January 26th, 2007

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1. If you could get any piercing what would it be and why?
2. Do you believe in yourself?
3. What's the strangest thing that's ever happen to you?
4. What's your favorite band from the 70's?


5. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
6. If so what was the first day you met like?
7. How long have you been together?
8. What's the sweetest thing he/she has ever done for you?
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  • namey

Selective hearing.

  • HP Pavilion a1023e with integrated sound card.

  • Windows sounds do not play. Also, Trillian, embedded audio/video that aren't Quicktime/WMV/MP3 (ie, MySpace or flash games).
  • The basic volume control tray icon doesn't show up, whether or not I have "show icon" checked in the sound properties.
  • External programs -- WinAmp, Media Player, etc. (guessing anything using DirectSound) plays sound just fine.

  • It's been a while, but there wasn't anything major installed when it stopped doing it. (Had worked before.)
  • Uninstalling/reinstalling the soundcard's drivers didn't work.
  • Sacrificing small animals hasn't helped either.
  • Trying to avoid a reinstall.

    So...how do I get my bells and whistles back? :/
  • pyramid eyebrows

    Personal ads and candy...

    1. Have you ever posted a personal ad (of the dating/romantic sort)? If yes, did you get any good responses?
    2. Have you ever responded to a personal ad (of the same sort)? If yes, how did that turn out?

    And now the question I really want to ask...

    3. For Valentine's Day I'm going to make my friends homemade truffles and caramels, as well as a small surprise ball.  One of my flat mates HATES chocolate.  She won't eat anything with even the slightest amount of chocolate in it.  I'm going to give her the caramels, of course, but I need to think of another homemade candy I can make in replace of the truffles.  Do any of you have any suggestions or, even better, recipes?  I'd like something fairly easy to make that doesn't require too many ingredients. 

    Bruins - shadow

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    1. How much is a gallon of gas where you live? ETA: Where do you live, too.
    The cheapest Ive seen around here is $2.15

    2. Any remedies for a sore throat?
    I cant really take meds that will knock me out because of my small child (I have to get up with him during the night)

    3. What sound makes you want to punch a baby? (Dane Cook reference, people)
    I really want to know what sound you cant stand listening to.

    4. What magazines do you subscribe to?
    American Baby, and Parenting.

    5. Biggest age gap between you and someone you've dated?
    Just 2 years.

    6. Last time you went to the mall?
    I was there tonight and the mall was practically empty! It was so strange.

    Weee My first question!

    So I just started a new job as a receptionist. This requires me to dress nicely and whatnot; high heels included. My only problem is that I'm not used to them just yet and after 3 days straight of wearing heels (For about 10 hours straight - I forgot back-up shoes for school after work) My feet now hate me. Rightfully so.

    My question is:

    Any advice on how to get comfortable with heels, quick?

    Any after work, sore feet remedies?

    How do you avoid blisters, redness, etc.?

    and Whats the longest you've ever worn heels?

    and for the guys (Just for kicks)

    If you haven't already, would you consider walking around a few hours in heels?



    Hmmmk so a lot of you can't belive my job requires heels and have suggested I wear flats:

    1) My job doesn't really require heels, it's just that I have big, wide feet, therefore it's not easy finding shoes that fit. I have yet to find a pair of flats that allow my feet to go in, let alone fit comfortably.
    So right now, flats = not an option.

    2) I only stand when I have to file or give something to someone..It isnt too often, but when I do file it's for a good 30-45 mins.

    Thanks for your advice so far though

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    At my elemetary school, the girls had the option of shorts, skirts, or culottes to go with our polo shirts.

    I know what culottes are, and I am under 30.
    I know what culottes are, and I am 30+.
    I have no real idea what culottes are (under 30).
    I have no real idea what culottes are (30+).

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    Land Before Time (original): Originally, the film was supposed to end with the dinosaurs not being able to find the "Great Valley", and all dying of starvation. They then find that the Great Valley was actually an interpretation of heaven. This was changed as it was deemed by preview audiences as very depressing, and isn't really a suitable ending for the film's target audience. Some argue that an influencing factor in the change to the ending seen now was that the first was not a viable ending for sequels, which now seem to never end.

    Can anyone confirm that this is true?
    chicken legs
    • bbsy

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    Inspired by this post:

    Have you found that in relationships, men say a lot of things that it turns out they don't mean down the road?

    Has anyone found that a phenomenon in female partners as well?

    Why do you think they do it?

    (no subject)

    This may sound silly - but can you buy a car [FROM A DEALERSHIP] without a drivers license? Can you just show your state I.D that shows your info, DOB, etc.?! I mean, you could always lie and say you "lost" it or something?! This doesn't pertain to me, i'm just curious.

