January 18th, 2007


all these name Q's!

When the teacher would ask what name you preferred to be called, did anyone say a name completely different from their real one and have it stick? What were the names?

I wanted to do that when I was little simply because my name didn't come with a shortened nickname. The teacher never asked if I wanted to be called something different!
once upon a time

what are you carrying?

1. What kind of purse/bag do you have?
2. Where'd you purchase it?
3. What's inside?
4. Any pictures?
5. Any good places to buy purses?

1. I have a black messenger bag
2. Old Navy
3. 2007 planner, some maps and codes in case I forget any information for work, a notebook where I write random poetry in, another smaller notebook for random notes and reminders, 2 lip glosses, a mirror, nano ipod, ipod computer connector in case i need to recharge it while at work, wallet, keys, black gloves, two books, a set of 6 highlighters, some mail I picked up on my way out, and a memory stick so I can work on some things while at work.
4. Negative
5. No, but I need a new purse...

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Like Homer Simpson and the time-travelling toaster, you've travelled back to the dawn of existance...and fucked with it. Reality as you know it has been forever compromised, and alternate realities that are similar but different exist in its place. You have to find a new universe to live in, preferably one or two that you can tolerate the best. You're now bopping in and out of various universes. Here's 3. Could you live here? Once you settle, you are not allowed to leave this universe again (toaster be damned)

You wake up in an alternate universe where you're insanely rich, ridiculously beautiful/handsome and quite accomplished. Your every wish or ambition has been actualized, and you're reaping the enjoyment. Life for you is bliss. However, in this universe, George Bush is the unchallengable president for life and the war on terror goes on for another 25 years across Iraq, Syria and Iran, resulting in over 20,000 more deaths. Do you stay in this alternate universe?


You wake up in an alternate universe where you're incredible accomplished, successful, wealthy and considered one of the most intelligent people in your field. Life sounds very good. However, in this alternate universe, the average IQ is 60 and you're like Einstein squared by comparison. Even really smart people in this universe only top out at around 80 IQ. You'll never have another intelligent conversation again, but you'll be legendary, like Thomas Edison. Do you stay in this universe?


You wake up in an alternate universe where you're poor, homely and bedridden. You've been dumped in a caretaking facility, where the workers openly despise you and no one visits. Life is crummy non-cable tv and crossword puzzles. You're utterly miserable. However, in this universe, war has been abolished. Crime is non-existant. Peace and respect exists between every nation, and famine, disease and drought are things of the past. The world is a borderline utopia. Earth, besides you, seems to have reached some new epoch of tranquility and rapture. Do you stay in this universe?



Have you ever witnessed an internet exchange in which one party submits and accepts the other party's position? In other words, in your experience, is the internet a crucible for ideas accessible to and impacting everyone, or is it a theater for conflict in which no conflict is resolved, only strengthened?

As an example, if someone has engaged you in argument, have you tarried back and forth on equal ground, open to suggestion, or have you repulsed the idea vehemently with your own?

If you have been using the internet habitually for a long time, have you noticed a change in your stance on this issue? Did you use to think that people could be influenced? Or did you just recently reach that conclusion?

What is the real purpose of interaction over the internet?
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Poll #909140 Family

Are your parents:

Never Married

How many brothers and sisters do you have?

8 +

What is your Birth Placement?

Only Child

Do you still live at home with your parents?

No, but they pay for my rent.

How old were you when you moved out?

17 or younger
25 +
Still live at home & younger then 18
Still live at home & 18 +
so i'm back to the velvet underground

(no subject)

1. Have you ever cried during a movie or TV show?
2. If you answered yes to #1, have you ever felt stupid about that because of what that movie/TV show were?
3. If you answered yes to #2, what was it/were they?
4. Have you ever seen the TV version of Peter Pan with Mary Martin?
5. Have you seen any of the TV versions of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella?
6. Pick one: West Side Story, The King and I, or My Fair Lady
7. Each of the movies in #6 have one thing in common, besides being musicals. What is this?

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I was at the store buying groceries and ended up behind an obese woman with a cart full of crap food. She paid with food stamps and EBT. 

Should people on welfare/food stamps be required to take nutrition classes before they are given their first allotment of stamps/EBT card? Should they be allowed to buy crap food with it? 

edited to add: soda, chips, little debbie, no veggies or fruit. A ton of frozen dinners, and not the lean cuisine. No food that required actual prep or cooking in an oven or on a stove.

(no subject)

1. What was your favorite class in high school?
2. What college did you go to? Did you love it?
3. Would you rather marry someone you were in love with but who was miserable being married, or someone who you didn't love but who enjoyed being married? Does that make sense?
4. What are you worst at?
5. What TV channel is your favorite? I don't care if you don't watch TV.
6. Tongue rings: Skanky or ______?
7. Would you rather have shit talked behind your back or to your face?
8. What's your favorite thing to do when you're alone?
9. What should you be doing right now?
10. What are you craving?
11. What would be some good songs for a...BREAK UP PLAYLIST?

