January 16th, 2007

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All Killers fans.

Hot Fuss or Sam's Town?

Favourite song from each album?

1. Hot Fuss all the way!
2. Glamourous Indie Rock & Roll
When We Were Young

To be honest I havent listened to Sam's Town enough to have a complete opionion on my favourite song. I can tell thuogh, that this album isn't as awesome as Hot Fuss.
Still ace though, I shall be listening to it a lot more.
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this is going to be a little weird but I want to know what the name of this song is?

This is what I know:

-It's by Suzanne Vega
-It has something to do with a couple going on their second honeymoon in Paris
-the man has a weird dream with people telling him something to the effect of 'you'll be ok'
-the wife gets angry/upset/doesn't understand

does anyone have any clue?
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camera question

Has anyone had a camera that decided to do the blue screen of death thing, but with a white screen?

I have a Canon Powershot a540, I've had it since August. Yesterday I used it to take pictures at hockey, and it was fine. I reviewed the pictures after, no problem. I went to take pictures of a second game, and the screen is white. I can vaguely see the different icons on the screen. It still takes pictures just fine.

I had this happen to my old camera, a Sony Cybershot, but it was random and after over 2 years of use.

I'm going on vacation in less than 2 weeks...any idea what happened to it?

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I've posted a hypothetical question with a similar angle, but not a poll.

Would you tamper with evidence and tinker with the law to help a loved one avoid the long arm of justice? Keep in mind that if they get caught, they do suffer the punishment in all its harshness, and prison is not a possibility, but a probability if fate is left to its own devices (except the ones that end up was stiff fines).

That being said, who gets helped...and who gets served?

Your best friend has committed a crime and asks you to help her/him dispose of the evidence. Failure to do so will result in them being caught for sure, and paying the legal consequences, be they prison or a stiff fine. Which crimes would you help your best friend get out of?

Robbery/breaking and entering
Using drugs - pot
Using drugs - harder stuff
Dealing drugs - pot
Dealing drugs - harder drugs
Grand theft auto
Public indecency
Drunk driving (you switch seats)
I refuse to get involved
I wouldn't help my friend shirk responsibility for their crime

Your significant other has committed a crime and asks you to help her/him dispose of the evidence. Failure to do so will result in him/her being caught for sure, and paying the legal consequences, be they prison or a stiff fine. Which crimes would you help your significant other get out of?

Robbery/breaking and entering
Using drugs - pot
Using drugs - harder stuff
Dealing drugs - pot
Dealing drugs - harder drugs
Grand theft auto
Public indecency
Drunk driving (you switch seats)
I refuse to get involved
I wouldn't help my SO shirk responsibility for their crime

Your mother has committed a crime and asks you to help her dispose of the evidence. Failure to do so will result in her being caught for sure, and paying the legal consequences, be they prison or a stiff fine. Which crimes would you help your mother get out of?

Robbery/breaking and entering
Using drugs - pot
Using drugs - harder stuff
Dealing drugs - pot
Dealing drugs - harder drugs
Grand theft auto
Public indecency
Drunk driving (you switch seats)
I refuse to get involved
I wouldn't help my mother shirk responsibility for her crime

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Do you have a song at the moment that you just can't stop listening to(Rediscovered, or newly discovered)?  A song that you just listen to on repeat over and over?

If so, post some lyrics, and perhaps a link to listen to said song :-D

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You can listen to the song on The Littlest Man Band myspace.  I love the lyrics, because they describe how I'm feeling about someone right now.  But I get chills listening to Scott(The lead singer), sing the words. 

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1. What do you think the Earth's population will be in 100 years?

2. How long do you think the human species has left before we go extinct?

3. And now for an entirely off-the-wall question -

What is the most bizarre thing you've seen in nature?

For everyone awake right now...

1. If you're in a timezone in which it would be considerd "late" now, what are you doing up this late?
2. Do you commonly stay up very late/just not sleep (very much)? Why?
3. What do you normally do when you stay up late?
4. Do you have some sort of obligation tomorrow morning that is going to make you regret staying up this late?

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What rememdies help you sleep?

Anything that's good with anxiety/turning your mind off?

What is a quadratic equation and how do you use it? When was the last time you used it?



Okay, so at work me and my fellow army buddies were talking about discpiling our kids and what not. And the question would be:

- Would you allow your bf/gf/husband/wife discipline your child if they werent the father/or mother of your child?

- Do you believe in spanking or whats your form of discpline?

