February 4th, 2007

Georgie - Smiles

Who do you find striking?

Please post pictures of people whose beauty you find so striking that you had to stop and stare when you saw them.

No more than 800px on the longest side
or those with smaller resolutions won't be able to see them properly.

And please include their name and whether they're an actor, singer, model etc. or just someone you know.

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Nintendo DS games

My boyfriend bought me a Nintendo DS Lite as an early birthday gift and I could not be more pleased   :)  Anyone have any suggestions on some good games to invest in? I have the Brain Age one and another called "Cooking Mama", both of which I think are awesome.

(no subject)

i'm making jello shots with everclear tomorrow for a super bowl party. i haven't made jello shots in like five years. any tips?

i have dixie cups to fill as well as some jello jiggler molds in the shape of little football helmets. the instructions on the box say to add cold water which is how you usually can add the alcohol. the jigglers recipe for the mold doesn't add cold water though. just the gelatin and boiling water. how can i add the alcohol?
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Have you ever had a dream that you felt was a direct continuation of another dream, but could not recall having had the first dream? (I hope that makes sense. I don't mean a recurring dream, I mean like a story divided into several dreams, but only one dream was dreamt.)

Why does that happen?

Are your dreams dark and disturbing?

(no subject)

Here's the deal:
I want to make some artwork for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day, and I've already drawn the picture in MSPaint, but I'm having trouble tranferring my idea onto an actual canvas so I can paint it. I've already ruined one canvas trying to sketch it out in pencil, because I am lacking skills when it comes to drawing on a larger scale than my monitor.

Any ideas on how I can transfer my idea from MSPaint to real life?

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What are the little things that make you happy? What websites do you visit when you're feeling down? What are some cute pictures/videos I can look at? I really need something funny/little to make me smile.
What are you favorite riddles?

My mom and I used to watch this video all the time, and when I went home this weekend she made me find it and we watched it, and it made me really happy.

ETA: What do you do to deal with being homesick/overly emotional? I know it's not PMS or anything like that. I've just been really depressed. I know a lot of first time college students go through the same things, but what do you do to help?
disco bandit

(no subject)

I keep getting this error message when I go to myspace.com.The page isn't redirecting properly

Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

* This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept


Has anyone ever come across this message? How did you fix it?
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Whole lotta random.

1- For reasons unknown, my yahoo mail has decided to stop showing images in e-mails. Tested on two browsers (IE and Firefox), and three different computers, on two different IPs. The hell is going on? Can I fix this, or should I just make a run for my Gmail account and be done with yahoo for good?

2- Do you actually listen to the lyrics of songs, if there are indeed words?

3- What's the last thing you ate? When?

4- What is directly to your right?

5- What do you hear right now, aside from the sound of yourself typing?

My junk:
1- Duuuurh, I dunno.
2- Usually no.
3- Oatmeal, an hour ago. I woke up at 4pm, so that was like lunch for me or something.
4- My cat. She's asleep on the arm of my chair, I sit in a big overstuffed armchair at my desk, hah.
5- Husband-pet playing Mario Kart DS, and MuchMusic is on tv. It's on a commercial break.
Film - Star Wars

(no subject)

This is an odd one, but hey, it's 2:00 AM -- what are some examples of songs you've gotten into under funny circumstances? For example, I recently fell in love with the song "Closer to Fine" by Indigo Girls because Jim and Andy were drunkenly singing it in the "Diwali" episode of "The Office," and it was awesome. Got any funny ones?
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sad girl

It's never too late to go to school!

Question for those who went to college later on or worked while in college:

My husband and I are both considering returning to school full-time. We're thinking about both having part-time jobs and just being poor for the four years. Has anyone else had experience with this? Is working full-time while going to school full-time doable? Tell me your returning to school stories please.

(no subject)

Anyone here have a newborn?

Why is their screaming so... annoying?

What are some ways that I can fix my aversion to him screaming?

I have a newborn, he is 1 week and 2 days old. I love him to death but his screaming... seriously, seriously gets on my nerves after about 45 minutes.
lost wolfwood

assorted movie questions

Live Free or Die Hard!! (aka Die Hard 4)

Can you believe they're making a fourth?

