January 24th, 2007


Dear Godless sodomites: Heaven has no back door

Is LoveGodsWay.org for real? I have a couple of gay friends who are really up in arms and swear it's sincere, but -if I may be so bold- they don't  "get" certain kinds of humor. The website and this music video really strike me as being some Westboro Baptist Church parody (the Colbert Report to WBC's O'Reilly Factor if you will). With a name like Donnie Davies, a pornstache, the ultra-cheesy song/video and a list of "gay bands" I just can't bring myself to believe this is a genuine...thing. Whaddaya say, tqc?
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(no subject)

I have a dog named Tasha. She is a GSD/Collie/Spaniel mix weighing in at 42 lbs. I have had this dog since I was 7 years old, making her 16 years old now. Whenever people learn that she is 16, they seem very surprised that a dog could be that old, and still be moving. She's definitely not running like the wind anymore, though. She is hard of hearing, and has arthritis in her hips, but she's still in great shape considering her age, and her attitude has always been excellent. She still greets me at the door by wiggling and dancing around like a puppy, and we have never faced a life-threatening health scare with her.
The internet tells me that the average lifespan of a dog is only about 12 years.

Does this seem about right for you dog owners out there?
Have you had a dog live beyond their breed's expected lifespan? How old were/are they?
For those of you with elderly dogs, what kind of health problems does your dog have, if any?

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My hair is long, about halfway between my shoulders and my waist. How should I wear it for a job interview? (Preferably styles that do not involve hairspray, gel, mousse, etc. as I don't own any of these.) I might also add that I am a woman.

What do you do to make yourself feel better when you're sad?
Mitty box

(no subject)

Have you ever self diagnosed?

Were you ever right?

Would you believe someone if they told you they had self diagnosed some illness they had, or would you disregard it until they had proof from a doctor?

Do you think people who self diagnose are hypochondriacs, or people who really know and understand their bodies?

I should be sleeping but my self diagnosed carpal tunnel is keeping me up. =)
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Best way to prevent forest fires?

Buy an SUV and continue steady contribution to global warming, until lightning storms are no longer likely in your area
Clone Smokey the bear, and populate the woods with hundreds of talking, hat-wearing busybodies who probably go through your garbage cans between 'fire safety' gigs
Outlaw fire in any form, since society seems unworthy of possessing fire
Change punishment for arson, from jailtime to getting anally raped to death by a man in a burning suit (like a stunt man thing)
Chop down all the trees
Become a furry and wear a bear suit in the woods, spying on campers...you know, in case they have fire, of course, my little yiffster friend
Complain bitterly until God picks you to run the show while he's on vacation, like in Bruce Almighty. Then you can change the rules and make trees fireproof. It's a noble goal, so keep bitching around the clock until divine interaction occurs
You can't. Forest fires, like death, aging and American Idol, are just ugly facts of life that you just have to live with
Armageddon! Prevents forest fires and everything else from happening ever again!
Um...I stop setting them? I told myself I'd stop, but they're so pretty

How many Watts for each scenario?

What are some qualitative descriptions of bass amplifiers with various wattages?


I've seen descriptions that say anything less than 35W isn't worth getting for anything but practice in a bedroom. How much wattage would be needed to comfortably play in a medium-sized coffee shop? An indoor stage at a bar? An outdoor stage on a large field?

(no subject)

Is it illegal and/or would a cop knock on my window if I slept in my car in the parking lot outside my office building?

What are your thoughts on sleeping in the backseat of your own car?

Have you done it? If so, why? If not, what would make you consider it?
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Cards and corsets

1. I'm working on making sets of cards (about 4.75" by 5.5", by 6", and by 6.5") to fit inside pocketfold invitations. What I'd like to do is print two (or four) per normal-sized page, with the corner cut-guide marks to make the cutting easier. However, I'm finding that I can EITHER put two on a page, OR include the corner marks. I'm sure I'm just missing them somewhere, but if anyone can help me out with how to do that, that would be awesome. I have Microsoft Publisher, Photoshop 7.0, and the various programs of the Office suite. (I can settle for two on a page with a full border if I have to, but I'd rather that be a last resort.)

