January 23rd, 2007


Do you spell "definitely" correctly? It appears to me that this is the most commonly misspelled word on the internet (not counting stupid fucking abbreviations like "ur").

Do you pronounce "nuclear" correctly? My first chemistry class was today, and my professor said it wrong every time.

Extra credit: Should I correct him, or let him be ignorant?
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Where would I look to find if a foreign film (i.e. a film not made in America) has won any major award in their country? 

I saw three foreign films over the weekend, and I'm having to write a report on it.  I figured any awards these films have won might be something useful to put in my report.  :D

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I'm thinking of ordering the new Microsoft Office 2007 and Students, which has an awesome program on it called OneNote.

for those who have used it, what do you think of it?

I'm also looking to order Windows Vista Ultimate.

anyone else getting it?

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1. If your friends, family, co-workers, and/or pets were asked to describe you based on the subject/field you know most about, what would it be?

2. What kind of random pictures do you like looking at? (examples: cars, drunk college kids, pizzas, t-shirts, inside fridges, pets, etc.)

3. What is an interest/hobby you had 5 years ago, which you no longer enjoy as much?


You have two choices.

You can either live in the current world, just as it is now, with all the wars and sickness and strife and struggle, with all iPods and technology and Hollywood blockbusters and loads of clothes shops...

Or you can live in a Utopia, where everyone lives in harmony. There's no war, no pollution, no money, and no constant struggle to accumulate consumer goods. Local communities organize together on small scales to produce food and goods, which are shared. People work together out of choice and support each other. However, this means there are less of the high-end goods - communities would network together and technology would still be produced, but it would probably be on a smaller scale. There would be less illness because there would be less stress (which is a major source of illness), but there would be fewer high-tech advanced cures for some diseases. There wouldn't be Hollywood movies, but there would probably be TV, and there would be more local theatre and live local music. It would be much harder to travel overseas.

Which would you prefer to live in, a lower-tech world where you don't have as many luxuries and have to do some working on the land, but have to work less and have far more time to enjoy more simple pleasures, or arts and creativity; or the world we have now?

And why?

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1a) do you think that canker sores are contagious?
1b) do you think that they are (similar to) an STD?

i'm not asking if they are, i know the answers to these. i'm just curious because it seems a lot of people are terribly misinformed about canker sores. a girl once called her "nurse" friend (...first year nursing student) who assured her that they can spread to other people through making out.

2a) do your ears ever ring?
2b) how often?
2c) if quite often, does it bother you?

my ears ring constantly, but i find it easy to tune out most of the time. i hate being in completely silent rooms because that can sometimes really drive me nuts. i like to have music or a tv on at all times.
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1. What icon do you see this post with from your friend's page/the community?

2. What icon do you see this post with from the comment page?

3. What's your favorite of your icons?

Edit: The first two questions were just to see if everyone could see it. See, there's been a bug (Or is it a feature?) discovered where if you put in your 'mood' field something that matches exactly to the keyword of an icon, it shows that icon when people go to comment. But only for some people, and I don't know why. It works for me and clearly quite a few others, btu not everyone... Annnd we'll see if it still does it after I edit.
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1. Have you ever cried over a movie or a TV show? 

2. What is the most unusual emotional scene from either a TV show or a movie that you've cried over?

1a:  I have.  I'm a pretty emotional person.

2a:  The Simpsons episode where Maggie says "Daddy".  I dont know why exactly, but it does bring tears to my eyes.
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Poll #912414 Birth Control

What best describes you and your partner's method of birth control?

The pill/shot/patch/ring
Condoms AND the pill/shot/patch/ring

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1. Have you ever taken martial arts classes?
2. What martial art was it?
3. How long did you do it?
4. How much did it cost per month?
5. How much extra were testing fees/tournament costs?
6. How many classes a week could you attend?
7. If you aren't still doing it, why did you quit?

and for bonus points:
If you could complain about anything at the school you went to or the martial arts in general, what would it be?

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What is the stupidest thing a guy has said to you, to get you to have sex with him?

An ex once told me that you don't need protection at the beach because the salt in the air makes the guy sterile.

Edited to add: WHat is the stupidest thing a girl has said to get you to have sex with her?
I didn't mean to leave out the guys, sorry.

Prompted by a conversation I had...

A while ago, I got into a debate about whether people found people who conformed to gender stereotypes more attractive. Do you tend to prefer feminine girls and masculine guys? What's your gender/sexual preference?
I for one think androgyny is incredibly hot. I'm a straight female.

