February 5th, 2007


omg I said superbowl a lot in this post. I need sleep

Before the Superbowl, we were watching the tape of the 85 Superbowl(do you call it the 85 because it was the 85 season or was it the 1986 Superbowl.....Eh whatever...the last time the Bears won the Superbowl) and the halftime show was a beautiful display of '80s fashion. The 80s produced some fug clothing.

If you could make an entire wardrobe out of clothes from ONE Era and wear only that for a year straight, which would you choose? Would anyone really choose the '80s?

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What is the absulote worst weather you ever had to walk to class in?

The weather says it's supposed to feel like -10 degrees tomorrow at 9am, which is when my first class is. The building is about a ten minute walk away from my dorm and I'm not sure if I'm really up to going, so I'm looking to hear some horror stories that will make this seem like cake.
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Does anyone else think that 24 has become so absurd it literally makes you laugh out loud, but is addicted to watching it anyway?

On what season did you start thinking "This is really, really goddamn ridiculous?"

What's with all these hero types being called Jack these days?

Pleeease don't give spoilers beyond the first 5 episodes of this season in comments, we're behind in the UK. But all spoilers are go for previous seasons.

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Do you ever play tourist where you live? As in, go around your town/city/village and really look at the stuff that you see all the time, but rarely pay attention to? A friend and I went around doing some of that in the CBD today, going up the river and through the city gardens, taking a heap of photos. It was quite a lot of fun :) We're planning on doing it again next weekend.

What's your favourite building in your city?
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ok so say you wanted to ask someone to marry you, and you had a very good relationship with their parents, and you know they would approve because they like you, would you still ask their permission to marry their daughter/son?

why or why not?


I really should go back to college, but I just don't have the motivation to do much of it right now. So, the questions are:

What is a well-rated online college (has to be online)?

Are there any colleges out there that just let me take what seems interesting (sure, pre-requisites I can deal with) without forcing me to declare a major?

Would you go back to college if it was paid for by the government with no obligation?
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random questions

1. Why do socks almost always seem to come in a resealable bag?

2. If your house/apartment/whatever caught on fire, what would you run out with? (let us assume you have a limited amount of time to choose some things and run without getting killed or hurt in the process).

3. Are you afraid of death/dying?

4. If you could find out when and how you will die, would you want to know? Why/why not? (You would not be able to do anything to change your fate should you choose to be given this knowledge).

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What are some fun things to do in LA area?

I'm going with my room mate next weekend and she's never been so I'd like to make it rememberable for her. At the same time I don't want to only do touristy things since I've been there many times.

We're going to two concerts, Amoeba Records, and Disneyland for sure.

She's a fashion major and I work in music if that helps any.

(I tried googling some stuff but if any of you have some personal experiences with what is and isn't fun, that'd be really rad.)

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My entire desk is a giant freaking cube of static electricity. I keep zapping and being zapped, which is starting to actually get painful, and my clothes keep sticking to me like a hobo on a ham sandwich.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to discharge an entire desk?
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I finally watched Pan's Labyrinth yesterday, I have mixed feelings about it. I know this movie has been discussed here before but now that i've watched it i'm curious to know what you thought about it. Favorite scene? Least favorite?
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history book question

i am looking for a book. it was written around the time of major social reform in the early 20th century in america - around the time of The Jungle . the author sarcastically suggests a solution to poverty. he states that since the problem lies in the families having more children than they could afford to feed, they should just eat the surplus children. he was not seriously suggesting that idea, but rather pointing out the need for available birth control.

what was the book and who was the author?

yes, i tried google and got nothing.
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Friend has an interview today and I would like to send the Eye of the Tiger. Anyone have the Hobbes icon?

Besides the usual "Do Your Best", what words of encouragement would you send? What would you do to celebrate such occasion?

Edit to Clarify:What would you do to celebrate such an occasion as a promotion?

Apartment Lease

I have a few questions:
1. If two people are living in an apartment but the lease is only under one person's name, does the other person have any rights? (i.e. can't be evicted etc.)
2. can you break a lease early?

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1)If there is a dish at a restaurant that you like so much you wish you could fix it at home, what is it?
2)I'm considering switching to Linux. To those who use or have used it, what do you like/dislike about it (as opposed to Windows)?
3)What does your mouse pad look like?
4)Would you rather do sudoku or a crossword puzzle?
5)What was the last movie you saw that was not in your native language?

The Lost World?

