February 6th, 2007

Christmas Jim and Pam

puppy troubles

Have you ever potty-trained a puppy? Tell me your methods and sucess stories.
How often does a Chihuaha puppy need to eat a day? Canned food or dried food?
Let's say you feed your puppy one can of small dog food during the day. At night, she throws up four small puddles of green, foamy liquid. Is she sick, did she eat something bad, or is this normal for a puppy?

(no subject)

this is prompted by the last poster. i don't want to steal your thunder, but you reminded me of something that i've always wanted more opinions on.

is it a turnoff when you find out that your partner isn't very domestic? for example, they're not very effective at washing dishes, don't know how to fold laundry, don't know simple health things about food [no cross contamination, the dangers of botchulism], don't know simple little handy household tips? do you "blame" it on how they were brought up? how do you handle those types of situations? do you try to help them to be more domestic? do they get angry that you're trying to change them?

for those who prefer ladies: is it a turnoff or a turnon when a girl knows her way around a car?

does anyone remember the TV show that briefly showed on MTV, clone high? http://www.clone-high.com/ did you like it?

tell me about your least favorite school picture, and why it was so terrible. post pictures, if you have them!

what do you do to de-stress?

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(no subject)

What would you like to say to the people of your city or country?


Also, when is the last time you found out something that disappointed you?

Peyton Manning is married? WTF this made me sad even though..duh I have no chance.


Does this guy freak you out?(Not Chad Kroger..the other one :p)

It's that time again

So it is nearly Valentines, and I wish to completely spoil my boyfriend with many gifts and food. But like many TQCers, I need some brain-storming.

For those who've heard of Bruce Campbell, what foods and items best represent him and his movies? I'd especially like some more Evil Dead ideas. So far, I've got a home-made plushie, a Bruce Campbell blanket (kind of an inside joke), Deadite Raider monkey bread, a chainsaw hand glove, and several vhs movies from amazon.com. Also, anyone have some good decorating ideas?

(no subject)

Anyone know why all of the sudden when I download something it doesn't pop up so I can see the progress of the download? {mozilla} It worked fine earlier but not anymore. It will pop up asking me where I want to save it, then nothing. Ive tried even just looking at the download {ctrl J} and that doesnt work either. It will download some things and just post them to my desktop without showing me the progress or telling me its done, but not all things....

pyramid eyebrows

(no subject)

1. When working out early in the morning, is it better to eat breakfast before or after exercising?  Or does it not really matter?  Should I do something like eat a granola bar before going to the gym and then have an actual breakfast meal after I'm done? 

2. For the Americans: do you support the REAL ID Act?  Feel free to explain why or why not.

3. I'm going to a sex toys party for a friend's b-day this coming weekend.  Have you ever been to such a party?  Did you have fun?  Did you end up buying a bunch of stuff?

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ETA:  4. If you had to choose between sex or a brand new wardrobe, which one would you choose?  Let's say that if you chose the wardrobe, you couldn't have sex for three years.  (Yes, I'm stealing this from that study/poll all the news shoes have been talking about this morning.)
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(no subject)

1. How much milk do you put on your cereal?

2. What was the last movie you saw that completely blew you away?

3. For those of you who have seen A Scanner Darkly, what did you think of it?
robot love

(no subject)

Dearest Question Club:

I have a dilemma.

My school's online records program currently shows me as enrolled in 16 units. Last night in my first class, I was on the roll sheet. However, when I check my account balance it shows me as only owing $21 for the health and parking fee, and nothing for tuition. Now, my question is, since I am actually enrolled these classes (at the moment anyway), should I say something to the registrar office and end up getting charged, or see if I can slide through the semester without paying?

Logically, I know they didnt just forget to charge me and there must be some explanation, but I cant help that little feeling of giddiness at the prospect of getting a semester free.

V Day and Liquid Bran

1. For any other bitter singles out there, what's your plans for VDay? I plan to get reaaaaaaally drunk and throw heart shaped candies at couples I see :)

2. I got some protein powder that I need for breakfast. I have no blender, I just shake it up with milk. It tastes like ass. How can I make this taste better without adding too much calories/sugar/fat? (I would blend it with some fruit, but alas, no blender)

thanx in advance
PS: Been a long time since I been on LJ but I'm baaaaaaaaaack!
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(no subject)

1. does anyone know of a radio or mp3 player that can be used in a swimming pool? (cant google it right now because I'm on my pda)

2. has anyone here had success with loosing weight through swimming? of course I will be doing other cardio also but swimming laps doesn't seeas torturous as the treadmill.