1. All my social studies classes were hella sweet.
2. I haven't gone yet! I want to hear how great your places were.
3. I can't decide, that's why I asked.
4. Being graceful.
5. I can always find something good on TBS.
6. I think they're cool, I've always secretly wanted one.
7. To my face.
8. Read books!
9. Not this. I'm in my PE class, but I didn't want to suit up.
10. Subway! Always!

(no subject)

If you've bought a car yourself, how did you do it? This doesn't include getting it as a gift from your parents or inheriting one from your Great Aunt Faye. Did you get a loan (from a bank or individual), pay cash, use a credit card (can you do that?), bought it for a dollar from a friend, get it on credit and pay it off using your body?

Stories welcome.

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What things can you not stand seeing in a movie?

For me it's a movie not being realistic (within its setting of course) like a revolver that can fire 20 bullets, cars that blow up when you look at it wrong and basically people doing idiotic things like NOT calling the police/sticking together when there is a serial killer on the loose.

Reading over the comments I forgot to add a couple of my own pet peeves:

20-30 year olds playing high school kids
Unbelievably stupid computer usage. Is it so hard to hire a damned geek on the set to go "YOU CAN'T DO THAT WITH A PC!"
Also: everyone has a Mac in the movies, no matter if you're a poor college student working his ass of in a strip club trying to survive you'll have a $2000-3000 macbook in your room.
And movies with endings that just don't make sense (Highschool drama is rarely resolved by food fights)
Movies where everyone has been living in the same village all their lives but they all have different accents.

Religious Affiliation

If you and your family has never belonged to any religious group, how do you answer when someone asks you about what religion you are?
I get asked this all the time and I hate answering that I don't belong to anything but am not sure what else to say.
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alpha gamma..whatever?

1) Has anyone ever been in a sorority or fraternity?
2) Any one have some great experiences being in a sorority/fraternity? What about some bad ones?
3) Did you have to go through any crazy initiation rituals?

My Answers
1) I havent been in a sorority, but there is one at the University that has been prodding me to join. I was invited along to one of their events this weekend so i can meet all the girls
2) N/A
3) As far as i know, this ones initiation is pretty standard..

workin' 9-5

The other day, my boyfriend made a comment that he doesn't think anyone works an actual "9-5" job, that it doesn't exist. Thinking about it, most of the people I know who work full-time days, Monday-Friday, don't work 9-5. They work 7:30-4:30, 8:30-5:30, 11-7, and other variations.

Do you work 9am to 5pm? If yes, what job do you have?
If you work full-time days and you don't work 9-5, what are your hours? What kind of job do you have?
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Project 365

Is anyone here doing project 365?

For those of you who don't know, it's a project where you take a picture a day for a year. I just started about 2 weeks ago and I am really enjoying it.

If you are doing it, can you post the link you yours? I really want to see other's!

I have a link to mine on my journal!
Because some people are lazy: http://picture_my_life.livejournal.com

(no subject)

1. I have a sweater from the Gap and it constantly leaves fuzzballs everywhere I go. Lint, fuzz, fur -- everything. All over every surface. I washed it under proper care instructions, and that seemed to make it worse. I don't know a lot about fabric, and all I want to know is how to minimize the lint (no, I'm not asking for your opinion on the sweater in general). Even lint rollers don't work. Should I take it to a drycleaner? I'm at wit's end -- and I really like the way it looks on me.

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2. Where did you get your username from? Have you ever used a namechange token? Did you take advantage of LiveJournal's free name change thing they had when they were doing all that switching?
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(no subject)

Why are some people obsessed with wolves?
Do you find that those kind of people are often some sort of pagan religion and/or very into RPG?

Can someone please explain to me how some of these otherkin think they are souls of fictional characters? I just don't get it.

Feminism: a great thing, or somewhat detrimental to society as a whole? (oh noez feminism question)

(no subject)

I need help.

Tomorrow I have my first job interview.

I’ve never had an interview before, my previous jobs have fallen into my lap very easily.

So, I must know, what the hell do I wear!?! (it’s for a job to sell shoes, btw)

What sort of questions should I expect?

What sort of questions should I ask? (other than the obvious, pay)

For those of you who work in stores selling shoes, what can I expect if I get this?

What do your store managers do?



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(no subject)

what's your most memorable experience with pizza delivery? it can be funny/annoying etc.

i don't have one myself, but this happened to a friend, who has a really high squeaky-kiddy voice:

friend- hello, can i have.. (order)?
person taking order- um, sorry, we aren't allowed to take orders from kids under 12 years of age.

and my friend was 17 at that time.
Beast mode!

