January 9th, 2007

Extremely random questions.

1) Do you have a method for preventing yourself from procrastinating?
2) Is there a certain number of times you usually sneeze?
3) As far as I've learned, fog comes from humidity that results from cold air meeting warm air. If this is by any chance true, why does warm defrost on a windshield work when the air outside is cold? Wouldn't that just make the windshield foggier?
4) If you could have ANY one person (and only one) of the sex you're attracted to, who would it be?
5) If you could have a free vacation anywhere right now, where would you go?
6) Do you like black licorice?
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(no subject)

Did you have a blankie when you were little? Did/do you suck your thumb?

I had a blankie and sucked my thumb. My blankie ended up getting "lost" when I was little, and because I was so upset I stopped sucking my thumb.

Touchy subjects in dating.

Let's say you started dating someone who you really like, but they regularly have very bad breath or they really smell... It is clearly something that can be resolved with breath mints or deodorant, so no biggie.

But when is it OK to tell them? Do you do it right away, or do you wait and hope the problem fixes itself?

So if you chose to bring it up to them... what is your approach?

Any stories to share of similar situations?
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(no subject)

1. Do you have a degree? In what?

2. In the UK: From which University?

3. Did having a degree/not having one help/hinder you with regards job applications?

4. In what area do you work?
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Hotels in Atlanta

So, I'm planning a short, two night trip to Atlanta to go to a show and see the aquarium. And I'm on a pretty tight budget, so I would like to find a hotel that's like $50-60 a night. The only problem is, whenever I'm researching hotels, I can't ever tell if they're in an okay part of town or something. So I found a Best Western in Morrow, GA just south of the airport, that's pretty cheap, good reviews and all, and I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about that area, or had some recommendations as to where I should stay.
  • cdaae

Oh, God

What interesting deities do you pray to?

Have you found any that give you a decent answer?

I have found that the famous Flying Spaghetti Monster is amazingly reliable when it comes to help finding lost items. I think I've only been let down once in the past year, and I've usually had sudden inspiration to look in a place I hadn't thought of, and found the item, within about fifteen minutes of sincere but not lengthy supplication.

So I'm sorted on the lost items, but I still need a deity to sort the rest of my life out.

Any suggestions? (I tried Jesus years ago, and found him wanting.)
Little Prince

(no subject)

1. Does anyone know of a template to use as an introduction of yourself to a community, with pretty general questions? I'm horrible at trying to describe myself - answering questions is much easier.

2. When going up the stairs, do you take them one step at a time or two? When I'm at home, I take two, but anywhere else I take one.

3. What are you craving right now? I myself have been craving gingersnaps for forever. And now I have some. :3

4. Do mice/rats really eat cheese? Or have cartoons lied to us for our entire lives? What about bears and honey? Goats and anything?

5. How many entries do you generally have to go back on your FList to catch up with everything? I usually have to go back somewhere between 150-200 posts.
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

Hip Hop Songs

Has anyone heard of Chipmunk Soul? I don't know how to explain it...cause well there really isn't a definition for it. It's just sped-up singing either from old samples or newly-performed. Some examples of songs that use "chipmunk soul" are:

Akon - Mr. Lonely
Styles P - I Get High
Kanye West - Through The Wire
Cam'Ron - Oh Boy
Jay-Z - U Don't Know

I'm trying to find more songs that use that kind of style in Hip Hop songs. Wikipedia has it in German...but the translations aren't literal. If anyone knows what I'm talking about. Please help a sista out. Thanks in advance.
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(no subject)

Poll #903356 Desert Island of the Damned

You're trapped on a desert island. Who are you trapped with?

Robin Williams, and he hasn't had his ritalin for 3 days now
Martha Stewart
Rosie O'Donnel
Fran Dresher
Donald Trump, and that thing he calls his hair is in heat
Ron Jeremy
Rachel Ray
Mike Tyson
Paris Hilton
A sack of

What are they wearing?

