January 22nd, 2007

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1. What's a food that you like at the "wrong" temperature? Something that's usually enjoyed cold and you like it hot, or vice versa.

2. What's something that's become a habit or routine of yours for absolutely no good reason? Will you do it differently sometime soon just because I think we should all get out of some ruts?

1. Ummm I like to eat frozen peas and corn. But not like a lot of them, I just pick a few out of the pot before they get cooked. I can't think of any others.
2. Over xmas break I got into a routine of watching TV since I wasn't going anywhere. I would get up at around 10 or whenever and watch music videos until 11. Then I would watch an hour of Scrubs, and then an hour of Full House. And then at 1 I would watch either Lookalike or whatever crappy MTV shows were on because as stupid as they are I can't stop watching Next and Parental Controls and stuff like that. And I'd eat lunch as I was watching that and then get in the shower at 2. So now that I've gone back to classes, I don't have any classes on Wednesdays so I keep doing the same thing. So I'm telling myself that one week I'll just do something completely different but I don't know if I will or not.
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Is there a physiological reason that I get so hungry around this time (midnight) every night?

Ive eaten fine throughout the day, and no matter what I eat at night, I still feel hungy.
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I'm currently dling the most recent episode of Grey's Anatomy bc I missed it on Thurs. It should be done in 10-15 minutes. It's currently 12:55 AM. I have class at 10:45 tomorrow (waking up like 9:30). Should I go to sleep and watch it tomorrow or watch it now?

Okay, okay, I gave in and watched it. So good and so worth it.

The new question is

What shows do you never miss?
Do you tape shows when two are on at the same time?
How do you decide which to watch and which to tape?

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So some spy ware is attacking my computer and just deleted my desktop picture. I've always used Ad-Aware to remove spy ware but does anyone have suggestions for something that works better? What do you use?(needs to be free)

Yes, before anyone says anything I am aware of a little thing called google but it's more fun to ask your opinion on what is good to use!

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1)Does anyone here think it is rude to stand outside in the hallway at 1:30 in the morning and talk on your cellphone right in the main hallway in a dormitory?  I've noticed a handfull of people in my dorm seem to like to do that for whatever reason and I feel it is rather rude. 
2)Who here is getting tired of people's lack of manners with cellphones in general(I.E. yakking on a cellphone while a sales clerk tries to help them out, etc...), and if you ARE one of those unfortuante clerks who gets one of those morons, how do you handle it?

1)Obviously yes, I find it quite rude.  Otherwise I wouldn't be asking if anyone agrees with my sentiments.  :) 
2)I just pretend the phone isn't there and I talk to the person like I normally would if they weren't on the phone.  A lot of times they end up telling the person "Oh *person*, I'm going to have to call you back". 
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Did anyone here catch The Dresden Files debut tonight on SCI-FI?

If so, what was your opinion?

I really wanted to see it but I missed it; I'll definitely try to catch it tomorrow.

&& Any other good new tv shows you recommend?
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Weird question, ok, considering its TQC, maybe not...

Anyone else have a cat that fetches like a dog?

For example:
My cat is obsessed with my hair elastics. If she finds them on the floor she'll bat them around for hours until shes panting from exhaustion. Anyway, a few weeks ago she started carrying one around in her mouth religiously... so I started taking it from her and flinging it into my wall boomerang style - just to see what she'd do. Well... she sprinted to it, picked it up in her mouth, then proceeded to trot it back to me - still in her mouth - like a labrador fetching a stick. Then she drops it in front of me, sits down, and waits for me to fling it against the wall again. And if I dont pick it up RIGHT AWAY, she looks at me and meows. Rinse and repeat.
As im typing this, she's doing it...

It baffles me. 


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Do you think you could ever just choose to be single the rest of your life?

How does one go about finding a rebound relationship?
I just got out of a 2.5 year relationship and I have a lack of ways to meet men. I'm not in school, I work with females, and the last of my friends got engaged this week (I literally do not know one single male).
My town has plenty of redneck taverns but no clean, well-lit coffee shops. We don't have clubs. I wouldn't know how to find a guy randomly in public, anyway.
I'm not interested in internet dating. I like to meet the person before I decide whether I should date them or not.
What should I do?
PS. I'm moving away from this horrible town in about six months. I want more immediate results than that, though.
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Dental questions.

1)  When you get ready for bed, do you use mouth wash first, or brush your teeth first?

2) When you move into a new city - how do you find a new dentist?

3)  Anyone in the city of chicago want to suggest a good dentist?

