January 20th, 2007


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1.) Is anyone else so excited for the US Figure Skating Championships that they're getting a little nauseous with anticipation?  If you follow figure skating, who do you think is going to win the different events? And do you play fantasy figure skating on the USFSA web site? I played last round and sucked out hardcore. it was sort of sad haha.

2.) Does anyone live in the Colorado Springs area?  If yes, is it nice out there? I'm thinking about transplanting myself, and I really like the idea of Colorado, for some reason.

3.) How safe is craigslist.org to use?  I've never used it before, and I see that it's got like apartments for let and stuff like that, and I was just wondering if its safe to use it or if it would be better to go about finding a place to live through more traditional means?

Happy Weekend!


Repost of an earlier question.

Because the issue of consent came up (which is a valid issue, but not what I wanted to know about), the idea I was getting at was more or less avoided. So I will rephrase.

Where and why do you draw the line between what sexual attractions are natural and morally acceptable, and which are not?

Flickr/ NYC

Two questions:

For anyone that uses FLICKR, is there a way to post an entire set to your blog? Because I know that there is the "post to blog" button on each individual photo, but I need to put five photos into one livejournal entry...

Secondly, for anyone at all familiar with New York City, I know there is a bookstore here that claims to be "the biggest" and I know that it's found on Fifth Ave somewhere and is (or at least used to be) acclaimed for its children's section/ storytime readings they did. Any idea of the name? It's definately not The Strand...

Thanks a bunch.


1. Have you ever been on a cruise?

2. If no, do you want to?

3. If yes, which cruise line?

4. Where did you go?

5. What was your favorite part?

6. Least favorite part?

7. Would you go on that same cruise again?

8. Anything else you want to say?

My answers are in the comments.

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How do I change the font and template/layout around on my Motorola RAZR V3m? Does it have to remain so default-looking? I mean, I remember seeing some type of techy font on a friend's razr.

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I live in a very suburban area of a big city (Toronto)
We don't get much wildlife other than racoons...

My sister saw this bird today.

Does anyone have any idea what type of bird it is?

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Thanks! :)
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My best friend and I were laughing our asses off earlier talking about this:

Ok, let's say you're in a public place like a restaurant or a club. What would you do if you were with your significant other, and they tripped & fell in front of a lot of people? They don't get hurt though (just humiliated). Do you help them up? Do youu laugh? Do you pretend not to notice? Do you get embarassed? Personally, I NEVER laugh when people trip or fall.


One of the solid state chemistry postdocs at work mentioned that, given the chemical composition of aspirin, it is only one double bond away from being a highly addictive substance. He couldn't recall exactly what this substance was, although from the way he described it, it sounded like one of the "hard drugs" that are illegal today. Does anyone happen to know exactly what it is, and which double bond structure is different?
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Every so often my eyes swell up insanely bad, usually to a point where its painful and I can't see. I went to three different doctors to try and figure out what the hell it was. One said it was allergies and gave me medication for allergies, which didn't work. So I went on to doctor number two who said it was pink eye and gave me medication for pink eye. This worked for a little while, but after a month of no sweling it came back and the medication didn't work again. I went to the third doctor, who told me it was giant papillary conjunctivitis, and gave me medication for that. That also worked for a while, but every time I stopped using the medication for more than a day or so, my eyes would swell up again. Its been about two months since my last bad 'flare', but my eyes started swelling up again today and none of the medication seems to be working at all.

What the hell is wrong with my eyes?

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1. When a friend sends an e-mail to you, how long does it usually take for you to respond?
2. Do you ever completely forget about responding to e-mails?
3. How do you sign the e-mails that you send to friends?
little soul

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Inspired by the name question below.

My name is Magdalena, after Mary Magdalene, and I'd like to find some good books on her - but preferably NOT "WHOMG DA VINCI BABIES WHORE" books, but rather the information available, etc. I don't mind if they address some of the themes brought up in the Da Vinci code, but I'd rather not have a knock-off of it.

Does anyone have any suggestions for good books to start with?

Connect the dots.

So all you die hard abortion-happy folks out there - curious about something.

