February 3rd, 2007


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Does anyone know the name of those pictures that you stare at for a long time and eventually see a 3D image within the apparantly plain looking picture?

I can honestly not think of a better way to describe what I am talking about!

Stepfanie - 1984 credits
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Seriously, WTF. What would cause somebody to randomly upchuck? (no fever, no nausea- in other words, the person is perfectly fine)

Serious answers, as well as fun answers welcome.
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Car Question

In regards to my car: more often than not, whenever I have my foot on the brake and am at a dead stop, I can feel the steering wheel vibrate. This only ever happens when I'm at a stop; I don't feel a thing while the car is in motion.

What might be the cause of this, and is it dangerous enough to go get it fixed immediately?

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Hey car aficionados -- what would be a cool old car that is rare enough that if it were totally restored, you could sell it for enough to buy a house? It would be sweet if it were some sort of muscle car, but I'm not too picky.
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Tomorrow I'm going to the grocery store. What snacks should I buy that require no prep or nearly no prep (as in, something to toss in the microwave or something simple like cereal where all one has to do is pour it into a bowl and add milk)?

I've decided that as motivation to do the things I need to do (like go to class, do chores, etc) I'm going to set up a rewards system so I can treat myself to something I like when I do what I need to do. If you were to have a similar list, what would be your rewards?
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What's with desiring children anyway? I really struggle to understand why anyone wants to have children. What does it accomplish? What does it prove? What the hell does it matter?

As for me.. One, I don't like this world we live in. I wouldn't want my own flesh and blood dealing with the same stupid bullshit I've gone through. Two, I don't want to commit the time and effort. It's 18+ years of having to take care of someone you're not even sure you're going to like and get along with. Which brings me to number three, who's to say what you'll end up with if you have a child?

As in, I know of a great loving Christian family who are the few I've ever seen that are shining pillars of society.. and their oldest son is mentally handicapped, they forever have to take care of him for rest of his/their lives.. Despite their overwhelming love and whatnot, even they in their weaker moments admit that it's hard, really hard and trying, to deal with such a burden.

And on another note altogether; I'm selfish. If I've finally found a woman to have and to love and to cherish.. I don't want anything bogarting our time together. If I've just found this awesome woman.. I'd much rather enjoy and cherish my time spent with her.. rather than spend the next 18+ years waiting in line for her attention.

Yeah, fuck all that noise. Yes, I realize I'm cynical, paranoid, etc.

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(Inspired by my sisters "baby" crying ten minutes ago) Did you have to do the Baby Think It Over program in school?
If so, how old were you? What did you name the baby?
I had to in the eighth grade/age 14. I'd already cared for three babies by that point, so it was kind of a breeze (not to mention they're way more complicated now than they were when I was in middle school). It was named Phillian Randall.


1. what country do you live in?

2. which country that you've visited is your favorite?

3. have you been to southeast asia? are you there now? if so, would it be a fun place to live for a little while, especially provided you have an interest in the wildlife there and are in school for animal sciences?

4. what country or region has a way of life that you admire?
well...it's so shiny!

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1. What song is stuck in your head right now?
Or, if there isn't one, think of a song. Any song, the first one that comes to mind. Which song is it?

(Mine's The Spy by The Doors.)

2. What was the weirdest dream you've ever had?

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If you're eating a three course dinner in a restaurant, what do you call each individual meal (in the order that they're eaten)?

Here, it's entree, main, dessert. I found it weird that most Americans call the main meal 'entree' in restaurants.

myspace issues....

hey, i'm hoping somebody here might be able to help me...

i was able to access and log into myspace earlier today, but now when i go to log in i get the following error:Collapse )

i am able to access other profiles, but unable to login. i can only get to www.myspace.com by clearning my cookies, if not i get the same error message. my settings, which i have not changed, allow cookies. myspace is not blocked from this. windows firewall is set to off. i have mcafee personal firewall, but the firewall is set to open with no exceptions. there are no other programs on my pc that deal with firewall. the only thing i downloaded was windows updates. this problem also occurs in internet explorer and opera. please help?
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I just got a ticket last night - my first in like 6 years or so. Nothing too crazy - speeding ticket for 5 over the limit.

