January 11th, 2007

Mostly I ask out of interest and to see if there are common themes

If you could have a conversation with any person (let's limit this conversation to say... an hour and a half) , whether they were alive or dead, somebody you know, knew or have never known etc. 
1)who would it be? 
2) why did you choose that particular person?
3)what would be the first thing you asked them?
4) would it bother you if you could never tell anybody about this conversation?

My Answers
1) My grandfather, who recently died (on christmas eve)
2) because i miss him more than anything and want him to know how much we all love him
3) "Are you watching over us?"
4) No, in this particular instance the conversation would mainly be for my own piece of mind and closure.
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I redid my userinfo last night, and found that once I started trying to think of what to say about myself, I was tempted to go on forever and list my stance on every known issue in the universe. So I cut it all out.

What do you think is essential information on an LJ userinfo?

What kind of things on a userinfo make you want to friend or not friend a person?

Do you prefer long, in-depth userinfos or brief ones?

How many colorbars do you have on your userinfo? WHY, GOD, WHY?

Why do people have all that blinkie sparkly shit?

What is the most horrendous userinfo you've ever seen?

What's the best one?

Do you not give a shit about userinfos? If so, why are you still reading this?

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fresh off the boat

1. if you’re not originally from the country you are currently living in, where did you immigrate from?

2. how old were you when you made the trip and who did you make it with? what was it about the country you are in now, that made you/your parents want to immigrate there/here?

3. do you remember anything about the journey over here? [wherever here is] care to share any stories?

4. how was the adjustment from old country to new country? have you made yourself a permanent citizen of the current country you are living in?

5. do you plan to go back to the home land?

edit//if you could, please put the country you currently live in as the subject line, thanks!
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and steve buscemi

(no subject)

What clothing/shoe/handbag/accessory do you absolutely hate seeing people wear?

I hate seeing girls with really expensive handbags but dressed like complete bums (sweatpants, t-shirts, flip flops, messy ponytail). People don't seem to make any sort of effort to dress nicely any more. Everyone looks like they rolled out of bed.
The Album Leaf

(no subject)

1. Have you ever listen to The Album Leaf?
If so what's your favorite song?

2. Do you like pancakes or waffles better?

3. What's the most embarrassing cd you own and still listen to?

4. Who do you look up to?

5. When do you normally go to sleep?

6. Where is your favorite place to go when your upset?

(no subject)

Where do you fall in your family's sibling line-up? Are you an only child, oldest, middle, etc? Do you think this has affected your personality and relationships with other people (including your family)?

(no subject)

1. What do you think of my

2. Which one is your favorite? Any reason?

3. What would you most like to see me draw?

I can take harsh criticism. I'm not looking for 100% positive feedback or to stroke my ego or anything. I draw mostly in MSpaint, for goodness sakes, I don't take myself that seriously.

(no subject)

for those who believe in fate- why do you believe in fate?
for those who don't- why don't you? 

if you're having trouble making a decision, what do you do to help you decide?
do you have any decision-making methods that you can share with us? 

have you ever gone out with someone just because you were sick of being single and if so, how long did your relationship last?
have you ever gone out with someone because you felt bad for them and if so, how long did it last?
have you or do you know anyone who has gone on a blind date and ended up getting married?
was that question just asked recently? 

what's your favorite non-alcoholic bottled beverage? 

when someone asks a question here like "have you ever gone out with someone just because you were sick of being single and if so, how long did your relationship last?," do you automatically assume that person is asking because they're thinking about doing that? 

how can you tell if you're bipolar?
can you be bipolar, not take medication for it, and still live a normal, productive life? 

have you ever used vegetables or fruits to masturbate?

my answers: 
1- i'm not sure if i do yet, but right now i'd say i do because not believing in fate puts too much pressure on me when i need to make important decisions.
2- i make lists of pros and cons, but it usually doesn't help at all.
3- no; no; no; i wouldn't be asking if i didn't think it was.
4- lipton green tea with citrus.
5- not really. maybe a friend of theirs recently did the thing theyre asking about or maybe they could have but didn't and are curious to see if someone did.
6- don't know; that's why i'm asking.
7- no, but i know a guy that microwaved an orange once and used it to masturbate; shortly afterward, he came out of the closet. hehe.

(no subject)

Do your friends have any talents you would kill for? (Not them, of course...)

I have one friend who can pick up any tune. She listened to the phantom of the opera once, from my ipod, and proceeded to play it near-perfectly without music notes on a nearby piano, just from what she heard. She hasn't got any music training, and she can do Mozart like it's nothing. My other friend can sing carmen without breaking a sweat. /Both/ are brillant drawers, and can memorise full sets of kana within days.

Do you have any talents?


Are my questions boring, predicatable, and with just the slightest tinge of emo?

Do you like chocolate?

mmmm, mail.

1. What are the best LJ communities for package swapping?
2. What was the most exciting thing you got in the mail in the last month?
3. What was the last personal thing (not bills, etc.) you sent in the mail?
4. Do you have cool stationery? If so, where did you get it?