Does anybody remember the name of the television show from about 2 years ago(on abc, nbc, or one of those) that was a take off of The Lost World?

I can't remember the name and once I do I can search for clips on youtube.
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Concentration Camps

Have any of you ever visited Germany/Poland and gone to one of the Nazi concentration camp memorial sites? I know there are several of them, and I am going to Germany in a couple of weeks and would like to go to one of them that have the gas chambers and whatnot. I think it'd be very interesting, yet creepy as hell. Anyone been to one? Discuss.

Edit: are any of these camps NOT in Poland besides Dauchau?
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Ya know those lanyards that people who went to college in the late 1990s, early 2000s put their dorm keys and student ids on? Well, my office has a couple of passcards that we need to get into various parts of the office, and I'd like a lanyard to put them on and wear around my neck. Problem is, I am having a bitch of a time finding one and I'll be damned if I use the same one in my office that I used in college. I'd like one with shamrocks, maybe hello kitty? I'd really like to try it on first instead of ordering one from the internet. So tell me, where might I be able to find one of these things? I am located in Northern Virginia, US.


Just kidding.
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Is anyone or does anyone know a chacha master that would like to be my sponsor?  I think this would be perfect for me.  I would do it for free if they'd let you.  I find things like that incredibly entertaining.  I should get a life

Does this question not make sense to anyone?

What is something that you eat that most people find revolting?

Is there any place you have been that you feel everyone should see at least once before they die?

What is famous about your town?  It could be locally famous or nationally or world famous

1. No, that's why I'm asking.
2. Makes sense to me.
3. babyfood, mac and cheese with ketchup on it...there are a lot more lol
4. I'd say the Smoky Mountains.....they're breathtaking.  I've been there more times than I can count and I still stand in awe of them.
5. M&M's national office, Shades of Death Road, hmm that lady from Blondie went to college here....and that's pretty much it.

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what movie series do you own (i.e., star wars, LOTR, etc...)?
if any, what concerts on DVD/VHS do you own?
what's the last movie you bought?
what's the last movie you saw in the theatre?
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An icky disturbing question

How do you feel the Nazi war crimes compared with the Japanese war crimes ( Example Unit 731 ) specifically in the area of extermination and medical experiments, you can google it and get wikipedia.  Do you feel like there is a worse of two evils in the experiments?

And was Unit731 something you learned about in school or college? Did you find out about some other way? Was this the first time you've heard of it? 

EDIT: Basically I only wanted to know was if this was something people had learned about, thanks for the input. It's amazing that so many of you guys did.

I feel that the Japanese had a lot more brutality with their crimes. ( Won't go in to deep for the sake of weak stomached readers )

I found out about it in college through a Japanese History class, but only because someone did a report on the camp.

so incredibly pointless.

supposedly having dimples is a dominant trait and NOT having dimples is the recessive trait. to me this seems strange, i can only think of two of my friends who have noticable dimples, i would have assumed that NOT having dimples is the dominant trait.
i guess it depends what you consider a "dimple"; i don't call those smile creases dimples, but i know some people do. maybe that's why...
what do you guys think?
how many of you have dimples? [DIMPLES not smile creases]
By ???

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I have my job interview in about two an half hours. If I get this, it would be my first job. Well, first real job. So, my questions are:

1. What was your first job?

2. Did you like it?

3. Are you still working there?
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1. where do you stand on the kinsey scale? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kinsey_scale

2. do you think that two males or two females in looove or being affectionate is more acceptable by society? why do you think that? can you think of any reasons why that is?

3. what are your feelings on PDA? public displays of affection, not the computers. is there an amount of PDA is okay? how much is too much, if you think there is a limit?

4. what was the happiest moment of your life?

5. did you have a crush on any of your teachers? did anything happen with it? be honest!

6. what is your favorite chewing gum?

7. top three pet peeves?

8. what is your town/school/university/area known for? i know this question was asked before, but i an mostly asking specifically for those in college or universities but don't want to leave people out.

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help! dog people!

Ok. I have a 3 1/2 year old dachshund that is extremely well-behaved. I got him about 14 months ago, and in the first year, he only pooped in the house once. Now, the past couple of months he's been pooping at least two or three times a week, when I run out to do errands or whatever.

How can I stop him from pooping in the house without using a cage?