Washington state has a program whereby you can request a deferred finding, meaning that you pay a fee and, if you go 12 months without getting another ticket, the first one never goes on your record, but if you get a ticket in that time frame, you have to pay both of them and some sort of charge for violating the deferral.

However, I'm given to understand that the deferral fee is rather higher than the actual ticket fine (though that's based only on hearsay evidence from my brother who had a deferral back in 2000 when the program was relatively new; I can't find any current documentation on it). So I'm trying to decide whether I'm better off paying the ticket and taking the mark on my currently spotless driving record, or paying the higher deferral fee and keeping it clean.

boys and dinner.

Tonight/today, some of my guy friends are going to come help me move. I usually go out to dinner on saturdaynights with my buddy Lee, but my parents will be out of town, and my buddy scott(who likes me) is coming to help to. It's also like 2 degress out. I told scott if he comes and helps i'll make him dinner...
SO my question is:

What should I make them for dinner? Recipes? Suggestions!?

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1 - Assuming you go, what do you take when you're at McDonalds for breakfast?

2 - Have any Canadians tried the Timmy's breakfast biscuit ... thing? We call them Timatins here in Quebec. Bacon or sausage?

oh, and completely unrelated -

3 - Kissing on the first date? Good or bad?
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terror petrol

I read this and wondered how many people would acctually buy this petrol(gas) over petrol from another petrol station a 1/4 mile down the road which sells petrol from wherever including countries from the middle east?

Is it something that you think is worth thinking about?

do you think the gas station in question will survive?

do you think it's just a gimick and the owners are just trying to get a few more sales?
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David Sedaris

Coffee question

I bought a cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts last night on my way home. I didn't drink all of it, so I just left it sitting on my desk.

When I woke up this morning, I started drinking the coffee. I didn't heat it up. It was cold.

How do you feel about drinking leftover coffee?

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I have an interview on Wednesday at this (amazing) restaurant. It's for a position as a food runner.

1) I have a general idea of what the job entails, and I'm sure it varies from place to place, but, if you've worked as a food runner, what did you do? How did you like it?

2) I know this gets asked all the time, but whatever. I plan to buy a nice pair of black pants and some comfy but nice black shoes to wear to the interview that will also be appropriate for work, if I get the job. But what the heck kind of top should I wear? I can't spend too much money (I'm broke, that's why I need this job!) but I'd like to look nice and be dressed appropriately for the interview.

Super Bowl poll

The things you'd do to get Super Bowl tickets. We're talking end zone seats and close enough to touch the receiver when he dives into the stands

Spend one night in prison (not jail)
Do a rock of crack
Perform oral pleasures on Peyton Manning
Eat a live madagascar hissing cockroach
Shoot Dakota Fanning in the face with a paintball gun
Put up naked pictures of yourself in your LJ for one day
Consume 25,000 calories in one day
Agree to attend the game wearing only a banana hammock/thong and Band-Aids (if you're a girl)
Walk out to the middle of the packed stadium, drop trou, and do a #2 in a bucket
Wax your pet

TQC football poll (minus the cash payout in the end)

Bears by one score
Bears by two scores
Bears by three or more scores
Colts by one score
Colts by two scores
Colts by three or more scores
It'll be the first SB tie ever
Second coming of Jesus. End of world happens. No one wins
Prince drives the crowd wild during halftime when his nipple pops out. A riot ensues. Game is cancelled

Your favorite thing about Super Bowl Sunday

The game. These are the two best teams duking it out, each playing their heart out to win
Getting drunk off cheap beer in my comfy chair
The new commercials
Watching whatever washed-up musical has-been perform the halftime show
Super Bowl party
Watching the faces of the losing team when they realize they've played 18 games successfully only to lose the one that counts
The fact that after this, no one will be talking about football for another 6 months
Watching the players' asses on the field as they're runnnig about
It means it's one week closer to the Pro Bowl!
Everybody's at home today, so the freeways, malls and Disneyland are relative ghost towns
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Tsubasa Chronicle

Does anyone know of a good site where I can download the anime Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle?

I used to have a good site... and the url consisted of himora-kurao or something to that extent... but I never bookmarked it and it deleted itself from my url box after a while. Does anyone know what site this is?