    Breathing can be a task

    Stress has been making me have breathing issues and heart attack symptoms.

    Do not worry, i have gone to the doctor, they have confimed that i am physically healthy.

    ... but my anxiety and stress is killing me.

    How do you cope with stress?
    Have any pointers?

    They tried to put me on medication and i had a bad reaction to it.
    ... like i did with all the ani-depressants they tried me on when i was a teenager.
    So, i was not shocked.

    I hate medication anyway.
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    Have you ever been injured at work?
    If so, were you out for an extended period of time because of it?
    Did your company's policy require drug testing upon the injury of a worker?

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    How many icons are you allowed?
    How many do you have uploaded?
    Do you actually use your other icons, or tend to just comment with your 'default'?
    Or do you comment/update with another icon when you remember?

    Job Related Question

    If you were suing because something happened to your dog/cat/other pet, and you found that your beloved animal companion was being referred to as "property damage", how would you feel?
    What about if your pet had depreciation on it?
    You're not allowed to collect pain & suffering from your loss?

    *depreciation means the value of your 'property' would be decreased by it's age and/or usefulness*

    Today so far.

    Whats the funniest thing you've heard today so far?

    I probably just got the funniest call of the day. We get animal waste pick up requests, and this guy, apparently from the hospital (pretty sure he was IN the hospital) called stating his room number and all this stuff, I ask if it's chemical, Radiation, or Animal. He says Animal. SO I grab an animal form and Ask for his name, phone number and building.
    He says, "Hospital"
    I then ask the number of boxes.
    He says, "one, no maybe i'll have two or three. And I'll have a western style omlete."
    I say, "umm sir, what number were you trying to reach"
    Him, "5151, the cafeteria."
    Me: "Oh I'm sorry you dialed 55000"


    HA HA HA! I love it! best way to start the day
    Mr. Misto
    • ascara

    For the ladies..

    Hi hi. Hurray, first question time for me.

    For the Ladies :For those of you on Nuvaring how do you like it compared to oral contraceptives, or compared to the pill? Did it turn you into a raving bitch, did you gain five million pounds, did you start eating everything in sight? Did anything else happen?
    The Dude Abides

    Time ?'s

    1. There's a saying that you're only as old as you feel, so how old do you feel?

    2. If you wake up 15 minutes before your alarm goes off, do you go back to sleep or do you just go ahead and start your day?

    3. Do you get out of bed when your alarm clock goes off, or do you snooze a couple of times?

    4. What time does (or did) the sunrise and sunset where you live today (Jan. 26)?

    5. The movie Timecop took place in 2004 (was filmed in 1994) and dealt with time travel. What other movies "got the future" all wrong?
    • goop

    subject/verb agreement?

    "Jennifer and I ___ unable to come to a conclusion...."

    a. AM
    b. ARE

    Question inspired by:

    NOOOO. It is not "Jennifer and I are unable to come to a conclusion..."

    It is basic Subject-Verb agreement, because if you take out "Jennifer and", the sentence would not make sense. The only time you'd use "are" in this sentence was if you were speaking of other people and not including yourself.
    • kit_n

    Dry skin - Face

    I have REAALLLY dry skin on my face (and I don't overwash it or anything). I need some kind of lotion... because I'm basically flaking here. But, I need something that won't clog pores (cause zits) because I get those alot >_<.

    Any suggestions?
    • amysin


    I just got handed down a round solid oak table that was my great grandmothers. (Its at least 100 years old) We used this table for years while I was growing up. Since my parents divorced it has sat in my fathers spare room, about 12 years, the past few he has used it for a computer desk.
    When I got the table I washed it with Murphy's oil soap and tried to re polish it with old english dark wood (my mother always used that). I guess because it has not really been taken care of for years the old polish has worn away in some spots. You cant really notice it unless the sun is shining down on the table but I would really like to fix this. Is there any way that I can remove the old layers of polish with out having to refinish the table top?
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    • zoester

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    The weekend approaches, a time for relaxation, fun and down time going to work, catching up on homework, doing housework.

    So this is kind of themed towards the weekend.
    1. You have only a few hours to spend with your SO this weekend and it can't be spent at your home, what do you go out and do?

    2. Do you have/have you ever had a sort of "ritual" date that you and your man or lady would do repeatedly?

    3. Have you seen Pan's Labyrinth; how was it?


    1. Do you have freckles?

    2. If yes, do you have them on your body or just your face?

    3. Do your freckles form any sort of patterns?

    All the freckles on my body form isosceles triangles. I think it means I am the chosen one. Haven't figured out for what yet though.

