January 29th, 2007


Oh gross

A few days ago my roommate and I spotted a mouse in our dining room. We set traps today. Tonight, before going to bed, I heard scratching in my room. I saw the mouse. I sleep on the floor on an airmattress, and I'm afraid that the little brown fucker will get in my bed and possibly eat my face.

What do I do?
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(no subject)

1. When you are leaving the house in the middle of the day, do you brush your teeth again if you already brushed them in the morning?

2. When brushing your teeth, do you turn the water off between wetting your toothbrush and rinsing?

3. What is the stupidest, most insignificant, nit-pickiest thing that you bicker about with someone you live with?

4. What is your favorite "tag" on your list of tags?

5. What little things do you NEED in order to fall asleep?

6. Do you know how old you were when you were potty trained?
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever had a cop get behind you and turn his lights on, only to switch them off and wander away once you'd slowed down?

2. Have you ever had yucca root? How was it prepared?


I'm a virtual "NOgrammer" when it comes to things like website blogs and WordPress. I've currently found an incredible theme for my WordPress blog that I really want to use, with the exception that it doesn't display which author wrote each post.

Can anyone explain to me how to add the code and make it work myself, or will such information fry my puny little uneducated mind?

(no subject)

1. If your place of hire accesses a site like say, facebook, or myspace- and finds some pictures of you par taking in drinking (underage at the time), do they reserve the rights to fire you?
Just randomly thought of that....

2. Should I go through the pictures my friends have of me on facebook and untag them now?!

3. What movie did you recently discover or rediscover?
I just rediscovered The Goonies!

(no subject)

Is it completely terrible that I was supposed to get a root canal in November and never got it?! I'm scared shit something bad is going to happen. The oral surgeon rescheduled my appointment TWO months from now. I was having a panic attack, so I called today to ask why on gods green earth they would do that to me. Well, the woman said they were booked until March and since i'm young I can afford to wait. WTF? I don't know where else to go because I have shitty insurance.

-How much does a root canal cost? [It's not on my molars or back teeth if that counts]
-What's going to happen if I wait any longer?
-Have you had a root canal before? How was it?
-Don't try to scare me, bitches. lol
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(no subject)

1. Do you like your pickles cold or room temperature?
Either or, but I think cold is slightly better.

2. What are some classic video games every gamer should play that are at least Fifth generation or older? (barring the obvious, like Mario Bros.)

3. Do you wear slippers at home?
Yes, comfy ones made from Tempurpedic memory foam!

4. Favorite cheese?
Feta or brie.

5. Favorite work of art (bonus if there's a link to a picture)?
I'm rather fond of The Arnolfini Wedding by van Eyck and The School of Athens by Raphael, to name two.
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(no subject)

Does it really irritate you, or do you think it's ridiculous to be irritated by, situations in which you're talking to someone and mention you're a big fan of [whatever] - say, classic horror movies - and they then go on about how they really love them too, only it turns out that they have no idea what they're talking about, and think that a "classic horror movie" is something made with popular teen stars less than ten years ago?

Was that a long enough run-on sentence for you?

Do you have any interesting/amusing/boring/hilarious/pathetic anecdotes to share about such instances?

Also, what is it with zombies? The modern horror film image of a zombie is totally different to their origins as a tale, but we seem to be obsessed with them. What is it about the modern zombie story which so captures the human imagination at this time? Psychoanalysis, plz.
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(no subject)

Suppose you overheard this dialogue:

Q: Can eunuchs climax?
A: It depends on the procedure.

What kind of procedures do you think we're talking about? (And, for statistical purposes, are you male or female?)

In case you don't have any idea what I'm talking about, further information behind the cut, but try to figure out your answer before looking. There's no right answer, I'm just curious what you think.

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(no subject)

Is there any way to calculate your body fat percentage without actually going to a doctor or something to have them do it for you?

The closest thing I can find is a BMI, but that's not really what I'm looking for ..