Also, do you have a "type"? If so, what is it?
I used to have a "type," then I dated my type and the guy kinda ruined it. In general, though, I tend to go for nerdy guys. And guys with red hair.
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What do you think about the use or listening of music in art and creative writing classes? My school has forbidden any sort of music in all classes and lunch and while I do understand music can be a distraction in some classes during particular times when it's time to learn, I've found by talking to some teachers (specifically in my art and creative writing classes) they actually prefer some kids having one earbud in their ear while they work silently on art and writing. It helps them focus better and the other students can't hear it. They tend to be very respectful when it's time to listen hence only one earbud. The teachers don't really mind the music it seems like only the principal and a few people higher in the ranks are opposed to it. I just wanted to get your thoughts on it.
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Up, Up, and away!

Personal: Place I work is on the 48th floor and it takes 2 elevators to get me up there. On the first bit, 1st floor to the 45th, if I get the elevator all to myself, I sometimes balance on one foot, looking upwards, with one hand ahead of me and pretend I'm Superman taking off.

Question: What's the most unusual thing you do when you're on an elevator?
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Jury Nullification

At trial, juries have the right to nullify the law and decide a conviction another way if they feel the result from the conviction would be unfair. However, federal courts and nearly all states refuse to permit instructions informing the jury of its nullification power. Do you think that juries should be informed of this power? Why or why not?

(NB: This isn't a homework question. It's something I learned in Crim Law today and wanted to see what you fine folks thought.)
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In Australia, we use the terms 'support' or 'barrack' when talking about which sports teams we like/love/obssess over and want to win, not 'root'. This is because, as my icon says, 'rooting' means 'fucking'. It makes me giggle a lot when I see non Australians talk about rooting for their favourite team.

I did come across a porn years back, where some cheerleaders shagged the players of the opposing team the night before the game to wear them out, which is what I imagine these people who are rooting for their teams are doing.

So...using the Australian slang meaning, which team would you root for, if any?
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The Oscars

1. What do you think about the Oscar nominees this year?

2. Who/what do you think will win (and for what)?

3. Who/what do you want to win (and for what)?

4. What do you think shouldn't have been nominated (and for what) but was?

5. What do you think should have been nominated (and for what) but wasn't?

6. After a list like this is announced, do you go watch the nominees' movies or listen to the songs?
I like to, but I often don't.
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For those of you in tqc_drama:

What do you think so far?
Any improvements you think it needs?


What's something that most people HAVE to do that you like to do that other people probably detest?

(I love grocery shopping. Love it.)


How do you feel about your significant other watching porn when you are not around?


If you have a savings, how much do you put it in? How often? What's your interest rate?

(I just opened one with HSBC at a 5.05% interest rate, and try to put at least $20 in every 2 weeks, hopefully more.)
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iPods and drinking

To the people who come here seriously inquiring about their stupid iPods... WTF?! Why don't you ask the ipod community? Do you not notice all the sarcasm about iPods in this community??? That's what really confuses me. Clearly the general consensus of this community is that iPod questions are teh suck, so wtffffffff.

Would you miss iPod questions if they suddenly disappeared?

Anyway. DRINKING. Do you drink alone? I mean more than just a glass of wine or a beer... enough at least to get you buzzed. I ask because on Sunday, I chilled and went through about a bottle of wine while watching basketball all day. It was the best day! But often we see this...

Q: What do you think makes a person an alcohlic?
A: blah, blah, blah, drinking alone, blah.

Why would it be acceptable to drink with my best friend, but not by myself? I'm sure if I went out 2x a week and got buzzed with my friends, MANY people would find that totally acceptable, but if I did it alone, people would be like ZOMG!!! WTF?

EDIT: Guys! I'm not asking what you think makes a person an alcoholic! I'm asking why people are so freaked out by someone drinking alone, but someone drinking with their friends is totally okay. Focus!

Straight and gay folks

My husband and I were discussing this last night (he's straight and I'm bi). I was asking him if he'd even wondered, just out of curiosity, not even like he'd enjoy it what it would be like to kiss another guy. He says no way. I said if I were a straight girl, I'd probably be curious about what it would be like to kiss another girl and he says no way and that since I'm not straight I don't get what it's like.

