February 1st, 2007



I'm looking to open a savings account. I want NO CASH CARD (because I just take the money out within a week of it going in) and the highest interest rates possible. What can you suggest ? I'm in the UK and 16.
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Several different groups of college kids, identified in the article as white college kids, have thrown "ghetto" or "gangsta" parties at campuses across the nation.
(Some have done MLK parties in blackface too, which is unquestionably offensive and tacky, I'm not debating this).

College leaders, black fraternity leaders, and the NAACP is speaking out against these ghetto parties where people wear bling, grills on their teeth, and bring machine guns as being
derogatory and offensive to black Americans.

Personally, I think when the living image of these stereotypes permeates and is seen everywhere in our pop culture today, that emulating this is not about race, and that the NAACP needs to pull
the stick out of its ass. Ghetto and gangsta isn't synonymous with black, mexicans, asians, or whites.

Do you find the throwing of these parties offensive, or do you think the NAACP needs to pull the stick out of its ass as well?

For all the non-Americans

Inspired by the bitchfest over here, because apparently everyone in the world should know how Helen Keller is.

Do you know who Helen Keller is?
If yes, did you learn about her from Family Guy?
What country are you from?

Edit: Does no one read subject lines these days?

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1) How old are you?

2) If you have any, do you talk to your pets?
Sometimes, they probably don't understand what I'm saying but I'm sure they understand the tone of my voice somehow.

3) What was the strangest 'phase' you ever went through?
My 'punk rock' phase a few years ago, I dyed my hair green and wore fishnets and black lipstick, I thought I was so hardcore. It was horrible.
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When you eat grapefruits/lemons/limes/oranges...do you eat the webby part, or just the juicy part?
I eat it so there is just peel left.

Maybe I've lost my mind, but has www.google.com been down for the past few days?

If it is not down...how would I go about fixing my web browser so I can Google?
I have FireFox

Edit: Some other websites aren't working...and my IE homepage has been set to www.sex.com...Wtf.


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Poll #918346 Complete these sentences

He's hung like _______

a clydesdale
an oak
a Globetrotter
a firehose

She's stacked like _____

a pile of titmice

His abs are as hard as ________

Kentucky moonshine
rock candy
Chuck Norris' fist

She's as curvy as ____

Dolly Parton in zero g's
the Nile River
a Slinky on the Eifle Tower staircase
a cobra doing yoga
a map of Brazil

The best polls are as random as _____

pork chops
Sumerian sanskrit
a Steven Wright quote
a Magic 8 Ball in pig latin
body part euphamisms
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It's 2 am and I can't sleep. I get like this every full moon and the days before and after it.

Does anyone else have this problem?

It was so bad last night I didn't even fall asleep until 5am. And I had to get up at 9:30. Argh. I don't know if it's the light of the moon or what, but I have black curtains over my window and I still can't sleep.

What conditions do you need to be able to get a perfect sleep? How long does it usually take you to fall asleep at night?

I need total darkness and a fan blowing on me. I can't be too hot or too cold. About 68 degrees is nice. It usually takes me anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours to fall asleep. My husband is able to fall asleep in anywhere from 20 seconds (I swear!) to 5 minutes. He's crazy.
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are sweetheart roses smaller than regular ones?


what kind of milk do you drink? in our fridge right now we have vanilla soy, Lactaid 2%, organic chocolate milk, and regular 2%

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which person in your life is most likely to smash the car door into the next car over

and if the person is you, that's fine also, and i'll thank you in advance for your candor and bravery
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1) Do you buy things name-brand or generic? What things do you insist on buying name-brand?

2) How fucking stupid are some people in Boston for not noticing those Adult Swim things until they had been up for a COUPLE WEEKS?

3) Do you think that Senator Joe Biden's (D - DE) comments about Obama were offensive/racist?
"I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy," Biden said. "I mean, that's a storybook, man."

4) Do you think that Tyra Banks is a fatty? 
Collapse )

Do you think either are doctored? 

EDIT: Speaking of fatties, I'm signing up for Weight Watchers tonight. I brought a healthy lunch with me. Do you think I should say fuck that and order chinese food instead?
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For the sexers...

