, or just working?

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An 18-year-old friend of mine passed away a few mornings ago. His funeral mass will be tomorrow morning at 10, and it's advertised in the paper. We weren't very close, but I knew and liked him and considered him a friend. His girlfriend is also a close friend of mine. I plan to attend the viewing hours, which are tonight.

I know this varies greatly depending on many factors, but would you consider it appropriate for me to attend the funeral? Any thoughts on this at all?

Edit: The funeral was this morning, and I did attend. Thanks for everyone's input, it might have seemed like a dumb question but I'm clueless as far as ettiquite and things for this sort of situation, so I just wanted to make sure.
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Coming out ?

Inspired by John Amaechi

1. Have you heard of John Amaechi before today?

2a. How long do you think it will take before a superstar athlete "comes out" during his playing career in one of the major sports in the US (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, etc)?

2b. If you don't live in the US, are there any current openly gay male superstar athletes in your country? Who are they, and where do you live?

(no subject)

What tv shows that are out on disc are worth watching? I end up renting a lot of them online and have run out of ideas of interesting shows. So, we have rented Babylon 5, Taken, Battlestar Galactica, John Doe (well, I taped it off of Sci Fi) but I am coming up short with other things to rent. So help me out. What are you suggestions?

(no subject)

is there some sort of "gift card exchange" website, community, forum..etc?

i'm stuck with a 50 dollar gift card to a music store that doesn't exist around here/even if it did i wouldn't want anything from it, and 100 dollars to jcpenny that i have no idea what to do with.

is there any other way to get the money off of these cards? or trade them for something else.. ?

i doubt it, but i thought i'd give it a shot.

Pot calling the kettle.

Obviously inspired by this post;


1. Should it be just as illegal and penalized to drive while high as it is while drunk? 
the question is do you consider the intoxication of alcohol and marijana to be of equal proportions, 
the question is not what the law IS, it is what do you think.)

2. Would / do you drive while high? Would / do you drive while drunk? Do you think you are good to drive just one of them or both or neither?

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(no subject)

I just spent two hours in the doctor's office for a physical. It was one of the worst experiences I've ever endured.
My question to you is this...
Which is worse:
Routine physical, where you get probed and violated everywhere...
Regular dentist check-up, only to find out you have five cavities?

Personally, I'd go for the dentist anyday.


more marilyn

Branching off from the earlier Marilyn Monroe Question, and based on the idea that some conspiracy theorists believe she was killed by the Kennedys:

Which to you is a more disturbing or disappointing thought:

1. That one of the most beloved and revered leaders of our country could have been behind the death of one of the most beloved and revered women of our country,


2. That you can be be amazingly beautiful, rich, influential and adored by many many people in the world and still be suicidally unhappy?


Why can't I watch the latest episode of Heroes on nbc.com? I have done it before! It won't load :(

I need my Heroes fix!! I missed it on Monday (comes on too late) and I will be out to dinner on Friday for the SciFi showing.


(no subject)

Do you ever get junk mail that is oddly representative of what is going on in your life at that moment?

For example: Back in the AOL days I was watching The Exorcist with some friends and I got up to use the bathroom, stopping to do an email check. In my inbox I found an email from Regan44(The name of the little girl in the movie)and this freaked out my friend so bad he made me take the movie out, put it into a box and leave it outside till he left.
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This or that.

Poll #922814 This or that.

Which is more annoying to encounter?

Two people walking shoulder to shoulder in a limited space--Totally silent.
A pack of girls sitting in a row somewhat out of the way--Screaming obnoxiously.

Which should be allowed on a bus/subway first?

Mother with a screaming baby in an SUV of a stroller.
Everyone else.

What should I make with the potatoes I bought tonight?

Mashed potatoes.
Seasoned Fries.

ETA: I like how people whose names I've never seen comment or post before come out of the shadows to click on these. :) It's funky to see!

(no subject)

Have you ever been to the emergency room when away on holiday? Why?

I just got back from Scotland. We were there for three days, and the one day we have free I spend in the ER with a horrible chest infection.

go pitt

1. should the american secretary of defense change his name so that every time i go to yahoo.com i'm not wondering why the hell bill gates is weighing in on troop levels in iraq?

2. what do you think of formal dances at which girls pledge their virginity to their fathers?

