January 21st, 2007

Social Life and Possible New girlfriend

Last night I went Cosmic bowling with friends from work, since someone and others suggested I should get out of the house, and it was fun! We were bowling from 10pm until about 1:30am, and I got about 10 hours of sleep last night too.

There is someone I've been seeing someone, an exgirlfriend of mine, for the past month. She is more of an opposite of me; I prefer being out of the house but she likes/prefers being in the house. I would like to be able to take her out on a date (go out for dinner, go see a movie, ect.), but the problem is she has a 6month old daughter (who isn't my child). How can her and I be able to go out on a date while she has her daughter around? It seems her only babysitter is her mother and some friend of hers, and it will be a miracle if she can get a babysitter to watch her daughter. She doesn't want to bring her daughter along because she has no idea how her daughter will react. Plus, she has noticed I've been feeling sad/upset around her but I don't have any idea how to tell her how I feel. It has never been easy for me to talk to people about my feelings. Does anyone have any suggestions how I could "break the ice" (make the move) to tell her? Also, what makes talking to a therapyst is gonna be any easier for me? Ever since what happened to me in the past, I have been nervous (if not scared) to talk to anyone about how I feel. How should I approach this situation?
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This is what happens when they play +44 on the CD you have to hear at work.

Blink 182 brought some offshoots with it, so here we go. Forget what you think of Blink 182 and their cred, which of the following are the best of the bands that came from Blink 182? Yes, you can even vote for the Blink, amidst all the side effects.

Poll #910917 Blink 182 and its side effects.

Pick amongst the remains of Blink 182.

Angels and Airwaves
Blink 182
Boxcar Racer

x posted to combat_zone

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Tell Me About Your Job

Hey there. I have a decent possibility of starting a new job as a bank teller pretty soon. Have any of you ever been a teller (more specifically, for SunTrust) and how did that work out? How was the job, how are the benefits, and did you rise through the ranks to banking stardom?
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Best literary porn out there? Can have an actual plotline, and sex scenes that actually go with the story!

Aimed for males or females, 18+.

Aaaaaaaaand... go! :D

(Yes, inspired by a post in another comm, if you figure me out, go you ;P)

Edit: I mean in book-form! Whoopsie.

(no subject)

is it just me? or are all those "make 100 dollars a day just typing entries" website all a rip off? if they ALL are then how are they even out there? why aren't they being shut down. does anyone know of one that is not a scam ? I'd like to try it out, but I don't want to invest my own money in anything.
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mozilla firefox

my firefox wasn't loading links so i closed it. when i opened it back up, it asked which profile i wanted to use. it wouldn't let me click "default." so i made a random new profile, but of course that doesn't have anything stored on this computer: my toolbar shortcuts, some rather important bookmarks, any of my passwords or search history. some obviously more important than other facets.
on the firefox help site, it tells me to run firefox.exe -profilemanager. that doesn't work. how do i switch profiles back to my original?

how do i rememdy this situation? urgggent.
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(no subject)

If I'm a size 12, and I buy a blouse that's a size 18, can I get it altered to fit me properly?

In the same vein, I need to find a navy cardigan for work. Any suggestions on where to get one? Also, uniform shorts? I don't want ones with pleats, because my hips don't need any help looking bigger. Thoughts?

And completely unrelated, but are you looking forward to The Dresden Files on SciFi?
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(no subject)

MALES in this community who consider themselves straight--

what men do you kiss?

(regular greeting, merry fuckin christmas, thanks for the birthday present, whtver)

if the answer is none, i'd like to know that as well
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Does anyone here have a New York Times Select account?

I need the full text of two articles that have become 'pay to read' since they were first posted.

Edit@ 11:17am: Thanx to misfit for rifling her school's date base. And also to hllokttysflute for pointing out that I should Google Title and Author [my 'D'oh!' moment] which led me to a seventh article in the series.

Blender question...

So, I got a blender for Christmas.  A pretty good one, too.  And I just realized that I haven't used it since Boxing Day- I should change that!

So, I ask you:  what is your favorite blender recipe?  Smoothies would be good, or anything interesting... 

sun and moon

(no subject)

I know you can use a magnet and a needle to make a compass by rubbing one on the other. What I wanted to know is this: Which polarity I would get from rubbing a needle on a regular kitchen magnet?

