January 13th, 2007


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I need help with what to wear on a first date.

We are thinking of going to the movies in Boston.

What do I wear?

EDIT:: I have jeans, dressy black pants, khakis, t-shirts, and nice dressish tops

Fur questions

1. Why is there so much fur hate?

2. Have you met a fur in real life?

3. Why is furriedom spreading?

EDIT: Anyone know of an image hosting site that allows remote loading?

2. I had a few friends who became furs after I knew them for a few years. It's very odd. They all change their names & I'm expected to call them by their fur names, but I know them by their human names. An odd thing to base your existance on really. Seems to mostly be a way for ugly (primarily gay male) geeks to have sex with each other.

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1.Are you willing to donate organs after your death? If not, why?
2.If someone close to you died would you agree for their organs to be harvested?
3.Is there anything you wouldnt be willing to donate?

Personally i will donate anything i can. I won't be needing them anymore and if it can save someone elses life then that's wonderful. i don't understand people who refuse to donate.
We should all have the opt out list rather than opt in. Here in England you have to register to donate, if you had to register to not donate then the amount of organs free for transplantation would increase dramatically.. they have that system in Holland, not sure where else.
2. Even if the person I had to decide for didn't want to donate i think i'd go against their wishes... unless it would cause massive arguements betweeen other people. i know that sounds awful but as far as i'm concerned there's no reason not to...and they're dead.. what are they gonna do!
3. I'm somewhat iffy about this new face transplant... but i'll get over the weirdness factor, after all it's not like i'll be seeing this person walking around with my face :-/ Anyway it's just the skin really...
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What is your favourite book? Hold on before you answer. What is your favourite copy of a book, based on memories and whatnot associated with that specific copy. What makes that book different from any other copy of it?

Maybe someone special gave it to you, maybe the author signed it, whatever.
Steve Away
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Further to the earlier teeth Question...

Poll #905751 Teeth

In the morning, do you brush your teeth...

Before breakfast
After breakfast

I've always done it after breakfast which seems to make more sense, but have heard others do it before.
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Presidents, again

If Arnold Schwarzenegger was eligible to be a US President, and ran for it, would you vote for him? Why/not?

(Suggestion: if you are not from the US, pretend!)

Is there any actor you would want to vote for? (Actor, not TV presenter.)
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Rekam lighting

I want to buy lighting equipment (Rekam Master 600 or Rekam Promo 500) for my photostudio. Can anybody, please, give me links to some good online shops in US where they sell Rekam lighting?
Thanks a lot!
Me - Coors Light OJ


1. Have you, or anyone you know, ever worked at a Jamba Juice? How was it?
I've got an interview for an Assistant Manager position at one, so I'm trying to get some opinions on how it is for a place to work.

2. When type of smoothies do you prefer, if at all?
I like pineapple, orange, and mango. Separately or mixed. I HATE bananas in my smoothies.
A very cute Aye-Aye.

English Class.

Out of all the english classes I have taken(which isn't much, i'm only in 10th grade) I have seen this:

Why in nearly every sentence I have read that has the word "earth" in it, it is never captilized? It is a noun, isn't it? A place. A very important place infact. So why is "earth" never capitilized?

Either there is an explanation that I have missed or the schools I've been to are incompetent in their work.


so heres my situation:
i have a best friend named brian. we seriously talk allll the time. we've only known each other 4 or 5 months yet we talk every day all day and never run out of things to talk about. After work, he always walks me to my car and constantly tickles me or pokes me.. touch me in general. He even has been trying to get in good with my parents. he calls me his jewbaby and his girl... just his. haha. he made me the most thoughtful christmas present ever. i had never had a xmas tree so he got his mom to sew me a tree pillow made of hannukah fabric. and for my birthday he's buying me a sidekick which is like 400$ "/. i used to like him but he swears he doesn't like me. even though everyone thinks we're dating and/or sleeping together. Even my mom!
so my question is: Do you think he likes me?
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I feel like watching The Thornbirds! It has been been on my brain for a few days. It is eight hours long.

Should I make one fantastic day/night out of it, or save half for tomorrow?