So, I propose this question to those of you who are exclusively heterosexual or homosexual: Do you ever wonder, just out of curiosity, what it would be like to kiss someone of your non-preferred gender?
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The Dude Abides

Politician ?'s

1) Do you think you'd make a good politician? What would your platform/campaign be based upon?

2) If you were to run for office, what kind of mud slinging (personal attacks) adverts do you think would be made about you?

3) If you could hold any political office, what would it be?

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Do you dislike when people mis-credit phrases?
(My latin america prof. has called "religion is the opiate of the masses" an "old adage". ew.)

Why the post bahleetion??

Edited:  I'm going to two rather annoying classes soon.  Will you distract me with pictures of couples in romantic areas? (not weddings though.  why?  cause.)
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Constant sickness

Hi everyone, 
I  am just wondering people's opinions on how I can prevent myself from getting sick besides the obvious (multi-vitamins, eating properly, exercise, etc). I take a mulit-v every day and I eat fairly well, perhaps not as well as I should, and I try to exercise.
I live by myself so I find it difficult to cook for myself - if people have healthy and fast (fast is essential) meal ideas/recipes for me to try that would be really great, as well. I have a very tiny apartment and no freezer so I cannot cook vats of soups and chilis and freeze them, either. Same with keeping left-overs. It makes it difficult for me to cook! I am not a big eater, I do not have a big appetite and so I do not eat a lot because my body feels full very easily.
I am sick, yet again this week, and I am sick all of time, at least once per month. I have always been a sickly person - I had phenomia and bronchitis and many other illnesses as a small child and I think that that may have damaged my immune system, but I am not really sure.
I also have very low blood pressure and very low blood sugar, as well as anemia...
I can't take time off from work to see a dietician right now, so I thought I would come here until that option becomes available to me. 

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Does anybody know of software that companies use for customer tracking databases?
we use QuickBooks for financials but i'm looking for something where we can put in all kinds of customer information- creating a customer number, which of our employees dealt with it, specific issues, etc and so that there would be a home page with a search function where i could put in any criteria [name or part of name, phone number, etc] and it would bring up the customer [or closest matches], etc.
does Excel or QuickBooks do that and i just don't know it?
Do any of you use something similar at work?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Looking back at several posts... could not find this and I'm looking for entertainment during my lunch hour...
SO - aside from posting random comments on LJ during company time...

<b>What are your job responsibilities?</b>

 - I'm a jack of all trades here.  Reception, filing, faxing, CSR, assisting with Invoice posting/payments, Order Entry, and any and all personal projects for the company president.  He owns a duck hunting ranch and I keep up with his memberships and payments as well as his sales for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo each year... and it's that time of year again.. fun.

Costume party time!

I have a friend who is going to a costume party fairly soon, and she has to dress up as a female villain. She doesn't really like getting dressed up, so wants something fairly easy and effortless - any ideas?

it's all about the details

Note: was originally going to save this for Thursday, largely for Cyne EnrightCyne who I consider to be one of my few sexual peers (of de peoples I personally know at any rate), but it's kind of a slow day so I figured what the heck?!

Personal: behind a 7-11 at 4:13 in the morning, on top of an air·conditioning unit, while a raccoon watched

Question: What is the most unusual sexual experience you've ever had, in a truly unique location, and can you give your answer without giving much in the way of details about the sex?
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work woes.

whats the best excuse you've ever used to keep yourself out of trouble at work/school/with SO etc that has actually worked?
Were you incredibly happy with yourself?

I was just upstairs- at the office- perched(as in sitting) on my co-workers filing cabinet making plans for the upcoming weekend when my boss- who works downstairs with me- walked by, slowed, looked at me, and said to meet him in his office in 10 minutes
So i got to his office and asked me why i was upstairs sitting on my co-workers filing cabinet chatting during office hours. Since he didnt know what we were chatting about, and my coworker happened to be riffling through her desk drawer when he walked by, i advised him that i was not chatting but actually upstairs asking for a tampon. i felt the blunter the better.
he kinda got embarrassed, muffled something i didnt understand and i apologized and left completly unscathed. I must admit i am quite smug about the whole situation.

APA format

How do you cite a website in the text of a paper in APA format? For example, this is how i would cite a website, but i am not sure it is correct and can't find it in the APA Manual:

Stepping Stones Learning Center is “designed to specially meet the child and family’s unique needs” (www.steppingstoneslearning.com).

There is no author.