(I know it doens't matter because north and south are opposites but I need to know the difference when using the compass.)
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(no subject)

I'm interested in researching about scooters/motorcycles. I'd like to purchase one in the future.

I'd like something that can get me to work and to the grocery store. My job is about 6 miles away, the grocery store is about 4 miles away. The area I live in isn't particularly suitable for walking or bicycling.

I used to ride dirtbikes in my youth and also ride on the back of my father's Harley. So motorcycles are something I'm comfortable with.

I'm female, about 5'3" and 170 lbs, stronger than the average woman but not She-Ra by any means unfortunately!

Ideas/advice on an appropriate vehicle for me?
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(no subject)

Hello! I'm having a get together next weekend for my birthday, and my husband and I are really poor. There will be from 15-20 people coming over, and we have to feed them!

We're ordering pizzas, but I want to do more than that. Any suggestions for cheap and easy snacks and drinks (I mean really cheap!)? Doesn't have to be anything fancy; we're just a bunch of college students getting together to drink cheap wine and watch bad movies.

There will be one vegetarian, one person who eats no meat but seafood, and one person who doesn't eat pork. I have access to pretty much any and all kitchen equipment, including two crockpots - a 5qt and a 1.5qt.

I usually just do veggies and dip for parties, but I'm looking for something a little different.


(no subject)

1. Would you stay in a place that was malevolently haunted?

2. If you believe in ghosts, why do you?

3. If you were once a skeptic and then decided you believe in ghosts, what made you change your mind?

4a. Have you seen The Woman in Black? What did you think of it?
4b. That movie supposedly has the scariest moment aired on TV. What's your scariest movie moment?

5. Which scares you the most (if any): psychological terror, serial killers, realistic violence, or purely supernatural tales?
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1- Regarding the following statement, do you laugh, agree, or wanna cry for humanity?
I don't like Fall Out Boy. Well, not their NEW stuff. Only their OLD SCHOOL stuff.
(I am confused about how a band that is a mere couple years old can have old school anything. o_O Unless you're five years old, and hearin stuff from your infancy gets you all nostalgic?)

2- Do you generally skip over what people have to say, if they use 'text talk', all caps/lowercase letters, or "forget" to use letters to complete words? (See: "u" "r" "b4", etc.)

3- Do you ever post an answer here and expect comments to it?

4- Does this post make it sound like I'm making fun of people? I'm not, I'm really curious about strange people. Saying strange in the nicest way possible. I must be strange myself, to even wonder these things. ;)

Cake Decorating

So I want to learn to decorate cakes. I'm looking for a good resource like knittinghelp.com to learn different techniques in cake decorating. Any suggestions for websites or books? Or advise? Recipes for frosting, cake?

ETA LOL :P spytime

(no subject)

My friend is trying to view chinese characters on his computer but all it shows up as is boxes. How can we get it so he can see the characters? He's running XP. oh and its on a website, not in word and I believe hes using mozilla.
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vote or die!! or something.

Poll #911193 election stuff

I would probably vote for Barack Obama in the 2008 Pres. election.

I'm not American, thank god.
I'm a youngin' and won't be able to vote in 2008.
I don't vote, cause I'm lame.

I would probably vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Pres. election.

Still not American, kthnx.
Still a baby, kthnx.
Still don't vote, still lame.

I couldn't vote for a Presidential candidate who....

is pro-choice
is pro-life
is female.
fully supports the Iraq war.
completely denounces the Iraq war.
isn't at least as smart as I am.
supports the No Child Left Behind legislature.
is a Republican.
is a Democrat.

If I could choose, I'd like the next US President to be:

*and by legislature, I meant legislation. heh.
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Parental Advisory

Screwing!  Movies!  And it's not a porn post!

1.  What's the worst ride you've ever been taken on as a customer?  Did it get resolved?

I once received a bill for over $1500.00 when my cellphone company accidentally stripped all features like free nights and weekends from my calling plan.  It took four months and letters to the FCC, BBB, and my state's attorney general to get them to actually fix it and stop shutting off my service every other day for my failure to pay that massive amount.

2.  I have just been sucked in by a Netflix special offer, since I've been able to tolerate some movies and TV shows lately (I hated watching anything for five or six years.)  What would you say I absolutely have to see?
Kyouya - Outside the Lines

(no subject)

So I have just rediscovered my love for songs with a chorus of children in the background.