Maybe I'm wrong here - but how is it that the same people who are all about abortion are the same people that are downright disgusted by a few cigarettes smoked while pregnant? (I'm hoping I'm wrong here...or maybe I'm just missing something...)

*EDIT* When I say "DIE HARD ABORTION HAPPY FOLKS" I am not talking about pro-choice. I meant what the words say.

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Inspired by ( this post ).

Are you pro-life or pro-choice? What are your reasons?


For my English class, four of us are basically working on a paper together, but it's not really a paper. We have to do a debate about some kind of issue. Two of us pro- this topic, and two of us against it. So my question is...

Do you believe in life on other planets?

I do, but I have to argue that I don't during this debate. That's something I'm just not able to do.

Does anyone know any good sites with good arguments for against life on other planets?

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1. Where is the strangest place you have ordered a pizza to? (Not a house or apartment unless it's a very strange house or apartment)

2. Have you ever moved in as a roommate with a family? The place I'm going to look at tonight is for the bottom half of this woman's house who lives with her teenage son. There is no kitchen downstairs though so it really would be more like a roommate situation than a separate living space. What were your experiences?
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I'm filling out job applications, and I'm a little bit stumped on the criminal background check.

I've been to court once - a speeding violation. Does traffic court count as a criminal proceeding?

EDIT: Answered! Thanks! :-)

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Those who listen to top 40 radio--
In your area, are there any older rock songs that seem to be forever in rotation?
Around here for some reason, in between the Pussycat Dolls, Usher and Gwen Stefani, they always find time to play You Shook Me All Night Long, Livin On A Prayer, and Pour Some Sugar On Me

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ETA: Someone just asked the coffee question right before I did. I took it off, sorry!

1. What's your hangover cure?

2. I've acquired a bottle of vodka for tonight's partying, what are some good mixers? Besides the usual things (Red Bull, Cosmo Mix, soda, etc).

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Hammer of Doom

Fujifilm FinePix F30 Digital Camera Feedback

1. Does anyone have any feedback on the F30 that I should know before buying it? Especially on the "purple fringing" front? If this helps, most of my photos are going to end up on computer, or as 5x7 or smaller prints.

2. If for some reason you can't recommend the F30, can you suggest another camera model (it doesn't have to be another Fuji) that would suit my needs?

Thank you!

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What LJ user do you have friended who post funny/cute/sexy images on a regular basis?  I'm not looking for "orginal images" ie. I want collections ripped from various internet sources.

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1. You're at Race For the Cure, and you see a group of woman wearing matching T-shirts with the words "Save The Ta-Tas" printed on them. Do you find this offensive or degrading? Funny?
2. What if it were men wearing these shirts?
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1. What have you purchased (or considered purchasing)online that you've been unable to find in in real stores?
2. What's the most expensive thing you own (not including things that haven't been paid off yet like a house or a car)?
3. Do you like talking on the phone? How much time do you spend on the phone in one day?
Drink Me


It's snowing here...again. So:

1. has it snowed where you are?
2. how much has fallen in total?
3. do you like the snow?


1. yes
2. 25+ inches
3. it's nice in small amounts
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What sort of illegal stuff do you do?
Drink underage, occasionally smoke pot, when I'm driving, I speed.

When was the last time you had sex?
Last night.

What are you doing right now?
Waiting for my boyfriend to come home from band practice.
Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA

Eat My Hat

Posted for a friend, who has apparently been kept up all night over this question:

If someone says "I will eat my hat", does that imply the whole hat, or just a significant portion?

Additionally, what would be the best way to prepare a hat for consumption? The hat in question is a cotton baseball cap type of hat with only one metal part (a small buckle.)


Sen. Hillary Clinton is running for President (USA)

Would you vote for her?
Do you think Bill will try to get "special services" being the first man? ie:will he try to get a blowjob from one of the interns???
Is that what he would be called? The First Man?
Are you right wing or left? Dem or rep?


1. How many biscuits could you eat in a sitting?
2. After how many do you get sick?
3. After you get sick...do you resume eating buttery biscuits because of their deliciousness?
4. How many biscuits could you eat in 12 hours?

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When you're in a crowded place (food court, highschool cafeteria,...) where people are all talking at the same time, do you just experience that as one background sound or can you hear all the different voices?