Digital SLR Camera

I'm looking for an SLR camera. I used to have an SLR that I loved dearly but that was when I worked in a photolab and developed my own pictures and didn't have to worry about the time or expense that it took to develop several rolls of film a week.
When I quit that job and discovered how hard it was to keep up my habit, I went digital and have been using point-and-shoots ever since. For the most part, a point-and-shoot and photo editing software are all I really need but lately I have been really wanting to get back into more artsy photography.
I don't want to invest a lot of money in one. I'm not a professional by any means. My old SLR was a Minolta and I loved it but it doesn't seem like Minolta digital cameras are very good. I like Nikon. I'm not real keen on Canon but that was because when I sold them, they were pretty cheap and not really high quality. I've checked Consumer Reports and they only compared a couple of brands so I didn't feel like there recomendation was all that reliable.
So, TQC, I'm asking: Do you have any recommendations for Digital SLR Cameras?
Bonus points if you can show me a fantastic picture that you took with your own SLR.

for those who believe in waiting til marriage to have sex

what if you waited &then finally found the man/woman of your dreams, got married &the sex was horrible? and it didn't seem to be improving over time. would you take it as a sign of them not being the right one? would you get a divorce? have an affair?

personally, i don't think i could choose the 'right one' without knowing how compatible we are sexually. maybe that's just me? of course it takes time for people to get used to each other &sex does typically get better with time [and practice] but what i'm asking is what would you do if it WASN'T getting better. i'm against cheating/affairs in all cases but i'm just curious what you guys think...

Cover Letters

I am filling out an application for a really super awesome internship I just heard about. The problem is that I always get nervous and write stupid cover letters. So, does anyone have a good example of a cover letter, tips, website, etc. to help me out? I am really excited and it needs to be perfect. :)

Edit: Thank you all for the lovely advice! I didn't mean to induce some sort of battle. All of your examples were greatly appreciated....Thanks!

(no subject)

Ok I started mystery shopping recently and love it! my question to you is:

Have you ever mystery shopped?
if so, then who did you go through?

If you haven't, have you ever thought about doing it?
SS Klondike

(no subject)

Have you ever asked someone out without first speaking with them for a little bit? I mean, like, suddenly asked out someone you saw on the subway, or in line at the grocery store or something like that?

If yes, how did it go?

If no, have you ever come close to doing so?

Have you ever been asked out under those kinds of circumstances? If yes, how did it go?
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(no subject)

1. would you rather be friends with someone really nice but completely boring and almost devoid of a personality or with someone who was really interesting but had a bit of a brutal honesty streak that popped up from time to time?
2. My boss asked me this the other day and after being completely grossed out, decided to pass it on to you guys! In order to save your life, you have to go down (aka oral sex) on either your mother or your father. Who would you pick and why?
3. For those in college or went to college and used the computer labs, did it piss you off ever when you saw people dinking around on livejournal, facebook, myspace instead of actually researching or doing homework? (I only ask because I rarely use the computers for homework purposes... but there's never a lack of computers so I don't really feel bad about it.)
4. Do you make any assumptions about quiet people? If so, what are they? Do you make any assumptions about loud people? If so, what are they?
Me - Chibi peace


If you are in high school in America, what clubs does your school officially run? (Sports don't count unless they're called a 'club' as opposed to a 'team', I specifically want groups sponsored by school that are called 'club')

It's been too long (^^;;) I can't even remember all that my school had. Key Club, some language clubs, and I wonder if that was it.... o.o;;

I'm researching for something that I'm writing, so thank you for helping out! ^o^
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This is a little hard to phrase, but what would you call something going in the opposite direction of meta intelligence?

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Short version: if the prefix "meta" describes something self-referential but referring to/encompassing/above and beyond itself, then what prefix describes the opposite of that? Something referring to itself but in a way that describes the reference as being contained within, a subset maybe, of what is known about the reference?

I apologize if this made no sense. This is both a language question and philosophy I haven't really studied.
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What information should be put into a birthday party invitation?

I'm planning for my birthday coming up and need to get invitations out. But I want to make sure I don't forget to give out the best information. 

Also, any cool ideas for a bunch of teenagers to do at a party? [without the help of drugs or alcohol]

Mitty box

(no subject)

1) Do you like ramen?

2) Which flavor is your favorite?

3) Which brand do you prefer?

4) Do you like your noodles long, or crushed up?

5) How do you prepare your ramen?

