January 14th, 2007

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I know this was asked a long time ago, but Im asking it again because at the time I didnt have an answer but I have since thought of one. ;]

1a. What things are a brand-whore for?
>> Shampoo!! I use Sunsilk or Garnier. But either way I cant use a store/cheap brand of shampoo.

1b. Do you think store brand food really tastes different?
>> I dont, sorry.

2a. Would you move across the country to be with someone you love? Seriously.
>> I really dont know. Im very happy where I live, and dont want to move away from my family. I would have to be married in order to consider moving away from my family with someone.

2b. If yes, Would any of the following change your answer?
-You were still in college
-Only known the person for 6 months
>> Definitely, the answer would automatically be no in these cases.

3. Do you have health insurance? If you dont, do you still go to the doctor on a regular basis?
>> Yeah I do have insurance, it costs $1,000+ a month for me and my son (were under my mom) but its well worth it, its excellent insurance.
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lovin' what you've got!

i. let's say you're kind of chubby, have some extra baggage, whatever you want to call it... or are just generally not confident about your body for some reason. you aren't ashamed of how you look, but you aren't exactly convinced you're beautiful/pretty/cute. do you think modeling nude for a college art class would help boost your confidence level, given you found the courage to do it? can you think of any other ideas that would boost the confidence of someone in that situation?

ii. any other chubby girls out there who like their bodies? whether you're happy with the way you are now or are seeking improvement with a positive attitude. i've just recently come to terms with being chubby and finding myself beautiful even as i start a workout program this semester. do i have any company here, tqc?

iii. who's horny right now? i think it's naked time.
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1. If you're singin' along with "Sweet Caroline," especially at a sporting event or something like that, and you're the sort of person to do the whole "so good! so good! so good!" thing in the chorus, what do you sing after the "sweet Caroline" in the chorus? I mean, is it "bah-bah-bah?" Is it "ba ba-da?" "Oh oh oh?" "Dum dum dum?" Most times I hear it at sporting events (read: hockey games) it basically sounds like "sweeeet Caroliiine AAAHAAOAOHAAAOAA" or something equally eloquent. I tend to sing "bah bah bah," but I kinda like "ba ba-da" so I might switch to that.

2. When you're typing, how many spaces do you put between sentences - one or two? What's up with all these one-spacers lately? I totally put two spaces.
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do you have a secret?

A friend of mine gave me the book Postsecret not too long ago....upon reading it i began to think about my "secrets". 

Heres the link for those that might want to check it out, I find it both fascinating and addicting at the same time...

So my question is, do you have a secret or secrets that you have never told anyone?
What is the reason you keep it inside??

Just so I don't feel like a total bitch

Is anyone else getting hideously annoyed with people using this as a forum for relationship advice?

My answer: yes. Yes, very. I'm sorry but if I have to read one more "Does this boy like me?" question I am going to scream. Grow the fuck up and ask him. Don't annoy countless others with your prepubescent insecurities.
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TQC! The time has come for a drunken question.

Do you have a favorite type of fish?
I like bettas and sharks. I wish there was some sort of hybrid species of really beautiful, fantailed flare-y shark that EATS THE HELL out of whatever you put in in the bowl with

I'd be so happy with earth and existing if there were such a creature
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Cell Phones - ringtones

I downloaded a midi from online that I want to use as my ringtone. However, it is being saved under MY SOUNDS and I cannot seem to move it over to MY RINGTONES. It's a Verizon LG if that makes any difference. Any input would help! Thanks!

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1. Are you part of any forums off of LJ? Have you ever been a part of a forum that died and came back to life?
2. What's your absolute favorite aspect of your job? Stuff like, that one customer that always comes in, your co-worker always leaves his fries unguarded and doesn't notice you eating them, the water tastes good, whatever.
3. Do you have clothes that you always wear when you're feeling down?
4. Does it bother you when people make puns out of your name, if it's possible?
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Does anyone have any good ways to relax (that doesn't involve self mutilation [my boyfriend's tired of me doing that] or taking it out on others)?