My answers:

2. I got a threadless t-shirt I've been wanting for quite some time now.
3. I sent a thank-you card for a present I got at xmas.
4. Nope. I'm in the market for some, though.
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(no subject)

1. What do you think will be the next trend in popular music?

2. What was the most interesting encounter you ever had with a stranger?

3. If you could have dinner with the person you admired the most in the entire world (who isn't someone you already know, and they can be dead or alive), but had to shave your eyebrows off and gain 100 pounds to do it, would you? How about if you got to spend a week with them? Who would the person be?

4. How genuinely eclectic is your taste in music? What do you think of people who say they have eclectic taste in music?

5. If I were to say 'desert rock', what would be the first thing that you'd think of?

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dirty dancing

(no subject)

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening (whereever you are) Ladles and Jellyspoons....

Question 1 - Do you believe that some things are destined to happen?

Question  2 - Do you know of a quick remedy for stubble rash? My chin is all red from kissing the unshaven boyfriend and I have a spot/zit there which is now kinda painful. And I have an important date today so I really want rid of it!!!

Thankies =)

And oh I forgot to add...

Question 3 - I have a laptop using Windows XP, how do I change the length of time  before it goes to stand by?
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(no subject)

Let's say one basketball team has players that are all over 7 feet (2.13m) tall, and another has players who are under 6'4" (1.93m). Let's also assume that all players are NBA level, not just some random dudes off the street. Who wins, by how much, and why?
when we sparkle

positive journals

I've heard about keeping "happiness journal" where you only write down good thoughts about each day in an effort to create a more positive outlook. Have you tried something like this? How long did you keep it up for and how often did you write? Did it change your perception?
The Dude Abides

Work ?'s

1. What's the most hours you've ever worked in the span of one week?
4th of July week at Stone Mountain Park, I clocked in around 70 hours

2. When's the last time you worked for the minimum wage in your state? How much was it?
1998. $5.15/hr

3. Do you think there should be a maximum wage? What would you set it to if you think there should be one?

4. If you were taking +15 semester hours would you work a 30 hr/wk job? (Have you?)

tmi & jobs.

If you are in an elevator and someone is talking about where their mucous is (not to you necessarily, but to someone they are in the ele with) - where it comes form when they blow their nose, what color it is when it comes out, etc. Are you grossed out in the least bit?

What would cause you to actually say something to a person in an elevator, expressing some sort of displeasure?

Why do people here deserve jobs more than the ones overseas? (This in relation to out sourcing American business.)

(no subject)

Oftentimes when asked, people will say they like any kind of music "except rap & country", and I guess I don't really understand.

1.) Are you one of these people? What's up with that?

2.) If not, what do you think of people who claim to like 'everything except country & rap'?

3.) Lastly, why do you think rap & country music are the two that never make the cut? Why not something a bit less broad & diverse.. like say, smooth jazz & zydeco?

(no subject)

Do you still have any Christmas lights/decorations up? If you have Christmas lights up outside do you still turn them on?

We still have our tree up and it's still lit 24/7. I think it's more laziness than anything else as to why it's up. The lights are still up outside and for the last few nights they've been on. One of our neighbor's home is lit up at night and my brother has decided to join them in the spirit for as long as they are willing.
lost constant

shake dreams from your hair.

How many people have an unbelievably hard time getting up in the morning?

- how many hours of sleep do you need to feel rested?

- what's your morning ritual to get up and out of bed?

a) I do. It's ridiculous. When school starts again I'm gonna be screwed. Not the alarm, my mom blow drying her hair, the lights getting turned on or my brothers yelling at each other can get me out of bed.

b) still about 10 or 12. I thought that after your teenage years the amount of sleep you need declined.

c) I need tea.
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(no subject)

I want to lose weight, but I have this constant hunger lately.

Can anyone suggest something I can eat when I get hungry at inappropriate times of day or something to suppress my appetite?

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luna by heimweh26

(no subject)

1: What are your top three favorite movies and why?
2: Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart or Clark Gable?
3:Do you think Keanu Reeves is a good actor?
4:What movies do you want on dvd right now?
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(no subject)

Do you have a weird name that you call your significant other? If so, what is it?
My boyfriend and I always refer to each other as 'Boots'. I have no idea why, I can say that it has nothing to do with the hip hop term 'boo'(as in my boo). Sometimes Boots becomes bootsy, or bootus. We also sometimes call my puppy Boots, even though his name is Zeus.

What's this?

What do you call this:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Something else?

I call it a binder and my boss calls it a notebook. I think a notebook is one of those Mead ones with the metal ring binding.

(no subject)

1. When was your last snow day//weather day? What did you do during it?
2. What's the coolest event that has ever coincidentally landed on your birthday? When IS your birthday?
3. Can you speak another language? Say something in it!!
4. What's the most hours of sleep you've ever had in a row?
5. When were you last sick? What were you sick with?
6. How does my iPod turn on? JUST KIDDING. What question annoys you most in REAL LIFE, not thequestionclub?
7. What kind of cell phone do you have?
8. What would be your last meal before an execution?
9. How many friends on your friends list do you actually read thoroughlyCaes everytime they post?
10. What are the top three most played songs on your iPod//iTunes//Whatever you use?