What songs do you know of with kids singing in the background? Sad, happy, nostalgic, whatever. Language doesn't matter, either.

Are there any elements of songs (for lack of a better word) like that you particularly enjoy?

What do you do online when you're bored? Links?
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(no subject)

Say your sisters boyfriend comes over to your house alot, and usually if you have no plans of going out all day, you just wear your pjs all day. Well say hes coming over again today, and you know its kinda awkward to have your sisters bf seeing you in your pjs, (with no bra,) walking around the house. And you want to talk to him cause hes a funny kind of guy.
 You are 17 , he is 18 ,and you sister is 19.

So what do you do?

A- Not care if he sees you and still wear your pjs and such. (could be awkward...)
B- Change into some jeans/sweatpants and a t shirt... (comfy and casual.)
C- Just avoid them and stay in your room (but thats no fun!)
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(no subject)

I'm interested in setting up a website. Who is a really good and reliable web host?

ETA: I guess I need to give some more info! Sorry. Yes, I'm looking for my own doman as well. I mostly just want to use the space for storage of files, so it wouldn't be anything fancy, but I would like a significant amount of space.
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(no subject)

Do you think that people are going to vote for Barack Obama just because he's black?
Do you think that people are going to vote for Hillary Clinton just because she's a woman?

If you were in either one of their situations, would you make the statement 'don't vote for me just because I'm black/a woman'?

Would you be upset to get a job based on the color of your skin or your gender?
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Alert Pay vs PayPal


I am selling an item to someone and he wants to pay through Alert Pay. What's the difference between Alert Pay and PayPal? Which one is the most secure? Anything you know about Alert Pay, please tell me.



Birthdays and t-shirts.

Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday and I have to work. :( Today is my day off so I want to do something fun.
What should I do to celebrate?

I am considering getting screen printing supplies. Does anyone know a good place to buy the equipment I need other than ebay? It seems like a fun thing to do in spare time. and I have a million ideas for shirts. If you could have a shirt that said anything on it, what would it say?


so one of my 'new yrs resolutions' was to start reading more...
i need suggestions of good books.

some books i've read &loved:
a million little pieces x james frey
my friend leonard x james frey [even if they weren't all true]
revolution on canvas... x rich balling
sex, drugs &cocoa puffs x chuck klosterman
prozac nation x elizabeth wurtzel
lots of the chicken soup books
girls night in x various authors

&on my list of books to read are:
perks of being a wallflower x stephen chbosky
killing yourself to live x chuck klosterman
pieces x stephen chbosky
girl, interrupted x susanna kaysen
the virgin suicides x jeffrey eugenides
nothing feels good... x andy greenwald

so if you guys know of any books similar to those that you think i might like, lemme know!
or if you have opinions on the list of ones i plan to read good/bad, lemme know that too.

ps. i'm not really looking for a discussion about how bad my taste in reading material is, if you happen to disagree with it. please &thanks.
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Forgive me, sdragon

This question is really just for people who believe that "life begins at conception," but feel free to speculate even if you don't.

How do you define conception? If it's sperm meets egg, than embroyos have been "conceived," right?

Do you really, honestly think that frozen embryos have souls and that sort of thing? Is tossing out a petri dish of embryos a form of mass murder?

I would love to hear a real answer because this boggles my mind. Even when I considered myself pro-life I couldn't wrap my brain around it.

(no subject)

1. You get onto an elevator. The doors shut and all the lights go out, but it still starts to move up or down (depending which way you're going). How would you react?

2. What musician or band do you most associate with New York City? They don't have to be from there, just which one you think of first. Any reason why?

3. What musician or band do you most associate with Philadelphia? They don't have to be from there, just which one you think of first. Any reason why?

4. What musician or band do you most associate with Washington D.C.? They don't have to be from there, just which one you think of first. Any reason why?

5. Where did you grow up? What musician or band do you most associate with that place?

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The rich sueing the homeless

Owner of ritzy NY shop sues homeless.

Karl Kemp, owner of the posh Karl Kemp & Associates Antiques, Ltd. on Madison Avenue, sued three men and a woman for $1 million (506,807 pounds) earlier this month, alleging they scare away customers when they drink alcohol, urinate and warm themselves above a heating duct in front of his shop.

Kemp's suit, filed in state Supreme Court, also seeks an order to keep them 100 feet (30 metres) away.