4)  When was the last time you went to the dentist?

5)  What is more scary, Dentist or Doctor?

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Too much water?

Is it possible to drink too much water?  I've been trying to drink more water this past week, and today, I ended up drinking 100oz of water....my problem is even after drinking all that water I still feel thirsty.  Is it possible I drank too much?
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Have you or someone you love have or ever had cancer?
How did you/they find it? What stage was it in when it was found? If the cancer is currently under treatment, what is the prognosis?
Someone on tv this morning was talking about a loved one being diagnosed with a 'late stage' breast cancer. I am puzzeled as to how breast cancer can get to a late stage without being detected. I'm not being facetious, I truly don't understand.

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You know you are

Alrighty, thank ya'll for the past help with the computerness

and now for something completely different.

What is the laziest thing you have ever done?

(For me, it's filling up two glasses of water so I don't have to get up from what I'm doing when the first glass empties)
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I'm sitting here with a pair of underwear on my head to keep my hair out of my eyes while i do my makeup. I can't find a headband anywhere and I don't want to tie it back and get kinks as I just spent a crapload of time straightening it. Mind you, it's quite effective.

What’s the weirdest thing you have ever used to substitute for something else?

Give a dog a home

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Are any of you participating in the March for Life today? Have you ever?

I have, it used to originate from my campus in DC (Catholic University of America). My feelings on the issue have changed since then.

For those of you who are pro-choice, are you participating in Blog for Choice today?

I am.

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Why is it ok for black people/hispanic people to take pride in their race, but not white people?

Why is it ok to have Gay Pride parades, but straight people can't be proud of their sexuality and have parades?


What do you do to get over someone?

Specifically someone you're really close to and can't stop talking to/seeing. I'm big on avoiding people but in this case it's not possible.
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not so hypothetical

I was shopping with my almost 22 year old cousin and my aunt yesterday. My cousin picked out a red Diesel hat because it matched his jacket perfectly. My aunt then said to me "is Diesel gay?" and I was like "Uh, I have a lot of Diesel shoes and I'm not gay" and she said "well you're a girl." After looking around at some of the other guys in that section she decided that in fact Diesel is horribly gay, and therefore she wouldn't buy it for him. It's not like it anyone would even notice it was Diesel, it had a little teeny tiny D on it, it didn't say Diesel anywhere on the part people would see. She claimed that if he wore such a hat he would get hit on all the time by guys.

1. Would you let your son wear a Diesel hat?
Yes, of course. I'm not crazy like my relatives.

2. This is the hat in question. If you saw someone wearing it would you even realize it was Diesel? Would you automatically assume the wearer was gay?

3. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with my aunt and cousin? These are the same people I posted about a while ago, about how my cousin has my aunt hold his wallet for him.


Are you a religious person?

What would you say your "religion" is?

Do you go to church?

Are your beliefs what they are because of your parents, or did you find them yourself?

Do you believe in life after death and/or spirits/ghosts?

Do you believe in re-incarnation?

Heaven and Hell?

Do you believe imaginary friends are really guides?
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Five Random ?'s

1. What do you think of Sylvia Browne? Do you think she's a fraud?

2. What's the last thing you lost sleep over?

3. Barring exceptional circumstances, how old is too old to still be living at home with your parents?

4. What's something you hate about the Internet?

5. If someone told you that they were spiritual but not religious, what would you think they meant?
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1- Americans, do you ever forget that there are people that live outside the US who use the net? People outside the US, do you ever feel left out cuz often Americans talk like the internet is American?

2- What's with all the religious questions today? Is the end of the world coming?

3- What century/era would you like to live in (besides this one!) and why? Where in the world would you be? What sort of person would you be? (Male, female, royalty, philosopher, world renowned prostitute...)

4- What's the strangest thing you've ever ditched work/school for?

5- Do you ever look at all the people who have underscores on the ends of their username, and wonder why they haven't used the free rename token they've been given?

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What can I do to take my mind off of not being around my boyfriend?

Yeah, silly question; but, I've spent the night at his place for the last 2 months and I think he's getting sick of me and I'm getting bored of him.
I'm going to try staying away for a week.

What are your experiences with spending too much time with someone?
Were you able to fix it?
Did spending time apart help?

Cell phone etiquette

What do you consider to be bad cell-phone etiquette?  Not only for the person on the phone, but also in how the person on the phone interacts with other people? (Ex: a person on a cell-phone while paying for groceries or in the movies)

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I've got a recipe that required Velveeta cheese. I know the stuff's probably not that great for you, so I'm kind of wondering if there's an organic/healthier version that would cook just as well? My hopes are low, but you never know.