1. Right now! I haven't done anything yet, except sleep in.
2. My favorite show is Friends and the series finale was on my fourteenth birthday.
3. French. Je ne parle pas le Francais. Non, je rit.
4. One time, when I was sick, I got like...18 hours. It was amazing.
5. I'm just getting over a cold.
6. When people say, "What do you want to talk about?" Nothing with you.
7. A pink Motorola Razr, just like every other female at my school.
8. Caesar salad the way my stepdad makes it, a bowl of clam chowder, garlic chicken from Tai Ho and fish and chips from Spuds in Seattle.
9. I just deleted the one person I didn't read, and now it's 100%
10. 1. How To Save A Life - The Fray
2. White Houses - Vanessa Carlton
3. Tim McGraw - Taylor Swift
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Give a dog a home

(no subject)

For people who give a shit about body mods:

Does it annoy you when people refers to tattoos as "ink" or "tats" or make getting tattooed into a verb, e.g. "tatted"?

Does it annoy you when people say "I want to gauge my ears" as opposed to "stretch"?


Do you think nonconformity is the new conformity?

Do you think cheating on a significant other is EVER justified?
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red goatee!!

Firefox tooltip length change?

Is there a way to change the length of a displayed tooltip in Firefox?

I looked in about:config and didn't see anything. The length of the existing field is... somewhere in the neighborhood of 90 characters. I like reading http://www.xkcd.com, see, and he puts funny stuff in the tooltips. But if it's longer than... 89, 90 characters, it doesn't all get displayed.

google hasn't been helpful, and neither has checking the firefox documentation.


edit: I haven't asked in Firefox comms, where I understand this is more appropriate-- mostly because I dislike having to join a comm to ask one question. And y'all are pretty knowledgeable, too.

Answered. this: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/1715/ will fix it. shippo, you rule.

8 Glasses a Day!

Anyone here drink the recommended 8 glasses of water or whatever it is daily?

I want to drink more water in general, whether it be 8 or 10 or whatever the number is but it's so hard for me to do. I drink water with meals but other than that, I don't drink anything throughout the day. (Some people always have a drink as they go about the day/evening, but I've only ever drank when I ate. NOt counting alcohol of course). BUT I know it's good for you and whatnot.

Anyone accomplish this? I also hate being in and out of the bathroom all day, but I have to tell myself it's worth it.

Lyric questions

1. When someone throws their hands in the air, do you assume they just don't care?

2. Welcome to the Black Parade.

Will you choose to be part of the marching band, the baton girl, will we find you on a horse, or what will you be doing?

3. When you play the Wicked Game, what game pieces do you need?
me myself


Do you have any children, if so, how how old?
Should a child's grades determine what they get to do outside of school hours? 
Should bad grades result in long-term (as in grounded) or long-term (as in a time-out) punishments?
Should the school system do away with the grading sytem? 
Is punishment for bad grades telling a child that grades determine his value as a person, his life worth and enjoyment meted out based on an a-f scale?
Whats more important...conduct grades or academic grades or are they equally important?
Last, do you think as a society, we ask too much of our children? Are we stealing thier childhood and thier innocence? And do you think this contributes to the bad things in the world, like crime?
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(no subject)

1. Favorite summertime, driving-to-the-beach, enjoying-the-sun song?

2. Why is it that movie trailers are released months before the actual movie premiere? Is it purely for anticipation, or is it because the film isn't done yet?

3. In your opinion, what TV show is running too long and should just end? Similarly, what TV show were you glad to see leave the small screen?
kurt halsey heart

(no subject)

Do you prefer Triscuits or Wheat Thins?

Do you buy gas for your car at just any gas station? Or are you loyal to one station? For example, If there was a Circle K or whatever with gas for 2.30 or right across the street from it there was an Exon for 2.37.. which would you go to? The Circle K because it's cheaper or the Exxon because it's a big name?

My answers:
I like Wheat Thins better.

I buy my gas from wherever. I usually go to the Murray station next to Walmart because it's usually 5-8 cents cheaper plus 3 cents more if you pay with a gift card. Gas is gas. However, my roommate will only go to a BP, Shell, Chevron, or Exxon. Even if it is ten cents more than a place across the street.
Cat - Masked Avenger


Okie dokes, this is more of a computer ignoramus question

I really REALLY want a laptop computer of my very ownzies but I have no clue what stuff I should be looking for. I know how to use computers when I have one right in front of me but when it comes to purchasing that's all out the window.

What I need to know is, what do I need to look for in a laptop when I want it to be pretty fast, have a good amount of memory for my art and music, and be able to have a few applications open at a time without exploding and also good internets?

*isadork* sorry for such a long question
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(no subject)

What should I name my computer?