How many McDonald's are in your town? Is that more than the number of BKs or Wendy's or whatever?

How often do you visit one of these places?

Yeah, I'm watching Super Size Me and I'm curious.

Would you ever consider doing what that guy did for a month in exchange for a large sum of money?

various medical(ish) stuff

A handful of serious ones from me. If you're only looking for lulz, you probably want to move on.

1.) Are there any TQCers who are blind/visually impaired and use screen reader and/or screen magnification software?

2.) Does anybody else have any experience with Cushing's disease/syndrome, either personal or family/friends with it?

3.) I'm watching TransGeneration and I'm really fascinated by the wide range of experiences people have with their transitions. I've run into one other FTM here at TQC, but surely there are other transpeople around. I'm very curious about things like what stage of transition you're at currently, when you realized your actual gender and the gender you were born were not the same, how friends/family reacted to it when you told them (if you even have), etc. Are there any transpeople willing to share their experiences? (If you don't want to put all your info in a public place but are still willing to discuss things and swap stories with me, my contact info can be found here.)

4.) Do any of you react poorly to anaesthesia? For example, do you have difficulty waking up from it, does it make you vomit every time, etc.? Also, have you experienced or do you know anybody who has experienced anaesthesia awareness?

5.) Have you ever had a fever that was high enough to cause hallucinations? If yes, what was the temperature and what did you hallucinate?
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(no subject)

What's the difference between Miss America and Miss USA?

What do you do once you win one of those titles? I mean, where do you go from there?
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(no subject)

1)What day did the Lord create Spinal Tap and couldn't he have rested on that day?
2)When did you last color something? Are you more partial to crayons, markers, or colored pencils?
3)Who taught you to play chess?
4)Have you ever fallen asleep or had sex at work? Did anyone find out?
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If you've ever had a formal interview, how did you prepare?

Bonus points if you've ever interviewed with a law firm hiring a 1L as a summer associate and can give tips in that direction.

How should I do my hair for my interview?
I've got long, layered hair with side bangs.

Should I get an acrylic nail set put on or just a french manicure over my real nails?
My ability to type might be hindered by the fakes (although I'd get them short) but would that look more "professional"?

What do you do to keep calm before a stressful event?
I'm going to eat a banana and take deep breaths.

Why do I want to work for a medical malpractice firm?
Aside from the big bucks? :D How do I word it so that it's not just some general BS about helping those less fortunate?
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(no subject)

I am basing this question on some stereotypes common to the area that I live. I am not saying this applies to all people, so unwad your panties please.

Why do men of color seem to prefer white women over women of color?

Why do the white girls try to act like they are people of color?

Questions about Wooden tables

For my fast approaching 30th birthday, my parents have offered to buy me a kitchen table. Because my kitchen is SMALL, (The area I have a table for is 4'x 4') I need a small double drop-leaf table like this:

Where are good reputable merchants for furniture like this online? Any places you've used I should avoid? Where should I look in NYC? (I need to keep it under $150)

What would you want for your 30th birthday?

(For those over 30): What are the unseen benefits of the mildly frightening milestone?
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(no subject)

Has anyone used the online version of Weight Watchers?

Would you recommend it? Have you lost weight, and if so, how much?

If you live with a SO, how did you resolve what you were eating vs. what they are eating (if they didn't want to do it/didn't need to lose weight)?

How does the billing work? Do I *have* to do automatic debit? I hate automatic debit.

What is your current obsession? (it can be anything.) Mine is Golden French Toast free-trade coffee. OMFG yum.
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Keyboards and Jebus

Okay, a couple questions! ( And sorry, not sure if they were asked before, still new to the group )

1. Does anyone else have problems with their keyboard desks at work? I keep getting mine at the right level, but it keeps slipping down and down and down, even though it's in the locked position.

2. Where does the quote "I'm coming Jesus" Come from. I tried googling it, but only jokes showed up and I thought I may have heard it on a simpsons episode? Or some sort of TV show or Movie, anyone know?