A thong
A Chewbacca costume
Suit of armor
A bubble (like bubble boy)
Wonder Woman costume
Nothing except a half pound of lube
Pirate duds
A suit made entirely of bacon

Name one item/s that washed up on shore with you two

5 sets of sock puppets
15' of duct tape
A game of Whack-a-mole
A small flock of inflatable sheep
Metal detecting device (the kind old men use on the beach)
4' x 4' crate of condoms
3 tanks of helium
Buick Skylark

You're allowed one piece of survival/camping gear/creature comfort

Pup tent
2-man sleeping bag
Fishing kit
Flint and tinder (fire)
Crate of toilet paper
Small trap
Toothbrush and toothpaste
50 lb. drum of sunscreen
One flare, flaregun (make it count)
Dozen notepads, couple dozen pens

Taking into account your partner and the few items you have, what do you do with it all?

Homer brain

(no subject)

This was inspired by something brought up by a psychology prof. People have differences and similarities with each other. Some differences are things like IQ level, height, body type, personality, etc. Some similarities are that everyone has hair, a set of biological parents, has the ablility to communicate, etc.

That said, would you say your similarities to people in general outweigh the differences you have with others?

If you had to say classify yourself as either different or similar to other people, which would it be? What is your reasoning behind the one you chose?
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(no subject)

All right. Why do my boobs always fall out of my bra? It drives me nuts. I think I'm wearing the right size, but if i move my arms wildly or bend over, the top half of my boob pops out (sometimes my nipple, too)... if I'm wearing a thin or tight shirt, you can see the four-boob effect from quite a distance. All of my bras do it... are they cut poorly, are my boobs weird, or are they (the bras) too small? I live in a useless little town that that doesn't have a specialty shop to help out.

I am sick of having to discretely tuck them back in.

P.S. Does my use of "boobs" offend you? I can't take myself seriously enough to call them "breasts", for some reason.
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Passion Truth
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"There's a Visine for that."

Recently having been to get my eyes checked and seeing all of those awful pictures of people with serious eye infections, my question is this.

Has anything "bad" ever happened to your eyes as a result of sleeping in your contacts?

(no subject)

1. What is your stomach doing that causes it to make the rumbling noises?

2. I'm bi-polar, so I take medication. It seems to be making my memory worse. I just wondered if it was slowly eating away at my brain, or if it was just inhibiting it from working properly?

3. I think because of my new medication (Zoloft), my feet have been unreasonably cold. I wondered if anyone had any similar experiences, or if they knew how I could warm them up at all? Socks do not work. Neither does putting them under a blanket. I've gone to the doctors, and they did a blood test, and I'm as healthy as can be.
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(no subject)

Have you ever pretended you know about something, been part of a conversation about it with people who actually do (and actually said more than two words), and gotten away with it?

Sometimes I am so lost in the conversations I have.

saying I love you

If you are in a relationship, do you always say I love you before you go to bed at night? In person? On the phone?

How often do you say it? How often is too much?

If neither of you said it for an entire day but were getting along fine, would you let it worry you?

How important is that phrase to you?

Edit: also, if someone tells you they love you, do you feel obligated to say it back? If you told someone you loved them, would you expect them to reciprocate every time (under normal circumstances)?

Break your Fast

Oatmeal or Malt-O-Meal?  I like 'em both

Brown Sugar or Honey?  Honey and cream

Grapefruit or Orange?  Grapefruit for eating; Orange for drinking

Links or Patties?  link to me, baby


Do you like breakfast in bed with the implied laziness and intimacy, or does it become awkward after a little bit, what with wiping your mouth on the sheets and spilling juice because you keep slipping down?  I love it, but only if he brings it to me and then goes away, leaving me to read the paper and eat in private.
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College things...

I need some help with Collapse )

Am I lucky as hell that I'll be registering on the second day of classes and I still managed to get a decent schedule?

Have you ever totally changed your expected major? I went from art to criminal justice with an eye towards law school, because I heard the art department here is known for the kind of bullshit I got hit with last semester.

What are you taking this semester and what is your major, or, if you're not in college, what WOULD you like to take and/or major in?
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Whenever they have the weather forecast on the news, they always show the BAR reading. I understand this stands for Barometric Pressure. But what exactly does that help predict?