1. I honestly dont know if I would like my gf/wife to discpline my kid. For the fact that they do have their mother and she can do that. Then again kids do need discpline. I know if my son is out of line i would want him to be punished. At the same time i dont think she has the right to yell or scold my son. I wouldnt allow her to hit my son. Because she has no right too. I guess I'm 50-50 on that.

2. I dont believe in hitting, my father did that to me till the day I fought back. I will punish them in forms of time out grounded them, and a scold NOT yell or scare the kid. Decent enough to where they get the point that they did wrong.
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In my town, there is a giant green ball-shaped building. I think it may have to do with water treatment, but I'm really not sure what it is. I googled all sorts of stuff, but "giant green ball-shaped building" didn't seem to come up with anything.
Does anyone know what this could be?
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1. What is one website, besides LiveJournal, that you are addicted to? (links)

2. Where do you do most of your non-grocery shopping? (online/mall/catalog/ect..)

3. What do you do as a job? You don't need to name the company unless you want to, just what is your title and job description?


headlice, pt II, please answer ASAP!

hi, i'm back, still have lice.
besides the point that i'm going to end up shaving my head, i need an answer for this question asap.

so my ex boyfriend is the douchebag who gave it to me in the first place, and other than the fact that he was CHEATING on me, and lied to my face when we broke up, he is in general a womanizing asshole.

so my question is:
how do i infect the asshole with LOUSE?

i think he pretty much deserves to go through the continuous living hell that i am.
i am pretty sure he got rid of it so i want it to return.

i have his coat, his hat, and his shirt, if there's something i can do with those that doesn't reinfect myself if it does finally exit my head.

this is pretty important to me, i seek revenge in the worst way.
so please answer asap, i'll take any answers. :]

thanks, tqc!

if you're up this late/early, what're you doing?

i don't care if you think i'm immature, or should get over it.
i just want to know what people with REAL answers have to say.
i want revenge regardless, and i know there are ladies out there who feel me on that. so if you're available, please give me a real answer.
i think he deserves revenge, how would you feel if a guy hit you?

and pss;
you're the disgusting one :]
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For those of you who have seen Waiting.......

Did you find what Chett did to be mean or nice? I'm in a debate with both servers and civilians, and I honestly think Chett was being nice and that Dean shouldn't have been upset about it, other than the fact that it was karma for what happened earlier with the redneck.

So what do you think?
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1) How much about your personal life do you share in your LJ (SOs, mental illnesses, etc.)?

2) Favorite candle scent?

3) What are some reasons that people may drive somewhere when it's icy as hell or a blizzard?

4) What celebrity (besides Britney or Paris Hilton) do you most think is totally on crack?

5) What was the last thing you fought with your parents over?

6) What kind of things in your tax return make you get a big refund?
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Another licence question..

Does your state require you to have your county that you live in on your license plate?

Why do you think that is?

--my answer--

In Minnesota we don't, but I always thought it would be kinda cool to have it to see how far some people are from their own home. I haven't the slightest idea why some states do this.
credit to http://catty-laughs.livejourna

weird personal question

for all the women in here who dont mind sharing...

what size pants do you wear and how much do you weigh?

question 2...
all i know of this song are the following words...
'and the snake bite enters yours veins' or something close to that... i will know the name and band if i someone tells me, but i cant remember on my own.

3. i have a jack russell (5 months) and a cat (year and a half) the cat obviously wont play much with
the pup and i feel t
e pup needs a friend.what kind of friend should i get her? we were just going to get another jack but im open to suggestions of other breeds.
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Did anyone here elope or had a destination wedding (or planning to)?

If so, did you like it, or would you have wanted a more traditional wedding?
Where did you go to elope/have a destination wedding?
Was there anyone else there (close friends, family, etc)?
Would you recommend it?
How much approx did you spend on the elopement/destination wedding?

Pics are welcome.

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can anyone recommend a good coffee maker? I got one for xmas from my in laws and its really nice but the spot to place the filter is very small so I need to get small filters and when it perks the grinds make it over the edge and i get some in my coffee and it makes it discusting. also putting less grind and less water makes it gross as well. basically i need a GOOD coffee machine. 

so if you ahve a coffee maker and love it can you tell me the brand?

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How would you tell a 2 year old boy that he shouldn't wear princess dress up dresses? 

edited to add: I just don't feel that a BOY, who has a PENIS, should be wearing dresses. I don't want him growing up and still wearing them when he is 10.
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1. I got a $25 itunes gift card for Christmas. After buying the Shortbus soundtrack and a Stevie Wonder song I had stuck in my head, I have $14 left. What should I buy?

