January 17th, 2007

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High School, calories, lettuce, & Annie Hayden

1. When you were in High School, how many kids from your school died? What happened to them?
When I was a freshman a guy who was either a senior of junior drove his car into a dump truck. I don't think anyone else died while I was in school. I graduated last year and people from my school seem to be dying left and right now. In September a guy drove into a tree and died, after Christmas a guy I graduated with drove into a tree. Just this past week three guys from another school in the district drove into a mini bus traveling the other direction, all of them died as did the driver of the bus.

2. Do you count calories? If so, how many calories do you consume per day?
Yes. I was consuming less than 1,000 which is horrible. Right now I'm trying to get between 1,300 and 1,500 but I'm having trouble eating that much. I used to have the opposite problem.

3. What kind of lettuce is your favorite?
Iceberg, I really try to like kinds that are better for me though.

4. Do you listen to Annie Hayden?

(no subject)

What are some good webcomics that have:
  • developed characters
  • long story arcs and running gags
  • regular (preferably daily) updates?
Some favourites of mine are Something Positive, Questionable Content, Evil Inc., Penny and Aggie. I'm after more of the same.

(no subject)

Where do you live? What date/time is it there?
New York. 1/17/07 at around quarter after 12AM.

When walking past a store, do you stop to look at your appearence in the store window?
I'm not gonna lie, yes I do.

Are you religious? If so, what religion do you practice?
I wasn't for a while, but now I'm starting to study Wicca.

Do you watch just the American Idol auditions, then nothing else?
Yes. The auditions are hilarious but the actual show is stupid.

When was the last time you actually bought a CD instead of just downloading it and burning a copy or putting it on your iPod/MP3 player?
Haha. LOONG time ago..
the hares turn hunters

What happened to the girl with the piercing question?

Anyway, here's another "asking strangers about body modification" question.

I have a pink mole on my left cheek and when I dot on brown eyeliner I think it looks cute like a beauty mark. When I leave it alone it just looks like an unpopped pimple and the eyeliner usually smudges within a few hours (I've even bought those little "beauty mark kits"). I was thinking of having the mole removed and having a Marilyn-esque beauty mark tattooed in its place (that would hopefully look exactly the same). Is this a dumb idea? If anyone knows anything about permanent makeup procedures (which I'm guessing this falls into) could it possibly look authentic (like match it to the brown color of a similar mole near my collarbone)? Or is there a better chance that it'll just look like a stupid tattooed mole?

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(no subject)

So, my GIMP is frozen, but I have an unsaved artwork I really want to finish.

Do I give up and simply quit the program, give it a few more hours to go back to working, or is there some magical fix I can use?

Lady in the Water - questions needed

I saw Lady in the Water for the first time tonight, and I have to say, for me it was one of those movies where I stopped caring in the first 40 minutes. Never a good sign and kind of denotes what I think of the movie. Still, I want to conclude the movie with a general feeling that I 'got' it. Unfortunately, there's a few things I really didn't understand, due to my overall lack of sharp interest amid the myriad of apparent detail. Anyone who felt that they understood the movie want to coach me on this confusing flick?

Questions below the cut, so as not to spoil any of you who want to see it someday (you may wish to ask yourself why)
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death art

(no subject)

Which is better:

A)Following a career path that you are passionate about but have no talent for?

B)Or following one that you have talent for but aren't passionate about?

You don't hate the non-passionate option, you just don't -love- it.


If you had talent, you could make good money at option A. But you don't. So, unless you are very lucky, you will only do -alright-. Whereas if you chose option B, you'd be making good money. Not amazing, but good.

Also, how old are you?
panic button

There's a bat caught in my room - what the fuck do I do?!

I was woken up a few minutes ago by a fucking horrified scream by my girlfriend. I heard something bang against my pull-down blind & then she scremed again at the side of the room. I turned arund and scremd too figuring there was someting fucking scary I hadn't seen yet. Then she screamed because I screamed.

A scream or two later we realised there wasn't actually a burglar nor a super-giant wasp, but that there was the barking of a bat coming from behind the blind.

I think maybe it's trapped there. I don't want to just open the blind (even wearing a dressing gown & oven mitts) because it may just fly in to the room and you know, fill my eyes with lyssavirus. We don't have rabies in australia, but still...

What the hell can I do???

EDIT: I don't want to kill the poor bat.

EDIT: Well, we went in to rescue it, but it seems to have escaped on its own. We did however, go in in some amusing gear:
Bat fighters!!!Bat fighters!!! Bat fighters!!! nunununununu BAT FIGHTERS!
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The Cost of Cheese

I recently had lunch at a fast food establishment, to find that the cost of cheese varies from sandwich to sandwich.