3. how cold is it where you live right now?
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Does anyone know what the story with the Nintendo Wii is? I figured that they would have gotten more out since the holidays are over, but they are still sold out everywhere and connot be ordered online (anywhere I have looked anyways). I wanted to get one for my husband for Valentines day but it looks like thats not gonna happen :P
The Dude Abides

Funny ?'s

1. What's the funniest movie you've ever seen?

2a. What stand up comedy DVDs do you own? (ex. Richard Pryor - Live on the Sunset Strip; Eddie Murphy - Delirious)

2b. What's your favorite one?

I am 30.

1. My birthday is tomorrow, but my party is Saturday. It's already a catastrophe."
What would you do with your best friend's family on a Saturday in NYC when one of the participant's is 5 years old?

2. Did you take part in the TQC xmas exchange? If so, did you get a gift? If not, go here.

3. I have 5 days off starting tomorrow, what would you do in New York City?
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(no subject)

1. So... those of you in relationships (or who can reflect on past relationships, I guess), do you celebrate Valentine's Day or do you boycott? Do you take this holiday seriously? Overall, what do you think of it, and what does it mean in the context of your relationship?

2. Those of you who've listened to Sufjan Stevens-- how would you describe his style of music? Who would you compare him to?
Iowa represent!

it was all the rage in the day

Okay, so back before it got very popular, what was the name for mixing flavors of pop? (or soda, or coke). I could have sworn there was a name or term for it, but it's escaping me.

Is anyone else sick of cold and snow? I sure am. If anyone wants a truckload or ten, come here and take it from me--I don't want it and we keep getting more.
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What the hell. :(

For some reason LiveJournal is... plain text on me all of a sudden. I don't really like this... all the comment pages look weird, and everything is shifted around. Even the 'update' page looks weird.


^See that. :(

Anyone know what's up? Is this a Firefox issue, or LJ?

ETA: Oooooookay... I guess I just needed to clear my cache. How weird. Never had that happen before. o_O

Instigating another trend

Just for shitz and gigglez, how about another TQC gift exchange? St. Patty's Day-themed. The restriction: you have to send something green or leprachaunical (this may be a new word. Consult the Webster company immediately)

Who'd be down with this shamrocky waste of time?


  1. Would you date someone solely because they looked like your favorite rock star or movie star?
  2. What about have sex with them?
  3. Do you think rockstars have better sex then us? or worse? Why?
  4. Do you any random weird things with specific people in your office? (When ever one of the guys walk by we always talk in a really LOW voice just because it's funny)
  5. What is your favorite kind of cheerios?
  6. Whats your favorite animated movie?
  7. Whats your favorite inspirational or funny or just favorite quote?

My bestfriend and i used to have a wall of our apartment FILLED with quotes from all different sources. we spent a whole afternoon just writing them on constructionpaper and putting them around our apartment. The best ones were the ones in the bathroom!


(no subject)

You have two job interviews.

One results in an offer of a trial shift, followed by starting fulltime the next day. It's in a bakery, on your feet selling bread to people for 7 hours a day.

The other results in you being told you'll be contacted in a few days time for a second interview if you're shortlisted. It's in an office, doing semi-interesting work and sitting down most of the time. It's also significantly easier to get too and from.

The next morning, a recruitment agency calls because you applied for an even better job through them. They want to have an interview with you. Not the job, just the agency. Pretty much a bog-standad "we want to get your details on file", rather than a "you have a legitimate chance at the job you applied for" (which I don't think I do, I just applied because I figured there was no harm in applying).

What do you do?
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lulu guinness clutch

(no subject)

I just made an appointment to get my hair cut in 1 hour. So now I have the stupidest question ever. How am I supposed to tip them? I mean am I supposed to tip them after I pay? Or right before I pay? If I pay with my credit card would it be weird to tip in cash? Should I give the tip directly to the person who cut my hair, or leave it with the receptionist? Seriously I worry about everything. Last time I had it cut I was like 11 so I didn't have to pay for it or tip, so I'm really unsure.
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Hey brother, could you spare some smarts?

Inspired by this post

Let's say you did meet someone who looked JUST like the actor/actress or musician you find sexiest. C'mon, I know you have someone you lust after. Anyway, even the hair and wardrobe are similar. They also sound a bit like them too. It's very convincing overall. Unfortunately, this person is kind of dumb. Doesn't know much about anything and generally lacking in common sense, your conversations are usually limited to movies with lots of explosions or jedi, Two and a Half men, and Good Charlotte (most other pop culture stuff leaves bores them).