I have asked a lot of my friends and apparantly I am the only one who hears the sound as a hundred voices all talking at the same time whereas they just hear one 'big voice'.
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I just did something that was apparently really stupid. I was trying to trace an image on the computer screen onto a piece of paper with a sharpie. The sharpie bled through the paper some and left a few tiny black marks on the screen that don't want to come off! It's a flat screen, so it's not like just wiping it off of glass. Anyone have any brilliant ideas on how to get it off?
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Fabric sites?

Hi, I was wondering if anybody knew of any fairly cheap UK sites that sell nice fabric? I'm looking to make a bag for myself, so anything suitable would be great :)

Also, does anyone know of any good bag making tutorials?

Thanks! :)

Verizon Wireless cell phones

For Verizon Wireless users, does anyone know if it's possible to just change the phone you're using simply for the fact that you want a different one? How would one go about doing this, and what are the prices you have to pay (service charges, etc...besides the price of buying the new phone, obviously). What is the best/cheapest way to get the new phone? Can a phone bought off ebay, for example, and be put into service easily?

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what are some good "if you haven't seen this there's no way you're really a lesbian" movies?

recently i watched lost and delirious, better than chocolate, but i'm a cheerleader, imagine you and me, and bound, and i wanted to continue the marathon.

edit: hahaha. oh man.
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Blasphemy and Insanity. Fun times for the whole family!

Talking about mental wards, for people who are innocents, or just plain dumb and don't get what being commited entails. Enjoy.

1- Have you ever been commited, or at least have someone seriously threaten to commit you?
2- What would it take for you to attempt to force someone into being commited?
3- If you could choose any one group of people in the world, who would you see locked away in padded cells until their genes left the genepool? (I mean like, every pop star, or... sports families, or... childfree people who talk about kids all day. Not races. ;P)
4- What would you do if you found out Jesus had indeed come back to earth, but people thought he was insane thus tossing him away into a cell, wailing about being the son of GOD, and saying he could perform miracles? Cuz a lot of people say those things and get locked up!

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Has anyone bought a phone and cell phone plan from Wirelessbuy.com?

I'm thinking of getting one from there, but i'm not sure how legitimate it is.

by the way, i'm thinking of getting a t-mobile mda, but for 49$? makes me think this isn't legit.
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Does anyone here work for CVS in the pharmacy?

I want to put in a prescription, but I want to know if I'll be able to pick it up at a CVS in a different county while I'm up at school. I should be able to get home to get my new prescriptions each month (it's for birth control) but just in case, I don't want to get screwed over. At absolute most I would need to do it 3 times. Is this possible? Or am I better off filling it at home and doing my best to get home?

And yes, I asked a pharmacist at the CVS near me but his answer was "Umm... you may be able to do it. But I don't know if you can do it more than once. Just bring your prescription up to school and get it filled there." But I'm not going to be up there after May (the prescription is for 7 months of pills), so that doesn't really help me.

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1. Does it bug you when people start to use "your" phrases//sayings//lingo, or when they start talking like you?
2. Can you cry on command?
3. Can you make any interesting sounds?
4. What's for din-din?!
5. Can you actually tell who is a n00b and who isn't? Are you one?
6. How many people have seen you naked?
7. What is the most awkward encounter you have ever had?
8. What do you find yourself hatin' on most?
9. What would you change about yourself? One physical, one non-physical.
10. What, in your opinion, was the best movie of 2006?
11. How long have you had your username?

1. YES. I talk kind of strangely, and use words that other people don't. This one chick fucking ALWAYS steals it.
2. Yessir. It's a handy little talent, I'll tell ya.
3. I am the queen of interesting sounds.
4. I don't know. I'm baby-sitting tonight.
5. I can tell who sucks and who doesn't. I don't think it always relates to how long they've been in the community
6. Probably 8, outside of my family.
7. I loooooove awkward encounters. I can't pick my most awkward one though.
8. People. Just...all people.
9. Physical: I would make my lips bigger. Non: I would be less jealous
10. I really liked a lot. I thought The Pursuit of Happyness was good, and The Illusionist. It's hard to remember back to the beginning of the year though.
11. Two years.