2. To settle a debate -- How old do I look?

These are some recent, if not terribly attractive pictures of me. They've all been taken within the last month. My icon is me as well, but that was taken in 2004. (And no cheating and looking at my profile)

Looking a bit cold and disheveled on top of a mountain.
Dark and a little blurry, sorry.
Me on the right and my cracked-out friend on the left.

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has anyone else heard of the new law in alabama where if kids get in trouble at school, the kid doesnt get in trouble... instead the parent gets jailed for like 90 days.

wtf. whats your opinion on this..
i think this is the dumbest thing ever. in some ways it is a parents fault if their child doesnt behave but it also has to do with their enviroment. it just seems really harsh. and i mean what do you want the parents to do... walk around the school behind their child telling them "honey dont do that"

here's the link:
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I need some opinions.

My last paycheck was about $200 more than I expected.

How should I my 'extra' money?

Pay off my GapCard bill
Make a Scrapbook for myself
Buy new shoes
Buy clothes
Don't do anything -- save it until I need it.

Some background info...
-My GapCard is my only credit card.
-I love scrapbooking, and I havent done it in a long time. Ive never wanted to spend the time or money to make one for myself, but i would really love to get back into it.
-I lost 10-15 lbs and my feet shrunk too (!), leaving all my heels un-wearable :[
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You can thank my boyfriend for this one.

What would you do if your girlfriend/boyfriend/best friend/family member/professor/dog/stripper named Candy stole your kidney and sold it on the black market?

I wouldn't do anything, as I'm the one stealing it.

ETA: I should probably clarify that this is completely non-serious; I'm not actually going to steal anyone's kidney.

With that said, what organ would you steal from them in revenge?

He "stole" my spleen. Loser. D:
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leave your turntable on

two TV questions, plus three misc. ones.

1. Do you watch American Idol only for the bad auditions, or are you the type who watches for the auditions and ends up getting sucked into the entire season?

2. Have you ever gone to an open audition for a reality show or a game show? Which one?

3. Have you ever taken an online course?

4. What are some good sites that have information/neat things about Moleskine notebooks besides the Moleskinerie blog?

5. Do you prefer gloves or mittens?
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You meet some awesome person who you fall in love with- and the fact that they have an large amount of money doesn't hurt either. If you stay with them, you'll be taken care of for the rest of your life, and any kids you may have will get everything they could ever need. No worries about money.

However, said person is in the mafia. This is where your significant other's money comes from. Their family has been in it for decades, and they have no plans of leaving their "family."

You are at the point in your life where you're ready to settle down and start a family. If they proposed, would you marry them?

School starts back up tomorrow and I'm on a "Sopranos" marathon right now. :-)

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1. Who was the last person you had to say goodbye to?
2. How long were they/ you going away for?
3. What was the last book you read and what did you think of it?
4. What was the last movie you saw in theatres and what did you think of that?
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1) have you ever called in sick for school/work because the weather was simply perfect for sleeping in?

2) i know you can get infections through fecal-oral means (ie. wiping your mouth after wiping yor ass), is it possible for the reverse to happen? that is, can you get an infection if you have bacteria/a virus on your hand and you wipe your ass?

3) what do you like in your sandwiches? jam? dairy (cheese, butter etc.)? any other?

4) blowing your nose when others are eating: really rude or nothing wrong?


This is a somewhat stupid question, but I have no idea what the answer is, lol.

Does it snow anywhere in the US in August? (not including Alaska...)Friends of mine might come visit the states and asked me and I've no idea xD. I live in Florida so I have no idea, and I don't travel that often.


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Is there something in your work experience that sticks out as really strange/divergent on a resume? Do you keep it in your resume or take it out? (Personally, not normatively. You can't make me take mine out.) Why did you do this unusual activity?

I'm writing up the duties from my assorted jobs and it basically looks like: determined missing paperwork and ordered it, organized paperwork, filed paperwork, changed tires, filed paperwork.
Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA
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Gender correction question

But not like that.

I am in the process of applying for Real Grown Up Jobs. The problem that just occured (again, this is a recurring problem) is that my name is uncommon, and given that it's uncommon with a hard consonant ending, most people automatically assume it's a male name. (I just got a confirmation email addressed to "Mr. F." when I am "Ms. F." TYVM).

This I am not comfortable with. I'd rather not have them freak out when they realize their mistake, and while I used to sovle this porblem when I was eight by stamping my foot and saying "I AM A GIRL." I don't think that's the best option here and now.

So how do I a) tactfully correct the misunderstanding, and more importantly, b) prevent it from happening in the first place?