2. My wedding dress has a very wide neck - almost but not quite off the shoulder. I hate regular strapless bras. I'm small enough that I could probably get away without wearing one at all, but it's my wedding, and I do want at least some froofy lingerie. So I'm looking for something corset-y - overbust, either strapless or with removable straps, and not stupidly expensive. I've looked at Frederick's, and they've got a couple options that would be ok (if only I could find them in my size - hello, not a 42DD here), but I'd like to look at more than one place before I buy. It doesn't have to be super-heavy-duty - I'm not looking to tight-lace or anything - but I would like something that's at least well-made enough that it's going to last more than a few wearings. Any suggestions other than Frederick's of Hollywood?

I rarely ask computer help questions, but...

My internet has been acting odd today. To be specific: Livejournal. If I try to go onto TQC or lj in general from my homepage or google, it takes really long to actually get on the page. (like a few minutes) and usually it takes seconds.

What could the problem be?

Is there any virus scan I should do?

EDIT: Problem solved. Lj is being a bitch today, apparently.
Give a dog a home

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I'm a very shitty Catholic, and I never go to church, but I still try to give something up for Lent.

What should I give up for Lent? (besides not eating meat on Fridays)

a) alcohol
b) diet coke (which I adore)
c) fighting on the internet
d) other, plz specify


Those in the US: Do you play Powerball? My office is buying 18 tickets.

If you won, what would you do with the money?

Would you:
Quit your job and never work again?
Start your own business (if so, what?)?
Quit your job and do other stuff to fill your time (if so, what?)?


For those of you that want children someday, would you ever consider adopting?

Is anyone adopted? How do you feel about it?
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Clothing Questions

What is the best place to buy men's dress clothing?

(I mean all of it, shoes, shirts, pants, ties, etc)

I was also thinking of getting fitted and buying a couple of suits, and suggestions on where I should go?
  • cath72

intimate insults

Do you and your significant other have amusing / random insults for each other? What are they and what's the story behind them?

Mine: One time my boyfriend and I were arguing about something and I just randomly called him a "bumface" (because apparently I'm seven years old) and it pretty much ended the fight because it was so ridiculous. Now I jokingly call him a bumface at least once a day.

(no subject)

brain/eyes -- when you're executed with a guillotine, or some other really fast decapitation, do you think everything goes dark instantly? or are you still able to see for a little bit

instantly dark
hi mom
The Dude Abides

Parenting ?'s

Inspired by this. What would you do if your three your old child wouldn't buckle his/her seatbelt and was delaying the flight (w/ 112 more passengers on it) by throwing a tantrum about it?

Would it make a difference in how you rectified the situation if the child had just had ear surgery?

If you and the child were kicked off the plane who do you think would be more at fault, the parents or the airline?

(no subject)

1.) Would you say you have a pretty high tolerance for pain?

2.) What was the worst injury you've ever sustained?

3.) Have you ever almost died? You know, like you almost fell off the side of a building but somebody grabbed you at the last moment. If so, please describe your brush with death?
rider tied

Need some cute pictures!

So, I got a new computer but there's a problem.

My huge collection of adorable anime girls is gone! I need your help to get it back to its former glory. I've already bled 4chan dry of what cuteness it has, so now I need your help.
Where are some places I can get pictures of a-fucking-dorable anime girls? Hentai is a no-no but a bit of ecchi is fine with me. I'm looking for cute, not sexy.

As an advanced thank you, here is something from my currently mediocre collection

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Sex on the mind.

Insipired by this post:

  1. Have you ever heard someone in the next apartment/room/house/whereever having sex?
  2. Did it turn you on?
  3. Did you ever confront them about it?
  4. Did any awkward situations arise because of it?
  5. Have you ever done anything to get back @ the people you hear?
  6. What did you have for breakfast?
  7. What's your favorite Cereal?
  8. Do you have any decorations on your computer?
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(no subject)

Grab bag for a Wednesday:

1. What do you call breasts? Boobs, knockers, jugs, funbags... what?
2. How often do you check the gas gage in your car?
3. Are you happy? If not, what one thing would make you happy?
4. What's a red thing that you can see from where you are?