A hamburger costs 99 cents, while a cheeseburger (the same sandwich, plus one slice of cheese) costs $1.09 - a difference of 10 cents for the slice of cheese.

A premium sandwich is $2.89, while the same premium sandwich with 2 slices of cheese is $3.39 - a difference of 50 cents, or 25 cents per slice of cheese.

So these questions are directed to managers of fast food establishments:

A) Since it all comes from the same stack of cheese, why does the cheese cost more if it's on a different sandwich? 
B) Can I get a premium sandwich with regular hamburger cheese?

And this one to the general public:
C) Have you noticed this at your local fast food places, or am I the only one bothered by this?
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Selling Books Online

Hopefully something like this hasn't been posted and my apologies if it has.

Anyway, has anyone sold a book through half.com? I've sold through ebay before but that's been quite some time. The book I sold is priced at $72 (which is kind of a lot to me because I really need the money - yay grad school for making people poor!). I really don't want any problems so should I get anything added on (i.e. delivery confirmation, insurance, tracking, etc.)? Half.com suggests getting it insured and adding on tracking but I personally (think/hope) delivery confirmation is sufficient. I guess there's a cut-off where the services would be worth it but I'm not sure where it is! Anyone have previous experience with this?
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Little Prince

(no subject)

1 - Oh noes! Isohunt.com is down (at least temporarily) because of a lawsuit! While we wait for it to come back, what (other) torrent site do you use/find to be the most reliable?

2 - Pretty soon I'll be starting some costuming projects that require me to work in leather. While I've had some experience with leather in the past, that was quite a long time ago and I can't remember much. Do you know of a tutorial on general leather-working?

3 - Earlier there was a question about raising blood sugar. But what about lowering it? Other than insulin, exercise and dry red wine, what lowers blood sugar? I'm especially interested to hear if there are any foods or drinks that do so.

4 - What's a good facial moisturizer that can be bought at the grocery store?

5 - Some of the costumes I make require wigs, and wigs require a lot of care and combing/brushing. A close friend of mine and fellow costumer swore by Into the Zone's Smooth Shot for detangling wigs, and she was right - it worked miracles. Unfortunately, that product has been taken off the market. Does anyone have any experience with any other detanglers, specifically silicone serums, either on wigs or your own hair? If so, can you recommend one/some?

ETA - 6 - Does it annoy you when people ask iPod questions here when ipod is set up specifically for those issues?

The Penny Express.

What would life be like if you had $60 to get you by for 9 days (a week and a half)?

Have you ever gone without money so much that you had to eat very little or a very limited menu (like only peanut butter sandwiches)?

Do you make the best out of being straight broke or does it depress you?

so i'm back to the velvet underground

(no subject)

In most cases, which is better? The book or the movie?

I rarely read books anymore, so I wouldn't know. But I'd rather watch 4 hours of Gone With The Wind than spend a total of 2325234525 hours reading the book.
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Nerds for Obama

Course Loads

Okay, I'm a huge overachiever. My first semester in college was a piece of cake and I want a better second. Therefore, I'm considering overloading and taking 5 classes as opposed to 4.

My question is have you ever overloaded on courses?

How did that go?

I have a joke Lit class, an Econ Intro class, a class on Comparative Government, a seminar in Religious Studies focusing on the Middle East, which has ten books and I want to overload on an upper division history class on Modern Russian History which also requires ten books. Is this specifically too much of a course load?
so i'm back to the velvet underground

I wish I'd done this to begin with, but I had a moment of dumb. Shit. D:

Uh, yeah. More questions. I'm bored, humor me plz.

1. What do you think of Whitney Houston?
2. What do you think of Kelly Clarkson?
3. What female voices would you consider to be the best? Doesn't matter if they're alive or dead, or in the case of people like Whitney, were once awesome but are now a shadow of their former talents, but yes. :P

1. I love that crackho! Her voice is shit now, but she was so motherf'n awesome back in the day!
2. I love her! I'd marry her, but she has lady parts, and I only wanna marry people with boy parts like mine once it becomes legal to do so. :(
3. I could do a top 10, complete with explanations of why. I'm bored, so I shall do so. I've been meaning to do this for a board I'm a member of anyway. I'm basing my list purely on vocals alone. My favorite musician is Stevie Nicks, but to me, her voice isn't the #1 best. I know this will likely be "tl ; dr"-worthy, but oh well.

