January 31st, 2007


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My parents just told me that they're getting divorced. This is incredibly shocking and unexpected. I didn't get much of a chance to talk to my mom about it, so I want answers now.
How long does a divorce usually take? I think this will be pretty clean with little to no fighting- there isn't really any animosity between them.

2nd try...

I've never "noticed" Daniel Radcliffe before...but after these pics were released, I have a sudden desire to swim to England to see EQUUS in person. If these photos are accurate depictions of Mr. Radcliffe, I wouldn't mind being in a god-awful fanfic with him.
Comments on the photos/Radcliffe's role/decision or etc? Apart from the squee-worthiness, I think they're rather artistic.

ETA: duh. http://broadwayworld.com/viewcolumn.cfm?colid=15430

Movie time

Any of you TQCers seen the movie The Ballad of Jack and Rose? Daniel Day-Lewis, Catherine Keener, Jason Lee, and that weird kid from Little Miss Sunshine. It's a big bowl of mixed nuts, as far as what you'd find in this flick. I was both appalled by some parts of the movie that I deemed bad writing, yet startled by some of the more, um, intimate situations in the movie. I don't want to give away too much here. I do want to share a few words with other people who would know what I'm talking about.

So, anybody seen it? What did you think? Complaints? Compliments?

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1) If someone doesn't understand how they can get pregnant (I knew a girl in high school who gave her boyfriend a blowjob and thought she was pregnant, and she was a junior at the time) shouldn't they just...not have sex? Why would they risk it if they don't know how it works?

2) A girl I went to high school with goes to the same college as me. We don't have classes together, but see each other on campus all the time and for some reason I just can't have a conversation with her without a whole mess of awkward moments, so I try to escape as soon as possible. Do you know somebody that you just can't have a conversation with?

3) What is your favorite cheesy joke?

death art


So, TQC, after spending this weekend wallowing through the world's worst hangover, I must ask:

What are your hangover cures?

I have tried all the ones I have heard of, but none of them seem to work. What works for you?

And please, don't respond with "Don't drink"

Partially because...well...Duh. But mainly because that is not a hangover cure. That is hangover prevention.

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My fiance wants to buy me a car for my birthday.

Should I go for the Lexus or BMW?

What is your favorite designer shoe? I love Jimmy Choo.

How big is your engagement ring? Mine is 2 carats. I decided I wanted something understated.

How much do you/did you pay for your house? My house costs $499,500 back in 2002. I'm sure it's worth at least $550,000 now.

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Oh, one more thing! I'm watching the Today show right now, and can you BELIEVE that bride freaking out about her hair? Seriously, I would sue that salon. How dare they ruin the most important day of her life!!
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1) would you rather live in a beautiful mansion with rather sparse furnishings, or in a modest sized house decorated exactly as you'd like?

2) Do you play the lottery? Have you ever won any kind of prize money or gotten close to winning the whole thing?

3) I bought a quart of buttermilk to make biscuits with, but now find myself with 3/4 of the carton left and no idea what to do with it. Short of fried chicken which I dont really like, what can I do with it?


1.) Was anyone else disappointed with House last night? What did you like/not like about the episode?

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2.) Are you a good gardener? What kind of plants do you have in your home/garden?
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Do you have an ING Savings account?
How do you like it?

I just got two kittens and i already have a dog. the kittens are 3 pounds each and the dog is 30 pounds and like 5 years old (she needs to loose some weight, she's a beagle). the dog is afraid of the kittens. how do i get the dog to quit being a pansy about the kittens? when i try to bring her over to the kittens she acts very submissive. i've only seen her do this once when i accidently stepped on her tail. could this be due to something that happened before we got her (she was about 1 i think)? she won't even sleep on the bed where the kittens are anymore. she went into the closet and slept in the laundry basket and wouldn't come out.
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Where is the strangest place you've ever acquired a pet?
I found a kitten in the long term parking lot at Newark Airport. It was 3AM and raining, my dad and I had just gotten back from California. My dad told me not to even bother trying to catch the cat because the cat wouldn't come over. Obviously I didn't listen and sat down on the ground between two cars and the cat came right over to me. We had him for about a year and my dad let him out one day and he got hit by a car =[ That is why I don't let our cat's out alone, and never have.