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    1) You have the power to erase just one word from existence. What word would you choose?

    2) Do you make sure you always have certain articles of clothing in your wardrobe? (ex: fuzzy sweaters, baggy pants, business suits, etc...)

    3) What would you wear to a job interview if you weren't sure what the dress code was?
    robot love

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    1) For some reason this thought popped into my head right before I fell asleep last night:
    What would happen if a woman contracted HIV while she was pregnant? Would the virus automatically be passed to the fetus?

    2) Do you use/have you used a humidifier? What brands do you like or dislike?
    I am looking for one for my son's room. I think running the heater at night is making the drainage from his ear/sinus infection and subsequent cough worse. I want something that will turn off automatically when the water is gone, not too loud, and doesnt leak or make a huge mess. I read some online reviews and it seems that the Vicks brand is pretty much disliked by the majority of people. What do you think?

    Partially x-posted from my LJ

    Yesterday, I got a call from our VP in the head office.  She received a check for me and wasn't sure what to do with it (not so smart, huh?), so she called our HR person, who didn't know either (I swear, you'd never know I work for a Fortune 500 company!) who told her to open it to see what it was for.  Yes, I know that's a criminal offense, but whatever...  

    It's a refund check.  YAY, right?  Right.

    So, now I have the check and there is NO EXPLANATION WHATSOEVER as to what this is for!  Anyone have any idea what "Credit Debt Refund" could mean?  I'm so confused.

    The fool looks at the finger that points to the sky.

    1. When a journal entry or comment (that is hard to write over again) disappears into the LJ abyss, does the thought ever cross your mind that God (or the gods or whatev) doesn't want you to have posted that? 

    2. Name one thing about your best friend that you would change.

    3. Do you have any Amish/Dutch markets in your area? Do you shop there? What is your favorite thing about it?

    4. Blow bubbles or throw rice?

    5. Do you know what movie the quote that is the title of this post is from? (No cheating/googling.)

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    cliffs of insanity

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    In a recent discussion between coworkers about the Titanic: "The men go down. The women come first." "Amen!" ::headdesk::

    What's the last thing that you said that someone twisted into something sexual when it realllly wasn't?
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    1- What movie(s) should I rent tonight? I like overly sappy cutesy crap when I'm sick (like now), and the male-half likes sci-fi stuff, and thugged out crap. Think Star Wars for the first, and ... uh... Any street racing movie for the second. ;P

    2- What is your favourite baked good? Doesn't have to be something you can make.

    3- Have you ever been misdiagnosed (and subsequently mistreated) for something? If so, what, if anything, did you do about it?

    4- What is your favourite mode of travel? Least favourite?

    5- Have you ever done a post to adayinmylife or ditl? Can I see? Do you know other communities similar to these two that are active as well?

    Mine answers:
    1- Blah. ;P
    2- PIE. All kinds.
    3- Yes. :( I dunno what to do about it. Aside from be sad, cuz now nothing makes sense. (It was PCOS... Google if you dunno what it is but give a damn to find out.)
    4- Train. Airplane.
    5- Many moons ago. I don't know where they are anymore. And of course not, or I wouldn't ask.
    Give a dog a home

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    1. I was just reading about "Last House on the Left", so I was wondering, what's the most fucked up horror movie you've ever seen?

    2. What kind of underwear are you wearing today?

    3. Are you hungry right now?

    4. How's your mom?

    5. Do you think the KKK is on the same level as the Black Panthers? Do you think the KKK is on the same level as Nazis, do you consider them to be the same?

    6. Why doesn't anyone want to buy my sewing machine? sarahonlife rules.

    7. Do you like Doritos?
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    Batman &lt;3

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    Has anyone tried the chocolate flavored Cap 'N' Crunch? If so, what are your thoughts on it

    I'm eating it for breakfast right now and it's chocolatey when eaten but doesnt leave behind a chocolate taste which I cant decide whether or not I like it. But I'm leaning more towards yes I do.

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    I put in several applications while searching for a job, and had two interviews this week. I accepted a position with Job A and training starts tonight.

    However, I just got back from an interview with Job B. They offered me a position that's the same type of work, but pays more.

    I'm planning to work for Job B, which means I need to call Job A and tell them I'm not going to come work for them. What, exactly, should I say?

    (no subject)

    If I didn't think my parents would say "That's not funny! You're being morbid!", I would love to ask them which Beatle they thought would die first. Would they have foreseen John's tragic end, or expected that Ringo is like a cockroach?
    Anyway, I started thinking about equivilents for our own generation (not musically, because who the hell is on par with the Beatles, but as far as being a musical group where each member is equally recognizeable). So...