(no subject)

Is there any way to set up your keyboard and mouse so that you don’t have to constantly move your arm from side to side to switch back and forth? Or some way to reduce the movement? I have the mouse right next to the keyboard and it’s still slowly murdering my elbow.
this is what my user name is from

laptop advice

My baby puked on my pishy old Fujitsu Seimens Amilo D laptop, and I can't decide which laptop to get once the in sewer ants* money comes through, the ridiculously expensive, but outrageously beautiful Asus Lambourghini laptop , with good specs http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/ASUS_Lambourghini_VX1_VX1-5E010P/version.asp
or the Toshiba Satellite Pro (which is no ugly duckling it's self) with really good specs
Both my husband and my GBF, who are both self proclaimed computer genius' say I should get the Toshiba, but will I ever forgive myself if I pass up the chance of the lamborghini one?!?!?!?!

So, the question is which laptop should I get?
I'm not adverced to Acers either, my husband has one and it is great but I don't want to be a copy cat!

Also, how the smeg do you get rid of nasty black mold from a bathroom ceiling and why is it there in the first place?
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Brazilians and Semi-Formal

Not the people, but the waxing!
Has anyone here had it done? If so, was it worth the pain/money?
I have a "semi-formal" company party Saturday; I have 2 outfits bought. One is a long black skirt, kind of peasant styled with satin bands, with a cream camisole with nice detailing and a pink shawl to wear. The other is a dress, long sleeved, just below the knee length, with a collar, it's red with off-white stripes with a different kind of cut to it... it's very hard to explain in words I think... it's got a little bit of gathering on the left hip area... Which do you think would be more appropriate? Sorry for the crappy description but it's all I could come up with, haha..
Thanks! :)


What's the funniest sign you've ever seen in a seemingly professional place of business? Pictures would be awesome.

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This was found at my place of employment, a university library. And yes, that's me in the reflection.

(no subject)

1) Do you have a pet with a wierd quirk?
I have a cat that chases his tail until he can't walk straight, and another cat who cries whenever he sees closed doors. Doesn't matter wher ethe door goes to, if the door is closed, he cries until its open.

2) Is there is a song with your name in it? What song, and who is it by? Do you like the song?
Amy by the Pure Praire League, and I hate it.


(no subject)

If you live in the UK, is stuff flying past your window?

It is here. o_O

ETA: What is the worst weather you have ever experienced?

In my case it was when Hurricane Keith destroyed my house when I lived in Belize. We were in a shelter when it happened but the whole thing collapsed. It was quite shocking. A piece of zinc roofing also slammed into a nearby tree. To this day it's still there. No one can pull it out. Now that's power.
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(no subject)

Ok. I woke up this morning with my face swollen and covered in hives. It's an allergic reaction. I look like a mongoloid! Ugh!

Out of the things I ingested yesterday, which do you think is most likely to give me an allergic reaction?

1) Peppermint Water
2) Green apple slices
3) One Irish Cream truffle
4) A glass of milk

The two newest things are the Peppermint Water and the truffle. The truffles came from Germany and are made by the Lindt people. I can't read the ingredients so I don't know what's in them. The Peppermint Water contains water and peppermint extract.

Also, what things besides Benadryl are histamine blockers? Because the Benadryl I took isn't working...

(I'm not anorexic, I promise. I've had a stomach virus and no appetite.)
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Pinecone Research and Survey Spot?

I noticed in the comments on the question about Blingo that saywhat mentioned doing surveys and product testing at Pinecone Research and Survey Spot. I thought it sounded interesting and I checked out both of their sites and I'm totally intrigued. It seems like it wouldn't take long and you'd get money. Yay for money. Plus it looks like with Pinecone Research, you'd get free stuff that they sent you to test, right?

So, what are anybody's thoughts and experiences with these places? Any good? Or are there others I should look into? Should I just do one (and if so, which?) or should I do both? With Survey Spot it seems like it doesn't matter if you don't do a survey, but it seemed like Pinecone was going to care if you missed them repeatedly...do you find that inconvenient, or is it not really a problem? Or do you not even tend to miss any anyway? What kind of timeframe do you have on them?

Sorry I'm so full of questions....basically I just want to know what your experiences with those places have been and if you think I should try 'em. =)

Thursday Three

x posted to thursdaythree

01: What do you think of the Doomsday Clock moving ahead two minutes?

02: Do you read your fortunes in fortune cookies? If so, do you add "in bed" to the end of them? Have you ever played the lotto numbers on the back, and if so have you ever won?

03: Have you ever had a relationship wtih someone from the Internet? An intimate relationship? Did it work out?

(no subject)

What's the last truly weird thought that you had? Like, something so weird that you even wonder why you thought it.