My first post

1.Do you think Jerry Springer is staged? Why or why not?

2. What would be more uncomfortable for you, using someone else's toothbrush, or wearing someone else's underwear?

3. What's the longest you've owned the same pair of shoes?
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(no subject)

i was working last night on V-day presents for my boyfriend, best friend & family.. and i remembered a while back i had seen on someone's lj this really neat idea. she made a book with pictures of people making the shape of a heart with their hands.. either just standing there, sitting, in their car, etc.

1. what would you say if i stopped you in the street and asked you if you'd be willing to participate in such a project?

i thought of using my polaroid camera to where the person can see what the picture looks like.. (in case they want to do a re-take, lol) AND. asking them to include a message about ~*love*~ on the space provided.

2. what would your message be?

[[if you would like to help please reference this entry]]
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Future Self ?'s

A device is created in which you can send a one page note and one 4x6 picture to yourself five years ago. It'll come to your mailbox backed and written in your handwriting. It's a $15 service, but the catch is you can only send one note to yourself or else you'd cease to exist.

1. Would you buy such a device if it existed?

2. What would you tell yourself?

3. Do you think your 2002 self would believe what your 2007 self had to say?

Dark Reality Hypo

Yes, this is morbid subject matter and probably more disturbing than your Monday should involve, but it's entirely hypothetical. I know none of you are killers. Hopefully you know I'm not a killer. But...if you were going to be a serial killer, how would you go about it?

Inspired by a radio segment idea and The Burbs

Poll #916385 Breakfast Serial poll

For some unexplained reason, you're fed up with the world and everything you hold valuable. The only solution is...TO KILL! You've been driven to become a serial killer. What gender would you prey on?


What ages would they be?

1-10. Hey kiddie, want to pway?
2-20. I like em young
61-old as dirt. Mercy killing, yo

How would you choose your victims?

Their sexual morals (I only pick on whores or players)
Their religious or political beliefs
Convenience. Whoever's walking about that fits my 'type'
People I know
People I consider bad people, such as assholes, cheaters, liars, etc.
I'd pick them by their sexual orientation
I'd choose people who were failed fathers, mothers or pet owners. If you beat your kid/pet, you're next
Junkies or dealers
Whoever pissed me off or got in my way
People who were prettier or more successful than I
I'd base my selections on some other criteria

What would be your 'thing'? Like, the thing/affectation that separates you from other serial killers? Maybe it's a signature mark you leave on your victims or a particular method of dispatching them or something else. What would yours be?

Have you seen 'The Burbs'? How involved in the suburban investigation would you be, if you were in that neighborhood?

I'd be leading the pack. They're suspicious and I gotta find out what they're doing
I'd probably protest, but would be no doubt be drawn into the spying drama
I wouldn't lead the investigation, but I'd be a willing participant
I wouldn't get involved. No matter what strange sights and sounds I observe or the fact they're digging a hole in their yard in the middle of the night, it's their business.
They probably wouldn't ask me anyway. I don't know my neighbors. I'd look jealously out my window at the breaking and entering going on down the street
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Nerdy stuff.

One question.

I just ordered an XBox360 with the Live stuff... and am wondering if you can make more than one online profile?

It's not a big deal if not, I'm just curious. :)

Not finding anything about it on the xbox website, so I'll just bug you guys instead of hunting around the internet. YAY!
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Angry neighbors