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It's your 22nd birthday on Saturday and some friends have invited you (and your fiance) to a strip club. You've never been to one before, but are slightly curious. Would you go?

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Whom in your life would you help bury the body? Would you ask questions or just do it?

What about vice versa: whom would you ask to help you bury the body? If they asked questions, would you have to bury their body, too?

Ikea, ringtones, spam, work

I'm looking for some new furniture, and I like a lot of what I've seen in an old Ikea catalog...but the closest Ikea store is too far away to just go check it out. So tell me, what are your experiences with Ikea furniture (specifically couches and bedroom sets)? How are their shipping prices? I tried to find that on their website but you have to pay for your stuff before you get a price for shipping. I may just end up driving my ass to from Edinburg to Houston (about 300 miles, as the crow flies) because I can't commit to buying a couch without sitting on it first, but it would be helpful to read about other people's experiences. Also, does anyone have a 2007 Ikea catalog you don't want? They're not mailing them in my area :(

For those of you with cell phones, what ringtone are you using?

Do you like Spam? Or any other smeat product, for that matter.

For those of you who watch The Office (American or British, doesn't matter), do you ever look at your coworkers and compare them to characters from The Office?

Do you like plain metal paperclips or the ones with the colored coating better?

Ever steal from work? What do you take?

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What causes that "tickle in your throat" feeling?

It's driving me crazy! I had to walk out of class a few days ago because it kept coming back and made me cough non-stop for ten minutes. It's been there for about a week.

(I googled and all I found were articles talking about a cold. I know I have a cold. I just want to know what specifically causes it to occur.)
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1. In general, what do you think of the play Equus?
1a.If you've never heard about it, what was your gut reaction after reading the description?

2. Specifically, what do you think about Daniel Radcliffe starring in it?
2a. Do you think it's a good career move or a bad one?

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real men read

The hits keep a'coming.

1. When was the last time you were hit on?
Monday by the guy replacing my windshield.

2. Do you always realize that someone's hitting on you at the time they're hitting on you, or does it only occur to you later that that's what was happening?
I can tell.

3. Are you a magnet for a particular type of person hitting on you?
I'm a magnet for guys who look like Ving Rhames.

4. Are you more amused, flattered, or uncomfortable when someone's flirting with you? Other?
It's amusing as I know they're totally wasting their time.

5. Are you a flirt?
Oddly enough it's easier if I'm totally not interested in the person. I don't know what this says about me, exactly, but I've gotten less flirty over the years. If I was really into the person I'd just get really quiet.

6. Have you ever read a book like The Rules for pointers?
Nope. I rely on my innate smoothness to win people over. [/irony]

7. Were you ever tricked into going to a singles' event?
I was and later on someone I met there who was at least twice my age got a hold of my number and started calling me to ask me out. That sucked.

Bonus: What are you hungry for right now? (Take this however you see fit.)

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1. aren't there a number of towns with, if not outright vulgar, definitely questionable names for those of you with the sense of humor for it? i was thinking in the US specifically [i've read a list! but i can't dig any up with google for the damn life of me] but i'd be happy and amused if anyone could think of any, anywhere.

2. when you think of past relationships, do any particular songs come to mind? it hasn't always been this way for me, but for the last few times i've dated, one song has seemed to remind me of it most vividly. usually it's been a song one of us had introduced the other to that really made us click. so yeah/no? examples if you feel like it.

3. have you ever felt really strongly about something and then just had those feelings vanish suddenly? what was the situation? last night and this morning i was feeling pretty shitty about my life in general but a couple of hours after i got to work, i suddenly felt satisfied and content. now i'm really confused because i don't know if i was right to be analyzing everything or if i'm just a nitpicking bitch. hmph.