My Answer: "I wonder what a bald eagle tastes like? I bet it tastes like Freedom."
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(no subject)

What are your feelings on people with disabilities used for humorous means?

For example:

Or, heck, basically 75% of these.

There's also that one of that girl who was famous on MySpace or something, and that really weird looking guy with black hair? I'm not sure of the names or whatever.


(thank you, missirish9)
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In light of my question yesterday about women shaving their heads...

I want to get a short haircut, again. :) Not to the point of "where's your hair?" but really short.

The conundrum: My hair is really curly, between a 3B and 3C, and I have yet to see good short haircuts for curly girls (on white girls, that is). So... if you have curly hair, how short have you cut your hair? Do you have pictures? Recommendations on short haircuts?

Oh, yeah... this is my curly hair, at my shoulders:

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(no subject)

Those of you in college/university may be able to help me with this one. For some reason I have never been shut out of classes that I've wanted to take; but this time around I have.

Is it better to talk to the professor about adding the class in person in his/her office hours before the class starts or to wait until the first class, go to that and convince them to add you that way?

I'm leaning toward the former, but I have no idea. In your experience, what has been the better trick?
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Joke ?'s

Similar to bellasmommy's post earlier...

What subject matter is "out of bounds" or shouldn't be made fun of?

Have you ever been told a joke that you laughed at/thought was funny but wouldn't repeat it to anyone else because of how crude or tasteless it was?

Have you ever told a joke that you thought was funny to someone but ended up offending them? Care to repeat it?

I checked the FAQ...

Anyone have a facebook?

Well you know how you can change your News Feed preferences? Well I want to add someone to my "More about" list--where it shows information more frequently on a certain amount of people in the news feed--but I don't want this person to see that I added him to it.

Do you know if it will tell him that I added him to my More About list? or is it more of a private thing?

on the floor

(no subject)

1. So I have this painting. I love it, but I have no idea what the hell it's supposed to be. What do you think? Feel free to be as absurd as you want. It's an absurd painting.

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2. How much paperwork are you waiting on for taxes? I'm waiting on four 1099s and five W-2s. Ridiculous. And I've only received two so far!
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Professor problems

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Who should I complain to for best results? CJUS dean?
How many of you would be pissed as well? How many of you think I'm overreacting?
If the university doesn't do anything and this behaviour continues, when I shoot him is it justifiable homicide?
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(no subject)

I have my bookshelf audio system hooked up to my DVD player. I'd like to connect my game system to it too, but there are not enough inputs on the back of the system to do so. Is there anything I could buy to connect to the set of auxiliary inputs my system has that would provide more inputs that could be used for game systems, etc? Here is what the back of my stereo system looks like:

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Tax forms...

I'm sorry, another question...

I just received my 1099 tax form from work (I'm contracted), so the question is... now what? Am I going to get a tax return? Will I have to pay taxes on my income (under $2500)?

Augh. 1040EZ is so much easier.

(no subject)

I remember seeing this site on my friendslist a while ago, and it may well have been on metaquotes or something, so perhaps one of you can help me out?

It was the site of a lady artist, who makes sculptures from animal bones, with old beads/furs/leather gloves being added on to form weird, creepy, and not-quite-right animal statues. She had an exhibition up in a gallery, and also sells her pieces.

Can anyone remember the URL, or anything about her that would help with my Googling it?

(x-posted to personal journal)

(no subject)

Do you have a family members who is a little...different? Maybe like a black sheep, or a crazy uncle no one talks about, or the brother that lives in your parents' attic and eats fishheads.

Stories please. I love stories.
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(no subject)

1. How often do you eat raisins?
A few times a week with my oatmeal.

2. Have you ever gone to the same concert twice? Have you ever gone to the same band's shows two nights in a row or multiple times in the same tour? Do you think it's strange to do so?
I've gone to two of the same concerts twice. I will be going to the same concert twice in March. I don't think it's strange.

3. Do you hate the Olive Garden commercial where the lady says she's looking for her date, and it's her son?
Yes, it really annoys me for some reason. I think I might be the only one who hates it though.

Fur your eyes only

Inspired by the swallow post

1. Do you see any moral implication for PETA members being furries?

2. Do they have to follow extra rules that other animal-indifferent furries don't?

3. In The Empire Strikes Back, when Luke was attacked by the Wompa, he was left badly wounded. Han Solo found him, and cut open his dead tauntaun, and stuffed Luke inside. I always thought that it was to keep Luke warm, but now, in light of this furry epidemic sweeping our good society, I wonder if it was to satisfy some kind of sick furry fetish, taking advantage of a helpless jedi. After doing some more thinking, Han always did hang around a large ape-thing. It was called a wookie, but we don't know if there was a zipper on that suit, buddy. Later, he's found cavorting about on Endor with many an ewok.