Our lock on a common area door was broken this weekend by someone in my building. There is a back stairwell in the building, and to get out to our porch, you walk out the back door of our apartment and then open a second door to get outside. (I'm sorry if that's confusing...I'm not sure how else to explain it). Since the door to the porch is in a common area, the entire building (four other apartments) have access to this door. The door and the doorframe have clearly been painted over many times, and the door does not shut completely flush with the doorframe...until this weekend, that is, when someone apparently took a running start and slammed into the door to shut it. There is a slide lock on the door, and they did not take it out of the locked position before they slammed into it. So the lock got caught on the door frame, which pulled the lock out of the door, took a good chunk of the door with it, and made a serious dent in the doorframe. Now, we cannot get the door open. The perpetrator left a note, saying "Please shut this door in winter"
WTF?? I am going to call the management company today and inform them about this, and that we do not plan on paying for it since it happened in a common area and not by us. What should I expect? I assume that it's legal for them to charge us for it, since it is technically a door to our apartment. Do you TCQ-ers have any advice as to how I should go about doing this, or have any similar experiences that I could learn from? I already took pictures of the "crime scene" with a datestamp on them, but I'm not sure how much this will help.
Oh, and this is in an apartment in Boston, and we are students, and our management company sucks...just to give you guys perspective.


  1. What site do you go to to get your torrents from?
  2. Do you have a program you use for timing the work you do for freelancing? I used to have one and i can't find a free one anymore (for apple computers!)?

(no subject)

What do you consider to be worse out of these options:

Selling drugs (including prescription ones at your daddy's law office) or being on welfare popping out babies you can't afford?
Please explain why you consider it to be worse.

(no subject)

I think I overwash my clothes. I mean, I do laundry a lot. Dark denim fades quickly, and my clothes look old within months. On What Not to Wear, they say you don't need to wash your clothes after every wear -- well, besides the obvious (sweating, spillage, etc).

So my question is, how often do you wash your clothes? Do you wash your jeans after every wear? Tee shirts? Sweaters?

If it depends, do provide details. I'm a neat freak, but I'm starting to wonder...

(no subject)

so i was in the hospital for almost a week about 2 weeks ago...
my questions to you are:

1. when was the last time you were in the ER and for what?
2. if ever - when was the last time you were in ICU and for what?
3. how long was your last hospital stay (not ICU), and for what?

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This weekend I saw a squatter kid holding a sign that said, "Anal?" Well, it got me to thinking. What do you think about anal sex? Do you think it is a sin? Would you have it? Have you had it? Stories? And, why does it seem like so many men are obsessed with it??


(no subject)

1. What pet(s) do you have?
2. What's his/her/their name(s)?
3. What about nicknames?

My answers
1. A fat old orange cat
2. Her name is Kitty II (my family is highly original).
3. Kitten, Cat, Puck, Puckle, Kit Kit, Mu-mu, Catface, Darling, Foofy, Pooter, Newt, Little Cat, Kitario, Fluff, Fatty, Katarina, Doof, Putter
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GPS Receivers

Do any of you have one of those portable or in-dash GPS receivers? How do you like it? I wish I could get one, but they're too expensive for me right now. Around Christmas time I saw a commercial for one that was "only" $199. That could be doable, but now I find them at a couple hundred dollars more than that. Any recommendations, if I do decide to suck it up and get one?

(no subject)

Before LiveJournal become the huge phenomenon it is today, were you a member of an online forum/discussion board?

Did anyone used to post at any of the following forums? Who were you there?


I'm sure there were more but I'll be buggered if I can remember them.
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Senior Ditch Day

Senior Ditch Day is approaching and my sis, friend and I are trying to decide what to do. 

1. Did you ditch on senior ditch day?

2. What did you do?

3. Was it worth ditching? Or is it over-rated? 

4. Have any suggestions for what we should do? We don't live near a beach and the closest lake is 2 hours away.

(no subject)

I. Knowing you were about to die, and you had one chance to do one LAST thing, would you take that chance? If so, what would that last thing be?

II. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

III. Dignorio's frozen pizza, better than delivery?

IV. Which commercial (recent ones) annoys you the most?

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Five Random ?'s

1. You are sentenced to do a 2 year stint in prison. The judge, being the nice guy that he is, allows you to choose which country you want to endure your stay. What country's prison system would you choose to be a part of and why?