As a bonus related question for everyone, what's a food/drink that most people like but you cannot stand?
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Easy Work Big Money

Has anyone ever done one of those jobs that was  "Stuff envelopes for $5,000" or "Put together CD cases for $x a unit?"

-Were you successful?
-Did you get your deposit back?
- Or did you find that it was a scam?
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Division is something i am freaking terrible at. I've tried googling, but nothing really comes up.

Does anyone know where i can find a chart of division sums (kind of like the times tables ones..but..for..division- is there even one?!)

any help is appreciated for this stupid mofo.

edit- damn apparently spelling is also too hard for me to handle.

edit- nevermind, i'm screwed.


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1. Do people usually have to earn your good graces, or do you usually like people until they give you a reason not to?

2. How often do you brush your teeth?

3. At what point do you decide you need to see a doctor?
3a. Dentist?

4. What is your most unhealthy habit?

5. Hypothetical question - you have a desk job. You injure your leg badly and nothing is comfortable - sitting, lying down, whatever, it all hurts. You have plenty of sick days. Do you call in sick?

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.the game is on!.

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1. Don't you hate ice storms?

2.Don't you hate power outages?

3. What's the longest you've ever been without power?

4. Is there any way to become pale while still remaining (relatively) healthy?

5. Why do some people just LIVE for internet drama?

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In your opinion, what is the shortest amount that two people should date for prior to tying the knot?

Do you look down on people who get married almost right after they've started to date?
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How does one go about finding a respectable plastic surgeon?
Is there some kind of website where people can write down their thoughts on the doctors?
Should I just call around different ones and see what they say?
If you've had a surgery, how did you find your plastic surgeon?

My ob/gyn's recommended a guy, but when I made the appointment for a consultation, they said it was 50$ cash, and that just rubbed me the wrong way. It made it seem like they wouldn't be willing to work with my insurance. I ended up cancelling the appointment.
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terrible mouth virus type thing

My roommate's friend is visiting from Denmark and has somehow come down with what appears to be the most horrible thing ever. First it started off as just pain in her mouth, but then it escalated to being overall sick as hell. At first she was just taking otc painkillers, but now she's really REALLY sick. She's been to the hospital and they told her it was some kind of virus. (I just asked her what it was, but she can't remember, plus she's really sick and out of it)

Does this sound like anything you've heard of? I wish she could remember what it was. See the reason I'm asking is because today she started bleeding from her gums, tongue and nose in addition to being a wreck already. She can't really eat much because of the state of her mouth either. I know she wants to but it hurts too much.

I'm trying to figure out what it is she has, to look it up, to see if there's something we should be doing for her that we missed. The hospital prescribed her a Lidocaine oral rinse, but it doesn't seem to be doing very much of anything. She's just getting sicker and sicker. I want to help her so bad. With this new bleeding you think we should take her back to the hospital? They said she needs to wait it out, but this is really scary.
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Say that you have two chat windows open. In one you are talking to a very good (real life) friend who recently announced that he has gotten engaged. In the other, you are talking to a mutual friend whom you have never actually met in person. The mutual friend starts to make fun of the engagement and the fiancée involved. She comments negatively on the fiancée's looks and asks to make a bet on how long the marriage will last. All the while, she's congratulating him and feigning excitement.

In your opinion, is this behavior duplicitous enough to warrant telling the guy? Would you tell him? Would you say anything to her at all?

For 2,000,000, would you...

Poll #911899 For a 2 million dollars, would you...

...lose the ability to lie ever again? This applies to both big lies and white lies. If anyone asks "do I look fat in these jeans?" or "do you like my new haircut?", you'll always have to say it like it is. If you're guilty of any wrongdoing or crime, you will have to fess up if asked.


...lose the ability to run? You can walk faster, but lose all ability to run, regardless of situation


...be willing to lose an extra hour a day in sleep? However much time you normally require for shuteye, you now need an extra hour per night


...be willing to go an entire year with no human contact? You're shut in a remote cabin somewhere. No phone calls, no visits, no letter-writing, NO CHATTING ONLINE.