Do you still know the person that you lost your virginity to?

Mine moved to Kansas her Senior year and I have only seen her once since then.
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If your roommate was not dating but "hanging out with" someone who really annoys you and is over all the time, what would you do to handle it?

What if you'd asked the roommate to please only have the person over on weekends because you wanted to be able to relax at home after work and they didn't seem to care?

What if that person lives next door and they could just as easily be at their house instead of yours? Would that change how you'd handle things?
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telephone machine.

1)Do you ever start conversations with wrong numbers?
2)Do you people call you a lot thinking your number is some one elses?
3)Whats the weirdest thing that has ever happened during a wrong number call?

My Answers

1) I generally dont try to start conversing with them, but sometimes they do with me
2) I literally get called every other day. its ridiculous
3) i woudlnt call them weird... but some funny stuff has come up...an elderly women kept calling me and leaving me messages. my message clearly states my etc and she would leave me a message going "gail? who is coral, is that your granddaughter? why did you have her record your message? anyways gail, id like to invite you over for lunch on thursday..." and it went on and on and on and i got like 5 of these. Finally i got ahold of her and it took a good 10 minutes for me to explain she had the wrong number

Another story... when i got my cell phone last year i matched the number very closely to my home phone.. one of my friends always dialed the beginning wrong and always called these people. sometimes she left messages, or called late at night and often she spoke with a woman who always got angry with her. One day the women called my friend and straight out asked her if she was having an affair with her husband and that if she was she wanted to know immediatly. it was brilliant.
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How can I get a free Photoshop program?

I'm usually pretty internet/computer savvy, but I'm feeling lost here. I've googled, but I have to pay for memberships at different sites to get it, and I don't want to if I don't HAVE to.

I mean a decent Photoshop program that I can actually DO something to the pictures. I have 3.0 on my computer, but I can't do anything with it. I don't know how I got it, either. lol.

Side question - is there another program that is great for editing pictures/making icons/etc? How do I get that, if so? Oh, and free if available of course.

Thanks, TQC! :D

should have clarified, not going for anything illegal here. If it is always something you have to pay for that's fine, but anywhere to get it really cheap, or any website I can download it from that is fairly reliable (again, to pay for it from them)?

Thanks again, heh
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Random ?'s

When's the last time you or someone you know begged for something? What was it? Dig they get it?

What movie(s) do you think are unintentionally hilarious? There's this clip on youtube of the Nic Cage Wicker Man remake that is pretty hilarious, but I guess anything taken out of context can seem ridiculous. Is it really that bad?

Do you take any daily vitamins or supplements? What kinds?
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Random stuff for a Thursday

1) What did you have decorating your walls of your bedroon when you were a kid?
I had 2 framed Edward Gorey posters, a Magic Eye poster, a poster of a killer whale, a wooden tic-tac-toe board and pieces, a framed painting I got during a trip to Eastern Europe. My mother gave me a NKOTB poster when I was in 5th grade, so I put it up behind the door that remained open at almost all times. Man, how embarrassing.
2) What was the first movie you remember seeing in a theater and with whom did you see it?
I remember insisting my father take me to see UHF. I was a nerd right from the start.
3) Are you particularly controlling about any rooms in your house/apartment/whatever?
I feel a certain authority over the kitchen that makes me antsy when my hubband does stuff in a way other than how I do it. I'm much more efficient and clean the pots and pans as I go, whereas when he cooks I end up doing all the clean-up. Gr.
4) When you go to the bathroom at work, are you the kind of person who's in and out in under a minute or do you take your time?
I can't figure out how some people can enter, pee, wipe, and exit all in the time it takes me just to do the second step. How do they do it?
5) Where you ever stood up or made to wait for a date?
The other night my mother came 1 hour and 10 minutes late for our dinner reservations. That was a first for me.
6) What's your favorite thing about Thursdays? Your least?
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Are there any accountants in this club? If so, are you as anal rententative and as hard to deal with and impossible to please as every single one that I have to deal with every motherf-ing day?! Does anyone else have to deal with accountants like this? Any suggestions as to how exactly deal with them and not loose your freaking mind every single time??
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My nieces in Pittsburgh are going to a Pens hockey game tonight! The game isn't being shown here in California but I am wondering, is there any way I can get a copy of the game later? Are they posted online anywhere?