2. If someone referenced your username in a comment in a community that averages +150 a post a day do you think you'd find out about it?

3. Have you ever bought drinks for a complete stranger(s) in a bar? Have you ever had a complete stranger buy drinks for you and/or your friends in a bar?

4. When's the last time you ran into an old friend or acquaintance?

5. Are you taller than either of your parents?
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(no subject)

Why is it, when someone is killed (in this case, an 18-year-old with a pregnant girlfriend) in a drug bust gone bad, their family is on TV saying the following things:

"He was just doing what he needed to do to get by!"

"They didn't need to shoot him!" (especially when the guy in question pulled a gun and tried to run).

Do you think that being a drug-dealer is ever the only way to get by in life?
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(no subject)

Which US president would you say is most noteworthy for having no significance, either good or bad? Don't ponder, I'm just looking for the first name that pops into your head at the thought of "forgettable president".

(no subject)

Would you try to get a criminal investigation if your naked pics leaked all over the internet?

Even if you had sent them to someone online in the first place?

Would you try to get the FBI involved?

Are you a scene queen?

Do you have an undeserved amount of notoriety?

Is your name Audrey?


1. Where was your dad growing up? What did he do wrong? What did he do right?
2. Where was your mom growing up? What did she do wrong? What did she do right?
3. Do you like Sheryl Crow? Why/not?
4. How's about Matchbox 20?

Racism or...?

I was out on a drive when an old song came on the radio called "Mr Wu's an Air Warden Now". My father used to play us the song on a record when we were children. I quite enjoyed listening to it today but some of the lyrics and references may be considered racist today. If I were to download and play the song, would my behaviour therefore be considered racist or would I simply be appreciating music of another era?

On a related note, I have to admit that I enjoy my Enid Blyton with gollywogs and all - even if they frightened the heck out of me as a child, and still as an adult. Do you agree with revising old stories or do you think they should be kept as they are (leaving it up to the parent to decide whether the child reads them)?
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my random 4...

did you go see Epic Movie this weekend?

regarding this article y/n?

right this second, don't even give it a second thought.. where do you want to be? why?

care to help me out in re: to this? you can provide a picture either via e-mail [rialness@yahoo.com] or 'snail' mail me one.. whichever one is easiest for you. it doesn't have to be a polaroid, btw.

News Article.

Does anyone remember the fairly recent article in which a man angered by internet debate in a forum actually found out the address of and went to the person's house he was arguing with? I believe he brought a weapon, but wound up being hurt by the person who's house he stalked. Any info on this would be hott.

EDIT: What I want here is a link to the article. Kthx!

(no subject)

1. what did/does your dad do for a living?

2. when you google your name [regular, not image], what kind of things come up?

3. were/are there any twins in your family?

4. what was/is the craziest, funniest, and/or stupidest rumor at your high school?

5. if you had the talents for both, would you choose to be a musician or actor/actress?

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(no subject)

Before I knew what she looked like, I thought Dusty Springfield was black. Have you ever mistakenly thought a singer or musician was a different race than they actually were?

Edit: Have you ever gotten a singer's gender wrong?


Is __ria Gone today? Or did I miss the lunch question?
If so. What did you have for lunch today?!

I had manicotti from a really nice resturnat here, b/c the vice chancellor brought a bunch of us out who worked on a campaign.
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Stupid Heads

What's the funniest thing you've seen or heard today?
Pay-Pal Math Kid doesn't count!

I asked someone how to spell Sigourney and he told me, "With an S".
Then he turned around and asked where Myrtle Beach was and if it was near an ocean.
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Hiccup cures

I had a terrible case of the hiccups earlier, and drank water, held my breath, all that good jazz.

Then, I remembered an episode of Untold Stories of the ER, where they had a patient who had hiccups, constantly, for over a week. Even when sleeping! After trying several cures, they finally found one that worked... and it really does. Better than the water trick and everything!

What you do is take the first two fingers of each hand, and press right over (or on) the arch of the eyebrows until they go away. Yes, that simple.