1) I love ramen
2) My favorite is Roast Beef, but I will eat the regular Beef flavor too.
3) I prefer Maruchan but I buy whichever is on sale. Right now, I have Top Ramen.
4) Crushed up!
5) I put my packet of ramen on the floor and step on it with my heel to crush it up. Then I put it in a plastic bowl, put enough water in it to just cover the noodles and microwave it for 4 minutes. Then I take it out and put the seasoning packet in it.
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Kiddos and such.

1- MySpace has just announced they'll show Amber alerts on their site, according to the area of the person logged in. First worthwhile thing to come up on Myspace, Y/N? ;)

2- Have you ever witnessed an Amber Alert come up before?

3- How about a Code Adam?

4- Ever been INVOLVED in either #2 or 3, whether yourself, or a sibling/child under your watch?

My answers (short and simple)

1- YES. ;P
2- Yes, multiple times.
3- Yes, in a WalMart of all places. The store was locked down for about 20 minutes. The kid was asleep under a desk. -_-
4- No, but there were a couple close calls. My mom didn't like calling the cops when we wandered off for some reason.
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(no subject)

I'm at work so there is a limited amount of web surfing that I can easily do on my pda so since I'm super bored I decided to plan my fall vacation.

me and my husband are going to disney world for our 1 year wedding anniversary. (and the beach but he really wants to go back to disney and so do i)

since I can't surf the disney site right now, does anyone know how much it is to board your dog there?

also what are some can't miss things that the guidebooks always miss?

anyone else out there have a english bulldog
/beagle mix?
thoughtful - grand canyon

a ha!

i have a question that i don't think is google-able. TQC, you will love it! ;-)

is anyone in here an algebra/high school math teacher? i'm thinking about changing my career path and i want to know what schooling is involved. i have a bachelor's degree (BS in business) but obviously i'll need a masters in education. i also wanted some specific information/feedback about what it's like and all that.

i'm sort of grasping at straws. not entirely happy in my current job, but i don't think it's the job itself, so i think i need a change. any help would be greeeeatly appreciated!

health insurance

For those who live in the United States: do you have health insurance? How much does it cost you? Also, any ideas about what usually counts as a "pre-existing condition" when trying to get insurance? Currently being on meds for anything, or something more serious?
orion&#39;s belt.

Another Tax Question.

I just got married this past November.
My husband and I aren't sure if we should file for taxes together or if we should file separately this year.

Are there any benefits of doing it one way or the other? I've heard some people say "you'd be crazy not to file together", and "you'd be crazy not to file separately." Which is correct? Thoughts?

Oh. And I live in the United States.
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Does "taking a break" ever really work? We're both still madly in love, and it was a mutually agreed upon thing. We don't have the time for each other right now.. with him trying to kick start his career and me still in school and working the rest of the time.

(no subject)

Hobbit House... or real-life home? :)

If you had the resources, would you build (and live in!) a house like this?
Of course!

Why or why not?
I think it's lovely, and very nature-happy. I think it'd be a real blessing, a great way to experience nature and all Mother Earth has to offer us.

Do you think the world should just return to simplicity, health, and nature?
Hell yeah. Life is too fast nowadays. But I do appreciate the advancements in modern medicine and technology. Their house does have internet access... so I'm sure it'd be bearable for even the most hardcore TQC-er. ;)
Sam Roberts

(no subject)

Have you ever had an experience with your cell phone where it won't receive text messages and/or receive calls?

I know my friend's cell sucks but I don't know if that's the reason I am not getting a call from him...haha

I'm hungry.

For those of you in a dorm or another place that makes it impossible to cook food that involves more than a microwave, what kind of food do you keep in the room?

Dinner ends at 630 and I always get hungry around 10 and I only have snack food, but I'm usually craving real food, and I don't know what to buy that's real food that I don't have to cook on a stove. So any suggestions?

Serious Question... because I got to thinking...

When I was a little girl, my best friend was black. Her race never even occurred to me until someone actually told me I had a black friend. My response was a very surprised, "She is? Oh.. well... okay!" It just never seemed to be an issue in my mind or in my family. My mum always dated black men, so being around another race was not foreign to me.

Later in school, my best friends were Muslim, Asian and one was a deaf/mute Indonesian girl. The latter taught me games from her country by showing me in the dirt. I even have a picture of me, as a child, in a Dalmatian sweater, eating lunch a the table with the Muslim girl, the black girl, the Asian and the Indonesian girl.

I was, maybe, seven at the time... but someone older, someone I respected told me it was wrong that all my friends were mixed. They told me that I shouldn't be hanging around those kids because they were different and 'not like you or me'. I didn't understand.