Would you date this sexy idiot? Would you use them just to live out your fantasies

(no subject)

1.) Has livejournal been horribly slow for you today?
2.) If you live in the midwest, do you think that nature has finally said screw you and is now trying to freeze us out?
3.) What's your favorite kind of juice?
4.) Do you welcome our soon to be evil feline overlords?
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(no subject)

So I started a new job two weeks ago, and yesterday I received my paycheck. I only looked at it after I left work, and saw it was made out for $624.17- I was supposed to receive a third of that. I looked down at the hours and it said 90.8 instead of 30.

I ended up going back this morning and showed my manager, who called up the company and had it corrected. It turns out they put what I made in commission into the "hours worked" box- except I'm not even on commission!

What would you have done?

(Serious answers not needed :-) )
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stufff and things

So im at work and the office is bloody freezing. Even with a fur lined sweater and tweed pants and a blanket im shivering(my office is conviently located near the front door where people are in and out all day) so im makin some tea
I usually only drink green tea and im out so my choices are as follows. Chammomile, licorice spice, mango passionfruit, wild black currant and apple cinnamon.
1) What kind should i have?
2) Or since they are all seemingly crap, should i just drink the hot water?- i do that often-

and secondly
I just bought a new car- Black 2003 Eclipse and i need a name for him. I dont like giving cars girl names. My last cars name was The Loon
3) Any suggestions for what i could cleverly call my sexy new car?
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What when how why

1. What's an appropriate tip on a $60 hair cut if the guy does a good job? What if it's not a great job but only decent?

2. When is the last time you volunteered for something painful (literally or figuratively)?
I just gave blood.

3. How big was the biggest party you've ever thrown? Biggest party you've ever been to?
I went to a wedding a few months ago where there were 500 people in attendence, a 12 piece orchestra, a string quartet during the cocktail hour, and everything was really purple.

4. Do you like cartoons? Why or why not?
I don't know why, but I really like them. I have friends who would scoff in my face for hearing me say that.

5. And inspired by that last question: DO you have friends who are dissimilar from you to the point that they actively dislike things that you love and make a point of letting you know? If so, why is that?
For me, the girl is entertaining in her own way. I get annoyed at how fickle her friendship can be. But she's got bigger problems so I let it all slide.

BONUS! Can you teach me a phrase in another language? Please specify which language it is.

(no subject)

What are your top 3 favorite cartoons? (if you like cartoons.  If not...well, you can just suck it, damnit, and quit pissing on my parade)

Mine are (in no particular order):
1. The Simpsons
2. Venture Brothers
3. Sealab 2021

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(no subject)

okay, i thought this might be fun since TQC seems to be on the -dead- side as of recently. they say that friends are the family (relatives) that God forgot to give you. so imagine if you COULD pick your relatives.. out of all of the members of thequestionclub who would you pick to be your family? say.. as a brother, as a sister, an aunt, an uncle.. a mother/father? pick as many as you'd like.

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Sorry for posting again so soon, but this requires immediate feedback


Out doing "The Number 23" promotions, director Joel Schumacher ("The Lost Boys", "Batman & Robin") told IESB he would like a go at directing an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's "Sandman".

1: How do you feel about the fucker who brought us Batman and Robin (that's the one with Ahnold and the Batnipples) getting his hands on Sandman?

2: If you are violently against this possible development, what can be done to separate Schumacher from Gaiman's work?

3: If you were going to cast The Sandman, who would you pick for:
Good and Evil

Hot, hot, hot.

I did two loads of dishes (in the sink, the old-fashioned way) and about 20 minutes after I finished, my hot water heater started spewing hot water all over my basement. There's a little label next to the valve doing all the spewing that tells me it's some sort of pressure release valve. I called my husband, who couldn't help because he's at work. The landlord didn't answer either. We've lived here two years and this has never happened so I'm kind of concerned.

1) Should I be worried about this?
2) Is there a way to make it stop?

ETA: After about 35 minutes of soaking my basement, the water has slowed to a controllable trickle. But I'd still like to hear anyone else's answers/experiences.

Nothing Time

I leave for work an hour early every day, and spend that hour sitting in my favourite coffee shop, doing what I think of as 'doing nothing'.

Sometimes I take a couple of hours on a weekend, too. Coffee shops are my favourite, but I'll sometimes just find somewhere secluded (usually a park or something). I'll sometimes read, sometimes write, sometimes just sit there and think, or imagine... I guess just letting my mind wander. I find it's really helpful to de-stress, and sometimes helps me to put problems in perspective, work out relationship issues, and all sorts of things.