Virtual pets

Aside from Neopets, are there any other sites where you can raise a virtual animal? Kind of like Tamagotchi, but online. I get bored at work, and having someone (or something) to entertain me would be great. :)

ETA: Oh, and I don't want to pay for it. LOL
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Are there ways to stretch out a shirt other than wearing it?

I usually hang dry my tshirts and such otherwise they shrink in the dryer. But my mom accidentally put a shirt of mine in with her clothes and it shrunk. It's 100% cotton so it's really stretchy but it's too tight in the armpits right now to wear comfortably and try to stretch it.
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Buzzing Blooming Bass Guitar

I recently purchased an acoustic/electric bass guitar online and it has finally arrived.

The bass buzzes when played and buzzing sounds awful. Is there any way that I can get the buzzing to go away? Even if I can't fix it myself, I will be content to get it worked on at a music shop, but I don't even know if this problem is fixable. What should I do to make this better?
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I've got a two-part question:

a) I am 20 years old and 110 lbs., very little of which is muscle. I was fairly in shape when I was younger, but I have a lot of joint issues and have a hard time finding things to do that aren't painful. Yoga and I get along well, but what else should I try? I don't really like pilates, and I tried to attend aerobics and was beyond miserable.

b) I went skiing this past weekend and haven't gone since high school. As you may have gathered from part a, it's something I probably shouldn't be doing. Is there any way to effectively wrap one or both of my ankles for additional support without doing more damage via high-pressure points? I'm in the process of looking for new boots, but I'm a college student so finding a decent pair that's in my price range is a little tricky.
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Race me. Honestly.

Let's be realistic, we all notice race. Life is not based on race, no. But with any brain at all, we notice it and hopefully embrace the diversity...

1 Is there a race (outside of your own) that you tend to favor in such a way that you are extra kind to them and more prone to giving them the benefit of the doubt?
2 What race would you want to be if you could chose and why?
3 What race do you know the least about?
4 Is there a race or place that you have no interest in exploring? (This is not to be equated with any prejudice, just preference.)

Race me too. Or else.

1) Have you ever had a friend express something blatantly racist to you?

2) What did you do?

3) Are you uncomfortable with racial discussion?

4) Is it possible to make a racial joke without actually being racist?


I'll answer my own questions as well for once.

1) Yes.

2) Argued with them, told them they were wrong, express disappointment. Didn't really feel the same way about them afterward.

3) Not so far.

4) Yes. But most of the people who make them and think they aren't racist really are.

I need new shampoo

For about a year or two now I've been switching from Brilliant Brunette and Garnier but I need something different! I have dark brown hair, and it is very very curly. It really isn't damaged in anyway, sometimes it can get really frizzy and hard to control. Any suggestions?

No drama please, just your own opinions

Opinions please;

Why is that if a male wants to wear a dress or skirt, he is automatically labeled transgendered, & if a 10 year old boy wants to wear a skirt he's taken to therapy?

Yet me, a women who wears male clothes everyday & was copying the boys hairstyles & the way they dressed at age 4 never had anyone so much as bat an eyelid in my direction?

I guess what I'm getting to is, why is that that the general majority believes that men can't wear women's clothing just because they want to, yet women can wear men's?
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Do you think it should be against this communities rules to:

- Screen comments on your post?
- Delete comments to your post?
- Delete your post because you don't like the answers you're getting?

Also: do you do any support work for LJ? Have you ever volunteered for the support team? Ever applied to join LJ Abuse? Why would or wouldn't you join the LJ support team?

Asthma-friendly exercises

For those of you with asthma, how do you work out?

I've been trying to figure out classes to attend at my university, and though there are a lot available (you can check them out here), I can't get in touch with a human there who can tell me which classes are asthma-friendly and which ones aren't. I would really like to take Body Tone at 7am, but I'm not sure if I'll physically be able to, breathing-wise.

So, asthmatics, what kind of exercises do you do? Yoga and swimming are apparent options, but I'd like more suggestions. :)


1. How many words can you think of that rhyme with love (edit: list them)?

2. Would you rather dive into a pool filled with rubbing alcohol and razor blades or survive a nuclear war only to become the podriatist to a race of mutants?

3. Do you understand the absurdity of a size 0?

4. What should I title my blog (it's about current events)?

5. What is love?

Searching and searching

SEE THIS HEART NECKLACE? I have been browsing around for a necklace just like this one for about a year now. I love how it is so big and translucent. Does anyone have any ideas where I could get something at least similar to this like maybe in the form of a keychain or decoration? I asked the girl in this photograph where she got her's and she told me that she does not remember. Any ideas??? Help!