(no subject)

How old were your parents when they had you? Circumstances not withstanding (your parents didn't meet till they were 30 so they couldn't have had you sooner or one parent died at 25 so they couldn't have had you later) do you wish they'd been a different age when they had you? Why or why not?

As with all my questions, I love long answers with lots of detail. Stories make my work day go by much faster.

(no subject)

What would you think if you got into a fight with your SO, s/he stood you up the next day and then ignored your attempts at contact for the next 4 days?

What if this person had a history of breaking up with people this way?

The Receptionist Classic

Tres Amigos!

Do you have any grudges against a political figure for an absurd/odd reason?

I really don't like Noriega because when he had soldiers march through Panama City, they fired their guns all willy nilly. Some of those bullets hit my cousin's house and to this day, she had 8 peepholes next to her front door. And the front entry had been so pretty, too.

Do you know how to open an envelope? (No, really.)

Do you have a handy way for me to remember which state is Vermont and which is New Hampshire on my test tonight? (I always get the two mixed up and I'm afraid that I'll forget when he hands out the map.)
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(no subject)

Does anyone know where I can find a transcript of Bush's speech last night? I've been googling, and all I can find are videos (I'd like to print it out), highlights, and speculation. I just want to read the damn speech, not hear what pundits & other politicians have to say about it.
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(no subject)

Do any of you take any sort of sleep aid (herbal, over-the-counter, prescribed, etc.)?

I have obsessive-compulsive disorder. Unfortunately, sometimes I am up really late just checking things. Sleepytime tea worked really well for me until they no longer added valerian. I've tried a couple of times to take 400 mg of valerian, but it gives me a headache and I have a hard time getting up in the morning.

And, yes, I have spoken with my doctor. He is who recommended the valerian before trying something more potent. I'd like to explore the experiences of other's before getting involved with something that is potentially habit forming.
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Justice ?'s

Scenario: You're accused of a violent crime, that you didn't commit and are sentenced to lifetime imprisonment with no eligibility for parole by a jury of your peers. 15 years later, some new break through in forensic science somehow absolves you from the crime and you are released.

1 a) How would you want to be compensated for the mistake that cost you 15 years of your life?

1 b) Do you think there should be any punishment given to the accuser?

2. Do you think there should be a "loser pays" system in civil court cases to prevent frivolous trials? ETA: Ex. You trip and fall at a playground and decide to sue the school or city for x amount of dollars for your injury. If you lose the court case, you'd have to pay the court cost for yourself AND any expenses for the defendant as well.
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Spawn, and I don't mean the comic book.

Faintly related to that whole mess with the dipsticks who brought their howling child on a plane.

1- For people who WANT kids (in the near or distant future) or already have them, why did/do you want them? For people who never want kids, why not?

2- For anyone (want kids or not), do you dislike other peoples' kids? Does it depend on their behaviour?

3- What's the worst thing you've seen a child do in public? Any age.

4- Are you secretly jealous that kids these days have really cool crap to play with, if you're an adult? If you're still a 'kid', do you even think that what you have now is that interesting? (Internet, video game consoles, technology like never before, better health care, etc)

5- What would you tell your child-self if you could go back in time to see yourself at any age at all? How old would your child-self be?

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  1. Is it going to be REALLY bad for my body if I go to the gym today @ 4:30 after only eating starbursts All day?
  2. Whats the weirdest package someone you know or you work with or yourself has received @ work? (One of the freaks here just got 1000 crickets. UGH! he gets other things for his creepy frogs too)
  3. How old were you when you moved out of your parents house?
  4. Do you think someone can be a bad cuddler?

Alumni Association

It was my understanding that in order to be a member of an alumni association for a college, you should have attended said college. Correct?

Last night I saw a commercial for the SIU Alumni Association. They said that ANYONE could join the association, present or former student or not. This doesn't make any sense to me. Why are they allowed to be part of an association


Anybody own/used to own a safe?

What kind was it?

Would you recommend it to another?
Why/why not?

I am looking at getting a safe. I am specifically looking at DSW5781 by sentry safes. Anything good/bad about either sentry safes or the model itself?

(no subject)

I'm at work.

