January 15th, 2007

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Political philosophy

A while ago I was amazed by the responses to this question in some poll somewhere. I'm wondering how many TCQers know the correct answer (without Googling).

Thus, question:

Poll #906772 From each according to his ability, to each according to his need

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his need" - where/who is it from?

The US Constitution
The US Declaration of Independence
The author of the Communist Manifesto
Hitler's "Mein Kampf"
Franklin D. Roosevelt

(no subject)

Are you related to any important historical figures? Who?
Are you related to someone who's done something cool that the rest of us might know about? Who?

(not necessarily a celebrity, so it's different from the other question)
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(no subject)

Are you related to anyone who has been convicted of murder?


If so, how are you related to them, and what was the situation?
He is my dad's distant cousin of some sort. He was a 3rd grade teacher, and killed an old man in a wheelchair in his basement with a hammer.
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(no subject)

How can I get Firefox to know I have Flash installed? A while back a website told me I needed to download Flash so I did but it's still saying it's not there. I know it is there somewhere because the same websites work on Safari.
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(no subject)

1. Does wine go bad? For example, the bottle has been open about 24 hours. Would drinking it tomorrow night be bad?

2. Do you think people in this community have more sex than the general population?

(no subject)

So for my Sex and Culture class we have to do a final research project. Ours is about homophobia on campus(guess who's idea that was...). We're going to give students and faculty a survey to assess how homophobic this campus is and then compare to religion and all that jazz. We found this one survey called the "Wright, Adams, and Bernat Homophobia Scale", but I can't find the like, key that shows you how to score it.
Has anybody heard about this survey? And do you know how to score it?

A few things.

1.) Do you think that it's still acceptable in your society to blame the victim of a sexual assault for what occurred? ('She was a slut', 'She sent mixed signals', 'He's a man, he could have fought back harder', 'deserved it because...', etc)

(EDIT: I'm not asking if victim blaming is morally acceptable to you personally, I'm asking about how society feels about it in general. If someone made a statement that suggested they thought the victim of an assault was to blame, would people frown upon that? Would there be outcry? Would they agree with that person?)

2.) In the case of an alleged sexual assault, are you more willing to believe the accuser or the accused?

3.) If one of your very good friends accused one of your other very good friends of rape, who would you believe? How would you react?

4.) Have people in general become desensitized to sexual violence?

(no subject)

1. If someone owns and operates an insured vehicle or motorcycle and tries to commit suicide by crashing the vehicle/bike or otherwise using it in a destructive way to accomplish the act, would the insurance company replace the vehicle/bike (write a check) if it was destroyed or would they not do anything at all because technically, the vehicle/bike was not destroyed in an "accident" but in a deliberate incident?

2. If a single woman wants to get pregnant using artificial insemination and wants the sperm to come from a man she actually knows instead of a sperm bank, how does she go about asking/arranging it with her doctor? Does she just ask straight-out? Would a doctor ever turn a woman down in this situation for any reason?

(no subject)

When you guys post questions do you even care about the answers you'll get or are you just looking for a laugh by asking witty questions?

This doesn't include informational questions about how to do stuff ..

(no subject)

1. I'm trying to remember a movie... I know it was a horror flick. In it, there is a basement with a weird door. The door has a hole in it. Later on a book is found and it turns out that some magician demon man performed crazy sacrifices back there. Gosh, I feel so incoherent. Does ANYONE have any clue what I'm talking about?

2. When you were little, what were you most afraid of? Monsters, the boogeyman, etc.? For me, I always dreamt up scenarios of how I would "convince" a burglar not to rob my house. I never went for that monster business.

Full of boredom and lacking entertainment.

This is my Amazon.com Wishlist. I like sci-fi, but am very picky. I like chick-lit-snacky stupid books, but again, picky. I've read a TON. Sooo many books, and I actually do remember them all. Funny photographic memory thing, especially when it come to sight and stuff.

So, my question:

Can you recommend a book I would like? A bunch of them?

I've been needing some new stuff for a while, totally willing to read female sci-fi authors at this point (I have refused for several years now, personal bias), but I'd like some good, solid, "This is one of my favorites" recommendations. I'm open to any suggestions you have. Please? Thank you.

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pillow talk

When engaged in a sexual act, does your lover/spouse/sexual partner/friend with benefits ever ask you to "talk dirty" to him/her?