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These aren't related at all, but they're been in my head for awhile now.

1. What exactly does the expression "if you will" mean? If I will what?
2. How much money did you or are you going to spend on textbooks this semester?
3. What exclamation do you say most often?

My answers:
2. $385
3. Ahoy! I use this for any occasion, but especially when driving and I yell at other drivers.
desert dragon

Know my pain...

....and keep in mind I find most sports drinks (like Gatorade) to taste like mutlicolored sweat!

When very dehydrated, what do you find helpful to drink to allieviate the problem?

My usual poisons are good old h²o or SoBe (fruit punch)
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1. What is the weirdest/coolest thing about your body? (Any or all parts) My fourth toe is shorter than my pinky toe. It makes me look deformed.
2. What is the weirdest/coolest thing you can DO with your body? I can fold my tongue completely in half and hold it there, without using my teeth, for more than a minute.

Oh, and P.S. If any of you play TextTwist, what is your high score? I'm trying to get a level of comparison for mine: 57,510.
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My bedroom doubles as my 'art studio', so I don't really have a lot of space in here with a computer, bed, dresser, drawing table, and art supplies all over. I'm getting rid of stuff I don't need/use anymore but it's still very cluttered in here. What is a good way to maximize the space in my room and get organized without using a lot of money? I've been thinking of getting a loft bed and sticking my computer setup underneath it. Would that be a goo idea or no?


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This stems from the license plates/counties question.
Sorry people who do not live in the USA.

Does your state have signs that tell you you've entered a new county? (And what state is it?)

I currently live in FL and there are signs. However, I grew up in CT and there are not signs. Granted, there are only 8 counties in CT. But it was years before I knew that New Milford wasn't in my county, because there's no "entering Litchfield county" sign!

(no subject)

Is it true that Patrick Stewart never ages?

If you can be any alien species from any Star Trek series, which one would you be?

which character did you frequently wish to strangle?

(no subject)

A mix of questions:

1. If you had to get a stain off the pages of a book, what would you use? It's on the base, like it's been sat upright on something, and I think the something is chocolate...

2. What's your earliest vivid memory and what age were you?

3. What language would you love to be able to wake up speaking fluently that you didn't know a word of the night before, and why?

4. As much as I love it, who else thinks that the 6th series of Scrubs so far isn't a patch on the last 5?


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Playing God

You're a superhero. A bridge just gave way and a few cars are now falling 100' to the rocks below. You have only enough time to rescue 2 of the cars. Your mind-reading ability has informed you about the occupants of the cars

Car 1 - 10-year old girl, girl scout. Her father managed to leap out of the car before it succumbed to gravity

Car 2 - 45-year old soccer mom

Car 3 - three drug dealers, ages 25, 27 and 38

This is in essence a 'playing God' scenario; choosing who lives and who dies. The subject here is not about your superpowers or creative ways to use them, so please do not go into depth about scenarios where all 3 are miraculously saved. So, who do you not save? Give me the rationale behind your answer.

"In West Philadelphia born and raised..."

1) Who's been to Philadelphia? To live or just visit? Do you love it/hate it? 
I'd really appreciate some input about that area. 
I was born and raised in NY, I moved to Phoenix AZ for school last year, and I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT HERE... so I'm thinking about transfering to a school in Philadelphia.

2) Can a native New Yorker survive in Philly?

Thank you's all over the place.


(no subject)

I've gotten forwards from people telling me I should call a certain number so I can put my cell on the Do Not Call List and not be targeted by telemarketers. Is this legitamate?
for 65redroses :)

(no subject)

I know this is a long shot, but a few years ago, there was this awesome website with patterned backgrounds you could use for web design. They were very simple, but made the background look almost wallpapered. I want to say it had "squib" in the url, but this could just be my memory playing tricks on me. Does this site still exist, and if so, could you kindly tell me the URL? I tried googling, but that led to massive amounts of frustration.

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I've taken to occasionally sleeping with my contacts in. Then, the next morning, they feel like they've dried themselves to my eyeballs. Anyone else experience this? Isn't it gross?

Know of any good cough remedies? I was up all night coughing.

Would you rather go on a (only one, no relationships here) date with your favorite celebrity or become his/her best friend? Why?

ETA: I know I shouldn't sleep with my contacts in.
Yeah, Google is my friend. I was just wondering if anyone had a favorite remedy.
Said celebrity can be alive or dead.
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1. Have you ever been / Are you a member of any rating communities?
What made you join? Is there an actual point to communities like this, or is just application after application after application..