ANOTHER movie question

or atleast i think its a movie. all i remember is theres this kid who's on an island, and there are sandsharks so he has to climb a tree to escape, and he ends up feeding it pizza. im not too sure about the characters but i remember the sandshark and the pizza. anyone have an idea?
cat tea

unrelated questions

1. Who or what do you care about? I know this is vague, interpret however you'd like.
2. When you're walking, do you PERSONALLY walk with traffic or against traffic?
3. If and when you read non-fiction, what subjects in particular are you interested in?
4. Do you ever break out in hives? What causes them?
5. What would you do if you lost almost everything? You broke up with/divorced your SO, got laid off/fired, had no friends in the area, don't get along with family, couldn't afford rent on your own.... where would you go? What would you do? Would you move someplace completely different and start over?

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For those who have/do work(ed) in any type of restaraunt...

It seems like everytime I ask one of my freinds where they work they say "oh _ _ _ _...Don't EVER eat there!"

I've heard tons of restaraunt cook horror stories...semen in the fryer...not washing hands after using the bathroom...etc.

If you've ever worked in a restaraunt, what are some things like this that you've witnessed/done first hand?

Or, if you've ever eaten somewhere and there is something TOTALY wrong about your order. (and no I don't mean too much salt, I mean like a chicken leg on your burger) what exactly happened?

I love a good scary story.


When it comes to condoms, my boyfriend far prefers Sheik over anything else. He claims to like the fit and the way the lubricant holds out, as opposed to other condoms.

Problem is, I've searched everywhere and no one sells them. I looked online, and I can find mention of Sheik condoms, but can't find any place to actually PURCHASE them.

Can someone help me out, or give me a reason WHY they're so hard to find??

Cream cheese on a bagel, yum!

Three questions:

1.) If you get told you're an 'ass' or a 'bitch' five times in one day, does that mean there's something to it?

2.) If a high school principal calls a student, 'babe', is that inappropriate or just overly friendly?

3.) What's your stance on 'Straight Edge'?
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If your fiance requested it, would you:

1. get a prenuptial agreement?
2. agree to separate bank accounts?
3. drop your maiden name in favor of his because it was important to him?

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1. my kid was up 'til like 5am RPing (she finished all of her homework for the weekend and doesn't have plans for the day). it's noon now, what time should i wake her up?

2. why are my dogs still asleep? it's noon and they haven't asked to go out or even really moved.

3. i want to thoroughly clean a room today, which room should it be? kitchen, bedroom, or living room?

4. i have the following movies that need watching, which one should i watch tonight?
buena vista social club
corpse bride
walk the line
house of flying daggers


What does death mean on the cellular level?

When a person dies do all the cells die at once? If not then what defines a person as dead? Do a portion need to die? What portion? How long can a cell survive on it's own?

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What's the difference between a crunch and a sit up?

Which one is more effective?

Other than going back a million entries how could I have checked to see if this question was already asked to avoid annoying the other people?

What does FTW mean?

Play time

1. Do you get Playboy/Playgirl delivered to your house?
2. Does your SO ever bitch about you having it or have they ever?
3. Would you stop getting them if they did have an issue with it?
4. would you pose on the front cover/center fold?
5. If Playboy has "bunnies", what does Playgirl have???

Seasme seeds dipped in frosting!

1.) Is it just as mean to make fun of someone for being skinny as it is to make fun of someone for being chubby? (Just FYI, I don't make fun of people for either. I'm wondering for other reasons.)

2.) When you see someone who's extremely pale, do you think they look sickly or gross?

3.) If you were going to be stranded on a desert island for the rest of your life, what are three things or people you would bring with you (you've already been given shelter and a life time supply of food and fresh water)? You also can't bring anything that would get you off the island.

4.) When you see girls or women in revealing clothing, do you think 'slut'? Do you just not notice anymore than you would any other outfit?

5.) Do you identify as a feminist?

6.) Recently, there's been a lot of talk about the fact that Oprah used 40 million dollars of her own money to build The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy For Girls of South Africa in...Well, duh, South Africa. The school grounds span 22 acres and include a beauty salon and yoga studio. Oprah noted to Newsweek that: "I became so frustrated with visiting inner-city schools that I just stopped going. The sense that you need to learn just isn't there. If you ask the kids what they want or need, they will say an iPod or some sneakers. In South Africa, they don't ask for money or toys. They ask for uniforms so they can go to school."