It never even occurred to me until that day, that people considered this wrong or that it was even a problem in society. Racism and xenophobia had never entered my brain... and I was so confused.

Ever since I became aware that day, I have been terribly sad. I wish I had never learned that people hated others purely because of where they are from or their religion.


When was the first time you discovered people were racist/xenophobic? How did you feel? How has that effected your life?
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(no subject)

my boss asked me to fix the computer here at work...though i have no idea what is wrong with it. when i turn it on, it gets stuck on the user account page - asks us to click on the account we want to log on to but there are no accounts listed....i started it in safe mode (i have no idea how that would help) and still nothing. anyone know what is wrong? (it's a gateway that runs windows xp, if that helps) i posted this to a computer support community but it doesn't seem very active.

Random questions...

1) Do you feel uncomfortable if you're hanging out with two of your friends who happen to be dating if they are cuddling/making out?

2) Is yoga a valid form of exercise?

3) Are you uncomfortable with crying people?

4) How do you spend time with part of your extended family that you like and your intermediate family can't stand?

5) When your friends acquire new significant others, do you find that they ignore you/begin to treat you as second fiddle? Is this normal?

6) Are eggs healthy?

7) My friend got extremely jealous because her boyfriend bought me a slice of pie for lunch (I forgot my usual and had no money on me). What is a polite way to tell her she's acting like a nutcase by being angry?

(no subject)

will bleach affect print on a t-shirt?

i ordered a darker green shirt with black print with which to make a patch to sew onto a sweatshirt and the print can barely be read. i figure letting it soak in bleach until the fabric is lighter would solve the problem, but i don't want it to be ruined so i thought i'd check first. thanks a lot.
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(no subject)

What internet sites do you frequent when you are bored? & what are they?

www.facebook.com [kinda like myspace mostly used by college/university students]
www.thesuperficial.com [tongue in cheek celebrity gossip]
www.perezhilton.com [same as above]
www.babynamewizard.com [cooooool site that lets you see the popularity of every name for the past 100 years or so. There's an ace blog too by Laura Watternberg, she talked about naming trends.]
Various baby name websites

What are your obsessions?

Baby Names
Harry Potter
Music/Buying concert/festival tickets
Galaxy Hot Chocolate
Eating Disorders
MAC Make Up
Celebrity Gossip- addicted to trashy magazines, it's so lame.

Which band/artist have you given most of your love to?
They don't have to be your favourite band at the moment but the one you have loved the most at one point in your life.
i do still love them a lot but I don't listen to them as much anymore. A few years ago, 1999 being the climax, I was OBSESSED.
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Hey guys. I've been a member for awhile now. I have a medical question. They told me when I left the hospital with my newborn daughter 11 weeks ago that if her fever got over 100.4 to take her to the ER. Does anybody know when that stops being true? She's been running a 101 degree fever for 2 days now and I cannot get hold of her dr.

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calvin and hobbes strip

I need help finding a certain Calvin and Hobbes strip. I believe it was a Sunday color strip. Calvin is about to eat his gross-looking green food, when it gets up and starts reciting Hamlet's "To be or not to be..." soliloquy. It stabs itself with a fork at the end, then starts singing "Feelings... wo wo wo."

I've tried googleing, and I've found one page that says it has every single C&H strip ever, and another that searches C&H strips... but no luck. I know the strip's date was mis-labled on one web page. So if anyone has an image of this, knows the time period it was published, or knows where it is on the web, please tell.

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Hey. I'm using iMovie to edit a bunch of clips together. My friend is helping, and he extracted the audio before we started editing, so now it's a major problem to cut the clips together without fucking up the audio.
Is there a way of sticking the audio and video together, so I won't have to delete everything and re-upload it all? I've tried locking the audio to the video, but everytime I try and move something the audio gets out of place.


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So, my roommates and I are throwing a huge dance party on Friday.

What songs can I not live without?

EDIT 5:50 pm: Sorry, I forgot to mention - this is a "fast dance" party. I'm on strict orders to not have ANY slow songs.

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Hanging out, thinking of stuff to do-- someone suggests going to the airport, just to watch planes take off and land. How much would you wanna go

1 - umm you're kidding right?
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -
6 -
7 -
8 -
9 -
10 - oohmyfckdjdfjflddsfgfyesyesyes

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1. What's the scoop on Pikes? (I mean Pi Kappa Alpha)
I was invited to their rush party this Thursday. I asked my friend who invited me if it was a fraternity fraternity; he said it was a social one, so I'm assuming that means they just sit around and drink and occasionally do community service because they're required to, right? And since I don't drink, I would probably not want to go, right?

