January 19th, 2007


What is the hardest class you've ever taken? Why was it so difficult?

I would say mine was the Intro to Literary Studies class I took last semester. As far as the reading load went, it wasn't too bad, but the professor was an extremely hard grader. I think my Aesthetics class I'm taking this semester will surpass it, though. We have several really long papers, long reading assignments, and I have no background at all in either art or philosophy (though the professor, who is also my advisor, assured me if I did a bit of extra reading I would be okay).

Did you have a class you initially didn't want to take, but ended up enjoying?

I was kind of like that for my Early English Literature course. It was at 8:00, and a lot of the stuff we read was in middle english, so I wasn't really looking forward to it. However, the prof was awesome, and it seemed like half the time we were talking about sexual metaphors.
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New Firefox with spellcheck!

For Firefox users:
  • Do you have the new one downloaded?
  • Have you noticed that the new version has a spell-checker?
  • ETA: Whether or not you have the new version, does it piss you off when others who have the new version still spell things incorrectly? Especially now that you know it has the capability to say, "Hey, you're fuckin' WRONG"?
I thought that was pretty kickass. :) And yes, it's probably my biggest peeve as of late.

(LJ has a spell-check function as well. ::hint hint::)

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Does anyone know how to get photos looking like this? Is there a tutorial or something anywhere? I've tried looking, but no joy so far. I just love how crisp and contrasted they look, but even though I'm not a Photoshop newbie, I can never get my stuff looking that great.

Thanks in advance!

what does one do with all their old photographs?

i have boxes of old photos and some are important of course, like ones of family and from vacations. but what about all the ones of people who im no longer friends with, ex boyfriends, unappealing ones of myself, etc. ?
i feel like they are just sitting around taking up space. but at the same time i feel kind of bad parting with them. i mean aren't they sort of a part of my 'history' or whatever?
do i throw them in the trash? shred them? leave them somewhere? cut them up and recycle them into some wierd art project? or just keep letting them take up space for no reason really?
what do people normally do with their old photographs?
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Insomnia sucks

So I can rarely fall asleep before 4am (usually it is 6am). I have cut back a ton on caffeine, I barely eat any sugar, I cut back on nicotine. One night I even tried staying up all day so I could go to bed early to try to reset my sleep schedule. It didn't work. I just got a huge burst of energy around 11 pm like usual. This is really not good. Mainly because it is difficult to function in society when you never wake up until after noon, and especially since I am starting school again next term.

So, TQC....

What are good suggestions for beating insomnia?

Thanks for all the suggestions so far. For anyone else commenting, I want to try to avoid prescription sleep aids and over the counter substitutes (nyquil, tylenol PM, benadryl, etc) I know those work, but I don't want to be dependent on them unless I -have- to be. Thanks everyone!

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I get canker sores a lot on my tongue - usually in the same spot. Is there a vitamin defficiency that causes this? (or any other deffieiency? or possibly something Im getting too much of?) I drink tons of water and juice and rarely drink soda so I know Im getting enough fluids because Ive heard that high sodium can cause them. Plus
I rinse with salt water or Peroxil to speed their healing but Id like to stop getting them in the first place! I have a nasty habit of not leaving them alone... what can I say... Im one'a those.

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What is a song that you're completely disgusted by but love at the same time?

"Fuck Ya Man" - Tila Tequila is my current guilty pleasure. I want to throw Tila down a flight of stairs, but this song is so damn catchy.
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1) How much is your lease/rent for each month?
2) How many bedrooms do you have? 
3) Any roommates?

--Also, How did you find a roommate? I have an extra room, but no one to fill it. Would a classified or craigslist be safe?

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Hi, TQC! I need help.

I need a hobby. So, what are your hobbies? Do you have any hobby suggestions?

A few caveats:
1. It can't involve the computer. I spend way too much time at the computer already.
2. It can't be too expensive. I'm pretty poor.
3. Preferably, it'll be something I can do at home, since my husband works nights and I'm up pretty much all night by myself, because I have a hard time sleeping when he's not around. Right now I spend all night reading and fooling around on the computer, and I'm really tired of it.

I'm an English major, so I'm already reading and writing all the time. I write poetry, but that gets boring even for me.

I have a hard time keeping up with hobbies. I tried to teach myself to crochet and got bored really quickly.

Any ideas?
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Alright, I got the GIMP (it's free! :D ) but now I'm onto another demon.. I want to download Bit Torret Videos.

What is a goood Bit Torrent Client to use for Windows XP?