1. Anyone know why that works?
2. What other techniques do you use to get rid of hiccups?
3. Are they effective?
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Anyone here have Transitions lenses in their glasses?

What are they like? I suspect they don't work well in the car, but that's not really a big issue for me.

Anything else I should know? Does the transition effect become less sensitive over time?
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(no subject)

I have been cast as a minor character and the understudy for the lead in my school's musical. I don't know what is the best way to memorize my lines.
Any suggestions?

What is your favorite color comination?
Mine is brown, green, and purple.
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Guitar Hero

1. Can you 5* Hangar 18 (Expert)?

2. Can you pass Jordan (Expert)?

3. What's your best score/accomplishment?

4. Least favorite song?

5. Song(s) you think should be in the next Guitar Hero installment?

6. What do you think of Neversoft producing the next Guitar Hero game?

7. Are you goin to/ participating in the Gamestop/ EB Games tournaments on February 3rd?

8. Do you play any other music games?

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(no subject)

I. Why does Scifi play such horrible movies (not always, but usually)? What was the worst? The best?

II. What song can you relate to the most?

III. Do you have any strange/gross food-related habits?

IV. What season are you the happiest? Saddest?

V. HAHA! What do you think of the "God Warrior"? (She's the lady on Trading Spouses that's notorious for having this huge fit and looking totally ridiculous.)

(no subject)

I'm thinking about moving out with a friend. We've been talking about it for a while, nothing serious but we both would like to move out together eventually.

Thing is, I'm very protective of him. He's a few years younger than me & male. This, for me, automatically means over-protectiveness. I'm a mother hen with 'my boys'. It doesn't bother him, but I'm afraid if we move out together I'll get worse & piss him off.

So, to the question. Does anyone have any advice on how I can curb this?
narrator - f1_roxie

(no subject)

Okay, so I've been on Seasonale (the extended-cycle birth control pill) for almost a year and this time, when I went to get my prescription refilled, they gave me the generic brand Quasense instead. I suppose this probably means there is no difference, but I am a little worried because it took me a while to adjust to Seasonale, it was a terrible process and I don't want to have to adjust again.

Have any other women switched from Seasonale to Quasense? Did you notice any changes in side effects or your hormonal balances? Even if you've heard anyone talking about it. I'm supposed to switch to the new pills in less than a week and I don't want to switch if it's any different. Thanks!
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(no subject)

Has anyone here gone back to college in their 30s?

If so, can you tell me about your experiences? Was it easier/more difficult than it was at age 18? Any issues you didn't see coming that you wish you had?

How difficult is it to deal with financial aid?

(no subject)

Intrigued by the results of my laundry question earlier today...

1) How often do you shower (or bathe)? Do you shower when you wake up? Or do you shower before you go to bed? Somewhere in between?

2) Overall, rate the cleanliness of your living space(s). 10 being Danny Tanner, 1 being something similar to a tornado.

3) Has anyone ever called you messy/a slob?

4) Is your stuff organized in a manner that anyone would be able to walk into a designated area and find something? (Ex: Blank paper in the home office, spatula in utensil drawer).

5) How often do you do the gross stuff no one likes to do, such as cleaning toilets and showers?

6) Are there any dirty dishes in your sink? Are there any other dirty dishes kicking around?

7) How old are you? Do you live at home with your parents, do you live in a dorm, do you live with roommates, etc?


1. Do you hate going to the dentist? why?

I haven't been there in awhile because of what happened last time:
I think I was getting a cavity filled & when they gave me one of the shots, it sent like a big shock all up the side of my face ! It scared me a lot & made my eyes water..

2. So has this ever happened to you?
3. Have any ideas why that happened?
4. Does a cavity that looks really bad HAVE to hurt badly to need a root canal?

(no subject)

1. Chunky or creamy?
2. Pulp or no pulp?
3. Do you think it's fucked up that they're having a party in Miami to celebrate when Fidel Castro dies?