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ohs noes, not again . . .

ok, simple question, but with a few restrictions . . .

why would i ( i, as in universal, not myself specifically ) buy {mp3 player x}?

base this on {mp3 player x} having large storage, flash memory, and rechargeable batteries. so, the question is more what makes the {mp3 player x} a better investment then {mp3 players w, y, z, et al }?

i done a lot of shopping around and research, and found that you can get the same basic features for about the same price once you get to this scale ( ie : plays mp3s, large storage, flash memory, and rechargeable batteries.) i really want a specific one now, for reason i'm going to leave out for the purpose of not tainting the responses to the question. i'm just curious as to, with some great product and competition out there, why would {mp3 player x} specifically be a better choice then the others?
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(no subject)

Do you think there's a double standard for men and women?

Why are men viewed as controlling and even *gasp* ABUSIVE when they want their wife to do something or sacrifice something (like cutting back on a hobby that takes her away from the home every night), but if women want the same, she is apparently "entitled" to him doing so, and if he doesn't, he's a complete asshole?

(I hope that makes sense)

ETA: Okay, I didn't want to do this, but I need to give an example from my personal life.

I have a hobby, of participating in my local community theatre. It sometimes would take me away from my house (no children, just 2 dogs) every night of the week. When my husband gets frustrated with this or would ask me to cut back, some of my friends would label him as controlling.

However, if I were to ask the same of him, it seems that some people would think I was completely entitled to him doing so, and if he doesn't want to, he is automatically an asshole, but if I were to refuse to cut back on my hobby, that would be my right to do so.

Does that help to clarify it a little bit?


My wife is looking at buying an affordable laptop.

Many people have different opinions, some say get this make or that make, some say this processor or that.

Her needs are pretty basic, she edits photos pretty much, uses photoshop.

What are your thoughts on HP, Acer, Dell and so on.

Remember PRICE is a major consideration, so she won't be buy an Apple Power Book or anything really fancy.

I find that if you ask a hundred people, you will get a hundred different opinions, even from IT professionals. I'd like your experiences and lessons learnt, so we can get something from what you're learnt.

DMB wash me

(no subject)

how do i light my pilot light for my hot water heater? my basement flooded over the weekend and put it out...my landlord said to try it at 9pm last night but it would not ignite. i have a newer tank - you're supposed to put the "cock knob" to "pilot" hold a red button down and use the ignitition button to ignite it - however, it will not ignite and i'm about ready to throw the damn thing out the window. any suggestions?
Raymond. I would totally bone him.

(no subject)

1. When you order online do you track your packages?
2. I have a package that has been sitting in the Sortation Center for two days. The center is an hour and half drive from my apartment. When do you think I will get my package?
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1. So I was reading the Wikipedia entry on Floristry and it mentions that in Europe, Australia, New Zealand they are called florists, while in the US they are called floral designers.

What do you call them? Where are you from?

2. Also is anyone in here a florist/floral designer? If so how did you get into it? What are your favorite and least favorite things about it? How long have you been doing it? Would you recommend it? Really any info would be helpful.
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The Dark Knight

So what do you think about the possibility of Jamie Foxx being Two-Face in the upcoming Batman Begins sequel?

I'm not too enamored with the idea because frankly, I think Foxx is a bit of a cock. Two-Face is criminally insane, not some whiny bitch who can't get his Perrier.

[edit] I was being polite. I think Foxx is a gigantic douchebag.
[edit #2] I don't care if Dent is black or white. Billy Dee Williams was Harvey Dent in Tim Burton's Batman.

morbid questions

I'm not suicidal or looking for ideas, kthx.

1. How would you kill yourself?
carbon monoxide or something painless

2. Would you play any specific song or movie?
Tori Amos

3. Who would you pick to find you?
stranger, duh

4. Would you leave a note?

(no subject)

Do you agree with the mindset that it's okay for an older woman (18+) to have sex with a yonger guy (under 18), yet it's totally wrong and disgusting if it were the other way around? Why do you feel the way you do?
The Dude Abides

Role ?

What are some roles that actors have played in that seem "out of character" for them? (ie people that are usually type casted in a particular role but then you see them somewhere else)
This was inspired by Kal Penn (Kumar from Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle) being [slight spoiler]a terrorist conspirator on this season's 24

(no subject)

What is the best way to go about telling someone who thinks that you're going to start working for them, that you're... not?

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(edited to lj-cut. sorry, i didn't realize how long that really was.)

(no subject)

1. What is an example of when you got "behind the scenes" and were appalled by something? (e.g., you got a job at a hospital or a restaurant and saw something that made you warn all your friends about that place)

2. What is something you were really excited about doing but once you finally got to do it you were disappointed/bored/hated it?

3. When you're in a really bad mood, do you try to hide it when you're in public (work, school, the street, wherever) or is it pretty much obvious?

(no subject)

1. where are some good places to get a good set of kitchen knives? preferably without some chef's name on it (like Emerilware (i don't like him) and stuff like that)?