The most fugly knitted sweater is on my knitting calendar.
My pizza roll is in front of me.
I have a spanish phrases calender.
I am bored right now.

If you were here, how would you entertain me?


Okay, so after 6 years of seperation, my husband and I are finally getting around to a divorce.

Here is the question.

My husband works a lot of overtime. His choice totally. Time and a half and on holidays double time for him. He is a security gaurd in the LA area.

Child support for three kids has been 500 a month. Occasionally he will send extra money for glasses, or when I need money for braces for the kids... or other things. Sometimes he has put as much as 900 in the bank for me.

So, he wants to do this divorce without lawyers, and "without them bringing my income into the equation" He feels it would be unfair to pay child support on his total income. (The overtime)

However, he won't even tell me what his base income is. So I can decide if it is fair to just get 500 for the three kids.

My kids are on public assistance for medical/dental and they get free lunches. I am disabled on SSDI.

Should I be going ahead and getting myself a lawyer? Knowing that will piss my husband off to no end, and that will end in him probably going underground and not paying anything at all?

(no subject)

Poll #913277 Favorite Puppet/Doll Couple?:

Favorite Puppet/Doll Couple?:

Princeton & Kate
Barbie & Ken
Ms. Piggy & Kermit
Chucky & Tiffany

Oh damn, I forgot Bert and Ernie. =P

(no subject)

I'm bored and am at work for another 2 hours. what do you do to entertain yourself while at the office?

Edit: I'm a receptionist, so if the phone isnt ringing, I have nothing to do. Its not busy at all today, so I need some entertainment.
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(no subject)

inspired by this.

my boss is sending all of us girls in the office to LA for a girl's trip. what are some places/sites/shows i should definitely try to hit up while i'm there? is anything interesting going on the first week of march? something that i ABSOULUTELY can't leave LA without doing?

we already e-mailed the ellen degeneres show to see if we can get some tickets.. take into account we're probably going to be doing the universal studios tour, rodeo drive, santa monica pier.. etc. i suggested we try to go to The Ivy for lunch to see if we can run into any celebrities, lol.

i'm originally from Van Nuys but we never really did any of the ~*tourist*~ type things while we lived there.. now i get a chance to actually partake in some of those.. plus, i haven't been back in YEARS!

so? where should we go? what should we see? what should we do?

(no subject)

I get out of class at 630 and I'm going to the gym until 8 .. then I'm home all night. What shows are on tonight that are actually worth watching? I cannot figure out this new numbering system for the channels so I can't figure out what's on. And no I don't want to watch Maui Fever. Help?

Thanks in advance :)

(no subject)

So I have this friend (we'll call him Kyle). The first time I met Kyle I was ridiculously attracted to him, but not sexually-- I just wanted to be around him ALL THE TIME. Initially, I thought I just had these strong feelings towards him because I was excited to have a new friend or whatever. It's been 6 months since our first meeting and my feelings haven't changed. I can't stop thinking about him and want to be around him more than anyone else. However, I do not at all want to date Kyle or "become involved" with him. And he has a girlfriend anyway so it doesn't matter... but can anyone else relate? Have you ever become completely infatuated with someone without wanting anything in return? How would you explain this?
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(no subject)

Two of my dogs have fleas, and I have tried everything to get rid of them, I have used K9 Advantix for awhile now, and both of them have flea collars, one of my dogs has a skin condition, she has "hot spots" and licks but that only makes them worse and shes starting to chew out her hair, we then gave her "hot spot" soothing medication but it has only seemed to make it worse. What should I do? Should I get another veterarian prescribed flea/tick repellent?

Travel questions

I'm going to NYC for 5 or 6 days tomorrow. I'll have a few days completely free, and I'm wondering:

What are some places/sites/shows I should definitely try to hit up while I'm there?

(I'm already planning on "The Little Dog Laughed" for show, and MoMA, Met, FIT, Radio/Television, Sex, and Guggenheim for museums)

Related: Any safety tips for Paranoid Girl in the City?

(no subject)

You have access to a time machine, but only for ONE round trip. You can only go to one place in time, and come back to the present.

When/where do you go, and why?