4. if you're in an LDR [or were], how and how much do you stay in touch with your SO? is it adequate? i always wonder this about other people.
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lol race relations

what do you think of the state senator in virginia who doesn't want a resolution apologizing for slavery passed?

do you think any people/governments/companies should apologize for slavery if they have not yet done so?

was your family involved in the slave trade? how so? does this affect you?

if your family traded/owned slaves, do you feel guilty?

if you're descended from slaves, do you want an apology from someone?
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what's something you've wanted to say to your boss, just haven't? [as of recent] (for those of you who don't work, maybe a teacher, significant other, etc)

what makes your life worth living?

what's the worst first impression you've ever made?

There are many things that we would throw away if we were not afraid that others might pick them up -Oscar Wilde .. what's something you're keeping because of that exact reason?

what's for lunch?
Beast mode!

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1. Did you wet the bed as a child?

2. Do you remember ever having a dream that you were on the toilet and peeing in your dream, but then you woke up to a wet bed?

3. When you wake up in the middle of the night (or first thing in the morning) do you have to check to make sure you're really awake before you let yourself pee?

4. How do you know you're really awake?/What do you look for to prove it?

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For those who have had a friend/relative/co-worker/neighbor accused of a crime: did the media come to you and ask for a statement? Did you give it? Why or why not?

For those who have not been in that position: Under what circumstances would you give a statement? Under what circumstances would you not give a statement?

See, I want everyone to be able to answer!

ETA: I said statement to the media! I never said anything about the police. That's a different question for a different day.

First Reaction.

Hi, I am trying to find some affordable housing for my step daughter and her two young children. She is starting her life over and needs a break. She is running out of options fast and has no where to go, ( right now she is staying with us, but that increase us to 7 people in a 3 bedroom house) She is on the list for housing, but it is long, she and afford up to 800.00 a month.If anyone can help,since this is a religious chat room, I expect a large response! 

You see this posting this morning in your communities local message board - in the religions/beliefs sections. 
This board is not overly busy....you have a few main characters that converse everyday or less....maybe four people.

When you see the initial posting, how do you react / feel, if anything at all?

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Immigration called last night and asked for my partner. He asked questions he could've easily asked me, but I'm guessing he was checking we were together. He asked if we still lived in xxx, then asked if we were planning any trips in the next week, then said he wanted to do another interview... when my partner asked what time, he couldn't answer, said he'd call back in a week, and hung up.

This leads me to SEVERELY believe I will be subject to a home interview about my relationship within the next week.

My partner and I are planning our wedding right now, so it shouldn't be hard to prove we're in a real valid relationship.

I'm still nervous though. I'm worried there won't be enough.. or something.

Has anybody here had a home interview for immigration before?

How did it go?

What do you wish you had that you didn't?

What did you wish you didn't?

What were some of the questions asked?
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Has anyone here been through air force basic training while being married?

I was told by a sargent yesterday that they are going to spend all 6 weeks keeping my letters from my husband, telling him I am cheating on him and they know I'm screwing other men and that I don't l0ve him and will leave him as soon as he is finished with basic.

Is that stuff true? Are they really going to do that?
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Why is it a child born to one black parent and one white parent is black and not biracial?

This question came up in one of my classes before and I vividly remember several of my black classmates saying that and how having a black identity was far different than Asian or Latino, especially for biracial kids.

What do you think?
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Good afternoon TQC buddies.


My best friend has just admitted himself  into a rehab program for drinking.  He has had addictions to drugs before but did well kicking them on his own.

  I am so so so proud of him for taking this huge step.  We are used to going to the bar 7 nights a week.  If we are not at the bar we are at the apartment above the bar partying there.  This is a huge change for him and for me as well.

My questions:


What can we do that doesn’t involve alcohol?  Neither of us are really into artsy things and even if we were we don’t really live close to where those things might be offered.  So far, I’ve got movies, having a dinner get together at my house, movies at my house, me kicking his ass at video games,  starbucks,…and I’m spent.  I don’t want him to feel  because he’s stopped drinking he’s lost all of his friends too.


Should I remain sober as well?  When I left him the other night he asked me where I was going and I didn’t want to lie so I told him to the bar.  I felt terrible.


