January 12th, 2007

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Uh-Uh-Uh, You Didn't Say The Magic Word!

1. What's your favorite movie in the Jurassic Park trilogy?

2. Who's your crush in the trilogy?

3. Favorite moment of the trilogy?

4. Who do you think is THE most annoying character from the trilogy? ( I know this one is going to be hard, because there are A LOT to choose from. ;) )

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1. What was that one song, it's techno-y and has the line in it, "take me to a higher cloud" (which is totally un-google-able, though I'm positive that's what the line is), and I think the group name has numbers in it. And they might've played this song at a gay pride parade.

2. What was that one community where you ask things like, "What was that one book where there's a dinosaur and an ice cream cone...?" and people help you remember what it was?

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how common is phone sex?

have YOU personally had phone sex before?

someone i know is trying to convince me that it's extremely common, and that lots of people he knows do it all the time. i personally have never met anyone that i was aware of their having phone sex, nor have i done it myself.
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My horrible taste in shoes, again!

Are these shoes tacky or fabulous?
I think they are fabulous, and if I find them in a 10 I'm getting them.

If you have any experience with Icon shoes, how do they run?
I'm hoping they run big but I doubt it.

Do you happen to know of any place online that has them available in a 10?
I've checked Froogle and the only other place that had them was Zappos and they didn't have a ten. Apparently they sell Icon shoes at a few places nearby, but I doubt anyone will answer if I call them and 1:30AM.

EDIT: ICONShoes.com has them too, but no 10 =[
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(no subject)

Do you read the rules before you post to a new community? Did you know there were rules for this community?

And more importantly:

Who will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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Those of you who were friends with your SOs before you started dating, how/when/why did you finally admit to each other you liked each other as more than just friends? Cute stories and dialogue welcomed.

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Poll #905299 The awkward poll

For this question, everybody's single. So...you're at a family wedding. Some cousin something or other. At the reception, it's standard 70s-80s dance mix with some cake cutting and mostly a forgettable yawn. But, what's this? The most gorgeous/handsome person (of the gender you're attracted to) walks into the room. He/she is stunning and you're rather attracted to them. You approach, ready for some flirty chit-chat, when they turn around and embrace you. "How are you doing, cousin?". Holy crap. It's your second cousin who you haven't seen in ages. How do you feel?

Ew ew ew ew. Incest ew ew ew ew
Must....not....lust. Look away. Must...not....lust
We're only second cousins. We're only talking...boy, they have some kissable lips...
"Say, cuz, wanna do some shots?"
If I can get a little closer, I can slam dunk this roofie in cousin's drink....
None of the above

You're at a restaurant. At a nearby table, there's the most beautiful woman you've ever seen. She's extremely shapely too. She'd make Marilyn Monroe look like a plain jane. The woman's with a young child at the table. You're not really staring, but you notice that at some point, she brings the baby to her chest, opens her shirt, exposes a nipple and proceeds to nurse. You're in her blind spot and she can't see you. Your reaction

Ewwwww. *avert eyes*
Call the waiter over and demand he do something about it
Whatever. Breastfeeding's normal and this is nothing to think twice about. I give her some privacy
I try not to look, but I do steal a few peeks
I hate to say it but I probably take some long, subtle looks
I make some lewd comments, like "I call next", to let her know I'm looking. Make some eye contact.
I just hope no one sees my hand down my pants
None of the above

You're at a live music gig. The opening band rather sucks. You and your friend are at the bar, and you're joking how crappy the band was and how the lead singer can't sing to save her life. You both exchange a few critical jokes when you sense someone behind you. You turn around. It's the lead singer, who's obviously heard every word you said and has a hurt look on her face. What do you say?

"You were incredible! I loved your music! Can I have your autograph?"
"I'm so very sorry. I didn't mean to be so harsh. Can I buy you a drink?"
"You should be used to people saying you suck. If you can't take honest criticism, you're not a true artist"
"No hablas englais. I am a pleased to meet you?"
"Oh, good, I don't have to repeat myself. So, you going to apologize for those 20 minutes I won't get back? Maybe buy us a drink?"
"My words may have been cruel, but you weren't that good. This is what you were doing wrong (explain). If you did this instead (explain), you'd be outstanding"
I say nothing. I don't know what to say. I just don't make eye contact and wait for her to leave
None of the above

You're at a party and having a good time. You're in the main room, squatting down to pick up an empty can. When you stand up, your belt loop snags on a nail or drawer handle or something. You hear a rip sound, and you're aware that your pants are now around your ankles, and you're in your underwear in front of the whole party. They're staring. What do you do next?

Quickly reach down, pull up pants, and flee the room in tears
Reach down, pull up pants, screaming hysterically at the top of my lungs the whole time. Fleeing may be an option once the blind, uncontrollable panic subsides
Put up pants. Laugh it off. Make some joke about how the host set that up on purpose and how you owe them one. Dismiss the thing with laughter
Blame the host for setting the trap. Vow to return the favor. Extend middle finger
Look down. Look up. Smile and say "I guess the no pants part has started. Let's go, you prudes. Drop 'em!"
Go into blind rage. They all saw. None of them must live to see the morning.
None of the above
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How could I go about getting my own wildlife/nature program?

