January 10th, 2007

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What's the most reliable chat service out there?

I've been trying to use MSN to chat with someone overseas and I swear half the messages never arrive, which is HORRIBLY frustrating.

Even Google Talk isn't 100% reliable in this regard, which is annoying since they ought to know how to make that work.

I have only tried MSN, Google and Yahoo. None are 100% reliable - anyone know of any that are?

in a completely related incident...

question: is 30 too old if i'm only 18? :|

i want to say all sorts of things, like how she doesn't act or look 30, but i just can't get around the fact that it makes me feel so young (and that i already feel like i know the answer). she's expressed some interest, but i feel like i have a double standard: i think in this case it's ok, but if i ever saw a 30 year old man and an 18 year old girl, i'd think he was a freaking skeaze ball.
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if you had to have voiceover narration of your own life, who would you want to narrate?

i'd have patrick stewart and julie walters alternate. (for gravitas and levity, respectively)

could that last bit have been put any more douchebaggily?
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So, what are your favorite jokes about the holocaust?

Mine are Collapse )

And I`m sure this has been asked before, but with the whole spotlight thing, maybe some newb will have a new and amusing answer: Where do babies come from?
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Does anyone know why Edna in Emmerdale never takes off her hat? This bugs me so much! Even 82ask didn't know, and they're supposed to find an answer for anything!
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I actually have two questions.  any answers would be AMAZING.

1.  Does anyone know what movie used the term DUFF (designated ugly fat friend)?  It has been bothering for days and I cant seem to remember or find the name of the movie.  

2.  What is the ending to the movie the Ninth Gate with Johnny Depp?  I watched it and can't quite seem to figure out what the conclusion was?

Thank yous in advance

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What do you use to download music? I've always used Morpheus, but for some unknown reason it stopped letting me download stuff .. so I just uninstalled it .. but I still really want to listen to that REM song .. so what can I use?

I'm kinda iffy about Limewire just so you know, so anything else?

a few questions

1. What's the best DVD ripper to buy?

2. In your opinion is it better to buy a dvd ripper so I can put movies on my computer/ipod or to just buy new movies off itunes?

3. What was your favorite movie as a child?

4. Which is your favorite Wee Sing movie?

my answers
2. i'm leaning towards buying a ripper
3. all wee sing movies
4. marvelous musical mansion


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1. What's on your walls?
2. What are your initials?
3. I have a bad cold/cough. What do you recommend to help me get over being sick?
4. For the past few days I've been getting stuff together to move into the dorms, I moved some stuff saturday, and I'm moving more stuff tomorrow. My last two trips will be the 20th and the 26th (I'm going in for good the 26th, only to come home for a show on the 2nd). Do you have any lists/links for lists of things to bring to college?

1. Bulletin board. Breakfast club poster. 3 rocky horror picture show posters. 3 awards I won in high school. A strangers with candy poster.
2. IRF
3. I have cough syrup and I've been drinking lots of orange juice and avoiding milk and dairy.
4. I brought all the books I want. And about 1/3 of my clothes. And kitchen/desk supplies, but I have no idea where to go from there.

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Why the hell am I still awake?

And now for the real question.  What's something you've done in the past that people you know now have trouble believing?

For me, now that I'm a manager in the mortgage industry (and I'm kind of quiet by nature anyway), people are shocked and refuse to believe me when I tell them that I used to sell sex toys for a living.
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Very weird question but yes for that 'smart' look!

I don't know if this actually exists but somebody might: anyone know where you can buy glasses just for appeal? Plain, clear, glasses for people who don't actually need real glasses?

I've always liked the way I look in glasses, but I don't really need them. Tried reading glasses, but I can't see through any of them and sunglasses are always tinted (just not the same).
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If you had the last copy in the entire world of the video tape of Steve Irwin's death, would you sell it to the tabloids for millions? Or destroy it because Terri Irwin asked you to?

Also, why am I nauseous causing me to be up at 3:30 am?

Your choices:

Taco Bell
Acid Reflux
Stomach virus
Pregnancy (Clarification: possibility of pregnancy. not sure yet.)

My choice? I'm thinking it was the Taco Bell. It is so delicious, yet so so painful.
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Series 4 first episode of The OC, what was the song played before the opening scene "californiaaaa"- Phantom Planet bit plays and then later on during the program? I am pretty sure it was by Placebo.

Some mad weirdness..

So, I'm at work waiting for my husband to pick me up and eating some candy. This cute little boy and a woman who I assumed to be some type of matriarchal figure approaches. Little boy stares longingly at my candy. Possible Matriarchal Figure says: "Go up to her and ask her to give you her candy"
Little kid does so. I say no.
PMF: "If there wasn't something wrong with that lady, she'd give you some of her candy."
Yes, she actually said that.
Then she turns and gives me an evil look.

Now, the questions:
Why would a grown woman behave in this manner?
Was I being terrible to not prostrate myself before her frantically waving my candy in her face?
Do you like Gobstoppers?
Why would a mother want her kid to ask a complete stranger for candy?
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Is there any reason why the top of my right index finger, from the second joint up, is tingly and numb? It's not constant, either. It'll feel normal for a few minutes and then start feeling weird again.

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If you have a job, do you:

Wear a uniform?
Wear "business casual" (what exactly is that?)
Dress up (suit or dress slacks/shirt/tie)?
Dress down (jeans)?