Edit: Also, what is a good site to get full anime episodes? *ish a silly person*
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Ok... So i was looking for this song...Wilbert Harrison - Kansas City.... Does anyone have it? (I know this isn't where i normally would request an MP3 but a guy @ work is begging me to find it)


Air Bubble

My mother went to the petrol station last night to fill up. She claims that when she put the pump into our car and pressed the trigger no petrol came out, but the metre still started ticking over. No petrol came out until the ticker reached $2. She said she could understand losing 40c or so as the machine started up, but not $2. It's happened to her at this particular petrol station before. She complained to the guy who said it was "her fault" and that there was "an air bubble in our tank".

1. Was what he said a load of bollocks?

2. If not, can you stop air bubbles from happening?

3. Do you do anything tricky at the petrol station to try and get more in your tank?

Driving in the snow?

I'm heading up to visit my fiance and our friends this afternoon and there are two different ways I could drive: the fisrt way takes me through the Adirondack park and is about an hour shorter than the other way. However, this way is not on major highways although it is on fairly well-travelled roads. They are plowed, but not as often as a major highway. The second way is through a major highway (the Northway, 87N for the locals), is plowed and patrolled heavily, but is about an hour longer.

The forecast for the towns along the shorter route is 1-3". Do you think this is too much snow to risk driving through the mountains and that it'd be safer/easier/less snowy to take the northway? Or do you think it'd be fine?

I've lived way upstate for 4 years for college so I have some driving-in-the-snow experience. I drive a 97 mercury sable with front wheel driving, if that matters.

I never bet the Fett-man

I have a cousin about four or five years older than me. When we were little, and he outgrew his Star Wars action figures, his mother sent them over to our house so that I could have them. This was about 23 years ago, and I recently found out that to this day hes never forgiven his parents, my parents, or me for this gross infraction.

Whats the longest you've ever carried a grudge and what was it for?

SUBQUESTION: What's the most ridiculous thing you or somebody you know has held a grudge for?
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Current files are regularly taken from the file room and placed on the shelf in X's office without being signed out. If you are returning a file, please check to see if it should be returned to X's office rather than this file room. There will be an out-card for the file on the shelf if so; it will be not in this file room.

Can you understand this paragraph easily? If not, what words/phrases can I change to make it easier to understand?
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1. What one thing in your house do you wish wasn't there? (that is, what one thing would you like to get rid of? And it doesn't necessarily have to belong to you)
Hmmm...I'm not really sure what mine would be. I think maybe the blanket on our couch...it's not like it really matters, but there are so many nicer, softer blankets out there, and that one is kinda ugly.

2. If you could get a new ability in exchange for losing one you have now, what ability would you give up and what one would you like to get instead?
Hmm. I'd like to be able to...ooh, I want to be able to draw well. And I'll give up...maybe unicycling? It's not like that's too useful. It is a good conversation starter, though.

3. Is there anything that you do or say that's "left over" from when you were really young? Like nicknames for somebody or something that you called them before you could say the correct name and you just kept saying that instead, or habits that you got into that you've just kept doing.
I can't really think of any of these. Well, my brother and I call one of my aunts Mimi, but I think other kids in the family did too...and as far as I know it never started with anyone's baby talk or anything.

4. Is there anything that you did way past the age people would expect you to stop doing it at?
I ate baby food up until it occurred to me that it was weird and that kids in school would make fun of me for bringing it to school in my lunch. And I played with this bunny bath puppet that I had and with my baby doll Sophie for ages and ages. I don't remember when I stopped. My mom used to do voices for them and make them talk to me.

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You know those people? They start out by just hanging around near you at school or in the workplace and they're not really doing anything you can ask them to go away for without seeming mean or rude or petty so you let them stick around. And before you know it they think you're their best friend and they're just too damn dim to take "hints" -- up to and including blocking them from IMing you, ignoring their emails, not answering the phone when they call, not returning their calls when they leave messages, and actively avoiding them when they're around -- that you don't really like them.

Have you ever had to deal with one of these people? Were you ever able to shake them? If so, how? The logical thing would be to just flat-out say, "Please stop calling and emailing me. I'm really not your friend." But I'm completely incapable of that. :( I'm such a wuss.
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(no subject)


2. If there is a phone near you, what's the manufacturer's name on it? Nortel Networks.

3. What was the last line of the last e-mail that you either received/sent? yeah, we'll see how it all goes. lol

4. If you use FLICKr.. click on explore, show me what comes up? http://www.flickr.com/photos/kayodeok/361750846/

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You're at a cookout over the summer. Lots of people-- friends of friends, etc. It comes to your attention that one of the guests has a website called Carla the Shit Eating Whore, where there are pics and videos of people pissing and shitting in each other's mouths, lots of rolling around in it as well. Anyway, Carla the Shit Eating Whore happened to bring a delicious looking side dish, like pasta salad, or maybe rice krispie treats --something like that. Oh boy, it sure looks good.