I want to travel the world with my camera crew and teach people about bugs specifically.

Is this a completely irrational dream?

Do you have any crazy dreams?
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(no subject)

Sorry for asking a lame My Space question but I need to. Is there a way to make it to either completely block getting mail on My Space or to at least block it from people who are not added as your friend? I thought I've seen other people do this before but I can't find out how on the site's FAQS. Thank you in advance!

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How can I figure out if my N64 is broken or if it is one of the cables? I don't have extra cables around to try it with, I've tried it on two different tvs and it hasn't worked, but I don't really know how to configure the tvs to play game systems anyway.

Any tips on any aspect of this situation?

(no subject)

1- what's the funniest thing you've ever heard a kid say? (please do not respond with something that was said on "kids say the darndest things")

2- what's the weirdest/funniest thing you've ever seen a kid do?

3- what's the weirdest/funniest thing you did as a kid?

4- what's the most embarrassing thing you did as a kid?

5- for parents: has your kid done something embarrassing or stupid that they don't think you know about but you actually do know about? what was it?
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I mentioned to a friend that I'm psyched about the new season of Rome (Sunday can't come soon enough!).  I asked him if he'd seen the show and he said no, he wasn't interested in history so he didn't think he'd be into it.

I guess I hang out with too many geeks, because this really took me aback.  Not like history?  I mean, I have a cousin whose only passions are beer and pro wrestling -- no surprise he doesn't like history.  But this guy is getting his masters in mathematics.  I should think you'd need at least minor in geekanomics for that, and ala Weird Al that entails spending your weekends at the Renaissance Faire.  (Well, we all know Rennies are amatures at best and it's really the SCA that -- um, nevermind).

Anyway, my question is, do you like history?  Love it?  Hate it?  Why?

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Does anyone know the song title and artist to the song that is playing during the subaru or suzuki commercial while the guy is free-falling?


The song title and artist of the song that plays on MTV while it is showing previews to  shows like, dance life, the hills, etc etc.. ?

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Do you think birth control pills should be available OTC?
Do you think that condoms should be handed out in schools?
Do you think kids under 15 should be having sex?
If you caught your 13-year-old daughter having sex with an 18-year-old, what would do?
If your 13-year-old daughter got pregnant, what would you do? 

goofy cat


I would think the whole "do you have any pets?" thing might have been done here, so I'm narrowing this down:

Do you have a cat/cats/kitten/kittens?

If so, what are his/her/their names? Would you have more if you could?

Mine is a black cat named Jasper T. Cat (his middle name is "The") and he was a shelter cat. I would have more but the husband has 'breathing issues'.
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Why are you friends with those you would call a friend?

What makes a person a friend?

Can you be friends with your ex right after a unmutual, mostly messy breakup?
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1) Does it annoy you when people reply to lots of comments and put something in the subject line for each one?

2) Who do you think was the best TV personality of all time? (I'm thinking talk shows, late night shows, game show hosts, etc.)

3) Any big plans this weekend?

4) Do you try to make things as efficient as possible? Like, say you are running errands and you have several places to go. Do you try to plan the shortest route between each of them? (does that make sense?)

5) For those of you with iPods (oh noes, iPod question!), do you have anything on it to protect the screen, or do you have a naked iPod?

6) What subgroup of people do you find the most WTF? (e.g., furries, zoophiles, etc.)

(no subject)

What would you do if you saw a parent spanking a child in public? Why would you do this?

To clarify: Assume that the child was being a wanker in public so the parent is trying to teach them a lesson about consequences.

Bloody hell

This question is for women and men with moobs

Q: If you could, would you switch your blood type with your cup size?

Q: Would you be willing to give up a kidney if your blood was turned into a super-rare, much-needed plasma type, the variety that they'd pay you $500 each time you gave blood (which you'd probably do if you had gold in your veins)? Things to consider: you can give blood twice a month, I believe, and can do so as long as you're alive, but with one less kidney, you may have to monitor your health more closely, considering the average American diet (or if you're fond of American cuisine)

Holy alien turds, Batman! Your blood has been given an acidic quality, like the aliens from Aliens. Lethal if it touches human flesh and non-metallic objects, but you yourself are not harmed by it. Like all blood, you don't see it unless you cut yourself.

Q: What's the best way to exploit this newfound ability?


Guys: How often do you think about sex? Do you really think about it every seven seconds like the experts say you do? In what context do you think about it (like, what spurs on the thoughts and what specific thoughts do you have)?

Girls: How often is it on your mind? In what context?


Where are good places to get free music downloads?
Not streaming stuff but MP3's/OGG's/etc.