So, could Han have been a furry?
The Scream

(no subject)

Have you ever had a close family member become paralyzed from the neck down?

How did you deal?

My brother was just admitted to an ICU. He'll never be able to move or feel anything below his neck again. And he'll have to live on a ventilator for the rest of his life.


Linux users.

What type of Linux are you running?

What do you like about Linux?

What type do you suggest for new users?

Do you have links for good Linux/Linux software web sites?
lol girls

Vegans and Non-Vegans alike! All responses welcome, but experience would be appreciated

1. Can vegans swallow?

1b. If yes, would it have to be another vegan's ejaculate, or can a vegan swallow a non-vegan's what-not?


2. is my quirky (read: ignorant misogynist) friend correct when he says "f that. vegetarians never swallow. they don't even put out." (again, his words, not mine.)

i heard the question asked at the bar the other night, and i work at a vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurant, but nobody knows the answer.

edit:: i don't mean 'ha-ha can a vegan eat meat via blowjob lol' i mean, a male non-vegan partner could theoretically pass on protein from a dairy product to his partner, and what is the ethical dilemma therein?

music videos by bands with the 'een' sound in their name

1a. Have you ever seen this music video (Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows)? If yes, did you like it?
b. What's up with those deer, mannn?
c. And what's up with the part at 3:42 where Josh gets all in Nick's face, huh?

2a. Have you ever seen this music video (Queen - I Want To Break Free)? If yes, did you like it?
b. Were you tricked into thinking Roger was a girl the first time you saw it?
c. What the hell do you think that weird part in the middle with Freddie in spandex is supposed to be about?

3a. Have you ever seen this music video (Ween - Push The Little Daisies)? If yes, did you like it?
b. Do you think drugs may have been involved in the filming of this video?
c. Do you think you might like the video better if you were on drugs while watching it?

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Getting the codes out of a blog post

Okay. So I just spent the last 2 hours making this massive post on errr some other website blog about a party. I put in some codes for pictures and links and stuff. But now I need to copy all of it, but I can't. Okay it's a myspace blog. The reason I wrote it in there is because there's a preview feature. I need to make it a bulletin. But I can't just copy and paste it, the pictures and links don't copy. Even in the edit function all the codes appear as what they're written to be, not the actual codes.

Is there a way to either change how the myspace blog edit shows my post, or a way to get the codes out of that post so I can post it somewhere else?

Clearly I have no idea what I'm doing here.

EDIT! EDIT: Answered by dawgdays (err can't do the code there either)

a few questions

1.I have a piece of glass (very very small) stuck in my finger. It has been there for a month now and is underneath the skin. It is not infected, but someone told me that if I do not get it taken out then I could die! Is this true? 

2. Sometimes I like to take Vicodin. True. When I told my friend this (who, by the way drinks every single day) he became very upset and said to never hang out with him while I am on them. By the way, this is a prescription. I know I abuse it sometimes, but does this not seem like a double standard? Is he really not that good of friend for telling me this? What should I have said in response to this?

3. Have you ever had sex with someone after only knowing them for a week? And if you did, did you feel like a slut, whore, asshole...etc?

4. Do you think the world will end by fire or ice?
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Spy ?'s

Inspired by Ron Mexico James Bond Mike Vick.

1. Have you ever seen one of Collapse )

2. If someone gave it to you, would you use it? What for?

3. Have you ever snuck (sneaked?) any food into a movie theater? What was it?

4. Do you think that you would make a good spy?
[dance] pink side to side

Just me.

For anyone who saw my questions last night, they raised my limit, I'm not in trouble, yay. :P

Now to make this legit: This is a question for mine husband.

He's working on being legal up here (Canada!). Immigration ftw. However, he got a summons from New York to be on a jury, directed to his parents house (he used to live there.)

He's worried he'll go to jail if he doesn't show up there, and wrote them a letter explaining that he lives up here now, and really doesn't have somewhere to stay while waiting to be summoned there (and just up and leaving to go sit around to see if he gets on a jury is a pain in the ass...)

Should that be enough? Is moving to another country legit reason to bow out of jury duty? I'd think so... He's not just avoiding them, he keeps asking them what can be done, and they just told him to write back to them, not saying WHY or what to SAY, though.

Just trying to calm his nerves, poor guy.

To clarify: He got the summons mailed up here from his parents house (they sent it over) last week, he called the number that they supplied, and gave us the halfbaked answer mentioned above. I know that health problems and certain things allow you to drop out of jury duty, but never have dealt with this myself. :/ Especially not in the US.

..I do?

I keep trying to talk my best friend in to going to Vegas with me and each time I bring it up he says he'll go if we can get married while we're there. He's joking, but it made me think..