This is actually a request from their Grandpa here in CA...this is what he writes:

"I have an emergency. Tonight, at 7:30PM EST (4:30PM PST), there is a hockey game - Pittsburgh Penguins against whoever. Chelsea and Jenna will be there at the game, holding up a big sign, wishing one of older players Happy Birthday since today is his b'day. I want to figure out how I can see the game either later tonight, or at a later time. This would involve either taping it, or having some knowledge about how to view past games."

Thanks dearies for any information!! It would mean a lot to me and him!


  1. Whats Do you do when you chill with someone you like, or likes you?
  2. Do you two hang out outside of the apt/house?
  3. Do you usually make the 1st move?
  4. Do you and your sig. other have a "song"?
  5. Do you believe in Groundhogs day?
  6. What are you wearing today?
  7. What are you listening to right now?
  8. Are you having a superbowl party?
  9. Want to help me move out of my parents house?

One more:
    10.   I am going to run home during lunch to make something for my dinner on the run... What should i make that is quick and easy?!
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Do they show reruns of Tyra's talk show? I really want to see her talk about the tabloid pics, but I have class 230-4 so I can't see any of it.

Does anyone have reptiles as pets? Are they creepy or cool?

Clinton and Stacy of What Not To Wear: Funny/cute or obnoxious?

Has anyone given or received one of those musical cards? What song was it and what was your reaction?

Silk and Satin sheets

What's it like to sleep on silk and/or satin bedding?

I would think it would be very slippery, especially if you toss about a lot as you sleep, maybe even falling out of bed?! I had a satin pillow case when I was young for when my hair had just been straightened (my grandmother said it was better for your hair), and it drove me insane because I would always wake up off the pillow.

Anyway, stories? Advice? Sex I hear is better or more romantic on them, is that also true or does it just depend on the person?
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random questions cuz i'm in a random mood and bored as all fuck at work:

1. other than being on the 'net, what're you doing?
2. when was the last time your email box was empty?
3. when attending a sporting event of any kind - what kind of tasty foodage do you eat?
4. which song do you dance to while driving in your car?
5. when driving in your car w/more than one friend - do you let them choose who sits in front if one yells "SHOTGUN!",....?
6. when was the last you yelled a curse word at someone (whether driving, or whatever), and what did you say?
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Lean Cuisines...*sigh*

So, like __ria I eat a lot of Lean Cuisine meals for lunch at work. But I feel like I'm always getting the same ones.

~ If you eat frozen meals of any brand/kind, what's your favorite? 

~ Do you find Healthy Choice, Smart Ones or Lean Cuisines (or other) to be the most generally yummy? 

Basically, reccomend your favorite frozen meal ...I'm in a lunch rut :o(

Big fake plastic or glass diamond ring?

My best friend's birthday is coming up in March and I want to get her something that she's been wanting ever since we were kids but I don't know where to get it.

She's very flamboyant and she loves big, gaudy jewelry. She also makes her own big, gaudy jewelry. Well, she's always wanted a huge fake diamond ring. I'm not talking like the size of a dime but something huge like the diamond on Snatch, like the size of a Barbie doll's head, like maybe 2 inches or bigger but not something that is ridiculously too big. She's very short so I don't want anything that's going to eat her whole hand up.

She's told me that she doesn't care if its made of glass or plastic but she would prefer plastic because its lighter. She doesn't care if its a ring or a loose fake diamond.

I've gone to craft stores and the biggest diamonds they sell are about an inch and they're those cheap ones that aren't all pretty faceted. The diamond in Snatch is perfect. If I could find a plastic or glass version of that, that would be awesome.

I've gone to flea markets, various jewelry stores, consignment shops, antique shops, kiosks in the mall, anywhere I could think of that might sell a big fake diamond and found nothing.