1) Would you ever let a stranger borrow your iPod/mp3 player? (If you have one of course)

2) If not, why?

My answers:

Well I'm currently allowing one of my coworkers to borrow my iPod. He apparently forgot his at home. We work in a library and each have to spend some time during our shift shelfreading (ie. making sure the books are in the correct order). I bring my iPod everyday because it's mindless work that makes me batty sometimes. Music helps me focus and makes the time go by quicker. Long story...but...I'm sitting here while he's upstairs shelfreading and I'm not happy about it. He told me he would poke around on my iPod to find something to listen to....and for some reason that makes me very unsettled.
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Starting last night, when I try and log in to myspace(Yes yes, myspace is the devil, I know....), it doesn't let me log in and this pops up:
Collapse )
Collapse )

I've tried disabling cookies then enabling them again, but it didn't work.  This didn't ever happen until last night.  I haven't changed any settings on my computer, so can anyone tell me what's going on or if you've dealt with something similar?

Edit:  I also tried logging on in IE, and the page won't load there either.(Fucking myspace.  My friends really need to just get LJ haha).

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I use msn messenger (wtvr, I believe it's called "windows live messenger" now)
and there are ads constantly running at the bottom, with descriptions-- most of which lead to videos at msn.com, whether it be music or a supposedly quirky/funny clip
There was just something about Tyra Banks firing back at tabloids, and the link said "Tyra goes apeshit"
Do you think the microsoft corporation has gathered enough of my personal information to presume that "apeshit" would an acceptable term to throw at me in an advertisement? or would my mom be getting the same thing.

and if it's just directed at me, do you think any ass2mouth clips are on the horizon
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Hair Care

For those of you with thick/wavy/coarse hair... (i have all 3.. lucky me.)

What is your favorite brand of hair care?

What are your favorite hair products to..
-eliminate frizz?
-straighten your hair?
-add shine?
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Last time I went to visit my grandpa I took some of pictures of his cat, he said he liked them, so I got the decent ones printed, and I'm going to mail them on Monday. I'm going to see him around Valentines day so I was thinking I should make something with the pictures for him. My grandpa is 87 (maybe 88) and he rarely leaves his house. He collects coins and likes National Geographic. I don't start school until the end of February so I have plenty of free time to make something. What are some things I could make for him with the pictures?

There are only about 20 pictures and a lot of them are very similar. The pictures are here for reference.
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Asking a question for my mate Sarah.

A couple of days ago Sarah was asked by an old friend, Lauren, to go to Japan with her in June. She initially jumped on the idea but now that she's thinking about it she's not too sure.

  • She doesn't know Lauren all that well anymore, & would be staying with her mother & step-father (whom she's never met).
  • Neither girl speak Japanese, & would be on their own most of the time.
  • Sarah suffers from anxiety attacks & while she's had it under control for the last few years, she'd be going out of her comfort zone with people she doesn't trust to know how to deal with them.

To anyone who has travelled to a different country alone (without parents/partner/close friend etc), how was your experience?
To anyone who suffers from anxiety/panic attacks, would you recommend her going? Have you been through a similar experience & if so, how did you fare?


i'm hopefully starting a new office job soon so..

1.if you dress nicely for work, what is a store you buy most of your clothes from, that isn't too expensive?

2.do you like dressing nicely for work?

3.if you wear headbands, do you usually do a side part ? on what side- your left or right?
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So, let's say you found a chiwawa*. He has no tags but appears to be a pet because he's very friendly and potty trained.
You checked with the people on the street where you found him (they don't know anything) and put up flyers.

What do you do now? Take him to the vet? Wait?

*EDIT: Chihuahua. I get it.

The Tempest, his awesomeness' very last play.

I'm looking for the movie The Tempest by William Shakespeare. I THINK I'm looking for the 1985 version but any version is fine except for the animated one and the modern one with Susan Sarandon.

I've looked on a number of search engines, but does anyone know where I can possibly view this movie for free? I need to watch it and write a review for it by Monday, and I missed the in-class showing because of a doctor's appointment. I don't have time to order it, since I need it by this weekend. I've been to my local library, and they don't have it either.

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1. What is your favorite restaurant?