Suggest crazy/cool names, and if I get enough comments with names I like I'll change this into a fake-poll.
I've had my computer since August and it's name now it "Ilyse's Baby" and that's boring.

Seriously. I need a name for this thing.
Opus with Hat

For those of you over 21

You're at a happy hour with some folks. One of the single girls decides it's time to leave. Do you let her leave by herself or do you walk her to her car?

Are you a guy or girl?

For the girls, do you wait until none of the guys offer to walk her to her car before you offer or do you get one of the guys to step up and walk her to her car?
I'm a Quitter

(no subject)

I'm meeting with a professor to get change my F to a B in her class so that I won't get kicked out of school.

Any ideas on how I should convince her to give me a B other than showing her the work that I did?
barney beer


Have you ever eaten at a place that, at first glance, made you think that their food would be really bad but was in fact really good?

Have you ever eaten at a place that, at first glance, made you think their food would be really good but was in fact really bad?

food smells

What are your favorite food smells?

Which foods do you not like to eat, but you like the smell?

I like the smell of pasta sauce.
I don't drink coffee or eat milk chocolate, but I like the smells of them both.
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(no subject)

I wanted opinions from people. I'm a junior and looking into colleges/universities in America. What I wanted to know was: what do you think is better, a college or a university? I don't really like a lot of people so I was leaning towards a college since it seems to have less students than a university. I also want more personal attention from the professors, if possible. But I do want a good program and a good education for the major I'm going into (psychology) and I don't know if universities are automatically  better with their specialties/programs or if they're the same as colleges. What are the differences, if any?

brazilian waxing, oh my!

I'm getting my first one today and have a couple questions.

1. Is there a good chance this is going to irritate my skin and make it gross? I know eyebrow waxes make my skin bumpy.

2. If that happens, what is the best way to deal with it?

3. Is $35 suspiciously cheap? I was expecting to pay around 50.

4. Does a normal brazilian include your, uh, rear, or does one have to ask specifically?

5. Any beforehand preparations I should make out of politeness besides just showering and being clean?
I'm excited, but a tad nervous. ;)
Big Love

First Time

What, if any, goal(s) have you set for yourself that, if by chance, you do not meet would make you feel like a complete failure?

Have you achieved anything that you didn't think you were capable of?

Why is it so easy to forget our achievements while we constantly remind ourselves of our "failures"?

Anyone remember reading a book in middle school about people (or one person) covered by snow from an avalanche and the person poked a hole through the top and that's how they were able to get fresh air.  I also kind of remember them peeing their pants and keeping warm that way.  I don't think I made this up, but you really never know with me.
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Lip Balm

1. Do you like lip balm in a tube or a container where you use your fingers?
2. How do you use the lip balm from the container? Any special tricks to avoid a chunk of it under your fingernail?
Mitty box

(no subject)

Is there a way to opt out of receiving a phonebook?

We've been in this apartment a little over a year and we have 12 (TWELVE!!!) phonebooks. I don't want to throw them away, and I don't know where to recycle them at, so I listed them on freecycle. But since we have the internet, we don't need to receive a phonebook.
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Funky me

Vacuum cleaner help

My Dyson DC01 which I've had for about 15 years has finally given up the ghost.
I need a replacement, but don't want to fork out for a Dyson again as only the upstairs (& stairs) is carpeted.

Can anyone recommend a new cleaner? It needs to be an upright & bagless.

There are so many I don't know where to start, 


I'm in England btw.

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(no subject)

1. Who's your least favourite LJ member? Why?
2. Who's your favourite LJ member? Why?
3. What's your favourite LJ community? Why?
4. What's your least favourite LJ community? Why?

My answers...
1. At first I was thinking tigerwolf, but then without him and his self cleaning ass there wouldn't be as much drama or lulz on LJ... So I don't really have a least favourite
2. Potterpuffs!!! Even though it's finished =( cos it was so cute!!
3. stupid_free, cos I love drama on LJ
4. I was gonna say cf_hardcore or booju_mooju but like with tigerwolf, there wouldn't be as much drama or lulz. So I guess pretty much any harrypotter slashfic communities.

(no subject)

If you consider it "brainwashing" when a Christian family raises their children to have their beliefs, what do you call raising your children to have your "beliefs" or lack of beliefs?

What makes it any different? Is it just because they are Christian that somehow makes it worse? Why?

edited to add: a so-called friend of mine told me that I was brain washing my child because I allow them to go to church and sunday school. I was just curious why someone would say it was brain washing.
john paul getty the third

(no subject)

To amateur or professional chemists, biologists, doctors, etc:

Sometimes when I eat a banana (especially a very ripe banana) I get a strange sensation in the back of my head. It is very hard to describe, but is a sort of inwardly-itchy, wriggly feeling that starts at my neck and travels up my scalp to my forehead. Why is this?
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the hares turn hunters

Sorry if this is a weird question...