How do you respond? What kind of things do you say?

yes, I am asking because I am clueless as to what to spout off when my boyfriend asks me to talk dirty to him.
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Another music question!

Inspired by the apparent age of people who answer music questions... if you have a favorite decade of music, stick it into a folder/playlist and take a screen shot of it. You can let us know what decade it is, or not, your choice.
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Also, if you have a specific age associated with your favorite decade of music, what is it? Mine's middle school, which I noticed a lot in the "Do you remember these bands" post.
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(no subject)

Do you take drug of any sort with the 'do not drink with this medication' label, and if so, have you ever had liver failure?

No, because I don't drink, but once I had a giant mega-large coke slushie and ice cream and ended up sleeping three days straight, waking only for water.
Nitrous Oxide (Credit to Syndarys)

(no subject)

What movie line makes you laugh every time you hear it or think of it?  Bonus points for unexpected or sly humor.

I ask because my mind just flashed on the scene from one of the Lethal Weapon movies, in which Mel Gibson is walking and having a conversation with a female detective.  In the middle of the conversation, he ducks into the men's room to pee, and invites her to "step into my orifice."


1. What places do you know of that have online job applications? I already applied at CVS, Walgreens, Staples and now at Books-a-Million.

2. Have you ever had any success getting a job from an online application?

3. Is it better to just go in the store?

4. If you have no information on that, what are the best and worst things about your job?


So... what are you wearing right now?

Is it snowing where you are at this moment?

- I'm still in my pajamas, but I'm about to change into work clothes.
- Yes, it's snowing. Big, fat flakes.


1)I've forgotten ALL my passwords! Does anyone remeber what they are?

2)Ipod help: I put my Ipod in my CD player but nothing is coming out the speakers, HOW do I get it to work? Is it the battery?

3)FINALLY: Tinkerbell or Glinda?
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Really ?

What is the most ridiculous action sequence you've seen in a movie? (youtube links are encouraged)
Action Jackson. Not only does he catch a cab that's driving +30 mph on foot in church clothes while talking, but he punches clean through the front windshield amongst other things. Unintentional comedy at it's finest.
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Well.. I had moved to a new city almost 8 months ago and the first person I befriended is still my very good friend. We're friends with benefits, as well.. but recently it seems like it has gotten more than that. We slept together over the summer many times, but then I started to date someone and we stopped. The guy dumped me, my friend was there to console me, and then we started fooling around again. I dated another guy for a month, we stopped. We started again this weekend when I stopped dating the 2nd guy.... He has always treated me no less than like a princess, his nickname for me is Princess, actually... And this weekend I hung out with him and his son, who was staying over that night. It was different than usual because we hung out in sweats and jammies, instead of going to the bars, and we played with his son, and just teased and roughhoused and etc. Totally laid back, very relaxed.
Then he mentioned that he was going to the Dominican in April. I commented about an old roommie going for a wedding once and it was wonderful and made me want to go. So he asked me to go with him...
It just feels like the dynamic of our relationship has changed a little bit. He has tons of other female friends he could ask to go with him, and tons of guy friends, too.. but he asked me. And lately I've been having strong feelings for him. But he's my best friend in this city and I don't want to ruin that.
Should I tell him how I feel and/or ask how he feels or just go with it? or..? Thanks for the comments in advance!
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(no subject)

Today is MLK day and I am forced to work. So I am honoring Dr. King through non-violent resistance to actually working. What websites should I check out to entertain myself? I'm looking mainly for stuff to read, anything with sound or a lot of pictures won't really work, as that will be quite noticeable. Even good LJ comms would work.
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Wine Whine

so over the holidays we were given 2 bottles of wine, i have very little wine experience and so i'm apprehensive about opening either of them...

one says - Marques de Caceres CRIANZA 2002 RIOJA  denominacion de origen calificada  - bottled by Union Viti-Vinicola, S.A. - Cenicero, Espana    --    

the other says - Gigondas APPELLATION GIGONDAS CONTROLEE Curvee Prestige 1998 mis en bouteille par Berard Pere et Fils (product of France) 

does anybody have any experience with either of these wines? should they be chilled? what foods to serve with them? honestly anything you can tell me will be more than i know! thanx!!
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(no subject)

Have you ever seen Peewee's Big Adventure?
What do you think of it?
Would you show it to your kids?