EDIT: I mean truly free and legal, along the lines of mp3.com back in ye olde days.
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Which is better for a first time? To lose your virginity to someone you care about and who will take it slow? Or to just screw someone (possibly random) and get it over with? It hurts anyway, so what's the difference?
I'd like to know the opinions of both guys and girls on this one, despite the rather feminine edge to the question. For guys also, does/did it matter to you if the girl is a virgin? Would you take it slow or just get it done?
Edit: Has going too fast or with someone who doesn't matter ever put anyone off of sex (if even for a short period of time)?

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Do you have to work on MLK Jr day (Monday)? Do you think you should have it off if you don't?

I don't even get Christmas off, so yes, I have to work on MLK Day. I don't really think it's necessary to have it off, so I'm not upset about it.


Who are some supposedly attractive celebrities who you find pretty physically repulsive?

Conversely, who are some people who you find to be 'unconventionally attractive'?
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I was throw out of my house...by my parents.
The thing is I'm only 19 years old, and under NYS law, your parents are responsible for you until you are 21.
I'm currently applying for Medicaid/Food Stamps/Financial Aid, but I have a few questions:

1) How do I obtain my things if they're at my parent's house, and they refuse to let me in, or return my calls?
   a) I have a computer, a digital camera, etc that they bought for me. I need this computer for school...how do I get it back? Will it become a 'they-paid-for-it, it's-their-computer' kind of deal, or will I get it back? I don't have the funds to go buying new computers.

2) Would you sue my parents for cash assistance if you were me?
    Why or why not?

3) How did you manage working fulltime, and school fulltime?
    I'm going to have to be doing both, and I'm scared of not being able to make it work.

edit: i spent two mornings in the department of social services of new york state...i was told by every single person i saw that your parents are responsible for you if you are under 21, and a fulltime student. i am both. i was also told i have the right to sue for cash assistance, and should i have a legal guardian, the right to sue for child support.

Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA
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Thanks to the magic of being able to text message someone through thier Profile page, I made a friend lose The Game last night.

What's the most evil thing you've done this week?
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(no subject)

so, how good are you at your job? my SO has to do a performance appraisal and she sent me the categories she had to fill out. 
how would you fill out these categories based on your job performance?

Team work
Planning and Organization
Decision Making
Quality of Work
Customer Focus
me myself


1.  There is a song I used to like.  I don't remember the name, or the whole song, but, Im going nuts trying to find it....   it's something about this guy whose watching cartoons while he's eatin his cereal.....  any guesses?  ANSWER: Breakfast Club by Z-Trip

2.  Where can I buy adult-sized footsie jammies? ANSWER: Having them custom-made as I type...But, for the info, Wikipedia has a definition for "Blanket Sleepers". In that definition is a score of websites where they can be purchased.

3. Do you females ever get facial hair? 
If so, what is the best way to get rid of it cheaply without causing red bumps/acne? ANSWER: Still out on this one....

4. Has anyone ever gotten lice?  
If so, what is the best way to get rid of it without chemicals?  ANSWER: Mayo, Crisco, all work on the same principle.  It is effective.  Also, to maintain the deadyness of the bugs as they leftover nits continue to hatch....there is this thing called a "robi-comb". You comb your hair with it and it zaps them.

5. What time do you get off work on Fridays?  

6.  How often do you get paid?  

7. Would you prefer to get paid on a different schedule? When and Why?

8:  Do you read questions on the community and think "they wouldn't ask if it hadn't happened to them"?  

9.  Do you think you can learn a lot about a person by thier questions?

10. My friends page loads extremely slow now.  Is this because of user pics?  Is there a way I can fix this?   ANSWER: I set the number of posts to show to 5.  It solved the problem.

11.  Why do the posts made a the bottom of my friends page often appear at the top of my friends page whenever I click on previous post? How can I fix this?  ANSWER: Can't be fixed, just gotta deal with it.


3. Yes, I do, ever since I got pregnant this last time....and I dont know.
4.  Yes, my friend got it and now I can't get rid of it, and I can't use the chemicals cause Im breastfeeding, and it is SOOOOO gross. 
5. 3pm.
6. Every week on friday.
7. No I like getting paid weekly. 
8. Yes, often. 
9.  LOL, yes. 
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Inkscape help!

I am learned how to use an Inkscape Art Program and as an assignment, one of the questions is:
Make the node at 1, 2 and 3 O'clock (on a circle i drew), corner nodes without any curve handles.

What is a curve handle? I have no idea what it is and that is throwing me off!


I am taking a speech class this semester for college and I need some good topic suggestions. So my question is:
What are some fun and interesting topics I can do for an "Useful Information" speech, a "Persuasive" speech and an "Informative" speech?
You can list as many or few as you'd like. Thanks!
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I'm asking this everywhere else, why not here?!

We're going to buy Diamond and Pearl when they come out over here (getting them imported from my sister in Korea is an option, but we WANT the English versions :P)... Which games are the ones that come JUST before them in the series and are 'linked' to them?