2. Where are some good places to get some pretty decent and decently priced pots and pans?

3. what's/who's your favorite cookbook/chef?

4. who can't stand Rachel Ray?
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(no subject)

Are there any things you call by the wrong name all the damn time, but the name you call them by makes sense to you?

I call the dishwasher the washing machine all the friggin time. Because that's what it is... a machine that washes! Nobody else seems to get that, though.

Who wants to bet with me that it's not going to ice here tomorrow, or that if it does it'll only ice in my area and I'll still have to technically go to school, even with the roads icy? (I live a half hour from my school, so it's possible.)

Should I charge my cell phone, DS, or PDA first? I only have one plugin in my room that I can use at a time without unplugging my computer. D:
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(no subject)

In Ontario, Canada we can take SATs at select universities if we intend on applying to US universities, I want to take my A-Level examinations while still in Ontario, right now i'm working on my High School diploma, which roughly equals out to GCSEs (i finish school permanently in june). Does anyone know if there are any universities, or institutions i can take my A-Level examinations in Ontario, Canada? Specifically in Toronto, or east of Toronto. I am not enrolled in an IB school, only in basic Public High School.

Links to Websites, phone numbers, etc are VERY welcome.
Big Love

Tell me I'm not a freak......

I brought baby food to work for my morning snack. Apparently this is weird? A co-worker said “Now I’ve seen everything”. It wasn’t meats or veggies!! I LOVE baby food, but only eat mixed fruit and yogurt and sometimes the custard ones. They taste like pudding! Is this weird? Does anyone else do it? I’ve made a poll but would love for people to elaborate in the comments as well!
I will share my mixed fruit and yogurt with anyone who agrees! :o)

ETA:  My poll isn't working and I'm too confused trying to fix it.  Maybe I need more MF&Y.
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(no subject)

I just got back from two weeks vacation -

1. Would you please enlighten me as to the inevitable drama I missed?

2. Is the newbie influx still annoying or are we over it?

(no subject)

Ok, so I have to take the trash out at work when I close(ewww, gross.) Any way, I noticed that there are significantly fewer paper towels in the men's room than the women's rest room. Are guys less likely to wash their hands, do ladies go more often....I'm curious.
So, tell the truth:
1. What's you gender?
2. Do you wash your hands after you go potty?
3. What's your theory?

fug bands

If someone referred to a band as "the one with the fug bitch that everyone thinks is hot", which band would you think they're talking about?

Is there a sound that makes you want to punch a baby? What is it?

(no subject)

i just made myself a really terrible lunch.
all the things i put in it were good, but together the ingredients combined to create something so horrible and vile..that i'm really not hungry anymore.

1. so, for those of you who cook, what is the worse thing you've ever made?
2. did it turn out wrong, or was it just doomed from conception?

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consumer whore
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(no subject)

can you take shoes to the dry-cleaners? (non-cloth)

also, is it just me, or is this article:
just like that scene in that will smith movie, what was it, i think it was Independence Day or something, where they are watching television and the news is discussing government surveillence and the wife asks, "well who's going to monitor the monitors of the monitors?"

yeah art may imitate life yeah but life imitates tv...
ballet photo


i spend a great deal of time out of my work day cruisin around livejournal and reading gossip blogs
1) where do you all work/ do for work?
2) what to you do when your bored and are trying to waste time

My Answers
I work for Manitoba Hydro. i basically get to deal with the idiots who dont pay their hydro bills. great. I also work in a lingerie store mainly for the perks of free bras and store discounts haha


like i said before i cruise livejournal and read gossip blogs. i also gossip around the office a lot

I told you I love picture posts

Does anyone have a teddy bear/stuffed animal/blankie etc from childhood that you still have? When did you get it?

Edit; Does anyone have a special or favourite teddy bear/stuffed animal/blankie etc from childhood that you still have? When did you get it?

Can I see a picture?

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bargains & excitement

1. What is the last thing you purchased that you got a really good deal on? How much was it?
I bought 4 skirts at Kohl's today for $2.50 each! One was originally $48, one was $39, and 2 were $44.

2. What are you excited about?
Seeing Bright Eyes at the Bowery Ballroom!

(no subject)

So I'm reading 1984 for school. We get the book and the first thing I do is read the summary one the back. In the little summary, it mentions that the last four words of the book are like amazing and a testement to the twentieth century or something. So of course, I read the last four words. Now I am halfway through the book, and thanks to those last four words, I know the surprise ending. Crap. So my questions are:

1) Have you ever read the end of a book before you started? Did you regret it?

2) Know any books with exciting twist endings?