Any one ever been through this have any advice for me?



ETA: Sorry about the tiny font, I didn't realize I had done that.
    My icon is default, while not entirely appropriate for this question.
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music downloading

Ok, so I generally use Limewire to check out new bands. I haven't used it in a few months and now it's just a big mess. Does anyone know any good places to sample music? I don't download huge amounts of music, I just like to check out new bands/cds before I buy them. Don't reply to tell me it's wrong. blahblahblahidon'tcare.

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I know iPod questions are frowned upon here, but I've looked everywhere else, including the iTunes website, and I've been through all the options and can't find anything. So scroll on past and don't hate please!

Recently I added a lot of music to my computer and I found that whereas before when I clicked 'add folder to library' it would add the folder AND all it's subfolders (i.e. folder 'X' and 'X/Y', 'X/Z', 'X/YZ'), it now only adds the top level. There's no checkbox or anything and I can't find anything in the preferences, but I'm sure someone else out there must have encountered the same problem... there's probably just something obvious I'm missing. Anyone know what it is?
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Geneva Switzerland/ Cessy France/ Culture and experiences.

Hello everyone!

In about a year my boyfriend is going to finish doctorate in Physics (Particle Physics.) We're really excited, and we're just now looking at post-doc locations. One great opportunity would be for us to move to Cessy France or Geneva Switzerland (for 2 years) so that he could work at the CERN Large Hadron Collider. CERN Wiki

My questions are: what is it like living in the Geneva/Cessy area? What is the culture like? Is there a large English speaking community in the area?

Do you think a non-native would be happy there?

I don't speak the languages unfortunately (neither German nor French) and I'm afraid that I'd feel isolated.

[dance] pink side to side


What do you guys think of this article?

Long and short of it: A small town in Quebec wants immigrants to lay off on their traditions extremist attitudes (? I don't know how else to word it right now), as they are actually forcing the people who were born here to change their lives.

I personally think it's unfair that the majority have to try to bend for the minority, and actually support this. Though they could have been a little, uhm, nicer about it. I'm all for people being allowed to move into another country, but you should be willing to accept that it is indeed another country. I wouldn't go to a country where women aren't supposed to wear pants, and trot around in a t-shirt and jeans and expect to not get bitched at.

What say you? Do I deserve to be stabbed now? ;P

(Yes, prepared for the drama that possibly may ensue here. I know what I'm getting into.)
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For all the Harry Potter fans:

1. Which is your favorite book?

2. Which is your favorite movie?

3. Which were you exposed to first - books or movies?

4. Which do you like better - books or movies?

5. Favorite character of the trio (Harry, Ron, Hermione)?

6. Favorite teacher (this includes Dumbledore)?

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Give a dog a home

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I have a big bag of potatoes. What kind of healthy things can I do with them, besides throw them at small children and offleash dogs?

What was the last goal that you set that you actually achieved?
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Hazard to Myself

How do you classify yourself?
Does your lifestyle follow the trend of what we know a certain stereotype to act like?

(Ex. prep, goth, hippy, etc.)

Edit: Yeah, I totally asked for these comments. Crap. Bad... bad idea asking this one.
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Has anyone ever heard of that search engine where you can enter the charity you want and when you search something it donates a cent or something to that charity? Can anyone give me the URL?

(no subject)

If you have a SO:
Do you and your SO share the same group of friends? Do you have "couple" friends that you hang out with for the sake of doing "couple-y" stuff (ie double dates)?

Do you prefer, in general, to share the same friend group? Why or why not?

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For those of you who have used/are using the Nuva ring..what are your experiences so far? side effects? And if you got it from PPH, please share the process of getting one..im looking into it but to be honest, im kind of scared. :/

"...Talkin bout my generation..."

I was having a conversation with my friend the other day, and we were naming things that represented our generation. (1992-present) So far we have Beanie Babies, RENT, Avenue Q, Wicked, Cell phones, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson and her tuna/chicken thing, 9-11, Saddam, The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Britney Spears.