Do you consume any of Carla's delicious looking side dish

yes, what people do at their jobs, or in their bathroom or bedrooms doesn't have to be related to their actions in the kitchen or how carefully they prepare food- any item she brought to the cookout could very well be great tasting and completely sanitary
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(no subject)

What kind of health care do you think the United States should have?

What is your favorite microwaveable meal?

If you're pooping in a public bathroom, do you courtesy flush?

Do you get weirded out if you're in a bathroom with several empty stalls, and someone goes into the stall right next to you?

EDIT: A courtesy flush is when you reach on back and flush the toilet while you are in the act of pooping, to disguise the noise.

ETA: I just found out one of my favorite musicians (Regina Spektor) is playing very near me tomorrow night. But it's sold out. Do you think I'd have a chance at showing up and buying someone's extra ticket?

Questions about questions

1. Would you rather ask questions or reply to them? Why?
2. How much time a day do you spend on TQC?
3. Do you ever TQC while at work?
4. How bored are you right now?
5. What time do you usually have to wake up?
6. Are you often late to places?
7. Say something just for the heck of it?

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spoken word

Anyone have a favorite spoken word artist or monologist to recommend?

I like Spalding Grey, Henry Rollins and William Burroughs. I don't like Jello Biafra or most of the poetry-reading type stuff (but do like Gil Scott-Heron).

Is there anyone else I should be listening to?
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(no subject)

Other than Hogwarts and Starfleet Academy, what are some fictional schools that can be found in LJ's "schools" feature? Are you a member of any fictional schools? EDIT: How about any non-fictional schools that you don't have any real affiliation with?


1. Who has been on med for anxiety or depression?

2. How did they affect you? Short term? Long term?

3. Are you still on them?

4. If yes, how do you view yourself? Do you feel more yourself or less? Why?

5. If you quit, why? what was your bodies response to it?

6. Did they affect you permanently?

For 10 million dollars, would you...

Poll #909963 For $10,000,000 would you...

...be willing to destroy all warehouses, suites, offices, etc., that house the servers that maintain and backup livejournal? Once you get your millions, all LJ headquarters are evacuated and bombed and every livejournal entry ever made would be destroyed. A little less than a dollar for each journal destroyed.


...cheat on your significant other and get caught? You choose who the lover is, but he or she has to come home to find you in bed in 'the act'. At no point can you mention the money, or else the deal is off.


...be willing to have your senses heightened? The eyesight would be nice, but you'd also be able to hear a cat gobble its food 3 houses down, meaning that a good night's sleep wouldn't be possible naturally again. You'd be aware of unpleasant smells a block away and something foul smelling in the same room with you would affect you double. You can only imagine what a superheightened sense of touch would feel like if you were tickled. The change in senses is permanent. Do you take the money?


...forgo all sexual activity for the rest of your life? This includes masturbation. Your libido is not affected, so you'd still get horny


You're given a box with a button in it. If you press the button, somewhere, someone will die. A slow, painful death. Just one person. You won't know who, but it won't be someone you've ever met, so the only way this affects you is through guilt. You get your 10 million. Do you press the button?


(no subject)

1. What's gayer? Fred Schneider or a poodle in a pink tutu?

2a. Do you think that sometimes people aren't quite clear on the point of this community?
2b. What do YOU think the point of this community is?

3. My husband had Booberry cereal this morning (gak!). What's the last super sugary kid-type cereal you ate?

4. Assuming for a moment that Jesus was/is real - do you think he farted during his time on earth?

Now introducing, Random Woman!

1. Is there a program (freeware) that will map my website? I want to know which pages are internally linked to and from where. I was handed down an existing website and it's a mess!

2. What do you suppose Expoist means? A fairly ditzy appearing girl gave me a resume today listing her position at a Bar and Grill as Hostess and Expoist.

3. Who are you annoyed at right now?

This guy from Saudi Arabia that keeps calling expecting me to have information on someones admission into Grad School or the students who keep coming in giving resumes even though that aren't remotely qualified for the position.


1) Would you rather be abducted, raped & abused for 5 years and then released or just be murdered?
2) Would you rather your young child be abducted, raped & abused for 5 years and then released or just be murdered?