Does Hollywood suffer from a lack of fresh action stars?
As perhaps evidenced by Arnold making T:3 12 years after T:2 at about the same age Bruce is now, and Bruce also is making Die Hard 4 about 12 years after Die Hard 3. Not even to mention Sylvester, making yet another Rocky a whopping 16 years after the last one.

And hell, they're slated to make another Rambo, 20 years after the last one. o.O

If not, what actors are there that you think will fill the role of the action hero for years to come?
The Rock comes to mind.. Perhaps Vin. Even so, I've yet to see anyone of today have that intangible "it" factor that the stars of yesteryear seemed to posses so well. Like Stallone, Schwarzneggar, Willis, Snipes.. or even Steven Seagal.. haha..

Are you sick of sequals? I mean, granted, I'll most likely indeed see Shrek 3 and then Die Hard 4 because I'm a sucker for Bruce Willis.. but part of me feels dirty for supporting Hollywood's seemingly growing trend of making sequel after sequel after sequel rather than come up with something new.

What's next, a sequel to Commando? Little Alyssa Milano sure has grown up since then..

Do you think Hollywood's doomed to obscurity? As in.. you can only make so many groundbreaking films, you can only cover so many real life stories.. you can only make so many unique football movies.. (yet they keep making them.. haha..)

Is it just me, or was there a certain charm to films of the 80's early 90's and if so what happened to that charm anyway? Drowned out by CGI?

Is it sad that Steven Seagal has been demoted to forever making B movies? Of course he's not a great actor, but damn is he hilarious.
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My eye...

Oh shit, it's the cops!

So, imagine you're in a store, just browsing around, and a couple of cops walk by. They look at you, and then keep going, but glance at you every now and then. Do you get the urge to act "more innocent", even though you haven't done anything wrong?

Because I do. And I've never been in trouble with the cops before.

Question for New Englanders:

Inspired by a friend who was just making fun of my accent:

Do you use the word "Chowderhead"? Does anyone you know use "Chowderhead"?

I've only ever heard it in the context of people goofing on New Englanders, but I grew up inland. Perhaps it's more of a coastal thing?
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This will only really apply to people in Scotland I guess, although I'm not sure just how different Scottish/English law is.

I'm getting evicted from my flat. I'm a private let, short assured tenancy. The landlord wants to move back into the property. How long roughly will it take from them starting court proceedings til it actually gets to court. I know this will be a vague answer but I mean like, how many weeks.Ish. And then, how long will the court give me? (although I want to long gone by then)

Also....What happens when you overdose on pills? I mean, in the hospital how do they treat you? What do they do?

And finally, are you proud of your country? Do you love it or is just the place where you live?


Who's autograph have you got? Did you meet that person, did a friend get you their autograph, did you buy it, or how did you acquire it?

Have you ever gotten autographs from people dressed up as cartoon characters? Did you think it was them? (Personally I never understood why other kids did this!) What about other people who are not famous at all - not like a local news presenter who is only a bit famous, but if a magician did a performance at my primary school, kids would try to get his autograph afterwards.

Who's autograph would you like? Or don't you care about a bit of writing, and you'd have to meet the person to make it count? Would you get the autograph of somebody very famous who you hate, so that you could sell it? (Edit- Have you asked for somebody's autograph in order to sell it?)

(no subject)

Posting this question for my husband.. it's beyond a long shot.

There are chords at the very beginning of Chicago's If You Leave Me Now that apparently sound exactly like the beginning of a theme song from a popular TV show in the 80's. Uh. Any ideas what that show was? :/


Edit: Awesome - it's Cheers. I love this community.

(no subject)

1.) For 10:30 I ordered "Little Miss Sunshine" on pay per view.

What are your feelings about this movie? *no spoilers please*

2.) As far as books:

Les Mis V.S. Wicked
Which do you like better?