3. for the well-endowed gentlemen of tqc or their current or past partners- does using a large-sized condom compare favorably to using a "regular" one? does it make a difference?
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1. Anyone here have THIS phone? If so - your thoughts? does it make a good music player? Im really wanting a good music playing phone that doesn't look lame. 

2. Have you at any point had to deal with drug-abusing/addicted parents? what was it, how did you deal, and what was the overall outcome?

3. and finally, has anyone ever listened to Girl Talk, specifically the album "Night Ripper" ? If you haven't, you SHOULD. for anyone who enjoys any sort of rap...best mash-up music around. 


(no subject)

Have you ever used Rent.com?

Did you recieve the $100 from them? How long did it take?

As a redo of my earlier question, what are some good colleges that offer online classes, to the point where I can complete a degree without having to attend school?

With Verizon, everytime you change your plan they want you to update your phone by pressing # and then some numbers. What are the numbers and why do they want you to do it?

Do you want to see pictures of my wife and son?

day off ?

so i'm hopefully starting a new job soon & they said i'd work 4 days a week & get to pick what day i want off..

so which day would you choose to have off, friday or monday ?
[i wouldn't work weekends either.]
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(no subject)

For some reason, when I go to My Documents or any other folder, when I click on a file, hold the control button and click on another file, I'm not able to select all of the files in between like I used to be able to. I tried restarting, as that usually fixed the problem when I had it before, but it didn't fix anything. D: Suggestions?

Okay, nevermind, I don't know WHAT I was thinking. It IS the shift key, but it's still not working for me. WTF. D:

(no subject)

Wwho was your most frustrating teacher you ever had?
Last year (year 9), my English teacher couldn't properly speak English. She often had issue pronouncing terms and so for one semester my class sat in dead silence because the teacher couldn't tell us what to do.
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(no subject)

Viruses make you sick, right? But what if there were viruses (okay, virii, whatever) that actually made you feel better? What if a virus made you feel happy, or made your eyesight sharper, or your hearing more accute, or something?

Is there any scientific reason why this could not be possible? It seems to me that making the host more healthy could allow the virus to survive better for longer.

Of course, it could already happen and we might not know, because we don't look for a virus if we're not sick.

Anyone know of any fiction written around this idea, or any studies actually done on it?

(no subject)

Obviously this has as much to do with your physical partner(s) as with you-- but in your entire romantic history, which have you needed to do more?

asking a partner to be more gentle
asking a partner to be less gentle
everything's always been just fuckin perfect

(no subject)

i love hearing the reasons behind a band's name. these are the only ones i know. i have no idea if any of them are true or just rumors.

belle and sebastian - characters from some children's book i think..?
greenday - they quit high school to form the band or something and after telling the school principal their plans, he responded with, "you're going to succeed when there's a green day in hell."
jimmy eat world - the lead singer, whose name is jim, had a little brother that drew a picture of him eating a globe. underneath the drawing, he wrote "jimmy eat world."
kid rock - after doin' his thaaang, some guy shouted out, "look at that white kid rock!"
limp bizkit - they were stuck on a name and finally one of their friends offered this stupid suggestion. it just stuck.
marilyn manson - he wanted to portray both glamour and horror: marilyn monroe + charles manson.
postal service - the members weren't physically together, so they ended up mailing each other ideas through letters.
righteous brothers - after performing, a marine yelled out, "that was righteous, brothers!"

tell me ones you've heard!

Sam Roberts
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1. Would you care to describe for me one sensory experience in terms of another one?
For example, describe what it is like to eat pizza in terms of hearing music.

2. Would anyone out here call himself or herself a synaesthete? Or whatever it is called if you are afflicted/gifted with Synaesthesia.

ETA, the questions are related but meant to be taken separately, as the first is driving me crazy and is my English in-class assignment that I can't quite grasp
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Physical appearance

1. How do you feel about your physical appearance as a whole?

2. What would you change about your physical appearance, if anything?

3. What is your favorite part of your physical appearance?
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UGGS and icon making

Who own's Uggs?
Do you wear them all year round? If not - when do you wear them?

I ask this because I just bought a pair of uggs and I see people wearing them all the time. I bought them so I wouldn't get frost bite on my toes during this frigid Chicago weather.

What is the easiest way to make icons? Are there any special software programs that I should use?