Is there 'competition' in your workplace as to who wears what and who dresses better?

Me: I work in the office of a construction company, so we all 'dress down' most of the time and there is no "trying to 'outdo' each other" in my office. There are only two other females there--one is a boss.
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A pointless question to kill time, I s'pose.

Hullo all. It's way early for me and I'm awfully bored and so... a question.

I know I always have junk sitting beside my bed, whether it be on the floor, just dropped before nodding off, or on the night stand-ish thing. So, my questions are:

1) What's on your night stand?
2) What's on the floor next to your bed?

My answers:

1) An empty wine glass, a collection of medication, a few scattered photos of relatives (given to me by well-meaning family members), a Joey Ramone figure, a donut pin-cushion, a slightly malfunctioning alarm clock, a thrifted lamp, a spiked cuff from Venus Envy, a Bob Marley sweatband from Rock Candy and a film canister full of shed whiskers from my kitties.
2) A 11"x14" sketchbook, a tin of Staedtler pencils, a chewed eraser, my Cognition textbook, a bra, Clive Barker's The Hellbound Heart, guitar picks and a pack of cigarettes.
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is it okay to clean my nose piercing with epson saltwater? i didn't know if that's the same as sea salt. i had been using antibacterial soap with no problems but i ran out and used epson salt and now it's kind of painful. there's no bump on the outside or scabbiness, just kind of sensitive. (i got it done a week before thanksgiving and changed from a screw to a hoop about three weeks ago, if that matters)

Printer Problem

Okay, complicated question. For computer/printer people. Thought I would ask here first.

My computer is saying that I have a new hardware found on the computer -- namely my printer. I redownloaded the software for it, installed and nothing, it doesn't recognize the software.

Then I got another printer. Installed the printer software. Nothing. Same problem as before. Obviously something is wrong with the computer.

Also at the same time as this printer thing happened, I got an error message saying something like "You have choosen the wrong name" over and over again. It keeps happening when I leave the computer for any length of time.

Give a dog a home

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Would you rather be stuck on a desert island with:

Furries (they have their costumes) or those crazy fuckers that think that their soul is a wolf or something equally stupid?

An emo kid or a goth kid?

A really hot but opposite-sexual-preference-as-you person, or a completely ugly person of your sexual preference?

What time is your alarm set for?

If forced to choose, would you go for buttsex with someone who was otherwise great in bed, or someone who would only do it missionary style, didn't care about your satisfaction, and went to sleep as soon as sex was over?
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Family Matters

How far away do you live from your parents/relatives?

Me: I'm in Washington, DC. My family lives in Nashville, TN. That's a good 650 miles.

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Drink More Water

1. Are there people that you would be insulted by if they liked you/ thought highly of you/ respected you? For example, someone that you are maybe having an  argument with and you are listening to them, taking notes on what they are about and thinking - if this person thought I was cool, that would actually say something pretty shitty about me.

2. You aren't educated on something much more than media; newspaper, news and light online reading. Do you get into debates and think or talk as if you are educated on it? Why or why not?

3. If you could have a scrolling marquee on your car and a little keyboard with which to type scrolling messages to the drivers around you, would you buy something like that and use the hell out of it?

4. What are some of the obscenities that you would be putting in all caps on a regular basis to the lovely folks out there on the road?

5. Finish this phrase: Wisdom is for ________ .

Collapse )

Computer question

Why has my laptop inexplicably died?  

When I give it power (either battery or plug, doesn't matter), without turning it on or anything, it just begins to make a very quiet high-pitched noise like "Hey, I'm getting power!"  (this is not the whir of a hard drive) but is completely unresponsive to trying to turn it on or any sort of stimulus.  Last time I used it, I put it on standby and back in its bag, and since then it has suffered no trauma or anything (although it was very briefly handled by someone other than myself).

Any computer people out there have any input?
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1. Can you touch your toes (without bending your knees)?

2. Did you used to be able to touch your toes, but can't any more?

3. How old are you?

4. Would you have understood question #2 if I had phrased it, "Did you used to could?"

I'm 23 and my roommates who are both 21 were shocked to discover last night that I could touch my toes. They claim that most people stop being able to do that in their teen years.

Edit: So it would appear that the ability to touch your toes has nothing to do with anything. There is no pattern. Some people can & some people can't. It also has nothing to do with one's ability to speak "Southern." (Which I didn't think it did, I just asked that part because I almost phrased the question that way.)

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1. How is your buddy list organized?
I just have two groups: Chickens and Cupcakes. Chickens are girls and Cupcakes are boys.

2. How many people are on your list?

3. How many of them do you actually talk to on a regular basis?
Ha, just 3
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How many instruments do you currently own?

How many of these are you able to play?

How many do you actually play?

If you do not play them, where did they come from and why do you own them?

(no subject)

1)Consider your dream house for a few minutes. What kinds of cool, crazy shit would you want in your dream house? I want one of these and instead of doorways I'll have slides going into each room. I also want a library with floor to ceiling shelves and a ladder on a track, and an indoor lap pool with a glass bottom and glass sculptures underneath that look like the ceiling here.

2)When was the last time you gambled/placed a bet? If you won, how much did you win?

3)If a friend needed you to pet sit for them, are there any kinds of pets that you wouldn't be willing to care for?