The only thing I found that came close was a paperweight that was a tiny bit bigger than 2 inches but the woman wanted $100 for it and my friend specifically told me not to spend too much on it, that she'd feel bad. I don't have much money anyway. It was too heavy anyway to be comfortably worn as a ring.

She's a really great friend of mine and I want to get this for her. So if you know where I could possibly get this, please let me know. Thank you.
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stupid anatomical question: what is that thing that connects the tongue to the botton of the mouth? (for those who don't quite know what i'm talking about but do know random trivia, it's also the thing that gene simmons got cut so he could stick his tongue out farther)
that's what she said!
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Do you set out a budget each month and stick to it? If so, do you budget in your head, in Excel, or through specific budget software? How hard or easy is it for you to stick to your spending budget?

I'm starting to realize that I really should be making a budget, whether formal or informal for myself, and following it, and I'm curious as to what strategies you use that you find most successful. 
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(no subject)

So I'm seeing about organizing an information database for something that would allow others to contribute and edit information as they choose. I realize I'm pretty much describing a wiki. The problem is that I really don't like the way wikis are set up or what goes into editing them. They're a bit on the ugly and complicated side. I have a domain with MySQL and whatnot, so hosting isn't an issue.

Are there any other database set-ups I could use other than a wiki? Or am I pretty much stuck with that?
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movie/miniseries related

2 quick ones

1. Do you think that the sequel movie (Bubba Nosferatu) will live up to the awesomeness that is Bubba HoTep?

2. Have you seen the mid 90's british miniseries adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere and is it worth renting/buying?

Money, Money, Moneyyyy.

What's the most amount of money you spent in one week?
I spent almost $2000 this week, UGH.

What did you spend it on?
I got tattooed, bought two plane tickets to FL and bought a brand-new MacBook.

Does spending large amounts of money make you feel nauseous?
Totally, I feel anxious and nervous and get a stomachache.
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Just curious....

Films such as Hostel and Saw...

A) Sick, twisted films who's directors/writers should be in psychiatric care?


B) Clever insights into themes such as war, society and madness?

C) Other - Please explain in comments.
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(no subject)

1. What's the most ridiculous thing that's ever happened to you?

2. Do you rescue turtles in teh middle of the road? Under what circumstances? Under what circumstances would you not stop?

My answers:
1. I was hit by a deer. My husband and I were driving and a deer came running out. My husband immediately screeched to a halt... only to have the deer run into the side of the car. It left a dent, but the deer went bounding (apparently unhurt) back into the woods.

2. Yes, but last week I was on a three lane road with medium traffic and, as it was a main road, didn't know how to stop and save it. I don't know what became of it, but I've been feeling guilty ever since, even though I know it was probably too dangerous to stop and block a few lanes of traffic.

Social Problems

In my Social Problems class, we need to pull together a 5-8 picture photo essay.

I want to do my photo essay on homelessness. However if I were homeless, I don't know that I would want my picture on someone's homework assignment.

I know where to go (downtown) in my city to find homeless people doing their daily thing -- waiting in lines at the soup kitchen, waiting in lines to get a bed for the night, sitting on the sidewalk panhandling etc... Those are the pictures I want to take (or find on the internet - that is allowed too).

So, if you were taking pictures of someone, would you go up to them, tell them what the project is for, then ask permission to take their picture? Or would you just snap away and assume consent because they are in a public place?

What if...

If Al Gore hadn't lost the 2000 US Presidential election, he might not have had time to save the world from global warming, and be nominated for a nobel prize AND an Academy Award.

If Dubya had lost the 2000 election...what would HE be doing now?
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(no subject)

  • How do you react when people sing "Happy Birthday" to you in a restaurant?

  • Would you add one year to your life if it meant taking one year from the life of someone in the world selected at random? Would it matter if you were told whose life you had shortened?

  • If you could have free, unlimited service for 10 years from an extremely good cook, chauffeur, housekeeper, masseuse, or personal secretary, which would you choose and why?
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I have two rolls of quarters my mom gave me for laundry before I got back to college from Christmas break. Problem is, I'm really hungry and the caf won't open for another hour and a half or so.