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My boyfriend's quitting smoking after 6 months. But he's reallllly pissy- nearly every word out of his mouth is mean and negative. This has been going on for two weeks. We get into a fight almost every day because of this. If I don't hug him to comfort him, he gets mad that I don't care. If I try to hug him when he's mad, he gets even more pissed because "a hug won't do anything." It's the same with dozens of other situations- I can't do anything right with him, and get blamed for his moods. Then when he's not mad he admits it's not my fault, and that it's the lack of nicotine. But I never get an apology.

How long until he's out of asshole-mode? What should I do until then?

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Do you superstitiously "knock on wood"?

Do you have a specific ritual for when you knock?
I always have to locate a wood surface and then knock exactly three times.
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is it possible for an average person to locate an IP address?

how do you stop/prevent a runny nose? sometimes i can feel that it's going to start running and i try sniffling, but it doesn't really work and it just annoys people around me. (you'll save my life if you can answer this)
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I'm about to start knitting a pair of legwarmers for my little sister. The pattern I have is pretty basic: 2.5" k1p1 ribbing, 19" stockinette, 2.5" k1p1 (total = 24"). The problem is, I have a feeling this pattern is appropriate for women of average height, around 5'6" or 5'7".

I can't really judge on myself how big these are, because I'm 5'3", wear a size 4 short in pants, and the distance between my knee and ankle is 13 inches.

My sister, on the other hand, is about 5'11" and wears a size 8 long. On me, 24" legwarmers would be REALLY scrunchy. On her... they probably wouldn't scrunch at all.

So, I'm pretty sure I can't follow the pattern, in terms of length.

The question is... any idea how long they should be?

Thanks :)

*edit cause I'm typing-tarded*

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So every once in a while, I get a quasi-itch to try out vegetarianism.  I really don't care for fake meat- I generally find the texture disgusting and apparently I'm allergic to large amounts of soy- and I have to wonder, for those who are doing it for environmental reasons:

Do highly processed meat substitutes really have a smaller "carbon footprint" than an equal-sized piece of meat?  For the sake of argument, let's say they're both organic (USDA).

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What are you looking for in a partner?


Optional: Glasses, black hair, green eyes, a gamer, a genius, full-figured, taller than me

Mandatory: Caucasian or Japanese, nice personality, GSOH, not annoying, not an idiot, doesn't smoke, doesn't drink
Dwight Howard

Friends or Enemies.

Did anyone go to the Friends or Enemies Tour, featuring New Found Glory, Fall Out Boy, and The Early November?
Orlando tomorrow night is the last stop on the US portion of the tour, and I'm going.
I just wanted to see if anyone else has gone and what they thought.

I can't wait for New Found Glory. I haven't seen them in two or three years...

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My boyfriend and I have been dating almost 2 months this year, and he always wants to take me out to dinner or to coffee or go out for ice cream and silly cute things like that.
Sometimes I feel like hes filling his time with just me, because besides work and his computer, I'm all hes really got.
But I have things, like my job, dancing 4 days a week, and studies.
Is it too much to ask if I want my own personal space?

I understand this is a dumb queston, but I dont know what to do.
Most guys dont do stuff like this, so I'm not really used to it.
But it is a really wonderful thing that hes doing for me, so I guess I'll just cool my jets and stop freaking out about it.
And I'll make more time for him, because I should pay more attention to him.
Thank you!

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How do you.... [20 Jan 2007|08:27pm]


Get rid of really stubborn dog pee stains? On cream Carpet.. where aparently the dog seems to have returned to this spot a few times. We moved furniture around and .. "Surprize!"

We've tried some special stain removers, and a special wet vac carpet cleaner type thing. They don't seem to be doing anything. Has anyone had any real success with any kind of spray?

x-posted - ask me anything
Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA

This is probably not in the Talmud.

Being racially Jewish is passed on through the mother, which is why a non-Jewish girl marrying a nice Jewish boy is such a traumatic thing- unless she converts, her children won't really be Jewish.