I take him out regularly, I reward him with treats and petting and 'good boy's and stuff when he poops outside, yet he still goes in the house one out of every two times I leave him completely alone. I don't know whether it's related or not, but he's also recently chewed up the bill on a baseball cap and torn the wool lining out of some slippers. He would never have done anything like that in the past.

My only theory is that I used to work 9-5 and he was used to being alone a lot. Now that I'm home every day, he can't deal with the hour or two that I leave. But that doesn't make sense, does it?



How do you feel about the muppets? What would you think of someone who said that they genuinely hated the muppets?

I lurve them. i dated a guy who hated the muppets, and I'm not unconvinced that that wasn't a huge signal for his overall jackassery. Honestly, I think someone who hates the muppets is at best a jerk, and at worst pure evil.

ETA: What was your favorite TV show as a kid?

I was partial to PBS shows, myself. I never got a chance to watch The Muppet Show, but I always loved the movies. I was a Sesame Street fan when I was little. When I got older, my favorites were Wishbone and Bill Nye, followed by Kratt's Creatures.
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I'm turning 21 in June.
1. What did any of you do for your 21st birthday (or how would you want to spend it)?
2. Who did you invite?
3. For those of you in the NY tristate area, I'd like to go out at least one night. What's a good bar or club (preferably in Manhattan)?
4. Are there any bars or clubs that don't card to get in that you would recommend? (Most of my friends are a matter of months younger than me, so even though most of them don't drink, it would suck if they couldn't or couldn't even get in. And I wouldn't do that to them.)
5. Do you think having three parties sounds ridiculous? (One for family, one for friends at home, and one for the wild night out.)
6. Do you think having a special party for 21 sounds ridiculous, period?
7. Have you ever seen My Super Sweet 16?
8. Did you HAVE a Sweet 16?
(I went to a comedy club for my 16th bday, but my friends did the all out cotillion parties-like-weddings. That was fun.)
Edit: 9. Are there any drinks that you suggest I try?
Right now I just have Jolly Rancher shots and Chocolate Cake shots (which are THE shit, btw) on the list.
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All inclusives

Has anyone stayed at a Club Med or Sandals resort? What was your stay like? Reviews please! Also, anything I should know/pros and cons/advice about all inclusives in general, or perks of one company over the other would be greatly appreciated. My fiance and I are looking at all inclusive resorts for our honeymoon. Thanks a million, dears!

EDIT: We're looking to do a pretty even amount of explory stuff and loungy stuff, if it matters.
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Good or Bad?

I've been reading today's TQC and then other subjects/sites suggested by the answers and questions, and am wondering...

Do you think people are in general good or bad? Please briefly explain why.
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Cooking help plox!

Questions for myself and the male-half.

I know it's possible to 'slow cook' without an actual slow cooker (google says so!) but how would we figure out the temperature difference?

For example, in a slow cooker, it'd be 325*F, so what would that be on the stove top? Medium? Medium low?

We're eyeballing some slow cooker recipes, but don't really want to buy a slow cooker if we don't need one! :) Thanks, guys.

Hypothetical Questions

If you have a community filled with people who are only supposed to ask questions, how long do you think it will take before people begin to ask the same questions over again? (assuming that no new people are ever added)

What do you consider an appropriate question for TQC? Inappropriate?

Why would you not ask religion questions in a question community?

What offends you the most about people in this community/the type of questions asked?

So tired...

I need a pick-me-up. There's a Circle K down the street from where I work, and since I have a 15-minute break to go there, I was thinking of picking something up to keep me going until about 9pm.

They have coffee, soda, some food (candy and otherwise), etc. It's your typical quick-mart. :)

Any suggestions as to what I should get to keep me awake? Coffee was a thought, but I don't want to crash, either. At least, not 'til after 9. ;) Thanks!
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Cleaning Questions!

1. Say you're a giant slob, and get random motivation to clean. Would you
A: Clean super well in one area. It wont show as much, but you really get a lot done.
B: Tidy up everywhere. It will look cleaner, even though you didn't really get a lot accomplished.

2. How do you keep your things organized? Do you use bins, drawers, shelves.. ?

3. How often do you clean your house/room?

4. How long does it take you?

(no subject)

You have a job in this scenario. It pays alright. You get a lead that this other company is paying 50% more. You hop, skip and haul ass over there and are hitting it off really well with the boss. At some point in the interview, some guy comes in to have him sign something important, and the boss lays into him about not liking the font, and utterly insults and emasculates him in front of you for this error. Before the interview ends, the receptionist intercoms in, saying that his mother is on the phone, and he angrily YELLS are her to stop interrupting him and do her fucking job. This guy's apparently a complete tyrannical asshole. He then offers you the job, at indeed 50% more than your current salary. Do you take it?