...be willing to never leave the city you live in again? You're not allowed to leave your city's borders if you accept the money


...be willing to look like a nationally hated killer? Some famous celebrity is gunned down and the killer looks just like you. Thing to consider: this celebrity had a LOT of obsessed fans who were devastated when he/she was killed, and loathe the very existance of the killer

Sam Roberts
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Buck 65

Does anybody have Buck 65's Strong Arm Mix Tape EP which he released for download in (I believe) the latter-half of 2006? And would you like to share it with me? I'm specificcally looking for a copy of Old Time Stuff.
edit: hah, okay I found it on the very same website that I linked...woohoo

If not, anyone else out here a Buck fan? Seen any shows?
I saw him this past summer on his promotion of Secret House and also on his Talkin' Honky Blues tour. Both were very good shows, he has great stage presence.

(no subject)

1. Do you do crossword puzzles? Do you time yourself? If so, what's your best time?
Sometimes. I don't time myself, though.

2. Do you enjoy documentary movies? What was the last one you watched?
Yes. I'm watching Wordplay right now (hence question 1).

3. What was the last book you read?
Naked Pictures Of Famous People by Jon Stewart

4. Do you have to work today?
Yes, 5:00 to 10:00/close.

5. Colts or Bears?

I'm an LJ retard.

How do I take off tags on my journal? Check it out... there are a lot of tags there that I don't use, and they're not attached to any entries. (You won't be able to see them anyway, since all my entries are friends-only, but you should at least be able to see the tags, and know that they don't attach to anything).

How do I remove them, if there are no entries attached to them?
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1a. Which of the Seven Deadly Sins is your favorite/the one you're guilty of?
1b. If you had to make that sin into a meal, what would that meal be? (Inspired by Top Chef)

2. What's your favorite band's worst album?

3. What's your favorite non-sexual bodily function?
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Inspiration from several other posts in this community....

1. How much do you know about Eastern Europe? (That is, the countries that got out from behind the Iron Curtain 15 years ago)

2. Which countries can you place on a map? (Take this quiz that many of you did a few days ago - Eastern Europe being defined as east of Germany, south of Finland, west of Russia and north of Greece)

3. If you don't know much about Eastern Europe, why not? Do you know more about Western Europe? Why/why not?

4. What stereotypes of Eastern Europeans are you aware of?

5. Is there anything else you'd like to comment on the subject of Eastern Europe?
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Music Stuff

I work at a public library in teen services. Tomorrow I have a program on making playlists and finding new music. It's pretty much all put together except for one hting - I need an activity or icebreaker to start things off. I was thinking of having them share their favorite songs and decide how they would order the songs to make a good mix CD, but I just don't think it will be very successful if not everyone know the songs! Does anyone know of any icebreaker games or activites (or worksheets I could make) that teens would be interested in?

Is there anything you would like to hear about at a program like this?

I had a terrible experience my last program (which was my first) so I am desperate for any help on this.
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I'm exhausted.

I've been up since 7am, and will have been constantly on the move until 9:30pm. Needless to say, I'm tired, but I can't stop for a break or for sleep.

1. What do you do to keep awake during the day, especially if you're tired?

2. Are energy drinks effective? Are they even good? What are the most effective ones, if you even recommend them?
(Bawls, for some reason, doesn't work on me. Maybe it's because I was constantly wired on them in HS.)

3. What's the longest day you've had where you were constantly doing something?
(The rest of my schedule is 9am - 9:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday, and the same as today -- 7am - 9:30pm -- every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Every week. Until I graduate @ the end of April.)
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Save The Cheerleader, Save The World!

Anyone else completely excited about Heroes tonight?

What power do you think the new person will have?

Also, I know I can't be the only one in this community that's rejoicing over the news that A Song of Ice and Fire is being made into a HBO series. Am I the only one?
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(no subject)

I'm not sure I'm going to get along with 2/3 of my suitemates at school... we've only been in our room for about for a week, but things are just awkward. One of them acts like she doesn't even want to talk to me when all I say is hi in the morning, and we're already at the point where one of us enters the suite and no one says anything to one another.

have you had a weird/distant/cold/etc relationships with roomates?
did things ever change?
etc etc

let me ask you a question.

