January 8th, 2007

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Continued from the Airport thing?

Everyone has their own opinions on what is right and wrong for a parent to do. I've seen people say that things are "rude", or "gross", or "a little weird."
What I want to know is,
1) Do you really have strong feelings as to what a mother does? (i.e. breastfeeding, changing diapers, how to handle a tantrum, etc.)
2) What are some of your major "do"s and "don't"s?
3) Do you have children of your own?
4) If you don't have your own children, on what do you base your opinions on what "should" or "shouldn't" be done?

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Like 4 years ago i saw this cartoon, i tihnk it was form a site like ebaums world or something, it was Bin Ladin and his troops  and they were like practicing in a field or whatever to prepare for the war, and then it started snowing, in afganistan haha so they start signing xmas songs and making snowmans and snowball fights and even snow angels and then a letter falls from the sky and when they read it it said " who's got anthrax now?"

I only saw it that one time when someone sent me the link, but i was never able to find it again., does someone know what i'm talking about? can you give me the link to it if you know it

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What was the weirdest thing that you brought in for Show and Tell when you were a kid?

I used to bring animals to Show and Tell. I've brought my dog, my hamster, and I've brought various insects.
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Who has seen the Showtime series Masters of Horror?

What was your favorite episode?

I watched some of the episodes of the second season last night, and I was fascinated. Pelts would have to be my favorite.
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because I know SOMEONE is up in TQC...

Okay. This a bit of a long winded question...

I've been sick over the weekend, with bronchitis, and the cough medicine I've been taking knocks me the eff out, and I've slept solidly off and on for about 24 hours from yesterday afternoon to this afternoon. However, it makes my stomach EXTREMELY upset, and after researching it tonight, it has the liquid form of Valum. Nice. No wonder I've been so out.

I laid down to try to go to bed, and I'm still quite awake. I'm coughing just a smidge, and my ear and throat hurt. Problem is, I've got my first class of the semester at 9 am tomorrow.

I'm not sure what I should do.

1. Do nothing, try to fall asleep.
2. Take a tiny bit of the cough medicine on a couple pieces of toast, to try to avoid stomach upset (though I'm worried I wouldn't wake up for class--it knocked me OUT)
3. Not worry about sleeping since I've gotten so much in the past day.
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When talking over e-mail or IM with someone who has very poor typing skills, who uses very little to no grammar and spells next to every word wrong, do you tend to type like you would to a little kid?

Me and a friend from school have been messaging back and forth, he has very poor typing skills, and I'm finding myself 'talking' like I would to someone who is 8 or 9, instead of someone who is 19.

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why are jeans (traditionally) blue, rather than like... orange or some other color? same with pens; why are the most traditional ink colors blue, black, and red? did people have something against all the other colors when they invented jeans and ink?
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Where do you get your LJ icons? Community? Steal them? Make them yourself? If you make them yourself, do you use images from someplace like Google, draw them, or remake photos/artwork of your own/a friend?

As for me, I either make them myself from my own photos or images from Google or get them from a community.
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I just called my boss to tell her I wasn't coming in today because I'm sick. I lied. I have an embarrassing red rash covering half of my face and would rather not tell anyone/let anyone see me like this.

1. Have you ever lied when calling in?
2. What is the weirdest reason you called in for work/school?

A visit from the future?

This question was recently inspired by the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode entitled "Bloodlines"...

If a future version of yourself (say maybe 30-40 years older than you are now) had found a way to return to the past (your time) and warn you about changing your ways otherwise something terrible will happen to you when you get older, would you believe him/her? What would you change, if anything?
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the release of a Simpsons movie-- how excited does this make you

1 - what? no
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -
6 -
7 -
8 -
9 -
10 - more than you could possibly imagine

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What's the worst thing you tried to do to a sibling or parent when you were a kid?

My brother and I used to balance a laundry basket full of encyclopedia's above the door and try to make them fall on our sister. I also got mad at my dad once and put aftershave in his mouthwash.
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Car & Driving ?'s

How much does regular unleaded gasoline cost where you live?

Have you ever run out of gas?
No, I've come closer than I would like though.

Where's the last place you went on a road trip?
Port Gibson, MS

Would you pay $149.99 to get your car detailed?
No. I don't know why I got a coupon for this service in the mail either. Seems like it's a bit much.

Two questions about movie/cartoon

I have been looking for a certain movie (80- early 90's I think), I can't remember any names of the people in it nor can I remember the title (I was about 8-9 I think when I saw it)

I also remember a cartoon, but can't think of the name, should also be from that same time period (80s-early to mid 90s)

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Is plain yogurt supposed to taste super sour?

I've never had it before, but I'm eating it now with raspberries and it is extremely sour. I forgot to buy granola when I bought it, so would the granola make it less sour?

EDIT: Answered. Thank you everyone! :)
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Shoes! A Rainbow of Shoes!

If you have shoes on right now, what color are they?
Do you have any funky colored shoes in your closet?