    First Spice Girl to die?
    First member of Nsync?
    First New Kid on the Block?

    Please add your own! OMG, today is dragging.
    fairy moon
    • obigrrl

    cell phones

    When you get calls on your cell phone and the caller ID comes up "UNKNOWN" do you answer it, or just ignore it?

    For the past couple of days now, I've been getting calls from UNKNOWN and I just ignore them...but I'm wondering if maybe I'm missing something important. I never get any voicemails, though. I'd answer but the last few times I picked up unknown calls they were always sales calls.
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    gnome child

    (no subject)

    The rental company we went through before we bought our house hates us and would more than likely give us a bad reference. We didn't thrash the house or anything, but they are notorious for keeping security deposits and they did (charged us for paint and said our cat peed in the baseboard heaters.. they were also always mad because we wouldn't mow our non-yard). We're moving now and will be renting again. Can we just leave them off future rental apps, or what should we do? I don't want to get screwed by this shady rental company forever. We only lived there six months then bought our own house.. also, would that address show up on a credit check?
    The Dude Abides

    Random ?'s

    1. When's the last time you went to see a movie in the theater that had a decent to great cast but the movie sucked? (Inspired by the premiere of Smokin' Aces)

    2. In comparison to watching it on tv, is hockey the best sporting event to see live? If not, what do you think is?

    3. Is your day going by slowly, quickly or does it seem to be going at a relatively normal pace?

    (no subject)

    My tyre blew and I replaced it with the spare in my car. The tyre was different, but the same size as the rest. Although, it had different nuts. I got new nuts to match the new tyre, but the tyre still is not the same as the other three - same size, slightly different air pressure (by two points) and different bolts/nuts than the rest.

    How big of a problem is this? How many kms do you think I can travel like this before needing to get a new tyre?

    Apparently the person who had the car before me thought it would be cooler to have 4 $170 tyres.. so the replacement is $170 p. tyre.. or I could switch them all to the replacement tyre for $60 per tyre. Of course this means I need to buy four, since I need a spare.

    What would you do?

    I live in Australia. We spell it 'tyre'. Not a typo.

    Silly geese.


    what celebrity death affected you the most?
    what is something about your significant other that really annoys you but you've never told them?
    do you download or buy music?
    whats the most embarrassing thing you have had to go see a doctor for?

    p.s - social distortion bassist brent liles passed away. r.i.p :(

    and this is a bit unrelated, but my friend only found out that john lennon was dead a few days ago. we were talking on msn about our dream concerts and she mentioned john lennon. and i was like, yeah, shame he's dead though. and she completely flipped out.
    red face

    let the shirts come off!

    11:16 PM 1/24/07 · Anatomically speaking there's not much of a significant difference between the neck and the waist of men and women. Naturally the obvious thing most people might leap to is the fact that women have breasts but sadly, given the state of overweight problems that exist in this world, male boobage is not that uncommon.

    What I don't understand (on a fundamental level mind you) is why is it okay for men to go around topless in public but it's not okay for women?
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    (no subject)

    i've never had a birthday party before, and wanted to do something extravagant for my birthday/graduation.

    i wanted to have it on a boat, but quickly found out that this was WAY too expensive. also, all the banquet halls look...eh.

    is there something else/somewhere else that i am just not thinking of? something somewhat...unique?

    do you have any money-saving ideas for a party?
    Adventures of Pete &amp; Pete
    • jaytee3

    What happened to Rachael?

    So.....remember the show, Family Matters? Well, I know that some of the characters were phased out as the show started concentrating more and more on Steve Urkel (who wasn't even a part of the original cast line-up, if I'm not mistaken). Did they ever give an explanation for what happened to Rachael? She kinda disappeared for a while, leaving Richie alone with the Winslows. Then, she makes an appearance in that Christmas episode.....it seems that she's living somewhere else and has to fly in from wherever she is. Any clue what happened?
    Note Card - Okay
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    Towering Question

    You're taking a picture of yourself at Ground Zero: do you smile?

    (This is from the movie Shortbus if you're wondering why you may have heard this before.)
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    (no subject)

    1) What is the best license plate(s) you've ever seen?

    A friend of my sister had a Delorian (the Back to the Future car) and got a license plate that said 'WTFISDAT'. Also, the other day I saw some snazzy little sports car with a license plate that said 'WET SPOT'.

    2) Do you get excited when you see a license plate that spells out your initials/birthday/etc?

    A little bit, yes.
    nightflower, joy

    Sore-assed questions

    1. When was the last time you fell down? I mean all the way down, not just stumbling.
    I've landed on my arse twice in the last two days, but I can't remember when I fell down before that.