Tonight kinda went sour...
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Can you help me with this song?
And they played just before the last baseball game I went to...

2) Is anyone ELSE hearing explosions in the background?? (And NO I don't have a TV or video game on anywhere.....)

Thanks TQC.....


I've started to get a clear bubble appearing on my lip. It's perfectly round with clear fluid inside if I pop it. It's only a few mm in size. It isn't a cold sore and I've never had them up until recently. They go away and then appear again randomly a few weeks apart. I have a fairly full bottom lip so I am not sure if this is caused by friction. I've googled and I can't seem to find anything much about it. I've ruled out the big bad H and everything else doesn't seem to match either. Does anyone have any idea what this may be?
hair dryer
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Warm Winter

Has it been a warm winter for other states in the US besides Florida? I'm in central Florida. Usually our temperature is in the low 60s or so in January. But all winter it's been mostly upper 70s/low 80s. It's supposed to get up to 79 today and 81 tomorrow.

EDIT: I apologize for asking the same question that seems to already have been asked. I honestly did not see the post. If you guys would like me to delete this post, I will.

People have also mentioned that there's been a couple news stories on this, which surprisingly I haven't run across somehow. Thanks for the heads up, I'll go search online for some stories.

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so heres the story

last night i dreamt my bf died,  He got this decease called gitis, ( it was like meninigitis) but it killed you in 30 days. he didn't feel any pain at all though he just knew he had 30 days to live and i guess 30 days later you just fell dead. but anyways he decided to get executed instead and like not wait 30 days he just wanted to die now. the hospital had given him a choice. so he got the electric chair.  Then I realized how horrible this was that my bf was dead. and I felt like crying but i couldn't and then i started wondering what i was gonna do by myself, like i had to find someone else to love, move out get rid of some of his stuff. and it was the worst feeling in the world I just didn't want to go through with it. And i couldnt' understand why he just wanted to die so early before the 30 days was up since he didn't go around saying goodbye to his friends, or a proper goodbye to me, its like if nothing existed anymore. and he just wanted to leave so bad. and my bf is NOT like that in real life.

Then I went to my brother's to take my mind of things and we were drinking. and thats when I woke up

So does anyone know what it means when you dream of someone dying like that? is there any good website you know that inteprites dreams? I also went to a funeral on friday I wonder maybe thats what caused me to dream that.
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For as long as I can remember, I've thought Abraham Lincoln was utterly creepy. (Look-wise.) I feel the need to look away when presented with an image with him, a symptom that doesn't fare well when near Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln in Disneyland.

I'm not sure if it's the bushy eyebrows, prominent wrinkles, straight lips, or those dead eyes, but I really do find him eerie. Watching Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech the other day, which often showed clips of the Lincoln Memorial, my stomach lurched and I nearly clicked the stop button. I do respect the man, however, since he was the first Republican president the U.S. had.

With that being said, I ask you, The Question Club, do you find Abraham Lincoln's looks creepy?


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Before or After?

and on a related note:

Left or Right?

For extra credit:

Tinkerbell or Glenda?

EDIT: 'Cause I'm an attention slut (not a WHORE, but I do wear the uniform...)

Snog: A Puppy's Guide to Love

Hornbacher's Delivers!

My mother ordered groceries to be delivered to me (and she payed with her credit card). They will be delivered in about 3-4 hours.
The company charges $5.95 for a delivery charge, and since she ordered over $50 worth, she got the "convience charge" taken off.

Should I tip the guy? If so, how much? Or is that not nessecery?
I dont really want to go find an ATM (I dont have any cash on me), but I'm wondering if it'd be rude to not tip the grocery guy. And if I dont tip him, and there's an akward moment where they expect it (I'm not sure if they do..), what should I do??