Thanks! Nan

(no subject)

1. When I play Solitaire or Spider Solitaire on my computer I have a lot of games where there's no moves left (but all the cards aren't in order yet). Is that normal? Am I doing something wrong? Or is the game just statistically... shitty?

2. At the end of The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy never did solve her problems with the mean old bicycle lady, did she? Or did that lady magically/correspondingly melt, too, when the witch did?

3. Where are cows from? I mean, kangaroos originate from Australia, giraffes are from Africa, and the Great Spotted Woodpecker is from Europe/Asia. Are cows from... Wisconson?

4. Who's your cell phone carrier? (If you have a cell phone.)
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(no subject)

Does anyone know where I can buy tote bags like this(only blank, and not just green) in an actual store? Or where I can find reasonably sturdy (just not super flimsy) blank canvas tote bags in an actual store?

Craft stores around here do not seem to have them, they only have ones like this and they are the least sturdy tote bags I've ever encountered. I figure they must sell them somewhere that I'm overlooking. I really wanted to make one into a Quintron & Miss Pussycat bag tomorrow.

(no subject)

1. How long have you been w/your SO?
2. How'd you meet?
3. Last argument w/SO was over what?
4. Do you and your SO get along w/your respective families?
5. Do you and your SO get along w/your respective friends?
6. Anyone (family members and/or friends) oppose your relationship?
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(no subject)

This may be somewhat of a weird question but what do you think of text messaging?

my sort-of answer:

See, i usually send one/receive one every so often from friends.  Nothing I like to use as an EFFECTIVE form of communication.  However my MOTHERRRR, for some whacked-out reason, thinks differently.  Every so often she sends me these long, detailed text messages and I don't know why.  I didn't even think my mother knew how to send a text message until i got a long text saying how her day went.  Just now I get a text message that says "Mama sez hi," which is nice of her, but it's the worst way for me to communicate with her, i mean honestly....

boys boys boys

this is probably the dumbest dumb girl question ever.
and i dont want anwsers like.."just tell him you're into him".

so... how do you hint on to someone that you are interested in them as more than a friend, when you are already friends?
any tips???

What does this mean?

I had a dream where I opened up a book of poetry and read the first line of a poem. It went like this:

If you hold the moth, you must be prepared to be responsible for its demise.

Then I looked down and I was holding an insect in my hand. My friend told me to let it go, but I hesitated for just a moment. Then I let it go and it fluttered to the ground, dead.

My Questions:

Is that line from something else? Is it reminiscent of anything else? (quote from a real poem, book, movie, song, etc?)

What does that line mean?

What does the dream mean?
far away


Should females be required to register with selective service in the U.S.? Why/why not?

(for those outside of the U.S., this govt agency forms a list of people to use in case of a military draft. as of now it is only males required to register. if you don't register, it would be difficult to get a job/college aid/etc.)
Christmas Jim and Pam

(no subject)

At what point does one need to see an OBGYN? What if you're not sexually active? 
Is it really as traumatic as I think it would be?

(To clarify, I'm an 18 yo female, not sexually active, and have never been. I don't know if I should go.)
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(no subject)

Hey guys sorry if I asked this already, but it's been driving me nuts.... I wanted to know if anyone remembers a tv show that came on about maybe 4:00pm on a weekday EST (I think on either UPN or NBC). It involved a young woman in the Old West. She had long black hair and was of a fortunate financial position, but she would dress up in leather pants and a shirt and a frilly black mask and be something like a Zorro. She vaguely reminds me of Catherine Zeta-Jones, but it's been a while, so I'm not sure. The guy, a sheriff or something of the sort, who hates her vigilante identity is constantly trying to get her proper-self to notice him. Anyway, does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?
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Random. I am bored.

01. Friends or family-- which is more important to you?

02. (For girls) Have you ever noticed that American Eagle pants suck because they are for girls with no ass?

03. Doesn't American Eagle suck in general?

04. Can you suggest to me some pretty, slow songs?
(I like rock [new & old] but, please, no Beatles. I will cry. I hate the Beatles.)

05. I sometimes feel sick to my stomach when people lightly touch my skin a certain way or when my skin rubs against my clothes a certain way. Why??? What is wrong with me??

06. Describe your mood/feelings right now.

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I went to a salon today for the first time. My question for any of you who have been to a salon is......How much are you supposed to tip your stylist??
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