    2. Anyone know where I could get some non-leather (I'm vegetarian), office work-smart, shoes with good, non-slip treads? I'm in the UK and a women's size 8.
    The two questions could be related. My bum is really sore.

    3. Are there any job hunting related communities out there you like?
    I did some searches on LJ but didn't find anything useful so personal recs would be awesome. I'm not looking to find a job via LJ - I just want somewhere to bitch about the process of looking for work to people who aren't already sick of me talking ^.^
    Mitty box

    (no subject)

    1) What is your eyesight (uncorrected if you have glasses/contacts)?

    2) What do you think is the most hardcore animated Disney movie and why?

    3) What is your favorite animated Disney movie?

    4) What are some good chicken recipes?

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    (no subject)

    1. Capital Punishment

    Should it be abolished all over the world?

    1. Absolutely. How can we move forward in this world when capital punishment is still seen as okay. It's just NOT okay, Regardless of whatever anyone has done (yes even the evil that is Suddam Hussein/Bin Laden/Hitler] looking at the values we need as a society it should not be acceptable. Crimminals may deserve to die but that doesn't mean that we should be able to follow through with that.
    That's not even going into the whole. Innocent people may be sentenced to death argument.
    Women being stoned to death in the middle east is horrific.. stop it worldwide and there are no lines that can be blurred...

    2. Do you live somewhere where the death penalty is an accepted form of punishment?

    2. No. & i couldn't.

    (no subject)

    1. Does it bother you when you're watching a movie and the person you're with says the lines along with it?

    It drives me absolutely NUTS.

    2. Would it be weird for me to by a kitty condo and put it out on my balcony for the squirrel I feed? He spends a lot of time sitting in and under the chair out there but I need to throw it away (it's gross).

    3. Why is it that when someone posts the answer to a question (not an opinion question, but one with an actual answer) do people continue leaving comments w/ other answers that aren't correct?
    Give a dog a home

    (no subject)

    Do you think that having a dog somewhat prepares you for having children?

    For those with kids: How did you/how do you plan to potty train them?

    What are you excited about/looking forward to?

    (no subject)

    I normally get paid on Fridays, but lately the checks don't always get done for a few days. This sucks, because we all pretty much depend on that check coming on Friday.
    Is this illegal in any way? I know that its by no fault of my boss, its just that their accountant or whatever doesn't fax them through on time because they're just "too busy". I don't foresee any changes in this, though.
    What can I do (well, besides get a different job). Its a very small business.
    • ptc555

    (no subject)

    For anyone working in a bit of a corporate office environment ...

    Does your boss have access to your email? Or are they able to see what you visit on the internet?

    I'm just curious ... no one's ever said anything to me here ... and I get the odd personal email from a friend who works at the same company but different location ... we have a few pages blocked but I regularly view LJ and Facebook. But then one day my boss was walking by and I was reading LJ but then i quickly switched to look at something else, and then he said "Reading those blogs, eh?" And I thought that was kind of odd. Now I am paranoid. Just wondering how it is at other places.

    (no subject)

    1. Have you ever called into a radio station to win tickets/other fabulous prizes?

    2. Have you ever won the tickets/fabulous prize?

    3. Are you going to Coachella this year? ETA: http://coachella.com
    I wish I was.

    4. What was the last concert you went to?
    I haven't been to a concert since May, when I saw The Arctic Monkeys and We are Scientists.

    (no subject)

    1) Do you, or anyone you know, actually listen to soft rock/adult contemporary? I understand that it's common to listen to at work, but outside of work... Does anyone ever get the urge to listen to Phil Collins, Celine Dion, and that weird duet with Gwenyth Paltrow? I don't have anything against soft rock... I've just never known anyone to actually listen to it outside of when they have to.

    2) What is a word or phrase used commonly by people where you are, and has a deeper meaning that normally goes unnoticed? For instance, a friend and I started a weird conversation about the origin of saying 'God bless you' after someone sneezes, and how people still say it, even though we agreed that most people aren't in the habit of regularly blessing strangers.

    3) Do you, or anyone you know, go out of their way to coordinate their dinner table with what they're serving? Fake cornucopia at Thanksgiving? Boughs of holly at Christmas? The colors of your flag for your country's birthday?

    (no subject)

    So since there's been a few "least favorite family members" posts, here's a different kind: Who is your most favorite? Immediate or extended.

    Mine is my father. He has always helped me the most when I went through a lot of problems. We're pretty close, enough to make my mother jealous. Also my uncle, who's fun to hang out with. (And he let me drive without a permit across the state, through construction in one of the biggest cities...at night. Not many people would do that...)