EDIT: Also, the closest ATM is in the actual grocery store, but since I dont own a car, I'd have to walk. And it seems silly to walk to the grocery store, and walk back home to wait for them to bring stuff.
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Okay, so most of us utilize LJ as a way to write about our lives, and such. But, I wonder how many of you had/still have a real journal that you write in when not blogging... So!

(please copy/paste the questions, so it makes for easier reading)
1. Do you have a real journal?
2. How old were you when you first started keeping a real journal? What year?
3. Do you still write in your real journal?

As for me...

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To this moment, my mom still searches all of Dothan for a Nintendo Wii.

She's hoping to be able to find one and have it here by the time I get home from rehearsal.

The question I have is, do you think she'll be able to?
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My dog got her claw snagged in her wool sweater while I was putting it on her.
As a result, it looks like most of the nail came off exposing the quick or skin underneath. It was bleeding a bit, I put ointment and a bandage and have her in her kennel.

Do I need to take her to a vet? If so, is this emergency caliber or an "it can wait till the next work day" kind of trip?

anything else I should know regarding this situation?

Thanks in advance!
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1) What is something you wish you were in the habit of doing?
2) Does anyone actually watch soap operas? If so, which ones do you watch?
3) Has anyone here used Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig or any of those programs and lost weight? How much did you lose?

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Waking the fuck up on time.

I have a class that starts on Monday at 9 am, a few weeks ago I had started setting my alarms to 8am to try and change my schedule in preperation. Yeah, alarms, plural, three of em.

At first I did grand and woke up on time! Once my room mate moved in and we split rooms I started doing worse and worse. The last few days I woke up at nine, then ten, then noon today. I'm not going to bed much later but it has been frozen and wet here lately, which may have something to do with my sleepiness.

Short of not sleeping, what can I do to wake up on time?

Do you think it would help for me to move my loudest alarm behind my desk so it's hard to get to it to turn it off?

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1. Do you remember the first question you answered here?
2. What is the most useless thing you can think of that you use daily?
3. Who asked the question about "chipmunk soul"? I used lj seek to try and find it, but nothing came up.
4. What are some things you will just never get sick of?
5. What screenname are you most embarassed to have made?
6. What nickname does your parent//SO have for you that is original?
7. What would someone you knew three years ago say if they saw you now?
8. What would most people be surprised to know about you?

1. Someone asking about how to top-up their prepaid cell phone.
2. My camera phone.
3. I have no idea, but I wanted to suggest a song, "Leanin' On You" by the Geto Boys
4. Macaroni and cheese, "White Houses", my sister, and my house.
5. ladyruffridereve. I didn't even really know who Eve was when I made it, and I thought I was really, really cool.
6. Kitster.
7. "You look so different!" "Where are your braces?!"
8. I'm on the chess team, and I like gangsta rap.
Red head

Netflix vs. Blockbuster

I asked a question here a few weeks ago about the movie quality of Netflix. I'm glad to hear that the situation of the person I know is a fluke.
However, a few of you mentioned Blockbuster. And while their deal is a few dollers more expensive, I like the fact that you can just bring the movies into the store to exchange.
So my question now is this:
Which company has a bigger movie selection, Netflix or Blockbuster?

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In a heated debate on a topic where there is currently no right or wrong answer, do you:

A) Hold your own until you feel you've made such a valid point that the opposite side is "stuck," and any retort would be futile.

B) Grow tired of repeating your opinion and evidence to back it, and just stop arguing because you realize it's a circular argument, and no one will reach a consensus.

C) Ignore the conflict all together.

Or other, of course.

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What do your roommates/ flatmates do that REALLY annoys you, to the point where you get angry and almost don't want to live with them anymore?

What do YOU do that makes you a bad roommate/ flatmate?

#1 never turns off the light in her room, and whenever she uses the faucet she leaves it slightly drippy.
#2 has a puppy that NEVER STOPS BARKING if she's not in the same room with him.
#3 is just really messy, and never does her share of dishes or wipes off the stove after making pancakes or other messy food.