So, TQC, should I spend some of my laundry money on food, knowing that if I called my mom right now and asked for more money, she would probably put some in my bank account? Or should I save the quarters in case I have some sort of weird emergency with my clothes where OMG I NEED QUARTERS RIGHT NOW?
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For the past five years, I have been putting together a book of advice for my son. Thanks to the internet, I've had people from all over the world contribute to it. People have added anything ranging from music recommendations to opinions on love, life, and politics. I plan on giving him this book on his fifteenth birthday (which will be February 9, 2017).

Do any of you have something you would like to contribute to it?

If so, can you please include your first name (or make one up) and your location (even if it's just what country you are from)?

It doesn't have to be serious advice. Believe me, there is sillyness already included. Cursing is fine, as I'm sure at fifteen he'll be doing some of his own.

Scratch and Sniff

Do you normally wear perfume or cologne?

If so, which one(s) do you wear?

EDITED TO ADD: Which fragrances (not necessarily perfume or cologne) do you find appealing?  Such as "citrus scents" or "freshly baked cookes" or "coconut", etc.


(no subject)

1. For coffee drinkers - what is the difference between an Americano (hot water + espresso shots) and drip coffee (hot water passed through coffee grounds)? I'm mostly asking about the difference in taste.

2. Why do artists release slightly different versions of their album in different countries? Why do they stick an extra song on the "Japanese version" and not on the "American" version?
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Road Rage ?'s

1. Have you ever been involved in a road rage incident (whether being raged on, raging on someone else, being w/ someone raging, etc)?

2. What's your most interesting story involving road rage?

3. Did anyone hear about the guy that shot another driver w/ a crossbow?

(no subject)

i bit off part of the inside of my lip. i think it's getting infected. what should i avoid eating? is there anything i should eat that would help this heal? (don't tell me to use mouth wash... that's pretty obvious)
seems like i'm still waiting for the sun

charities, giving, and feel-good fuzzies

1. If you had, let's say, a million dollars, how much would you keep? How much would you donate, if any?

2. What organization or cause would your money go to? Why?

3. Do you think that people support well-known campaigns (i.e. buying INSPI(RED) items or LiveStrong bracelets) because they want to or because it's trendy?

Collapse )

P.S. If your answer to #2 happens to deal with pediatric AIDS, feel free to sponsor me in UCLA's Dance Marathon (I'll be dancing for 26 hours straight to raise money for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS foundation): http://www.active.com/donate/ucladance/tanya
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So I seem to have this extreme phobia of driving/riding in a car. When I was 15, I went through the written portion of drivers ed like every one else, but once it came to the actual driving part, I freaked and quit after the first day. I haven't driven since. I passed the permit test when I turned 18, so I could drive with someone who's had their license for over 5 years, but I have no desire to. I hate going anywhere with my husband in rush hour, and I constantly see death looming in the side-view mirrors. I've never been in anything more than a minor accident, so I don't know where this trepidation is coming from. Sometimes I even get panic attacks in the car, and it's not uncommon for me to just close my eyes the entire time.

My questions:

Does anyone else have this problem?

Anyone gotten past it?

What did it take to get over it?

Should I see a therapist? How should I get there if I can't drive myself?

Have you ever tried one of those driving schools? I was thinking about doing that because they would probably be really patient with me and I would also get a discount on my car insurance.

My husband is ok with me staying home right now, but he wants me to be able to drive in 3 years when our son is old enough for kindergarten. We plan on sending him to a Montessori school, and I don't know how the busing will be for that. Also, I want the option of doing something when he is in school (like work or community college classes). I don't want to just get knocked up again to pass my time.

Bonus Question: What's a good way to beat a cold before it gets full blown? I'm taking zinc lozenges, but they aren't really helping.
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(no subject)

1. Do you think that things like online petitions really work?
2. Do you think that those web-form emails you can send through groups like True Majority ever actually get seen by the people they are intended for?
3. Are you outraged by the reaction to the Mooninite invasion in Boston? If so, would you be willing to contact the mayor's office about it?