2. Do you have lots of birth marks? How many and what's your weirdest one?
I have four. One looks like a scatter plot and another other is a weird...organic? shape on my neck; everyone thinks it's a hickey, which is really annoying.

3. Which way do you put toilet paper on the roll? Under or over?
Over, otherwise I always have trouble finding the end, haha.

EDIT Thanks for everyone's input on the first question. I think I've made up my mind not to go. :)

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what would be some fun competetive events for an "office olympics"? it has to be work appropriate....events like paper clip chains, speed enevlope stuffing and a donut eating contest have been suggested, but we are looking for more (and clearly better) ideas :o)
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What do you think about people who are fakes?

They just baffle me, to be quite honest.

I had this one woman tell me that I should try to be nicer and that you should never go around saying anything negative about anyone. She then turns around and starts bad mouthing me and several other people to someone else.

I don't give a shit about people talking behind my back. If someone wants to be that petty, that's fine. Just don't try and lie about it. Yeesh.

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my doctor swears it's all hocus pocus but some friends of mine have said that they're birth control made them "loopy" -depressed, moody etc. i would definitely categorize myself as moody and depressed lately for no real reason what-so-ever, and normally i'm a very happy person. i'm wondering if birth control has something to do with it? even though i've been on it for years, the same brand [yasmin] and everything.... what do you guys think? any experience or evidence that you guys know of?

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Someone I know did something stupid...at least, I think so. You tell me...

I'll call her Abby.

Abby created a product and just handed it to her boss, who in turn is selling it for more than it's worth at her business. So far, the product hasn't sold (most likely because the price is absurd). It has the copyright saying it belongs to the business. Does Abby have any right to change her mind and say she doesn't want it being sold? Or does she have a right to getting part of the profits?

I don't think she can do anything now, but does anyone know if she has a chance? What can she do if she chooses to create more products?

What if she's being paid to work on the products, but they're her ideas? Does she still deserve anything?

My take: If I created something on my own time, and allowed my boss to sell it, I'd expect to get part of the profits. And to keep ownership of said product. But I don't know how it would work if I was being paid for the time it took me to work on it.

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Why is it that every damn friend I have on myspace has had their account broken into and started posting spam in the past few weeks??! What are they DOING??? Is it that hard to not give up your password?

(That was 3 questions I suppose, but damn).

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So yesterday I was reading this community and I read everyone's answers to the question about car accidents. As I was reading everyone's experiences I kept thinking that I was so lucky to have never been in one (I've been driving for about a year, but it seems that many had worse luck than me). So this morning I get up at the usual time and I start driving to school and LO AND BEHOLD, I have the right of way and someone pulls out directly in front of me trying to make a left. And I hit them. Scariest thing ever, but we were both ok. All I kept thinking about was yesterday's post.

What is the weirdest coincidence/occurence like this that has ever happened to you or someone you know?
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My husband and I are getting our wedding bands melted down to create new matching bands (ours are simple gold and now we would like something different). Does anyone know of websites besides the big jewelry store sites (like debeers, kay) where I can look at bands?
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High school graduates:

Did you actually learn anything (academic-wise) in high school?

Here I am, over halfway through my junior year, and I just came to the realization that despite my straight A's, I have not retained knowledge/information/anything at all.

Is this bad?

Did I totally just screw up my college career?
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My bottle of lens cleaner just cracked open and leaked all over the inside of my bag. I won't be able to go to the store for some more until at least tomorrow, but my glasses are in sore need of cleaning. Should I try soap and water, or will that just make it worse?

EDIT: Tried soap and water and that worked remarkably well. Thanks for the suggestions.

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This applies to women who have been pregnant or currently are. (And I guess guys who got someone pregnant)

What was your feeling when you found out? What tipped you off that you might be pregnant? How far along were you before you found out?
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I'm an idiot.

Basically I can't figure out Community College, obviously this is the reason I'm going to community college. I plan on applying and registering for the Spring 10 Week Term at
Brookdale very soon, like tomorrow. I've been looking around the website and I'm just having a lot of trouble.

1. Can I apply and register on the same day?
I think I read somewhere that you can, but now I can't find it.
2. Do I have to pay when I register?
If I do I have to go to the bank tomorrow to transfer money from my money market account to my checking account. I just can't figure it out.