Last night it was 1009 - what's the range it can go between, and what number represents high and low?

I remember my grandfather used to have a barometer that he checked every night, but I don't recall all the information the arrows pointed to. Does anyone know the history for barometric pressure reading? and whether it was one of the first aids in meteorology?

(no subject)

Last weekend the guy (32 years old) I have been dating for about a month asked me "Where do you see it going?" - I told him I didn't know and that I hadn't really thought about it. He said he hadn't really thought about it either.

A couple of other factors:

1. He said that I didn't really seem like I wanted a boyfriend.
2. He said something about how he wouldn't want to hurt me but I can't remember what the context was.
3. I asked him a few weeks ago how does he know when it's going somewhere and he replied "It doesn't stop."

My questions are:

1. Why would he ask that? From your perspective, what does it sound like he's really trying to find out?

2. Where does anything with anyone go?
2a. How do you know when it's going "somewhere"?
2b. Is somewhere a relationship?

3. We've only been dating a month, don't you think that asking that question is slightly premature?

4. How do long-term relationships work? We don't live too far from each other and get along extremely well but I'm 22 and he works a lot. Plus, I have a lot of my other things going on (school, career, family, friends). Are we supposed to see each other every day or other day or? I'm not good at relationships. I get restless after a few months and feel like I'm being held back but I don't want to stop seeing him because he needs it to either end or go somewhere.

I haven't spoken to him since Saturday morning - the morning after we had that chat - and I'm not sure I want to. I'm kind of avoiding him because when I left his house, I felt a very "missing" kind of feeling. I felt confused and frustrated. I felt like he took something that was "high hopes but expectation free", fun & casual and turned it into something awkward.

Sigh... dating is awful.
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(no subject)

1) would it be alright to send lemon bars from california to tennessee? i know overnighting would be best, but what about second day? how would you send them to make sure that they dont get smooshed?

2) do you feel sick after taking vitamins?
(yes, always. even if i eat beforehand. it makes me very reluctant to take them.)
Give a dog a home

(no subject)

Why are inner city areas mostly minorities?

Is it better to weigh yourself once a week, or every morning? I think once a week, my friend said that once a day is better because you can see what causes your weight to fluctuate.

What was the last thing you purchased?

Mini-golf or bowling?


Okay, I'm gonna go there:

Abortion: murder of an innocent life, or the extermination of a parasite/bunch of cells?

based on true events

A wedding dress was donated to a thrift store. Attached to the gown was a note addressed to the future recipient of the dress, saying that the original owner's fiance' died in a car accident before the wedding, therefore the dress has never been worn. The donator felt it was necessary to share this information.

Knowing this, would you buy the dress and wear it? Why or why not?

EDIT: The note was not left on the dress. The store manager tore it up and threw it out. I just heard about this story through a friend.
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[spn] let the bobby!wookiee win

(no subject)

Oh dear, we're in the spotlight...

So, long time no question! I'm going to Mexico in February. Cunningly, I speak all of three sentences' worth of Spanish, and all my phrasebook is telling me is how to complain about my room. What're some phrases that are actually going to come in handy?

ETA: Thanks for all the input. I should add that, although I can only speak three sentences, I can read a lot more. So I think my trousers will be safe.
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(no subject)

Now that there are a bazillion new people in this group (and I know this because TQC has gone from being 40% of my friends page to 95% of my friends page), I'm gonna ask this:

1) You're fairly established in an IT management career. In a decent track, a good company, no real complaints. You have a BS degree.
2) You need to earn, at a minimum, something around $80,000/year to avoid significant financial hardship (i.e. having to sell your house and buy a cheaper one)
3) You've decided that despite there being no specific problems with your career, you're totally bored and dissatisfied with it and want to do something radically different.
4) You live in a large city with a diverse economy.


What are some options?
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So, I was able to get alittle animation going in photoshop, my problem is saving it.
I've tried saving it as a gif and all that but the animation no longer plays like it should. What is the right way to save an animation so it continues to play?