Please dont think any less of me for asking this. But what do you guys think about being friends with "benefits" with a person? A friend of mine told me that she wanted to do this with me. And I wanted some opinions on the moral implications of doing something like this. Is it right? Is it wrong? Would it end well? I am just curious on what people would say about the whole thing.
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Breaks in Relationships

My boyfriend of 6 months and i have recently split up. We both still love eachother, but he is unhappy. in his past serious relationships, the first 6 months are great but the next 6 are hell. He finds himself getting annoyed with silly things the girl does, even though he knows that he shouldn't be getting annoyed with her. He's also noticed that this is just starting to happen with me.  He wants to take a break from the relationship for a while until he can figure out why this happens and what he can do about it. He doesn't want to lose touch with me, but he needs some time alone so if we do get back together, it will be a healthy relationship and not one of petty fights and bitterness. I'm the first girl he's taken this initiative with so we don't end up constantly fighting and having a really bad end to the relationship. He doesn't know how long it will take, but we have agreed to a few things:

1. We will hang out roughly once a week, not at his apartment (too many memories), just as friends.

2. We are free to date other people, but we will tell eachother when we go out on dates etc. The purpose of this is to make sure we are still on the same page (ie, he finds he is ready to date me again but then finds out ive been seeing another guy)

3. He hangs out with me on valentines day so I wont sit around and play "Love hurts" over and over.

I still want to get back together with him, but I've never been in a long term relationship that has taken a break before, nor have a seen any friends in this kind of situation. To those of you who have been in a long term relationship with breaks, how has it worked out? Anything you would recommend I should or shouldn't do? I don't want to hear "your boyfriend is a douche, hes just trying to let you down easy" or anything like that. Thanks for any advice you can give me.

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(no subject)

In the previews for the movie, "Music and Lyrics"...towards the end, what does Drew Barrymoore sing when Hugh Grant cuts her off?

The lyric that she sang before he cut her off went like this: "I've been living with a...."

edit: answered - thanksss
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(no subject)

Ok, so I put a check for a lot of money in the bank on Thursday. It's Monday, and I checked my bank account balance at the ATM, and it says 366 and change. Which is less than what I put in by a huge margin. I can't log into my account because I'm not at home with my passwords, but I'm out of cash and want to get some lunch on campus. Would it be ok to take 20$ out of the account then figure out why there is such a small amount later? The bank is HSBC if that helps.

ETA: Answered, thanks!
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A Something Or Other
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Who Are You?

1. How much of your personality do you think is shaped by corporate marketing strategies?

2. How many of you saw David Caruso in sunglasses when you read the title of this post? <- Fuck me, I need a nap! lol

I'm a big "CSI: Miami" fan..so #2 ain't another "24" type dis..lol
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(no subject)

For those of you who have quit smoking without the aid of any medicine, patches, etc.:

1) How long had you been smoking, and how much did you smoke/how bad was the addiction?
2) How long did it take until you considered yourself completely "recovered"? (I can't think of a better way to word this.)
3) What did you do to help yourself stop?

Any advice/tips/anecdotes are welcome.
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For every vulture and theif, kindness in every stranger.

Which do you think is a more shallow perception of music: To judge a song by its lyrics, or to not even hear its lyrics at all?

Could you remain friends with somebody if you found out they were once convicted as a child predator? Would it bother you to work in the same office with somebody if you found that out?

What is your payday schedule?

Do you ever get "safe crushes" (a crush on somebody you know you can't have because deep down you don't really want them anyway)?

If you are invited to a handful of birthdays around the same time but you can't afford a ton of gifts; do you (a) not go to any of the parties, (b) only go to one or two of the parties, (c) suck it up and get them all gifts because you really like them anyway, (d) other?

Car Accidents

1. Have you ever been in a car accident? Were you the driver or a passenger? How long have you been driving regularly?

2. How many accidents you been in, if more than one?

3. Details?

4. I was in my first accident two months ago, and I still haven't listened to the CD that was playing when it happened while driving. I feel apprehensive about it, as silly as that may be. Any advice for getting over it? (I can listen to the CD at my computer or elsewhere, I guess, but it still reminds me of the accident. What I want to be able to do again is listen to it in the car....)

is it ever...

is it ever okay for someone to invite themselves over [to your house, to your plans, to your anything]?

is it ever okay for someone to invite someone else over [to your house, to your plans, to anything] with out your consent, if you invited the first person ONLY?

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What's your current favourite icon?

What's the funniest icon you've seen recently?

What's the most offensive icon you've seen lately? (Offensive to you personally, or one you think is amusingly offensive to others.)

(no subject)

1. What song(s) are stuck in your head right now?
For me, "The (After) Life of the Party" by Fall Out Boy and "Sweet Tangerine" by The Hush Sound.

2. What's the prettiest picture you've taken lately?

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2 questions

1. Does your skin ever feel extra sensitive when you're sick? I think I'm catching a cold/getting a sinus infection, and the skin on my lower back has been really senistive. I can actually feel my clothes rubbing on it in a painful way (this is over a few days, no matter what clothes I wear).

