January 25th, 2007


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1. What is your favorite tv show opening?

2. Have you ever been to a tv show taping?

3. What does your desktop look like?

4. What are you doing at this exact moment in time (aside of answering my questions)?

5. What is your computer's name? (Most people answered my "What should I name my computer" question with the names of their computers. Now I'm actually asking that question. Mostly because I finally picked a name)
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How bad was your first kiss?

When I think back to mine (I was 15), I seriously cringe because I was so horrible at it. I kind of can't believe the guy still talked to me (or kissed me again) after that... Hah... I guess that's pretty normal though, right...?
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Okay, so this might sound kind of stupid, but I just want to double-check so I don't go writing something that I have to change.

If a person is allergic to dogs, would it be plausible for them to be allergic to wolves as well? If not, would it be plausible for a person to just be allergic to wolves?
Bruins - shadow

I like da pic-tuurs

1. What do you wear to bed? And what do you call whatever outfit you wear to bed?
I wear a t-shirt and sleep shorts (shorts I would never wear anywhere but in bed) I call them jammas usually :)

2. Im currently taking computers for retards. And as I sat in class today contemplating suicide, I thought to myself. "Are there seriously STILL people out there who dont know how to locate the start menu and open a program?" So I ask you, Are there seriously STILL people out there who dont know how to locate the start menu and open a program?!?!?!?!? Are there REALLY people who dont know that the little X in the corner of a window is what closes it out?!!? Im concerned.

3. Also per my computers for retards class.. Collapse )

4. Are you going to have a valentine this year? Who is it?
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I have bad credit, so I use metro pcs as my cell phone provider. it's a no contract company where you pay a flat monthly rate to get unlimited calls and texts. it works for me because i don't have to worry about going over on either and i have no problem not signing a contract.

i'm moving to LA for school in march and they don't have metro pcs there. is there a company in LA that offers something similar to what i've described? (i know about virgin mobile and companies like that - they don't have any unlimited plans). i know there's a company called cricket in other parts of california that's just like metro but they're not in LA as of yet.
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Do you think that, as we begin to like someone more as a person, our minds trick us into thinking they are more attractive than we would think they are if we didn't KNOW them as a person?

ie- I remember thinking 4 months ago that the boy next to me in history was "okay" looking-- not bad at all, but not WOW.
Now, I can't keep my mind off of him & when I am with him & talking to or kissing him I always think he looks amazing

THEN AGAIN, I dated a boy who I never thought was GREAT looking, even after 1.5 years. He had very bad acne and a strange hair line.


Is $178.58 a good price for a 30 GB, 4th generation iPod video?

My iPod was stolen about three months ago, and I've been looking into getting a new one. Just wanted to make sure that it sounded like a decent price for a used one (that's still supposedly in good condition).

And... if you have an iPod video... how do you like it? The last one I had was a 2 GB Nano. ;)

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49cc Mopeds... financially a good idea or a bad idea? Why or why not. Tell me everything you know!
(I dont want to spend the money on a Vespa and I live in a very urban area so a car isnt exactly worth it to me. Im expanding my options.)

EDIT: I think youre all missing the point of the post. Lets keep the "Youre gonna die/get hurt." comments to a minimum (as in Ive already had enough of them as is), huh? Im asking more along the lines of how easy are they to maintain, insurance cost, etc. IM NOT ASKING IF ILL BE OKAY OR WEATHER OR NOT THEYRE DANGEROUS.

For $5,000, would you...

Poll #913660 For $5,000, would you...