(no subject)

Veg*ns, do people every try to tempt you with meat (or eggs/dairy if you're a vegan)? My co-workers are always like "mmmmm look at this hammmmburrrrgerrrrr, Kristen!!!! Mmmmmmmmmm" and it's totally retarded cause it does nothing but gross me out. What do you say when people do this? I start lecturing them on why people shouldn't eat meat. I figure if they can't respect my decision, they deserve it.

Does it annoy you when people who eat fish (or fish and poultry) call themselves vegetarian? It really annoys me... those people are why dumbasses say things like "...but some vegetarians eat fish!! Eat the shrimp!"

EDIT: How did this post manage to start more drama/arguments/bullshit than the "who doesn't like you?!" post?!?! Geesh people.
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(no subject)

Sup, I'm new and stuff. I have a guitar related question. I may have lots of these.

I'm talking about a hardtail Squier Bullet, which is basically a non-tremolo Fender Strat for 90 bucks. My amplifier is a Marshall MG100DFX combo amplifier. The question: Should I set my pickups high or low in relation to the strings and the body?

I'm trying to go for the John Frusciante sound from the album Californication (read: clean, bright, pickups are overdriven easily). Any help is appreciated.
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these go to eleven.

Bedroom Heating

The master bedroom in my apartment has windos on three walls, meaning it is quite susceptible to the changes in temperature from the outside weather.  The windows are covered completely with medium weight curtains and horizontal blinds, yet it still the cold winter air is invading the room (when the rest of the house is a comfortable 65 degrees, it is about twenty degrees cooler than that in the bedroom.)  Using the heater makes the rest of the house too warm, and I feel silly closing all the vents to the house for just the one room.. 

Any suggestions as to what I can do to warm up the bedroom? 

eta: word jumbling correction

holding hands

Bumper Stickers

I just got a bumper sticker that I'd really like to put on my car.  However, being the practical person that I am, I'm thinking five or six years down the road when I might want to sell my car.  How difficult will it be to remove the bumper sticker then?  Are there any tricks to removing bumper stickers?

More generally:
Do you have any bumper stickers on your car?
If you do, what do they say?
If you don't, do you dislike bumper stickers in general, or do you just not have a desire to have any on your vehicle?
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(no subject)

I have a meeting with a guy in later this afternoon named Rhys and I have NO idea how to pronounce this name!

Please help - I don't want to look like a fool!

Would it be Riss, Reece, Rice...or something totally different?

Answered!  Thanks everyone! 


(no subject)

where should i go for spring break?

Key west or Miami

or is it easier to just go to miami and then drive to key west?
(i currently live in central florida)

There's this guy that works in my building and sometimes i have to work with him, but i don't know how to say his name. i usually just avoid saying it but how do you pronounce this name Thinh? i'm pretty sure he's korean if that helps any

(no subject)

Does it bother you when the Geico commercials portray cavemen as emo whiners? 

A real caveman would have found out who did the commercials and then speared them through the head. Not went to a therapist and put a call from his mommy on speaker.


What do keyboards look like in countries different than the U.S.? Are they shaped the same way, and still have the same keys? Do they have more or less keys depending on the language? Are there any keyboards that have keys for two different languages (like english and japanese)?

Musical Notation Player

Where can I find a free/shareware program that will allow me to write music notes then have those notes played as written? I write music that is too difficult for my fingers to perform, but it sounds great in my head and I know I transcribe the music accurately. I'd like to be able to hear perfect renditions of my own compositions and I think such a program will allow me to do that.

Any help?
*betty draper reading

cat shiat

You just bought some brand new, soft, matching bath towels. Someone in your house spills a drink on the carpet, and decides to use one of your new towels to soak it up. The towel is left on the floor, and your cat comes along in the night and takes a huge, nasty dump on your towel. What do you do with your new towel now?

throw it away
attempt to clean it
rufus, muppy

Crocheting issues


Why is it that every time I try to crochet something square-ish that I start with something really wide at the bottom, but as I go along my square becomes narrower and narrower?