I know some of you are going to tell me I'm overreacting, and that's okay. I'd rather feel like I'm doing something, no matter how little of an impact it may make. But really, I would prefer if you kept this to honest answers. Thanks.
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(no subject)

What is the last bad cooking related mistake you made?
My dad asked me to make tomato soup, and instead of getting a can of tomato soup I got a can of dog food. I opened it, put it in the pot, and then went to add the milk before I realized.
me srs

(no subject)

Throughout your schooling, what topics do you remember writing essays on?

I'm looking for ideas and inspiration because I'm taking speech this semester. I feel like thinking of a good topic is always the hardest part.
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Monthly Meal Planner

My googling skills have evaded me today.

For anyone who's a food network canada addict like me, you may have heard of a show called "Fixing Dinner" with Sandi Richard. Anyhow, basically what she does is create a monthly meal plan for a family who wants to dine in/together more often.

I'm trying to save some cash, so I thought that something like this would help me a little. What I was trying to do today was find a similar pre-made meal plan for a month, or even maybe a week that will have a grocery list, etc. like what Sandi gives to the family. Anyone know where I can find one?

Oh yeah, I don't have a family or anything, but I'm pretty sure I could adjust the meals for one.

(no subject)

1)Do you own any thermal underwear? How often do you wear it?
2)Do you like iced or cold tea? Do you put sugar, lemon, or anything else in it?
3)How difficult is it to find jeans that fit you?
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(no subject)

What do you need to do that you're procrastinating?

How do you usually wear your hair?

What's an amusing anecdote you have about a teacher?

Which of your icons is your favorite?

How do you like your eggs?
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music/itunes questions

1. Somehow over the years I've ended up with over 8000 songs on iTunes (I dated a radio DJ for awhile). I've been deleting some of it, but it's painful, because for some reason part of me feels I need this much music. Have you ever felt the need to purge some of your music? Obviously I don't listen to everything in there. What should I delete? Joke answers or serious answers, I don't really care.

2. Is there any way to re-set yours iTunes so that the play count of all the songs is zero again?

3. What band with a female singer covered "Stinkfist" originally by Tool?

4. These are my playlists:
"Rock out with yo cock out" - current obsession music
"Lost at sea"- songs about being lost at sea (duh)
"rain" (songs about rain, or to listen to when it's rainy or stormy out)
"a new adjective for nice" (pleasant, happy, lovely songs)
"monstruo" (songs about monsters, dark songs, creepy, sexy... vampires, demons, werewolves, zombies, whatever)
"four spells" (songs about the seasons, weather, time, months, etc)

What are some songs you think I could add to my playlists?

(no subject)

01: What do you like to drink/eat when you relax?

02: If you had a radio show, what content would it have and what would you call it?

03: The Superbowl is on Sunday, what do you like to do, to have a SUPER weekend?

This is not what are you doing this weekend or for the Superbowl, this is how you have a super weekend. This question has nothing to do with the game.

x posted to thursdaythree
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(no subject)

Do you know how to do this math problem?

Find the area inside a Koch snowflake if you start with an equilateral triangle whose side is of length 1.

Anyone else in the midwest fearing the subzero weather this weekend? I've never been anywhere where it was under zero. What's it like? (If anyone has a description other than "cold"...)

CompGeek Question

Alrighty! For those of you who download movies/TV shows/whatever (I'm in Europe on a studyabroad and I wanna stay current on my shows), what program do you use for playing .avi files in ye olde Windoze XP?

I nearly killed my WMP searching for codecs; I've been using VideoLAN's VLC media player for over a year, quite successfully, but recently it's started getting VERY buggy, eating up my CPU, randomly being a complete shit, etc etc etc. I've tried the uninstall/reinstall a few times, and it doesn't seem to have helped. Can anyone recommend a better/less buggy/less frequently retarded player?

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(no subject)


My laptop just suddenly...stopped making noise. I can't hear anything, music, start up noises or anything. What have I done to it!? It isn't on mute and all the music players have the volume to max!