2. What type of restaurant is it?

3. What do you usually order when you go there?

4. How much does an average meal there cost?

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Do you watch any anime?

Do you consider yourself a fan?

What is your favourite anime what was made in the past 10 years if you do watch anime?

I used to, but I stopped after I saw Fruits Basket.
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borders on images / surprizes

Ok, this is the probably the lamest question I've ever asked here, but I will hang my head in shame and ask anyways, since I can't seem to figure it out on my own. I've poked around in Photoshop (I have CS2) and so far, nothing has panned out. Normally, I try to find an online guide to these types of things, but they usually make me more confused or end up being for something similar but not what I'm trying to do. I just want to know how to put a thin border around pictures/icons/images/your mom. Help? Answered with much patience by torificus :D

ETA a ? for people who don't know/want to answer the first one or get here after 37 people have told me I'm a dumb ass answered:

What has been your most recent happy surprize?
I got an email today for the pre-sale of tickets to the second leg of MCR's Black Parade tour and, obviously, I got tickets and am going apeshit inside! The good news is I get to see them live. The bad news is I will probably be arrested before they even make it to the stage for stabbing hipsters and emos while suffering through Muse on the rail. I'M IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTION, PEOPLE!!!
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1) Should a democrat win the 2008 election (whether it be Hillary, Barack, or someone else), what do you anticipate happening with the war in Iraq? If the newly elected president pulls us out of the war entirely, do you think this will improve perceptions of the U.S. in the middle east?

2) I'm going to a baby shower tomorrow. The registry has most of the big-ticket items already purchased, so all that's really left is some pretty cheap stuff (she's registered at Walmart...ugh). Since everything that's left is so inexpensive, do you think that buying 2 items from the registry would be appropriate? Should I get more than that?

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For someone...

Are you ticklish?
How much?
Where the most?
Do you like/hate/other being tickled?
Anything else that seems relevant...

as much info as you want for anything...the more the better I guess
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I love string instruments. What are some good songs that include them? Or songs that are made up entirely of them. Classical music suggestions are welcome.

Same with piano, what songs have some really good piano?


Ok, I read the previous post regarding income taxes... but I guess I have a simple question.

If someone out there who is an accountant or knowledgeable about this could give me advice, I'd appreciate it.

I'm single. I don't have kids or anything. And I don't own a home. I have three W-2's and a Student Loan Interest statement. That's pretty much it. Should I just file using an online program, like TurboTax?

I don't know a whole lot about this, but I do know that my taxes should be fairly simple to do. I'd hate to go to H&R Block or somewhere, and pay more than necessary.

Resume names...

When writing a resume, do you put you given name or preferred name? My given name is Cathryn, but my references all use Kate, as do my bank details.

Is it acceptable to put: Cathryn (Kate) LastNameHere? Or is that just clunky and weird?

Or do I just put Cathryn and then if I'm ever contacted say "please call me Kate?"

Computer Question

I am interested in knowing if there is any way that I can make it so that while I am not at my computer, no one else can turn it off? I'm in college and have a new roommate who doesn't understand that when I tell her not to turn off my computer when i'm not here, that actually means don't turn off my computer. I'm using an HP Pavilion ze4400 laptop. So basically, I just want to know if it's possible to 'turn off' the ability to manually turn off the computer, such as using a password or something.
Thank you!

also...what are your best ways of not getting sick while living in close proximity to someone who is sick?
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Today for the first time ever I threw my back out.

For those of you who have done this, what can you recommend so that I can at least get somewhat comfortable?

Is heat preferable or should I ice my back?

How long was it until you felt like you could sit upright comfortably?

I have a three hour flight on Thursday that I must make and I'm worried that I may have issues. I can't exactly drug myself since once I get to my destination I have to drive quite a bit to get to an interview I need to be coherent for.

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what do you think about the american school system being changed to the following..?
elementary school..  first through sixth grades  (starting at age four or five)
high school..  seventh through twelfth.

using this system, how mature do you think a person would be at age sixteen when graduating?

how would this system help the workforce?  

how would this affect college?

general pros?  cons?

..consider that the age of menstruation has dropped two years since the early 1900s.
..consider that many things that used to be for adults only are now accessible to teens.

edit:  consider most european school systems that work more like this idea than the current system.
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What did you major in while attending college?