...drink an entire bottle of European absinthe (100+ proof) in one night? It's all gotta go in you or you don't get paid


...drink 2 entire bottles of maple syrup in one sitting? It's all gotta go in you or you don't get paid


...be willing to be buried alive, coffin and everything, for 2 hours? You're guarranteed to have enough air, panicking or not, for the duration of the event. No drugs, illegal or OTC, allowed to help you through this stretch. You may have a flashlight


...go streaking at a minor league baseball game (attendance: 5,000)? Stripped down to your bare ass, you run through the field until you're caught (a minute later). All charges against you will be dropped immediately afterwards and you won't have to spend any time in jail. You can't wear anything over your head


...have it so that J. K. Rowling never writes another word? You get the 5k if you accept the fact that the Potter series ends abruptly like this


...be willing to have a RealSex doll made in your image (it'll be a startling likeness) and airdropped into a local prison? It's no hardship to you, except knowing that somewhere out there there's a doll that looks just like you being smothered in icky inmate DNA round the clock


Bored :(

1. Who are your top 5 actresses? and Actors?
2. Favorite piece of jewelry?
3. Personality or Looks on the opposite sex?
4. Last 4 digits of your cell phone/home number?
5. Whats your wedding song?

1A. Jessica Alba, Salma Hayek, Eva Longoria, Sandra Bullock, and Mandy Moore.
1B. Will Smith, Jake Gyhowever you spell his last name, Mark Walberg, Tom Hanks, Kevin Costner
2. A watch that my ex gf got for me on behalf of my daughter. that was engraved with " I love you daddy"
3. Personality, most deff.
4. 3177
5. Somebody by Depeche Mode
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Is that a kid's ticket or a senior?

What's the oddest or funniest mixup anyone's ever made about your age?

I had to attend orientation this summer, as I was restarting college... about an hour after being asked if I was a parent of one of the incoming students (I'm 23, and at the time I had neon pink hair) I was told by the same person that it was REALLY important that I attend the seminar on underage drinking, because I could totally ruin my life by drinking underage.
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1. What is the best series finale to any television show?

2. Better than the original? Yes or no?

1. That'd most certianly have to be Six Feet Under (really the last 3 episodes more than just the last one).

2. Yes, but I can't stand the original.

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Do you like the movie Anchorman?
If you do, do you randomly quote it?
If you don't, does it drive you crazy when people randomly quote it?
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Say you know someone who is so emotionally unstable and suicidal that quite literally the only reason he is still alive is because you continue to talk to him. Say that such a relationship is tearing you apart but you know if you try and back out he might very well kill himself even with the best of professional help on hand.

What would you do?

[edit] I wanted to thank everyone for the advice. I think it's given me the push I needed to do what needs to be done. I'm going to get an appointment with a counsler today and start mapping out a plan of what to do.


Movie Recommendations please.

Hi, I would like some movie recommendations.
I like movies about:
-drugs and drug addicts (Spun, Fear and Loathing, Drugstore Cowboy) Requiem For A Dream was too sad and awful for me to watch again.
-horror movies that don't have too much nudity and sex. (Hellraiser, Creep Show,
-movies that take place in one room or with the same characters for an extended amount of time together (Tape, Cube)
-David Lynch type surreal movies/mysteries (Donnie Darko, Parents)
-life drama movies (Urban Cowboy, Garden State, Vanilla Sky)
-work movies (Office Space, Clockwatchers)
-events told from several perspectives/people (Pulp Fiction, Magnolia, Go)
-when a character is obsessed with another character. Preferably no girl-girl overtly sexual movies. I like the overly obsessed boyfriend movies and the overly obsessed best friend trying to take over the main character's life movies.
-characters with mental problems (Heart of Midnight, Fight Club) that go through a lot of weird shit.
-very well done violent movies (Natural Born Killers, Kill Bill, American Psycho)
-movies in which the main character has insomnia
-movies where the main actor transforms himself for the role (The Machinist)
-movies about dysfunctional families or about sibling rivalry but not ridiculously and with a good plot (Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, The Royal Tannenbaums)
-movies with twist endings that aren't too too obvious
-great horror comedies but no Troma (Dead Alive, Shawn of the Dead)
-horror movies that are a series of short movies (Creep Show, Trilogy of Terror)
-movies about a starlet who's gone crazy (Baby Jane, Death Becomes Her)
-dark comedies

I don't want to see:
-movies with long, ridiculous sex scenes.
-horror movies that are solved by a psychic, a creepy child, a ghost, a chance event, a prophetic dream, or contain a magic spell book
-movies with Cedric the Entertainer and/or Carmen Electra
-no rape scenes so I don't want to see Last House on the Left.