Medical Coverage questions

How many of you choose to buy/pay for your own medical coverage even though your employer offers medical benefits? Why do you choose to do so? And are you getting a better/cheaper deal? How is your independent prescription plan?

My company switched plans in Nov. of 06 I knew it was going to suck. Now that we are into a new year the plan offers even less to us now i.e. I can no longer simply go to my doctors office to get blood work done for on going thyroid issue (need the blood work every 2 months or so and I do not drive so it's almost impossible for me to go elsewhere) And I just found out that they are only going to partially cover 60 days out of 90 of a medicine I take everyday, so I need 90 every 90 days right?, but I will have to pay $125.00 out of pocket every third month and the regular $35.00 a month for the other two months. I hope I make sense here, lol. It's just becoming very annoying that I am paying more and getting way less then when we had a decent plan w/Aetna.
death art

(no subject)

This question is mainly for people who are -of- -age-:

Do you feel like a grown-up??

If yes, why?

If no, why not? Also, if no, what kind of adult do you eventually want to be? Who would be your grown-up role model?
The Receptionist Classic

More Food!

1) What is your favorite type of food to make?
2) Do you have a specialty dish that you love to make most of all?
3) What was the most daring dish you have made (that didn't turn into a disaster)?

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(no subject)

When you buy a box of cookies, how many do you eat? Are you satisfied with a serving size (around 3 usually) or do you need to pig out?

ETA: Wow, I think I'm the only person here who can stop after 2 or 3.

(no subject)

The only meat I eat is seafood.
The only dairy I eat is cream cheese, yogurt and once in a while a splash of cream with my fruit.
I don't eat sugar, I replaced that with honey.
And I only eat whole grain (slow burning carbs).
I don't eat junk food. However I do make an exception for chocolate once in a while...

Oh yes, I am allergic to tofu, soy beverages and aspartame.

Today I am going grocery shopping.

What should I buy at the grocery store?

Edit: Feel free to add desserts.
kingsley shacklebolt

Tattoos and Careers

To whoever has a tattoo, has it affected your ability to get/keep a job? Or do you know of anyone who has had problems? My mother is convinced a tattoo on my inner forearm will make all effort and money put into my education obselete. I'm a biology major, and I want to work in research, so, say, a lab setting. But I'm curious about anyone's story.

(no subject)

(ib4 "This isn't The_Homework_club!)

So, how do you think the spanish were able to take over the incan empire?

(I'll only use/need 4 serious answers, but I'd love non-serious ones!)

(PS: Don't google or wiki, just say the first thing that comes to your head.)


How do you back up a website? All the text/images, html codes on each page/link, etc. I've been working on a website using a company's website program online, but we need to save the info in case we change to a different provider.

Anyone have a clue about doing this? So far, I've been copy/pasting the text from the website onto a Word Document, but I know that must be the most archaic way. I have no idea how to do this.
Simon Meow

.wav files

I have a digital voice recorder that I use to record things like lectures and such.  Once they're uploaded to my computer, they are .wav sound files. 

How do I shorten them?  Some of the things I tape are very, very redundant, and I want to cut some parts out to save space and such. 

Thank you!!

(no subject)

1. If you live in an apartment, how often do you have inspections?
Last year I got six notices of inspection and only had ONE inspection. I just received the first notice of the year. This is, in my opinion, ridiculous!

2. How much is your rent?

3. Do you have a courtyard?


1. You meet someone and hit it off immediately.  You get along really well as friends and "flirt" quite a bit.  You want to make the next move, but you find out that they've just been denied residency in your country and have a short amount of time to do something or get out.  As far as they are concerned their options are limited, and marriage is the only viable one.  Do you marry them? Why or why not?

2. Why is Yahoo!Answers so incredibly amusing?
3. Have you ever used it/read it?
4. Why are some of the people so dumb?

5. How many hours a day do you spend on LJ?

I think I'm out of questions.

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1. Are you bi-polar?
2. Are you more manic or depressive?
3. Do you take medication for it, or are you able to keep it under control by yourself?
4. Do you have any ways to help you pick yourself up when you are depressed?

5. What is your favorite kind of macaroni and cheese? Which one do you dislike the most?

My answers:
1. Yes I am.
2. I am way more depressive, I hardly ever get manic.
3. I take Risperdol, Trileptal, Zoloft, adn Strattera. There is no way I'd be able to manage it by myself.
4. I usually try to call someone to help me feel better, but my friends suck as of late. I've been rather depressed and I've kind of given up on everything, so I'm trying to find ways to make myself happy again.