There's a seminar/party/whatever where there's a lot of new people. No one really knows anyone, and you're encouraged to mingle. If no one tends to look extremely interesting, who do you probably end up talking to first?

Girl. I am a girl
Guy. I am a girl
Girl. I am a guy
Guy. I am a guy
I look at the floor until someone approaches me

Margaret Cho said that in any group of 3 girls, there's always 3 different types. The smart one, the nice one...and the 'ho.' Ladies, when you're out with the girls, which one would you be considered? This is compared to the other girls

The smart one
The nice one
The ho

What issues do you consider strong enough that you couldn't date someone who had a contrary opinion? Like, if you guys talked about a particular issue, and he or she was passionate about the other side, you could no longer be with them

Gay marriage/rights
George Bush
Religion (they're either very much for it if you're athiest/agnostic, or of a contrary religion if you are religious)
Opposite political party
View on drugs
Sex ed
Tv shows (sitcoms vs. dramas, they like the kind of programs you don't and vice versa)
Music (they like the kind of music you hate, and vice versa)

You have a job for this hypothetical. You like it and the people. You screw up on some major thing on the job and you get called into your boss' office. He/she seats you down and says, ordinarily, I would fire you outright. Your fuckup costs the company a lot of money. However, I was involved in an...accident. I hit a homeless guy, killing him. I had been drinking that night, and I sped off, not thinking clearly. Someone saw my license plate and reported it to the cops. An investigation has been started regarding this hideous crime, of which I am sorry, but I do not want to go to jail. I lack an alibi. Here's where you can keep your job. I want you to be my alibi. Say you went to a show with me. I can score ticket stubs of the night in question, to back up our story. I'd ask someone else but I know I can't count on any of my friends or family. Agree to be my alibi, and you can keep your job and I'll give you $20,000. Otherwise, you're fired. What do you do?

I accept his offer and give him his alibi. We all make mistakes and I need the money
I accept his offer , but turn him in once I get the money
I refuse to take the offer. I take my pink slip knowing that it's the decent thing to do
It's too big a decision! I hyperventilate there in his office until he realizes what a bad liar I am. He probably fires me and retracts the offer

(no subject)

I just got back from the doctors, and found out I have mono. So for the next week or so I cant do anything, I cant go to school or hang out with friends. Its not fun so far.

1. Have you ever had mono?
2. What did you do during the time you had it? or, what do you do when your bored and cant get out of the house?
3. Did you sleep a whole lot more?
4. How much did it bum you out?

Anyone else hate that iVillage Live show?
I'm getting sick of it.
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(no subject)

When you go grocery shopping, what is the first thing you look for? (Or if you make a grocery list, what's always the first item on your list?)

Onion bagels + Cream cheese. Always together.

What's your favorite physical activity?
Running, I must say. Racquetball is a close second.

Look at the closest person near you: what is his or her expression like?
I don't know why, but the guy at the computer in front of me looks angry. His brows are furrowed and his hand is pressed against his mouth. Computer time is happy time. D:
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Blue pens

Why the hell is using blue pens okay when writing most things, when most other colors aren't? Where did that come from? I don't get it at all. I can understand that it's easier to read than other colors, but why isn't black standard? I need to know. Well I want to know.

edit: What I mean is, why are they both standard? I don't get why black wouldn't be standard alone. It would be the easiest to read no? Blue would come in second. I personally don't find it all that easy to look at though.
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(no subject)

If you've seen Napoleon Dynamite, did you love or hate it? Somewhere inbetween?

I love it (come on, it features a llama named Tina), but my boyfriend thinks it's a stupid waste of time. I'm pretty sure he lost some respect for me when I bought it, and I think it's sad that he can't relax enough to enjoy the ridiculousness of the movie.

We remain divided.

(no subject)

I just discovered Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab finally. Oh lordy, I'm so pleased I've totally forgotten about work lol.

1. I love the style of artwork on the site but I've never found out what it's called. Is there a name for it?

2. How the hell am I supposed to choose a scent?! Any recommendations? I love vanilla, my favourite perfumes are the Anna Sui's (except for Secret Wish - lemon doesn't agree with me), and I really want something that's floral-y, oriental-y, and omg you smell so good I want to sex you :P Bonus points if it has a cool name haha.