3.) As far as musicals:

Les Mis V.S. Wicked
Which do you like better?
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Truck Tipping

(no subject)

Every time one of my cats walks in front of my husband's computer it reboots itself. This only happens with my two cats who are short haired, and his computer. There is no way for them to get to the reset button also. Why is this happening? Are my cats carrying massive amounts of static electricity? Do they super powers and hold a deep seated grudge against my husband?
The Doctor || Happy

(no subject)

I've had three cats so far in my lifetime- one who became a crotchety old fart at the ripe old age of two, and then got out and ran away about two years later, one who was the sweetest, most affectionate cat I've ever encountered, though not very bright, who died at home when he was thirteen, and now, my new cat, who's a little bit crazy, but loves me to death, who's about three.

The first two cats would not touch any toys given to them after they were about a year old. The crotchety old fart wouldn't play, period. The sweet but stupid one would only play with a toy he'd found on his own- a dropped straw or twisty-tie on the kitchen floor, usually. Every other cat I've known has been fairly similar. My new cat, though, will play with anything and everything, and spends the hours that he's not sleeping or eating doing so.

My question is- Have you ever met an adult cat who played more than a kitten?

What's the strangest toys your cat has played with? (Mini tennis balls and rawhide bones made for toy-sized dogs; his current favourite is that small strip of plastic that you pull off the lid of a gallon of milk when you open it)

And on an unrelated note- What's your favourite flavoring or other additive to put in your coffee/espresso/tea/cocoa? (Hazelnut or irish creme for coffee and espresso, usually cinnamon and nutmeg in my tea and cocoa. Also, I've started putting a teaspoon of french vanilla instant coffee mix in my cocoa.)
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(no subject)

1. Anyone else not watching the Superbowl?
2. Bagel, muffin or donut?
3. What are some local or regional (NOT national or international) chain stores or restaurants where you live and what do they sell/serve?
4. Would you rather be a doctor or a lawyer, assuming you had to choose one?
5. What culture or religion (aside from your own) interests you the most?

(no subject)

What have you learned from TQC??

Someone said you aren't supposed to shampoo the ends of your hair or condition your roots. If that's true...that's good info to have.

edit*There might be Little Miss Sunshine spoilers in the comments. Peeps are talking about it but I don't wanna read it because I might see it lol

Naming question!

Ok, so we got a new cat last night. He's a one-and-a-half year old sealpoint siamese, and he's really into human contact and being all lovey and playful. I temporarily named him Rasputin, because it just sounded cool, but we really need to decide on a name for him. Pics are over here, by the way. Our other cat is a ten-year-old black-tipped tortoiseshell named Ophelia. So, any good suggestions for names for him?

EDIT: The other names my parents (and me) kinda came up with for him:

Sherwood (my stepdad's shitty suggestion)

I don't like most of those though, to be honest, so give some more suggestions! :P
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9 - weird and scary shit

it's not what you thin k

There's an interesting four letter word bit of slang for "penis" in that it can often be found in a number of other words that have absolutely nothing to do with the male genitalia. Off the top of my head I can only think of cock-a-doodle-doo, cockney, & poppycock but I'm sure there's many more; hasve a vague recollection that a rooster is sometimes referred to as a cock.

Do you know of any others?
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rap hate

Am I the only one who gets extremly pissed off and irritated by rap videos/music.

Every last song has the same lyrics: "i see you dancin over there, you're grinding on me, I'm drinkin and smokin and flashing my gun, I'm watching you, i'm gonna fuck you.."

And all the videos are the same...

like WTF? how is this shitty music so popular? It just makes me question the human race all together....

Just to clarify, i'm talking about the mainstream, "popular" crappy rap music. I like a little bit of everything, including rap, but personally, I like the more original music that talks about more than Hoes and shooting up people. Some rap is very clever, that I like.

Edit Ok, let me change my statement: ALL popular music right now is crap. lol I just saw a recap of the countdown and it depressed me. (Yeah i dont really listen to a lot of new music)
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More religion!

If there really is an afterlife to all religions... What happens to the souls (or whatever) of people who died, following a religion that is 'dead'? Would the afterlife shut down, and the souls be sent off to limbo or something?

For you religious folks, does this scare you that if your religion dies out in the next thousand years (it's happened before) your soul will just float in limbo cuz your afterlife was deemed to not exist anymore? What do you think would happen instead?

Yes, ripped off from this post. ;)
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(no subject)

Is there any way to teach my cat to stay the FUCK off my desk? How would I do that? Do I seem angry?