2. I'm going to the dentist on Wednesday because I think one of my wisdom teeth is just now coming in (I have a lump on my gum that isn't an abcess, and a tooth appears to be the only good explanation). Do dentists always take out wisdom teeth when they start to come in? If not, doesn't it hurt a lot to have a tooth come in? Babies certainly don't seem to enjoy it.

(no subject)

What are you doing right now?

What should you be doing right now?

If you download movies or music, where is your favorite place to do so?

What's your favorite restaurant, what kind of food is it?

Do you think that someone can look racist?

How many languages do you speak, or attempt to speak?
Which ones?

Do you know the difference between "who" and "whom"? Do you get angry when people use it incorrectly?

Have you ever been in a play or musical? If so, which one(s)? Did you like it?

What would you rather be doing right now?

What was the last movie you saw in theaters?

a few ???s

Have you ever lived in a country other than your native one?
If so, why? How did you adjust? Did you obtain citizenship/residency? How long did it take? Did you find work? Anything else you'd like to add?
Please and thank you.
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(no subject)

Does anybody here have experience with Phi Sigma Pi? It's a co-ed honors fraternity, and I'm thinking about rushing, but I'm not sure what any benefits and drawbacks would be.

How long does it take for Paypal to deposit the money when you try to get verified? It feels like it's taking forever. Dang it, this is a lighnting-fast technological age!

(no subject)

Were you lucky enough to get an attractive professor this semester? Sure does make class easier to attend, eh?

I want to put mushrooms on my pizza. So, I have some mushrooms. Do I need to do anything besides rinse them off, slice them, and throw them on?

(no subject)

DRIVERS-- won't you please look into your heart, and provide an honest assessment of your parking skillz

1 - oops should i leave a note
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -
6 -
7 -
8 -
9 -
10 - watch n learn bitch


Backstory: I eat almost nothing but fast food. If I'm having a tight week financially, I get downgraded to Ramen. I have an actual meal maybe once a week at a friends. I drink several sodas a day. I don't really gain weight, since I don't eat excessive amounts, but I'm obviously still not healthy. I don't really give a shit about cholesterol or blood pressure or whatever bullshit.

But I do have a problem: I can not stay awake. I'm constantly tired, and if I sit in one place for long (like in any of my classes), I fall asleep. I slept through Psychology last semester, and now I have Chem in the same time slot. I want to stay awake for this, since it should be slightly more difficult. I've tried going to sleep early, but no luck.

I think it's because of my lack of nutrition. I get very little vitamins/nutrients/other bullshit I need from my current diet. Since I can't really afford to eat healthy (nor would I care to, that shit is nasty), I'm looking for a decent multivitamin, or combination of vitamins, that I can use to provide my body with the daily value necessary to function normally.

Edit: I can't easily make the change to start cooking meals myself, since I live out of my car and have no means to. D:

Anyone have any suggestions?
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terrible mouth virus type thing: update

Earlier I made this post: http://community.livejournal.com/thequestionclub/16970505.html

They don't want to go to the hospital. They're going to wait it out like the doctor told them to do on Saturday. But this was of course before she started with the bleeding.

Am I over reacting?

Obviously I can't force her to go to the hospital, but this just seems nuts. (I'm at work right now, so I still don't know what she was diagnosed with, I just know they're not going to the hospital because my other roommate texted me to let me know) I'm so stressed about this, and now I'm starting to think I'm nuts because no one else seems to be.

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why do decent looking guys pay for sex from dirty, smelly, homeless prostitutes? i mean, the smell coming off her has GOT to be unreal. i've never seen a woman pick up a dirty, smelly, homeless guy. do women have better taste or standards or something? if any of you have evidence of the latter, please share. 

have any of you paid for sex? why? 
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So, I get distracted crazy easy. It's taken me three hours to do thirty ridiculously easy math problems because I got distracted like every problem with something online, or a text, or just anything. I have ADHD, but my doctor took me off meds for it in seventh grade, said that I needed to learn to focus without the meds. I'm better than I was pre-medication, but I'm getting noticeably worse (everyone around me's noticed it), and I'm like afraid of slipping back to how I was before.

So, firstly: Do you guys have any recommendations for ways to help focus?