3. How long do the Imp Ears last?
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(no subject)

In and around our city there has been an alarming surge in the number of dog attacks on people just out doing random things. One man was out jogging and a pit bull jumped its fence and attacked the man...he didn't even provoke the dog. The dog lunged for his neck and he defended himself and managed to drag the dog (who was locked on him) home and had his wife call 911. He ended up killing the dog with his bare hands before emergency personnel arrived. The dog's owner claims it was just a senseless murder of her pet and her dog was never vicious.

I like to take my dog with me on my walks, but one of the last few times I had, there were several instances of peoples' dogs running out to bark at us. One even charged, but I managed to keep it at bay by yelling and stomping. I haven't been walking much since because of that. Luckily, it wasn't a pit bull.

My question is, when I'm out with my dog, what can I do to deter these loose dogs from charging and/or attacking my dog or me when we're out. Would some kind of pepper spray be too inhumane to ward off such an attack? I used to carry a large walking stick with me, but I doubt that would stop a determined pit bull. I know these are people's pets because they're wearing collars and they come bounding from the front or backyards. I don't want to hurt the animals because they're someone's pet, but I also don't want my own pet hurt/killed in the process. We rescued her from a shelter, so she's not very aggresive at all toward other dogs.

I thought maybe a cattle prod of some kind...something that would give a slight electric zap (without causing too much pain) but I have no idea where to even find something like that.

EDIT: I'm sorry I've brought up such a sore subject with everyone. I simply wanted to get suggestions on humane deterrents to stop a charging dog. When I said "Luckily, it wasn't a pit bull," I was merely stating that I was lucky because my stomping and yelling probably wouldn't have stopped it. Again, I apologize for ruffling any feathers.

(no subject)

What's your favourite baseball team?
What's your favourite football team?
What's your favourite soccer team?
What's your favourite basketball team?

And... why? Why did you start liking them? What makes them different than other sports teams?
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(no subject)

It is time for me to get a new computer.

I'm going to PC World tomorrow to have a look, and am going to get a desktop system sometime this week.

Are there any brands which I should absolutely definitely not get? What is to be avoided at all costs?

Is it going to be impossible to get a PC that doesn't come with Windows Bloody Vista?

Any particular recommendations (need to be available in the UK)?

I really don't know what I need, I just want to not have to even think about buying a new computer for a good few years. I'm thinking about getting this Sony, because it's beautiful and has pretty much what I want, including a built-in Freeview tuner, but I don't really honestly need a 20" widescreen LCD. But what the hell.

And yeah, I know some people will say I should get a Mac, but right now they're still too expensive.

Thanks, y'all.
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(no subject)

So I'm going to Canada for spring break (whoo! cold weather!) or at least that's the plan... Considering I'm going in mid-March:

1. What should I do & see in Montreal?

2. What should I do & see in Ottawa?

3. If I'm definitely going to Montreal cos I have a friend there, but then I have another 2 days or so to see another part of Canada, is Ottawa the best choice, or is there something else not too far from Montreal that I should check out instead?

4. Is Saturday night - Thursday afternoon way too short a time? (I'm doing a 5 hour drive each way.)

5. And I don't need my passport because I'm driving across the border and not flying, right? I've already googled this, I'll just feel better if I get it confirmed.

6. One totally unrelated question! If you were in a Dramatic Writing class (intro to stage/screenwriting) and the first assignment is to write a short scene with just one character and no dialogue, that should end up giving us enough detail to understand "with some specificity" what is troubling the character, what problem they are facing, what would you write about? I'm not going to take your idea, I'm just kind of curious whether I'll have chosen something totally different from the rest of my class.

(no subject)

My office is remodeling the conference room so we have a lot of construction guys in and out all day. As a bunch of them were coming in this morning, I was going out to make copies, and one of them looked me dead in the eye and said, "Thank you sir, can I have another?" Why would he say that to me? What does that mean? I really don't think he was talking to anyone else because they weren't talking at that moment when they came in.

1. If you're a female, do you look at porn? What kind do tend to look at most often?

2. Was your first kiss really all that great?

3. What is your favorite brand or type of pen to write with?

4. Do you keep a paper journal or just an online one? How long have you kept a journal? What do you do with your old ones?

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(no subject)

What are your feelings on Athiests vs Agnostics, Christians vs Atheists or Agnostics, and moral centres based on religion?