Director ?'s

1. Do you have a favorite director?
Not particularly, if someone put a gun to my head and forced me to pick one, I'd say Martin Scorsese

2. Have you seen Four Rooms? If you have, what was your favorite story/room?
Yes. The one with the cigar cutter.

3. Did you know Joss Whedon is directing an episode of The Office(US)? How do you think it will be?
Just found out a couple of minutes ago. I think It'll be pretty funny, I never knew that he wrote for Roseanne.

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If you are married and poly, do you feel that you are respecting the marriage bond between you and your spouse? Why are you married, since marriage is about the bond between two people?
If you are not poly, what do you think of poly-"marriages"?


help me Dr. LJ

The inside of my bottom lip hurts a lot. It feels kind of rough or wrinkly and stings. I think there is a little crack in it too. And it got really irritated when I was trying to eat pineapple for breakfast. Owie.

Oh, and it feels the same way under my tongue too, but it doesn't hurt quite as much. This has been happening on and off for a few days (a week?) now.

What is it??
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(no subject)

1) What was the last extravagant/really nice thing you bought for yourself? That someone got you?

2) Could someone tell me how to phonetically say "You're under arrest" in Danish?
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dollar stores!

1. Do you like dollar stores?

2. When was the last time you were in a dollar store?
I'm not even sure, maybe last spring when my aunt made go in one with her.

3. If you do like dollar stores, what do you buy there? How often do you go to them?

Sexy pics

Say you have hard copies of dirty photos lying around (but put away/semi-hidden) of you doing something sexual with an ex (let's say over two years old). If you got into another relationship, were a few months into it and getting serious, what would you do with the photos, if anything?


1.) Scenario: you discover someone who looks JUST like you. It blows your mind, but it's like looking in a mirror. Same body shape, hair, everything. You get to talking, and find out that this person is a professional criminal. You keep in touch with this person. One day, your twin goes through some legal problems, and is sentenced to 3 years in prison. She/he meets with you the day they have to report and says this:

"If you take my place in the slammer, I will give you $3million dollars. I've very successful at what I do and the police could only bust me on a petty offense, and I have no problem spreading the wealth if you take the fall for me. If you're a model prisoner, you can be out in less than 2 years, maybe around a year and a half on good behavior. It will be tough and you might fall in with the wrong crowd to get by and this might compromise your model prisoner status, so you have to be careful. I have a lot of connections and can arrange it so that everybody you know thinks you're out of the country for school or Greenpeace or whatever, so there's no blemish on your reputation, and your record is still clean since everybody will think you're me. If you refuse, hey, I understand and won't hold it against you."

Edit: If you accept the terms, the money will be wired into a Swiss bank account up front with only your name on it, and no one can touch it and no one else will know about it. If you betray this person's trust, you can expect a hit on your head

Do you agree to the money and the prison-by-proxy arrangement?

2.)How much longer will we be spotlighted?

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Does anyone know what the lyrics are to the song "Amerilie" by Vetiver? I've loved the song since I first heard it but I don't know the exact lyrics... with such a beautiful song, it'd be nice to know! I haven't been able to find them anywhere on the net.
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I hope these make sense:

#1 -- Do you prefer to read narratives that are written with a voice that is the same gender as you, the opposite gender, or genderless? (For example, if you identify as female, would you prefer the narrator of a story to be female, male, or unspecified?)

#2 -- If a story has a narrator of unspecified gender, do you automatically imagine the narrator as having a particular gender?

#3 -- Which style of narration do you prefer? (e.g. first-person, third-person, multiple narrators, etc)
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I know this might sound stupid..
but what steps did you guys take to move out?
I need to get out of here and have my own place.

K I just graduated but I have no job lol. I dont really have any money saved up because my internship did not pay me. Most internships dont.

Most places wont hire me unless Im certified. The national certification test is in May and yes Im already studying for it but...what should I do?

Should I get a part-time job and save up? I cant do full because I need sometime to study during the week.

Being an adult is hard.
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Random stuff.

1- Does it worry you that apparently people have not only posted here in 1970, but also in the year 2020? Time travellers need to blog too! (See here to see wtf I'm talking about. ;P)

2- The hell IS the difference between blond/blonde? I thought blonde was describing the person (like brunette), and blond was the hair colour (like brown)... Am I way off base?

Poll #904220 Ages!

How old are you?

Under 13 (Do you have parental permission to be on LJ?)
Ageless, immortal, a vampire, something like that.

4- Based on the above poll (even if barely anyone's clicked it yet) would you talk differently around here? IE, more kids, less raunchy sex questions, more adults, less pre-teen relationship questions... Or do you not give a crap who sees what? :P I know I'm not a mod and what I wonder doesn't affect this place, by and by. ;P

5- Despite it only being Wednesday, what are your plans for this weekend?

6- Do you prefer to answer or ask questions here? When/if you ask questions, is it to just get to know people, or for your own benefit, or to make friends based on answers?

No answers from me for now. Blah.
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(no subject)

1. What type of shoes do you wear when it's cold out?

2. What is a good facewash or makeup remover that can be used somewhat frequently without causing excessive drying? I'm taking a stage makeup class and will probably need to wash my face at least once each class (which meets twice a week). I have pretty clear skin for the most part, but in the winter it is very dry. I do use moisturizer but still I'm hoping to find something that won't dry me up too badly. My professor said to just bring those disposable cloths, but I know the texture of those is too rough for my winter-face.