How much does the typical baggy of weed cost? That like a teenager would buy? What about a little thing of cocaine? Some ecstasy?

I'm writing a story, not buying drugs I swear...
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(no subject)

i've had some crest white strips sitting in my bathroom closet for a while now.. i think i asked for them for christmas a couple years ago and then forgot about them. the expiration date says 2005, what do you think will happen if i use them?
surprise mewf

(no subject)

Hey everyone! I'm trying to recall a quote, and google is only giving me lyrics.
"If you can't fly, walk. If you can't walk, crawl. If you can't crawl. . ."
Anyone know how the rest of it goes? Talking about moving forward no matter what. Thank you!

I want to showerrr!

So, I wake up this morning to no water in my apartment. I freak out and go knock on the neighbors door to see if they have water and they do. I then realize that my pipes have frozen so I try and call my landlord to fix it. He's M.I.A and I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to defrost them incase my landlord doesn't call back (which he does a lot). I need to shower. I need to brush my teef. Any ideas, TQC? Keep in mind I live in an apartment building and don't have much access to the pipes.

For when the various australians wake up....

I'm doing a (rather high school-esque) group project on Australia for my World Geography class.  For this, my boyfriend is making a small series of videos for me of australian "slang".  (Mostly an excuse to dick around with his friends, if you ask me :P)

Anyway, we're trying to make a big list of various things that people in the US (iowa) wouldn't know.  Despite how many times he's been to the states, the boyfriend is blanking as to what is and is not australian slang.

SO.  Can any of you give me some slang?  (avoid things like "G'day!" or "crickey!" because, really.  Who says that? :P)
Mitty box

(no subject)

Have you ever watched Ghost Hunters on SciFi channel (there's a marathon today)?

Do you think it's faked?

How about that other one on Travel Channel with the british people? A Haunting, maybe it's called... EDIT: Most Haunted is what it's called. Thanks tessibean

Do you think that one is faked?

Anything relevant you'd like to add? Ghost stories or spooky occurrences or what have you.

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(no subject)

Inspired by this...

Have you ever intentionally worn something (shoes, jackets, whatever) that you knew to be hideous, for the sake of wearing something hideous?

My answer: For six years, my favorite pair of shoes was this fluorescent plaid pair of canvas sneakers. They were three dollars for a reason. Looked absolutely horrible, but they broke in well. They lost their courageous battle against decency when the Costa Rican rainforest decided the army ants needed them more than I did.

For my wedding shower, my maid of honor bureinato gave me and my husband a matching set of "Sugar Daddy" shirts as a joke. (We requested prank gifts for our shower.) Because not only are they ugly, but there's two! The background is BRIGHT purple, and there are Sugar Daddy candies patterned all over in BRIGHT yellow and red. We wore them all through our honeymoon, and we still wear them because they're very comfortable.

And I also have a pair of slippers from Hot Topic (again, clearance) that are bright blue and silver glitter. I love 'em, but I can't wear them right now because a) it's cold and b) I just had foot surgery. But oddly, people compliment me on them all the time.
that's what she said!

returning unconventional items to stores

Have you ever tried to return something you might consider unconventional - with or without success? I've returned clothing that doesn't fit, jewelry, and pretty mundane items like that. But I'm at home this afternoon, attempting to make chili, and just realized that an onion I bought yesterday at the grocery store is brown inside.  And while I can't really picture myself taking it back to the store and asking for a new onion, I must admit to being slightly amused at the concept. So - have you ever attempted to return an item that isn't normally returned? Any humourous stories to share as I contemplate what to do with this onion?

(no subject)

Lyrics help, plz

heard a song yesterday, and in the midlle was "(something) is next to cleanliness and cleanliness is next to godliness and god isn't listening!" or something like that.

Not much help, I know :(

wtf song was that????///?

Zero by Smashing Pumpkins, thanks.

(no subject)

1)If you could make any classic novel into a video game, which would you pick?
2)Do you like to play pool?
3)What's the longest amount of time you've ever spent in one store? Or at a mall?
4)How many stories are the malls near you?
5)What operating system do you use?
Brothels and Pirates

(no subject)

Alright so, when I was little, I LOVED Nightmare Before Christmas. Then, when I got older, I saw that some NBC things were now being sold and I got excited. Then I realized that my love was stolen by an annoying group of kids and that I didn't want to associate myself with them. Years later the Scene kids came and stole my love for dinosaurs. I hope they stay away from The Brave Little Toaster.