What else do you think represents my generation?

What represents YOUR generation?

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What is the big deal about Harry Potter?

Why does everyone like it?

I heard about him acting in a play naked. How gross is that? Would you ever do that? How much would you want to act while naked?

My answers:

I would never do that. I feel it's self-violating. Money is great, but it depends the situation.

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EDIT: Look people, I agree it's horrible that parents are getting mad at him for expressing himself. He is an individual. I'm not saying being "nude" is a bad thing. I just find it nasty looking at him naked. :D I understand it is a mature play too. I'm also saying that it's "self-violating" for ME not HIM. I wouldn't have the guts to get up there and be nude, I give him kudos for that. Also, my icon, there is nothing WRONG to have a crush on a celebrity. I'm a teen for goodness sake! Just wanted to clear some things up. =]
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What are your best beauty tips or beauty secrets?

Best way to get rid of a zit?

Favorite brand of makeup?

Best inexpensive makeup?

I get asked all the time about my hair and makeup, but in reality my favorite beauty tips are simple things like drinking water, sleep and vitamins.


What is the best face foundation to use, that: doesn't clog pores, doesn't look cakey, is light and doesn't cause dry or flakey skin? and looks as natural as possible. Does such a thing exist?

help would be great

you can delete if you find this stupid.

dimensional shift

Do you guys ever dimensionally shift and end up in universe where you know for a fact that something didn't exist before, but now it does and everyone swears it was always that way?

(For example, it's like when you drive down the street you've been down 51384967 times and you suddenly notice this crazy building and go, "Hey! Where'd that come from?" and everyone else in the car goes, "You're so dumb. That's been there for at least 14 years. How have you never noticed that??")

Does that happen to you?
What's the most recent thing that's happened to you with?

My most recent experience was with the word "yurt."
I've heard it used 4 times in the past 2 weeks - after going almost 27 years without ever having known it existed.

Going back to veggie

I'm going back to a more veggie-oriented lifestyle during the weekdays to facilitate both weight loss and a healthier life.

I used to be vegetarian -- for 7 years, actually. But for the past 1½ or so I've been eating meat, and have forgotten what few recipes I used to know, both from disuse and because... well, I was a pretty crappy vegetarian, since I didn't cook much and had to resort to campus foods. (Not all that healthy. ;) )

So, for someone who's trying to eat healthier during the week, what kind of pseudo-vegetarian recipes would you suggest? Oh, I say pseudo- because I'm still going to eat fish to get my protein -- I'm allergic to nuts. And mango. So those are some dietary restrictions as well. :)

Thank youuuu!
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My ipod has died. NOWWAITBEFOREYOUJUMPONME! I don't know how to fix it, nor am I willing to spend money to have someone else fix it. So my question is:

If you had a dead ipod, how would you destroy it?
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(no subject)

Should the United States take steps to fully adopt the metric system and abandon its current system of measurement?

If yes, how would you go about doing that? How much time would you expect it to take?

skin Regimen

I am getting married in June and want to start getting my skin looking it's best, particularly my face, arms, and shoulders/upper back (strapless dress). Any tips?

Also, easy exercises/ eating habits to get into shape and lose weight?

Pain relief

Do you think pain relief should be a human right? Why or why not? Please be as detailed as possible.

EDIT: I am not talking about euthanasia, I mean pain relief in the form of drugs for those with cancer, AIDS/HIV, chronic pain conditions.
Also take it in account as in a world wide perspective. And where lines should be drawn...
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Film Study Suggestions for 13 year olds

I teach junior high language arts, and am currently doing a unit on media literacy with my grade 8s (age 12 - 13). I want to do a film study, having kids look at things like camera angles, shapes and colour, and sound. It doesn't really matter what I show, as long as those film elements are present and interesting. Also, it must be appropriate (so, it should be rated G, PG, or PG-13). Do you have any suggestions?
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Where can I find red lentils in the Philadelphia area? Where my family goes to go grocery shopping (Acme) you can't get them. Can they be found in another grocery chain?