I know there are a myriad of movies that you can recommend so just list as many as you want. I don't care if the movie is in black and white, if it was cool when stone washed jeans were, or if its only available on DVD.

Thank you!
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1. I downloaded the trial for Burning Rom from Nero's website. I clicked the .exe file and it began extracting. A little before it was almost finished, I ran out of space on my C: drive, so I had to stop it.

Where do I go to remove what was extracted? I've decided against installing it on this computer.

2. Do you think it's inappropriate to only email your boss when you're staying home sick? Or do you think you have to call in sick?

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Have you ever used the phrase "That's why god invented *blank*" for something that was so obviously not created by divine intervention?
I use it a lot with 'turn signals', when people apparently aren't aware of their existence.

If you have used this phrase, what kind of things do you put in there?
leave your turntable on

because GPA = importante

I am taking an online class this semester, and until yesterday the class wasn't even showing up when I logged in to the student menu where I could access information about it. I just found out that I've missed a week's worth of assignments. Should I drop the class, or should I hope that things work out for the best and keep going on?
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Serious Question.....

Question :How can I find out if I suspect that my daughter's daycare is giving her unauthorized meds to make her sleep?
Question Details:She is 6 weeks old and on the fourth day of being at this daycare, when i picked her up,  she was sleeping while sitting up and being burped by staff. Normally, she is awake, but I thought it was okay since they said they just fed her. But, folks, that was at four-thirty pm. She slept until TEN pm. She has never DONE that. I checked her temp several times but it was normal. I changed her diaper and wiped her with a cold baby wiped at 9 pm. She stirred, but she didn't wake up. When she woke at about 2am, she was STARVING. This is day five of her being there. I didn't say anything to the staff about it this morning. I don't want to alert them that I suspect something. I have never given my baby anything but breathing treatments when she had pneumonia..no tylenol or benadryl or anything. I know that if they are doing this, an overdose can kill her. I want to know how do I find out, because doing that is illegal and if they ARE, I am certain they are not going to tell me. Please Help.  I am wating on a call back from her doctor right now.  But...while I am waiting....
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1. Do you go to the library often?
2. When you go, how many books do you usually check out?
3. Does your local library have a good selection?
4. Do they have a website?
5. The last time you went, what books did you check out?
6. Do you ever put books on hold/request books from another library?

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you know the paint ball place in 10 Things I Hate About You, with the giant paint balls? anyone know where there is one, preferrably on or near cape cod? I want to take my boyfriend someplace fun for our one year anniversary [not until april] and i thought that was a good idea. guys: if your girlfriend brought you to a place like that, would you enjoy it? [if you haven't seen the movie, it's a big obstacle course and they wear painters suits and throw baseball sized soft paint balls at each other.]

American Idol Hypo

You run into a rich man at a bar/restaurant/whatever. He's a big AI fan, and loves the part of the season where they show all the wannabes who can't sing worth crap. Thing is, all those contestants are serious about their 'art' and try to make the show. He wants to see someone go on the show, knowing full well that they won't make it, and tank it on purpose. There's an AI tryout coming up tomorrow. He's willing to pay you 25k if you'd perform Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' in full MJ regalia (from the video), and you have to attempt to do the dance moves too. He'll provide the costume. You just gotta show up at the audition, and do a little homework on the dance moves thru youtube. You don't have to do them well, just well enough that people know what you're attempting. The price isn't negotiable since he'd just find someone else who would do it.

You know something this kooky would make the audition tape, and people all over the country would be talking about you all week, once it airs. Do you do it?
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Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

I usually use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, as part of Clinique's 3 step system. I have an almost full one somewhere but I can't find it, and I don't feel like going to the mall to get a new one. However, I am going to Target shortly, does anyone know of a similar product I could buy there? I would only be using it for a few days until I either find mine, or get to the mall to get a new one.


1. What do you do with all your 5c pieces? (or whatever your currency equivalent is of the smallest value coin in circulation)

I can't feed parking metres with them. If I take them to the bank, I get charged a counting fee. I'd like to get rid of as many as I can, but I've never been the type of person to count out a large amount of change at the register and it tends to piss people off.
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Jake Gyllenhaal seems to have caught the baby bug from his sister, Maggie, who gave birth to her first child last fall.