I'm going there tomorrow to find out about all of this, but I'd like to have some idea of what I'm doing ahead of time.

Car Loans

I need a car loan, and fast!

My credit is TERRIBLE, as in, I can't get any kind of credit card without putting money down on it. I have no idea why my credit is so bad (identity fraud?) but I have no time for credit counseling now, I'll look into it later.

I would rather not spend time at my bank trying to figure out a loan when I know they'll turn me down. Any places that cater to bad-credit-folk like myself who have good jobs and can prove sufficient funds for payment?

All I need is $3,500 but I need it ASAP to buy a used car and I don't have the cash out of pocket right now. (It would only take 3 or 4 months for me to pay that off).

Suggestions? Websites? Help?

Yes, I googled it. I just need good recs.

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I know drinking water is real good for you, but sometimes that gets boring so I bought Kool-aid singles. I was wondering if the sugar cancels out the goodness of the water.

I know I worded that like a 5 year old, but I didn't know how else to say it.

Also, what's something you do on a daily basis that helps the environment?

If you don't do anything, why don't you?

Do you like Nutella? If yes, what do you eat with it?


1. Which was your favorite Friends episode/scene? What happened in it?

2. Who was your favorite character and why?

3. What is/are your favorite line(s) from the show?

4. Favorite relationship?

My Answers:
1. I love them all. =]
2. Chandler... he's a good blend between Ross and Joey but he's still different.
3. There's too many... Just from the episode I'm watching right now-

Dr. Hobart: Spell boscodisinisour.
Ross: I haven't even heard of a boscodisinisour.
Dr. Hobart: I know I just made it up, spell it.
Ross: OK, B-O-S...
Dr. Hobart: No, it starts with a silent M.

4. Chandler/Joey's relationship and how they act like a married couple.

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I got called a faggot today. First time ever & it hurt a whole lot more than I thought it ever would. I ended up excusing myself from my friends (none of which insulted me) & sat alone & tried not to cry. I've been called a lot of things in my life because of my weight & the way I dress but none of them ever affected me quite like this.

Have you ever been insulted in the same manner (as in directly to your face & based on your race/religion/sexuality etc)? How did you react & did your reaction surprise you?
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1a: If you were in an organization that ran a big program once a year, and your close friend was running for Coordinator, was against 7 other people, one of which being the organization's president, and you KNEW that her chance of winning was about 10% (the president is very well liked by most, and if she doesnt win (which is very unlikely), all of the votes will be so close in numbers that if your friend were to win, it would be just barely)...would you still vote for her?

1b: Now would you still vote for or against your friend if you think the president would do a better job because she has more experience, but your friend has considerably more time available to work on the program?
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the name game

Help me out here. i need some ridiculously clever names for a couple cds im making for a party this weekend. Mostly like dance music- think Benny Benassi, Global Deejays and then like a second cd of Busta Rhymes, Akon etc etc. these cds are basically made for the drunk to get their grind on.
My last cd name was Sounds of the Sexy- which was a hit, but needs to be revamped
can you think up/ already have some ridiculously clever names for a couple awesome party cds??
also can you think of any really awesome songs for these drunk grinders?
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What's the worst (hardest, most pointless, etc.) project you've ever been assigned in school or work?

Mine is a French project I did last year. In order to learn about landmarks, places, and directions, our teacher had us build a 3D island. It didn't help me learn anything at all (I ended up learned everything through the book) and it took way too long. I also got stuck in a group of lazy people who hardly contributed.

Blender drinks.

What simple drinks do you guys make in blenders??

Me, I like mixing a whole lot of Nesquik + like 5 ice cubes + milk for a chocolate milk smoothie type deal?? I don't know why, but for some reason the texture makes it taste 290 times better than regular Nesquik choc milk.

Also, I mix cappucino mix + some ice cubes + some water + vanilla extract. Love it.

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Do you like to have a snack before bed?
I always like to have a little something, whether it's cinnamon toast on weight watchers bread, or an apple. Although I am craving mac and cheese....
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can anyone give me any information about working at a car dealership? i'm mainly interested in the sales department. does one need any experience to get such a job? and what kind of monthly salary and commissions can one expect?

and how is the work itself? is it stressful, enjoyable, etc? how would i go about getting such a job if i wanted?

sorry for all the dumb questions. any information would be appreciated.