(Inspired by this)

ETA: I was reading some responses and thought I should add in that I'm not trying to preach, push opinions, judge, offend or anything that could possibly be considered negative (including writing the 'vs'). I was just interested in hearing opinions in any related matters, whether they be technicalities or beliefs, as a continuation of some of the things I've already read today. Thanks. :)
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(no subject)

I have a Pandora.com radio station, and I was wanting to make a 90's substation.

What are some 90's bands you can remember?

I could only think of Garbage, Silverchair, Sublime and Nirvana.

All genres of music are acceptable, but mostly rock, grunge, or r&b.

EDIT: Thank you so much everyone for your suggestions! They are all really great!
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(no subject)

1. okay. i want to learn the drums, but i'm 16. is it too late to start? my friend who's been playing drums for 5 years said it would've been a much smarter idea to start when i was younger, and i've been told that by a lot of people. it just seems like the general opinion is that i am too old to pick up a new instrument that i know nothing about.

i already know how to play the piano, keyboard, guitar and harmonica. every time i would try to get my mum to let me learn (she's a tad anti-drumming, thinks it will make me overtly rebellious) she would make me take a new instrument hoping that would make me forget about the drums.. but she finally caved in this year, but, well, you have my dilemma. is it just going to end tragically? should i just stick to watching drummers lustily?

2. whats the most embarrassing scene in a movie/tv show you watched with your parents in the room? last night i was watching election and JUST when the porn in the basement scene came on my dad walked into the room and then acted like he was looking for something and walked out really fast.

p.s - my mum didn't make me take harmonica lessons.

(no subject)

Do you follow UFC?

Do you know who Tim Sylvia is?

Has a family member ever been part of a TV show that's not the news?

My dad just called me, he won a hunting package with the UFC film crew and Tim Sylvia, at a Make-A-Wish foundation gala last night apparently.  I just had to laugh about that.
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(no subject)

1. Do you crave anything before or during your period?
i was told women should crave protein near their period, but i've also heard of women craving carbs or iron.

2. Can you bleach bras?

3. Do you get random pains (bruises etc) that you dont know what it could be caused by?

4. Do you use a washing machine at your house or go to a laundromat?

5. Do you air dry your clothes or use a dryer?

6. Do you dry your hair naturally or use a hairdryer?

7. Was your fridge supplied at your apartment?

8. Do you ever listen to music and hear something else (like your phone ringing, a siren etc) and think it's part of the music?

DVD player hates burned discs!

I'm just wondering why this happens...when I put a burned copy of a movie in my DVD player, it will read the disc OK and then play it normally for about, oh, fifteen or twenty minutes.  After that, the picture starts to get all jumpy, and then it start jerking and skipping around until finally after a few minutes go by the movie is unwatchable and I have to turn it off.  Can anyone tell me why this is?  I'm just curious as to why my DVD player hates them so much.
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What do you do when the radiator is shooting hot water up into the air?! :O I realize it's filled with water, and there's this little silver valve thing on the side that the water's coming out of, but... it's squirting water into the room, which I am fairly sure is not a thing it's supposed to do, and, uh, it's getting everything wet. I tried to turn the valve to see if I could turn it off, but it's spouting really hot water and I can't really get to it without getting drowned/burnt. Am I an idiot? I've never had a radiator before =/

ETA: I have no idea where the RA is, I left a note... it's stopped for the moment, and I have a thing there collecting the water so it's no longer defcon 5. I'm not sure if I should wait to get in touch with my roommate or go on a mad dash around campus in the cold, trying to find someone who can give me assistance. D:

1 & 1/2.

[Inspired by the recent porn posts.]

Let's say your significant other (I'll make him male, since I don't want to constantly be saying he/she) masturbates to online porn, and one day he offers to tell you the website he uses so you can check out what he masturbates to.

Do you look at the website? Why or why not?

What if this isn't your significant other we're talking about, but a close friend? Same situation. Do you look or don't you and why?

Divinity and complimentary peanuts

They say that God should be your copilot. Let's assume he is. Good ol God and his divine GPS. If God is your copilot...

1. Who's your stewardess?
2. What's the in-flight meal?
3. Who's your baggage handler?
4. When your plane crashes in the Andes, who do you eat to stay alive?


OK, for the fellow fans:

1. Who do you think Him is? I think Him is Jack.

2. Who do you think the Others really are? I think they are running some kind of project, funded by Hurley, run by Jack who decided he wanted to be part of the project.