My mom said we watched it every single day over and over again when we were little. Apparently, I called it the "Bad Clownies!" movie because of the dream sequence Peewee has. It's on AMC right now, and my 2 year old son is spellbound. Watching it again as an adult, it's pretty freakin' creepy, lol. But my son seems to like it, so I think he can watch it.
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Is it rude if I don't....?

I just moved into a new house, and the neighbors "chose" my boyfriend and I from the other applicants for the owner. They did this because they are friends with the owner and are also renting from him. The night we moved in one of them came over and brought us cookies(very yummy!). I want to take them something to show my appreciation for everything. What could I get them? I prefer something sincere, because I'm so thankful that we moved out of our last apartment/hell hole. Also, is it too late to do that?....he brought the cookies over three days ago....Help!
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(no subject)

1) arent the jackass movies awesome?

i never thought id like it untill i watched them. and i must admit its awesome.

if "yeah, dude its AWESOME"
2) whos your favourite? why?

all of em:
dunn says the funniest things
in the second knoxvillie has a death wish
bam cuz he crys
pontius cuz boys and thongs are comedic gold
steve-o ... well, he kinda scares me, but hes cute with pontius
ehren and england are fucking heros.

if "arent you the most childish person ever"
3) why no love for the southen boys?
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Stupid Internet Explorer.

A friend of mine is having trouble with Internet Explorer 7. Apparently, his computer doesn't know what to do with it (dumbed-down version I heard second-hand from a techie, so sorry it's not clearer). He opens the program and it launches, but he can't load any webpages. He's connected to the internet, and MSN works, but he just can't navigate on the web.

Anyone experienced this problem before? Anyone know what to do about it?
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(no subject)

Sunday comics question - brought up because of a debate on this subject yesterday.

Do you ever call them the "funnies"?

If not, what DO you call them?

And where are you from?
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CPU - To Paste Or Not To Paste?

So, I've just gone & bought myself shiny new bits for my PC. I needed a new motherboard, & due to the ongoing march of technology my current processor & RAM were incompatible with the new motherboard, so I had to buy replacements for those as well.

The stuff just arrived today, & I've been flicking through the leaflets & manuals enclosed, checking the installation instructions. And noticed there's no mention of having to apply paste to the processor, & none included in the box. Now I definitely had to apply some to my last processor, & I wasn't aware this had changed or that there were cases where it wasn't necessary.

I have paste, so do I apply it or not? The instructions seem very detailed otherwise, so I'd think they'd mention if you need the paste... But OTOH it's hard for me to just leave it as I've had it hammered into me that you have to apply the paste, & you have to do it just so, etc...

For reference, this is the processor I bought.

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pride and prejudice

(no subject)

1. What is the worst pick up line/opening line you have ever used on someone?

2. What is the worst pick up line/opening line someone has ever used on you?

1. "I like your arm bands."

2. I haven't ever had a line used on me.

OKAY, so...

1.) Why has EllJay randomly stopped notifying me when people reply to my comments and posts?

2.) Why do I have a strange urge to eat sand? (I'm not going to do it, I'm just wondering.)

3.) Why is everyone convinced that the world revolves around them?

4.) If your body feels sore after you exercise, is that a good or bad thing?

5.) Tall people: Cool or scary?

6.) Fishnets and boots: Cute or trashy?

7.) Your day. How is it going so far? Who pissed you off today?

(no subject)

Are any of you fine folks librarians?

Ive been thinking about going to school to become one...and I have read all about it, but I would just like some personal experience type stories.

Do you like your job?
How long did you go to school for?

Here's a question about pain.

1. a. Ever wake up and have a part of your body inexplicably hurt, really bad?
    b. If you answered yes, did it ever turn out to be something serious?
2. How high is your pain tolerance?
3. Any ideas for what could make a septum really hurt?
4. For people who have piercings: what was your most painful piercing that you didn't excpect to be painful/vice versa?
5. What is the most painful physical pain you've experienced?
6. Would you rather have a sharp, piercing pain (cuts, sprains, breaks), or a pain of incredible discomfort (cramps, stomach aches)?
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"went critical"

I was reading a Wikipedia article on the University of Texas at Austin ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Texas%2C_Austin ) and it mentions the dates that certain nuclear reactors on campus "went critical."

This is a term that I am unfamiliar with so I hopped over to an article about nuclear reactors and then one about critical mass but I'm a little unclear.