How often do you think people get married in Vegas as a joke/on a whim? Do you know anyone who has? Did they stay married? Did/Would you?

(no subject)

1) If you had reason to believe that a friend of yours was being used in a relationship to make someone else jealous, would you tell them? If they ignored what you said, would you try to tell them again or allow their relationship to run its course?

2) Have you ever cheated on someone? What was the circumstance?

3) Have you ever had a relationship with someone who was cheating on their own significant other to be with you? What was the circumstance?

4) If a friend told you that it wasn't their fault they cheated on their significant other, would you go along with the idea or would you tell them that it was?

5) Are romantic entanglements more trouble that they're worth?

6) Does society make sexuality and 'romance' into bigger deals than they really are?

7) Is love (platonic or romantic) just a chemical reaction in the brain?

(no subject)


I have rehersal tonight from 6 to 9.
Does the choreographer not realize that some people have midterms towmorrow and all this next week!?

What are you NOT looking forward to?
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I just got a full business suit at The Limited. The skirt is originally $49, I got it for $9. The blazer is originally $159, I got it for $21 (after taking off a free $20 gift certificate I had there.) Did I get a deal or what? $30 for a suit that would normally cost over $200!

What are some good clothes deals you got from the after Christmas sales?

Computer Question

I accidently uninstalled a program the other week that played DVD's. Can't remember what it was called because I never used it, but now I can't play DVD's using any program. Real Player plays the sound, but not the video & every other program capable of playing DVD's on my computer tells me that I need to reduce my screen resolution & colour depth. Thing is, no matter what settings I change it to, I still get the same message.

Any ideas of what's going on?

Oh, I also can't reinstall the program because it was already on the computer when I bought it. And I went through all that Windows troubleshooting shit & ended up screwing up the computer worse. Luckly I was able to fix it.

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1. What comes next? JFMAMJJASON_.
(Okay you guys are too smart.)

2. Who drinks Clamato?
(Not I!)

3. What is one food everyone seems to love but you hate?

4. You know you've met your soulmate (or best friend) when ______.
(They make me want to sound intelligent and have a real conversation with them.)
Big Love


What is the one story that always gets told about you as a child to people (guests, new bf/gf, anyone who didn't know you then)?

Mine:  When I was 4, I received a HUGE box for Christmas, my whole family sat around while I opened it.  I have never been so excited in my entire life.  I was 4, big box = GREAT gift!  I dug through crumpled newspaper after crumpled newspaper only to find.......a big lump of coal.  I looked up....and burst into tears.  I was hysterical.  I still believed in Santa!  I truly believed that I was getting no presents that year because I had been bad.  My mother says I cried for at least an hour and no other presents could console me.  They have pictures of this...progressive ones that show the stages of the prank.  My mom still hangs the coal on the tree in a little stocking.  I am now 23.  I still get a knot in my stomach every time I see that damn thing.

ETA:  This wasn't my parents idea.  It was some "play-cousins" who I now hate.  It's their ugly mugs in the background laughing it up.  My mother is to blame for the yearly reminder.
These stories are hilarious, PLEASE keep them coming.

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Out of date food?

Having just found out after eating some ham, cheese and crackers that were out of date (26-12-06); it made me wonder: What was the most out of date food you've ever bought or consumed, and not realised until afterwards that it was indeed out of date?
My Spoon is Too Big

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Okay. So, here I am shopping for a new cell phone because my old one is cerca 1980 and dying. My family's service provider is Nextel, and we're on some sort of special plan-deal-thingy through my dad's work. Anyway, my question is: would I be able to use a Sprint phone with my Nextel service? (Since they've merged or whatever)

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Will real estate agents accept relocating cities as a legitimate reason to be unemployed, and be nice about it, or are my boyfriend and I going to have an even harder time finding a home than we're already predicting? (We're 18, no house references because this is our first foray into the real world, and I'm going to be a student. He's working full time though, but he won't have a job when we arrive in melbourne, and it's unlikely either of us will find one while we're in the process of moving).

How would you suggest I demonstate myself as a good tenant?

And is it wrong to be dreaming of a flat with two bedrooms, so that when my boyfriends parents come to visit, I won't feel obliged to give up my room/bed?

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Can somebody please explain dungeons and dragons/roleplaying games to me?
I always thought that it was all pre planned, with little worlds and hidden magic items and missions to do and duels to fight, with the chief nerd knowing everything and controlling the game, and with crazy dice that go up to 27...
But now one of my friends is starting to play it, and she spent three hours during class last week writing at least five pages for a biography of her character. Why? Was my idea of dungeons and dragons wrong?

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I have a bunch of tiny red bumps on the backs of my hands. I work in fast food with gloves and I think it might have something to do with that and the heat. Does anybody have an idea what's going on? Are my hands blistering or something? What can I do to treat or prevent this?