I can be REALLY bossy, especially when it comes to these little annoying things. Also, we ALL hate cleaning the bathroom...... so it never gets cleaned.

Rosebud was a sled, Bruce Willis is dead!

1. Does it really bother you when someone posts a spoiler about a movie/TV show years after it's been released? I can see if you're talking about a show that was on just last night, or a movie that's still in theatres, but after awhile, does it really matter?

2. If you're going to have a baby soon, would you consider yourself "spoiled" if the doctor told you if it would be a girl or a boy?

3. Have you figured out the secret to LOST yet?

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I usually try not to let this happen, but every now and then when I'm in the movie theater I have to pee. Really, really bad or else I'd just hold it until the movie was over.

But several times in my hurry to get in and out of the bathrooms as quickly as possible so as not to miss too much of the movie, I realize that I accidentally used the men's room instead of the ladies.....

[Fortunately so far there's never been anyone in them, so I avoided any extremely embarrassing situations.]

But my question is this: has anybody else ever done that? Not necessarily in a movie theater but anywhere? What happened? Were you seen?
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Admin: Open Post

Dear thequestionclub,

We have set up an open post at tqc_mods to give you a way of contacting us to request mod action or to provide feedback.

Please read the post before commenting.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled questions about sex, sausage, and iPods.

Question: What's your favorite cheese to put on pasta?

(freshly grated pecorino romano, but mizythra is a close second)

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1. At 23 and dating for almost a year & a half, is it too early to get engaged?
2. What's your favorite website (non-pornographic please!)?
3. I want to get an LCD monitor 19" or larger, any suggestions on what's the best value for the price?

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Last night a few friends and myself were drinking.  My guy friend and I ended up making out for a while.  I would have made out with him even had I not been drinking, but my questions are...

Why do some guys only make a move when a girl is drunk?  Are they just not confident enough to do it when she's sober?


My best friend is male. We're not having sex (yeah, that's relevant).

We spend a lot of time together because we work together on the same shift (2nd), and have pretty much the same schedule. His girlfriend works a normal first shift, so they don't have a lot of time together.

Lately, as you can imagine, she's become very jealous and is insiuating that something simply must be going on between us - she, of course, has nothing to back up this assumption. I think it's ridiuclous, and the only reason it's even coming into question is because I have tits (if I were a man, this wouldn't be an issue). He's never cheated on her before, either.

I talked to her today and tried to settle her fears, and it seemed to do a great deal of good. I'm glad, but while I can't fault her for being suspicious, I certainly am privately insulted.

Is there anything else we can do to assure her that he's NOT cheating on her, and help her relax?
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Your SO, due to some unfortunate negligent circumstances, has to serve jail time. 4 weekends in a row (he or she goes home on Monday morning and reports on Friday night). Their behavior changes somewhat over this time. They become more sullen and moody. They come clean to you after their punishment is over. In jail, they were the new fish and bullied and intimidated, and out of fear, ended up having sex with different 8 guys/girls and had a gay threesome, involuntarily.

1. Would you consider this cheating? Maybe they could have been stronger and not so easily put out. 8 is a lot for 8 days.

2. Would you lose respect for them?

3. If, after the experience, they said that it wasn't as bad as they thought and now consider themselves bisexual (if they weren't before), how would you accept this new facet of your SO?

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1. How much make up do you wear on a day to day basis?
2. Can you get away without wearing make up?
3. What brands do you use/reccomend?

1. Foundation, concealer to even everything out, especially under my eyes because i get bad dark circles, blusher. If i'm going somewhere interesting
then I bother with the eye make up... usually dark eye colour.
2. MMM... not really. I don't have bad skin but it never looks particuarly smooth and glowing unless I have a tan.
3. MAC is wonderful for foundation and concealer. They have the best range of skin tone colours and after years of wearing the wrong colour I have found NC20. Perfect! I've never found the perfect eye liner that doesnt ruboff/end up half way down your face after a few hours though. Or a really great lip stain colour that suits me.
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(no subject)

1. How many GB of music does you have on your computer?
2. How many songs is that?
3. How long is that?
4. Is it organized?