3. When was the last time you vacuumed?

(no subject)

You're being rung up at any given retail store, and the cashier scans your merchandise. There is some kind of error or another and the item doesn't scan properly. After the cashier tries once or twice you make the insanely clever and original joke that "haw haw, it must be free then!" Little do you know, the cashier now wants to murder you because this is the 30th time he's heard this joke today.

In your line of work, are there any super awesome jokes or phrases that you have to listen to over and over and over until you feel you have no other option but to stab yourself in the neck with a ballpoint pen?


1. does anyone have a link to a site that lets you use one of those "does this hairstyle look good on me" programs, for free? all the ones i've found so far are just a trial, and won't let me upload an actual picture of myself to use.

2. what's your favourite thing to order at applebee's? (if you have ever eaten there.)

3. do you have a home security system? if yes, why?

4. what's the best board game?

5. have you ever posted something for a community to your own journal and not noticed until the next day? because, uh. i really meant to ask this here yesterday, but instead, i'm an idiot.

edited to add:

6. what's the best way to fix a mattress to a car? i need to get my (full size) mattress from my mom's house to my apartment, which is approximately a 15 minute drive over a major highway. i have a kia spectra (4-door sedan). my husband says that bungee cords are a terrible idea, and that we should use rope. this seems, to me, a little less than brilliant. any ideas?
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(no subject)

1. When was your last power outtage? What did you do during it?
2. What should you be doing right now?
3. What's your favorite candy?
4. Were you ever a Boy//Girl Scout?
5. Would you rather sleep on a mattress of daggers or in a hammock of barbed wire?
6. Musicals: Fun or Freaky?
7. Where is your best friend right now? How long have you known them?

1. YESTERDAY! It was only for two hours, but we had one for five days about 2 weeks ago. I baby-sat two of the nights for my neighbors, and stayed at my sister's the rest.
2. Paying attention in class.
3. Sour Patch Kids, forever!
4. No, sadly. But I did help my friend sell her cookies.
5. Mattress of daggers. Hammocks swing.
6. Fun!
7. I think she's in her French class. I've known her since I was a teeny little toddler.
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Random ?'s

1. What's for lunch?
I had Tombstone pizza

2. What time zone do you live in?
Eastern Standard Time

3. Let's say you went out somewhere and met someone. This person is very attractive and you have a deep conversation and realize you have tons of things in common. Somehow or another you end up back at their place. This person says they need to go "freshen up." "get more comfortable." When they come back, they don't have any teeth, they're barefoot, and only have one toe on each foot. They never mentioned having artificial teeth and were wearing closed shoes in the place you met. How do you think you'd react?

(no subject)

1.whats the nicest thing your s.o. did for you before you were dating?
2.how many of you never went to prom?
3.whats your favorite season?
4.whats your favorite movie?
5.how much music do you have on your computer?

chumscrubber vs. alpha dog

has anyone ever seen Chumscrubber? well there has been commercials on the teley for a new movie (not sure name, but the one with justin timberlake). in the commercial, it shows 2 characters from Chumscrubber and shows EXACT scenes from the movie as well. i searched the info on this movie and its plot is nowhere near the same. but i cant get it out of my head that these two movies seem AWFULLY similar, just with the addition of Mr. timberlake. does anyone know whether this movie is a spin off of the recent Chumscrubber? or am i hallucinating?

does anyone even know what i am talking about, a little?
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(no subject)

You're in a relationship (if not, just pretend for the sake of the question haha)

1. Of these two, what's more personal to talk about with your good friends?
A) Sexual experiences
B) Relationship problems/fights

2. Is there anything that shouldn't be talked about with your good friends? What things should remain private?
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(no subject)

When you get a tattoo, should you tip the person who did it?

ETA - I suck at tipping percentages, and my mother said to five 5 bucks for a 75 dollar tattoo, but that seems low, so what percent do you normally tip?\

ETA2: Thanks!

Cryptic hypothetical morality question

Say you're pregnant or your SO is pregnant. In this scenario, you're planning on having the kid, and the ultrasound and related tests show that it's a healthy fetus. However, during the delivery, something goes wrong. The umbilical cord gets wrapped around the baby's head, and there is damage. The baby's alive, but has suffered a traumatic injury to its soft skull. The doctor asks the nurses to leave the room, and it's just you (or you and your SO). Inspecting the skull, the doctor says that he's 75% positive the damage has left the baby extremely brain damaged, too mentally impaired to ever have anything more than child's IQ for the rest of its life, and it's highly possible that it might have some motor problems too. He apologizes. He then asks you a cryptic question:

"Do you want to keep it? There's no cameras in here and I can put the baby out of its misery if you want, and there won't be any investigation since it'll be assumed that the head injury was the cause of death. I realize this is a daring, tactless question, but this is the only time I can offer this to you. Once you leave this room, you will have to raise this child and tend to its many needs for the rest of its or your life, as it will most likely never be able to survive on its own, and you do seem like nice people who deserve a second chance. What's your answer?"

Not taking into account the likely malpractice suit you will file, do you keep it?

(no subject)

Can you microwave tape?

I accidentally opened the bag on the "don't need to open the bag" frozen vegetables and I'm trying to figure if I can salvage it so I can be lazy and not have to cook them in a bowl.
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My son has ADHD.   Medication doesn't work so far.
I want to try him on a placebo, but he's old enough to know if I'm giving him candy.
Can anyone recommend somewhere/something I can buy/give him as a placebo?