"I'm definitely thinking about it, having a child. Look, the most important job for a man is to find the right woman," Gyllenhaal told GQ magazine. "It's the best we can do."

Do you agree or disagree, and why?


Say you have a toddler (1-2 years old). You are going on a five-hour car ride to your parents for the second time.

first time, the kid screamed for the entire trip, and both you and your husband arrived completely frazzled. The kid wasn't tired, wasn't hungry, and their diaper was clean.

Would giving them a half-dose of some sort of medication that makes them sleepy (such as Tylenol for children cold/flu/whatever or Benadryl) be wrong?


Do you think that Kevin Federline's commercial of a hypothetical journey from rap superstar to fry cook is offensive to fast food workers?

Are there any jobs that are considered lower than working in fast food?
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On vending machines

Your place of work (let's pretend we all work in offices, for the sake of the question) has just installed a new vending machine near your office. Another vending machine is located two floors down, which is accessible either by stairway or elevator. There is only one item that you like to buy from vending machines, and you purchase this item maybe once a week, as a treat. You discover that the item costs $0.10 more in the new, closer vending machine.

Which do you do?

Use the machine downstairs
Use the machine nearby

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1. How do I make the image I have behind the cut the image at the top of my livejournal instead of what I have now?

2. Have you ever used europeandestinations.com? If so, what was your experience?

3. I found a trip on there to Venice, Paris and Rome for 11 days/10 nights for $1295. This includes roundtrip airfair, transportation between each city, and hotels for the duration. Do you think this is a good deal?

Itinerary Includes:
• International round-trip airfare
• Hotel for 3 nights in Paris
• Artesia Night Train: Paris - Venice
• Hotel for 3 nights in Venice
• Eurostar Italia Venice - Rome
• Hotel for 3 nights in Rome
• Daily breakfast (if stated in hotel info)
• Hotel taxes

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Inspired by some recent music questions in here:
What albums do you listen to every day or most days?

At the moment, mine are David Bowie-"The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust" and Sparks-"Lil Beethoven".
The Dude Abides

Money ?'s

1. What's the most amount of money you'd feel comfortable letting a friend or family member borrow?

2. What's the most amount of money you'd feel comfortable borrowing from a friend or a family member?

3. Would you be more likely to borrow/lend money from/to a friend or family member?

4. What do you think is the easiest way to earn money?

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which are you more likely to become --

the crazy/mean elderly person that all the neighborhood kids hate
the lovable elderly person with the interesting stories, and crafts and baked goods or whatever the fuck

anyone know where i can find

a good downloadable version of tetris that i won't have to register or pay for?

or even better: i used to have a version of tetris where once you had blocks fit together to form a certain sized square they like 'melded' together. i don't know if this makes sense to anyone, but it was worth a try... if you know where i can find that one, 'cause i used to love it, lemme know!
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okay so.... we all are familiar with the & sign as a symbol of and. What are some other ones?
( all i can think of is +, one that kinda looks like a lowercase e)
my friend and i were talking and she wrote an and sign that looked like a cursive lowercase e and a plus sign, i wikipedia-ed and lo, it was a real symbol (variant on the ampersand) i seem to remember one that looks sorta like a capital e in cursive with a line through it but she thinks i'm wrong. Help me TQC! does it exist?
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When you're alone (at work, at home, whatever) do you prefer quiet, soft music, loud music, or other background sounds (like TV)?
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I have an iPod Nano (the "older" kind).

It's frozen. I was using the Timer function and now it won't return to the menu. The screen is lit and won't go dark. The scroller doesn't scroll through anything on the screen. The device is making sounds when I touch "menu" and "play" atc., ut other than that, it's frozen.

queston 1: ....what the fuck?

question 2: no, but really, is there anything I can do??