And secondly: Do I mention my fear of relapse to my doctor and see what happens? I doubt he'd put me back on meds, but... Do I ask to be put back on them, or just try and wait and see?
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Purely hypothetical situation:

Let's say I hypothetically threw my iPod manual away. Also, let's say I have a major iPod problem, hypothetically, and need my manual to solve it. What do I do now? Hypothetically?

lol sarcasm
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I have a Kodak EasyShare CD33 camera.....my father had recently wiped my computer clean, thus taking off the software needed to upload the pictures from my camera to my computer...my problem is I can't find the cd needed to put the software back on my computer.  I've checked Limeware for the EasyShare software and it doesn't have it.  Does anyone have any suggestions of another good program I could use?  Thanks!


"Saint George's Syndrome"

I heard today about someone who had a psychological disorder which was refered to as "Saint George's Syndrome" by the person telling me of it (not the same person who had the disorder). They weren't sure if that was the actual name though. It's basicly the opposite of a pathological lying disorder: a truth-telling disorder. The person always tells the truth and doesn't ever hold back or keep their opinions to themselves. (I'm not sure were exactly that crosses the line from "personality quirk" to "psychological disorder" but I'm no psych major...)

An internet and Wikipedia search turned up nothing under that name though. I am curious to read a bit about the condition and to find out what it's actual name is. Does it sound familiar to anyone (surely we have a few psych majors on here)?

Help is much appreciated as always.
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So, I'm thinking of starting to use del.icio.us. For a while I didn't really see the point of using that rather that just having favorites in Firefox or whatever, but it's starting to seem like a good idea.

So, what do you guys think of it? Do you use it / like it?

So far the advantages I'm seeing are...
+ get to sites when I'm on other computers
+ tags to sort stuff so I can have a bazillion different things listed without making it hard to find stuff

What else? I think I'm gonna have to start using it. Woo.
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I'm working on a video assignment for a class, and looking for inspiration. What's the first thing you think of when you hear the phrase "appearances can be deceiving"? Be as vague or as in depth as you want.
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Postal Worker?

Has anyone ever worked as a mail carrier in the U.S., or know someone who has? What about any other job with the postal service?

I'm wondering what the atmosphere was like, how much you got paid, how much independence the job offered, that sort of thing.
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a little skeptical

Ok, here's the background:

In april 06 i was suffering from severe allergies and the doc presribed me singulair which is also mainly used as asthma medication, but has been known to help with allergies. I didn't really use them until this winter as I was on other allergie meds too.
Around the time I was on them, i started having really bad asthma-like reactions to wood smoke, something i've never been bothered by before.

I've always had asthma-like reactions to exercise and cold weather, but never this, and never so severe.

I recently went for testing to see if i have asthma because the problem is getting so bad.

NOW, my question is, is it possible that the medication brought on these symptoms? I've never had anything like this happen before and im really skeptical of medications.

Also, im just sitting here right now, and having asthma-like symptoms.. i have never just gotten them from sitting here and doing noting....
To add: i've been off the singulair a month now.

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1) What is your favorite song/album to listen to when:
a) you're totally happy and giddy
b) you're having sex

2) Have you ever had someone on your friends list whom you really, really liked disappear for months or years completely and not respond to any emails questioning their whereabouts? Did you wonder if something awful happened to them?
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For those of you who are married or engaged, how did you know he/she was The One?

How long had you been dating?

How old were you when you first got engaged?

How old were you/will you be when you marry(-ied)?
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iPod trouble

For all of you iPod savvy people out there:

My husband paused his iPod. When he unpaused it, the screen still showed the song as being paused, but the song played. It will power down, but the same screen still shows on the iPod. It still works, but the display is screwed up.

I can't do a screen shot, so I'll describe it

*little padlock* Now Playing Batter life

76 of 233
Voodoo Child
Stevie Ray Vaughn

0:53 -7:06

Right now the iPod is playing Breaking Benjamin, but that's what it shows on the screen.

I didn't buy this iPod. A friend won it at a McDonald's manager meeting almost a year ago. They couldn't use it, so I traded her a Nintendo DS for it. So I'm thinking there is no warranty. Can some one help? My husband is going to ask the guy that repairs iPods at work tomorrow, but I thought I'd see if there was any hope.
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Whenever I try to upload anything slightly large at all (usually a music album, so around 50MB or so), no matter what site I use (MegaUpload, SendSpace, YouSendIt), it goes about halfway and then randomly goes "this page cannot be displayed" or whatever. My internet connection is fine, and I don't have any other windows open. (Usually I'm not even touching my laptop at all.) What am I doing wrong???? It's driving me insane.
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TQC Conversation Hearts

Poll #912133 Valentine's Day is Coming

What's your favorite of these Valentine's Day Conversation Heart?