What are your feelings about this?

7.) Striped knee socks. Are they stupid or fun?
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Sirius System

My husband and I bought a Sirius system for our Civic last year. We just got the simple cheapest reciever and it works great. So we bought a second one for our Sportage. We're using this one since they no longer make the one we originally ordered for the Civic. But we can't get it to work correctly. The Civic one works fine in the Kia, so I know everything's hooked up correctly and what not.

We discovered by experimentation that if we plugged in the cassette adaptor for my iPod into the Kia's Sirius system, it works perfectly. But that's the only way. We tried changing the stations, using the extender piece, putting the reciever right up to our radio... nothing but static.

Anyway, I really do not want to call Sirius customer service again, because it's just absolutely horrible. The worst customer service I've ever experienced. And I can't seem to find the answer on their FAQ page, though I did send a request form with dubious predictions (from past experience.) So I was hoping some of you guys might have some suggestions.


P.S.-- Has anyone else had similar troubles with Sirius and their customer service? XM people, how is their customer service? Should I consider switching?

ooooooooh burn.

Who is the last person who chewed you out online?

it was judgement_day_7
and it was teh awesome:


GUESS WHAT?! Deleting posts is allowed, maybe as a 'MOD' you should know what you're fucking talking about, fag. OOOOHHHH wanna ban me now? Now that I called you a fag? Because insults aren't allowed. Of course if you and "General Whitey" fucking read any of the rules, you'd know that posting a comment just to fuck with somebody is against the rules, so we all know you're a bunch of fucking losers who sit on livejournal all day and give people shit, but it's okay because in 2007 being a hypocrite is SOOOOO in! FUCK you both, you're a waste of fucking space, BAN ME! I dare you, why the fuck do I care?
And besides that; you swear to fucking God that banning someone is gonna make a difference, they could always just make a new journal and join again, you fucking idiots.

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Does anyone know the name of  the movie about a boy who wants to be a dancer.. something along the lines of he wants to do ballet and his father wants him to be interested in football. I'm pretty sure the title is simple, it's the boy's full name I think. My mom and I can't remember and it's bugging us!
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1)If you moved to another state and got a landline, would you still change your cell phone number so that you would have the same area code as where you were living?

2)What are some meals you can prepare with minimal dishes (like a pot, a skillet, a spatula) and no microwave?

3)Do you eat 3 meals a day? If not which meals do you usually skip?
Women can't be cybermans (Captain Jack).

Does anyone know?

I didn't really know where else to ask but there's a Trojan commercial that says something along the lines of 1/4 people don't tell their partner they have AIDS (because they don't know they have it)...I was wondering if anyone knew the song thats playing in the back round?
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1. what kind (give an example or two) of craziness goes on in your life?
2. how much of that is brought to you, as opposed to you being personally involved?
(ex: your friend/SO talks about craziness at work/school)
3. is there a lot of drama at your job and/or school that you could most definitely do w/out?
4. a drama king/queen in your life that needs to stop that crap?
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Hello, everyone! I am going to do a choreography project for a dance class I'm in, and I'm looking for a song that would work well with a modern dance. Basically, I'm looking for a song that's out-of-the-ordinary, maybe with some talking in it, or maybe entirely talking. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

And as long as I'm posting... what is the real purpose of underwear? Seriously.

And are you supposed to capitalize the words "north," "south," "east," and "west"?

Thanks in advance =)

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Would a vet just put an animal down if you couldn't afford the medical bill and asked them to do it?

edited to add: This is why I am asking. I just took my cat up to the vet for an abcess.  It cost me 200.00 to have him treated and the abcess cleaned. I did not choose to put my cat down. But another woman was there and she had a cat with a similar injury and she was asking about options. I had paid and left at that point, so I didn't hear what they told her. It has always been something that I was curious about. 

john linnell

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What question do you hate being asked here?

Was the above question one of them? If so, sorry.

For older members: Would you consider yourself welcoming to new members or do you pretty much hate them? Why?
For new members: Do you think you are welcome here or do you feel out of place?

What would you consider the most interesting thing about yourself?

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What is the oldest story about your family that you know?

Where is your family originally from?