In the simplest terms... does going critical mean that they reached a state where they were consisitantly and safely producing power? They were turned on before that date but they actually got the right reaction on that date? How long does it take between when they "turn it on" and reaching critical mass? I tried reading the articles but I guess I need nuclear physics for the extremely stupid (as opposed to for dummies). Is there a site with nuclear physics for the extremely stupid?

Income tax questions...

1. If my student loan is in default but i'm paying it will the IRS/student loan corp keep my return?

2. What about my husbands return? I heard there's something called an injured spouse form, how does that work?

3. Please tell me i'm not screwed?
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You haven't gotten rid of me yet.

1.) Will eating yogurt sweetened with Splenda give me cancer/kill me/deform my future children?

2.) When was the last time you accidentally said something really rude/put your foot in your mouth? What was it?

3.) It is insensitive to comment that you're pro-choice in a room of teenagers when several of them have children or are pregnant? I'm not trying to start an abortion debate or anything here but I said it and you wouldn't believe the glares I got...


What non-fiction book(s) have/had an impact on you, influenced choices you make, changed/reinforced opinions you have, etc?

For me, it's The Way We Eat, Why Our Food Choices matter by Peter Singer and Jim Mason. I LOVE this book and could read it over and over. I'm so excited that my friends husband wants to borrow it because I hope it will have an impact on what they eat. It's a very easy read and it's so so so informative and just all-around awesome.

ETA: Might you possibly read some of the books people list? I'm going to jot some of them down.
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(no subject)

What would you do if you found what looked like pieces of rubber in a tin of dog food? There's about five pieces and they're all under 0,5cm except for one that's about 1,5cm. It's quite a cheap brand if that makes a difference.
The Dude Abides

Holiday ?'s

What's your favorite holiday?

Why do you think there are no federal (in the US) holidays in August? If you're not American do you have any national holidays in your country during August?

If there were to be a holiday named after you, how would you want it to be celebrated?

Weird movie questions

What is the significance of the title "The Postman Always Rings Twice"?

I don't remember even seeing a postman in that entire movie.  The only thing was that Jack Nicholson's character beeped twice when she tried to kill her husband the first time?

Also, for you Anime fans...In Howl's Moving Castle, did anyone else notice that Sophie would look older/younger for no reason?  Like, all of a sudden she would look like she was young again, only to look old 3 seconds later?  Did I miss something?

(no subject)

So I know of this girl who has cancer.  She goes to my school.  She had cancer when she was about 4...went away for almost ten years and BAM! She has cancer again.
She's got three months.

If you had only three months to live, what would you spend that time doing?

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(no subject)

Are there any good sites for researching what kind of education one would need for various careers?

I understand that going to a career counselor at your school is a good way to find this out, but I am thinking about people who are not enrolled in college yet, and want to find out what kinds of classes they would take, and what schools have the best programs.

(no subject)

What the heck is a narrative sketch?

I'm supposed to write a two page narrative sketch for my Creative Writing class but I'm not entirely sure what that means. She didn't tell us exactly what it entailed and I've never taken a writing class before. Is it just a dialogue? Is it a short story with an end?

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(no subject)

I live in Canada, but lets say I want to go to college in the states. I need to get a student loan, so it's still a Canadian student loan, right? And they'll let me do that, right?

On a completely different side note...

how old are you?
how old do you look?

I'm 20 but I get 17 a lot.

(no subject)

My boyfriend and I have been arguing about this for about a month, and he just won't admit he is wrong....

He INSISTS that the state Kentucky ISN'T in the south...So I am asking all of you...is kentucky in the south?

NYC - Snow

When does New York City generally see snow? (Week and month)

I understand that the answer may vary depending on multiple conditions, but any sort of response would be helpful. :)
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Email addresses from web forms?

Is there any (fairly easy, legal) way to tell which email address a web form will send itself to when you fill it in?

I'm updating the web directory information for the company I work at, and it would make my job a lot easier if I could just grab the "general enquiry" email address off a company's site rather than filling in a form and waiting for them not to get back to me. Cheers :0)
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Printer ink cartridges

Is there any way to find out all the kinds of printers that take Lexmark black 70 and color 20 ink?