3) Does your poo stink?
4) What is your favorite kind of poo?
5) Do you have any strange pre or after-poo rituals?
6) Do you poo at work? If so, what do you do if someone walks in?
7) Do you poo anywhere or do you try to only poo at home?
8) What do you do if you walk into a public bathroom and someone is poo-ing?
9) Have you ever heard someone use the word 'dadgum'?

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(no subject)

Say you are working at a grocery store, and when you are tidying up your register, you come across one of those bank envelopes with 900$ in it.

1) Do you keep it, or do you turn it in? ETA: If you kept it, you wouldn't get caught or get in trouble.

Also, I figured out why I had an allergic reaction yesterday. It ended up being a new chapstick I was using which contained lanolin (which I am highly allergic to). It's a newer allergy so I keep forgetting about it.

2) What's the worst allergic reaction you've ever had? What was it to?

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Hello Kitty

(no subject)

If you have an .avi file and you use a programme (like videora) to convert it to be ipod compatible does it also compress the file?

for example would a 700MB .avi turn into a 200 (approx) MB .mp4?

EDIT : answered Yes! thanks abdicate

(no subject)

What do you do to lessen your footprint on earth?
ie. Do you drive a hybrid, use public transportation, recycle, compost, reuse, use compact florescent light bulbs instead of incandescent?...
What do you do? Why? And if you don't do any of these or anything similar....Why not?

(no subject)

Brought on by an earlier post:

For those of you who have kids...   What are your punishment tecniques? 
What did your parents use on you growing up?  And did it work.. 
Do you spank?  I'm not talking about beating your child with a belt or a shoe - I'm talking about the palm of your hand over clothes.
If you don't spank, or refuse to, what works best for you?
Do you really think there is one fool-proof punishment out there that every parent should try?

Feel free to share your experiences.

Artificial Ship's Mast

I'm part of a group that does Renaissance Faire type events. We're currently attempting to make a pirate "ship". The ground will serve as the deck. We've been searching for a way to construct a mast that will be easy to break down, transport, and erect.

We've heard rumors of building a mast out of used cardboard carpet rolls. So, we've acquired several rolls. However, we can't seem to find any instructions as to how best to put this together (i.e., how much rope, how to put the rolls together so the wind won't knock it over, measurement, etc.) The sails will not be unhurled, so it doesn't need to be that strong.

Does anyone know how, or where I can find information on doing this?

lets kick it like taebo

1. my dog peed/pooed in the garden today, how wrong would it be to grow veggies there in the spring now?

2. who are all these new people in TQC?
can you introduce yourself? (newbies & oldies too!)
a/s/l? & pictures of your grill?

3. any new drama mamas start shit while i was gone? links please =)
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(no subject)

1) It's Edgar Allan Poe's birthday. Have you ever seen the Poe Toaster in person?

2) Do you consider yourself to fit into a political party? Which one?

3) How many continents have you been in? Which ones?

4) If you HAD to have sex with George Bush or Fidel Castro, which one would you take? No commitment. (Straight guys & lesbians included.)

5) If you COULD have sex with Jake Gyllenhaal or Brad Pitt, which would you take? (Straight guys, lesbians, and those who'd take neither not included.)
Tangled // Darkness
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(no subject)

A friend of mine got engaged over Christmas. They we're on a pier and he said "Its ten years from now. We have three kids, the plumbings just broke and I just got home from work. Are you happy?" She said yes and he proceeded to get down on one knee and all.

So my question is: Girls, if you plan on/want to get married someday, how would you like to be proposed to? Guys, how would you plan to propose to the girl? If your already married, what was your proposal like?

I would love to be proposed to the same way my friend was. To me, it shows he is thinking about our future and our/my happiness. He also has a realistic understanding of how life is.
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this kinda stuff comes to me when I'm on the toilet

Preamble: So far as I remember God never appeared in human form to anybody. I'm not one that believes Jesus was God in human form but even if that were the case that would be God as Jesus but not God as God. God appeared to people as a burning bush and a ray of light and possibly some animal representation in one form or another. I'm sure there were many others...but God as God never appears to people as a person.

Question: If God never appeared to people as a person then why is it that it was so long the viewpoint of many to picture God as a very old man with a long flowing beard?
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(no subject)

1) What color eyes do yo have?
Gray-ish, blue-ish

2) Have you ever tried color contacts? What color?
I tried green contacts once, but didn't keep them.