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1. Does anyone get really really cold during or towards the end of a sex...session? (Like shivering and teeth chattering coldness) Why is that?
2. Do you get cravings after having sex? What kind of craving?
3. What was your favorite "random craving" discovery?
4. Is anyone addicted to the Lifetime Movie Network and if so, what is your favorite movie?
5. What's the weirdest flavor of soda you've come across? Best flavor?
6. Have you tried to learn to play guitar at home with a book?
7. Did it work?
8. Which book was it?
9. How long did it take you to learn to play at an intermediate level?
10. What weird childhood games did you play for amusement?
11. Do you have any irrational fears and what are they? Do you know why you are afraid of it? How has it affected your life?

My answers:
1. Yes. Idk why.
2. I crave fast food.
3. Dill pickle slices eaten with Ruffles.
4. Yes. I love Cyber Seduction.
5. N/A
6. Yes
7. No
8. A shitty one
9. N/A
10. I used to stick rose thorns on my forehead and play "rhino."
11. I'm afraid of body parts (mostly hands) coming out of nowhere (like the ground) and grabbing me to pull me down to hell or oblivion. I think I saw it in a movie when I was little. I rarely ever sit with my feet dangling unless I'm at a restaurant or don't have room to pull my feet up.

(no subject)

1)How did you and your best friend or one of your close friends meet? Did you like each other immediately or no?

2)Have you ever been water skiing? Snow skiing? Were you successful?

3)Do you cut in line? Or ask if you can cut in line?

4)When did you last use a payphone?

MP3, more good or more bad, music?

The Internet.

It gave us vast amounts of mister and MISS information.

It taught us, that more of the population gets their porn for free, just like their music.

But I have a deep and probing question about this.

Has the ability to easily create, record and share music, exposed you to more GOOD or BAD artists? A simple browse on myspace.com can make the average user either happy with delight or want to puke into their Chuck Taylors.

I've found a lot of music, and a lot online. Personally I think I would have found as much good stuff without the huge file sharing boom, as with. However, I have gotten way more good music than bad, despite all the mediocre-core bands on myspace asking me to be their friend and buy their demo.

(no subject)

Note: if this doesn't belong here, but rather in a community that specializes in these sorts of questions, I'll be glad to remove it and repost it there.

I saw a video on Bravo, I think, where there was a quartet or a quintet of men singing 12 Days of Christmas, except one of them would always start singing in a random part of the song and the others would have to catch up. It was very well performed and quite funny. If anyone knows where I could find this video, please let me know.


Is it possible to be cheerfully depressing?

Is it weird to SMS your workmate to tell him to look at pics of a totally cool bike? (He's only 2 seconds away but in a different office)
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The Receptionist Classic

Taxes! Hooray!

How long do you wait after receiving your W-2 forms before filing your taxes?
We got ours this afternoon and it's not even 4 yet and I'm done! I loooove filing.

Are you expecting a refund this year?
You betcha.

And if you are getting a refund, what are you planning to do with said refund?
Move! Finally, finally will be able to afford the deposit and move.
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(no subject)

Ok, after my post last night, I feel the need to clarify some things.

First, yes, I DID research Betta fish before I bought them, (I researched them for quite a long time, actually) but once I got them home, I felt completely at a loss for how to care for them, and all the websites and pamphlets I looked at just didn't seem to cut it for me, so I decided to request some first-hand information here.

Second, yes, I do have a ridiculously stupid user name.  I hate it, you hate it, the entire world hates it.  Thanks for pointing out how obviously stupid it is.  I simply love it when people state the obvious.  I made this LJ when I was twelve years old, and quite honestly, I have no idea how this user name came into existance.  If you want it changed and have a credit/debit card, feel free to pay the fifteen dollars it would take for me to change my user name, because I don't have a card.  Otherwise, don't bitch at me about it.

Ok, on to my question.

I just gave blood today for the first time.  And taking the blood made me faint.  I'm not afraid of blood, it just knocked me out.  When was the first time you gave blood?  Did anything strange happen?

Thank you for listening me bitch.
I'm shocked


Ron White is one of 4 comedians for the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and he has this lead up to a bit on being drunk in a bar that I don't understand. He says "I'm about 6'1" to 6'6" depending what convenience store I'm coming out of".

This totally confuses me.

Can anybody explain this?

Or maybe translate would be a better way to phrase that.
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Deeper than deep

So, I have a friend that's been in a marriage for six months and is already unhappy, because his wife has shown a new face and restricted his life, no female friends, things like that. He has no religious hangups but he still views divorce as being a last-ditch effort, and he can make do with his wife now, though he's not happy. I say his happiness matters more, but he made the point that society (specifically, her and his families) views that as a pretty self-absorbed opinion. To me, why bother living through that if you're not happy? Then again, why bother being happy if society views it as being so dang selfish? I can't make up my mind about the issue in general, so I figured I'd ask and give the background story.

So I guess it boils down to, what matters more? Your happiness or your promises?
in ur blank, brains, grunny

*grumble mutter snarl*

In Photoshop CS2, is there a way to set the undo key to ctrl-z and the redo key to ctrl-y? In PS 7 there was a nice simple check box but in CS all I can find is a list of shortcuts I can set and undo/redo is the same freaking option.
Typing Monkey

(no subject)

Earlier today, I read "The Purloined Letter" and "Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allan Poe. I found it curious that in both stories, Poe left out certain details.