I'm fearing my printer may be dying (Compaq IJ1200) because it has been having problem after problem for a few months now.  I'm wondering if there is a printer out there that I can buy, which uses the same ink cartridges, just to make things easier and I can use the ones I have now.

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(no subject)

Pet owners:
Do your pets have any unusual habits that scream 'spoiled!'?

My dog will lay down anywhere, but he won't sleep unless his head is on a pillow. Doesn't matter what kind of pillow, as long as it's a pillow. As for that cats - everything they do screams 'spoiled'.

Do you have any unusual quirks or habits that you like?
That you dislike?
That drive other people crazy?
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little bit of this, little bit of that

1. do you have a favorite ancient civilization? if so, what is it? and who's your favorite of their rulers?

2. do you know the words to "we shall overcome"? how about "lift ev'ry voice"? where/how did you learn them?

3. i haven't decided on dinner yet. i'm making a baked potato and have chicken breasts, but don't know what to do with them. what should i do? (i've got spices and such and easy access to grocery stores)

4. (inspired by one of the billion transsexual shows on skytv and sure to cause drama) why is it that if a 5'10" 92 lb anorexic person went to a doctor and told them they felt fat, that the doctor would not give them liposuction, because the fact that they feel fat is "in their head," but when a woman goes to a doctor and says "i feel that i'm a man," she is able to get gender re-assignment surgery? (and i mean aside from "well, if you give an anorexic girl lipo, she might die," i'm talking about the actual medical accomodation for "feelings" that are not 'backed up,' so to speak, by biological evidence [i hope this makes sense])
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1. have you ever taken a CNA course? was it difficult?
2. do you like argyle socks?
3. do you smoke hookah? if so what is your favorite flavor tobacco to smoke?
4. whats the last song you sang while you were drunk?
5. do you use air fresheners?
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Job Interview

I have a job interview at Borders on Wednesday, for a Seller position.

I haven't had much luck with interviews before, and this will be my first real job... So, any tips for me? Anyone with stories about interviews with Borders specifically would be awesome.

I'm super nervous. Heh... I tend to do really badly with things like, "Tell me about an accomplishment you've made." or "What are your best qualities? Your worst?" etc... I just... don't know what to say. So, yes, any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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(no subject)

Why isn't Word letting me save to a cd?

When I click 'Save As' and then click the CD drive (and yes, there is a blank cd in there), I get a pop-up that says "Incorrect function." So I click ok, and then I get one that says "You do not have access to the folder 'E:\'. See your administrator for access to this folder."

I AM the administrator. I've saved to a disc before, but why not now? What's my computer's problem? My OS is Windows something or other.

(no subject)

Can anyone recommend any good punk albums?

I've always loved punk, but I've never gotten into it like I have metal & rap so apart from bands like Pennywise & Rancid, I really have no idea where to start.

(no subject)


You are a college student who has just moved into your dorm for the semester. As a result of previous commuting, you know very few people. Those people (and most others) are not on campus at the moment because classes haven't started yet, so campus is pretty much empty.

You are bored, almost to the verge of tears. What do you do? Hypothetically, that is.
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(no subject)

ho-kay. so.

as some of you might know, NJ Transit is having a free train week next week. Two questions:

Any of you folk taking advantage of this?? If so, where are you going and what do you plan to do?

Second (and albeit a little more important to me :P) my b/f and i are planning on going to NYC one day -- probably Saturday the 27th -- during that week. Last time, we walked up and down Bleeker St. to explore the 'village a bit more. We want to spend our day similar to that - pick just one place with plenty of attractions to go to.

So. Any suggestions as to where we could go?? I've been to the city all of 4 times, so I'm a little clueless. Any sites/books/etc that could help me out as well??


(no subject)

Does anyone watch Degrassi?

If so, who do you think is gonna be the one to die on Friday?

*Note* If you already know from some spoiler website, then don't answer. I don't want to know who ACTUALLY dies, I just want opinions.

I think it's gonna be Toby or JT or one of their group cuz it just doesn't make sense for Marco or Spinner to get killed off. Plus .. it shows Toby kissing Mia .. so I'm thinking Mia's ex kills Toby.

(no subject)

Poll #907501 Because I have ALOT more money in my account than I thought I did.

What do I want for dinner?

Pizza Hut, thin crust, ham pizza
Pizza Hut, thin crust, ham and chicken pizza
Pizza Hut, thin crust, meat lovers pizza
Papa Johns, chicken alfredo pizza
(just eat some cereal, you lazy bastard.)