Edit: Never mind! Fixed it :)
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(no subject)

Question for those who are working:

What did you wear to your interview?
What was the position you were applying for?

For those who are not working/ studying/etc
What would you wear?

Bonus points for pictures.
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(no subject)

What's the best way to get over being dumped by your first love?

My first long-term boyfriend just told me he "doesn't feel it anymore" and I'm understandable upset.

Any tips on how to make it go away?

What was your first love like?

(no subject)

My boyfriend is going to have a surgery on his foot in a month- he crashed his motorcycle and messed it up REALLY bad. After the surgery he won't be able to walk for 3 months. He won't be able to work or walk more than a few weeks for 6 months. He's going to be on disability.

What can he do to take up time? All I can think of is TV and video games... but I'm sure that'll get REALLY old after a week.
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Who is a singer that you used to love, but now for some reason, you can't stand listening to them sing? I'm talking their actual voice not sounding good to you anymore, not like their style changed and you don't listen to their new music or something.

For me, it's Clay Aiken.

My Point?


Here's the scenario: Say you can't stand a way a person lives their life. You are adamantly against it and when asked you say you don't agree with it and it goes against everything you believe.

Is it possible to say you don't have a problem with this person? Can someone honestly say they like people whose lifestyles go against their beliefs?

To me, it is bs. I think you can disagree with certain aspects of a way a person lives their life, but to come out and say you whole heartedly disagree with who the person is as a whole, but still like the person doesn't make sense to me.

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Are you allergic to any foods?
What happens to you if you eat said foods?

As far as I know the only one I have is a very small allergy to honey - it makes my throat kinda itchy. But I have to eat quite a bit of it for it to get to that point.
Sam outside


Is there  a song that still gives you butterflies everytime you hear it?

Yep...Hey There Delilah by the Plain White T's. I don't even really know why but everytime it comes on my heart drops and my tummy gets butterflies =]

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dearest tqc,

last week, I was putting my laptop down and kind of dropped it hard on the carpet, on the corner where the usb ports are.  I thought everything was fine until I used it the next time - and my mouse didn't work.  I threw away the mouse, and bought a new one.  Whoopes, the new one doesn't work - something is wrong with the usb ports.  neither one works to connect mice, my camera, my palm.
Please help if you can.
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Are there any people who went Greek during college (ie: joined a fraternity or sorority)?

If so, which chapter did you join?  Was initiation one of your favorite memories?

Everyone, what stereotypes do you have about Greeks?  Positive or negative.

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1. Have you climbed a water tower?

2. If so, what happened? Did you get caught?

3. If you did get caught, what was your punishment?

I just watched What's Eating Gilbert Grape and now I have the urge to climb the water tower in my town.

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I am allergic to penicillin.  I have been told that if I have a direct dosage of such, I WILL go into shock.

Would this ever actually be a concern if I were to end up in a hospital because of an emergency, y'think?  (Asking as I'm going to AUS this summer, and I'm a worrywort.)

Wishin' and Hopin'”

for some reason ABC or whatever network airs Grey's Anatomy at nine cut off the last five minutes. i know, WTF?! so please, anybody, what happened?! i can't watch it on the abc website either cause thats only open to u.s. residents! WTF is up with that too!?
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If I want to print out graphics, what file format should I use?

I'll be using regular copy paper, not photo paper. I've got a really amazing printer at my disposal, but I've used it before to print graphics and they still came out with "clear" blobs around them, if that phrasing makes sense.

I don't recall now what format the previous (a few months ago) experiment was saved in... but I need to do it again, so.. how should I save it this time to avoid the clear blobs when it's printed?
New Camus

Boring questions

1. Have you ever taken a college class online?
2. How were your tests/exams formatted?
3. If the corresponding text had a web site with study questions, did the actual test use those questions, or were they new?
4. Can you tell I'm about to take my first online class exam?
5. And here's the longshot: has anyone taken sociology online, using the Social Problems textbook?
6. And here's an unrelated question: do you like snow?  I mean being outside while it's snowing, not just watching it from inside.

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