Im thinking about applying my kid to nouglybabies :P

2. Whats your favorite number? Do you know why this is your favorite number, or do you just like it?

My favorite number is 4. I like ever numbers, my birthday and my house # are both 4. & I just like it :)

3. Do you like the flavored tootsie rolls? Whats your favorite?

Vanilla tootsie rolls are my favorite ever. I love them.

4. What is your favorite movie of all time.
Im sure this was asked recently, but I need new movies to watch.
Also, Do you buy movies that you havent seen before?

I dont know, I think I might go with the Notebook. But more because i loved the book and less because the movie was spectacular.. ya know?
I have bought movies that I havent seen, if I think Ill really like it. Usually I end up disappointed though.
Perfect example? Thank You For Smoking. I thought this was going to be a great movie, and it was only eh.

5. Are you really sick of seeing posts in stupid_free that dont deserve to be there? I know its the internets and sarcasm is hard to pick up on sometimes... but come on...

6. Collapse )

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Little girl has a favorite stuffed animal, given to her at the hospital when she was born--- inseparable / drag around every day / take to bed every night kinda thing

Girl gets sick and dies at 10 yrs old

Obviously people have different beliefs, as far as options, but let's just say she was gonna be buried

If you were the parent, do you think the stuffed animal should go with the kid in the casket? or stay with you, to keep for memories of your daughter

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Watching a History channel special on Hitler got me to thinking ...

What do you think the world would be like today, had Hitler conquered it?
Do you think there was any truth to the rumors that said he fled Berlin to Japan/Sweden/Denmark/Argentina/wherever?
Do you think he and Eva Braun had children?

EDIT: From gonepishing:
For all who answered number 3...whatever answer you chose: Why?

(no subject)

Are you classist?

Would you date someone who was obiviously not within your same social/weath status?

What classist ideas do you have that are just silly?

Try not to be >.<

I somewhat am, frankly.

All this lice talk had me thinking.  I've always connected poor/trashy with lice.
The Receptionist Classic

Woes Of Clothes

Has anyone else had a problem with tank tops from Old Navy getting discolored in the wash?

I bought a bunch of tank tops from Old Navy and Target this summer/fall. I washed them at the same time so they all got the same special treatment (cold/cold no bleach). The ones from Target still look great and I wear them every day pretty much (under long sleeve shirts). The Old Navy ones, on the other hand, came out of the wash the first time all splotchy and discolored. Frankly, they look like someone threw bleach on them. It's really frustrating because I love the colors at Old Navy, but if they're just going to get all crappy on the first wash again, I'm not going to go for the orange tank tops. (And I really want me some orange tank tops.)


1. Do you smoke?

2. If so, what brand (and why/how did you being smoking this brand)?

3. How did you get started (and how old were you)?

4. Have the intention to quit anytime soon?

my answers:
1. yes
2. Marlboro lights b/c that's what my ex smoked and I wanted to smell like him (too attached). I also smoke the occasional Kool with my friends that smoke Kools.. I'm trying to quit smoking Marlboro incase my mom finds out (that's what she used to smoke, and I'd hate for her to think I started because of her).
3. My first cigarette? 13 or 14. First time I considered myself a smoker? 16. I smoked every now and then -- then my boyfriend at the time gave me a pack, and ever since then I've been smoking.
4. Sort of, it would be nice if I could quit the cold turkey way, but I doubt I could.

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Two 18 year olds want to get married after dating for 2-3 years. They are both mature, have steady, well-paying jobs, graduated from high school, and plan to not have children until they graduate from college.

Two 35 year olds want to get married after dating for several months. Neither one of them can hold a job, or really care to, and have no future plans. They both have children from earlier relationships, but have never been married before, and never went to college.

Which one of these couples would you be more supportive of?

Pirating... yarr.

Anyone know where I can get the song "Reflection" from the Disney movie Mulan? I'm talkin', MP3. :)
* * * GOT IT!!! Thanks!! :) * * *

(And... who's watching American Idol right now?! Those of you on the East coast.)

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Why does the Royal Bank hate me? I applied for a visa and they said some bullshit about how i don't earn enough money to have a regular visa, and how i should wait until im done highschool and get it then, but the thing is! i can't! i'm moving in june and i need it for things like insurance etc etc. So now i'm applying for a student visa right, just it's apparently for university students, but i'm in highschool and don't plan on attending uni for a couple years, do you think they'll accept me? i put other as my school type.
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Do any of you have someone you keep on your friends list only because they are a total train wreck?  So basically, you really cannot stand the person but their entries are just so ridiculous/annoying/hilarious/emo that you can't bring yourself to cut them? 