Do you take pride in your heritage?

Do you take time to learn about your families history?

ETA: I guess I should clarify, I mean actual stories, not things like "I'm descended from" and such. The oldest story I have of my family is when my 2 grandma's and my great aunt were playing at around 4 years old and my g. Aunt pushed my grandma out into a pond in part of an old machine. Also, I know a lot of stories about when they were living in the Preve as kids (a home for children w/ TB or high risk).

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1. As an observer, do you find significant height differences between two people to be awkward?
2. Does it matter if the two people are clearly in a romantic relationship?
3. If the couple is made up of a male and a female, does it make a difference which one is taller?

Collapse )

4. Does any one example appear more awkward to you than the others? Can you explain why?

Brushing at Work

Do you brush your teeth at work? Maybe after breakfast/lunch? Is it awkward or is this a common thing? I'm curious because I feel the need to brush my teeth more often, especially after meals.
I never noticed anyone brushing/rinsing their teeth at work. Our restroom is a group/with stalls and several sinks... not single restroom. It's a small office and only a few women, maybe 10. (I have no clue what goes on in the mens room) Thanks in advance for your replies. First time poster here so please be kind :)
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I searched the community and saw that there wasn't a post like this for a good few months, so I thought I'd ask!

What is your favourite/most trusted place to get recipes? I mean anything from names of chefs and cooks, tv shows to websites, books and magazines!

Share share share! Also - if some are good specifically for one thing like desserts as opposed to entrees include that, too!


Sony Commercial Actor

I am trying to find the name of the actor who portrayed an Italian(?) exchange student in a commercial that aired sometime between 2002 and 2004. I'm 90% sure that it was a Sony Wega commercial, and it may have aired during a Super Bowl. In the commercial, a teenage girl brings the exchange student home to meet her dad, who shows him his HDTV(?) setup. The exchange student exclaims "Fantastico!" and hugs the dad.

Does anyone know the actor's name -- or how can I find out who he is? TIA!
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emergency broadcast system

so, the emergency broadcast system broke in to tell us about an emergency while i was out of the room, i missed it and my son didn't think it was important enough to read - this was not a test - i came back into the room in time to read "emergency notification" and then it went back to the regularly scheduled program... how can i find out what the emergency is?? my zip code is 93552 if that helps

EDIT: answered & thank you! weather.com is my new friend!
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1. How tall are you? Are you comfortable with that height?
2. What are your plans tonight?
3. Do you have siblings?
4. What movie//song did you use to like until you saw//heard it too many times?
5. Do you like your boss?
6. How often do you shower?
7. On those days when you just really don't feel like straightening or blow-drying or doing WHATEVER to your hair, what do you do with it?
8. Would you rather drown or be burned alive?
9. Small town or big city?
10. What do you find totally overrated? It can be really anything.

1. 5'6. I actually feel like a giant, because all my friends are little shrimps.
2. I don't have any. I can't leave the house because we're iced//snowed in.
3. Yep. I have a bio sister that's 4 years older than me.
4. Movie: Rat Race, Song: Hey Ya!
5. She's really super nice, so yes.
6. Everyday, 98% of the time.
7. Put it in a bun//knot on the side of my head.
8. Drown.
9. Small town.
10. Smoking weed, MTV, and leather seats.

Bed bed bed

For those of you who make the bed, how do you do it?
I put the pillow I sleep with on the mattress, and then cover it with the flat sheet and the duvet. The pillow I don't sleep with goes on top of the duvet, and then my stuffed lamb sits beneath the pillow :)

If you take a nap, do you go beneath the covers in your regular clothes?
I'll either nap on top of the duvet or put on PJs
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Lazy Evil

Video Tombstone -- BBC Movie/TV Drama

I visited Brussels in late April/early May of last year. While watching TV in the hotel one night, I caught a single scene from an English-language movie or TV show. Two women were in a cemetery -- one older, one younger. The older woman showed the younger one a particular gravesite. A motion-activated sensor near the gravesite caused video to play on the tombstone -- a young woman singing and playing the piano (I think). The younger woman was entranced, and she felt sorry that the buried woman had died so young. The older woman was much less sympathetic. She wanted the younger woman to sign a petition to get the buried woman "removed" because of the "noise."