What do you think about this?

I can see wanting to keep them 100 feet away, but what the hell is the point of suing homeless people for $1 million?? They're not going even going to have the money to pay for a lawyer!
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(no subject)

I know it's common to have cravings before menstruation, usually for fried food and chocolate, but is it normal to crave meat? I find myself always wanting beef or chicken, and not necessarily before Auntie Flo comes a knockin'. What does a meat craving mean?
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(no subject)

1. Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. For everything. Football, boyfriend, housekeeper, whatever.

Im sure most of you dont care, but I live in New England, so this is a big deal. =]

-Tom Brady is better at life. End of story.

2. How much do you think your infancy effects your adult life?

For example, someone the other day told me that if I didnt let me baby cry himself to sleep, he wouldnt be able to fall asleep by himself when hes an adult. I just smiled and nodded. I dont agree at all, my mom let me cry it out, and I still need help falling asleep (noise of the tv usually) I dont know about other things though, like my mom put me on my tummy to sleep and thats how I still sleep..

3. Do you shave (legs, face, arms, whatever it is your gender generally shaves) because you want to or because you feel you have to? If you dont shave, when did you stop and did any one try to pressure you into shaving again?

-I shave because I want to. Although if Im single or its winter, I slack and only shave every once n a while. I did recently find communities on lj dedicated to people who dont shave, and I thought it was interesting.

4. Does it snow where you live?
Would you rather live in a place where it rained all the time or was always snowing?

-Yes it does, and I would pick rain definitely.

5. Do you recycle?

-Yup :) And I remember living in CT, no one recycled and I did it purely out of habit. My room mates always threw out my box of milk cartons and tin cans and cereal boxes if they took out the trash. I wanted to cry.

(no subject)

My ex Im'd me last night, which is nothing unusual even though he knows I won't  talk to him. He told me how amazing his life was, how he had so many friends and was always partying, how he was working in graphic design now for a small fashion company, how he was the best in his class at everything, basically just saying how amazing and incredible his life was and how he felt bad because he'd heard I was having trouble finding any work and I wasn't doing as well in school, just saying how he heard my life sucks (I'm perfectly happy, just having trouble finding work).

He's always been kind of backwards and had a fucked up way of saying things, but he logged off before I could respond to him (I was away from the computer when he IM'd me) and from previous contact, I know it could be months before I hear from him again. Do you think he was joking, trying to piss me off, or just bragging?

Farm land questions

Hello, like the subject says, I have a few questions about farmland. I've been looking through a bunch of farm and rural land listings (long story) and some of them have information such as corn (or other row crop) yield of 100 and a base of 50.

So, does anyone know what yield and base mean in this context? If the yield is how many bushels per acre, is that set in stone, or can things be done to increase it (like fertizillers and crop rotation)? Also, it mentions that the soil has a csr of , what does csr mean?
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(no subject)

1. It's a typical Friday night. What are you doing?
2. It's a typical Saturday night. What are you doing?
3. It's a typical Sunday night. What are you doing?
4. Have you ever yelled "I hate you" at someone and truly meant it? Why/who?

I'm too lazy for good username tags...

1. Going from posts, comments, and of course, our regular picture posts (most recent two here and here.) which tqc member(s) would you most like to have your way with? Why? I for one, from looking at the picture posts, think sinkopayshun is damn cute. I would also pick imaria, 'cause he's nerdy cute. Then gwenhyffar, simply for the uterus icon.

2. Do you have a member of the gender you are not attracted to who you would totally make an exception for (sorry, bi people)? I consider myself straight, but given the opportunity, I would make an exception for Angelina Jolie. Damn, that woman's hot.

(no subject)

1) You find a time machine!

As you read the handy user's manual, you find that the machine enables you to go back in time and relive your life with all the knowledge you have today. However, there is one catch. For whatever reason, you cannot change more than a certain amount of events, or the machine overheats and you cease to exist. There is no way to know exactly how much is too much, or how much strain each event will put on the machine.

Do you use it?

2) You are offered ten million dollars, but only if you agree to have a vasectomy/tubal ligation.

Do you go through with it?

3) What is the worst movie you have ever seen?

I'm cleaning up right now, so I'm pretty much posting these questions for entertainment.