1. Creamy
2. No pulp
3. Yes. But a small part of me is also amused. But really, I can understand how people might celebrate it in their own right... but making the effort to plan a big ass party? That's just... wow.

(no subject)

FOR THE GENTLEMEN-- please select the locations into which you have jerked off directly

a waste basket
a sink
a toilet
none of the above
an equally noteworthy inanimate location, which I will kindly mention in comments


Why does my cover-up bunch up and give me a blotted look? 

This has happened now with both liquid cover up and stick. What am I doing wrong?

EDIT: Thank you all very much! These are wonderful tips and suggestions that I plan to use in the future. Thanks again!
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(no subject)

1. If someone gives you extra change, do you keep it?
Yes. This has only happened to me once though, and it was at a store I generally dislike.

2. Do you like sloppy joes?
I like vegetarian ones.

3. When you make mashed potatoes from scratch, what do you put in them?
Milk, ricotta, mozzarella, cheddar, and salt & pepper.

4. What is your favorite pork product?
When I ate meat I loved super thinly slice ham. I haven't had it in so long though I'm not sure if I'd still like it.

x posted everywhere...

Does anyone know where I can find these:

I have tried ebay. It's for a belated christmas present for a couple I know, but I can't find them anywhere!
I don't care if it's online (in america, preferbly not the UK or anywhere else) or somewhere I can go in person (i'm australian).
 Any help is appreciated!

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(no subject)

Do you think there a alot of creepy dudes who want to date Frances Bean because of who her daddy is, just like there are a lot of creepy dude wanted to/have dated Lisa Marie because of who her daddy was? cough*NicolasCage*cough

(no subject)

Do you think they have too many CSIs and Law and Orders? Why or why not? Which one do you like better?

I don't think they have too many/too little. Each show has a different purpose. I do like L&O better because it's more law-biased. CSI is about the crime scene. (I don't want to find out how they got it, I just wanna see the guy prosecuted.)
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LJ Layouts

This is NOT an LJ question that can be answered by going to the FAQ's; believe me, I've already tried.

Some of my friends have really spectacular layouts (that they didn't get from the offerings already available) and although I've been to a few layout communities, nothing really sparked my interest. So I've decided to create my own. Problem is, I am an HTML n00b. I can do basic things, like bold and italic and inserting links and so forth, but I am utterly clueless when it comes to layout codes. I've Googled, but I'd also like some opinions from you knowledgeable folks.

What I'd like to know is, where can I learn how to write the code to make my own LJ layouts? What's the best program or online tutorial? Thanks.

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Help :(

Does anyone know of a term for
the act of prescribing adult medications to children
using drugs to treat more then their intended use

Yes, Ive tried Google and dictionary.com
Cant find anything, and according to my professor, such a term does exist.

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Anyone remember a computer game where you got to choose what fish you played, you swam around basicly eating and trying not to be eaten, the graphics were as realistic as they could make 'em... I played it in the early 90s, no idea when it was made. Thanks :)

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I might get a bit of grief for this, but here goes...

1. Non-US residents: do you ever feel completely overwhelmed and frustrated by the fact that the internet is dominated by Americans? Do you ever feel "left out" because you can't relate to their culture, or because you don't know the lingo? Does it wind you up to have to constantly point out where you're from when Americans don't feel the need to?

2. Non-English speakers: How do you feel about the fact that English is the unofficial language of the internet? Does it piss you off to have to translate everything into English for the purposes of LiveJournal, etc? Do you also visit online communities specifically for those who speak your language?

*is nervous about hitting 'post' button*
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Do you collect anything that in actuallity serves a purpose, but you collect it purely for asthetics?

For example, I love books. Reading them is chill, but most of the ones I own I either bought 'cause they have a neat looking cover or they're really old (I love old books <3).