Fuckin A
Fuck You
Fuck Me
Fuck Off
Fax Me
Fuck a Duck
Fuck Off You Fucking Fuck
Can I Get a Mercy Fuck?
I Don't Give a Fuck
no, i really don't give a fuck, suzer

Which is your favorite Conversation Heart of this theme?

Hey Baybee
Ooooh, Yeah...Right There, Babe
My Baby Needs Changing
R U Pregnant?
I Wanna Have UR Baby
Do Me Baby
Baby Momma
Baby Maker
Keep the Faith, Baby
Keep the Baby, Faith

One more Conversation Heart theme. Favorite?

UR Kind
UR Kind of Dumb
UR Kind of Shallow Yet Hot
UR Kind of Tone Deaf
UR Kind of Making Me Horny
UR High, Dude
UR Boobs R Nice
UR Package is Large
UR In My Light


Having an argument with my boyfriend, I need someone to clear something up for me.

Every week, my boyfriend, his ex-girlfriend, their kids and I try to have a civil meal together. For the sake of ease of transition for the kids and because family is very important to us. His ex and I get along pretty well, except for recently she's been taking pot shots at my cooking.

Last week, it was "Did you use frozen broccoli in this? I can taste it, I hate frozen broccoli" and "Luke likes it better when I used to add cheese to a recipie like this."

This week, it was "This lasagna is okay, but mine is better. Everyone at my office loves it when I bring mine in."

I say comments like this are rude and hurtful - it's not what you say, it's how you say it, and it is possible to be tactful, which her comments are not. He says she doesn't mean it that way, and she's not trying to insult me.

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Boys...dun dun dunnnnn.

Okay, so, I've never had much luck with boys. Only had one relationship, and that was pretty much a disaster. A big part of it is because I don't really know how to meet guys. Then when I meet them, I suck at flirting with them/knowing when they're flirting with me. So, question. Where do you go to meet your preferred sex? I've always had a lot of trouble with being able to subtlely show I'm interested; is there any good way to do that, or is it just something that comes with time?

And finally...

Collapse )
I swear I'm not all emo over this, it's just something I get curious about from time to time.

Edit: jeez, way to go to my head, guys! Another question: what do you personally count as a "come on"? Like I said, I tend to be completely oblivious, and I know most people don't do the whole, "Hey baby, you look sexy" thing 'cause it's creepy. So how do you know you're being hit on?
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Social Security.

This was actually brought up by my sister, whose husband is interested in tracking down his mother.

The United States likes to misuse social security numbers for identification purposes, which can make tracking people down significantly easier. She asked me what, then, would be an equivalently valuable identification method in England?

Any ideas as to how we might find someone?


When you're in custody and you're awaiting trial what is the place you're kept in called?

Is it a different place if you're charged with a felony vs. a misdemeanor? If so, what is that place called?

Any info you have about going to jail would be very helpful as I am writing a short story and I have no idea what going to jail is like.

Hope these make sense/ aren't too vague...

1. What makes something worth pursuing?
2. If something is worth pursuing, what is the most you would sacrifice for it?
3. How do you usually make moral decisions? In other words, do you generally wonder what the perfect person would do and follow that? Or do you usually "follow your heart"? Or something else?

Thanks in advance.

what's on your plate?

Earlier this evening, I noticed a SUV in the Wal*Mart parking lot with a personalized license plate saying PORK. That's it. Just PORK. Anyone have any theories on what the story is behind that?

Do you have a personalized license plate? What does it say?
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1. When you're studying a foreign language, how do you learn vocabulary? My Irish teacher is expecting massive amounts of vocabulary learning this term. I've been doing flashcards, but they really aren't working for me.
2. Why the hell is my Language and Gender class in a room that doesn't have enough chairs for everyone? I got there a couple minutes late today and there were about five people already sitting on the floor.
3. Do you use the spelling "grey" or "gray"? I use grey.
4. What's a weird thing that happened to you in a dream recently? I got my eyebrow pierced about a month ago (for real, I mean, not in dreamland) and I dreamt that it rejected and this took place over a matter of minutes. When I woke up I was very panicked until I realized that it was still fine.
5a. Are you doing 50bookchallenge or 15000pages?
5b. If so, are you counting things you are assigned to read, or just things you read for your own enjoyment? I started the challenge to get myself to read more fun books, but I have so much assigned reading I think I'll have to count that.
6. What's the worst thing a roommate has ever done to you?
7. What's the worst thing you've done to a roommate?