EDIT: Changed hysterectomy to tubal ligation after it was brought to my attention that a hysterectomy and a vasectomy aren't exactly comparable.

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hello I have a (stupid?) question! :D

Hello everyone :D :D

Been lurking here since TQC was on Spotlight, I love this place & the randomness of all the questions :D Currently have a question of my own, & thanks in advance for all opinions! Anyways, (at the risk of sounding REALLY STUPID HAHA),

1. Is it advisable to listen to music whilst trying to study? As in, do you think it helps you concentrate on studying or does it um, further distract you from studying? (am looking for a personal opinion and not a model answer here!)

(if it helps your opinions in one way or the other, the human mind is supposed to multi-task 7 different things @ any given time, says my Choir conductress hahahahaha)

2a. If you don't listen to music when you study, why don't you?
2b. If you do listen to music when you study, what type?


I hope I didn't sound stupid but still if I did, just um satisfy my curiosity thanks hahaha :D)

♥ Eudora!
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(no subject)

For those of you who have had oral surgery:

Last Wednesday, I had my wisdom teeth out, under general anesthesia. My face was numb, obviously, and while my tongue regained feeling only a few hours after the procedure, my lower lip and chin are still numb. The area is tingling, so I'm not super concerned, and the numbness has been lessening, but very, very slowly.

Is there anything I can do to speed up feeling in my face, other than keeping it moving?
At what point should I call the surgeon if feeling still isn't coming back?
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Funny Ha Ha

I suspect there are a lot of them out there but I only know a couple. With all the humor that seems to surround Jesus, in the form of standup comedy and stuyff we pick up in school, you'd think there'd be a lot of them. Short of cracking open a joke book and going to the religious humor I can't name that many...

...but as I said, I know two.

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Do you know any Jesus jokes?
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So, I've just ordered pizza from Dominos. Pepperoni Passion with extra cheese.  
Anyway, it arrived a few moments ago with no cheese on it whatsoever. It is literally just tomato sauce slapped on dough... with a few chunks of pepperoni thrown on. Extra cheese, my pale, British ass!

So, whilst I wait for my 2nd pizza to arrive, I ask the question:

What's the strangest (or most obvious) ingredient a restaurant or delivery place has left off an order or out of a meal?
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I've finally gotten around to putting stuff from my camcorder on to my PC and editing it together. I'm using Windows Movie Maker, which saves into WMV format.

To put it on YouTube, it's usual to convert it to MPEG4, right? And that should compress it? Edit: Someone just told me they just upload the WMV file, so maybe this whole question is unnecessary.

At the moment I have a 1 minute or so file that's 1.5 MB in WMV. I used a conversion program I found to turn it into MPEG4, and that made it 4MB. So, something's wrong.

What's a good, easy, free, adware-free program to convert from WMV to MPEG4?

Or, is there something else I should be doing? What file size should a 1 minute video on YouTube be, roughly?
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(no subject)

1 - What are "pavement songs"?

2 - What do you consider "light" reading? "Heavy" reading? Examples are always good!

3 - Do you drink tea? If so, what's your favorite kind? Do you put anything in it? Hot or iced?

4 - What are some things you love to buy, even if you already have enough?
Office supplies! Like binders, notebooks, pens, pencils, scissors, etc.

5 - What's something you consistently lose?
Tweezers. I've lost about 3 or 4 in the last year and a half.

6 - My brother trashed my apartment while I was out of town so I've been contemplating having a cleaning service come and clean the place up. Is it odd that I feel like I should clean before the maid comes?

(no subject)

1. How long into your relationship (months, weeks, years, days, etc) was it before you had your first serious discussion about the relationship?
2. How long into your relationship was it before you had the "where is this relationship going" talk? (aka what kind of future does this relationship have, marriage? etc.)

(no subject)

1. What was the first Broadway* show you ever saw?
*actually on Broadway
2. How old were you?

3. If you haven't seen one, why not?

4. What's your favorite musical?

5. What movie do you think would make a good musical?

6. What do you think about this show? Will you see it?

7. Did you watch the Scrubs musical? What did you think?

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Sam outside

Those who work out

I have a tendency to eat well and work out a lot during the week. but when the weekend comes I fall away from that and end up eating junk. 