Do any females here experience terrible pain when they're not wearing a bra? I couldn't find a clean one a minute ago and it wasn't my breasts that hurt, I just felt sick to my stomach and woozy until the second I put one on. I don't even have really large breasts (only a 34B). I'm not around my period either. It happens every time I take my bra off, sometimes I even shower with a bra on.

Is this common?


If you were married for over ten years and your SO told you that before they met you they had been the opposite sex (as in they had a sex change) you would never have known unless they told you. You are able to get past the lies etc. Would you still love them and be able to keep them as your partner or would the fact that they were the opposite sex creep you out too much and you would never be able to love them the same way again?

If you are unable to be with them, not because of the lies, but solely because of their gender issues, would this not mean that you only really loved them for their sexual organs? If they are the exact same person as they were before they told you, ie. personality, humour, opinions, looks etc. and the you are able to overcome the fact that they lied to you, should you not be able to keep on loving them?

My answers
I am not really sure where I stand on this but intuitively I would think that I should be able to love them the same as before as long as I could get over the fact that they had lied.
no jack!


Can you pay a credit card bill with a money order/cashier's check? Thanks, everyone!

Chocolate: Dark, milk or white? And have you ever eaten straight chocolate? Like bakers chocolate or 99% cacao?
The darker the better for me. And I can tolerate the 99% stuff. Just not when I'm looking for chocolate chocolate.

Do you carry a pocket knife?
I carry my Harpy knife wherever I can get away with it. Darned useful, it is.

(no subject)

I've been looking this up for about twenty minutes on Google and WebMD, but I can't find an answer. Why is that when I get tired, I start to giggle uncontrollably? I don't know anyone else that does this.

Are you a multi-tasker?
If so, how much can you handle at a time?
Do you prefer black or green olives?


I had lunch with a friend of mine, and now I'm back at work. I have nothing with me but orange Tic Tacs, and I won't be getting home until late (after 9pm) tonight. But... damn. My breath is really nasty-feeling (and probably -smelling) from this pita I had with white onion on it. It's pungent, and I feel gross.

Is there anything that I can do to alleviate this bad breath, with nothing around but water, Tic Tacs, and diced pears? I have a class at 6:45, and don't want to kill anyone with the possible smell. ;)
Tangled // Darkness

(no subject)

Hello, I have a question.

I have an MP3 player. A Sansa Sandisk to be exact. There are some songs I want that I can get from iTunes. If I bought them would they work on my MP3 player or will songs from iTunes only work on iPods?

(no subject)

Do you use a budget format? like in excel worksheet or do you have a budget program?
if so can you send me the template? or tell me where I can find one online?

I have so many bills right now that i'm trying to get rid of but it seems like they just aren't moving or going down, like my credit card, student loan, over draft, and i seem the have less and less money every month. is there something you did to clear out your debt really fast? ( that doesn't include getting random money you weren't planning on getting like inheritance, lottery etc)
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(no subject)

Do you and your parents share any musical tastes?

My dad and I listen to 60's r&b and Motown type stuff, and my mom and I both really like Elvis Costello. She really likes a few Buzzcocks songs too, surprisingly enough.
Feet Pyramid


What is your favorite city anywhere in the world that you have visited? Why?

Least favorite? Why?

My favorite is either Chicago or Phoenix. Chicago is beautiful, fast-paced, relatively clean, and has a lot to do. Phoenix has the perfect climate and beautiful scenery.

My least favorite was either Gary, Indiana or Omaha, Nebraska. Gary is just... yeah. Nebraska in general seems a little boring to me, no offense!
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Hay Guys!

(no subject)

I have very fine, limp hair that can't hold a style at all. What products (gels, mousses, sprays, anything) work really well at giving hair more body and volume that lasts for a few hours?
girl reading by ourescape

crock pot cooking

I'm making a recipe I found in what_a_crock for dinner. It calls for cutting chicken breasts into small pieces, coating them in oil and spices, and cooking them for 4 hours total on low.

Does this seem right? I thoguht you usually had to cook stuff for 6-8 hours on low. I asked in the community, but it hasn't been answered yet. Anyone know?
seems like i'm still waiting for the sun


Does anybody out there love Pinkberry as much as I do?

What is your favorite combination? I get the original with strawberries and granola... delicious!

(Pinkberry sells wonderful, tart/sweet/sour/I don't even know frozen yogurt... not sure where all their locations are, but they have a few here in southern California)
death art

(no subject)

1-What are you going to do with you tax refund?

2-When you post general questions like this, do you leave your email notification on or off?

3-If you could choose which channels you wanted to get on your TV, what ones would you choose?

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Asking for a raise

My coworker (supervisor, whatever) and I were chatting on Gmail, and she asked if I was going to ask my boss for a raise. I was confused, and she said she already brought up to him that I would be asking. He seemed receptive towards her, so I just may ask... but how do I go about doing that? I don't want to use my supervisor's name (and she doesn't want me using it, either, lol), so I'm a little lost as to how to bring it up. We're not particularly chummy, so just going in there "to chat" and then ask for a raise is out of the question (I'd be too uncomfortable with that, for some reason, but I'd try anything else!).