I am currently sporting a pair of orange-sherbet colored shoes. I think they're fantastic, but my boss can't stop making fun of them.
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1] Have you ever had a reoccurring dream? If so, what was it about?

2] What was your most recent nightmare?

3] Ever have a lucid dream? [where you know you're dreaming]

4] Have you ever had a dream where you wake up thinking it was real? If so, how did you feel when you realized it wasn't?


1] I had a dream every night for a week where Jesus told me to be prepared for what was going to happen, and the last night he said "be ready" and the next day my gramma died.

2] I had one two nights ago that a serial killer was after me, nobody around me, only me, and I was breaking through glass and kicking in doors, I was all hardcore ninja but he didn't get me, thank goddd.

3] Very rarely, but actually the nightmare the other night, I knew I was dreaming and still couldn't wake up so it made me second guess my thought.

4] I always wake up thinking they are real, and usually I get sad because they are good dreams! But thankfully, I wake up from the bad horrible ones sweating and shaky and realize I was juuust dreaming!
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need a translation here

9:12 PM 1/1/07 · For a fair stretch I've seen this game on some of my fellow gophers laptops called Bookworm. Basically you've got a lot of tiles on the screen and you have to form words from them...

...it's Scrabble in reverse basically.

I've been having a lot of fun with it recently as I've found a version for my PDA. Sometimes when I'm stumped I just trail the pointer over the screen and accidentally form actual words that I'm not familiar with. Nothing comes to mind right now but one that I kinda know, while not 100% sure what it means, is "fie".

Pretty sure I've heard this off the BBC or something Shakespeare·ish. It's a nondescript word generally used in anger and possibly as an insult but I don't actually know what it means.

What does fie mean?
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1. Do you like shopping for office supplies?

2. If you buy yearly planners, do you keep up with them all year? If not, how long are you able to keep up with it before trailing off?

3. If you've ever been pregnant, did you *know* before you took a test?

4. How would you prefer to be paid: daily, weekly, monthly...?

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Yum yums!

1- When making a mock "Turkey Havarti Como" sammich at home (they used to be at Starbucks, I haven't seen one in a couple months!) would raspberry jam be a good substitute for actual raspberries? Or would that be too weird? (For people who dunno, it's a sandwich that was supposedly on Italian Como bread ((I've never heard of it otherwise myself!)) with turkey, havarti cheese, mayo, cucumbers, lettuce, and raspberries. Fresh raspberries aren't really in stock in January here! :D)

2- Last thing you put in your mouth?

3- .......Which wasn't meant to be edible?

4- Have you ever gone to another city just to get a certain foodstuff? What was it, if so?

5- Do you have a recipe that you're proud of, and wanna show off? Will you? ;)

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Bananas - the bane of my existence

How does everyone feel about bananas? I have an irrational repulsion/phobia of them. I find it really hard to be in the same room with someone who's eating one, or has even just eaten one. Just the smell of them makes me want to throw up. Does anyone else have this problem? Is it totally weird? I know a couple of others who suffer this way, and I've yet to find another fruit that has the effect on people. What is it about bananas?
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1. what's for lunch? no more burritos for me! i'm eating this. i'm going on a diet from today on, wish me luck!
2. were you waiting for me to ask 'what's for lunch'?
3. did i miss anything on thequestionclub this weekend? my computer at home is broken :(
4. did you skim thru all of the ?'s asked this weekend when you first logged into thequestionclub today? i tried, but there were TOO many.
5. is thequestionclub back to normal now?! i sure hope so.


I have a pre-paid cell phone. It works just like a normal cell phone plan where you pay X amount of money a month for X amount of minutes, except once they're gone, they're gone until next month. There are no overage charges. I've become so paranoid about going over my minutes and not being able to make phone calls that I've actually kept on top of what I've used to the point I know I have 29 minutes left until tomorrow when the new month starts.

When I had a "normal" cell phone, I used to go over all the freakin' time.

1.) What's the worst you've ever gone over on your cell phone, minutes/charges wise?

2.)I've got perhaps 1 person that calls me semi-regularly, we never talk for long, and I've used 600 of my 1000 night and weekend minutes this month! How do people with a "family plan" of 1000 shared minutes betwee like...four people...manage that!?

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For those of you who read TQC while at work... what is your TQC "routine"? I don't really ever go on the internet at home, so I just check it at work. I check it around lunchtime and just read and read til I get to wherever I last left off. But then it kind of sucks because a lot of the questions are almost a day old and already have 50 replies so I don't feel like replying. After I do my daily checking of TQC, I go do other things and don't check it again til the next day. I feel like I need the posts to add up so I'll be occupied the next day. But I feel I miss stuff doing this as well. What should I do?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Also, if you read TQC at work and stuff, do you go home and read it AGAIN? How many times a day do you check it??