Anyhoo, my question is: Is there anything that you once loved oh so dearly that suddenly because trendy with a group that sucks and you no longer proudly proclaim your love for said fandom/thing? What is it?

Edited to say:
As Kiwi_From_Hell said: It doesn't make me stop liking something, but it stops me broadcasting my love of it. That's what I meant, not that you actually started to dislike something or disown it. :)

And holy crap, I go to eat some yummy gumbo and I come back and already have 46 emails in my mailbox!
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CD ROM drive irritations

I know this isn't LJ Tech Support, but I'm sure there are quite a few people who know a bit more about computers than myself on here.  My CD ROM drive on my laptop is driving me nuts.  Simply put, it will read some CDs and not others.  I'm trying to rip some music into my computer, and for some reason, it just will NOT register that some CD's are there.  I've tried it with both CDs I've gotten from the store, and mix CD's I've burned from ITunes, and so I am able to rule out that it doesn't like burned CD's.  (And I put the same CD's in another computer and it works fine, but its annoying to have to transfer them over to this one VIA a Flash drive).  I tried rolling back the drivers, and it didn't help.  Any ideas, or is my drive just going bad?  This laptop is only nearly 2 years old. 

Pet Insurance

Does anyone here have pet insurance?

If so, which company? What level of protection? How much does it cost?

We've just had a scare with our pup with a possible bowel obstruction, vet's not sure and he's not in any pain so we're keeping an eye on him, but if it is a bowel obstruction it's going to be hella expensive :( It's too late for insurance in this particular case but we are definitely going to have it in the future.

(no subject)

I just had two very random thoughts:

1. When I take a shower I wash my hair and rinse the shampoo out right away, but I put the conditioner in and leave it until I have washed my body & shaved and whatever else I way need to do. Is this weird? Is it bad for your hair? Does anybody here do this too?

2. A friend once told me she read in a magazine that if you drink a whole glass of water right before bed it will eliminate morning breath. I googled what causes morning breath and it said that this could help, but I was wondering if anybody here had ever tried it before and if so did it work?

Ikea, Shoes, Watches, Dinner

1. Do you ever buy food items when you're in Ikea? Which ones?
I always buy the cookies that come in a roll, one is a red package and the other is blue. They're fabulous.

2. Would you be embarrassed if you went somewhere (like Ikea, or Target, or the grocery store) with your daughter, and she wore these shoes? What if they were black instead of pink?
No, but apparently they embarrass my father.

3. Are you wearing a watch? If so, where did you buy it?
No, I just took mine off. I bought it from Fred Flare a year ago.

4. What are you having for dinner tonight?
Broccoli cheddar soup, and some salad.
aw | blink

(no subject)

For those of you who adblock icons because they offend you, annoy you, disgust you, etc: do you ever adblock icons that you love/like/tolerate but are used by lj-ers that you dislike? (I do - my reasoning is that it's always such an unpleasant jolt when I realize that it's just *that* person commenting with something asinine again, but I like the icon they used. The ambivalence stresses me!)

Do you ever feel giddy to be able to block icons (especially those that are meant to offend/shock) so easily and permanently like this? I know I do. =D
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(no subject)

Over the past couple of weeks, I've seen questions that start like this:

- I have a [enter the brand name] cordless phone, and I've lost the instructions...
- How do I create a resume in Microsoft Word...

Where would you look?

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The husband wants to watch the Super Bowl. I don't.

He's taking a nap, and asked me to wake him up half an hour before it starts (so in five minutes), should I bother or be a bitch and 'forget' instead? ;)

On that note, have you ever not reminded someone of something, simply because you weren't interested in it, and didn't want to go along for the ride?