How do you ask a boss for a raise? What's the most diplomatic, mature, and humble way of going about this (if there's a way to do it humbly, lol)?
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just saw last night's speech

answer any or all, I'm curious and have no one here to discuss this stuff with

1. If America were to engage in a [nearly] unequivocally-just war (eg WWII, I guess?), would you consider enlisting?

2. What kind of response to Bush's plan (or speech) would you like to see from the majority in Congress?

3. Any good lj communities for discussion of current events (either national or international) that isn't infested with the more annoying aspects of partisanship?

4. If you're American: do you have any opinion on the projections that, as China and India continue to rise (and we deal with this disastrous war), the US is poised to lose its standing as the number one superpower on the planet? [edit: ok apparently it was nixon and the gold standard, but i'm still curious about your ideas on international standing]
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(no subject)

Have you ever booked a plane ticket as a bereavement/compassion fare? What airline? Did they ask for any documentation or proof of the situation? How much of a discount did they offer?

Yes, this would be a legit thing, I'm not just trying to get cheap tickets. I'm just trying to get an idea of what flight prices might be like and what documentation, if any, I might need.
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Username suggestions and Hypoglycemia

sacred_darling it is! Thanks to everyone who voted!

I am going to a job interview on Wednesday... should i mention my hypoglycemia then or wait till i actually have the job. The only way that it would cause a problem is that i need my break at 1pm otherwise if i dont eat then, i get really shakey and light-headed...
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1. why do soft cheese knives often have holes in the blade? do they have some effect on the way the cheese is sliced?

2. is there a practical reason why fish knives have that funny shape at the end? are you supposed to use it in a particular way to take your fish steak apart, or take bones out or something?



I have mono. I am scared. It's just starting up. Some people say it was horrible and they were a total herb for like months, some say they were physically sick for 10 days then could pretty much be like normal but just got tired faster. Personal experiences with mono.......???

AND, can I kiss the boy I got mono from without either of us being likely to get sicker?? It would be nice to know the only upside to getting his mono is I can kiss him again.

disgusting work situations

earlier today, i was in the bathroom and i noticed a big drop of what was obviously nothing other than dried menstrual fluid in the middle of the floor. how gross is this in your opinion? good christ. i think i noticed that happening last month too. ugh!

that got me to thinking about other things that have turned my stomach during work hours and i was reminded immediately of a woman i used to work with in a restaurant supply warehouse. it was, like many warehouses, a very, VERY filthy place. washing my hands during the day was a treat, and i usually washed them once or twice before using the bathroom and at least once after. however, i saw this lady on more than one occasion come out from a bathroom stall and walk directly out of the bathroom, only to be seen soon after with blackened hands licking her fingertips as she flicked through a stack of paper. gross, yeah?

so what's the most disgusting thing you've witnessed at work?


Am I a mean person?

I've always been known as a "funny person", "class clown", etc, but lately all of my humorous remarks have gone from silly to rather vicious. Generally, everything funny I say is negative and at the expense of another person. However, the person is usually annoying or fake or obnoxious. Am I witty and clever, and just sick of people's bullshit, or am I a jerk with a sense of humor?

Oh, also...in my first sentence, are my commas placed correctly? I can never be sure.

A new home for Bunny-Ra?

Back in the day, when I was a wee pi3r4t, my mom and I mummified a baby rabbit that had fallen into our neighborhood pool and drowned. I was homeschooled at the time and it ended up leading to a really cool lesson on Egypt.. Anyway! I'm tired of the little thing sitting in it's tupperware box full of natron on a dusty shelf, and I'd like to find something more fitting to transfer him to.

Anyone know what I could keep a mummified rabbit in to display it? Where I could find something like that?
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(no subject)

1. Does anyone know of any major car rental companies that will rent to a 22 year old with a clean driving record? (I'm from MI and want to rent a car at the Salt Lake City, UT airport)

2. Does anyone know how to get informal moving quotes without giving out your address? All the sites I've tried online want to many details, I'm looking for loose estimates.

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1.For those of you who have been to or at university and lived in halls, what were your flatmates/roomates like? Did you get on? What sort of stuff did they do that pised you off?Did you choose to carry on living with them?

I hate the people I live with. You couldn't pay me to live with them next year.. If I had to say what has ruined my first year of university the answer would be them. They play awful banging music until stupid O'Clock in the morning and are generally rude. They leave meat out for days and being a vegetarian it disgusts me. They smoke everywhere and leave the kitchen a complete tip with washing up everywhere. GRRRRRR.
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1- What's the last thing you bought?
2- Do you prefer shopping online or in actual stores/malls?
3- When shopping in the real world, do you prefer going alone, with one other person, or a group? Why?
4- Have you ever worked for a Mystery Shopper setup? Do you even know what Mystery shopping IS? (Google if not, it's neat ;D)
5- My lone personal question : For Canadians who have done it, is Premier Service a reliable Mystery shopper company? I applied to it a month or so ago, and they just got back to me today. Wondering if I should bother, or if I'd never get any assignments/paid. :/

I feel like Collapse )
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worst movie.