Thanks again, Apple, for fucking me over.
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So, I'm making chilli for dinner tonight. I hate kidney beans - what else could I put in it to make it seem like I am not just eating beef and tomato sauce? I was thinking like corn, maybe? Any suggestions?
Are you drunk?

I'm so emo

My boy and I broke up a few days ago. He was here on leave and recieved shitty news. So he has to take care of that instead of having to worry about me. He didn't want to put me through all that... Very crappy situation. Like, super duper crappy. so I'm trying to understand. He says he still loves me but needs to take care of the very crappy situation before he can take care of us. Its the whole "I need to fix me first" thing. (he just got back from Iraq, his ex is kind of psycho, they have a daughter)

1. Have you ever gone through anything like this?

2. My best friend told me; "in order for two halves to come together and become one, each half has to be whole on its own". In other words, in some cases, you can't have a person "complete you" if you arent complete.
Do you agree or disagree?

3. Have you ever broken up and gotten back together? Not a "break". I mean a "break up".

4.Were you still in love the entire time?

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1. Whats your "claim to fame?"

2. If you cook, what's your secret ingredient?

My answers-
1. I can read and write upside down and backwards. And I can fold my legs weird. And do the Asian squat.

2. I put a little bit of soy sauce in my scrambled eggs.
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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1. First off, I hate this saying, I think it's stupid. But I'd like to know the origins of it: "cut a bitch". Where did that come from?
2. Do you ever talk to people who sit next to you on the bus? or on the airplane? Do you try to avoid it or do you start conversations or...?
3. What's the strangest conversation you've ever had with a stranger?

Business suits

If you were a woman and had to buy a nice suit (for a career fair), but didn't have much money to spend, where would you go?

I've been suggested Ann Taylor and Macy's so far, but they're really expensive. On my budget, at least. ;)

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Are any of you on your opposite-sex partner's health insurance (or vice versa)? As in, you are a hetero not married couple and are on the same insurance through one of your employers? What did you have to do to get it?
Sam outside


On yourself: do you like your legs or stomach better? [which looks better to you].

On the preferred sex: which do you like to be more toned, legs or stomach? also say what preferred sex.

It doesn't matter how hard I work, I cant tone my inner thighs! Any suggestions??

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Do you feel that celebrities (actors/actresses, song artists, athletes, etc.) have an obligation to their fans and the general public to act responsibly and set a good example? Why or why not?

How do you feel about celebrity worship? Explain.
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1. Who are some celebs you think are hot from the neck down? (In other words, a butterface. "Everything's bangin'...but her face." I use this for men too, cause buthisface doesn't sound as awesome.)
2. Who are your favorite Food Network personalities?
3. Who are your LEAST favorite Food Network personalities?
4. Is it just me, or did that Isadora ho on American Idol last night sound like a goat having an orgasm while she was singing?
5. Anyone a Tina Turner fan?
6. How about a Stevie Nicks fan?
7. What's your favorite movie musical?
8. Are my questions annoying yet?

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Does anyone know of must-see spots in or near the cities of Dublin, Cork, or Galway in Ireland?
I'll be visiting in March and I'm in need of a bit of direction.

Much appreciated. =)
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1. Have you ever betrayed a friend to the point that they didn't want anything to do with you anymore?
2. What was your misdeed?
3. Did you eventually see that person again later on?
4. Did they forgive you?
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Calling people that know Japanese

What would you name my car?

Ok, here's the story. I've had my current car for a while, but I held off on naming her because I was unsure if I was going to keep her or not.

She's a 2006 Flint Mica Scion tC Pic (not mine, but they all look the same) and she's in dire need of a name.

Background: My previous car was a 1974 Toyota Corolla named Libby. She was so named because she was purchased on the 4th of July, Libby being short for Liberty.

My current car I recieved within a couple days of Thanksgiving, and I'd like to incorporate that into the name.

Criteria for name:
This car was designed, manufactured, and assembled in Japan, so I'd like the name to be Japanese
The name should somehow relate to Thanksgiving, the harvest, or thankfulness in general
I'm also willing to go with a Japanese variation on Libby
The name must be female, if I were naming a new truck or a Chrystler 300 it would be different, but she's definetly a lady.