So, I was with this one guy for 6 years. It was a big mess, full of him cheating on me and me being stupid and naive and wanting to believe the lies. We broke up over 2 years ago. We're still friends (mostly because he's in a band with my fiance.)

Anyway, now he's dating some new girl (that's 10 years younger than him) and I see that he's pulling the same crap on her that he pulled on me. I feel really bad for the girl because she's the same age as I was when he and I got together.
Now, I know the answer is gonna be, "Stay out of it. It's her life and her decision, what do you care?" because that's the right answer ... But should I say something to the girl? I mean, she and I aren't super friendly - he's only brought her around a few times - and, frankly, I'm not sure he even told her that he and I used to date. Part of me wants to give her a heads-up, but most of me wants to stay out of it.
What would you do, TQC?

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Somewhat related to my last post... I will have to start running my own group very soon (I am co-facilitating the art one). I'm blanking out on themes. There's already the basic ones which is why I think I'm having some trouble. What do you think would be an interesting and useful group to run? Keep in mind that my group will probably consist of a variety of people- high functioning, low functioning, schizophrenics, bi-polar, borderline, etc. Thanks again.
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Should the poor/people on welfare be allowed to buy any of the following?

- DVDs
- Stereo equipment
- Clothes not from a thrift store
- Toys for children
- CDs
- Computers
- TVs
- More than one car, if any car at all
- Name brand shoes
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Microsoft Outlook

I use Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 at work. I have Microsoft Office Outlook Express on my computer at home. Is there any way to import the messages from Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 into Microsoft Office Outlook Express? If there is a way, what is that way?
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1. Can you see the huge fucking ring around the moon where you are?
2. If yes, where are you?

1. Obviously
2. Memphis

3. Have you ever seen this before? I never had and it's the freakiest-looking thing in the world.
4. Any suggestions on how to take a picture or is it impossible? (The ring isn't very bright compared the the moon.)

"And today was a day just like any other.."

Okay, here's the deal. I just spent the last 18 hours going spaztastic because I won a Meet & Greet pass for my favorite band, Jack's Mannequin. (They're the side project from the front man of Something Corporate.) The results of the contest were posted at 3 a.m. I admit, I did sleep, but very little.

Then I realized, holy hell - I have NO IDEA what I'm getting myself into. Sure, I'm super excited to meet them because I freaking love them, but I'm gonna make such a fool of myself. At least I'd be memorable, but that's not how I'd like to go out.

If you have attended a Meet & Greet -
1. What band was it for?
2. How old were you?
3. How many other people attended?
4. What exactly goes down at a Meet & Greet? Bonus points if you don't use the words "meet" and "greet" in your answer.
5. Funniest story from a meeting a band?
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(no subject)

What are some instrumental pieces, preferrably classical, that evoke winter for you? Autumn?

Do you like Sherlock Holmes? Favorite adventure?

Have you ever heard of Celtic Woman? What do you think of them?

Do people who pretend to be something they're absolutely not get on your last nerve? ex. Americans pretending to be British.
-Sorry, I have to answer this, but GOD YES. It drives me batty. >:(

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one of the previous posts made me think of this...

there was this online game where you were a fish living in this tank and you ate and i remember at one point another fish named prego or preggers came and she kept popping out more fish.

what was the game called? i think it was something-quariam.

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no doubt this has been asked a thousand times over, but how many months/days into your relationship did you wait before you said "I love you" (and meant it) to your partner? (in your current and past relationships)

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alright guys, i have a few questions.

say that you go out to eat with three other friends. to make this unbiased, i will refer to everyone as letters.

person A's tab: $8.25
person B's tab: $8.75
person C's tab: $6.75
person D's tab: $9.00

person C always drinks water when they go out to eat becuase water is free and they don't drink enough of it anways. is it fair to ask everyone to just pay $10.00 evenly, for their food and leave the rest for a tip? or, should some people pay more, or less than others?

what are your ideal studying conditions?

what is your number one of all time, totally favorite movie? no ties!