Tell me about the person. 

I recently had a person on my friends list who I had on there for over 2 years... I just loved reading about how she had no idea who fathered her SIX children (she's 24) and she constantly asked people to buy her things.  She also posted nudes of herself pretty much all the time, and you could always see fisher price toys in the background of the pictures. Hawt.  Finally I cut her.

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Dirty Man vs. Nerdy Man

Mike Rowe or Alton Brown?

Read into that however you wish. :) A friend just posed this question to me, and oddly enough... I seriously cannot decide. I guess Alton, because at least he wouldn't come home smelling like an ostrich farm.

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Would you rather feel pain or nothing at all?

I'm rather partial to feeling nothing, and it is probably why my lief has gone down teh tube. I think I've medicated myself to the point where I am a bit numb.
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Recipe question

I just came home from The Outback Steakhouse.  It's been awhile since I was there, and one thing they have added to the menu is several side options, one of which is steamed green beans.  OMG!!!  These were the best green beans I've ever had.  The waitress said they are steamed in a bag in the microwave with "bean spice" and "vegetable butter".  Any idea what bean spice and vegetable butter are?  I have done some searching, but all I can find on vegetable butter seems to suggest it's not what I'm looking for.  Thanks for any help!!
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Gift Ideas?

My co-worker turns 22 on Thursday. I haven't known her long, I've only been at my current job for roughly 2 months. She's really nice and she's the one who hired me and we get along well. I figure the least I can do is acknowledge her birthday. Thing is, I don't know her well enough to get her something. Ideas??? Gift card? Idk?!!
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Flogging dead horses

How much time should be spent flogging a horse before one can be sure it's sufficiently dead?

Wait, no, that's not what I meant to ask. Though you can answer it if you want.

When I was a young kid, my sister used to insist on going around the place dressed as Robin Hood. And by "around the place" I mean including when we went with our mother to the grocery store, and things like that. We had mugs with our names on, and hers had to say Robin. She refused to answer her own name. She must have been 4 or so, but I'm not sure.

Two questions relating to this:

Did you ever insist that people had to call you a different name?
(I'm told that when I was 2, I wanted to be addressed as Lilypad. I have no memory of this, so it can't really have happened. However, I did change my name when I was 18, so I guess that makes it a yes.)

And, is that sister now:

How did my sister end up?

Suffering from mental illness
An anarchist
A lawyer
Married to a nice young man, with two children
Polyamorous with 15 lovers and multiple step children
Not as crazy as I am
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My brand new 500 gig external hard drive fell from the table onto my hardwood floor. Now my computer won't recognize it. Is it totally broken, or is there hope?

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"You showed me the world when I was all locked up inside.
You reached out your hand and took me on a magic carpet ride.
One look at your smile and I could see the light shining everywhere.
People like you don't come out of thin air."

"Oh Jasmine.. You don't understand, there's just so much that you don't see.
Just think if you can what growing up had to be like for me.
Your father's a man who taught you who you are. Mine was never there.
So how can you say I don't come out of thin air?

There's so much I want to know."
"You've got the chance to learn."
"If it means I'd have to go.."
"I'd be right here when you return..

"Our wedding can wait," "I love you."
"I think it's worth this small delay." "Maybe you're right."
"And won't it be great to have your father see our wedding day?"
"I've waited so long."
"It isn't too late" "to learn the truth."
"And now at last we can finally say,
Your father is really there."
"There's so much that we might share."
"Then you'll finally learn.. you don't come out of thin air."

Did anyone else absolutely fall in love with that song from Aladdin and the King of Theives when they heard it?

What's your favorite Disney movie?

What's your favorite Disney song?

Whose your favorite Disney princess?

Whose your favorite Disney couple?

Anyone ever been to Disney World/Land?

[[My answers]]

Yes. I adore that song.

Either Aladdin and the King of Theives, Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, or Hercules.

^^^That one up there.


Jasmine and Aladdin or Kiara and Kovu.

Yes, Disney World. I was one and a half and I don't remember a thing.

I think it's smurfy to have such a smurfy LJ community.

1) If you could choose a scene from any movie or TV show and then live it through the eyes of a certain character, which scene would it be? Which character? Why? Would you change what originally happened?

2) Who was someone you wanted to kick in the balls/ovaries during high school? Why? (A girl named Jade and a guy named Kenneth in my 8th grade math class. The biatches cut my hair as a joke. Its been a few years but I doubt I'll be forgetting that any time soon.)

3) The funniest prank phone call you ever did/got?

4) Best kind of lip balm to use? (I find that Chicken Poop works very well.)