Is it FireRed and LeafGreen? I really am a Pokemon noob. :(
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Newest issue of PC Magazine

Does anyone have a hard copy of the newest issue of PC magazine? There is a misprint regarding my workplace and we are trying to find a hard copy to verify the information they printed.

Edit: Thanks anyway, we found a copy in someone's car
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(no subject)

Does it bother you (even in the slightest) when someone doesn't say "Bless you" after you (or someone else) sneezes?

It sort of bothers me. I don't know why. I always say "Gesundheit".

School choices

If you were in my shoes, what do you think would be the better option:

A. Pay the $10 000 fees and go to a better (private) school.


B. Pay the $800 fees and go to the state school, and put that $10 000 towards a deposit for a house instead.

Keeping in mind I don't actually HAVE any money, I'm planning to save it up. Also, they are both the same course.

(no subject)

1)Do you ever say gosh or golly? Do you tone down swear words when you're in front of children?
2)Do you have any nephews or nieces? How old are they?
3)Do you make up ridiculous stories to go with the scars you have or tell the truth? Is the truth better than something you just made up?
4)How many vehicles have you had sex in? If you had to have sex in a vehicle, would you have any kind of preference?


Has anyone ever been backpacking in Europe?
What was your experience like?
 What is a good time frame for such an adventure?  (2 weeks, a month..?)
 Do you have any other tips, advice, or must-see's?
I am planning on going this summer and have never been outside of North America before.


TGIF(At least in the US)

1.) What's with all the furry hate in this community?
2.) What did you have for lunch today?
3.) What weighs more, a pound of bricks, or a pound of feathers?
4.) For you WoW enthusiasts, will you be rolling a Blood Elf/Dranei, and what class will you be rolling?
4a.) If you are rolling a blood elf, are you going to name it something serious, or funny?

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(no subject)

How do you repair a relationship when you don't know how it broke in the first place?

ETA: I'm not talking about romantic relationships only. I'm mostly referring to family relationships.
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(no subject)

What is something that everyone seems to have experienced, but you haven't?

For instance, I often miss out on movies. I've never seen Star Wars, Jaws, Harry Potter, any of the Rocky movies, and a crapload of other ones that just about everyone in the western world has seen.

I've also never been on a plane, which people also find strange (I'm 20).


Have you ever felt that you were "cursed"? Like so many things are going wrong at the same time it just can't be a coincidence? What did you do about it?
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(no subject)

You've agreed to do a nude spread. Your body for Playboy, Playmate, Maxim, or Page 3 of The Sun for you physical ones or an MRI of your brain for Omni for you metaphysical ones.

What are your turn-ons and turn-offs?
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(no subject)

Poll #905533 Pudding!

I'm about to make some instant pudding! What kind should I make?


ETA: As of 2:25 EST, we are in a tie. I'm going to just make the cheesecake pudding because I've never tried it and have become extremely curious. Details to follow!

ETA (2): Cheesecake pudding FTW! It was pretty good.


Do you look nice in photos? Apart from putting on make-up, brushing their hair or wearing nice clothes, how can a person improve the way they look in photographs?

I used to always pull this stupid smile without realising I was doing it. Sometimes I still do, but I have learned to smile naturally and most of my photos turn out ok now.

Brazilian waxing... the AFTER questions

I just got it done for the first time, so now I'd like to know:

1. When you get it done, do they typically get ALL the hair? Some (not a huge amount) was definitely left behind in my case, and I wonder if that's normal, or if I should try a different salon next time.

2. I know what my aftercare sheet says... but what do YOU do for aftercare? I'd like some tried and true tips to avoid bumps, and possibly help with the little bit of bleeding and bruising I've got going on...

3. When is it safe to shower again? I was told to wait, but uh... I think some wax/sticky stuff got left behind and I want to shower ASAP. Would a cold shower be okay?

4. And just out of curiosity... what is your complexion like, and how does your skin react to the waxing? I have very fair, dry skin, and like I said, I have some bleeding and bruising.

I really hope this ends up being worth it! My head is killing me from the stress of the experience.
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(no subject)

I just joined my college's concert choir. The catalog says it is "a non-auditioned ensemble that sings outstanding choral works of many styles, genres and eras. Repertoire includes short and medium-length works."

Will this require individual singing? I can sing fine in a group and have been in choir many times before but I have anxiety disorder and hate singing solo in choir practice. The only reason I had the guts to join was because there was no audition.

(no subject)

okay so in the 90s im guessing there was this dinosaur movie. it was a cartoon, and this brother and sister found dinosaurs in the city, and somehow they got sent to the circus, and the man was mean to the dinosaurs. the kids had to sign a contract, with blood from their finger. the dinosaurs became very mean (lol) until they left the circus. anyone remember it?