How much time do you spend 'doing nothing' each week? What time, and where? What do you do? Any other thoughts or comments?

lamest question ever

I'm buying a new computer and one of my friends wants to buy my current one from me. Neither of us have ANY idea what it's worth. It's a Compaq Presario with nothing exciting on it, 2 years old, and the uh, important numbers are 512MB, 80GB, and 2.5GHz, whatever the hell that means. I have a flat screen monitor and speakers. I don't really remember, but I probably paid around $800. Any idea how much I should charge? Thanks.

(no subject)

1) Why do parents care if their kids keep their bedrooms clean? Sure, I can understand getting after them to keep things neat when they're young to teach them organizing skills but why does it matter when they're in their teens?

2) Why are so many insults female related? Bitch, whore, slut, cunt, douchebag, etc. Sure, you can call someone a dicknose but have you ever heard someone calling out "Shut up, prostate face!"? I haven't.

3) I'm taller than the average woman (5'10) and my parents are both taller than the average man and woman. Why are there more short people than tall people? Is being short more helpful to survival?

4) Best insult you've ever thought of or used?

5) If someone tried to use your toothbrush as a back scratcher, what would you do?

(no subject)

Are there any famous people from your hometown?

If you live in a place other than your hometown, are there any famous people from where you live now?

These can be live or dead people, or fictional characters based out of your location.

(no subject)

Well. I'm having a problem with my camera. It's a Canon PowerShot A410. I dropped it in the snow the other day, and now the display screen is black (but shows the icons), when it's on picture-taking mode, but it'll still take the picture. :\ Help?

(no subject)

What should you be doing right now?

I'm supposed to be working on my massive Anatomy and Physiology project which is due in two days. So far all I've done is experiment on people.


How can I motivate myself to finish it?
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(no subject)

has anyone in here seen or bought these new disney milk magic sticks? they are like crystal light to go except for milk. they are only 5 calories and I can't find much info on the internet about them.
if you have them or have seen them, where did you spot them?

(no subject)

I'm pretty well-versed when it comes to Microsoft Word, etc. I know how I can easily change a Word document into a PDF file... but is there a way to convert a PDF back to a Word file?

Copying and pasting just doesn't work.
virgin suicides

(no subject)

I work with an overly obnoxious self righteous born again Christian woman. Yesterday, my boss was asking me what you call gay women, and I responded "I call them people, just like anyone else". This woman overheard our conversation and screamed "LLIIIBBEBERRAAAALLLLL" right in my face. I replied with "I don't believe in labels, and I am NOT a liberal".

Do you think that born again Christians are too overzealous?

It boggles my mind that Christianity is supposed to be about love and forgiveness, unless it doesn't meet their high standards.

Also, do you think I should mail an anonymous letter to her house simply stating "Gluttony is a sin"? (She is very lazy and overweight, her lifestyle is making her two children ENORMOUS), she makes my BLOOD BOIL!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that she called me a slut because I had cervical cancer two years ago!
Me--State Fair

borderline narcolepsy

Okay, thanks for all of you who answered my "suicide" question this morning. Now I have another, slightly more pressing question.

How the hell do I regulate my sleep pattern?

Lately, I've gotten into a very effed up pattern of sleep--I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat during the day, and I will nap WAY longer than I mean to, and then I can't sleep at night. I've tried not napping during the day, but I still have problems with getting a second wind, and looking at the clock at 1:36 AM going, "shit, I have a 9 am class!"

I've always enjoyed sleep but this seems to have been exacberated since I had bronchitis in early January and was on cough syrup laced with valum. It's also been hella cold here (as I've bitched about previously) and so sleeping comes easy.

I just can't keep being really awake at 1 or 2 in the morning. I got up this morning at 6:30 (at the boyfriend's house, he got me up) and I was pretty awake then, but found out I didn't have my 9 am appointment, so boom! fell asleep and slept an hour longer than I needed to.

I'm also not always waking up to my alarm--I got a new alarm clock with a bigger display and I fear the alarm isn't as jarring.

Okay, the point of all this is--HELP! I want to get normal sleep again. But how?
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A cell phone question

I have the LG (mint) Chocolate phone, and is there anyway I can transfer the music I have on it to become ringtones?

And yes, I have read the instructions and fiddled around with it, but no such luck.

Thank you :)
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Fruit Loop.

1. Do you find yourself staring at mentally deranged individuals? (You know, the ones that walk down the street muttering vehemently to themselves or sitting in a food court smiling and laughing and rolling their eyes all over their head, etc etc.)