What am I doing wrong? I am new to this crocheting thing, and using a double crochet sticth.. any help please?
[dance] pink side to side


1- What is the strangest thing you've ever written on?
2- Do you find it interesting to find pieces of paper that people you don't know have written on?
3- Assuming you use your LJ as a journal, do you also keep a hand-written journal? If not, have you ever?
4- How do you write? Script, print, like a three year old learning the alphabet?
5- What's the last thing you wrote by hand?
6- When is the last time you wrote a letter to someone? (Not e-mail!)
7- Do you draw/scribble on most things you hand-write?
8- Do you have a sample of your writing for people to analyze/mock? ;)

And as usual, Collapse )
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(no subject)

I accidently left myself signed on AIM last night on my phone. and received a ton of IM's from a friend, problem is it only shows the last 6 or so IM's and I want to read all of them. Does anyone know how to scroll up past what it shows me? I have a samsung A900 if it matters.

morning people

What does being a "morning person" mean to you?

Being in a good mood when you wake up?
Being able to function when you get out of bed?
Preferring to do things in the morning?
Getting up earlier than most people you know?

Questions from class. :)

I'm in an Article & Essay workshop class, and we're to write weekly journals which answer a few questions our teacher posts. I'm still on #2, but I figured I'd share the questions with you guys. :)

1) If you could live an entire year of blissful happiness but, at the end of that year, lose all memory of it, would you live that year of happiness?

Collapse )

2) Do you think the world will be a better place 100 years from now?

Collapse )

3) Would you rather be a member of a championship sports team, or a champion in an individual sport?

Collapse )

(no subject)

Is consuming caffeine while pregnant bad for the baby?
I know there was a post a few days ago about that Cocaine energy drink, and there was a thread about pregnant women not having energy drinks...

...But when I decide to get pregnant, there's no way I'll be able to give up my Starbucks and Dr Pepper... Do I have to?
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finances, children etc.

In your view, when is it the "right time" to have a child? Should you be married? Should you have x amount of money saved? Should you be able to stay at home with the child for a certain amount of time? Or does all of that not matter?
The Dude Abides

Random ?'s

What time did you fall asleep last night?
Sometime after 2am

What's the last thing you put together?
My futon, I attempted to put together my elliptical but I will need a little help to finish it up; it's almost done though

If you had (or have) a bonus room what would you do with it?
Turn it into a home gym or a game room

Do you have any predictions or heard any predictions that you agree with? [They can be for as far off into the future as you want]
From here: the well-dressed man of 2020 will wear shorts for every occasion except formal events.

Do you have any people (or certain types of people) that are "off limits" of having a crush on? [ex. I can't have a crush on Jane because Jane is married, or I can't have a crush on Tom because he's like a little brother to me, etc]
cat; pie
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(no subject)

1. What do you consider your best personality trait? Worst?
2. What do you consider your best physical feature Worst?
3. How much sleep do you get on an average night?
4. Assuming you have any, what are your nicknames? Are there any interesting stories behind them?
5. Do you have any daily routines? If so, what do they involve?

Picking up the cake theme...

If money were no object, what kind of cake would you order? A 3-tiered wedding cake? A cake with a Harley theme? Your favorite animal? A picture cake (someone's picture put on it)? An edible cake? Stretch your imagination, and mine... I'm contemplating really building my cake business and am curious how far people really want to go with it.

What would you expect to pay for the cake you're ordering? What exotic flavors would you want? Tell me about your dream cake!
  • madminx

first time job hunting

I'm helping a teenaged boy look for his first part-time job, and I need some advice.
Is it a good idea or completely pointless for teens with little to no prior work experience to have a resume?
Any general tips for teens looking for their first part-time job?

(no subject)

1 Do the police in your area operate independently/separately to the state police, or are they all of the same service? Are the important positions in the police force for your area organised internally, or through public vote? If it's a public

2 Regarding tertiary education (university, college, etc), what do you call it when you attend? Going to school/uni/college/waste of space? What do you call your individual course classes? Do you have regular large group lessons and then smaller group ones?