And another question:

What was the least interesting class that you have EVER taken?


I have a digital camera that records video, and I would like to start recording things with it.

Does anyone know how many minutes of video a 1GB, 2GB, or 4GB memory stick would hold. thank you.

Procrastinators of the world unite!...tomorrow...

1. Would you consider yourself to be a common victim to procrastination?
2. During which tasks do you tend to procrastinate the most?
3. What are the biggest distractions when you're trying to work/do homework?
4. a. What have you found works well to stop yourself from procrastinating?
    b. Especially when what you do requires use of the computer and internet?

Liquor + USPS= ?

Can I send liquor through the US Postal Service from NY to Alaska? I know that there are laws regarding interstate sale of liquor by mail, but I'm not sure if/how they apply in a gifting situation.

If so, how would you suggest wrapping a liquor bottle so that it doesn't break in transit.
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(no subject)

Ok, not too long ago, someone posted a link to another community. It was something like fit body fit mind or along those lines. I went back to look for the post that had the link in the comments, but yea...couldn't find it. Anyone know the community I'm talking about?
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panda dance

(no subject)

Are there any old-ish looking (at least medieval-looking) castles in the Americas? (US or Canada mainly)

I know there's no actual medieval castles here, but the best imitations would be best. A plus if it's near a river/lake, on/near hills/mountains, and/or have gardens.

Besides Disney castles.

(no subject)

Among your siblings, what would people refer to you as if they didn't know you by name? Example:

"I saw one of the Jones' kids yesterday."

"Which one?"

"You know, the ______ one".

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to say that saying female/male and/or your birth order is not an option XD
Someday I'll be a flower

Mind Link to an Animal

I'm reading an excellent series by Robin Hobb, and in it, some humans are born with the ability to bond to an animal. Bonding allows them to share thoughts and senses--like smell, taste, sight... So they become extremely close.

If you could bond this way to an animal, what kind of animal would it be?

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(no subject)

Why is it that a goldfish that's partially black at the store will end up entirely orange, probably within a month of coming home?
Is the black thing a "we are stressed out" marking, that it goes away when it's no longer in a tank with 100 other fish? or a food thing?

Random Questions that Have Been Floating Around in My Head (Does that make me an airhead?)

1) Why is it so hard to say the right thing?

2) What do you usually do when you know you've done or said something out of line?

3) How do you get people to stop harassing you about 'What's wrong?' or 'What's bothering you?'

4) Teletubbies: Good or bad?

6) Kissing on the face (but not lips), hugging, cuddling, flirting: Cheating or not?

7) If a child were to burp their ABCs in your face, would tackling them and giving them the mother of all noogies be an appropriate response?

8) The last thing you said aloud?

9) Which characters (if any) do you 'ship'?
(Ship = A romantic relationship between two fictional characters that you support)

For Artsy-fartsy people.

1. Have you taken any art classes? Many art classes? Extensive/intensive art classes?
2. Which was your favourite?
3. Are you (planning on) majoring in art/do you have a career in art? What's it like?
4. What was your least favourite class?
5. What is your opinion on copying existing photographs/pictures/paintings for practice? Did you ever have to do it?
6. What is your favourite medium?
7. How long did it take you to get used to constructive criticism?
8. Do you think there's a line between constructive criticism and blatant insluting? What is it?

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The Future

Congratulations! You get to design Utopia. What does it look like? How does it run? What do people spend their time doing?

...Oh well, your plan failed.

If society carries on the way it's going, with the values it currently holds (in real life now, not in your fantasy Utopia), what do you think the world will look like in 150 years or so?
that's what she said!
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morning workout motivation

For those of you who work out in the morning before going to school or work, is there anything special you do to motivate yourself to get up early to go to the gym?  I'd like to work out more regularly, and 9 times out of 10, when I go to the gym, it's after work or on the weekend.  I'd like to get into more of a routing of morning workouts, even if only once a week, but it's sooooo hard to get out of bed an hour earlier than I would otherwise. However, if there's a great motivation out there which seems to work for you, I'd love to hear it!

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Nerdy question time! (I don't actually expect any answers...)
Back in the Cretaceous Period, there was a fish that had lots of spines all over it. The name is something that sounds like "Ishuraisa" or something similar, and I need to know how to spell it, and a site about it would be nice, too. I found a whole bunch of the fossilized spines in South Carolina, if that helps. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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1. What machines do you use if you go to a gym? What classes do you like to take?