What movie pissed you off, mad you feel annoyed, angry and got you in a bad mood?

*this is a really basic question which has probably been asked before (sorry if so), but i didnt see it about 5 pages back*

RENT-- annoyed me soo much, i couldnt sleep for 2 nights. everytime i closed my eyes, i herd the damn songs they sang.
it just pissed me off sooo much.
i cant explain.
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lol bnp

i just got this email from my student union:

Collapse )

the gist is, some people are protesting because the lead ballerina of the english national ballet is a member of the british national party, which is really right-wing, xenophobic, and racist, essentially. they say that she should be fired from her post for expressing support for the BNP.

SO, what do you think of this protest? would you go? would you passively support it? would you oppose it?
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(no subject)

Yesterday my mum bought Chips Ahoy. I hate them.

Today my mum bought Oreo's. I love them. (Great for someone trying to lose weight huh?)

So my question is (if you eat cookies that is, even if from when you we're a kid), which do you like beter?

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Whats your favorite song lyric? or verse?

mine has to be from The Cure - Just Like Heaven

" spinning on that dizzy edge
i kissed her face and kissed her head
and dreamed of all the different ways i had
to make her glow
why are you so far away?
she said
why won't you ever know that i'm in love with you?
that i'm in love with you? "
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Custom contacts

Do you think getting custom contacts (like wildeyes or something, but asking an artist to do a design you've made) for 270 is a good or bad deal? They are also perscriptive.
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Jewelry Stores

Which jewelry store chain (Kay, Zales, Helzburg, Gordon's, Whitehall, etc) would you buy (or have bought from in the past and would recommend) jewelry from?

Which jewelry chain would you NOT buy jewelry from (or have bought from in the past and had a bad experience with)? And why?

(no subject)

1. What was the last big decision you made in your life that turned out to be the right decision?
2. What was the last big decision you made in your life that turned out to be the wrong decision?
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Is anyone else as annoyed as I am by the fact that the narrator of the film "Perfume: Story of a murderer" isn't capable of pronouncing the last name of the main character? Collapse )

I'm not sure if that annoys me more or less than the fact that the film is set in 18th century France yet no one speaks French.
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hey all

i was wondering if i could ask what are some of your favorite, really active, or just particularly great food communities?

at the moment i'm stuck w/ a few ingredients in the house, and i want to make a delicious dinner, but i'm not quite sure what to do w/ what i've got.

i have:
meat - hot sausage, teriyaki-ginger chicken sausage, ground beef, steaks, chicken
carb - a few diff kinds of pasta, some diff flavors of rice
vegg - broccoli, corn, string beans

does anyone have an idea for me?


1) What is the best hair product of all time for you? why? What do you do?(It can be ANYTHING mayonaise to serum to shampoo!)
2) What was the craziest thing you have ever done?
3) What is your addiction(s)/obsession(s) as of today?


1) A straightner, if you use serum with it, blowdry your hair and straighten your hair, hairspray it, it feels pretty good!

2) I really don't know! hmmm....*thinks*

3) This lip gloss from Bath and Bodyworks! LOL I know it sounds funny, but it smells good, feels good, tastes good and looks good at the same time! hehe I also love the Money Pit, LOST, 50 first dates, internet and DDR!

(no subject)

Just a couple quick questions. :]

1) What's a good pre-clubbing food, for us vegetarians? Something to help sop up the alcohol. :] I'm going out in about two and a half hours.

2) Has anyone here used Lush products? I got their shampoo bar today (I forgot the name of it. ><) and I <3 it.


(no subject)

What's the last thing that really pissed you off?

I'm enrolled in CJUS100 this semester (I'm taking my required courses backwards, it seems) and the professor spent the first 20 minutes telling racist jokes that had been revamped into slams against another university and then spent the next 30 minutes passing off a bunch of erroneous "facts" to the class and talking over anyone who tried to correct him. Luckily it's a very basic 'how the justice system works' class and I can use it to do my other homework, but it pisses me off that some of the people in my class are going to walk away believing all this bullshit. Rar.
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(no subject)

My cat has this awful habit of vomiting on top of me.

I mean, she doesn't do it terribly often, but whenver she does it seems to be right on top of me. Most times she throws up it's in the middle of the night. She literally jumps up on top of my chest while I'm sleeping and pukes on my chest, then jumps right back off and goes on her merry way.

Why the heck is she doing this? She could throw up anywhere, but it seems like she makes a habit of doing it right on me.

shrinkwrap :/

Ok so I just bought this book at school for my one oceanography class and its shrinkwrapped. This book is less than an inch thick and 100$.

So I'm thinking, oh, I can buy it, copy everything at kinkos for like 20$ but since its shrinkwrapped if I open it they won't return it.