Help? I'm sure this is a very contemporary production, probably made by the BBC. TIA!
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So, I'm thinking probably not, but...

Is there any way I can get a burglary ink thingy off a purse I bought without going back to the store? They didn't take it off at the store, those poo poo heads.
penis kissies

Boob cake

I'm making a boob cake for a friends birthday.

The only specifications I have are that it has to have boobs. It may also have a body. If not a boob cake, it could be something else woman's-body related.

Have you ever made an unusual cake? In what way was it unusual?

How can I best make/shape this cake? I'm not buying any fancy cake pans for $60.


Okay, so I was in my room listening to my music, and my roommate comes in and starts saying that " i listen to wierd music etc etc ", my ex gf tells me that " i listen to music that people our age normally wouldnt listen too " Lets keep in mind I am only 23.

So my question is:

What type of music do you listen too?

Me personally I listen to 80s, indie, 80sdisco, new wave. I like dancing to that.
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lactose intolerant


i lost my phone. it's possibly in my house, my car, my friends house, at my job, etcetera. i am a very absentminded person. i need that phone. is it worth it to spend $150 dollars on a blackberry? i need to get my life together and need something superorganized.


I often hear that one's weight has to do with genetics but I also hear people say that it's a cop out or an excuse to be overweight and that it simply isn't true. I'm not one to make excuses for people but I have friends who are overweight but eat very healthily and in small portions. I also have very skinny friends who eat a lot of junk food and never exercise. What do you think? Is weight (maybe just partly) genetic?
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for my stats class

pick a number 0-9?

which is your favorite flavor of ice cream from the following?:
a) chocolate
b) vanilla
c) strawberry
d) cookie dough
e) cookies and cream
f) rocky road
g) reese's

thank you!
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These are some topics I was talking about with some friends recently. I was wondering what you guys thought.

1. You meet the person of your dreams, they treat you right, they love you unconditionally, etc, etc, etc... The only thing you dislike about them is that they are a little overweight, let's say 30-50lbs. They carry it well though and have a nice face and they are an attractive person to you. The weight, however, bothers you and it's something that you would like to see gone/changed. You still date them anyway.
Would you consider this settling for someone?

2. What do you think of an SO who doesn't allow you to hang out one on one with someone of the same sex they are?
{david tennant} headphones


I sincerely apologise if this question has been asked before or recently...if you have a car, what sort of car is it/how long have you had it/are you happy with it?

I am now faced with the ardous task of finding a new one, and I loved my civic, but I was curious to see what other recommendations others might give.
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a life-changing question...

Sooo i'm stuck between going to grad school and getting my MBA (Masters in Business Admin) or going to Culinary school.

I really want to do both, but I can only really "afford" to do one.

My parents think it's wise to get the Masters, because they feel it would be "a step backwards" if i got a second bachelor's in culinary arts.

But I really want to open my own restaurant one day.

Any ideas? Thoughts? Comments? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
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Kitchen questions ...

I grew up in the country and we had a compost pile and my other apartment had a non-functioning garbage disposal. Are there food items that I should not put in the garbage disposal? I don't put any food item in the garbage. I put steak in the disposal the other day.

Also I was told that I shouldn't put dishes with tomato products on them in my dishwasher. Does anyone know if this is true and why?

Oh yeah, for ceramic cooktops. Is it ok to wipe them clean with a wet cloth instead of using that ceramic cleaner every time?

I really hope my property management company isn't reading this because I'm going to be evicted!

french rap

when i was in paris this past week, i saw a french rap video on tv. i really liked it and want to know exactly what he was trying to say in english. i've tried finding the lyrics translated into english online, but can't seem to do so.
anyone know where i should go?

apologies for the 2nd post in a page

I have another burning question. Okay so a lot of you said permission slips and forms on my question regarding forging a parent's signature. Did any of you have to get midquarter reports (scraps of paper with your grade after 4.5 weeks into each 9 week quarter for each class) signed by your parents? If so, did you have to get them signed if you had a low grade in the class or regardless of your grade?

Also, were your parents pretty well aware of your grades in school whether they were good or bad? Were you pretty open about telling them when/if you got a bad grade?
am I bovvered?
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And that's your play of the day!