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Who are you ashamed to admit you really want to fuck? Famous people are preferred so that its easy for everyone to understand your creepy crush. However, if they're someone you know IRL and it isn't obvious why its yucky, please tell us why it took an anonymous internet forum for you to come clean about it.

Don't be embarrassed, we're all sharing!
not mine, mat


Okay, inspired by one of the comment threads on fourcorners's question:
lets say that we meet some aliens, they don't look much like humans but are bipedal and for the sake of discussion have the same genitalia as we do.
1. does having sex with one of them count as bestiality? why or why not?
2. would you (assuming the attraction was there)?
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10 Random Questions

1. Who were the last people you saw making out?
2. How much cash do you have on your right now?
3. What have you eaten today?
4. Was today a snow day? Even if self declared?
5. Should I wake up at 4AM to go to the gym?
6. Why is my paycheck so small this week, and why are they paying me twice in 2 weeks?
7. Anyone want to come help me clean?
8. Which cell phone company do you have?
9. Why do I need so much sleep?
10. Why doesn't my boss give me a promotion?
alice hat

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I am a constant collector of images - but sometimes I forget to label them properly. I've been trying to find out where this illustration came from and I can't find the site - yes, even with google image search.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Does anyone know where this is from? I'm stumped.
  • raaaain

Popeye Cartoon

I'm looking for a specific Popeye cartoon (black & white) and the only thing I remember about it was that there was a small toy sheep (I think it was a toy) in it. Have any of you seen it? If so, do you know where I can find it?
dwight working at staples
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I need help!! I'm trying to set up my bridal registries online (Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond) and I can't think of anything to put on them.
We've lived together for over a year, and he lived on his own for over 9 years, so we already have quite a bit of stuff. We are limited on appliances though, because our kitchen doesn't have a lot of storage space.
So far, I have bath sheets, bed sheets, a trashcan, a silicone baking pan set, and a new hamper. I can't think of anything else, so I need some ideas.
What should I add to our registries? If you are engaged/married, what did you put on yours?

(no subject)

I want to know what everyone sounds like.

Can you comment with a link to one of your voiceposts? Or something similar.

I have one (yes, I sound like a 10 year old on crack) on my LJ.

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Does abortion lower the crime rate?

EDIT: Has anyone read freakonomics? There have been numerous studies pointing towards the decline of the crime epidemic in the early 1990's was because of Roe vs. Wade. A woman who knew she could not handle a child at the time would abort the child and this usually prevented future criminals from being born. Especially because Roe vs. Wade made abortions available for cheap and legally, poor women could start to have abortions.

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Would you get romantically involved with someone who does not follow your religion (or lack thereof)? Why or why not?

(I wouldn't; it's something too important a part of my life to not be able to share with my SO.)

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1. What is the cheesiest song you can think of?
All I Know by Art Garfunkel and that song that keeps singing "God bless our son" or something to that effect

2. For an anthropology course on the body and person, we are having a debate next week and the topic is:

Is orgasm a human right?


What do you think?

3. You go over to your friend's flat, and sometime during that visit you use the toilet. Friend does not have soap for hand-washing! Is it rude to whip out the hand sanitizer?
I excused myself to the kitchen to "get a drink" and washed my hands there.
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lead me

cellphones and stuff

For those of you who have a Motorola razr -- how much standby time do you get with your phone? My mom's is averaging about 3 days but the website says it should get up to 12 days of standby. Please include what network you're on when you answer; we're on cingular.

And this question is for anybody in the south who has a landline on the BellSouth network (which is now AT&T) -- have you noticed your phone bill increase dramatically? Since AT&T took over, our bill has increased at least $50 a month if not more. And for a home phone, that's ridiculous. We're thinking about ditching the landline and going totally wireless. Why did it go up?
"after all this time?" "always."

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Hey guys.

My absolute favorite teacher recently lost her eight-year-old daughter and husband (an Iraq soldier) in a go cart/car accident Tuesday night. Their funeral is on Saturday and I plan on going with a few of my friends.. So, I was wondering, what exactly does a student say to a teacher that's just lost her daughter? I have no idea how to even say hello. I don't want her to burst into tears.. but I also don't want to seem heartless.. I just don't know what to say.

  • sh33pi3

(no subject)

Let's say your friend is trying out a new look. Honestly you think he/she looks horrible. He/she asks you how he/she looks. Would you:
a) Answer honestly and say they look ugly
b) Tell them they look okay.

It'd be great if you can include your reason why, your age (approximate is fine), ethnicity and gender.

Thanks a lot TQC'ers!

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Which is worse: actress turned singer, or singer turned actress?

Who's your favorite and least favorite actress turned singer?
Who's your favorite and least favorite singer turned actress?