What will you be majoring in if you're not there yet?

BA in English from Middle Tennessee in Murfreesboro, TN.
Went to Vanderbilt for summer English courses in Nashville, TN.
Going for Audiology at Gallaudet in Washington, DC.
About to switch to Accounting at George Mason in Fairfax, VA.

Can you tell that I'm dodging student loans?
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1) Five years ago: My uncle was a minister of a small church, had a very conservative view on just about everything, had a strict view of just how his family was supposed to look and act, and was always preaching to people around him about God and Jesus and whatnot.
Today: My uncle shaved his head, grew a funky goatee, and stepped down from being a minister. He's now covered in tattoos, shows anyone who stands still long enough his nipple piercings, works for a flashy design company, and has gone extremely liberal in his views.

Do you know anyone who has gone through extreme changes like this?

2) I have an HP desktop computer with Windows XP Media Center installed. I have virus protection programs and adaware, so I know I have no problems on my computer. No matter what I do, I cannot change the desktop appearance. I mean, I can change the color of it, and move the icons, but I've downloaded wallpapers for my desktop and no matter how I try I can't make the wallpaper appear. If I right click on the desktop, select properties, and click on desktop, the window to select the background is completely grayed out ad I can't select anything in it, or scroll through it. What can I do to fix this?

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1. For those with glasses: When did you get them? What's wrong with your vision? Was it a difficult adjustment to make (meaning were you heachachey or anything getting used to them)?
I got my eyes examined today and found out I'm nearsighted. I get my glasses Friday, and I'm curious as to what to expect.

2. What is your favorite song by the Scissor Sisters?
I've not listened to enough of their music to have a favorite yet. That's why I want to know your favorites. :)

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Anyone have any good shark recipies/yummy ideas/suggestions for cooking shark?

EDIT: For people who are too brain-dead to know otherwise, I came here for personal opinion/recipies, and that's why I'm not interested in Google.
I'm starting to think a lot of people just respond on auto-pilot, without even thinking twice about what they're reading. It's kind of sad, really...oh well.
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Due to my first ever (yay!) paycheck coming soon, I want to celebrate and spend the first one or two (I'm a high school student working part time at a grocery store, I don't get much!!) on an iPod. My parents are divorced and I live at both houses, and I'm tired of hauling CDs back and forth between the two. Obviously I'm getting the iPod to solve that and keep all my music in one place. Anyway, enough rambling/introductions! Here's a poll for you answerees to fill out for moi. :]

Poll #920159 iPod Things

If you were to purchase an iPod, would you purchase a...

80 gig iPod
30 gig iPod

What color would you choose your iPod to be?

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Do you wear perfume from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab? What scents would you recommend? I'm a little overwhelmed with all the choices. Thinking about White Rabbit and perhaps a few others.
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Computer RAM

I'm looking to upgrade my computer a little bit, and had a question.

I have 184-pin DDR DIMM slots, does that mean that any 184-pin DDR DIMM will work? Or do I need to match up the memory speed as well? I found an online version of my manual and it said PC1600 or PC2100 but the manual is a few years old. PC2100 is 266MHZ, so does that mean I can't go above 266MHZ?

(no subject)

(Okay, let's try posting this in the right community instead of statements, where question marks are forbidden.)

Is your cell phone voicemail something quirky/funny/whatever? I want to change mine to something more personal than "Hey guys, it's Kayla, blah blah blah", and I'd like ideas/inspiration. Thanks :D

(no subject)

1. is there another member on LJ that you absolutely can't stand for no actual reason?
(just so I'm clear and stuff. I mean someone you've never had an argument w/ or anything...just get bad vibes from and such)

2. do you enjoy road trips?
 a. If yes, do you like to plan them or just go?

3. do you have an image in your head of your "dream home"?

(no subject)

1) Do people actually benefit from drinking bottled water? (Obviously they would if they lived in a place where the water was very dirty but I'm talking about someone who lives in a country with running water that's already filtered by the government)

2) Would taking prenatal vitamins when not pregnant cause health problems?

3) On that subject, do you want/have children? If so, how many?

4) Have you ever cried during a movie? Which one?