1. Am I just killing everything I did during the week? Or are two days not going to matter much?

2. Who do you want to be with at this exact minute? 
I wanna be with my Jeck....who had to go back to college in NYC yesterday =[

(no subject)

alright so i know that there have already been posts about finding general little miss sunshine icons, but i was wondering if anyone knew of a place that had icons made of the poster/cover of the movie. i went through the archives & went to the different sites but i haven't found what i'm looking for yet.

thanks for your help ♥

(no subject)

a. could some please explain the american school system to me. i never understood the whole freshman, sophomore, senior thing and how many years you spend in each school. (i live in the UK)

b. have you seen the green mile? what did you think of it? did you cry?

i personally cried right from the first guy they executed right until about 10 minutes after the end. it was the saddest film i have ever seen, maybe tied with hotel rwanda.
mornings, garfield

(no subject)

You have been in a relationship for the past 7/8 months and you know (for whatever reason) that it has no future....You won't live together or get married. Would you end it ? Why? Why not?

Just curious.

The Next one.

Because I missed out on the last picture post, here's a new one. With a twist.

What's the most recent/coolest Polaroid picture of yourself (or one that you've taken and just looks nifty)?

Mine under the cut.

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ps: it doesn't have to be polaroid. the secret is i used that as a big big excuse to post a picture of myself.
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(no subject)

1. On a bus ride home yesterday, I saw a combination bar/tattoo parlor. At first I was horrified, but now I'm mostly curious. Have you ever seen this unholy combination before?
2. Inspired by this whole thing. Do you find genitals attractive?
epic fight - pwnd

(no subject)

What's the difference between a university and a college? (I go to a university by the way)

Do you know what my icon is referencing? If so, do you think the animations are funny?

In the same line of questioning...are you way freakin' excited about HP and the Deathly Hallows like I am?

(no subject)

It's Sunday evening, I'm bored.
Can you reccommend me some LJ communities to interest me?

[I'm interested in martial arts, reading, drawing, designing, travelling, thinking, shopping, driving, the UK, depression, self-harm, weightloss, sport, meeting people my age, writing, photography, psychology....etc
I'm not interested in web comics, computer games, fashion, tomatoes etc..]

[ETA: I am aware of the community search facility, but I'd just like to see some communities that people would reccommend, not just what there is out there.]
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(no subject)

1. Have you/Do you work in the service industry? If so, where?
2. When at a restaurant, do you always tip, or does it depend on something?
3. Let's say you go to McDonald's (EDIT: or another restaurant) at 9:30 pm. You order a BigMac (EDIT: or the equivalent), and it's clearly not fresh. It's dry, and kind of hard, and it just doesn't taste very good at all. What do you do?
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yo ho ho

1. Leggings on men: yes or no? (There's only one correct answer.)

2. Stupid makeup question from someone who rarely wears makeup: How does one go about applying bronzer? Is it applied only to the cheek area?
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(no subject)

Have you ever found an effective way to get over an ex faster than it was happening naturally (or at all if it just wasn't happening)?

Have you ever broken up with someone and honestly wanted to remain friends? Did it work? Why or why not?

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Two computer questions.

Hey, guys. I'm having minor computer problems. But it's the kind of problem that pissed you off to no end if it doesn't get fixed. Hopefully someone here can help me.

1. I have a Dell laptop. Recently i downloaded 2 new computer cleaner/virusy type things (CCleaner and Hijack This). After running Hijack this, just a few minutes ago, I can't use my mouse pad to scroll down the page. I don't know if this is related, but it's so annoying. I had the little mousepad icon on my taskbar, but now it's not there. And I edited my preferences so the icon is on "always show" but it still won't come up. What do I do? How can I get that icon back/use my mousepad to scroll?
ETA: Fixed with a system restore.

2. I am unable to view youtube videos. I can see them fine if they are imbedded in a post/blog/whatever, but if there's just a link I can't watch them. I click the link and
I get this message "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Macromedia's Flash Player. Get the latest flash player." Then I click on the link, get flashplayer, and I still get the message. I have tried to check the JavaScript, but I'm not that computer literate. How can I watch youtube videos? This also happened after I used CCleaner for the first time. I don't know if it's related, but it might be.

TIA, I'm just getting extremly frustrated.

ETA: How do I do a system restore on a Dell/have you ever done one?

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Do you think it's wrong for a woman or girl to admire a female villain? Personally, I think they must have some kind of psychological problem if they admire an evil person.