ETA: Alright, alright, I'll wake the moof up. But I'm gonna tell him it's 9pm and he missed the WHOLE THING! :> Once the first 2 minutes of 'OMG I WANNA KILL YOU' is done, everything will be well. Hah. And apparently I'm the only one evil enough to think of doing this sorta thing? O_o

Another Edit: Golly, you'd think I asked you guys if I should poison his breakfast or something. ;P He woke up, albeit late cuz he's LAZY, and we had our own pre-game show. Whoo! ;*

(no subject)

If you had a non-hereditary, non-communicable terminal condition, would you be willing to have a child?

Would it matter how long you were supposed to have left? If so, how long would you need left on the clock before you'd be willing?

What if you had no time given, and instead just knew it would kill you early at "some point"? Would you be willing to take that risk?

Would any other details sway your decision?

What if you were the child in question; how would you feel if you were born to a terminal parent?

(no subject)

Have you ever seen that McDonalds commercial with 2 guys and a lady and they're eating fries and it says something like "biggest hit item" And then theres some part with a guy saying "they live like money grows on trees, trees they cant find!" I dont get what he means by that.....
Webcam - fell on bed


Since they took pseudoephrine out of the drugs on the shelves, have you been buying the drugs without it or going to the pharmacist to ask for the drugs with it?

If you just take what's on the shelf, have you noticed that it affects you differently? Like taking sudafed with doesn't bother me, but taking it without makes me go to sleep for 13 hours (as I discovered this past week).

And for fun, when was the last time YOU coughed so hard you had to pull over while driving to finish up? For me it was on Saturday. YAY!

(no subject)

How affectionate are you with your friends, significant other(s), and strangers? Either physically or verbally.
How do you feel about public displays of affection? What about being called pet names like "sweetie" by strangers like store employees?

Book club selections.

Okay, advice is needed from the bookworms of the group here.

I need suggestions. I narrowed down my choices the following:

The Artists Way by Julia Cameron

God Created the Integers By Stephen Hawking.

The Unfolding of Language By Guy Deutscher

Coincidences, Chaos, and All Thats Math Jazz By Edward B. Burger and Micheal Starbird.

A little History of Canada By H.V. Nelles

Alternatives to Sex By Stephen McCauley

Bloodletting & Mircaulous cures By Vincent Lam

Talk Talk By T.C. Boyle

The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers, 2nd Edition By Michael Newton.

The Brief History of the Dead. By Kevin Brockmeier.

Mental-Floss presents forbidden knowledge

Censored 2007

Why do Men Fall Asleep after sex? By Mark Leyner and Billy Goldberg M.D.

The Mobius Strip By Clifford Pickover

The End of Faith by Sam Harris

Possible Side effects Augusten Burroughs

Any of them you enjoyed? Any you didn't like? If you had to narrow the list down to 5 choices, which would they be?

(no subject)

Does anyone know where I can find the clip of Chandler jumping up and down on New Years yelling about how he wants to be kissed and Joey grabbing him and kissing him?

Chocolate syrup

When you put chocolate syrup away, do you close the pull top, then either wipe it or lick it off?  Do you ever put the clear plastic cap back on?

My roommate moved out last week (thank god) and he NEVER even wiped the fricking thing off, so it dripped chocolate syrup all over the fridge.  He never wiped it off even when putting it in the door upside down.  GAH!!

I lick the syrup off, so it is nice and clean :)

oh america

What do you think about the prerequisites of becoming president of the United States?
Do you think that it is fair for only those who were born in the United States to be able to run for presidency?
If you live in America, would you care if your president was born in America, assuming that s/he has the qualifications to be your president? What would those qualifications be?
Do you think there is more of a chance of political corruptness if there were a president not born in the United States?
That being said, what do you think about Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to change the rules in order to run for presidency?

This is from a debate I'm having with my boyfriend. He makes no sense sometimes.
cat tea

(no subject)

What time does it get dark where you live? (edit: where do you live?) (in Massachusetts, around 5:30pm lately...)

How do you get rid of "pills" on sweaters?
I just Googled this because I had NO CLUE how to do it. I usually end up buying new sweaters. It says you can buy things specifically made for this -- one is a stone type thing and then there is a "sweater razor". I also read that you can use a regular disposable shaving razor (carefully) or a piece of Velcro. Has anyone tried these methods with any success?