3) Do you wear glasses/contacts? Which do you prefer?
I always wear glasses, but for formal stuff I usually wear contacts

(no subject)

After browsing deviantART for a while this morning, these questions have been driving me nuts. These aren't exactly first hand experiences, mostly just what I've seen this morning.

1) Why do people ask for a critique when all they do in response to an in depth, thought out critique is get mad and tell them off? There is an option to not accept critiques and just take comments, why don't people use these if all they are looking for is "OMG I RLY LYKE IT!!1"

2) Why do the friends of people who ask for critiques/honest opinions always say in response to something negative "they're just jealous"? Do they really think the person is jealous, or that seriously all they can think of as a retort?

3) Why do people call every girl they disagree with on the internet a slut? What exactly do they think the definition of slut is? I've been called a slut more times than I can count and every time it still baffles me.

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(no subject)

Okay, most of you have done this too, I'm sure of it. I left some chapstick in the pocket of a pair of pants when I washed and dryed them. Now, alas, there are dark spots all over most of my clothes from the wax and what not. I don't care about the pants, but I do care about the shirts. Has anyone found a way to get the stains out?
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All work and finally some play...

I'm trying to plan a trip (vacation) for myself in June of this year. I like to party but I'll be alone. Any recommendations on locations?

I like NYC and Miami is great for their night life. I try to stay on the East Coast when I vacation. I don't like flying for long periods of time.

Any experiences you want to share would be helpful. I'm at a loss.


How important is donating to charity?

Do you donate?

Regularly, or just when something special happens (good or bad)?

Is it more important to donate overseas where the need is greater, or in your own community where you are truly taking acre of your neighbors? Why?

How do you pick which charities to donate to?

And if you don't mind my asking, what is your political affiliation?
petit prince

higher and higher

1. what's something new and interesting you've learned recently?

2. are you cooking anything today?

3. what was the last test you took?

4. what's your favorite kind of brownie?
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(no subject)

"35% of men admit they would rape a woman of they knew they could get away with it."

Does anyone have a link to the source this came from? Link me to an article/ the actual study. How many people were interviewed what the actual questions asked were?

(no subject)

A Dutch website is dispensing advice to people looking for painless ways to dump their lovers. The fastest way for a woman to get rid of a boyfriend, the site advises, is to announce she's eager to have a baby. Men are advised to present unwanted girlfriends with "gift" underwear at least two sizes too large

Q: Would this tactic work on you?

Hello, hello...

Can anyone tell me how to effectively block a website from one's computer so that others cannot view it without buying expensive software? I used the internet explorer tools to set a password to it but several portions of it are still accessible. Does anyone know of any kind of freeware blocker or some other way to well and truly block a website? Frank you ever so much in advance. :D

Questions Need Answers

I am having personal problems with girls and my life. I ask for an open ear.

Why does my past still hurt/bother me?
How is it some people can have the life and relationships they want but I can't?
Why are people taking what I do for them so lightly or for granted?
How is it people are happy in their relationships but I'm not?
Is it possible I'm not ready or it isn't my time to be in a relationship? Also, why?
Why do people suggest or say I should be happy being alone before being happy with people. It's quite the opposite for me.
Why do I end up with girls who can't complete me instead of someone who can?
Why are friends the best counselors especially when they tell you to speak to professionals?
How is it what I do for girls isn't as good as what their boyfriends do for them? Why am I treated that way?
At work..... when trying to transfer or work at another department, why must I wait for my store to find someone to replace me?
Since I have been getting 5 to 6 hours of sleep for the past 2 weeks, then how is it I'm still tired? Note: I haven't been sleeping well for a very LONG time.
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(no subject)

No chewing (wolf): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqgrfBLIcoA
No chewing [with decrescendo] (wolf): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHe-rcbW-Qg
No chewing (golden retriever): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0L9TFjXlib0
No chewing (straffordshire bull terrier): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnUXjxqEL5Y
No chewing, some tremolo (husky): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=casAdDDqHxE
Little chewing (wolf): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6qh9r74EE0
Little chewing (wolf): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=937A1ELVyUs
Little chewing (dogs): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wj7uF5RvYKc
Little chewing (wolf): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IolOHUC4gU
Moderate chewing (wolf hybrid?): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzBxFTI17zs
Split chewing [none, then maximum] (husky): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BG2Z1jlU6tc
Maximum chewing (siberian husky): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVxvS4HnIwo

What is the chewing mutation?

Does your dog chew while howling?
franziska - whip

Computer Screen Shots

Here's one I can't believe I haven't asked anyone.