So, help me name my special lady. Extra points for referencing Japanese folklore or legends.

My only idea so far is Amaterasu, as she was deeply tied to agriculture and staple harvest grains.

(no subject)

01 Top or bottom?

02 Left or right?

03 Right or wrong?


I am looking into buying a guitar (left handed, electric.) What things should I look for? Should I even bother with used (i.e bargain finder papers, newspapers, pawn shops, etc.)?

Should I look at the guitarists I enjoy and see what guitars THEY use, if they are my influences?
[dance] pink side to side

Violins in anime?

Aside from Sailor Moon, Violinist of Hamlem, and Yami No Matsuei... What other anime/manga have violinists/violin music? With manga just having the actual people and not the music, of course. ;P

Nothing else for now.

To clarify: Not just as background music. As in, there's actually musicians in the anime.
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What's a good free MMORPG?

We are moving soon, so I can't reactivate my WoW account because we need the extra bit of money, but I have such an urge to play an online RPG. I've tried Maple Story, but don't really like it.

If not, then what are some fun games to play online?
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1. Have you ever broken up with someone when you really could honestly say "it's not you, it's me" and mean it? As in, the other person was a pretty ideal partner and your relationship was pretty good, but you just didn't want it anyway? Why not/what was your reasoning?

2. Can I send a guy lavender roses, or is that totally lame? My only other two options are orange and coral, and I don't particularly like either of those colors for roses. (Looking into rose-color symbolism, which actually won't be lost on the guy).
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Brain farts!

What have been your biggest and best moments of total dumbarsery? Where all knowledge, thought and comprehension of the English language seems to escape from your brain for one brief second of potential amusement.

Me, I just totally forgot when St Patrick's Day is. This wouldn't be so bad, but my mother is 100% Irish and we celebrate it every year. I've celebrated it since I was a little girl and I just totally forgot the date. I don't feel so bright after that one.

So, can any of you top that?

EDIT: Also is it wrong that every time I hear the Zelda theme, I have a little fangirl moment?
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What's one question you'd like to ask but can't?

- I'd ask my best friend "Hey, are you into that guy?", but I myself am into him, and Lord, do I not want to go down that two-friends-with-the-same-crush road.
Sam Roberts
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What is the worst thing you've found in your food?

I was pretty scarred when I found a dead spider in my Ceasar salad at a retaurant, I think I was only 10 or 11 so that made it worse.

internet stuff

1) What do you do when you can't think of a subject line for the email you've written? Leave it blank? Normally in this case I use some random song lyric, but was told today that this habit of mine is really annoying.

2) Have you seen the people's LJ profiles with 5+ word interests? How do they do that?

3) Do you ever add/keep someone on your friends list out of pity?


Have you ever accidentally said something to a person of another race that they were seriously offended by?

What did you say?

How did they react?

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I have the new Fergie song, Fergalicious, stuck in my head.

What can I do, short  of decapitation, to get it to stop?

(I don't have the equipment for a clean decapitation, or this wouldn't be an issue.  I abhor mess.)
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tip jars at the grocery store

I was at a local grocery store/"farmer's market" recently and they had a tip jar at the end of the each of the checkout aisles. I couldn't believe it. I mean the cashiers are not friendly, they are kind of rough with the stuff you're buying. They never say anything to the person they are checking out. They are always talking to each other very loudly. The whole place is just generally unpleasant, I only go there when I can't find good snow peas elsewhere.

What is this about? Have you ever tipped at a grocery store?

EDIT: It actually had a label that said "tips." At first I thought it must be for donations of some sort, but then I looked at the other side and saw the label.

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Congratulations, you have just graduated from killing school and are now an assassin. Your first assignment is to kill Mr. X.

But, how do you kill him?
There are no rules, you can be as creative in your killing as you want. What do you do to Mr. X to make him worm food?
The Dude Abides

Disk Doctor ?'s

Has anyone ever bought any disk doctor software or hardware? (a device used to help disk drives read files on scratched or damage CDs)

If yes, how much did you pay and what was the name of the product?