Do you listen to it all?

5. How many GB of TV shows and movies do you have on your hard disk?
6. How many hard drives do you have?
7. How much GB are they, what is your total space?

8. What was the last citrus fruit you ate?

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Why do we use pillows?
I'm starting to dislike sleeping with them, but if it's going to give me horrible horrible neck pains in the future, I can deal.

How many pillows do you sleep with?

Are you a pillow hog?

What's your favorite kind of pillow?

(three but usually they end up wrapped up in my legs, nope, and anything fluffy)
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In response to a comment on this article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/6251239.stm

To men (or women, whomever wishes to answer): Would you leave your wife/girlfriend if she stopped shaving (not even altogether, maybe just legs or something)?

What's with this hairlessness obsession anyway? I think it's a little out of control.

Since it is now a trend to be pretty much completely hairless, what do you think will be the next step? Getting rid of eyebrows and eyelashes? Do you think hair will come back in vogue?

Phone Telemarketers

1. Has anyone ever said something snarky or mean to a telemarketer before?

2. Don't you hate it when telemarketers call and ask to speak to a deceased family member?

ETA: I forgot to tell my snarky comment!

This telemarketer asked to speak to my dog. Now, my dog has an obvious dog name (Furball) which makes this guy sound like a complete moron!

TM: Hello, may I please speak to Furball ****?

Me: Well, that depends. Are you Dr. Doolittle?

TM: No, but I have this great deal on (Some magazine..I don't remember) May I speak to Furball ****?

Me: Well, he's not here right now. He's at the Vet getting a flea dip.

TM(Hangs up)
Joker - Insurance


Who do you think would win in a fight to the death, no weapons, between Jackie Chan and Jet Li?
Jet Li all the way.

How about Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris? Once again, no weapons.

What's your favorite movie(s) starring any of these men?
The Kiss of the Dragon starring Jet Li and Lionheart starring Jean-Claude.

What was your reaction when you saw that Sean Bean was playing John Ryder in The Hitcher?
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I want to be an exchange student. But not sure about the location and time.

1. Should I go for short term exchange (6 weeks) or long term (a year) ?
2. Should I either go to...
a) Japan
b) China
c) Germany
d) Canada
3. Where would you go for your exchange destination?
4. Any tips about student exchange and favorite countries?


Here's my answers:
1. I don't know, that's why I'm asking..
2. Probabyly a) or b), but I also like c) and d)..
3. Any of the four above.
4. ?? that's why i'm asking..
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This is your brain off drugs

My head is severely fucked up today, from accidental Effexor withdrawal. It's completely fuzzy, and I feel as if I'm swaying from side to side and swirling out of myself.

So... wtf should I do with myself today? I can't concentrate on anything, so reading is way out. Sound hurts, so TV/movie is out, plus wouldn't have concentration for it. Had a long bath already. Slept too much already. Too disorientated to cook.

Also, if you know what it feels like - sucks, doesn't it? Is there anything you've found that can make you feel normal faster, or do you just have to wait for the meds to have kicked back in the next day?

For others: has 2007 sucked or ruled so far?
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(no subject)

Am I the only anime fan who doesn't hate dubbs? I understand why other do and I respect that but...I don't hate dubbs. I LIKE hearing an anime in English! And not all english voice actors are bad! Some are VERY VERY good! Don't get me wrong, I know there is bad dubbing out there, but it seems to me most people expected all english dubbs to be bad and can never look past it.

Am I alone?
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(no subject)

What do you do when Mormons come to your door? (let's say you can't see who it is until you open the door)

Are you or is anyone you know a Mormon? Why don't the girls have to go door-to-door?

Do you think Mormons enjoy going door-to-door?

(no subject)

Obviously you think you and your significant other are a good match or you wouldn't be together. However...