3 How old were you when you first discovered and/or started using the internet? How long has that been?

4 What do you think of the group Hinder? I've only just heard of them, thanks to their Lips of an Angel song.

Collapse )

Writing Question

I'm currently working on a series of books that are of a science fiction/fantasy nature and have a question. Well that's obvious or I wouldn't be posting here most likely.

In a socitey that seems to be on par with 18th Century court life, what would be an acceptable swear word? This can be made up if you like, or an actual cuss word of the time. I am specifically looking for words to replace F*** and S***. I do use bugger in places and hell.

lade daaaa!

1. What Do you work out to? latley i've been working out to a mix i got in isreal...that has some junk but some good stuff on it
2. What do you eat in your cottage cheese? my other half @ work just ate pepper onn it.. i like blueberries in it
3. Have you ever gotten out of a speeding ticket? I haven't.. amazingly i should have since I was crying and hyperventilating like no other!
4. Do you look at lights to sneeze? I do
5. Do you have to look at something to burp? my bestfriend always looks at my boobs when she needs to burp
6. Whats the last book you read? I'm reading Lockerroom Diaries by leslie Goldman... ( I recommend it to all the women out there it's really intersting)

Driving Mostly.

1. Do you think you are a good driver?
2. Car A has his signal on to come over into your lane in front of you and seems to be driving well; do you let him in if you can?
3. Do you look at people around you while in the car? (Besides what is necessary to drive.)

4. If you hear a three year old say "Jesus Christ!" when they stub their toe or something that would cause an dult person to curse outloud - would you think anything of it? Why/not?

(no subject)

This was on the radio today:

Do you think that Don Cherry should be given the Order of Canada?
My Answer: NEVER.

Are you planning on watching the new show, "Little mosque on the prairie" tonight?
My Answer: DEFINITELY, dad's recording it and it looks hilarious, so it's a deff.
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Energy Drinks

1. Do you drink energy drinks?
2. If yes; what brand?
3. For what reasons do you drink energy drinks?
4. How often?
5. Do you feel any effects once you drink energy drinks?
6. Do you believe energy drinks really give you energy?
  • rowanx

(no subject)

Is anyone else with a Gamil account getting this message?

Server Error

We're sorry, but Gmail is temporarily unavailable. We're currently working to fix the problem -- please try logging in to your account in a few minutes.

I've been getting that message since 10am.


So, I've had Snakes in a Plane (Bring It) by Cobra Starship in my head for the last few days now and it's not disappearing any time soon.

1. Is this a totally lame song or totally awesome?

2. What's your worst earworm at the moment (song you can't get out of your head)?

My answers
1. Totally awesome, of course.

2. This one!
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Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA
  • rufinia

In honor of Seanutbutter

...who is displaying good snark in these trying times.

What's your favortie Disney Quote?

Stitch: This is my family. I found it, all on my own. It's little, and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good.

From Lilo and Stitch

(no subject)

1. So did anyone see ER on tv on Thursday?

2. If so was it new?

3. If it was new what happened?

4. What is/are your favorite Broadway play/s?

Mine is Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, RENT.

5. What is/are your favorite city/cities?

Mine is New York and Boston

(no subject)

I have to make a 30 second commercial of a car in macromedia flash for school. If you were watching a car commercial what are some things that would make you want to buy the car right away if money didn't matter? Also what do you think would be a cool theme for the commercial? should the car be traveling through space, underwater, showing off its speed etc.
bruce storytellers

(no subject)

If you enter a crowded movie theater with another person and the only available seats are in the front row, and then you see a couple sitting in prime seats with one empty seat on each side of them, do you ask them to slide over or not?
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(no subject)

What would your course of action be if you were in a bar and looked over to see your SO making out with another person?

Imagine you have an SO even if you don't have one.

(no subject)

Is anyone on here as huge a fan of Butch Walker as I am??

And does anyone know if there's an exact date for his new album release? It's supposed to be "spring", but that doesn't mean much to me.

I'm thinking about going to the library tomorrow .. what book should I take out?