2. I need a summer job. I'm probably going to be teaching summer school, but one in addition to that. Should I pick one along that same line, like tutoring kids, or something else totally? I don't mind working with the public, so I was thinking along the lines of Borders or Joann Fabric. Any other ideas to throw into the mix?

3. Do you do volunteer work? Where, and what do you do?

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What are some songs you like that make you feel bad-ass and sexy? For me, I would say "Wikked Lil' Grrrls" by Esthero (though the spelling makes me cringe) and "She Wants to Move" by N.E.R.D.

Also, how do you feel about cursing and why? In which situations is it appropriate?
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Where did number 5 go?

Seriously, where COULD it go?

TO add: Are there any good sites that you can win prizes from? I'm on iWin and SearchChips... there's SO LITTLE to choose from when you're not American though. D: I should seriously move. Frigity.

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Why are the Supernatural boys so damned hot?

Who do you prefer, Sam or Dean?

Why is Jeffrey Dean Morgan so hot for an older guy?

(I'm a Dean girl all the way - he's so sexeh, and his big....Impala is ok by me hehe.)

Edit: Please no spoilers! We only just got a new season here in Australia, the one where the first episode is Dean seeing a reaper and something happens to the dad and yeah. I hope THAT wasn't a spoiler in itself - I'm assuming you guys are ahead and I tried to word it as non-spoilery as possible.
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True love?

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost five years.
People ask me all the time if I am still in love with him. People have told me there is no way I could still be in love with him after all this time. Love him yes, but be in love with him?
I love him more now than I did the first day I met him.
How many of you think this is possible?
How many believe in love at first sight? I know I do ^_^
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I live in a pretty nice town outside of Chicago and recently I've noticed up and down one of the main busy streets, a crop of spas have appeared (about five within 2 miles). They're all in small strip-malls and buildings that don't look fit for a health spa and have all of their windows blacked out. Most of them just have names like "Garden Spa" and aren't very busy.

Do you think they're erotic massage parlors? Has anyone noticed these types of places in their neighborhoods?

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What is the longest you sat online and talked to the same person? (You can include bathroom and food breaks)

for me-11 hours.

What do you do when you are EXTREMELY bored and there is no one to talk to online, no one to call and nothing on tv?

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1. Does anyone know of some good sites for looking for flats to rent in essex, england?
2. If you have a few, care to share the link?
3. Does anyone know what the average cost of utilities in a studio flat, for one person per year would be in Essex, England?
4. Do you live in Essex, England?
5. Where?

4. Not yet
5. I want to move to Colchester, Epping, or Harlow.


Is it normal that my eyes water when I go to the bathroom? Do yours? If not, tell me your most unusual bathroom habits.

If you can't think of one, tell me how blind people know when they're done wiping.

If you don't know that, tell me the worst smell you can think of.

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My roomate wouldn't let me watch Nip/Tuck tonight, so all I saw were the little bits during the adbreaks.
Can anyone fill me in on the details I missed? In detail if possible.

Specifically,Collapse )
Those are pretty much the only bits I saw, so anything else is useful.

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i'm looking into streaking my air either red or blonde, maybe both, I have dark hair and long,  but I dont know if I should go with more red streaks, or more blonde streaks? and I dont know if I shoudl get chunky streaks or alot of little ones, and I dont know if i shoudl get them just on the top of my hair or all under as well.

I was also trying to google some websites where they would show hair styles but no luck, the only pictures I can find are ones of people with green blue or pink hair haha ! not what i'm looking for.

anyone know website where I could find hairstyles?

brown bagging it

Those of you who bring your own lunch to school and/or work, what do you like to bring?

I really want more variety, but I usually end up bringing one or two of the following:
- salad
- yogurt
- frozen vegetables (the kind that "steam in the microwave")
- pasta salad
- peanut butter & jelly sammich
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Weapons -Swords/Knives?

Imagine a sword-like weapon that is like a butcher knife about the length of your arm (or slightly shorter). Only at the end, it is pointed like a normal sword. The top part is mostly dull while the bottom part of the blade is very sharp. The blade has a curve on the top.

Anyone know a weapon like this and what it might be called?