5) Do those jelly shoe sole things actually fix any kind of health problem?

6) Is the Atkin's diet as unhealthy as it sounds from the commercials?

7) If you could have a kiss with any person in the world, even a fictional person, who would it be? Why?

8) Why don't celebrities who are caught on tape doing drugs (Paris Hilton, Kate Moss, etc) ever serve time in jail/prison?

two self-absorbed questions.

What is the most tragic thing that happened to me today?

the dishwasher broke...again.
Walgreens was unable to refill my ink cartridge, so they gave it back to me all leaky.
the girl behind the counter at Walgreens said, "you know, sometimes people don't understand nuthin' I say!"
I forgot to buy cool whip at the store.
I caught 3 items that rang up at the wrong price at der Publix.
The pharmacy only gave me half my perscription, so I had to drive back for the other half. Thanks, Publix!
My husband has to work all day doing taxes for people.
I have to wait til TOMORRRRRRRROW to get my hair trimmed by Clarissa...the only good hair stylist under $75 in Naples.
War in Iraq, dummy.

I was sorta cleaning up my home office and discovered a gift I was supposed to give my 13-year-old nephew for Xmas. An iTrip, which is an FM transmitter for iPods. Should I.....?

keep it. too bad, puberty boy!
give it to the lad for Valentine's Day, you forgetful scrooge.
save it to give him for his July birthday. He won't be ready for FM radio til age 14.
keep it, but lord it over him that he could have had it all.
Throw it out, those things suck/don't work.
return it to Target after you find the receipt! (LOL)
I can't believe you asked an iPod question on TQC, but i forgive you.
Send it to the troops in Iraq to show your support.
Keep it, but ONLY listen to NPR, and tell no one.

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For those in the UK who use Orange as a cell phone provider:

How did you register your phone and get your four digit ID code? The man at the store said I'd receive a text message containing the ID code, and I never did. When I call the customer service number I only get a very annoying prerecorded menu of settings, and was unable to speak with a representative. The website has not been useful either.

Video editing

Does anyone know of some exceptionally good video editing software? (preferably free, but if not- that's fine)

I'm creating a 1-3 minute promotional video and I need something other than Windows Movie Maker if I want it to be good.

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When a guy says "Sometimes I am not a very good boyfriend" to you, even though that word has never been used to describe him in relation to you, do you think he's trying to say that he wants to date you and just you? Or did I read too much into it and he was just saying boy - friend as in just friends? even though you've been hanging out combined with sleeping together for 8 months..??
Input would be appreciated.. thanks

edit: he was apologizing for insulting me the night before and for acting like a jerk when he was drinking, hence the "I am not a very good..." comment.

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I've been pretty bored so I turned on iTunes to Party Shuffle and who came up? LFO. I laughed cause I haven't heard them in a mega long time.. like since I was ten.

Who was your favorite "band" when you were little? Like elementary school...

Mine were N'Sync, LFO, Dream Street... basically all the boy bands I thought were totally adorable...
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What time does the liquor store closest to you close?

I just walked down the block (in DC) and mine was closed! WTF?
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1) What's a food a lot of people like that grosses you out?

2) Why do so many young women think it's okay for a boy to masturbate but disgusting for a girl to do so?

3) Do you find someone of the sex that you're not attracted to to be absolutely beautiful? Who? (Just pick from either or both genders if you're bi, I guess)

4) Okay, so, I have a pair of toy handcuffs. Would it be funny to handcuff my brother or sister's hands to something and then stick a blanket over his/her head or just mean?

5) Why are there so many movies where a tough, unorthodox teacher takes a bunch of bratty highschoolers by storm and reforms them?

6) Why is Regis Philbin on TV?

7) Is there anyone you'd like to smack across the face with a belt right now? Who? Why?
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I want to get Super Princess Peach for my DS (Lite) sometime in the future, but...

Whats it about?

Now your probably asking, "Why do you want it if you don't know whats its about?".

Well, all I know its is a game about Princess Peach and everyone seems to like it. So its on my list.

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Is anyone aware of a technical term for a person who consistently abuses others and then steps in and "saves" the abused?

e.g. Mr. X calls Ms. Y a worthless bitch, breaks down her self-esteem, and then proceeds to comfort her, buy her presents, and force her to rely on him, which functions to give him power and elevate his sense of usefulness.