5) What's one of the meanest things you've ever done?

6) Did you ever get a moment of sweet revenge on someone? What was it?

7) You're going to be stranded in a hotel room for a week with no way to get out. What are five things you need and one person you would want to have with you?
The Dude Abides

TV ?

For those that actually watch TV, what are some show that everyone talks about, but that you've never seen a complete episode of?
Lost, Prison Break and ER

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I need to edit a bunch of DV footage over the next week. I can't see myself having to edit very much for a good while afterwards (it's for university), so I don't want to pay for Final Cut Pro. (I could use iMovie, but I'd rather something more professional. And some of the clips are long, and I've have trouble with longer clips in iMovie before.)

I was looking for any free trials of Final Cut Pro online, but I can't find any. The Mac website tells me to try Boris Red 4.1, but I've never heard of it.

So. Does anyone know either

A) Where I can find a free trial (like for 30days or something) of Final Cut Pro? (Doesn't even have to be the newest version.)


B) Anything about Boris Red? I'll probably give it a try anyway, but does anyone know how similar to Final Cut Pro it is?
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Randomness at 11:01pm EST

1- Does anyone else miss the really hormone-riddled loon-fest that was the reality tv show "Paradise Hotel"? I wanted to beat the unholy hell outta the 'winner'. :) So help me.

2- Are you a God Warrior?

3- The hell does "a href" stand for anyway?
3b- Do you ever think 'ah! ref' when you type it out, or am I just really insane?

4- Have there ever been TQC meetups arranged?
4b- If there was one around you, would you go for whatever reason you desire?

5- How often during the course of your day do you have to make a decision on something or other, and ponder asking this place which route you should go?

No answers from me. :P
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Ok, I bought some brie cheese and aside from the paper and container it came in, it has a white, sort of waxy, flaky exterior. Is this part of the cheese or what? It's hard to remove. I've never bought brie before so pardon my ignorance.

Also, what were your first favorite films? Mine were Amadeus and My Neighbor Totoro.

(no subject)

1. What is your opinion on Stephen Colbert? Jon Stewart?

2. What is your favorite webcomic?

3. (To those of you who graduated high school/got a yearbook) What did your senior picture look like? What was your quote?


Collapse )

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What band do you really like that you get crap for?

Mine is Dashboard Confessional. Everyone thinks I must be *!*EMO!*! for liking them. I say eff off. I love Chris Caraba's voice and his tunage. Blow me if you feel differently.
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Colleges - CGI

Recently I've been thinking about changing my major from Psychology to Graphic Design/Film (animation).
I love working with photoshop (atm, I am completely self taught). I have great skills in photomanipulation and the like. But here's the problem.. I can't draw! Do you think I would need to be able to draw well to do well in Graphic Desgin? My ultimate goal I think would be to make CGI for games/movies.

Also, what colleges in the North East (America) is good for that stuff?


At the request of realcdaae

Another post...

1. How many of you believe in divination? If so what forms?

2. Have you ever traded readings on teh interw3bs? If so, how long, with who, what kind?

3. Are you psychic?

4. If you are psychic, you can probably see the life crisis I am experiencing right now. In fact, tonight as I dream, I'll be sure to leave some of the energy there for you to pick up on. If TQC's psychics could join together and please answer me these questions: what do you think is wrong? And how should I approach it? What do you believe the outcome will be? Any DANGER: WILL ROBINSON moments on the horizon?!

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Inspired by this post.

I was a cashier at one of my campus snack bars for a few months, and one of the workers owned a Disney mix CD which she would play all the time. The other cashier on my shift and I couldn't stand listening to it, but literally every single other person who walked in, for the whole four hours of my shift, loved it.

Is there anyone besides me who doesn't like Disney music (or Disney itself, for that matter) even the tiniest bit?

Sorry for the negativity... I just want to make sure I'm not the only one. :P
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Sweet home, Chicago

         1) What is your favorite movie?

         2) Is there a movie that enbodies your home state/city?  Or everyone thinks about when they think about your state/city?

         3) Have you ever called one of those 1-800-numbers, that are supposed "date" hotlines?

         4) What is your favorite character in M*A*S*H?

         5) What are you craving right now if anything?

MY answers.

1) I love Patton and Apocalypse Now

2) I would have to say:  The Blues Brothers.  I'm from Chicago and that's the best movie about Chicago that I know of.  Great music, shows great parts of chicago etc.

3) Never, I'm too broke.

4) I love Radar, and BJ.

5) I keep wanting something to drink, Lemonade and crackers.  It's weird.
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