EDIT: i just realized who my least favorite singer turned actor/actress is!!!!! Lance Bass!!! YESSS!!!
i like to live on the edge

(no subject)

What are some really good places to shop/thrift in PA?
Any places will do... I attend college here, and lately I've been so sick of the whole college scene. I just sort of want to go out and roam/see PA. If it helps location wise, I attend Lehigh *that's by Allentown*. So places nearby?
So places I should visit/art galleries/shopping... thanks!

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If your husband borrowed your Nintendo DS Lite and lost it would you call the store that sold it to you, explain it was lost and ask them to sell you an extended warranty so you can get a free replacement?

I know warranties don't cover your own stupidity and loss. But I saw this posted somewhere and wanted to know if anyone else would try this. And if so, why? 

Why can't/don't people take responsibility for their own actions anymore?
po3 doll//calm

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So, TQCers, I've got a small issue.

I'm visiting a friend here in sunny Boston, and when I try to connect to the internet with my laptop, it says that "The internet connection has limited or no availability." I'm connecting directly to the modem, and the settings look okay, but overall, I can't figure out why I can't connect.

It's just a straight laptop-modem connection. There's no router or hub or splitter to speak of. I usually use wireless at home, but I do have an ethernet card, and Windows says it works.

Any suggestions?
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So, my 13-14 year old cousin and her friend are spending the night at my house. (I'm 17, btw.) We do have car access, but I don't wanna go too far out of the way. I really wanna do something fun and ultra-cool with her, because stuffs been pretty rough for her lately.

Any suggestions?

PS: We have movies near us (Kinda boring), an ice skating rink (she recently went ice skating), and little shops and stuff. I kinda wanna treat her more like an adult, and do something adult-ish, but still fun.

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1.  Whats your favorite joke?

2. Do you think some of the questions asked are rude or a bit nosey?

3. What was the funniest thing that happened to you today?

4. Does it bother you when people ask questions like "Will you help me cook dinner? Why can't I beat this one game? Why did I get fired from my job?" and the like?

5. What's your favorite article of clothing to buy? Where?

ETA: My answers!

1. I have a few but this is one: What did 50 Cent say when his grandma knitted him a sweater? G-UNIT!
(get it? gee you knit? his group g-unit? ...well i think its funny)

Oh and another the replies made me remember: How did Helen Keller get punished? Her parents changed the furniture around. OR!: They put a plunger in the toilet

2. Yes, but I'm nosey and read the answers. And yes, I understand I don't have to answer them if I don't want to.

3. Nothing :(

4. Yes, but it's amusing to see the snarky answers people leave

5. Shirts and shoes. Shirts: Wetseal  Shoes: Payless, Journeys, sometimes DSW
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(no subject)

1. Who was the last person you made out with?

2. Opinions on the Scrubs musical episode?

3. Have you ever been sexually abused in any way? (Obviously this is a sensitive subject and a lot of people might not want to answer, but I thought I'd ask in case anyone is willing to talk about it.)

4. What's a scent that you love?
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Tony BLiar

Inspired by bellasmommy:

If you're in the UK or from the UK - what do you think of Tony Blair, and why?

And for that matter, what do you think of him if you're from somewhere else (and where are you from)?

Do you think most of the British public dislike Tony Blair?

Collapse )

(no subject)

Is it worth the potential economic stress (i.e. debt) to go to the college of your choice? Should one simply accept an education at a cheaper, more "affordable" school even though one completely lacks enthusiasm/interest/enjoyment of the school?

(no subject)

i'm looking for an image to show a friend.

i remember it was from a russian website, and it was about different types of vaginas/labia. anyone know what i'm talking about, or where it was?

thanks in advance
Shaun: King of the Zombies

Make up help?

Hi, do you guys know any sites that help with make-up techniques? I've just bought a bunch of make-up and want to learn how to apply it properly and learn what will look good etc. Also, how do you know what shape to pluck your eyebrows so that they suit your face shape?

Thanks :)

clothes washing question

I needed a costume in a pinch for a party, so I made a stencil and spray-painted a design onto a regular button-down shirt. I actually really, really like it. Is there any way to wash it in the machine without losing the design? I have never washed anything with spraypaint on it before.

Woodward and Bernstein
  • layla

(no subject)

What does the phrase 'just desserts' mean? Where did it come from? I'm guessing that it means you got what was coming to you, but I don't know where it comes from.

Why do some parents not allow their kids to wear loafers until they're a certain age?

What is the craziest diet you've ever been on? Did it work?
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I was watching a movie where the main actress was getting married and an ex-boyfriend congratulated her when the ran in to eachother.

The soon to be bride corrected him and said
"Congratulations are for the groom. You say best wishes to the bride."

Have you ever heard about this?
If it is true, what's the reasoning behind it?