1. How happy are you with your relationship?
2. Is your SO the type of person you imagined you would end up with?

(no subject)

I need a good comedic monologue that's about a minute long for an audition. It should be from a play. Anyone know any?

Edit: I guess I should've been way more specific. :-) It can't be Shakespeare, and it should be age/sex appropriate. I am an 18 year old female. Thanks everyone!!

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(no subject)

How much does it cost to put central air into a house that doesn't have it?

For the record, it has baseboard heat, and there are no ventilation ducts run. But the walls are just studs and frames at this point, no drywall has been hung yet.
Moi 10/08

(no subject)

My skin has been giving me problems lately, so I am having a facial done next week. It's targeted to acne-prone skin and involves extraction and all that (gross, huh?).

For anyone that's had this done, is this a particularly painful process to endure? I'm a wuss when it comes to pain and want to know what to expect.
kiv dancin.
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so sally can wait

when i was a sophomore in high school my favorite song was "don't look back in anger" by oasis.

if you're old enough to answer, what was your favorite song in your 10th year of schooling (11th if you count kindergarten... that's assuming you went to kindergarten, for those of you in other countries)?
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(no subject)

When you work out or are dehydrated, are you the kind of moron who takes in spoon fulls of table salt, after misinterpreting what electrolytes are?

I knew some moron who would take in three table spoons of sodium chloride every day. He was also confused as to why his blood pressure was so high. He refuses to eat beef, because it is bad. But he always orders extra gravy with his chicken, and all that salt, which he eats every day for supper. He sees nothing wrong with his diet.

Have you ever met someone who thought they were an expert in something only to prove they are a complete moron, like workout boy mentioned above?

Have you ever secretly wished for them to die or get sent to the hospital because of their stupidity?

Die Hard

I just watched the movie Die Hard last night and there is a moment I don't quite understand. When Bruce Willis meets Alan Rickman for the first time, Alan lies to Bruce and says his name is Bill Clay. Bruce sees a listing of people in the building and there is a William Clay listed. Bruce then hands Alan a gun, which turns out to be empty. How did Bruce know Alan was lying?

for athletic supporters...

Poll #906815 FOR NFL FANS! and other people along for the ride.

who will win the AFC championship next week?

New England Patriots
Indianapolis Colts
i am a moon man and still rooting for johnny unitas
i can't understand your STANGE american football

who will win the NFC championship next week?

New Orleans Saints
Chicago Bears
i am a moon man and still rooting for brett favre
i prefer curling

who will win the superbowl?

the ones with the prettiest uniforms!
Prince, with a field goal during the halftime show

favorite phrase by an NFL commentator

"that was....special." (Dan Dierdorf only)
"his backfield is in motion"
"there is penetration in the backfield"
"i would totally go gay for brett favre" (all NFL commentators)
"I WANNA KISS YOUUUUUU..." (drunk Joe Namath only)
"Elway...in for the touchdown"
"The one who scores the most points here...is going to win the game." (John Madden in a rare moment of clarity)
"the LONGball"
"Manning puts the P in PATIENCE!" (some dumbass who makes too much money)
"Marino never won the big one." (hah hah)
"Marty Schottenheimer is cursed."
"OHHHHHHHHH McNabb just threw up on the field!" (it was only the one time)
"weeeeeeee will, weeeeeeeeee will ROCK YOU"

I'm an idiot....

I got my braces off last year in Feb. I wore my retainer for a couple of months, then I got really sick and couldn't wear them, and just never wore them again. Now my teeth are kidna screwy. Not bad enough to have braces again screwy, thankfully. Is there anything I could do to get them atleast a little more straight? I still have the two retainers I was given(the metal one and the one that looks like the invisalign.) Should I try to stick the retainers back on and do it that way? Or some how find the money and get invisalign to correct it?

Sorry if that makes no sense, I ramble a lot.
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(no subject)

What do you look like?

Post a photo or simply describe yourself if you don't have one.

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How do you imagine other people to look on LJ?