2. Would you be good at working with the mentally handicapped?

3. Do you have any issues eating in a restaurant next to a person who is severely handicapped and chews with mouth WIDE open?

4. Do you ever want to start talking to a crazy person who is walking down the street? 

5. Do you ever want to really know what they are saying/who they are talking to in their heads?

(no subject)

Why wasn't my chicken wrapper labeled spicey when it was a spicey chicken sandwich!? DX


It's 6:30am.  Someone rings your doorbell.  When you open it, there's just a big clear plastic envelope.. You see an atm card and a note.  You open the note:

"Hello!  I've decided that you get to have some of my fortune!"

Aren't you luck!

"Here are seven (7) million dollars!  The PIN is 5269"

What would you do with it?

(no subject)

if you had a child, what would you name it?

does seeing people wearing two different socks bother you?

what is the difference between a murder and an assassination?

how many cavities do you have?
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Work-related headache.

1- I'm ready to slam my head through the desk due to a headache. What can I do at my desk, without leaving the office, shutting off the lights, etc, that will make me feel better? Or do I have to wait out the last hour here to have any sort of hope?

2- What's the most annoying thing you've had to deal with today?

3- Have you ever stabbed a pen into a piece of paper or something of the sort, showing physical violence, and actually felt better? (Killing things in a roleplaying game doesn't count, unless it was a LARP. I want actual physical force, people!)

4- If there was such a thing as thought police, how many times do you think you would have gone to prison for imagining doing illegal things? Drugs, murder, prostitution, you name it!

1- I dunno. :(
2- Some frickin lady asking me the SAME QUESTION ten times and not accepting the answer, and then calling back 2 minutes later. I guess she figured she could bug someone else with the same string of questions and I'd never know. Thing is, we have caller display, and three of us in the office. She DID the EXACT same thing. But not to me, goody.
3- Yessss... I have killed many an inanimate object.
4- I'd probably already be dead by lethal injection, if it was legal here. :)

(no subject)

These are not names I like, nor do I know anyone currently who is planning on naming their children these names.

I used to date a guy who decided that if he had a male child, he would name him Rufus, and if he had a female child, he would name her Starla.

What would you think if you met a child or adult named Rufus or Starla?

(no subject)

1) Have you ever given someone an open hand smack across the face? What was the circumstance?

2) Should creationism be taught in public school science classes?

3) At what age is it no longer appropriate to run around the house naked? Is there such an age?

4) Have you ever gone skinny dipping? Who with?

5) Why is Truth or Dare such a popular game with the young people? Have you ever played it? If so, was it fun or boring?

6) I had a dream that I went for a jog with once of my friends and that we stopped at the Starbucks drive-thru to get coffee. They gave her soft serve ice cream in a cup and I got some kind of weird coffee drink that wasn't what I ordered. We kept running and she started ignoring me so I turned around around and began to run home. On the way, a big truck almost ran me over. In reality, I don't jog and haven't been to a Starbucks in a year. What did my dream mean?

7) When I was in Manhattan last summer, I ate a meat kabob from a creepy street vendor who blew kisses at me when I walked away. What are the chances that I'm going to die from a slow acting poison?

8) Does eating hot dogs ever creep you out? What's really in them?

(no subject)

So, obviously I can't ask the dude who just sat down next to me in the library to move just because he REEKS of cigarette smoke and it makes me want to barf, but GEEZ.

1) What is your LEAST favorite smell?
2) How do you handle being around it?

I think I may have to make an air filter out of my sweatshirt...


Are you the kind of guy who laughs at a funeral?

(If you can't understand what I mean then you soon will.)

But anyway. Have you ever? What was the circumstance? And what was the reaction of the people around you when they heard?

Points if you know that my first two lines weren't just there to rhyme. Extra points if you know exactly where they came from.
Mitty box

(no subject)

What was the craziest thing you've seen in the last week?

Driving home from dinner last night, we saw a car on the side of the road and what looked like maybe a flare. As we got closer, we realized that it wasn't a flare and the car was on fire! Pretty crazy.
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(no subject)

weird question, but...
i had a wrapped pantyliner in one of my pockets and washed it. i later found it in the dryer. it was still in the wrapper, but all puffed up with what i'm assuming is water. i squeezed it and all of these little clear balls came out. what are they?
A Something Or Other
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Baby Maybe

"Another method, used before the eggs are fertilized, involves sorting sperm, because it is the sperm and not the egg that determines a baby’s sex. Semen normally has equal numbers of male- and female-producing sperm cells, but a technology called MicroSort can shift the ratio to either 88 percent female or 73 percent male. The “enriched” specimen can then be used for insemination or in vitro fertilization. It can cost $4,000 to $6,000, not including in vitro fertilization.