I ask because my Mom wants red lentils for soup since that's what she grew up with (in Scotland).
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Grocery Stores & Community College

1. What is your favorite grocery store?

2. What is your least favorite grocery store?
Acme. I would never do regular grocery shopping there, everything costs like 2 times more than it does at other stores, which is probably why 2 fairly new ones around here closed.

3. I met with a counselor from community college today to decide what classes I should take. He told me I should take Intro to Psych 2, so I registered for it today. I never took Intro to Psych 1, should this be a problem? They told me I didn't have to take 1 in order to take 2 but I feel like I should have. Is there anything I should do to make sure I prepared for it?
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random questions about appearances...

1) If your work dress code is business casual, how do you dress?

2) What would you think if your dress code was business casual and someone wore suits everyday? 2a)Would it matter what position they were?
2b)What if they were an intern- would you think they were being pretentious or trying to impress their supervisors?

3) What clothes do you consider a staple for someone working in a professional environment?

4) What type of makeup do you wear on a daily basis?

5) What brand of makeup do you usually buy?

6) What brand of shoes do you find to be the most comfortable?

7) Where do you shop most for your work/school clothes?
7a)Where do you shop most for your out-of-work/fun clothes?

Random Questions

1.  Do you have any weird fascinations with infamous people?
               My friend loves Hitler.

2.  If you were bored at 8:30 on a Wednesday night on a college campus with no homework, what would you do?
              I don't know, that was the point of asking the question.

3.  What's your favorite food?
             I could really go for some homemade stew right now.

4.  What's the best/funniest bumper sticker you've seen?
            I saw one that said "If you're not a hemrroid, get off my ass", and another that said "If you don't get off my ass I'll flick a booger on your windshield".

5.  What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?
           It's a tie between Hawaiian punch with vodka and lime jello shots with tequila.


(no subject)

1)What e-mail client do you use?
2)I work with this guy who is a veritable WEALTH of knowledge but I can't get a simple fucking answer out of him. He meanders all the way around it telling me about cases he's worked on in the past with a similar situation (but not really) and then when he's done I've spent thirty minutes to an hour listening to him and I still don't have a usable answer. Would it be rude of me to interrupt him to keep him on task? Is there some other way I can try to get a short and simple answer from him?
3)What sort of people do you pose a threat to?
leela kiddo

Online Recorders

Hi, everybody.

Right now, I'm about to move to a new apartment, where I won't have cable for a while (and I don't know for how long). I'd like to be able to watch some TV from time to time, though (simply because I'd die of boredom otherwise.. semester break, best friend gone for some weeks... etc.). I live in Germany and sometimes use http://www.onlinetvrecorder.com/ to record shows from (German, Austrian and Switzer) TV channnels.
Anyway... I was wondering if a thing like that exists for American TV as well (I'm thinking about NBC, ABC and the like)? American Studies is my Major, and I thought it'd be cool to combine my battle against boredom (TV) with some "education" (namely American TV XD).

Anyone, pleeeease?
Hell's Librarian


Alright TQC, I'm finally making my largest purchase yet. I need a new car.

Background: I'm driving a 2000 Neon, it's on it's 3rd transmission and failing.

What I'm looking for: I want something larger then the Neon, so either classed as a "large" car or a wagon, smallest would be a Honda Accord the largest a Dodge Magnum. I don't want a mini-van or a full SUV (the hybrids are fine) or a truck. I refuse to buy Ford, don't care for anything Chrysler has to offer at the moment, and am looking for a base MSRP under 30 000$. It has to come in leather. I'm not picky are I?

I've been looking at the Dodge Charger or the Jeep Compass right now. My questions to you guys are:

1) Of those 2 cars, which would you go with and why?
2a) What else would you suggest? Why (good and bad)?
2b) What should I stay away from? Why?
3) Where are some good on-line places to get car reviews?

Thanks a bunch!
~ K.