4. What do you make of all the connections? I think they all know one another, and the connections were something their collective minds came up with.

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My brother came over today, and being the competitive siblings we are, we got into a discussion about typing somehow, and we wound up reinstalling our typing tutorial so we could have a competition to see who could type the best.

Well, he won (yeah yeah whatever, he's five years older) but I was wondering... How well do you type?

My average is 92 words per minute, with 97% accuracy... that's just on a basic touch typing test without any numbers or symbols other than puncuation. 

If you don't have any software to take a typing test, how well do you think you type? Do you look at the keys?
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What are some good websites that offer free interactive desktop wallpapers where you can add like a calendar, clock, animation, or things of that nature?

What website do you get your wallpaper from?

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How does "brainwashing" occur?

I understand what it is but... how does it actually happen? Does one sit there and yell at the person until they agree?

What are the actual steps/ techniques used?

&Why are they so effective?

All up in your bees-wax.

Who are you talking to right now (online, on the phone, in person, in your head)? What is your relationship to them? What interesting things are you talking about?

Charlotte, online. She's my best pal. We're talking about sex and "girly stuff". I laughed pretty hard at this:
[20:31] Charlotte: im so ready to shit my birth control
[20:32] Rebecca: WHY!
[20:32] Charlotte: shoot*************
[20:32] Charlotte: LMAO

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So I was chilaxin in the tv part of the basement, getting ready to watch Heroes when a bat flew out from somewhere and circled the basement and disappeared. It's still down there somewhere. EW.

Which would you be the least happy to discover??
a rat in your kitchen
a bat in your basement
a snake in your garden
a spider in your bed

Anyone know how quickly this episode of Heroes is going to be available at the NBC website?
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- Do you own any cats? How many?
Yep, I have one siamese/himalayan mix named Tokyo. He's a little over a year old.

- Is it weird that so many people have multiple cats, but single dogs?
I think so; dogs are the more social animals after all...

- Do you think single cats or multiple cats are better if you're gone during the day?
I think Tokyo is fine since he sleeps while I'm away, but I am thinking of getting one more kitten this year.

- Have you introduced a new cat to your old one before? Do you think it's better to introduce a kitten or an adult?
I'm torn on this one. The kitten wouldn't threaten Tokyo as much since he wouldn't be territorial yet, but the adult would have a developed personality and may not harass him as much by racing all over the house. Plus, seeing adult cats in the shelter tugs at my heart strings since I know that the majority of them won't ever leave. :(
Stock -- Out on the wiley windy moors


1. When was the last concert you went to?
2. Who did you go see?
3. Where did you sit/stand/stay during the concert? (Near the back, SOR, near the front, etc.)
4. How did you get your tickets?
5. Would you trust ticket scalpers with getting legitimate tickets?
[dance] pink side to side

Meow meow meow meow.

1- Does it strike you as odd that I meow in the real world? How about the fact that my family (including husband!) accepts it and now meows back? ;)

2- Why does my cat keep licking my arm? Am I delicious? Is arm licking some funky cat-fetish I never knew about?

3- Would you (or have you ever) wear/worn kitty or other animal ears in public? For more than halloween? Pictures? :D

4- Are you an innocent mundane who thinks that anyone who wears bunny/kitty/various other animals ears... is automatically a furry? ;)

5- Uhhh, do questions even remotely related to furries make you scared? In general, or of the person asking them? (Do not fear me! ;P)

laptop mishap :(

Last night, my lovely boyfriend knocked over a Corona onto my laptop keyboard (however, not toooo much spilled). Proceeding me immediately flipping out, I turned it off, turned it on its side so the liquid would drain, and then took the keyboard off to dry underneath it--it seemed as if all the liquid drained onto this flat metal panel that was underneath the side of the keyboard the beer spilled on. I let everything dry and now my laptop is working fine, except for the Enter, Backspace and . key don't work at all.

SO, I called Dell today to place an order for a replacement keyboard. After explaining my mishap and waiting on hold for a while, they put me on the phone with some guy who tells me I Have to send the computer in to get the motherboard cleaned out and prevent any further corrosion from occuring. He says although it might act fine after the spill, after a day or so it might do otherwise. I say, It's been a full day already and it's still fine. He says not cleaning it would allow the liquid to continue to corrode the motherboard.