5. I love Kraft, especially the special shapse kind. I absolutely hate the Velveeta kind.
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(no subject)

1. What are your best excuses for breaking dates?

2. How do you feel about emo/scene hair? If you have it, is it hard to keep up with, and what made you decide to cut it like that?

3. What was the greatest thing before sliced bread?
um.. me
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(no subject)

If you start watching a sports game part-way through, and aren't partial to one team more than the other, are you more likely to cheer for the team that's losing, or the team that's winning? (I started watching NFL games a couple weeks ago. I know nothing about the teams and find myself always cheering for the underdog).

If you're not really into either team in a match, what factors cause you to cheer for one team over the other? (For some reason, if a team has red jerseys, they're my team!)

For the Chicago folks (or anyone who knows).

In March my mom and I will be in the city seeing the American Ballet Theatre at the Civic Opera House. I'm wondering if anyone can direct me to some decent hotels in the nearby area? The Opera House is on N Wacker Dr.

I guess price range would be anything under $200. Basically we just want something fairly near the Opera House since we are not all that familiar with Chicago.
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Your finger?

Curly: Do you know what the secret of life is?
[holds up one finger]
Curly: This.
Mitch: Your finger?
Curly: One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and the rest don't mean shit.
Mitch: But, what is the "one thing?"
Curly: [smiles] That's what *you* have to find out.

So the question I pose is this: What is that one thing to you?
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(no subject)

What is a question that, if somebody asked you to your face, would make you deeply offended?

Or, what is the most offensive thing that anyone has asked/said to you?

High School

1.) So, past or current high school student, who is your absolute favorite teacher, why?

2.) Who is the teacher you deteste(d)? Why?

3.) (If you are old enough to have attended your high school reunion): What was it like? Was it like what you expected? Were people you expected unsuccesful and others amazingly happy? Just talk to me about it.

My answers:
1.) My art teacher is amazing, with her dry sarcastic humor and her caring nature.
2.) My global teacher is a funny guy, but horrible at his job.
3.) N/A
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Congestion. & MONO.

I have mono and I am on some sweet medications so i don't feel any pain what-so-ever. HOWEVER, my only discomfort is this crappy congestion, which I did not see on any symptoms lists the doctor gave me. But it's hard to get the recommended rest/sleep when you cannot breathe! It's a deep congestion too, like my nose is not runny and it's maybe even more where my throat and nose meet than my nose alone. So..

1a. If you ever had mono, did you have a really stuffy nose/congestion with it??
1b. If so, for how long did it last? (Like for the duration of the sore throat or longer?)

2. I can only take Sudafed, which is keeping me WIRED and not working well, so what else do you do sore congestion to help me get in some air through my nose?!?!

(no subject)

What should I dress up as for a costume party where the theme is heroes and villans? I'd want a female character, who is known in the UK. I'm already aware of the obvious ones like Catwoman, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, and will resort to them if I can't find anything better.

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1. How long did it take you to figure out what TQC meant?  
me: About 2 weeks.  >.<  I guess that makes me stupid.

2. Do you ever dream something and then awhile later it happens?  Do you like that?
me: Yeah, it happens a lot actually.  No!  I hate it!  It makes me feel like my life is being controlled and...it feels weird.

3. Have you kept your New Year's resolution so far?
me: 1 of them.  I ate a pixie stick without realizing it was candy (totally didn't think about it).  But I haven't had any soda all month!
narrator - f1_roxie

curious about gender differences...

1. Are you male or female?

2. Is it ever okay to wear pants and a shirt that both have stripes, if the stripes are going in the same direction? (Both vertical or both horizontal.)

3. How often, if ever, do you "go commando"?

4. Crying: annoying or therapeutic?

5. How long should a relationship be to be considered a "long-lasting" relationship?

6. What was/is your favorite subject at school?

I know some of the questions are probably repeated (and/or lame), but lately I've been wondering a lot about the differences between guys and girls in a few aspects.
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Why is it that people are so reluctant to simply label themselves as a "Theist" or other areligious term when they obviously aren't following the doctrines of their religion?

I'm an atheistic agnostic, personally, but I find it entertaining when people classify themselves in a specific belief system but act completely opposite of it. If you believe in God, that's fine, but if that's all you believe why pretend otherwise?

(I'm taking a "transplanted religious communities" course in Buddhism this semester. I anticipate a lot of theological [atheological?] ponderings.)

Edit: I apologize if I come across as a pretentious twit. I'm really not :P
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In the movie Chronicles of Narnia, when they're on the train, a woman's singing something.....Kinda sounds like, "When theyyyyyyy fah-lah" hahaha... What the crap is she singing? *grunt*

Ice cream!

1) Do you prefer ice cream with or without toppings?