Myspace angels hahaha

(no subject)

I'm gonna get all emo for a minute. I really enjoy this community, and most of the people, excluding the douche bags, and the people that think I'm a horrible person for wanting to object to a wedding. Actually; the douche bags are what make this comminity good.

Okay well no weapons involved, just your bare hands, would you rather kill a bird or a squirrel and why?

me; I'd rather kill a squirrel because they're cuter.
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Dance ?

Do you think you can dance well?

Did anyone teach you to dance or did you just pick it up from watching others?

What is a dance you wish would make a comeback? What is a dance you wish would go away?
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greeting card for new mom

Can you offer a suggestion for how to word the message on a card that will accompany flowers to a new mom? In this case, the mom delivered extremely prematurely, so while they say the baby is stable, I know there's always a possibility that something could still go wrong. So I need something that's a mixture of "Congratulations! We're happy for you!" and "We're thinking of you at a somewhat difficult time" ... Any suggestions on how to word such a message would be most appreciated. Thanks!

(no subject)

1. Does anyone still play Pokemon?
I know I do. I'm excited about Diamond and Pearl, but I don't have a DS. I'm currently playing Pokemon Pinball and Sapphire. Sapphire isn't a very good game though. Yellow was my favortie though because of the opening with Pikachu running around.

2. When I was little my mom wouldn't let me watch Rainbow Brite because she thought she was to much of a brat. Was anyone elses mom like that?

3. Did anyone ever read the Rose Petal Place books when they were little?
I used to read them in kindergarten. I'm not sure if there was a show or not.
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I've got a situation and I don't know what to do, so I've come to TQC for help!

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So, what would YOU recommend that I do tomorrow?

A) Go in early tomorrow morning and help my boss. When I talked to her on the phone I told her I wasn't sure that I would be able to, but that I would call her in the morning and let her know either way if I was going to come in. So I haven't exactly committed to doing it yet. The positives here are that the whole thing wouldn't be that bad. I wouldn't have to wear business clothes to go in and it would just be sort of hanging out/talking/working with my boss who I like. Plus, I would get paid overtime. Also, I need to talk to my boss about getting a raise and changing my pay status (as it is now, I don't get any benefits because I'm temp) and this would be a better time to do it than during the work week.

B) Not go in tomorrow morning and go snowboarding. Snowboarding is pretty much the only thing I do with my time on the weekends and we're having a blizzard right now so the snow should be amazing tomorrow morning. I wouldn't want to go into work early and then go up because I really like to be one of the first people out there and to get fresh tracks. I've already made plans with my friends for car rides in the morning and to ride with them throughout the day. This is what I really want to do, but I would feel bad about my boss working hard by herself and by letting her down when she kind of went out on a limb for me about this job.
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really random

1. I've had a slight headache off and on for the past three days.  It seems to go away when I'm not at home (which is where I've been a lot of the time), which leads me to believe that it could be something in the environment.  What, besides natural gas (which I don't think I smell) could cause a headache?  It isn't getting any worse and it comes and goes.

2. If you are a fan of The Decemberists, what's your favorite song of theirs?  How do you like their new cd?

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Anna Karenina, and translations

Have any of you read Anna Karenina?

I have read it. I got it from the library.
I want to buy it, because I know I could get more out of it from a few rereads.
But if I'm going to buy it, to spend my precious Christmas money, I want the perfect translation.

I looked up translations on google, and on wikipedia. The best I got was a list in wikipedia, but it's not even complete because it doesn't list the translator of the Anna Karenina I got from the library. (Constance Garnett)

It does mention the translation by Constance Garnett later on--that some critics think it's outdated.

I wanted a site that would, I don't know, characterize each available translation so that I could compare them. Or perhaps print excerpts with the same sentence, so I could at least compare the different translation styles. I didn't find any.

Do any of you have thoughts on translations? Translations on Anna Karenina? Translations in general? Which translation should I get? Are there any other translated works you recommend?
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A Good Smack

Welcome to my first post in this wacky place. Hope this hasn't been asked recently, I'm at work and can't really check back through the days.

1. Is it ever OK to physically strike another person?

2. How about an animal?
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(no subject)

Imagine you are a college freshman. You live in a dorm. Your RA's put up new bulletin boards every month, which are crafty and informative. What would you like to see on a bulletin board?

...I'm out of ideas and I have one due Monday :x They come together really quickly once I know what I'm doing, but it's the coming up with the idea part that is hard!

ETA: Other boards we've done in the building: stress/relaxation, cold&flu awareness and preparedness, are you getting enough sleep, transgenderism, alcohol awareness, one right before winter break where students could write in what they'll miss most about being here (we're not allowed to do any write-in ones anymore though cause it got ugly), eating disorders and body image, AIDS awareness, religious tolerance, philosophy and diversity of thought...