Do you have any CDs or DVDs that are scratched up so badly to where they'd be better used as coasters than as storage or entertainment mediums?

(no subject)

1. I want to order a pizza for delivery, but the only cash I have is a fifty dollar bill. Do you think the delivery person would have enough change for that? I don't plan on spending more then twenty dollars on this pizza..

2. Do you ever do anything sneaky like order two drinks with something to make it look like two people will be eating whatever you ordered, when really, you're going to savor it all by yourself? I was thinking of doing that with this pizza, but I don't feel like wasting the money.

3. What local pizza place makes the best pizza in your town? There's one across from a coffee shop that makes the most delicious BBQ chicken pizza ever.

4. Grossest pizza topping ever? I think pineapples and ham. Bleh.

5. Does pizza ever remind you of anything? My family used to always order a Papa John's pizza for Halloween, and so every time I get pizza from there (like tonight, hopefully!), that's what I think of.

edit: Hurrrray, I'm getting a barbeque chicken and bacon pizza that I paid for with my debit card. You guys are my heroes, since I will no longer starve tonight.
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Journalism anyone?

Is anyone on here a journalist or in college to be a journalist?
I'm about to start getting ready for colleges, and I should be trying to get into them right now sending in the essays, the money, blah blah blah.
But ... I just don't know if it's the right thing.

What's it like?

(no subject)

I'm moving back to England soon - any suggestions for places in Essex, preferably not too far from London. I am considering Colchester, and Brighton - but its not just location, its renting cost,  Brighton is fairly cheap for studio flats, as is Colchester. Help?

(no subject)

What would be your very first thought (first thought people, don't sit & think about it) if I told you I'd never met an African American person?

Explanation: I've never met an African American because I live in a small coastal Australian town. It's amazing how many people automatically assume I'm an American living in some small Southern town.
Shaun: King of the Zombies

Hair style question

I've had the same hairstyle as long as I can remember, so I'm looking to change it, the thing is I haven't the slightest clue about what will suit me as I'm a "bigger" girl, and obviously need something to flatter my face shape. I've seen a style that I like, so I'd like opinions on whether you think it'd suit me, and if not, some suggestions on other styles would be greatly appreciated :)

Pic of me and the style behind the Collapse )

(no subject)

So this couple were together for 3 and a half years. But they drifted apart and lost the spark, so they called it a day, and ended the relationship on good terms.

Three days later, the guy is sleeping with someone else, who is everything he apparently doesn't like in a girl.

Does this scream "rebound" to you?

Have you ever known a rebound relationship like that to work out and become a long-term thing?

(no subject)

1.How old were you when you started smoking?
2.How old were you when you started drinking
3.How old were you when you started doing other drugs? what were they?
4.Do you regret doing drugs or drinking.
5.I was listening to a song ( I dont remember what it was) and there was a mention of amoxicillin (sp) . What does it do to you?
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ballet photo


so i cut off 8 inches of my hair today to a bit above my shoulders. somewhat like a bob.
i did it on a whim. it just kinda hit me, i did it and now im crying my eyes out cause i hate it. everyone else loves it.
everyone- my friends, parents, co-workers etc LOVE it and i hate it cause it doesnt look like me. its to cutesy.
so my questions are
1) have you ever cut off a great deal of your hair? did you cry?
2) did you hate it after? was it actual hate or just shock from not having your long hair?
3) since then have you let it grow out again, or have you continued to keep it short?

im almost considering, should i still hate it next week, to buy one of those Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves extension clips. So..
4) have you tried these sort of extensions?

(no subject)

1)Do you believe corporal punishment for adults is an effective crime deterrent?
2)What is the most minor thing you've shit a brick over?
3)Do you know anyone who has done something incredibly stupid on a dare? Who and what was the dare?