2) What is your favorite kind of ice cream?
Mint chocolate

3) What is your favorite topping?
It's a tie between hot fudge and gummi bears

4) If someone were to tell you that what you've always known as sprinkles are actually jimmies, how would you react?
I thought it was interesting, but my dad told a friend of his and the guy got very upset about it for some reason
Thanks to katyowns I know its a regional difference now.

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What's your favorite brand of sneakers? Why?

(I'm looking for a durable pair of sneakers for walking to and from school, running, and outdoor activities. My last two pairs of shoes were both New Balance and I wore them into the ground. Just wondering if there's anything better out there. Thanks!)

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I'm going through a reading fix at the moment. In the past four days or so I've read My Sister's Keeper, The Pact and am currently a quarter of the way through Plain Truth, all by Jodi Picoult.

My bookcase contains:
A Complete Works of Shakespeare
The Laramie Project
Insomnia - Stephen King
Christine - Stephen King
It - Stephen King
Misery - Stephen King
My Sister's Keeper
The Pact
The da Vinci Code
Flowers In The Attic - Virginia Andrews
The Other Boleyn Girl - Philippa Gregory
a few short story anthologies by NZ writers

What have you read lately which you think may be of interest to me?


Has anyone ever heard of the Guardian Ad Litem program?

If so, how much are you involved/ what are some of your experiences?

I'm so stoked, I started training today to become a guardian!
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AUGH, I need ideas!!

I'm in a writing class (my last one to graduate!), and I need suggestions for what to write about. It has to be a personal essay, and I typically write about religion. My last two were Religion Hopping, where I explored different places of worship that I visited to try to find a way in a spiritual environment, and It's In the Cards, where I receive spiritual insight and new knowledge through a tarot card reading. Any suggestions are welcome!
red goatee!!

online dating experiences? (eHarmony, etc)

So. Opinions on eHarmony? I've heard of people who've had good luck with it, and I've heard of people who haven't. Any of you who've used it--what was your experience?

At this point it's starting to sound like a viable option to me. It seems lame to me, but I'm starting to warm up to the idea.
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All about meeee.

1- Today I got blood drawn and passed out. :( Please tell me, am I alone in this (passing out, not getting blood drawn today, that'd be a little too weird for me)? I didn't even look, yet POOF, down I went.

2- Can a credit card raise your limit without asking? I went to check that a payment went through on my account, and it gave two numbers, one was the balance, one was... something else, I think what is owing. The balance was what I thought the limit would be, and the owing thing was what I know I owed before putting in my payment (which I guess hasn't gone through yet...) and I'm way confused. :( The bank closes while I'm on my way home, so I couldn't ask them, but will tomorrow, just wondering if anyone gets this.

(For example: Say your limit is $500, it says the balance is $400, and the owing is $300. How could that be possible?)

3- Nothing else for me, so... How is your fine evening?
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Birth Control

Whoops.. here's an odd thing that happened.

I was taking my BC late last night, and I suppose in my tiredness, I thought I had forgotten to take pill the day before. So I took that day (Tuesday's) and what I thought was the current day's pill.

Long story short. I a pill EARLY and now I have no pill for tonight...

What do I do?

(no subject)

1) How old were you when you lost your virginity?

2) Why did you do it?
The guy I was with at the time kept getting mad that I wouldn't sleep with him even though we'd been going out for so long, so I slept with him because I was stupid and didn't want him to break up with me.

3) Was it what you expected it to be?
No, it only lasted a couple of minutes (haha) and just wasn't any good at all.

4) Do you regret it?

5) Is there anything you would have changed about the experience?
I would have dumped the guy for pressuring me into it and waited for someone who wouldn't push me like that.

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What are your phobias?

Mine: moths/butterflies, taxedermied animals, nosebleeds (though its getting better), and gorillas (this includes people in gorilla costumes)

Oh, and I dont know if this is a phobia but I cant walk in grass with bare feet and I have a very hard time stepping on most any surface with wet feet besides concrete or a very clean and hair/lint free towel.
Also I really dont like to wear black socks. They make me slightly nervous.


1. When you watch movies or TV shows, do you tend to stay relatively detached from the characters and events or do you get emotionally involved with them?

If you answered "I get emotionally involved":

2. Do you experience empathy for the characters - get so wrapped up in what's going on that you actually start feeling like what happens emotionally to the character is happening to you? Do you feel their emotional pain like it is your own?

3. Do you ever leave movie theaters or get up off the couch feeling completely exhausted from all of the action you've experienced during the day, although all you did all day was sit and watch a screen? What movies or TV shows tend to do that to you the most?

4. Lastly, what was the most powerful moment of movie/TV show empathy you have ever experienced?
for 65redroses :)

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Ever had a family member or a friend wanted to marry someone who would only hurt them? Did you do anything about it?