    EDIT: My memory astounds me. My Nana as well. In fact, I'd say she's tied with my father because I'm so close to her.
    Hell&#39;s Librarian

    Clothes and Such

    Hello all!

    Alright, I've finally owned up to the fact that I need winter clothes. My question to you guys is this:

    I need warm clothes, I live in Canada, have finally gotten to a size 16 (I'm a lady btw...), and have absolutely no idea where to shop.

    I need casual work clothes, and somewhere to get, I guess, yoga-type ware. I'm not too worried about price, but as I'm not going to fit this stuff by next winter (hopefully) I'd like to not spend too much.


    Thanks a bunch!
    ~ K.

    Just in case you need it: I'm in Ottawa, On, and I'll take suggestions out of the Northern States (New York-ish) as I can get there fairly easily.
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    • moodle

    Lodge #2355

    Do you know anyone who belongs to an Elks Lodge?

    If so, are they as weird as you would think they should be?

    One of my coworkers belongs to that lodge and she's fuckin' crazy, I tell ya! It's Winter in DC and she wore a black and pink pokadot skirt into work with white heels today. I just don't know why people would do that to themselves... *sigh*
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    (no subject)

    Inspired by this conversation, what is your bra size? (pre-reduction if you have had one)

    Let's see if this comm has the biggest boobs!

    Using this system:

    I have determined that the average boob size of this community is a FULL C (3.625)!

    (no subject)

    Do you ever listen to someone talk and notice that they use "like" in excess? (especially teenagers)

    In physics the other day, two different people told stories relating to the lesson, and I swear to god the amount of times they said like made me want to scream. "They were like, and like, it was like, so like, and I'm like, and they're like." I'm consciously trying to cut down on my usage of it. If I'm not listening closely, I don't notice when others use it, but when I do...oh boy.

    edit: don't get me wrong, I say it constantly

    (no subject)

    Sorry I know I just posted, there won't be more than 2 in a span of 10, I promise!

    Inspired by this post, what do you call your aunts and uncles?

    I know a lot of people say "Aunt Name" and "Uncle Name" but I just call them by their first names.

    that one nasty ingredient

    When you eat frozen dinners, is there always at least one ingredient that you have to pick out?

    The majority of frozen foods that I buy (be it complete dinners or just mixed frozen vegetables) have red peppers in them. I always pick them out.
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    Quinn Twin

    Classic Car Ins?

    Ok, so my husband and I are slowly (God, so slowly...) restoring a 71 VW Karmann Ghia. But mainly we're working on getting her running (OMG SHE IS SO CLOSE, IT'S MADDENING!!1) and once she's dependable, she will be my daily driver. We will continue to work on making her prettier pretty to everyone else, obviously. The thing is, this is considered a classic car, but I know nothing about classic car insurance other than there's such thing. I figure it's probably going to be pricier than normal insurance since it's a special kind or whatever. And while I am cheap, I'd hate for something to happen and an ins company to be all 'ur car iz old and teh sux0rs haha u r skrewd!' So, I am willing to shell out, though I'm still looking for any sort of bargain.

    So, all that said - tell me what you know about classic car insurance! Can I just get a special policy from any old company, or will I have to possibly get insurance somewhere ~*SPECIAL*~? We already have a regular car and a regular policy, so if I have to switch, is it possible to get regular insurance from the classic company too? How can I tell if I'm getting raped on cost? Will my iPod ever work again?! Ok, I don't have an iPod, I just got carried away with all the questions! So, um, yeah. Any help or leads on finding some help would be awesome!

    And for those of you who are wondering wtf a Karmann Ghia is, you can see the very few pics I have of her here, http://usera.imagecave.com/jynx_proof/ghia/, if you're so inclined.
    Bruins - shadow

    O HAY

    Inspired by This
    And This !!
    What do you call you siblings?
    Your step siblings?
    Your pets?
    Your children?
    Any other relatives that you have?


    No one is seeing my humor. Nevermind :P

    And onto the actual questions.
    1. What is the difference between a humidifier and a vaporizer?
    It seems to me they are the same.

    2. Do you watch the news?

    3a. How many communities are you a member of?
    3b.How many do you watch on your friends page?
    beauty and the beast
    • aero82

    (no subject)

    Okay, I have to ask. Is Sandra Lee of the Food Network an alkie?

    Also, is she married?