Everything I've Ever Wanted To Know About Hugs

This post is hug themed. :]

1. Do you like hugs?

2. Do you think people can have "good arms" and "bad arms" for hugging?

3. Do you hug people whenever possible?

4. Would you hug a stranger?

5. Do you ever get tired of hugging someone?

6. Have you ever let "gravity" pull you over on top of someone whilst hugging them?

7. What was the most random thing you've hugged?

1. Yes, very much so.
2. Yes, I do. I know lots of people with "good arms."
3. Yes, I do. :]
4. It makes it more fun.
5. No.
6. Nope, but I want to.
7. A shopping cart at target.
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New Camus

(no subject)

1. What's the dumbest thing you've done lately?
I left for a class I thought was at 7:10, drove for 10 minutes, realized it was actually at 5:30, drove home, and several hours later realized it actually WAS at 7:10.

2. If you have a digital camera, how big is your memory card for it?
2 gigs.

3. Are you afraid of any relatively common animals (think dog, cat, bird, cow, etc.)?  Why?
No, but I knew a girl who was very afraid of cows for no apparent reason.

4. Which was your favorite Matrix movie?
I hated all of them.

(no subject)

1. If you wanted to break up with a boyfriend/girlfriend but their birthday was within the next couple days, would you wait until after?

(edit: I wasn't planning on giving him a gift. Maybe just a breakfast or something. The only problem is that we're good friends - it's not really about the gift, just about me not wanting to ruin his birthday since I care about him whether we're dating or not)

2. If you've ever had a thing for someone who's in a relationship and wanted it to fail so you could be with the person, did you end up actually getting a chance with them? How long did you have to wait for them to become available?

Just curious.
colours are nice

Famous Examples of Photography

I'm looking for some examples of photographs that are famous because of the way they look, and not necessarily the subject matter. I can find many "poignant" ones (from various war/battle scenes, 9/11, natural disasters, etc), but I need some that don't depict a certain event or message; ones that are very recognizable because of their aestheticism. Any ideas? Preferably, they would have non-human subjects, but some portraits may work as well.

(no subject)

what's a hobby that i could pick up as a seventeen year old girl who needs to get out of the house more?

i become bored with everything too quickly.

i don't really like games, or sports.

Help me name my car!

I stole this idea from xandah 

I have had my car for about a year now and every once in a while I try to come up with a name for it, or I guess its a she from the purple tinted windows, but I just can't seem to find a name that fits.

I don't really have any specifications. I don't really like white cars, she seems pretty plain to me, so I would like a fun, unique name for my car. She's a 2001 White Chevy Malibu. 


Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks!

Also, can anyone tell me how to make a cut, I couldn't figure it out!
at seven

(no subject)

1. I'm shopping for a new hairdryer. What should I get? I'm willing to spring for a more expensive one if it's actually worth it, but I don't know if all that stuff about ions and shit makes any difference. For the record, I have long straight hair, I'm trying to get rid of frizz as much as possible, and blowdrying fast is good.

2. What makes today better than yesterday?

3. What makes today worse than yesterday?

(no subject)

I'm on my desktop. I just got a new laptop. It says I'm connected to the wireless network at Very Good strength. But when I click on Firefox, it tries to log on to the internet and then I get a "server not found" window. How can I be connected to the network but not able to get online? Help!

(no subject)

1. When you first meet or see people, are you likely to judge them or just be optimistic until something changes your mind?
2. Before or after you meet people, do you tend to dislike parts parts of their personality that you dislike about yourself?...or are you more likely to dislike things about yourself that you dislike about other people?...Or do you make no connection between the two?

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Ooooo we're in the Army now...

Okay, this is driving me crazy.

I'm looking for a list. A list of what's involved in the US Army's exercise regimen. Including the warm-up and cool-down stretches. And for some reason this is all I can find.

Anyone know where I could find this very simple list that shouldn't be that hard to find?

And for a general related question...

Are you in the military, or related to some one in the military? Have you ever considered joining up? Why or why not? (Non-political reasons, cause there's a fire I'd rather not fuel)
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(no subject)

1. I was just thinking about this for some reason..do you remember when Live Journal used to be exclusive, and you needed a code to have a journal here?

2. For all the people that received a journal and needed a code, are those accounts now Plus accounts?

EDIT: I just crossed out number two, since I have my answer. Also, I got un-lazy and went to find out for myself what the difference was between plus and paid.