Ps: I'm in Canada, so I need things that will drive in -40, let's re-phrase that, I need something that will START in -40.
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Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

(no subject)

Okay TQC, maybe you guys can help me. I need to find a book regarding the mass media/popular culture and one of the following: ethnicity/race issues, gender issues, sexuality/sexual orientation, class issues/social inequality, or images of other nations in US Media.

I want to read a book that won't put me to sleep-- have any of you read any books that would fall into those categories and be interesting at the same time?

ps. I'm not asking you to do my homework, so none of those "do your own homework!" comments. I'm just looking for recommendations. Thanks!

Okay i picked and submitted my book choice so I don't need any more suggestions. Thanks!
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With every singleton's favourite holiday approaching fast, what feel-good "Yeah, singles are awesome!" songs do you know? I'm looking to make a mix CD for those of us whom Cupid has forsaken this year.

Thanks in advance!

Completely random

1. Do you think a film that is adapted from a book must remain completely true to the book itself?

I personally don't think a movie must religiously follow a book. I certainly expect directors and screenwriters to take liberties, especially when condensing a book down to a 2 hour movie. It's impossible to put in every detail or nuance just to please people who love the book.

1a. What is your favorite book to film adaptation?

I personally enjoyed Pride and Prejudice (2005) with Keira Knightley even though a lot of people who are diehard Jane Austen fans felt it took too many liberties with the book. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book, but I still enjoyed the movie for its beautiful scenes and amazing music.

2. Do you enjoy showering with your significant other?
(if you don't have a significant other or if you never shower, i mean no offense)

For some reason, I always enjoy showering with my boyfriend. He views it as a chore because we're always bumping into each other and fighting for the water. I think it is a lot of fun and I enjoy picking on him while we're in there. I'm pretty sure he's convinced that I'm a nuisance in the shower because I'm always covering him with soap while he's trying to rinse off and get out. Plus...showering together is sassy...at least in my opinion.
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Zach Braff

Help help help

When you apply for a scholarship and win, do they ever send you a letter saying "CONGRATS YOU WON" with the winning essay attached if you applied on the internet? The reason I'm asking is because I have a scholarship I have to apply for by midnight, but I can't let my parents read the essay because it's about my bulimia which they don't know about. I just don't want to end up winning and then having a copy of the essay attached. Does this ever happen?

ETA: I knew this would happen. I'm still technically bulimic although I'm not sick like I was. Anyways, the essay is about my own recovery through it with the help of my two best friends, etc. And bulimia is really easy to hide. I'm not asking your opinions on my eating disorder, I'm asking your opinions about a scholarship. Stick to the question.
lost wolfwood

(no subject)

Splinters eventually come out on their own, right? Skin pushes them out?

If not or if even so, what are some alternative methods for getting a deep splinter out?

I tried cutting the fuckers out but it didn't work so well.
ballet photo

the vaugest question ever

ok there is this song from a cell phone commericial
i think its a cell phone/ cell phone company commericial its somewhat weird... it looks like its was hand drawn and there is a song in the background that sounds somewhat like hilary duff-which was one of my friends suggestions... but it definetly isnt- i heard it at a boutique the other day and asked what it was called... the girl told me and i was too busy looking at shoes to write it down.stupid me. now i want it

i remember it has this line in it "we can ride around, with the top down" some thing ... the girl has a fairly high voice...i dont know
im sad since i cant find it.

so does ANYONE even know what im referring to?
or better yet know the song? if so what is it called please??

edit- song was found. thankss much
.the game is on!.

(no subject)

1. What are your favorite animals? (PIX PLZ ;) ) 
Collapse )

2. Has this been a pretty disappointing week for anyone else?

3. Do you end up disappointed when people don't sound how you imagined them to?

4. Do you like listening to spoken poetry?
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getting someone to start a business

Is there any good way to go about enticing someone to start a specific type of business in your area?

I don't mean enticing a specific person, I mean just some way to hold up a proverbial neon sign saying "someone should start such-n-such type of store here".