And here's a picture of my board that's currently up (it's closing info from last semester).. don't mind the blank space at the bottom, there were sign-up sheets there!
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(no subject)

1. Ever been to Seattle? What'd you think?
2. Would you rather join the military or the mob?
3. If you got pregnant at 16, what would you do?
4. What's your middle name? Are you ashamed of it?
5. Seafood: Tasty or terrible?
6. What was your first job? Did you like it?
7. When was your last dentist appointment? Are you overdue for the next?
8. Are you generally early, late or right-on-time?
9. Favorite Backstreet Boy?
10. Are you multi-tasking? What all are you doing?

1. I live here and I love it a whole lot.
2. Mobbbbb. Ever heard the song Snitch by Obie Trice? Hellaaaa.
3. I would tell my mom, and get an abortion. Don't judge.
4. Allegra. And I'm not even a little bit ashamed.
5. Tasty!!!
6. I worked at a daycare. I really liked it. I still do it, but not at the same place.
7. Maybe 3 months ago or so?
8. Right on time.
9. Howie, always!
10. I'm watching Friends, eating crackers and cheese, and filling out a MySpace survey.
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In the movie Beetlejuice, in the scene where Lydia is writing a suicide note in her bedroom, what song is playing in the background?

It's definitely an opera song, but from what opera? Who's singing it? What's the title?

I looked the soundtrack up on iTunes and the only songs it lists are by Danny Elfman & Harry Belafonte, and I know that definitely isn't it. Unless Danny Elfman branched into musical theatre, ha!

lmao I know that's random, but I've always been wondering! Thanks for your help. ♥
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Myspace angels hahaha

(no subject)

What's the most annoying question asked on TQC?!


Did you all get the psyche?

Would you rather have Bird Flu or SARS. And none of that "I wouldn't rather have either" shit, because I'm saying you HAVE to have one of them. Which.
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(no subject)

1) Does anyone else have difficult writing on the bottom of a notebook page? Whenever I get to the last like 5 or 6 lines of a notebook, my handwriting gets sloppier because I can't balance my hand properly on the edge of the notebook.

2) Do you have any good quotations about friendship, love, and growing up? or What's your favorite quotation? It can be from a movie or lyrics or whatever, I'm not picky.
I'm so pretty

Personally I say yes!

Was having one of my usual odd religious chats, sparked by my always bizarre religious posts, when this came up. Because of it, rather that going on into an extensively lengthy post (preamble is my family's genetic curse), I have one simple question for you.

Can God be sexy?
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if you had to draw something on the theme of "a portrait of canada: celebrating 140 years", what kind of pictures would you draw (other than the usual maple leaves, hockey, snow, such)
i am sam
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1. which do you like better - peas or broccoli? or do you like both? like neither?

2. have you ever lied to a grandparent?

3. does it annoy you if someone beside you keeps sneezing and sniffing? (eg. sneezing eight times in a row)

4. what is your BMI?
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cereal diet?

Can anyone give me some specifics about the cereal diet? Did it, or did it not work for you? How long did you do it? Did it satisfy you?

A friend of my boyfriend said the diet consists of having cereal for 2 meals a day, and 1 meal of something else. But that's all I know about it.

  • barthi

Tea party

I am having a tea party. Everything except the music is sorted.
What is some good music to drink tea to?
It can be tea-related, or just generally classical soothing music.
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Horror movies

1. I saw Ju-on recently and loved it, so I've been trying to find similar movies. I don't find gorey things very interesting, and I found Ringu to be a bit boring. Any suggestions?

2. Do you collect anything? If so, what?

(no subject)

1.) Do/did you ask your parents for DATING advice (different from long-term relationship advice- more focusing on interpretations of what small actions mean, what to wear, where to take them, etc.)?
2.) Have you ever asked your grandparents?
3.) Does gender play a role at all (as in....if you are a female would you feel more comfortable talking to your mother than your father)?
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N3RDF4CT0R (first post)

I want to write a celebrity a letter. Yes, this is so nerdy that even I can barely stand it. But I don't think I'll stop thinking about it until the letter is in the mail. But anwyay.. how do I go about getting the mailing address for a celebrity? I want to make sure it is a legit address so I don't just send stuff to some non-existant address. I thought about writing to the TV network their show is on (yes, now you know it is a TV star), but I doubt it would ever get to this person.
Fellow nerds/lurks/creeps(j/k), any suggestions?
Thanks for anything..
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(no subject)

1. So, Bam Margera is the next MTV star who's having a show about his wedding air on MTV. What do you think the probability is that he'll end up getting divorced?

2. Is there anything you're known for in your group of friends or family? Like maybe you really like hedgehogs, so for your birthday and Christmas everyone always gets you stuff with hedgehogs on it.

3. Would you ever wear Black Sabbath panties? I saw some for sale in Wal-Mart the other day and wondered if the girls who bought them even know who Tony Iommi is.