Now my question is.
Can I wrap it in saran wrap and blow dry it and hope it'll resemble shrink wrap? Or is there somewhere I can buy it and then blowdry it to fit and look like the original shrinkwrap status?

*southern accent* HAILP!

(no subject)

1.) How long does it take you to get into the perfect position to sleep in?
2.) Do you have any weird rituals that you have to do before going to sleep?

1.) Lately it's been taking me 30+ minutes just to get into the perfect position to go to sleep in. I have this weird thing where every cover has to evenly cover me, especially my upper back (which strangely gets really really cold at night). Also, I can't sleep on my back and I hate sleeping on my side because I don't know where to put my arms so that they don't fall asleep or feel uncomfortable. Plus, if I'm wearing a short sleeved shirt it can't be tucked in a weird way or else I won't go to sleep. I've always been like this but lately it's been so intense...am I alone?
2.) No

P.S. Going along with the sleeping theme.
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dying my hair tomorrow

I'm dying my hair for the first time tomorrow.

1.Have you ever dyed your own hair?

2.What was your original color? And what did you dye it?

3. Any good products or brands I should use? Or techniques?


My answers:
1. Nope, tomorrow will be my first time =]

2.My original color is blonde and Im just going a lot lighter.

3. I have no clue, thats why I'm asking =] =] 

(no subject)

I used to watch a show when I was younger, and I have no idea what it is called. It was about two sibling Koalas. The girl was pink, and the boy was blue. They lived with a girl with red hair. Thats all I really remember. Any help?

When I was younger you would read stories about how best friends would move away. I moved away in 7th grade, and I never thought that it would actually ever happen to me. Has anyone else been the person in the story? Did you ever go back and visit?
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(no subject)

What do you wear to bed?  Do you wear socks?  Do you ever forget to take off your bra?

I usually just throw on an oversized t-shirt and maybe some shorts, but I just got footie pajamas with giant purple puppies on them, so that's about to change.  (I'm SO EXCITED!)

Freaky movies?

What movies freaked you out as a child? Why? Do those same movies freak you out now?

When I was around 8 or 9, I saw Mighty Joe Young. This movie is one of the main reasons why I'm afraid to go on a ferris wheel, particularly at night. There's a scene in the movie where Mighty Joe Young goes to the carnival and there's a boy on the Ferris Wheel by himself. I haven't seen it since, so my memory is probably distorted/wrong, but I believe that he knocks over the Ferris Wheel but saves the people on it? Anyway, for some reason that freaked me out to no end, and now I can't go on a ferris wheel. (This wasn't the only reason why- at my school carnival, I went on a really sketchy ferris wheel that was just awful.)
Also, when I was around 6 or 7, we rented James and the Giant Peach out from the library, which also scared me. It was mainly the part about the rhinocerouses coming out of the sky (at least, I believe that's what it was) that freaked me out. That was the only kind I can remember being scared of something that couldn't logically happen. I mean, I wasn't afraid that rhinocerouses would charge out of the sky, but it was just freaky.
One more- as a child, I saw a preview for the movie Airplane! on television, and it scared the shit out of me. I've since seen that movie, and it's hilarious, but it took me a while, because it really stuck with me. I remember my parents laughing while watching the preview, and me wondering why, because I just thought it was scary.

Eyes closed

Have you ever closed your eyes and seen patterns?
If so, do you know what they're called, what is the reason for them, and if there is any specific order to those patterns?
Is it possible to influence those patterns?
Thanks :)

Tattoo Advice

1- Which of these do you like for a tattoo: A, B without the circles, C, or C without the circles? Also, the letters on B or C would be a more script-like font. (Or do you like no letters at all?)

2- Where should I put it? I don't want it on my lower back. Some ideas I have are my the front of my hip or the back of my neck. Maybe the wrist, too. It's my first tattoo but I'm a toughie so I'm not too worried about it being in a particularly painful spot.

Collapse )

P.S.- If you don't like any of them, that's cool but you don't need to respond at all if that's the case, because I am definitely going with the compass rose in some form, as it is meaningful to me. :-)

Thanks for the input
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(no subject)

1.Do you wash your clothes in warm water or cold?
2.what kind of phone do you have?
3.does anyone here have a wii? if yes, do you like it?
4.do you have a favorite superhero?
5.would you go to a starwars convention?


Hello Everyone,

So I have a computer/battery related question.

I have a Gateway Notebook. I got it in June 2006. And tonight I went to go plug the charger into charge my almost dead battery and the notebook did not recognize the fact I had plugged the charger in. What is wrong with the battery/charger?

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(no subject)

When I am driving on the freeway, I often see blotches of what appears to be reddish-orange paint splattered in big puddles on the pavement. I assume that this is not just a coincidence involving several CHP trucks carrying buckets of international-orange paint spilling onto the road, so what the heck is it?
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(no subject)

What's your favorite American regional accent?

Least favorite?

What kind of accent do you have?

I think Minnesota accents are adorable. I dislike Boston and stereotypical Chicago accents.
I have an upper midwestern accent myself.