Music questions

Anyone who likes A Perfect Circle (aparently 55463 lj users!)-
What's your favourite APC song? I've only heard their cover of Imagine, and it's amazing, and I wanna listen to more but I just have nowhere to start. Are most of their songs in that type of style or was that something different for them?

Same question for Disturbed fans- I've only heard Shout 2000 and it's currently my favourite song, everything about the song is amazing. So what's your favourite Disturbed song, and is Shout 2000 like the rest of their music?

Also- who likes Fatal Bazooka-Fous Ta Cagoule?
Do you know what it means?

I love that song so much, and I only decided to read the lyrics last night (they rap too fast for me to understand) and omg I'm sure it is the stupidest song I have ever heard, ever. Which makes me love it so much more, and laugh like crazy every time I hear it. Which was really fun on the train today.

Because I suck at making decisions

So I'm bored shitless. Nothing unusual there. After dinner I'm going to make some popcorn & watch a movie.

Should I watch an old classic (Star Wars, The 'burbs, Biodome or Starship Troopers)
Something I haven't watched yet (Gossip, Anatomie, Taxi Driver or Assault on Precinct 13 [original])
A few episodes of a TV show (The Young Ones, Supernatural, Prison Break or Firefly)
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I'm having a brain fart

Ok,I need help I totally can't think right now.

If there is a commander of a space ship (or any ship for that case), what would the workers which the commander is commanding be called?

Edit: Rather than a whole group of workers, how would the commander adress one single worker? lol

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Do you use Gaim? Are you able to log in to MSN? Every time I try it crashes. I've found similar complaints on various forums online but I have yet to find any solutions. Suggestions?

Edit: Nevermind - found a link on the actual Gaim site that is from last August saying a lot of people have had this problem with MSN. They released a beta that solves the problem, and it works wonderfully.
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Hey guys!

I just got my first two Betta fish!  The only problem is..........I seem to kill fish just by existing.  And this is mostly because I love fish, I buy them, I don't know how to take care of them, and then they die.

So, you people with Betta experience, what do you think the best food is?  How often do you change the water in your tank?  What temperature do you keep the tank at (if you keep it a certain temp)?

The reason I'm asking is because there are so many companies throwing propaganda at me, and I'd like a response from the people who have actually had experience with these fish.

Thanks! :D


1. Have you ever played Final Fantasy X-2?
1a. If so, who was your favorite character for battle? (The choices being Rikku, Yuna or Paine.)
1b. Who was your favorite main character overall (personality-wise)?
1c. Who was your favorite NPC, out of Baralai, Nooj, or Gippal?

2. If you, surrounded by all of your friends and family, knew you were about to die, what would your last words be?

3. Who do you consider your real best friend - your significant other or the person you called "best friend" before them?

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If you were born in a country other than the one you live in now, have you ever been back? What were your impressions?

I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, and moved to the US when I was almost 9. I went back this December for my grandmother's 70th birthday (I'm 16 now). We stayed in a little town in the south, near the Azov sea, not where I grew up, so I did not have many memories of it, but the one thing I noticed was that everything seemed a lot smaller than it did when I spent my summers there. Also, everything was a dreary sort of gray. What was especially depressing was how the main street, Karl MArx Boulevard was this nice, commercial sort of place, but if you walked a block or so away from it, all the people lived in these horrid, run down shacks. The whole experience was pretty sad.

The people there were a lot different, too. Walking down the street, if I met anyone's eyes there was always a nervous/scared, suspicious, unfriendly look in them, and it made everyone's face look really hard and closed. Everyone basically looked like they were trying to get from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time possible. When I was walking around with some friends I made there, they even pointed out that the first thing they noticed about me was that I had a very open face, not something they usually saw in the people of that town.
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1. What is on the outside of your refrigerator?
2. What is on the inside of your refrigerator?

If possible, post a picture!

Oh, and does anyone you know call their refrigerator a "Frigidair" ?
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THAT WORD...weather and emotions?

Myself and my entiiiiire family have been trying to come up with this word. Please help if you know it.