(no subject)

This is very specific, but I was wondering if anyone knew.

Last year I was watching a Korean Drama. It involved a girl who wasn't sure which man she really loved. She lived at the beach but one of the men took to living in house. In the end, she got pregnant and had to sing at this place she had always dreamed about. One of the men who promised to be there got shot and died watching her instead of going to the hospital.

What drama was I watching?

(no subject)

Girls, have you ever slapped your boyfriend/husband or hit him for saying something stupid or said a sexist joke?

Guys, have you ever done the same to her? Have you ever hit back?

Do you feel it is sometimes okay to hit a man? A woman?

Do you feel society holds a double standard towards spousal abuse?
mac animated - prayer works!


Your friend lives in a trailer/double wide.

Do you judge them and immediately think they are white trash?


The reason I ask is because I am thinking of buying this home (or one like it), and a friend told me he would consider me white trash if I bought it.
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hello lion-o

sick food

What "comfort" foods do you like when you're sick? Are there any foods you don't eat unless you're sick?

For me, I might not be hungry but my sweet tooth acts up. Lime sherbert or gummy candies make me feel better.
bjork 2
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vroom vroom.

Sadly, I do not see a community that may be better suited for this question.

Are you happy with your car insurance company? Do they service the Mid-Atlantic, specifically Philadelphia? I know, I know... Who actually has insurance in Philadelphia? I'm currently with Geico and tbh they're really not all that cheap for me and I dislike dealing with them.

My credit is in good shape (for what I have) and my record is mostly blemish-free, sans a minor violation in 2004 (wrong way down a one way street, which to this day irks me.)

I'm looking for any suggestions, including companies you would not recommend (i.e. who to avoid.)

How are you?

1.  Does it bother you when someone asks "What's up?"
-It bothers me.  I always end up saying "Nothing..." because what could actually be up?  I much prefer a "How are you?"

2.  When you ask "How are you?" do you actually want to hear how that person is doing, good or bad, or is it more like one of those "Oh look there is that person I know and say this because it's just what people do..." kind of things?
-I actually mean it, because it really upsets me when someone asks and I honestly answer, and they are like "WOAH, ok nevermind..." or something like that.  It's mean.

3.  How are you?
-I'm pretty happy right now!  School isn't too stressful and no one in my group of friends is fighting.  My family is being excellent to each other and I feel content.  So rare!

Bronchities woes.

All doctors say that the more you get bronchitis the easier it gets. Well I get it every time I get sick now. I've had it at least 30 times. I always take some form of antibiotic and it clears it up. However it's nasty and often lingers well after the infection is gone.

Does anyone know of something I can take or do to prevent every cold I get leading to bronchitis?
HP love

For any anime fans...

I saw a movie a while back on TV. I came in about halfway through, and I really want to see the whole thing.
It was an anime about a brother and sister in World War II (obviously on the Japanese side of the war). I think their mother had died, and their father was off fighting...
They wound up taking refuge in an abandoned shack or something.
For any Aussies who also happened to be watching, it was on SBS on the 4th, perhaps the 5th.

Got it!

(no subject)

accidentally or otherwise -- in which of the following locations have you received a shipment of semen

about the face and neck
ass (external)
ass (internal)
vag (external)
vag (internal)
feet? (ahaaaaha omg stop)
other (???dddkfjllfgfdfh)

(no subject)

Inspired by a girl who was just on american idol.

What's the biggest lie that you told your parents?
How long did you lie?
Did you tell them the truth?
How did they react?

I lied about my australian boyfriend for over a year.  I told them about him on his third trip to the states.  I was uber-suprised; they were utterly supportive.
lulu guinness clutch

Community College, again.

I applied for community college today =[ There are 4 basic skills tests, but I'm exempt from 3 of them because of my SAT scores. The only one I have to take is the reading one because I got a 530 in verbal(actually I took the first new version so it's not called verbal, but I'm not sure what it is called) and I needed 540.

For anyone who has taken the SAT and a basic skills test for community college, who would you compare them? I realize they aren't the same for all community colleges but I would like a general idea. I was going to take it today but I want to make sure I'm ready for it first.