All in all,
new keyboard= $30
sending it in to be cleaned = $199 and 2 weeks without my laptop
my motherboard possibly randomly dying one day from extended corrosion= $500

Has anyone experienced a similar situation? I don't know what to dooo.
I'm a college student and losing my laptop for 2 weeks would be very very very inconvenient.
I'm also poor.

Help TQC! :(
mornington crescent
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Have you ever written a fan letter to anyone? Who?
What did you say?
Did you get a response?

If you were in a coffee shop and noticed the person ahead of you in line was one of your favorite actors/musicians/whatever, what would you do? Say nothing? Try to be cool and just strike up a conversation? Be direct and go "Hey, I really love _____!"?

Have you met any famous people?
shooters - wisconson

Hair Cuts!

1. When was the last time you got your hair cut?
7.5 years ago when I was in 6th grade.

2. How often do you usually get it cut?

3. Where do you go to get it cut?

4. What is the most you would spend on a hair cut?
I really have no idea how much hair cuts cost, so I don't know.

5. Should I get side swept bangs?

Also this is probably a long shot but can anyone recommend a good place to get my hair cut in the Howell/Freehold/Colts Neck area of New Jersey? I have a car so anywhere within like 45 minutes would be good. I'm going to ask in my local community but it's not very active at all.


Do you believe in making the best out of your day, everyday?
Or do you take some days off just lazing around and doing nothing?


Today I ran 2.4KM(a very small feat for some of you I'm sure) on my own for the second time without stopping. It is a first time, I've never been able to run very fast or far but today I didn't stop. I've always stopped, and start working. I hope that I'll be able to cover longer distances in the near future(and lose weight at the same time!)

Tomorrow I'm running 2.4KM again :D

What do you feel proud about?


This is not a question but, I'm feeling a little sad right now.
books = good

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Does anyone know where I can watch Heroes episodes 2-8? I've finally gotten around to it, but NBC has taken those episodes off of their website. Apparently they've just been removed in the past week or so.

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I found myself in a bit of a pickle a minute ago, and someone here might have some good advice for me.

On Saturday, I sold my car to a girl I know. She gave me a $500 deposit (of the $3000 she was to pay for it) and signed a purchase agreement saying she'd give me $500 at that time (which she did) and $1000 tomorrow (02/06) and the remaining $1500 next Tuesday (02/13). At this time, I would give her the title and she could have the car. I told her at the time of the deposit that we would both sign the purchase agreement so that there was no confusion on who was paying what and when. She agreed, signed and dated and we each retained a copy.

An hour ago, a girl I don't know came to my house with my extra car key (which I gave to the buyer to make a copy of for her dad) and the purchase agreement. She insisted that I give her (the girl I never met) the $500 back for the buyer. I refused.

She left with no keys, no contract and no money.

So, my questions.

Since I have a signed purchase agreement here with dates and acknowledgements on what is due and when and she has chosen to default on the agreement, am I legally liable to return her deposit?

Isn't the point of purchase agreements and deposits to secure something from a seller?

If she chooses not to continue per the terms of the agreement (which I have witnesses to her signing), do I keep the deposit and she has no legal leg to stand on?

I've known her for a while and I had no intention of deceiving her or misleading her and took the deposit in good faith. It just frustrates the hell out of me that she's now trying to back out of a deal that she wasted my entire saturday coming to terms on.
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Poll #921033 Weight

To the women: How heavy are you?

less than 50kg (110lb)
50-60kg (110-132lb)
60-70kg (132-154lb)
70-80kg (154-176lb)
80-90kg (176-198lb)
90-100kg (198-220lb)
more than 100kg (220lb)

To the men: How heavy are you?

less than 50kg (110lb)
50-60kg (110-132lb)
60-70kg (132-154lb)
70-80kg (154-176lb)
80-90kg (176-198lb)
90-100kg (198-220lb)
more than 100kg (220lb)

Powerpoint... AHH

Powerpoint help isn't helping at ALL, so I turn to you, TQC. ;)

I need to do the effect where you click the remote (mouse, whatever), and things come up separately with each click. Specifically pictures. And other cool effects.

I have no idea how to do this... help?

Figured it out. Thanks, guys. :)

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1. How old were you when you learned how to do your own laundry?
2. Why did you learn to do it? Chores? Moved out? Didn't want other people touching your clothes?

1. I was 12 or 13.
2. My mom got me to help her with it, but I didn't do regularly do my own laundry until I moved away for university at 17.