In the first one, what do you think was written in the letter?
In the second, what do you think the grave insult was, that led the narrator to commit murder?

(no subject)

When you drink from a bottle, do you put both your lips over the opening? Or do you put your top lip in?

..Maybe it's my sleep deprived mine but that all sounds quite raunchy...

Is there any non-awkward way to remove the pants from your boyfriend's body?
lost wolfwood

not so super power

Any idea what pseudo super power would be most fitting of someone who works in a morgue? Actually, I believe I'm looking for someone who works as a funeral director.

By not so super power.. I mean something that no one else can do, something that's not natural, but not enough to save the world a la superman. Something quirkty and oddball like, the ability to control odor; remove it completely, make it worse than it is, or somewhere inbetween.


(no subject)

I just moved into a room in a group house, and the girl who lived there before me smoked like crazy inside. Naturally the smell is stuck to everything; carpet, walls, tile, etc.

I know the smell of cigarette smoke never  completely goes away but,

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on how to get the smell to decrease?

(no subject)

How old were you when you learnt the word 'fuck'?

I was, honestly, about 9 or 10. My parents never swore around me, and my school was strict about swearing, so I never even heard it until my older brother said it.


Quite awhile back an email made the rounds.... it was titled NametheBand.xls and in it were 270 pictures of bands and you had to guess the name. I only have 120  correct answers and its driving me insane! I'm looking for someone who can give me the answers or point me in the right direction of where to find them!

Thankx Muchly xx
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help with games?

is there a community that can help me with a game I have for pc? its Catz 5. if not here is the question

for anyone that has this game, i used to have petz 4 and there used to be a paint bucket and brush, but in catz or dogz 5 there isn't i think i have to win  in the games but so far I haven't got it. is there a cheat for it? is there a good website with cheats for the game? i have had no luck googling it.
if there is a community for it i will gladly remove the post.

And another question!!

Imagine you are 79, your spouse dies. Would you remarry? why or why not?

Me personally I wouldnt remarry. I know its not the best way to think but Eventually I am going to die. I see no reason in having someone fall in love with me all over again, marry them then die on them. Its sad but true. I wouldnt wanna hurt someone like that.
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Curly Hair

For those of you with long, curly and frizzy hair, how do you make it look nice without doing too much with it? I don't like blow-drying or anything like that, I just need some kind of solution that's really good for curly hair that won't make it feel like hay when it dries.

Another "music" question

Here's the deal. I'm directing a play this spring that's all about truth, lies, fidelity, cheating, hiding, suspicion, that sort of thing. I'm looking for music to use for it that deals with those topics. On my first scan through my iTunes, I've got:

-CCR - Heard It Through the Grapevine
-Elvis - Suspicious Minds
-Barenaked Ladies - Shoebox
-Beatles - Everybody's Got Something to Hide (Except for Me and My Monkey)
-The Wood Brothers - Truth is the Light

(no subject)

Why does my microsoft antispyware have 4Gigabytes of "errors"?

Collapse )
I'm sure that this is leftover from when I had a lot of spyware found and removed from my laptop last year. Can I just delete this file and be done? or will something bad happen? what about the rest of the gibberish in the folder?is that supposed to be there? sorry, I am just computer illiterate.
The Party Dream

(no subject)

1. For those who get their eyebrows waxed, how often do you get them done?

2. My friend got me a pair of shoes from American Eagle. They don't fit. I don't have the gift receipt and she took the tag off (it was a sticker tag). Do you think I would be able to return them?
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A poll

Poll #904227 Questions

One of these people will become President. You have to vote for one. Who's it gonna be?

George W. Bush
Fidel Castro
Karl Marx
Martha Stewart
Mel Gibson
HRH Queen Elizabeth II
Britney Spears

You have to assassinate one of these people. Assume they're all alive now. Who's gonna get it?

Mother Theresa
Princess Diana
Jesus Christ
St Francis of Assisi
Mel Gibson
Martha Stewart
HRH Queen Elizabeth II
Bob Geldof
Bruins - shadow

(no subject)

Why are people afraid of going to the dentist?
Is it just the dentist, or all medical professionals?
Do you have this fear?

How do you fall asleep? Do you need noise or complete darkness?

I need the tv on. I know its a bad habit, but oh well.
Also it would be best if it was really dark, but thats not as important as the tv being on :)

If you have/do sleep with someone else in your bed, do you like to cuddle while sleeping? Do you have assigned "sides" ?
I need my ownnn space while Im sleeping. I cant stand being touched or cuddled with when Im trying to sleep. And I dont care what side of the bed Im on.

How long do you think you should know/date someone before moving in together? Do you think its necessary to move in with someone before you marry them? why/why not.

What do you do with all the jewel cases you own? I have a huge box of them just laying around, I have no idea what to do with them, but I don't want to get rid of them in case I one day sell my cds. (and the actual cds are in one of those big portfolios, as all my music is on my iPod)
judi in a hole


this might be kind of a snotty question but i need to know, so please help if you can.

i recently bought myself some designer jeans & they have some rhinestone beading on the back pockets. they're really great and i LOVE them but now i have to wash them after their first few wears, so my question is...

should i have them dry cleaned, wash them inside out, or throw caution to the wind and throw them in the wash like normal jeans? what about the dryer? i'm kind of thinking i shouldn't dry them, but i'd actually be ok if they shrunk up a little bit so if i can dry them without melting the rhinestone stuff, i'd like to do that.

so, does anybody have any experience with it? i *really* don't want to ruin my new favorite jeans.