(no subject)

anyone have the little thinkgeek ninja remote?
Is it supposed to light up on the end when you use it?
Does it have a short range or something?

I'm having some difficulty turning the hockey game off from across the room.
Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

New class

Which class should I take to replace the Statistics course I was taking? They are both worth three credits. Both teachers have smiley faces on ratemyprofessor.com

Interdisciplinary consideration of primary works and scholarship pertaining to women in the humanities and the arts.


A general survey of art music in western society, highlighting important composers and stylistic developments.
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Regarding this poll (http://community.livejournal.com/thequestionclub/17059515.html)...

I've never taken it in the face/mouth before. And I never intend to. Ever.

Is it really as great as some people say? Or is it REALLY hyped up?

It grosses me out, personally.

ETA: Due to some confusion, I'm going to post a comment I made thus far as to why I dislike it:

It's more because I'm OCD, and anything foreign on my hands or face grosses or weirds me out, even things other than semen. (Gel, for example, even though I need it for my hair, lol.)

Just so you all know. ;)
Firefly - Simon - White and nerdy
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(no subject)

My cousin loves to sign all her e-mails with "LUV YA LOTZ!!!". In fact, anything she writes, ever, has that on it. It drives me insane.

So what is the most annoying signature/catch phrase you've come across online? Or hell, real life too.

Dinner time

So I'm hungry...

I don't know what to eat for dinner.

What should I eat?

This is what I have in the house:
  • chicken
  • fish
  • cheese
  • pasta
  • salami
  • cauliflower
  • eggs
  • bread
  • flour
  • oil
  • butter
  • milk
  • various vegetables, frozen and fresh (peas, beans, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, carrots etc)
  • potatoes
  • mushroom soup/sauce/stock stuff
  • sour cream
What should I make?
  • poemi

update II: terrible mouth virus type thing / new question

My friend (or my roommate's friend) woke up today almost entirely better. The bleeding stopped yesterday, and today she left the house for the first time in nearly a week. The didn't end up going to the hospital again. She seems to be doing much much better now. Thanks everyone for all your concern, and thanks for making me not feel insane for flipping out. I'm so relieved she's getting better now.

New question!

My roommate made me an adorable card for my birthday with a line of drawings of me "growing up". I think the littlest version of me that she drew is the cutest thing I've ever seen. And I'm considering getting a small tattoo of her. So first, is that really vain to get a tattoo of yourself? I like that it's me very tiny. And second, since she's me she obviously won't need to be colored in, but parts of her dress are white, and I have olive skin, is that possible?

Here it is btw:
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loving pat

Flock question

Okay, so I just downloaded Flock by Photobucket's request. I open it to start uploading photos, and it says that it can't connect to the Internet...? My connection is good, Firefox is working, so why won't Flock? I've looked around for some sort of setting that might not be letting it work, but I didn't find anything.
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(no subject)

I'm heading off for my first year of tertiary education in a few weeks and am currently searching for a place to live. Everytime I share a, "Hey, this place is accepting long term students for only *insert price* a week! I could live here!" moment, I get a, "Why would you want to live there? It's a hostel, it'll be gross and dirty. Why don't you just give up and wait another year?"

I understand that yes, as her first child, it has to be hard for her.

How did you, when you moved out of home/went off to study/WHATEVER, make your mother back off?


Ever have one of those times where you felt especially "adult-y" or old or something?

The last time I felt like that was when my fiance and I were ogling kitchens with two ovens and fridges with LCD screens, imagining what our future kitchen might look like.
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Quick grammar question for you grammar people out there...

Is it...

“Hungry?” he chuckled.


“Hungry?” He chuckled.

Unsure about the capitalization and such.
i am sam
  • yingg


1) what brands of bread are there available in your country?
gardenia, high-5, NTUC (house brand), sunshine, bonjour.

2) are there any unusual flavours?
pandan, banana&carrot, corn.

(no subject)

Did/Does your high school have a "Sadie Hawkins" type dance? If so, did they call it that? Have you ever heard of it being called "Sponge"? Can you think of any possible reason my high school called it "Sponge"?