To be more specific, I really wish there was a gaming store in my area (Warhammer, Warmachine, clix, Magic the Gathering, YuGiOh, that sort of thing). We had a store in my area until about a year & half ago, when the gaming store closed. The owner hadn't been making a big profit, but he a combination of health problems, burnout (he'd ran a store mostly by himself for over a decade), and lost revenue due to our 3-hurricanes-in-2-years all contributed to the closure. He was a very nice owner, but not as active in running events and promoting new product as other stores (in other words, with more effort & energy & focus he could have done more business and thus better profit). Furthermore, two smaller communities in Florida manage to support gaming stores for many years now. We've even managed to losely keep together part of the player base from the old store. I am very confident a new store would be successful if only it were to open. But how to find someone to do so?

(Yes, I'm aware I'm this is probably a wild, futile stab in the dark but this is the place for basicly asking anything...)
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(no subject)

Okay .. so I'm pretty sure I am transferring schools next semester, but the problem is that the school I'm at now is giving me a full scholarship and I can't afford school without loans and financial aid and stuff. I'm sure someone will say something about staying at the school that's giving me all the money, but it's a straight up culinary school and I don't want to major in culinary anymore so I have to leave.

My question is if it's possible to get general scholarships somehow and not from the new school I'll be attending .. I don't know if that makes sense .. but when I was a senior in high school they had all these scholarship applications for random things like being an Italian American and for going to a certain elementary school .. are there applications like these for 2nd semester freshmen in college or were those only for high school seniors?

(no subject)

1) If someone repeatedly asks you a question that is truly none of their business, how do you respond?

2) What was the last dream you had that you remembered?

3) Is there a film series out there that has more than one good sequal?

4) Is there something that's annoying you right now? What is it?

5) How does this article ( http://www.mailonsunday.co.uk/pages/live/femail/article.html?in_article_id=398998&in_page_id=1879 ) make you feel?

Dream with me.

You're on a subway in NYC. It's around midnight. You get off the subway, and someone tries to grab your purse, or rough you up in some fashion.

He's about your size, and in a fair fight, you can take him.

Let's say you do. You fight back.

At what point does self-defense end up that you're actually mugging him?

Is there a point where that happens?

If someone tries to hurt you, do you have the right - in self-defense - to beat him unconscious, steal his wallet, and shove him down onto the subway tracks?

(no subject)

For those of you with dogs, large dogs especially - say in your town dogs were not wanted anywhere, the only way you could properly excersize your dog, was on a leash and if you have a large dog, or a dog with a lot of energy, you know that just a leash is NOT even going to happen. Now, lets suppose there are no dog parks around for miles, the closest is a big city, which is an hour or so away by car, and no dog wants to wait in a car for an hour on the highway. If one were to take things into their own hands, and open a dog friendly park in your town, would you use it? would you be willing to make donations for such a thing to happen?

(no subject)

Do you find it odd when you get a reply to a question you asked a couple days ago? I always wonder how far back people go to answer Q's!

Are you tone deaf?

If the month of January was any indication to how your year will go, do you think you are going to have a good year or a bad year?


what is your favorite laundry detergent?

favorite softener?

best scented softener or detergent?

how many grams are in an 8 ball of coke (does it matter what the "ball" is?)?

how many people in here have had sex with a hooker/paid a person for sex?

if you havent why or why wouldnt you?

(no subject)

I have a dilemma. I am quite hungry and the closest thing to actual food that I have is this packet of Easy Mac. However, I have no bowls in my room! And no plates. I do have forks, though. I think. So, help me, question club. Do you have any creative ideas (preferably ones that wouls actually work) as to what I should put my easy mac in so I can actually heat it up and eat it?

edit: No cups, either. And no friends to borrow a bowl from, either. And no sink.

I did just find a bag of chips that my roommate has stored away. Should I eat them?
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I did your mom
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(no subject)

1. How long did you know your SO's before you asked them out/they asked you out? My SO mentioned that I'm the first girl he's dated that he's known for longer than 24 hours before asking out - it just seemed odd to me.
2. What's the funnest thing you did today?
3. When masturbating, do you use your thumb(s)?
4. What is your gender?
5. What's your favorite beverage, and when was the last time you consumed any of it?