In light of today's playoff games, here's something I was wondering.

What songs do you listen to so you can get pumped up before/during a big game?

Not just football necessarily, all the other sports too?

For me, I'd have to say it was Deniece Williams' 'Let's Hear it for the Boy.'
When I was a kid, I always thought she was singing 'let's hear it for football' ... ha!
CCR's 'Centerfield' and the 'Chariots of Fire' theme song in all it's corny glory does it for me too. :P

As an aside, I was just flipping through the dial, and in the UK, they are playing polo on segways. Oh my goodness, hahaha. What music could possibly go to that?
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Greed... muahaha

Let's say someone was offering you $1 million. The catch? You would die three years earlier than you originally would. You can also add $1 million for every additional three years you give up. But, here's the thing: you don't know when you're going to die. And no matter what, you can't give back some money to add additional years to your life.

Would you take the money? And if so, how much would you take (and how many years of life would you sacrifice)? ETA: Why or why not?

(example: you accept $3 million, and give up 9 years of life. Instead of dying at 87, you die at 78. Of course, you don't know when you're gonna die...)

(Inspired by my boyfriend, who asked me this... and I had no idea. :P )

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On a scale of 1 to drunk, how drunk are you right now?

Judging by the amount of typos I made, and TRIED to fix, I am DRUNK.

Qyuestion numero dos...... how did you become as drunk are you are???
I drank 2 shots of rum and 5 malt beverages in the last 2 hours.

Question three. Do you know the ORIGINAL version of "You Raise Me Up?" And does it piss you the fuck off that Josh Groban leaves out the second verse? Did you even know there WAS a second verse?

I HATE THAT HE LEAVES OUT THE SECOND VEEEEEEERSE. The original was by a band called Secret Garden and it is SO MUCH BETTER than the Josh Groban version.

Sorrry for all of the typos. I fixed quite a few of them.

ANOTHER QUESTION. Which malt beverage is your favorite?

Mine is MIkes hard cranberry lemonade.. I als like Bacardi Silver Raz, and the Smirnoff grape thingie. I HATE the Bacardi O things bc they are gross.

(no subject)

What's your favorite never-fails-to-crack-you-up-every-time joke?

What's the sweetest thing your significant other has done for/to you?

Do you think Starbucks hides nicotine in their drinks?

(no subject)

What country do you live in now?

If you had the choice of moving to any other country, which would it be (language and money not an issue)?

The US
Either England or Germany
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Song qs

1) Why are there two versions of Augustana's "Boston"? One has a tinkly piano sound, and the other has a fuller sound.

2) WHO SINGS "Baby, I'm Amazed By You"? I keep getting Tim McGraw and Lonestar. I just want the one that I think was sung by McGraw.
» save your soul
  • sjorn


Who's your favourite videogame character?

Mine would be Claire Redfield, she's just full of awesome. 

(I'm sorry if this has been asked recently, I've backtracked through the last few pages and haven't seen it. ._.)

minnie and zeus


I know there was a recent pic post, but to keep suzer and i from overtaking other posts to talk about our cats...

What would you like tqc to know about your cat(s)?  Do you have any funny cat stories?  How much do you spoil it/them?

If you're not a cat person, why not? 
sad girl

The Hall of Alco

Do you think alcohol really makes people do stupid things or do you think it's psychosomatic and gives them an excuse to act stupid?

How does alcohol affect you?

I personally think it lowers your inhibitions, but not to the extent to cause people to do certain things. I've seen people act drunk from non-alcoholic drinks that they thought were alcoholic, which lends credence to the psychosomatic notion.

Alcohol just sorta relaxes me and makes me a little sleepy.

dry cleaning

I bought a winter coat at a thrift store that has cleaning instructions of "DRY CLEAN ONLY." It's made completely out of polyester and acrylic.

Have you ever taken a winter coat to the dry cleaners? How much did it cost?

Alternately, I was told that there's a product on the market to wash "DRY CLEAN ONLY" clothes at home. It's a packet that you throw into the dryer along with the garment. I had never heard of it before. Has anyone here used it or heard anything about it?