I've got a cousin who is marrying this wench of a girl. He has lost his/our friends because of her childish demands, and he's now in the middle of her trying to cut his own brother out of his life as well. So far, only another "bad for him" friend, and I have been allowed to still hang out with him, and I'm pretty sure the only reason I am, is a) so she can keep tabs on his old friends, and show them that he daily chooses her over them, and b) because I'm family as well. He's just bought her a ring, and the engagement is soon to follow.

I would love to say something to him, but after watching all the cuts made...I don't want to be the next one cut out of his life. I end up dealing with her by pretending she's someone I like when I'm forced to talk to her.

ETA: I'm not really looking for advice...more looking for similar stories, someone who understands. I know better than to say anything to him, it's just...ARRRRGH, on a daily basis, as she does more and more, and he looks more and more like a schmuck.

ETA2: I think I didn't explain it so well...in order to remain friends with him, I have to be friendly with her. I can't just put up with her, because the people who didn't like her, but wanted to remain friends with him, were on her shit list, and he couldn't see them anymore (ie, all of his/my friends). Furthermore, we grew up like brother and sister, and that doesn't even matter either- she's pissed at his brother at the moment, so he can't talk to him either. I think the only reason she continues with me, is to leave stupid comments on my MySpace page that make us look like bff, and my friends will see it and think I like her and support her and my cousin. Such as...my cousin's former best friend? Every time he comments, she HAS to comment within an hour or two after. Has to. If we make plans in an email, she has to confirm in my comments to let them publically see that we're getting together. See what I mean by crazy? She goes out of her way to do this crap. And if I were to call her on it...she'd feign innocence and my cousin would be on her side, and CHOP CHOP, bye bye friendship.
Friends: Unagi.
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1) Should I keep studying and get my degree or should I just give up? Will I be happy if I have a degree? If you have a degree are you happy? Do you think your life would miserable and pointless if you didn't have it? And what can I do with a BA in English BA in Criminology, anyway? Other than get a Masters in Criminology?

2) Why do I always feel guilty when I spend money? I got some money from somewhere and I want to buy some things like DVDs and books but every time I go to the checkout I hear a little voice saying, "But, but, if you buy that you'll have less money and what will you do if you have a Unplanned Big Cost suddenly turn up out of nowhere? What will you do with your DVDs and books then, hmmm?" so I end up not buying anything. How can I make the little voice shut up, thequestionclub?

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Does anyone have a link to that poster of the Star Wars characters rocking out in a band with the caption "no matter what you do in life it will never be as awesome as this picture" (or something along those lines)?


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If you've been watching Top Chef, you would see that Elia shaved her head. :) Gutsy move, IMO!

For all you chickies... would you ever shave your head?
ETA: (Pics, please, if you have!)

'Cause I would.

But my boyfriend would be mad. LOL

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Did your parents read to you as a child?

Did you have any games with them that they used to teach you things?

example: My mom and I used to *race* to see who put on their seatbelt quicker and whoever did-won! It got me into the habit at a VERY young age.

Did you ever see the World Trade Towers before 9/11?

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Is there a diet trick that you use that makes no sense?

When i'm craving sugar, I make cookies.  By the time i'm done, I don't want sugar anymore and rarely eat one.

How easy is it for you to find Marijuana where you live?

Usually very easy.  In the last few months, it has been taking weeks to find some.

What is the most ridiculous name (for a child) you've ever heard?

I know some people that named their son "Tigger" and pronounce it "Tiger"
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What's in a name?

What are some good names? (For a pet, but I don't like names like 'fluffy' or 'Mr. snickerwikkies').

Particularly ye olde names, mythical names or unusual names.

I know there are some name generators about, but they generally search by nationality (which I'm not too fussed about). If you know of a good name's listing that's also helpful.

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Okay, I have a hard question. I heard this song a while back, it was just a sample on tv, in a trailer of some show.
And all I remember the girl singing was "my lullaby" "my . . . ". And now I'm desperate to find the song.
It's not by Maria Mena, I listened to that one and it's not the voice I heard..

I hope somebody can help me and this won't haunt me forever.
mornington crescent
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I have a question for British-type people (or the residents of any other country lacking small-denomination banknotes).

If you go to a strip club, how do you tip? I've never been to a strip club, but I've seen enough movies to know that standard practice in the states is to put $1 bills in the dancers' waistbands. But that's not exactly going to work with £1 coins. Do you just tip them a lot more than we do? Do you tip them less frequently in a sort of...um...cumulative fashion? Do you just not do the money in the waistband thing? I have honestly been wondering about this for a long time.