4. Do you think Freddie Mercury and Rob Halford would have made a cute couple?

5. Does putting cigarettes on sale (buy one pack, get one free!) seem a bit weird to you? I'm a smoker myself and was glad to save some money, but at the same time, it just seems kind of creepy. They're trying to kill us faster!
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(no subject)

So my little cousin Hailey. She is Four years old an in preschool. The other day she apparently said "I can't go to preschool! My hair isn't right!" And she was dead serious, it wasn't some cutsie little thing kids say to get your attention, she was seriously saying the type of thing a middle school student would say. and she is FOUR!!!

Her father is Republican politician who is married to this washed out fat woman who does nothing but says "JAAAAAAY (my uncle) TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILDREN!" and she dosen't cook or do any housework except buy things...as you can see where Hailey gets it. Meanwhile, her two older brotheres, one has assbergers (no idea how to spell it...so hes not very social at all) and the other one is in sixth grade yet he never stops playing video games and he still loves star wars and none of the kids eat anything but processed food so they're all really pale and heavy.

"I can't go to preschool! My hair isn't right!"

It makes me really fear the future.

What makes you fear the future?

(no subject)

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where a good friend fancies you, and you find yourself subtly blanking/being mean to them, just to avoid possibly leading them on in the slightest?

A few random questions for a Friday evening

(1) What, in your opinion, is the worst job ever? The best?

Not necessarily your personal dream or nightmare job, but just what you think sucks or rocks the most in general based on whatever -- job requirements, pay, perks, etc.

(2) What was your favorite vacation?

(3) Favorite beer?

(4) What television show would you kill to have back on the air?

for the ipod smarty pants out there...

i have the video ipod [30 gb, if that matters at all]
and i finally figured out how to put some pictures on it
but i meant to only put on a few select ones
&it ended up putting EVERY one of my pictures that were on my computer [thousands!]
&i can't for the life of me figure out how to get them off.
i've played around for hours trying to
&checked out the apple ipod website &a buncha tutorials...

am i an idiot? is this task impossible or just unimaginably difficult?

help, pleaseeeee?
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(no subject)

i figure this is a long shot, but i guess ill try anyway.

i have a futon that is similar to this:

its a bit different, but thats the closest one i could find to it.
it came from walmart. it was the cheap $100 one.
i know a few people who have one, so it isnt so uncommon.

when the futon is in the couch position, how am i supposed to keep the mattress from sliding down?
ive had it for a year, and dont have the instructions but i have all the little parts for it.
there are a couple of little foam sticky things that could be used to make the mattress stay, but i dont know where i would put them.

does anybody have any idea how to fix it?
or even what im talking about?
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(no subject)

1. Are you allergic to anything weird?
Ive never been allergic to anything my whole life, but recently ive developed allergies to avocados, cherries, canteloupe....and a bunch of other fruits and vegetables.

2. Do you know a lot about a few areas, or a little bit about lots of things?
I think I know more than most about history and clothes, but I also think that I could carry on a decent conversation about most subjects.


I've been on quite a salad kick lately...and i was just wondering what ya'lls favorite salad topping are?!
im gettin a lil sick of the normal lettuce, cucumber, cheese, and ranch dressing haha
thanks guys!

Crunchitize me, Cap'n

I actually have a few questions. Hope that's okay.

WARNING: This might be a bit gross.

Number one: Why do I get pimples even though I've tried every product under the sun that promises clear skin?

Number two: Why do I get pimples even though my skin is dry and actually gets sort of peely sometimes? (Also, anyone know how I can stop the peelyness without getting more pimples? I have oil-free moisturizer but I'm afraid to put it on pimple prone areas.)

Number three: If I don't squeeze blackheads, my face looks spotty and awful. If I do squeeze them, I feel like it makes my pores more prominent. Is squeezing blackheads bad and does it stretch one's pores?

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(no subject)

1. How do you pronounce the word coupon? (Like coo-pon or like cue-pon?)

2. Why does everything taste better when you drink it out of a mason jar? Do you have a favorite coffee cup or utensil?

3. What would you wear to an interview at a country music themed nightclub?

4. Do you think it's odd when people from your past that you never really knew that well suddenly REALLY want to hang out with you?
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(no subject)

What do you think of fanfiction?

I can't stand it, especially slash. I hate how all of these obsessive fans have to ruin relationships between characters. Aren't asexual friendships good enough? Do they really need to be screwing, too?
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Prn Qstn

Did any of you watch cyber seduction: His Secret Life on Lifetime Network?

It's about a teenage boy who "gets addicted to internet porn" and his parents try all sorts of things to stop his addiction.

I practically grew up with porn, so maybe my experience isn't typical, but how many people actually have a "problem" with porn that isn't really just a symptom of some other problem in their life?



home-made darkrooms?

my mom &i were going to turn my [very sizable] closet into a dark room a couple years ago
but my asshole photo teacher convinced her not to.

for people with home-made ones [preferably not in bathrooms] or smart people that just know how:

what did you use for ventilation?
what did you use for a sink, did you have to have on installed?
how did you make it light-tight [i realize this is probably the easiest part of the project but i'm just curious]

&any other comments/suggestions you think would be helpful.
MOA//Paradise Dress!