Also, is anyone aware of any literature or movies that display this dynamic?
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Selective stupidity...

My first semester of college chemistry wasn't too bad. I understood the majority of the topics we covered.

But now in second semester, as we're learning about acids and bases? I am 100% absolutely drowning in confusion.

1. Do you hate acids/bases/pH/buffers in Chemistry?
1a. Have any help site recommendations?

2. Is there some topic that you just don't get in one of your classes?
Like I said, it's acids/bases in Chemistry for me. I also have major issues with circular motion in Physics.

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Another game question...

No clue if this was on a computer or on a console, but it was an old game (80s, early 90s?) where you run around (a cemetery?) freeing animals from their cages...

Anyone have an idea?
Flaming Sikozu

Web page oddness...

I want to sign up to cosplay.com, it says just hit the register button, but there isn't one. At least not one I can find, perhaps they've hidden it somewhere.
Can anyone shed some light on why I can't find the register button?

Also: Are you afraid of gaining weight?
How do you react if you find you've gained?
Are you on a diet?
Which one?
Ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?
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Gaga: Elegant

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Have you ever made a perfect bag of popcorn where all the kernels are popped?

Do you have trouble listening to the Requiem For a Dream soundtrack because it brings back the image of Jennifer Connely whoring herself for drugs?
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Bird names

I'm in the midst of planning a wedding with an outdoors-y bird theme, and I need help finding 'cute' bird names for the tables. Examples of cute bird names I've come up with already: bluebird, hummingbird.

Examples of birds that are no doubt cute, but not appropriate for table names: swallow, hawk.

I'm completely spacing. Help!

You guys are #1. TIA :D
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Valentine's Day!

So Valentine's Day is in less than two weeks...

1) Do you have a "significant other" you plan to spend it with?
2) Do you know at all what your plans are?
3) Do you prefer to give surprises, or be surprised on this holiday?
4) What was the best Valentine's Day you've experienced?
5) Do you enjoy this holiday, or are you someone who hates it with a passion?
6) Do you believe that guys tend to break up with their girlfriends right before V-Day?

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1. What's the longest it's ever taken you to get over someone? Any particular reason why it took you so long?

I went through a bad breakup about six months ago, and am pretty much over it, but every once in a while the guy shows up in a dream of mine and since I have super vivid dreams, I feel all weird and sad for a while afterwards.

2. Anyone here watch Scrubs? If so, what do you think of the current season?

Ugh. I'm horribly disappointed.

3. Got any good advice for meeting new people after moving into dorms? I'm insanely reserved/shy, and also am living in the most dead quiet dorm ever, so I kinda don't know anyone and it's getting to me.

Passwords being saved.

My passwords are being saved on my computer, and I'd rather they not be. How do I change that?
For example, when I go to log into livejournal, all I have to type in under username is "x" and then "xhellostranger" comes up, if I click that, then I don't even need to type in my password, it will do it for me. I don't like that.


first post.

What types of jobs are there in an art gallery? What does one do who works in one?
I'm interested in getting a job in an art gallery, but I don't know what my title would be or what the job would require. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Have you, or do you know anyone, ever gotten into a grad school when during your time doing undergrad, your GPA dropped below a 2.0 and you were put on probation?

((I'm asking because I do want to go to grad school if a place will take me, but I'm worried because of my GPA dropping after catching mono and missing half my classes last semester.))

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Do you think that
a lot of effort = whatever you want would eventually come to you
little effort/just waiting for it to happen = nada, zero, zilch


How the hell do you beat procrastination? Hahahaha

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You walk into a store that sells candy, cookies, ice cream, donuts, or some other delicious but unhealthy snack, with the intention of buying and consuming something. The person working behind the counter is overweight. Not morbidly obese, but definitely not just a little chubby, either.

Does this make you think twice about buying the product?

Would you make fun of the person, out of earshot? (e.g. "Ha ha, looks like someone's been sampling the product!")

food groups

if you had to limit your eating to two of the food groups, which would you pick?

Me: Dairy and grains I think. LOL I know I probably SHOULD pick veggies (which I LIKE) but... I just can't give up cheese and crackers.