Should I take the coat to the dry cleaners, or try the dry-clean-at-home stuff?
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I was at Borders the other day, and I listened to an amazing cd. Unfortunetly, I cannot remember the artist or record title! I thought her last name was Gaines, but I'm wrong. I think. I know the title of the cd had the word "knife" in it, and song number 1 or 2 was called "Dr."-something. The genre was "pop," but it was more indie-ish. Piano, soft vocals. Really nice sounding. Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? Oh, and this was a newer album.

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the other day i was at my sisters and was being nosy and going through her pictures in her my documents folder.

anyway, she has nude photos of herself. And I can't get her hairy vag out of my head. It's disturbing.
Has anyone else ever seen their silbing nude? It's just..so..wrong.

Can you reply to posts with voiceposts?
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I can't remember the name of a song. Can anyone tell me what it is by the description of the music video? Basically it's a guy riding his bike through a city. The song came out 5 or more yrs ago.
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1. For satellite radio users, what brand do you have?
1a. What are your favorite channels & programs to listen to?
1b. Why did you get that particular brand?
1c. Would you get rid of satellite radio or switch to the other brand for any reason?

2. What are some good songs by Head Automatica or the Audition? I'm going to see the Jack's Mannequin concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom and those are the opening bands, I'd like to have some idea of them before I see them.

3. Same as above for Finger Eleven and Blackstone Cherry. They're supporting Hinder next month. The only song I know by Finger Eleven is "One Thing" which I do like. Is all there music like that? What are some other good songs by them or by Blackstone Cherry?

4. What things are you looking forward to in the next few months?
I'm looking forward to my internship in the city, Hinder & Jack's Mannequin concerts, seeing Chicago on Broadway (hopefully), my one-year-anniversary/Valentine's Day with my boyfriend, and my honors thesis presentation. The Hinder concert, anniversary/Valentine's Day, and honors thesis presentation are February 13, 14, &15th so that should be an interesting week.

edit5. What books have you read that you highly recommend? I'm going to need entertainment on my train rides into the city. I'll read almost anything except for thrillers, I like a good mystery but James Patterson & the like freak me out.
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Who is this? - SOLVED!

My boyfriend and I were at a thriftstore today, and he bought this mask... and now we have no idea who it is. He had thought it might be a president or something, but we've looked online for an hour and can't figure it out. The only information on the mask is that it is a Cesar mask made in 1998. Any help would be much appreciated!

-edit- It is indeed a Bill Gates mask, minus the glasses. Thanks to everyone who helped!

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I'm in a strange thinking kinda mood tonight. Kinda like every other night.

Here's some highly blasphemous questions for you guys! :) Said in humour, but not everyone has a deranged sense of humour such as myself.

For my sake, I'm talking about the plain old New/Old Testament sorta bible. If you wanna take this like the Quran, or Satanic Bible, or whatever the hell... and can make heads or tails of things that way, go crazy!

1- If Jesus was say, smooshed in an Iron Maiden, or had his head cut off by a Guillotine, do you think either of the above would be turned into a fashion statement as the cross has been? Why (not)? ((Saying this fully aware that these are more recent ways of execution. If you can think of anything that was used 2000 years ago, and would make a lovely fashion statement that could also be a religious statement, feel free!))

2- Are you already fearing the other questions I'm going to ask?

3- Lots of people use names from the bible, but they're generally boring ones. Like John and Mary and junk. What outrageous biblical name(s) do you think should make a comeback and be like the next Aiden/Ayden/Aydyn, etc etc etc?

4- Rephrased to make more sense! We all know that the bible has been translated a billion times into many languages, thus losing a lot of whatever was probably actually REAL about it. If someone came along from the time it was written, and gave you a special dictionary to translate it from ANY current edition, telling you that the TRUE truth would fix the world, would you do it, even if you weren't religious?

5- Right here and now, if you could make up any deity/saint/whatever to suit your needs, what would they be called and what would they be capable of?

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This evening I heard a really vulgar song. It was by Eminem (I think - he has a pretty recognizable voice) and some deep-voiced rapper. I don't remember any specific lines but I know it was something like "I want a girl who will do whatever the f--- I say" and something about having sex in a Hummer and 'taking it from behind'.

Does anyone know what song I'm talking about? It was really horrible, misogynistic song but I wanted to look up and gawk at the lyrics.