Sometimes I just imagine whoever is in their icon or imagine them as looking like various acquaintances.


Any other student animators here?

If so, where are you studying and what type of animation is it? (i.e. traditional, Computer, Stop Motion etc?)

I'm doing Stop motion and 2-D digital and traditional animation at NEWI.
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maybe it's a cultural thing

I got my ears pierced when I was a baby, but for some reason, I got the impression that this wasn't normal in the US.

  1. Do you have a piercing?
  2. Where?
  3. When did you get it?
  4. What would you think of a baby girl who had two pierced ears?
  5. At what age do you think it's okay for girls, at least, to get their ears pierced?
  6. And, to qualify the questions: Where are you from?
  7. ETA: Are babies with pierced ears the norm where you're from?
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Internet much?

1. Do you consider yourself addicted to the Internet?

2. Does anyone else think you spend too much time on the Internet?

...I hope these haven't been asked before. It's my first post here. :x
The Dude Abides

24 inspired ?'s

Why aren't there many suicide bombings in the US?

If someone were trailing you in a car or following you on foot in a busy city, do you think you would notice?

Besides on television, do you think there will ever be a time in US history where there are 2 African American presidents in the span of 3 presidential terms?

(no subject)

Do you have certain conditions you stick to before going out with a guy/girl?

If so, what are they?

Me: Yes, he can't be a total man-whore, he can't do drugs, he can't be totally anti-christian, and everything else I play by ear.
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1. My birthday is on Thursday. I had to renew my driver's license since the seven-year term was up for it. I renewed it the day after Christmas but still haven't gotten it in the mail (still could show up by Thursday). Actually, I haven't received a lot of mail at my apartment, but that's another story. If my license doesn't show up by Thursday, what should I do? My dad says just print out the confirmation of renewing it, and then if I get a ticket for driving with an expired license, I could get it dismissed in court because it's not my fault it's not been mailed to me. I live in Texas if that makes a difference (I can't find info on this). I'm moving again in a couple weeks so I'll have to get a new license anyway for the address change, so if the license for my current address doesn't show up, I'll have a new license for the new address soon enough. I hope all that made sense.

2. How long after you move out of an apartment can you still get a deposit back? Is it only 30 days? I moved out of an apartment back in September. But I never got my deposit back or heard anything about it and have either been too busy or too absent-minded to go check up on it (I know, silly since it's money(!)). As I mentioned above, I haven't been getting some of my mail at my current apartment so I don't know if it was even mailed. Is it too late to see if they ever mailed the deposit back to me? Is there any way to prove I never recieved it if they did send it (in other words, do they keep records of if it's been cashed, because if it has been, it wasn't by me, but by whomever opened my misdirected mail)? Can they still write me a check for it even though it's been a few months since I moved out?

3. For anyone who is a teacher, how soon should I begin applying to other schools for job openings for next year? Now? Later this semester (when specifically)? This summer (there is a teacher job-fair in June/July)? I don't want to sign a contract at my current school come April/May and then back out of it if I get a job offer elsewhere, but I don't know how soon a lot of districts start looking for teachers for the following school year since a) I'm not in a public school and b) this is only my second year teaching, so I'm still learning how schools work on this side of the fence. A co-worker said I shouldn't sign a contract and just say, "I'd like to wait to sign a contract until I hear back from some schools I've applied to." But then, that could lead to my school not re-hiring me, couldn't it?
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So I'm a freshmen in college and right now I'm looking for internships/jobs for the summer. Now what sucks is I've never worked before... so what exactly do I do/send? Like for cover letters and filling out an application with no prior work experience?

sorry for the ambiguity/randomness of this question.
and i just realized that the person below me's post is almost about the same thing.
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What are some other songs in the same vein as that Eiffel 65 song?

I mean really popular one-hit wonders of the last 10-15 years that were thought of more as novelty songs than anything else.

French Fries!

Ok stupid question!