    She seems a bit too Martha Stewart anal-ish to be married. :/
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    (no subject)

    1. Has anyone here ever enjoyed the taste of an energy drink? (I haven't)

    2. I've heard that if someone has had any neurological problems (even the smallest ones), drugs will have a worse effect on them. Is there any truth to this? If so, does that mean that drugs will give them a more severe high or that they will be more likely to suffer long-term consequences like their neurological problem intensifying? Also, knowing that caffeine is a drug, would it also cause problems if consumed too frequently? How about alcohol? (I ask this thinking of someone with a very minor case Cerbral Palsy where the only symptom of it is hemiplegia - the weakness of one side of the body. They're not limited in their day to day activities except for the fact that one side is stronger and more developed)

    Sorry about being long-winded :|

    smaller video size

    Say I download a video that is 900MB. My disk that I want to burn it on only holds 700MB.

    How do I srink it's file size to fit it on my cd.

    OR, can you reccommend a product to use so I can, say, cut the movie in to two or more parts and then put it on a cd?
    • klsse

    (no subject)

    Is there some program I could download to retrieve files that have been deleted from the recycle bin? I know somebody asked that here before, but I don't remember the program or anything.

    Very much appreciated!

    Superbowl Trademark Issues?

    Tonight at dinner in my dorm, the radio was playing as always, and there was a radio commercial that I believe was advertising a bar of some sort, and right off the bat, I heard one of the guys in it say something like "Because of silly trademark issues, we can't say Superbowl on here anymore!", but all you heard was Super, then bowl was beeped out.  Is this true or were they just doing this to get people's attention?  It seems like this is one of those too outrageous to be true things, but some media companies have overreached in the past few years on many things(and if you want, I can give you some VERY horrible examples of this overreaching if you like).  Does anyone know if this is true about not being able to say Superbowl on the radio anymore without paying some sort of silly royalty, or (most likely) is the bar just doing it to draw attention to the ad?
    • aiuna


    Let's say you know a man named Bob. Bob has a fetish for being tied up, and offers to pay you dearly for the service of being chained to the bar in your closet overnight. Naked.

    So my first question is: Would you do it?

    Second question: What would you do to him while he's tied up? He's asked you to do anything you want to him. This includes S&M activities such as administering beatings and reading to him from Cosmopolitan magazine. Creative ideas appreciated!

    ETA: I was also thinking about inviting a friend over and telling them there's a "big surprise" for them in the closet. What do you think of that?

    (no subject)

    My roommate is asleep. She is going out tonight, and is supposed to be woken up by a friend around 8. Her friend called her phone, and she didn't wake up. I tried pushing her and saying her name, she still didn't wake up. I held a spoon under her nose and it fogged up, so she isn't dead.

    1. What creative ways can I wake her up? 
    ETA: She woke up, but I would still like to know your ideas, for next time.

    2. Are you a righty or a lefty?
    ETA: I'm a lefty. I tried to think of a good pun, but was unable to. If you think of one, you get e-cookies.
    Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

    (no subject)

    For everyone with wavy, poofy hair, how would you recommend getting my haircut?

    Collapse )

    I'm basically looking for something cute, but that's just kind of wash and go, with like 10 minutes of prep time.

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    Mitty box

    (no subject)

    FrizzEase and other such products... Do they actually work? Anyone have any before and after pics?

    I am hesitant to spend the 5$ on a product that might not work.

    My hair is the longest it's been in 8 years, and it's starting to get really frizzy. I am so tempted to shave it again...
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    I'm sick A LOT.
    bad colds, mostly.
    Also, I'm a vegetarian if that matters...
    Anyway I was thinking of starting to take some kind of vitamin(s) to maybe keep me healthier?
    Any ideas/suggestions?


    Yes, I just posted a question but I think this one deserves its own post.
    I'm thinking of getting a new tattoo...Across my upper chest, like imagery on my clavicles and words arced between.
    I think I want birds...Cardinals.
    They mean A LOT to me, my grandparents (now passed) loved cardinals and seeing them or any image of them always reminds me of them.
    My grandparents and I were particularly close, especially my grandfather and I.
    I always see cardinals when I have a big decision to make, a bad day, or anything like that...they always just seem to appear and remind me I'm not alone, etc.

    My question is...the words for the tattoo.
    I'm not sure of what I would like.
    There's no particular song or saying that I tie into my grandparents.
    Any suggestions/inspiration to help me out?

    Much appreciated!

    (no subject)

    For the ladies:

    Do you shave your hoo-haw? Bald, partial, whatever. Trimming doesn't count, I'm just curious how many of you actually shave any part of your nether regions down to the skin.

    On that note, any ladies out there not shave anything?

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    epic fight - pwnd
    • saltyj

    Stephen Colbert fans unite!

    1. Do you watch The Colbert Report? If the answer to this question is no, please skip this entry, as the other questions will not make sense to you.