So if a Jewish couple needs an egg donor, and the woman the eggs came from isn't Jewish... is the kid still Jewish? Conversely, if the woman in the couple *isn't* Jewish, and the donor *is*, is the kid Jewish?

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Have you seen Pan's Labyrinth? What did you think of it?
I saw it today and I loved it, best movie I've seen in a loooooooong time.

Do you have a song stuck in your head?
Yeah, Don't stop me now by Queen.
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Having just come from the Norhtern Hemipshere to the Southern Hemisphere, whilst exercising the other day, I got to thinking.

1. Do you burn more/less calories exercising in hot/cold weather?

2. Do you burn more calories if you drink cold/room temperature/hot water?

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Is running for president in 2008 like the cool thing to do in the Democrat clique these days?
I can just imagine all the well-known Democrats sitting around pushing it on each other like it's cocaine or something. "Just try it maan, it's greaaat."

What is your favorite kind of sock?
I'm currently undecided between knee-high and ankle socks.

Do you reread books a lot?
I've reread the Harry Potters a few times, and The Lovely Bones, but other than that I don't reread books too much.

broken arms

Say youve broken both your arms, they are plastered from finger to armpit.
How do you do everyday things like eating, scratching your nose, wiping your ass...?

This has never happened to me, im curious
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What are some appropriate and inappropriate ways to force an adult offspring (let's say 21) living at home to go to church?

Let's pretend that you share Joshua's [old testament dude] "as for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord" mentality.

For reasons unknown to you (yet valid), this heathen adult offspring finds it necessary to live at home for the time being.
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what do you do when your annoyed?

bitch randomly at people, post to the question club, talk to my bestfriend♥, kick small children/animals, curse at the computure.

what is annoying you the most right now?

ballet photo


1) Are you the family pariah? Or who in your extended family is the family pariah/outsider?
2) Why are you/they the family pariah?
3) Does it bother you, being the pariah, if you are?

My Answers

I consider myself/my parents to be the family pariahs of my extended family. I was excluded from the last large family gathering (i.e. not invited) when my parents were invited, and all other kids, grand-kids and cousins were. Every christmas at our family christmas deal i am regarded as highly materialistic and get a whole drawn out lecture about how i should take the energy i put into my appearance into work with the church...

Reason for being the family pariah. I don't involve myself with the church anymore. long story short. dad married a catholic(dads family is protestant) it was basically a the worst thing ever(to them). i grew up going and being very involved with my grandparents church. neither of my parents went, i quickly lost interest, haven't gone in 5+ years. Since i stopped going... family relationship has crumbled.

I could really care less if i'm loved or despised by my extended family. In my opinion, they are all too preoccupied with themselves, and are far too into the competition of who can out-do who when it comes to spending money lavishly.

food questions!

1. What is the best meal/food item you can make yourself (not out of a box)?

2. Do you like to cook your own food or have someone cook for you?

3. What is your favorite restaurant?

4. What is your favorite type of food or meal?

My answers:
1. I'm a good breakfast maker. Omlettes, eggs, biscuits, gravy, etc.
2. I like to be cooked for, I'm not much of a cooker.
3. A tie between Melanie's Food Fantasy in Boone, NC and The Main Street Eatery in Lynchburg, VA. They're delicious and fresh and yummy yummy.
4. I love breakfast foods, veggies, fruits and Italian food.

Tax Question

I personally am on Checksystems. My husband is not. We are filing jointly this year. Last year, my friend and her husband got their taxes garnished because she owed a community college money.
Can the bank I owe money to take it out of my and my husbands taxes?
If I start paying them off, can I avoid them garnishing my taxes?
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cell phone woes

I'm having an issue with my motorola pebl. just tonight I opened it to look at a text I'd received and the screen was fine but then it flashed white and then went black. the outside display doesn't have anything on it except the light. I tried taking the battery out and leaving it alone for a few hours but that didn't work... I've only ever dropped this phone twice in the past year. Any suggestions?
not mine, mat

sex and phonecalls

if one is having sex, or about to be, should one answer the phone?

i ask because i do if i'm about to but not if i'm actually doing it and i make some quick excuse. my friend answers 'are you on fire?' which is not nearly as cute as it sounds.
so what do you do?
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