MicroSort is still experimental and available only as part of a study being done to apply for approval from the Food and Drug Administration. The technology was originally developed by the Agriculture Department for use in farm animals, and it was adapted for people by scientists at the Genetics and IVF Institute, a fertility clinic in Virginia. The technique has been used in more than 1,000 pregnancies, with more than 900 births so far, a spokesman for the clinic said. As of January 2006 (the most recent figures released), the success rate among parents who wanted girls was 91 percent, and for those who wanted boys, it was 76 percent."

The entire article is here in my LJ

1. Would you use this?
2. If yes, why?
3. If no, why not?
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(no subject)

Sometimes when you get vibes from people, are you correct?

For example, when you get bad vibes from someone, does he actually feel negative towards you(if you found out later)?

Sometimes I can feel these vibes, and I am almost certian I am correct. But not too sure.


1. Did/do you drive to school?
2. What kind of car did/do you drive? What do you like/hate about it?
3. Were your parents the ones that thought "they'll crash their first car so lets get a pile of junk", the ones that thought "aww my precious baby is growing up, lets get them a nice, new car", orrrrr.. did you have to buy your own car? Any other situation? I hope no one was one of those Super Sweet 16 brats.
4. Were/are you embarassed of your car?
5. Did you crash your first car?
6. What do you drive now? If you don't drive or still have your first car, tell me your dream car.

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Cherry Cheesecake or Pie


Do you like stickers? I DO!

Poll #922223 Stickers!

Do you like stickers, and what is your gender?

Yes. / Male.
Yes. / Female.
No. / Male.
No. / Female.

Even if you don't like stickers, you can still answer this one. Are stickers just for kids?

Whoever says that must be on crack! Stickers are for EVERYONE!
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(no subject)

Please tell me something random?


I am very interested in body language. Tell me something about it. Please be as detailed as you can? :)


I need a history/literatuare buddy :D It would be extremely good if you are extremely good with these 2 subjects. I am not awful at it, but I have difficulty grasping concepts. So please? We can discuss topics like.....topic sentences together :D
nancyvandal B&W striped socks legs

(no subject)

1. What was the last thing you learned about your family that shocked you?

2. The last band/album that you've been playing on repeat?

3. The last time you laughed so hard you couldn't breathe?

4. Anyone have a favorite monologue?

5. Along the same line, does anyone have a favorite short/one-act play?

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Gas Mask B&W
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(no subject)

All this comic book adaptation talk has got me wondering.

1. What is the best film adaptation of a comic book/graphic novel?
2. What is the worst?

Ready? Have at you.

3. What comic book/graphic novel do you want to see adapted?
4. Which one should Hollywood be order to stay approximately 100 yards from at all times?

(no subject)

This is pretty much a stupid question. But i cant figure it out for the life of me

The arrows on my laptop (Dell Inspiron) keyboard aren't working.
Normally i could use them to scroll down on webpages and its driving me nuts!

What combination of keys did i hit to get it this way and more importantly, how the hell can i fix it?!

Edit: i got it.
Red head

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I want to get my boyfriend an electric razor for Valentine's Day. However, I am kind of at a loss of what to look for.
The main reason I want to get him one is because his skin is very sensitive and will break out in horrible razor rash if he shaves with a disposable razor, or one with disposable blades. He has tried almost every razor available and nothing is better than anything else.
So I need something that he can use everyday with little to no skin irritation.
Does anyone have any brands that you would recommend? Why?
What about brands to avoid? Why?
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If you could create any "I love the..." series, what would it be? What segments would you feature on it?

I'm referring to the VH1 "I love the 90s", "I love the 80s", "I love toys" and etc.

The list of VH1 shows already done are: I love the 70s, I love the 80s, I love the 90s, I love the 80s Strikes Back, I love the 90s Part Deux, I love the 80s 3-D, I love Toys, I love the Holidays, I love the 70s: Volume 2.

Or, if you can't think of one you'd like to see... what would you change about one of the ones that's been done?

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When you were in high school/college and got to choose electives to take which ones did you pick?

Any recommendations for classes for a soon to be high school senior to take in their last year?
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Head vs Heart

1.  Do you usually act/make decisions based on what you think or how you feel?

Me: I usually go with my head, but over all I am an emotional person.  I guess relationship stuff is more in the heart domain as well.