There a term in literature which means that the weather is enforcing/parallelling moods of the characters.

Like rain when someone is sad, or a Tempest when everyone's angry in Wuthering Heights.

Theres a word for it, and I think theres a dertivitive of the word "empathy" or "sympathy" in there.

Please help. I don't know how to go about looking for it, and its driving us nuts.



I accidentally broke something at a fancy party held by a friend's father.
I felt really bad about it and actually started crying.
Friend's dad made it worse by saying it was "irreplacable."
However, they told me "not to worry about it" and it was "fine."

Just now, over a week later, my friend hit me up on the internet for money.
It is apparently custom-made and probably worth a few thousand dollars.
Is this rude? Should I even consider paying for the thing?
Should I be offended or upset, or am I totally off-base?

Would your opinion change if you knew his dad was very wealthy, and I am a college student with no income to speak of?

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I don't know where else to tuuurn~

1. What are the chances of one of you knowing the location to this comic? It's about this guy (An emperor) and he has a bird, but he gets a clockwork bird, and I /think/ the clockwork bird stops working and he gets ill and the original bird comes back. Something like that. All I remember is it had /stunning/ artwork.

2. Whats your favourite dance scene of all time? For me, it's a toss up between the end of lord of the dance (The tap dancing one), where everyone get's in line, and the Rue-Ahiru swan lake fight dance on the lake in Princess Tutu. Bonus points for youtube link.

3. Who here is lacking talent in everything they try?

4. Answered~

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Do you have a word you just really really dislike? How it looks, how it sounds, whatever.

I can't stand "turgid." "Bucolic" irritates me. And "dickering" is actually pretty funny. There are way more, I just can't think of any off the top of my head.

Oh yeah. "Libation."

leg/foot cramps...hurt like hell

does anyone ever get sudden, really painful, leg/foot cramps? my mom and i both experience these. they come on at random times (she usually gets hers in the middle of the night though) and it feels like a really bad searing, bone scraping pain in either our calves or feet that lasts for about a minute. luckily it goes away quickly, but its so painful that a minute is bad enough!

does anyone experience these or know why they happen or how to get rid of them? i've heard maybe it could be a potassium or other vitamin/mineral deficiency.
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Have you or your family been in a clip featured on America's Funniest Home Videos?

What was the clip, or do you have a link?

Did you win anything?
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Poll #903843 The short and sweet Fuckin' A poll

Which way do you use the expression "fuckin' a"?

In a positive way, to affirm something someone else said, or to express joy/whatever
In a negative way, to express that something sucks

Have you heard it both ways?


If you've only heard it one way (you can still check this if you answered "both" to the first question), which way is that?

Affirmatively, or to express joy at something
Negatively, describing a shitty situation.

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For anyone outside the US or who has been outside the US:

I was thinking about this past Christmas season and how the shopping insanity around here always begins on "Black Friday" - the day after Thanksgiving.

I don't bother with that; 30 Nov. is the Feast of St. Andrew the Apostle, and the following Sunday begins the penitential and reflective season of Advent, which I observed.

Since other countries don't have Thanksgiving to "start" the "Christmas shopping season" are the holidays very different where you live? Less hustle and bustle and pressure to shop and wrap gifts and fight other people for whatever the prize gift of the year is, etc?

Seems to me we Americans put ourselves through a lot of avoidable stress every year...
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Cartoon/Comic Characters

If you were a cartoon/comic character that's already been developed, who would you be (aka who do you identify with the most) and why?

If you can't tell by my 840935490 icons (including one of me and my poor schmuck of a dear husband dressed up as her/the Joker), I'd Be Harley Quinn. She's crazy, willing to suffer and follow blindly for what she thinks is true love and won't let anyone mess with her Puddin', save herself. Also, she's blonde and a lot smarter than people think she is. I think a close second would probably either be Gaz from Invader Zim for her love of video games, unnatural haircolour and somewhat cynical nature or Wanda from the Fairly Odd Parents because my husband is so cute and sweet, but sometimes I have to do the thinking for both of us! :D