What the hell kind of fun is this question?

Has anyone ever used TaxACT.com?  If so, would you recommend it?

I've seen some decent enough reviews (Forbes, for instance) to know it's legit, but I don't see any personal reviews or ratings of the service.  Bonus points if you find something I missed on the BBB website, and can tell me "this is how you use the BBB website, you flaming ignorant twat."

I'm new to this whole anime/manga thing.

I love anime. I was a closet anime fan for a while, but now i'm out and ready to experience new stuff. My faves are Escaflowne, Fulmetal Alchemist, Samurai Champloo, Eureka 7, GetBackers and Bleach. i need to expand. so does anyone have any suggestions?

Also, i only own one manga series and its FAKE by Sanami Matoh. i also own Trash by her as well. so any suggestions on manga to check out? any Yoai Manga to check out too?

and does anyone else have to pee?
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brothers in arms

Custom Messenger Bags

1. For any of you that have customized a backpack/messenger bag/purse, what kinds of things did you use and how did you go about doing it? Patches? Pins? Other? I'm getting this guy for when I travel to the UK over spring break, and I'd rather have it decorated in some way than totally plain but am completely lacking in the creativity department.

2. Is the Serenity comic book, Those Left Behind, worth the purchase?
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Internet phenomenon.

I've been thinking of these for a couple of days. If anyone's already asked them (I looked back like, 200 posts!) I'll be a very sad panda.

Here we go. :)

1- Which internet clique(s)/subculture(s) surprised you to find out existed? (And if all you guys can come up with is furries, that's saaaad... :P)
2- Have you found yourself falling INTO any of these subcultures (either in the above answer, or a different one), because you found you felt an empathy with them?
3- Have you lost (by choice or otherwise) friends, due to them turning to a subculture online, or admitting to being part of one?
4- What seemingly only online subculture would you like to see in real life, for whatever reason? What would you do?
5- (Barely related to the above, hah!) Have you ever found out something you put on the internet was used somewhere without your permission? If so, how did you react?

Tonight is a night I feel like Collapse )
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Bank of America

Do Bank of America ATMs accept cash deposits? I SWEAR someone told me that you can feed cash into an ATM just like a soda machine, and it will deposit into your account the next day.

Important detail: I JUST overdrew my checking account !!! I was *hoping* I could sneak some money in there and avoid the overdraft fee before the bank opens tomorrow.

OK stupid question, but I haven't used an ATM machine in like 7 years. =D

(no subject)

Does anyone remember a show on cable back in the early 90's that was about two teenagers? One was a blonde and kinda pretty and fun and one was a brunette and moody and weird. They were best friends and the show was about the 'realness' of being a teenager? I watched it when I was like 8 and I thought I was doing something bad because it talked about sex and drugs and things. I dont even know what to google.

sports and pugs


1)For Soccer Fans - are you happy that Beckham is playing for LA?
2)Do you really think he will change the face of Soccer in the USA?
3)Will you go to his games?
4)Do you think more soccer talent will becoming to America now?
5)Extreme sports - Do you like them? If so, which ones?
6)Who is your favorite extreme sport athlete?

1)Do you own a pug?
2)If so, does your pug get dressed up? What is your favorite site to buy dog clothes?
3)Do you call your pug a fur child?
4)Do you have a social life?

my response:
Collapse )
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(no subject)

You've been dating your SO for over a year but you haven't really gone out in the past month because you've both been extremely busy. You've hung out and talked but just haven't gone out. You are now responsible for planning your date tomorrow evening. What will you do?

edit: if it makes any difference, your birthday is Sunday.
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West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa or Miami

Have you been to West Palm Beach, FL (or live there)?

How is it?

How's the weather in March?

I'm considering going for my March vacation by myself - what's there to do for a chickie by herself? Enough to keep me occupied for 4 days?

Are the locals friendly?

Is it safe? (Wikipedia has some interesting things to say, but keep in mind, I'm a big city girl and have traveled a lot, so not much scares me)

Do I need to rent a car to get around?

EDIT: Can you answer the same questions for Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa and Miami?
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Random ?'s

1. Which actor plays the best movie villains?

2. What would you do if you walked in on one of your friends (of the sex you are attracted to) masturbating to pictures of you?

3. What is/was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon?
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(no subject)

I've tried like anything to remember what the first wireless message was, as received by Marconi in Newfoundland (I believe), and I just can't remember what it is. Google isn't helping, either.

Anyone remember what it was?
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(no subject)

So Nair works to remove hair for women, and waxes last longer than shaving...

Is there any way men remove facial hair other than shaving? Is it possible to have it laser-removed (like the advertisements I see for hair removal for women)?

(no subject)

Poll #905852 Confess Your Sins

How many of the Harry Potter books have you read in their entirety?


What do you think will happen when the last Harry Potter book is published? Personally, I think the intarweb will explode. :(