2.  What is the nicest thing someone did/said to you today?

Me: This woman I started working with (at the hospital gift shop) said she goes to chapel every night and asked if I had any prayer requests.  I'm not exactly religious, but I thought it was a sweet thing to ask, especially someone you just met.
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ETA: Thanks for the responses; very helpful. However, my friend specifically wants to know aobut cocaine in films, so if anyone knows about that, I would love you forever and send you a pair of socks for letting me in on the secret.

movies where drug use is depicted, how do the actors do it? IE, do they actually put needles in their arms, smoke, etc? In the case of the needles, if the needle goes in their arm, is it water, empty, or what? How about when cocaine is being used? What do they use for cocaine, and again, are the actors actually using whatever it is?

Telemarketer/Bill Collector Phone Call Cut Off Time?

After what time is it illegial for a telemarketer to call your phone?
After what time is it illegial for a bill collector to call your phone?
What would consitute harrassement from a telemarketer/bill collector?
How do you report a company for breaking these rules, specifically the bill collectors?

I'm dealing with some shady bill collectors now from one of my credit cards and they call me AT LEAST once per day and have gone so far to me being on the phone with a supervisor explaining the situation and trying to work something out and to then hear my call waiting beep and it's another rep from their company calling me. Also they have been calling really late, like tonight I got a call at 8:36pm and when I called right back to say something about the time I got a voicemail cause their offices were closed. I know I owe them money but this is overkill plus the last time I paid them some of the money the very next day they were calling again after a supervisor had promised me that they wouldn't call back for a least a week. I really need to know what laws, there must be at least one, this company is breaking and how I can report them for this.

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You're making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Yum, but what do you put on it?

1) Jam, or jelly? What flavor?

2) Chunky or smooth peanut butter?

3) What type of bread?

4) Do you put anything extra on it?
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Basketball fans: Help me find this picture

I'm looking for a picture of the famous shot of Duke's Thomas Hill, about to burst into tears, after a big win (Either the '91 championship, or the semi-final win vs. Kentucky). It's one of the most famous shots in college basketball history, but I CANNOT find single shot AT ALL of that scene.

Little help, guys?


My son was cutting and juicing lemons tonight. Some of the lemon juice got on his hands and arm. They turned red and itchy.

Is this just lemon juice reaction or possibly an allergy?


Ok..i dont have the game myself but does ANYONE have it? Someone I know was asking help about it for their 6-year old son, they cant get food into sacks to give to their pets and they're dying because of it, which is quite upsetting to the 6-year old it might be something stupid but I cant find any info about it ANYWHERE, can anyone help? If so please tell me the controls on feeding.

Please help :(

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Do you have a song that gets stuck in your head at the slightest mention of it?

Mine is "White Hot" by Tom Cochrane. Someone on the news said 'white hot' and now I'm looking to download it, because it'll be stuck in my head forever.

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Who here doesn't cry? If you know why, why don't you?

Has anyone ever quit for a long time and started again? How and why? How long had you not cried before you took it up again.

I'm curious. I don't cry myself, but sometimes I wonder if it would make things better if I did.
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studying abroad

1. If you studied abroad in college, where did you go and for how long?
2. If you went somewhere that you were learning the language of (eek wording.. ie, you are studying French and you studied in France), did you feel the experience helped your acquisition of the language?
3. Do you feel a shorter program, 6-weeks over the summer would be as good as a full semester or not so much?
4. How was the experience overall?

I'm thinking about studying in Spain for a summer session in the summer of '08. I have Spanish as a minor/kind of third major and I feel like I will never learn the language! But, I can't go abroad for a full semester because my courseload is too specific.

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Do people really use animals anally for sexual pleasure, or is this more of an urban legend?

I had a manager once who used to sit on tubes of colored sugar (CRAVE, or something), but I've never met anyone who entertained the idea of using an animal.

Have any of you used animals in foreplay/sex? Were there any complications?

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1) If you were a conjoined twin, where would you want to be joined to your sibling? Imagine you'll never be able to be separated.
2) Do you place a great deal of importance on how you look?
3) If there were no legal age, at what age would you say was too young for a person to be having sex?
4) What's your favorite bug?

In honor of V-day...

What are the absolute worst qualities of your unrequited love/least favorite ex/what have you? Give your worst. All's fair here!