How often do you take clothes to the dry-cleaner?
amack: glowing


I want to get some footage from old VHS tapes onto my computer. I've found info online telling me that yes, it's possible (of course), but they all pretty much just say "use a firewire" without actually telling me how, or what I need in addition to a firewire.

Can anybody help?

Portland area.

My fiance and I are strongly considering moving to the Portland, OR area in a little over a year.

For all the Portland area TQCers: Are there any areas you recommend checking out? Avoiding?

Best things about Oregon?

Worst things about Oregon?

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(no subject)

1. What have you done or plan to do with your diplomas (high school and/or higher ed)?

Did you have them framed or are they shoved in some random drawer? I was thinking of having mine laminated and using it for a place mat. At least then it would serve a practical purpose.

2. Did you attend commencement? Do you regret going or not going?

3. If you sent out graduation announcements, did the expectation for the recipient to send you congratulatory money in return make you feel embarrassed?

(no subject)

Did you know that according to the APA, homosexual and eldery are not politically correct words?

EDIT:  Have you ever read "La Novia Ausente" por Marco Denevi?

Can you tell me wtf happened?  She speaks slowly, so her mom says she can marry this guy... she doesn't want to and so she walks into her wardrobe and is never seen again?  Is that honestly all that goes on?
Text - best is yet to come

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What are some suggestions on stopping a coughing fit?

I feel like once I start coughing, I can't stop. I'm drinking water and sucking on a cough drop and it still takes a good 3 full minutes or more to stop coughing and I just can't take it anymore!

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1)If you can recall them, what are some movie cuts, like going from one scene to another, that shocked you or grossed you out or just seemed very strange? (this feels like a retarded question)
2)Is RATM getting back together or what?
3)If I called into your local radio station to dedicate a song to you what song should I request?


Tell me things that are significant that has happened in your life. (You won something, you got into a fight with a teacher, you threw something at someone's eye and he turned blind, you escaped conscription, etc)

I don't care whether you're a guy, or a girl.
What age you are.
What that thing is.

Tell me?
(Please be as detailed as you can!)

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Why Prince?

It seems to me like he'd go against all manly things the superbowl stands for.

Edit: I should have worded that differently. In my mind he doesn't fit the typical superbowl halftime show stereotype. I have no problem with Prince, I like his music.. he just doesn't seem like the sort of artist who's into the sort of message that you send from performing at the superbowl.
» save your soul

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I was watching a spoof of Desperate Housewives on YouTube that MadTV did, the actor that was playing Gabbi (Eva Longoria) was a man, which I found pretty harsh. I don't live in America so I don't usually watch MadTV, I don't know if they do this to every show-- I've seen the one on Lost and they didn't seem to be bashing it as much as this. Especially the actresses.

1. Do you think Eva Longoria looks like a man?

2. Do you think the main actresses of Desperate Housewives can act?

3. What's your opinion on MadTV?

4. What's your opinion on Desperate Housewives?



C is for Cookie!

What's your favorite type of cookie? Similarly, what's your favorite cookie recipe?

Since I don't have any sort of oven in my dorm room, I've gotten into the habit of going home on the weekends and baking batches of cookies to take back with me. Mostly, I play around with my favorite chocolate chip recipe, but tonight I'm feeling more adventurous and trying this snickerdoodle recipe. Hopefully they turn out well!

My favorite chocolate chip recipe is as follows:

1/2 cup butter (salted, 'cause I like my cookies slightly salty and only have that kind in the house)
3/4 cup brown sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
3/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup chocolate chunks, preferably Ghiradelli
1/2 cup nuts, chopped (I've found either pecans or cashews are REALLY good)
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

Cream butter and sugar together. Add egg and vanilla. In a separate bowl, combine dry ingredients. Mix dry ingredients with butter/sugar/egg/vanilla mixture. Put in oven at 375 degrees and bake for 7-10 minutes.

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Has anyone had any trouble with commenting on lj tonight? For me comments keep coming up as doubles either in the next minute or simultaneously. Or maybe it's my connection?

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What is your favorite restaurant to get a (huge, unauthentic, yet delicious) burrito? (Moe's, Chipotle, Willy's, Baja Fresh, Taco Bell, other??)
I love Chipotle. Sadly, there aren't any in Connecticut.