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My gay male friend is planning on getting married to his good heterosexual female friend. Because they can. And neither of them are any good whatsoever at relationships, and don't want to be alone. Though, they will not be living together, will not be making any changes in their life blah blah.
A few things I know:
1) She's in love with him. Like, a lot. It's sickening.
2) He feels sorry for her because she's had a hard life and needs to get out of massive debt.
3) I find this disgusting. I don't care either way about marriage, but I find this act repulsive for the fact that I think it's psychologically abusive to her, and emotionally damaging to both. And it's just a stupid fucking idea.

Anyone know some people like this? Are you like this?
Know anyone who got married for stupid reasons?
Thoughts, Ideas, Etc, very welcome.
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asking for directions!

1. How often do strangers ask you for directions?
All the fucking time, especially this weekend. I really don't know why, asking me for directions is almost always like the blind leading the blind. I think maybe I look really approachable or something and that's why they ask.

2. When you are going to ask a stranger for directions, is there a certain type of person you prefer to ask? If so, describe them.
I usually like to ask people my age or older, that look friendly and approachable.

3. Do I look like someone you would ask for directions? If so, why?

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What movies have changed your life? What was so great about it?

What books have changed your life? What was so great about it?

What is something that your job requires you to do even though it looks/sounds lame?

My answers:
No movies yet. I'm looking for some good ones.

Tuesdays With Morrie changed my life. It just makes you realize how sucky life can be but you have to work through it and make the most of it.

Office Depot has this thing called the Fanatical Customer Service Representative. We have to go "give the customers what they want and then do a little extra to win their hearts forever." Ultimate cheese.

Making new friends

Imagine you are 22 years old. You just graduated from University and moved to a new city for a job. Unfortunately, everyone you work with is much older, and married with kids.

How do you go about making friends your own age??

(Try to be specific guys! Don't just say "join clubs")
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I'm suffering writer's block and I need to write a research paper in the next couple days. I think some brainstorming would help, especially because this place is distracting me! Thanks in advance!

1. If you ingest caffeinated drinks, how much daily and what kind (soda pop, coffee, tea)?
2. Why do you drink these drinks, studying late, working late, just like the buzz, it mellows you out etc.?
3. What thing(s) does caffeine make you think about, that are not literal? Meaning, what are the implications of caffeine on society? Edit: For clarification, I'm wondering about the associations you can make with caffeine that are more than just 'coffee'.

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1. Generally, do you view Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings as being sexual or Freudian in nature?

2. If so, does it surprise you to know that she was disheartened by this critique?

3. For you, what is the line between artistic nudes and still pornography?

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it may depend on the university but im not quite sure, if you had a professor who was a medical worker (in this case a psychologist with his own practice) and wanted to see that person as a patient and no longer attend the school are you allowed to?

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1. Would you consider it odd if someone you didn't know too well called you by your real name in a public internet forum like TQC?
2. About how many people in TQC actually know your real first name?
3. How about on your friends list?
4. What is your name?
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1. The UK banking system has not been kind to my American student tush, and it seems like setting up an account here has been nothing but a barrage of problems, HSBC specifically. Nevertheless, I have a new dilemma I need to sort out tomorrow and then hopefully my student loan check will be deposited within a few days.

That's not the point. The point is that I have roughly 5 quid to my name and I'm not about to ask my parents for money (again).

I have about $80 in U.S currency, would an exchange bureau exchange such a small amount for me?

I know the exchange rate is not great, but I'm terrified of having absolutely no money, I just need about 20 quid in case something comes up. I didn't know if they exchanged smaller amounts or not? I'd rather ask here than go there and inevitably make an awkward fool of myself.

2. Any other international students here experience problems with setting up an account? Even if the bank account is specifically for an international student?

3. What are somethings you feel guilty about? Seemingly trivial things at that:
I was crabby tonight to my boyfriend and yet he remained so sweet. Yesterday I lied to my mom and said I may not be able to make it to my cousin's wedding, and she started going on about how she understands and how proud everyone is of me. ::face to palm::

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Do tangerines need to be kept cold, aka in the fridge? I just bought a bag of these delicious beauties, and I realized I don't know if they can go bad. I don't think they can, but it was worth asking.

What's your guilty pleasure in music? Like the music you change immediately if someone walks in the room or wants to see what you're listening to on your iPod?