Ugh. This guy I dated was pretty much a 11 year old in a 17 year old body. I had to remind him about basic grooming, like trimming his nails (finger and toe...ew the toenails were disgusting), shaving, getting haircuts, and changing his pants more than once a month. Literally. He also did the silent treatment whenever we'd fight, to the point where he wouldn't speak to me for days on end. He was a WoW addict to the point where he'd turn down sex 'n' stuff for it. He had serious mother issues (he absolutely hated her for no reason). Oh, and after a while he got to be obsessed with sex and would beg until he got a yes outta me.

What's the most annoying thing you've had to deal with from a roommate?

God, I'm lucky in that I get along with my roommates personality wise. One of them, though, has some of the most irritating habits. She trims her toenails and leaves the clippings on the carpet. She chews with her mouth open. She sings in her sleep. She lets her alarm go off five times before actually getting up, waking all of the rest of us up in the process.

Let the bitching begin!
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Bad Impressions

So, what's the worst you've seen someone look at a job interview?

At the Comcast interviews this morning, this one guy wore ripped pants, and a stained shirt. His hair was un-combed, and he had a folded up bandana tied around his head.

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1) What is a good webcomic host that's easy to use?

I'm using DrunkDuck at the moment, and I tried ComicGenesis but it was really confusing to use and I'm horrible with html.

2) Do you read webcomics? If yes, what are some of your favorites?

3) Furry comics: yay or nay?
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road trip!

So I'm planning a road trip with my best friend for this summer. We are both 22 year old females, if that makes any difference. We are from West Virginia/Ohio. We were thinking about either driving to California or down the east coast. Which would you do? Or would you drive somewhere else?

Where would you stop along the way?

What is something you think everyone should see at least once in their life? (obscure landmark, famous bar, national park, etc.)

What would be on your summer road trip soundtrack?
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Who inspires you (don't say "My mom!" or something) - it could be a celebrity or public figure, someone in the news...who really inspires you and why?

What are some of the most inspiring movies you've ever seen?

What are the most inspiring books you have ever read?

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where is the weirdest place you have a freckle/mole?
where is your favorite freckle?
where is your least favorite?

i have one in my ear and one on the bottom of my left foot.
my favorite is above my right eyebrow.
my least favorite is on my stomach, a few inches above my navel.

Freefest 2007

In case you haven't heard, Ozzfest is going to be free this year.

Yeah. The greatest summer tour for the last 11 years. Absolutely free.

I'm going to try to make every show in California.

Anyone else here gonna be there?

good website design examples

I've had a homepage for many years and have dabbled in various amounts of web design. I recently got gifted a year of webhosting & domain registration (ad-free after a decade).

I'm looking to make the site be more visually appealing; right now its a rather simple head banner + leftside menu + main area setup. Simple and effective but dull. I don't really know what I want to with it to spice it up though.

So what I'm wondering is if some people here can recommend websites they like which they feel are good examples of being user friendly but very nice looking. Nature of the website is irrelevant, I'm just looking for layout and stylistic ideas.

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1) I usually give my friends $20 in a card for their birthdays because I think if I were me, I'd rather have money than get something I didn't want from someone who is a terrible present picker outer. I'm not so sure now though because someone recently told me it was very rude. Is it? What makes it a rude gesture?

2) Are the United States going to have a female president or non-white president any time soon?

3) I think it's sort of odd to shave one's arms. Waxing, perhaps, but it seems like shaving would just make arm hair look even more prominent (shaving takes away the natural taper hair has). Do you shave your arms or know anyone who does?

4) Are cheetos actually, you know, food?

5) My math teacher told me that because he is a math teacher, he's better and smarter than all the other teachers in the building. I asked some of them if they thought it was true and they didn't believe he said it. How unfair is that?

6) Speaking of teachers, how do you feel about grading tests on a curve?

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I'm sorry, this is one of those "do you know that guy?" questions. My apologies in advance.

Anycrap, I was watching a random stand up show on The Comedy Channel the other day & saw this dude that cracked me up, never got his name though.

He's an older dude, long light coloured hair with a goatee. His stand up act was mainly about drinking & the evilness of tequila. The main part I remember is about how the bathroom is the perfect place for drunkenness. You have the toilet as a cold porcelain ice pack, the toilet water to wet your face, you can flush the toilet to get a breeze & the little floor mat is perfect for a blanket. It even has the cut out shape so it can fit around your neck.

Anyone remember him or is act? I'd love to find out his name.
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What's a good nail strengthener?

I have some thin nails and this one in particular tends to crack/break down the middle, gradually making its way into the "pink area." It's rather annoying as it's very easy, when the crack gets a modest size, to break the nail.

I need something to stop this.