The L word, hookup Chart.

I was watching the series premier for The L Word. and they were talking about their "chart" for about five minutes, sort of like promoting it.

is there a real "chart" out there?? if you watch the show you'll know when i mean, if not you wont. :P

OK then. 
THE CHART: its a chart that people add themselves to slash you add people onto.. creating a weblike picture of everyone you have ever hooked up with.

  • icyblue

Media Literacy

I took a class in University which was a Human Ecology class on Sexuality. In this class, the prof talked about a website about erectile dysfunction that claimed something like 80% of cases of erectile dysfunction are caused by biological causes. In fact, the real stat is the opposite: 20% are biological and 80% are psychological. Anyhow. The reason this was mentioned was because way in teeny font in the corner was the name "Pffeizer," which is, of course, the maker of Viagra. It was a really professional-looking site, was designed to look as though it wasn't affiliated with Viagra, but definitely led web surfers to believe that their erectile dysfunction would be remedied by going on a drug that targets the biological causes of ED (i.e. Viagra).

I'm a junior high teacher now. I'm doing a unit on media literacy in my grade 8 Language Arts class. I'd like to show my grade 8s a similar example of where knowing the author of a piece of media gives one more information about the accuracy of the information. However, since this is grade 8, it needs to be a wee bit more PG than Viagra.

Do you know of any websites that fit this bill?
Edit:What about websites that are obviously biased? I'm looking for actual URLs because going for a search for biased or inaccurate websites would be difficult, I think.
virginia tech

(no subject)

Okay so in the movie Titanic, in the sex scene in the car, whose hand it is that comes up and slides down the back window? I think it's Rose's, my friends think it's Jack's because he's "trembling", but the angle isn't right for it to be his when it flashes back to them together. And i can find the answer nowhere on the internet. Does ANYONE know?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

(no subject)

1. Does the thought of retirement scare you at all? Even a little?
2. Let's say you're driving on a road with a 40 mph speed limit, and you're going 45. You see that there's a cop car going the opposite way, about to pass you. Do you slow down, stay the same speed, or ?
3. Do people actually have sex in cars or is that just a movie thing? Have you? How much did it suck (or not suck?)?
4. When you have repairmen come to your house to fix things (plumbers, comcast guys, etc) that aren't going to take too long (15-20 minutes), do you follow them around? Or do you just show them where they need to go and leave them alone? Or?


Random questions!

1) Whose procrastinating on some kind of work?
2) What is one thing you wish you knew when you were applying to colleges?
3) What is your opinion on the performing arts?
4) Don't you regret anything? Anything in particular (or you can keep it personal)?
5) Do/did you have fun in high school? Any reason why?
6) Have you ever been in the musical "Pippin"?

My answers
1) Yes! I am...on a project due tomorrow.
2) I'm asking you this - I have two years left.
3) I <3 them
4) Yes, but I am fine with it now.
5) Yes, I am, because of all my awesome friends!
6) I'm auditioning for it Monday, and I want to be Berthe or Chorus!
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plz vote.

Poll #904428 el presidente!

Will you watch George W. Bush's address to the nation/world tonight?

i am a moon man and don't watch tv (trademarked by echafaud)
i will only watch with one eye
i only watch porn

War. What is it good for?

Absolutely NOTHIN'! say it again!
forging cool treaties and stuff
the stock market
lots of political books get published
my tv shows get interrupted regularly
CNN has something to talk about every 3 days or so
FOX news gets a hard on

What do you think will happen?

He will be direct and detailed!
More rhetoric!
A new catchphrase is born!
He will punk Cheney
He will announce a new national anthem.

Check if you expect W. to use the following phrases

"freedom in on the march!"
"oops, my bad."
"dude, where is my car?"
"i am the commander in chief, here, bitches!"
"i am TIRED of these motherfuckin snakes on a plane...huh huh..."
"how do i turn on my iPod?"

Today they thought Florida had a 6.0 earthquake, but it was a sonic boom. Or so they say. What was it REALLY?

(no subject)

How do you like your bacon

1 - practically still oinking
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -
6 -
7 -
8 -
9 -
10 - charred fuckin ash
--- this item intentionally left blank ---
I like it still on the pig, alive and running around all happy, thank you
My stuffed RENT cow - Moo with me!!

(no subject)

I've wondered about this for awhile...

When someone writes a commercial and wants someone (or a few people) to sing a jingle, do they:

1.  Look for someone who is good at sightreading or singing by ear / someone who can sing perfectly on key, so they don't need any alteration when it goes to the mixing room
2.  Look for someone who can sing OK, but needs some slight altering with electronic equipment
3.  Or do they do away with actual singers altogether and render it all completely electronically?
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Rustic books

Going to School Out-of-State

Do/Did you go to school out-of-state? If so, how far out of state? Do/Did any of you go to school across the county?