    2. Do you like the Tek Jansen cartoons?

    3. Would you buy Alpha Squad 7: Lady Nocturne: A Tek Jansen Adventure if the book were actually published?

    4. Do you find Stephen attractive?

    5. Which is better: The Daily Show Stephen or The Colbert Report Stephen?

    6. Have you ever seen Strangers with Candy? What did you think of it?

    7. Do you find Paul Dinello attractive?

    8. Are you insanely jealous that Amy Sedaris got to work on a TV show with Stephen and Paul?

    ETA: 9. Did you vote for the Hungarian bridge?

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    Laptop Bags

    Any recommendations for a backpack (or preferrably a messenger bag) which has room for a laptop + schoolbooks and etc. Pretty/pleasing colors/shapes/designs would be nice, something a little more than just utilitarian.

    k. thanks.

    (no subject)

    Would walking for an hour 5 times a week make a significant contribution to weight loss? If not, how long would each walk need to last to significantly assist a low calorie diet?
    Sam outside

    too close?

    Ok so I have grown up being really close to my best friend's family. So much that I call them my aunts, uncles, grandma, etc and they call me their niece. I'm invited to all family reunions, weddings, parties...etc. Hopefully, you are understanding that I am basically part of their family just without being blood or marrying into it. Here's my question: Would it be wrong for me and my "cousin" to get together? Remember that he's not really my cousin but all my life we've grown up like we were. The reason I ask is because recently we've been acting less like cousins and more like possibilities...Are we just being ridiculous??? Have you ever been in a situation similiar to this?
    Cat - Masked Avenger

    So yeah!

    Huzzah for random questions!

    1. What are the top 5 questions that you hate being asked?

    2. What's the most embarrassing gift you have ever received?

    3. If you could have a superpower what would it be?

    4. What is your favorite snack?

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    • cdaae

    Another DVD-related question

    So, you want to mix together clips from your favourite movie or TV show, and put them on YouTube. You have it on DVD. You rip the DVD, using DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink or something, which gives you the iso and VOB files.

    What do you use to convert them into files you can edit using Windows Movie Maker (avi, MPEG, etc)?

    I read various sites on this earlier, and am currently using AutoGK to convert 50 minutes of ripped DVD into useable files. But it's taking hours and hours and I have no idea how much time it's got left or whether it's working correctly. I wasn't expecting it to take this damn long.

    If you've done this, what did you use? How long did it take to convert an hour of footage?

    And if anyone feels like going on about omg breach of copyright, the material I'm converting is actually home movie footage that was put on DVD, so STFU.

    (no subject)

    My cat just ate some chocolate chips (three or four) that fell onto the floor as I was baking. I know chocolate is bad for dogs, so I did a quick search and saw that it was just as bad for cats. I couldn't find out what a few chocolate chips will do to him though, he's a bit on the small side and very lean. Will the chocolate do anything more than give my cat an upset stomach?

    (no subject)

    There's a song I like but I don't know the name of it or who sings it. I only know it's a guy and one line goes "And we'll do it all over again.."  It's bugging me and I feel like I know the other words, I'm just having a brain cramp. It's probably a well known song too.

    Any ideas?

    and don't you hate when this happens?

    EDIT: I finally figured it out... it's "All the Same" by an indie band called the sick puppies. It's in the hug campaign video on youtube, that's where I first heard it. So it's not a well known song.. it's a good one though. Thanks to those who tried searching!
    misplaced funk


    Why is it that when I search on google or eBay I get results for things in the UK rather than things in the US? Is there some kind of regional setting somewhere so that doesn't happen? It only happens on my laptop.
    Brain IOU


    1. If you could play any instrument extremely well, which would it be?
    2. Would you rather be able to create beautiful music but never hear it, or to hear beautiful music but never create it?
    3. What song(s) make you cry? (If you feel like adding why in there, go for it.)
    4. What song(s) make you the happiest?
    5. Do you think most current music is getting better or worse as time goes by?
    6. What is the best way to build a collection of music on your computer/MP3 player?
    7. What is your favorite genre of music? (List an artist or three from it?)

    And a couple really random questions:
    8. What's your favorite candy ever?
    9. What is the best sewing machine for quilting, that is (hopefully) a reasonable price?

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    • 2lynn3


    I'm trying to figure out the name of a song and the artist. It kinda goes like this.
    "Oh mama i'm in fear for my life/ hang man is coming down from the gallows and i fear i havent much time."
    does anybody know what I am talking about?

    (no subject)

    if all your really close friends (like you've known them since elemantry school) THEY'RE all being shitty all at the same time..would you just drop them all at the same time, even if those were the only people you hung out with?
    what happened to the whole loyalty and i have your back or i would take a bullet for you...or even anything close to that at all? i just see them as weak..or maybe i'm the weak one. maybe moving on is the best option?