(no subject)

1. Based on your username/interests/whatever, do people often mistake you for the opposite gender? [I already know your answer, iwanttobeasleep :D]

2. What is/was your favorite school subject? [Elementary school, high school, college, doesn't matter]

3. How do you motivate yourself to do things that need to be done, although you don't want to do it, yet want to avoid procrastination?

(no subject)

What do you all think about the whole...
boys paying for girls?
do you expect it?
do you feel like you are being a typical girl by accepting their payment?
what about girls paying for boys?
what about the whole " buy me presents!" thing?

i personally with all boyfriends or dates or whatever always split it in half. i feel like i have this responsibilty to myself to show that i can support myself and i dont need their money. and alot of times i feel bad. i let boys pay for me if they beat me to it or if its a dinner for an anniversery or something. In some cases i have paid for boys, but i mostly like to pay for my share.

EDIT: but also by doing this...i think the boy starts just gettin careless... stops offering..whatever. i just can't help but take the money out of my wallet. one time me and my boyfriend at the time went like miniture golfing or some crap like that..and i said..do you want me to chip in and took out a ten dollar bill..he proceeds to say, " no i dont want to take your money"...as he shoves the bill in his wallet....yea WOW.
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1)When you swallow, where is your tongue?
2)What's the weirdest thing you've ever done while asleep?
3)How much of a book do you need to read before you decide to purchase it?
4)How nervous do you get about public speaking?
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Is anyone here good with Microsoft Access? I have a question about how you can check to see the "actions" that you did on a database. Like putting on filters/taking them off and other stuff.

This is more "advice" that "question"

I think this is allowed... Has anyone graduated from the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program? My entrance exam is on Saturday and I'm still debating whether to join the program or not. I did read the guides and a few things are still a bit unclear. I have a few questions.

1. Is it really that necessary? Do good universities care that you were in the IB program? I know it's recognized, but would they prefer someone who got an average score in the IB or someone who got an excellent GPA in high school?
2. What kind of courses do you have to take? What are some of the important prerequisites?
3. Is there any equivalent high school class I could take instead. Example: AP
4. Is it really that hard? Did you spend a lot of time on assignments? I've heard about critical essays worth 20% of your grade. Ouch.
5. Was it worth it?

Haha, that's all I can think of.
Thanks in advance.
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Has anyone actually read the Trixie Belden books 35-39?

Are they anywhere on the internet (I can't afford the $40-$100 and shipping to Australia for books I mainly want to read out of curiosity)

Big vocabulary... big equipment?

So, let's say you're in class and you use a 'multisyllabic' word while explaining something/talking out loud while the class is listening.
Someone in the class, one of the class jokers maybe, repeats the word and then makes a snide comment about your vocabulary.

Your reponse?

Are you the type of person to make the sarcastic comments? Because I am. I don't even know why. It's not even that funny.
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If you could invent a product or just improve on an already existing thing to make life easier/more fun/better/whatever, what would it be?

Practical or impractical.. doesn't make a difference.
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The questions on this community are far too frivilous.

Agreeing that we needed to get into some real life and death questions and situations here, I bet a friend $100 that I'd abide by the results of this poll.

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1. Concerning music, who is your favorite screamer? I know not everyone digs that type of music, but for those of you who do, who's your favorite?

2. Let's pretend you're at the bank. Suddenly, there's gunfire! All the people in line behind you get shot (in the head area), and the gunman doesn't seem to be showing any signs of stopping. There's a mother with two little boys, a newlywed couple, and an old grandpa in line in front of you. Now let's keep pretending and say you're feeling like a bit of a superhero that day. What would you do? If, in the extremely unlikely situation this actually occured, what would you probably do?

3. One of your favorite bands plays at the party of some brat's sweet sixteen for that MTV show 'My Super Sweet 16'. The teenager is not a big fan, but they want to seem cool to their classmates and make their parents hire the band. How would you feel about that?

4. Same band. A bunch of dedicated fans who have been there since the start decide they're going to organize a get together somewhere in the summer. They're all in their mid twenties. Someone decides they want to actually get the band that brought them all together to play one night at the hotel they're staying at. The band charges the same as they did for the Sweet 16 party, plays, hangs out for half an hour after, and then goes back home. How would you feel about that?
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