For anyone who answered yes to these questions, what was it like transporting all of your things? I live in New Jersey, and am strongly leaning towards going to school in California. My question is: How the hell do you transport all of your things without is costing a fortune? I went to school out of state before, about two hours away, so it wasn't a big deal, but I know just how much stuff I need to be moving.

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sad girl

Mewvie Tyme

What movie that someone said was their favorite would make you instantly dislike them?

Someone loving "Waking Life" would probably incline me to punch them in the face. A girl liking "How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days" would just make me think that she's retarded.
Obama is PRESIDENT!!

Favorite Songs

What's your favorite song?

Mine is "Comfortable" by John Mayer.

And I'm saying this is still my favorite as I'm thinking in my head he's really not that stupid as to date Jessica "but I don't want to eat buffalo" Simpson. :)
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that&#39;s what she said!
  • darness

free vacations for sitting through timeshare presentation

Have you ever attended - or know someone who has attended - one of those seminars where they ask you to sit through a presentation, usually for a timeshare or something similar, so that you could get whatever fabulous free thing was given out for attending? Usually the deals sound pretty good (i.e. "sit through our time share presentation and we'll give you your choice of vacations!") and I'm interested in successful experiences with this sort of thing. And by successful, I mean you got the freebie without being coerced into buying into the timeshare.  I know one person who has done so, so I know it can be done, but I'm wondering the the hard-sell pressure they put on you is worth it in the end.  Any experience you'd like to share?


1. Whats your view or opinion with the war going on in Iraq?
- Personally I hate it, considering I am in the military. I have been to iraq, and its all a bunch of bullshit. But its not like we can do anything about it. Bc we're just ordered to do what we have to do. We're fighting a war that isnt even ours anymore. It never was to being with.

2. What do you think about President Bush?
- I Can NOT wait until his term is over. Hopefully we will have someone who knows what he's doing.

3. Do you think the hanging of Saddam Hussein was justifiable?
- Yeah. What comes around goes around, maybe show some respect and not air the hanging but he got what he desereved
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I was reading my friends list and came across an entry that made me roll my eyes and go "Oh, they're whining AGAIN!?". I read part of it, thought a few uncomplimentary thoughts, and scrolled on by.

Then I realized some time later it was actually posted by someone else. I re-read it and took it more seriously, this time.

Are there people on your friend's list that probably shouldn't be there, like in this instance?
Self cleaning

(no subject)

With regard to the rooms in your home, are you an organized or disorganized person?
Does the same go for the closets?

What are your favorite organizers for closets? Any suggestions on organizing a closet with floor to ceiling shelves? That's the one spot that stays hidden in my room, so I tend to toss my mail and keep my vitamins, etc., in there as well as my perfume, lotion and all that. I'd love to have some little organizers, baskets or something like that, but don't really know what works well.

What colors do you have in your bedroom as far as wall color and bedspread/comforter/duvet are concerned?

Do you have a bedskirt/dustruffle on your bed?
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Tom Lehrer

Apple account, why hath thou foresaken me?!

Alright so here's my issue. I've logged onto my apple/ itunes account multiple times and changed my email address from my old one to my new one. I then went onto itunes and bought a song to see where they would send the reciept. Lo and behold, they still sent it to my old email!

Does anyone know what I must do in order to get my email address switched?
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Under The Umbrella Tree


Anyone remember the game called "Fringer"? It came with Windows 98 in a game pack with rat poker, bejeweled, minesweeper and a few other games under 'accessories' (I think).

Basically the point of it was it looked like a bunch of ropes tangled up and you had to untangle it...each time you untangled a line it would disappear until you untangled them all. Now that I don't have Windows 98 anymore (probably along with most everyone else) I can't find it anywhere.

(no subject)

I'm trying to post a video to YouTube or even to Myspace Videos. The size limit is 100MB. My video is 248MB. Are there ways to condense videos and make them smaller? The video is only 47 seconds so I'm not sure how it got so big. I only added a title and music to it. Anyone have any tips to make it a smaller size- under 100MB?

By the way: I'm using imovie on my ibook.


Can anyone tell me how to pronounce this? Audio would be amazing (but not expected).

Что-то на русском языке.

It's for a Russian girl I'm going to impress.

Lengthy posts

Do you feel less inclined to respond to or even read posts from people or friends that are very looooong?
Or do you enjoy the lengthy reads?

And what about the topics? Say for instance, would you be more inclined to read someones lengthy post if it was about a specific topic, as opposed to more of a daily recap of their life?
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Ok, I am an idiot. I meant to post this here, but accidently posted it to ask_me_anything first, so I apologize for anyone who sees double, cause I hate that!

Here goes:

Is falling in love slowly better than falling in love "head-over-heels-act-like-teenagers" fast?

Do you think that one has a better chance of lasting than the other?

Is one more "real"?
Dwight Howard

Crazy Hawiians...

I've been raised a Christian my whole life.
My wonderful, incredibly beautiful, amazing girlfriend is Mormon.
Her mom doesn't care for me, and the only reason is because I'm not Mormon.
Kina and I don't care, but her mother does.
How do I get her to like me?

(no subject)

1) Do you believe in luck?

2) Yes?  Do you consider yourself lucky?

3) Do you believe in fate?

1) Yes.
2) Oh yeah, I am so good at getting 2nd and 3rd changes to do things (esp at school).
3) More than anything.

(no subject)

Where is your favorite place in the world & why?

Where would you recommend visiting?