How do you get a screen shot of your cpu? I've seen so many, and somehow I even managed to accidentally make one, but I don't know how.

Someone please tell me? :D You guys are wonderful! :D

(no subject)

i have a container of shrimp that my mother bought today. she says i should boil it, but i just looked on wikipedia and they said you have to cook it very briefly or it'll lose a lot of it's flavor.

can anyone give me a like, retard-easy suggestion as to what to do with these little guys?

(no subject)

My friends and I are thinking of taking a road trip to British Columbia over spring break and possibly camping (maybe stay yurts or cabins). Anyone know of good places and/or cheap ways to do this? We're college students. We'd also like to see some cities and cool places. (I've been to Victoria and Vancouver before.)

(no subject)

Okay, so I'm driving to New York City tomorrowa nd in true tourist fashion I'd like to stand around the news stations and be one of those people who wave so they get on tv. you know what I'm talking about: theres always those people in circles waving their signs around the newscasters?? I don't know if I can describe it any better but I've never done anything like that before ( so hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about and has done it) and I was wondering:
Has anyone done that before? How early should I go to do it?
Which news stations should I try it with
and im xposting this
mornington crescent
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(no subject)

For Christmas, from various people, I was given a grand total of $60 worth of Starbuck's gift cards. That's very nice of them, of course, but unfortunately I hate Starbuck's coffee. So now I just wish I had $60 I could put towards something I want. Anyway. Do you know of anywhere (good LJ comms or the like) where I could trade them away?
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(no subject)


All hypothetical, of course.

Let's say there's this girl, and she lives in a nice home that she loves. This girl does not have a job, and regular jobs don't really work out well for her or make enough money anyway, so she starts doing things that are kinda-sorta illegal to make money. She makes a lot of money doing this and becomes quite good at knowing how not to get caught, and she isn't hurting anybody.

She kind of hates doing what she's doing and wants to stop. BUT if she stops, she won't be able to afford the place. Then she will have to move back in with a parent who was abusive to her as a child.

So at least for now, if she wants to keep her home, which she LOVES, she will have to continue doing illegal things for a while. She has no friends that will take her in, only the parent.

What do YOU think she should do?

Fighting the invincibility complex that some of today's youth have.


Imagine you're a teenager (or maybe you actually are) who has experimented with drugs like vicodin, marijuana, and other relatively mild forms of illegal* drugs. Would these photos discourage you from trying methamphetamine?

*Yes, I'm aware that vicodin is perfectly legal. I'm pretty certain it's not legal to buy them from another teenager or take them without prescription though.

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1) What is the ghost in the machine theory? I looked it up on wikipedia but it said it was in the mind and wasn't very clear to me. Is it psychological, or does it apply to actual machinery?

2) If you've read sci-fi or watched anime or Star Wars, anything like that, you're probably familiar with androids and the like. Do you think it is possible for advanced computers to have some sort of soul, or would it simply be in their programming?
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for the skiiers/boarders


Mittens or Gloves?

I need to buy something for when I start skiing next week. My brother said your fingers stay warmer in mittens because they're beside each other. My boyfriend said gloves are fine, just put them on outside so your hands are a bit cold, and then you dont start with sweaty warm gloves.

I do get cold really easy, so I don't know which ones I should get.

I never thought this would cause me so much personal debate!


Why are people so serious about Harry Potter?

i find the movies entertaining, but i cant get into reading the books.

Why or Why dont you like HP? and "it's awesome!" is not an answer.
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My Point?

Moe's Southern Grill

Has anyone here eaten at Moe's Southern Grill? We just had one open a few towns over last week.

It was insane. We stood in line for at least an hour, just for burritos and tacos. They were good and the place was pretty cool. They played a weird variety of music.

But what's with the names? Can someone fill me in?

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What classes are you taking this semester?

I'm only taking two- Geometry and History("Europe Since 1900"). I wanted to take four but the school ended up messing up my registration date. Ceramics and English will have to wait till next semester :-(

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Inspired by this post. (you know, the one right under this one)

1. What is your first name?
2. What is your middle name (if you have one)?
3. How is it pronounced?
4. Do you like your name?
5. Can you find those little mini license plates with names on it with your name?

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I've decided that...

I'm getting drunk tonight. Good idea?

I'm going to get married this year. (Okay, common sense demands I acknowledge this is some random drunken shit I'm thing with that statement.) I'm not dating anyone. I live in NYC. Where should I look?

Where does on find a "good man"?

Advise me, TQC!