One of my co-workers said he is sick because he has a french fry in his lung. He said he ate at jack in a box and he inhaled a french fry and it got into his lung.
Now I dont think that could happen but you never know.
What do you all think..
Sorry I know stupid question!

Come to think of it now my mom did have a pill get stuck in her lung so i think it could happen!!!
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Work stuff.

I'm looking at possibly taking on a second job at a tech support call centre (this is actually something I've wanted to do for a couple years... Yes, I AM insane, thanks for noticing!) and noticed something on their website that has me and my husband thinking. Maybe you guys have some insights?

They say they are an equal opportunity employer... However, where does the equality END? I mean... If you're so mentally handicapped that your motor functions hardly exist... Are they still obligated to give you a chance to work?

Or is that kinda label just meant to say they'll accept any race, gender, religious background, etc., etc.?

I wonder the dumbest things. :(
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Computer Upgrades?

Hey everyone!

So, I'm thinking it's time to upgrade my computer a little bit; it's about four years old and hasn't had anything touched in it since then.

I have a new 20.1" widescreen monitor for it, but found that my graphics card is too old and can't support the native widescreen resolution on it.

I got wondering about other upgrades to do while I was at it. So, my question: What upgrades should one to do an older computer to affect its running the best?

More info:
It's a P4 3.00gHz
120GB hard drive
GeForce 5200 graphics card

Obviously, I need to update the graphics card. Which one should I get? I do not need a TV tuner, but I would like dual monitor support if such thing exists.

The next thing I'd probably do is the RAM, yes?

Help a non-techie girl out?

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Hey there TQC, I used to be mynameiskristen.
Onto the question:
Have you followed through on your resolutions so far?
For the most part, I think. Mine were to speak coherently, pay attention in class, say "like" less often and be nicer to someone. Tonight I hit that someone with a pom pom, but aside from that I think I've been doing a good job. :]
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If I upload a .mov file to my photobucket, can other people view it without downloading quicktime?

Should I convert it to a .wmv file? Will that make the file size smaller? EDIT: Figured this one out!

What is the maximum amount of space available on photobucket?

Does anyone else use Opera? What web browser do you prefer, and why?

New question! For the people that use Opera, are you having problems with Yahoo mail at all? Or it randomly telling you you aren't signed into LJ? I sent a bug report to Opera about the yahoo thing, but it's still not fixed.
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NJ Transit

What time does NJ Transit consider off peak on weekdays?
I think it's after either 9:30 AM or 10:00 AM to New York, but I'm having no luck finding it on their website. The only thing I can find is something about how they changed it from 10 to 9:30 in 2002, but I don't know if that's still the case.

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Somehow DamnIt! (my cat) got into some gasoline last night and I've given him 2 bathes today (I used kitty shampoo and Dawn much to his dislike) but the gas film is still on his fur, as is the smell.

How do i get it off of him ?? should I call the Vet tomorrow?


basically i'm looking for some sort of therapy but i haven't got a clue.

i won't go into detail, but my friend can drive and has her own car, yet won't go far incase she needs to get out and use toilet. this prevents her from using motorways, or going in an unfamiliar area, incase there isn't a toilet to use. she doesn't suffer from any physical problem, as she can "hold it in". it appears to be psychological completely. she has been checked out by doctors internally, therefore that area is fine. she has already been to counselling and been on beta blockers.

basically i am wondering if anyone knows our next plan of action for her? does anyone know anyone in a similar situation?

i just don't know what to do as its affecting her life.

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What's that Disney movie with the wizard singing "Zippity Boppity Boo" or something and all the stuff in his house gets really small and fits into a suitcase?

Was it the sword in the stone?

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I am currently without my beloved laptop but want to do some low level image editing, nothing major, just along the lines of cropping, resizing, and slapping some text on some pics for livejournal icons without 'em looking like piles of pixelated crap.

But... I'm using my dad's comp, so I either need something completely web-based or really small program wise.

What program, oh wise members of thequestionclub, would you recommend?