What is your favorite cleaning supply?
I just got a Swiffer Sweeper and it works so well! I think it might replace the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser as my favorite cleaning supply.
lactose intolerant

(if you're from the area)

what's your best route into brooklyn / manhattan from anywhere upstate?
the way i go seems to require quite a few tolls and i'd rather avoid that. well that and the gwb.
i hope someone's from ny.

more info: coming from warwick. usually take bqe. once got lost in staten island following 278. would like to figure out how to take fdr drive to the williamsburg bridge. that is all.

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What are some good juices?
preferably home-made stuff, using vegies and herbs etc if you so wish.

Do you have any friends who you fight with on a regular basis? like big fights.
almost every time i talk to one friend we end up fighting and not speaking to each other for a few weeks

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1. Are you on a diet?
1a. If so, what kind of diet?
1b. What keeps you motivated?

2. What are you doing next Wednesday (ETA: The 14th. I just didn't want to say Valentine's Day)?

3. If you have one, what time is your alarm set for for tomorrow?

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I told my dad I'd make him some mix CDs and he gave me a list of songs. Just now he came in and asked if I'd seen a particular commercial, because he liked the song on it. I like to go a little above and beyond for my dad, so I'm hoping I can find it, though i don't think he'll mind much if I can't. Anyhow, the commercial is for the show Monk and the song clip says something like, "I just want someone to save me." Who is it and/or what is the song called?

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What would you do with all the hours you spend on the internet, if you didn't have the internet?

For those old enough to have spent their teenage years with no internet, what did you do instead?

(My answer to the teenage years bit: I had a shitload of pen friends, and spent large amounts of time writing letters, and writing in my diary. So, pretty much the same as LJ only with envelopes and no trolls.)
HP love

The Daily Show

Is there anywhere online I can get episodes of The Daily Show or The Colbert Report?
They used to have a bunch of clips on YouTube which pretty much replaced water in my diet, but it seems they've all been taken down...

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Hello people. Rather than watch the superbowl, I spent all day studying for a statistics quiz. Now, HOW THE HECK DOES ONE FIND THE T-VALUE IF ONE DOESN'T KNOW THE POPULATION MEAN?! To recap, the t-value is basically (sample mean - population mean) / standard error.

Also, we find the t-value when the standard deviation is NOT known, as opposed to finding the z score when the standard deviation IS known (which I know how to do.)

No, you are not doing my homework for me, you are just curing my brain before I bang it on something sharp and hard. I've spent all day on figuring out this stupid concept.
mornington crescent

OMGZ do my homework for me! (It's sexy homework!)

Ok, actually the subject line is facetious. I'm in a class on Gender & Language and we're looking at slang terms, specifically, relating to sex. And it's easier to ask anonymous people on the internet than have awkward conversations with strangers on the street. And this is just a small homework assignment as a sort of prelude to our larger research project later.

So, if you'd be interested in helping me out, I'd just like to know what slang terms you use or have heard for each of these things. I don't care how PC or not they are or if you have double standards or whatever. Or rather, I care, but won't judge you personally on it, just write about it in my paper.

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Any other information you want to add along these lines is helpful as well.

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What are some creative ways to convince my father to let me get a cat? (My cat died about a year ago and he was really attached to her. We all were. We had her for 17 years but ever since she died, he's claiming that even a goldfish is out of the question.) So I wonder... what are some ways I could break him down? It's lonely without a pet. :(

At what age did you start feeling old? I'm going to be 24 in about fifty minutes and it's depressing me.

What did you have for dinner on your last birthday? I need some ideas for a good meal. :) (No meat. Yuck.)

What are you looking forward to?
Sam outside

clothes of the ex's

1. Do you still have any articles of clothing that belonged to your ex? 

2. If you do, why do you still have it? Do you ever wear it?

3. If you did have one at one point in time, what happened to it? [burn it, throw it out, sell it, give it back???]

1. I found one of my favorite undershirts last night that belonged to my ex. 

2. I still have it bcuz I couldn't bring myself to part with it when we broke up. Yea....I slept in it last night...

3. Didn't do anything to it but definitely thought about burning it.