Last thing, am I the only person who gets esoteria and echafaud mixed up?!?! Are you guys secretely the same person? Do you have a lot in common or something? Or am I just thrown off by the e's?
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Did anyone else receive a comment in their personal journal from tqc_defender</lj>? Pretty sure it was only for regulars.

My new tattoos are itching like hell. One of them has a red rash. Would it be okay to put hydrocortisone on them to help with this? I'm dying here.

What happens to sour cream after its expiration date?

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Barnes & Noble

So I ordered a used book from Barnes and Noble and it came today but...its from a library. It has the plastic coating over it and has a barcode on it and everything. Do I return the book to the sender? Do I contact the library? Do I call Barnes and Noble?

Or is this totally normally?
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Fantasy novels

I watched the Earthsea movie they made for tv last night and now I'm on this binge for reading fantasy novels.

Could you recommend some fantasy series/novels? These can be new or old, it doesn't matter.

To give you a taste of what I like I've read all the Kushiel series, Earthsea, Narnia, etc. I'm looking for stuff that isn't dry and has a lot of other elements to it like humour, a love story or something.

Here's what I don't like, THE LORD OF THE RINGS. I know, I'm awful because everyone yammers on and on about how good it is and I hated it but whatever.

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1. When someone strikes out a question after it's been answered, does that deter you from reading the question and/or comments?
2. Do you say "mom and dad" or "dad and mom"? (even if you only have one, how do you say it for other people? like "so and so's mom and dad were there" etc)
3. When people ask you to recount how many relationships you have had, do you ever rule some out? If so, which ones? (like, relationships that lasted a week, relationships you had in middle school, etc.)


I have a cut on my hand and would rather not irritate it with detergent, so...

How dumb would it be if I threw a hand-wash only item into the delicate cycle of my machine? Can I get away with it or will it ruin my shirt?
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Isn't someone here an EMT? I'm in Austin, TX and there were some dead birds found downtown this am. They closed the heart of downtown with the smell scare in NYC.

As I was driving back to work (I work near downtown) from lunch I passed an ambulance that had a Homeland Security emblem but I don't recall seeing that on other ambulances.

Are there special EMT/Ambulances for Homeland Security?


1. Have you heard of the game Pente?

2. Have you ever played it?

3. Did you win?

4. What is your favorite board game? And why?

5. What was your favorite board game as a child?

My answers:

1. Yes.

2. Yes.

3. Not yet but I've only played two games.

4. Life because I like the future planning aspect of it... Having a baby, buying a house, retirement etc...

5. As child I loved Hi Ho Cheerio and Chutes and Ladders.
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I had my tonsils and 3 lymph nodes removed in October and since then I have had a difficult time with sneezing. The sneezes are louder, and it's difficult to hold the snot in. Also, I now hate the taste of milk.

Have you or someone you know gone through the same symptoms? If so, did it go back to normal after time?

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1- a- what are some legitimate reasons to not begin a relationship with someone?
b- what are some legitimate reasons to break up with someone?

2- a- what's more important in a relationship: chemistry or similar interests/views/intellect?
b- if the more important thing is lacking, what are the odds of having a lasting relationship?
c- if the less important thing is lacking, what are the odds of having a lasting relationship?

3- if you met someone with totally different goals than you and became attracted to them (hypothetical example: a teacher with a secure job meeting a doctor who plans to move to africa and treat diseased homeless people) would you even bother trying to have a relationship?
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What would you do?

I applied for an internship late December, and someone called me on Dec. 28th and told me that the supervisor would call me after the New Year for a phone interview. No one has called me yet. Should I try to contact them or just keep waiting? Thanks!

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What do you think of tattoos in the workplace?

What do you think of piercings in the workplace?

What do you think of neck tattoos?

Do you have any tattoos? If so, how many, where, and of what?

Do you have any piercings? If so, how many, and where?
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I went to the DMV today to renew my license. I'll be turning 21 on the 21st. Unbeknownst to me, while renewing a license, they hole punch it and give you an interim paper license until your new one comes in.

Think I can buy alcohol on my birthday with a hole punched "real" license or with the paper interim one?

If you're also in NY, how long did it take for your license to come in the mail?
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1. Do you know any good songs with the name Jolene in them? And also, are not simply a cover of Dolly Parton's song? I've found that I like songs with that name in them so I want to compile a collection if there's more out there.
So far I only have:
Jolene by Dolly Parton
Jolene by Ray LaMontagne
Jolene, We Almost Never Met by Archer Avenue

2. Have you ever met anyone named Jolene?
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How would you theorize that a cockroach would have half of its corpse in the door way to the bathroom and the other half at the other side of the bathroom? Based on a true story.
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Would you think it was weird if a 2 year-old really liked getting his/her diaper changed? Like, he/she grabs the diaper bag and runs over to the changing table with a huge smile on his/her face?

Have you ever known a child like that? I do, obviously, and it seems a bit odd to me.

(no subject)

What are some things you find really fascinating and voluntarily do research on from time to time?

I find a lot of stuff fascinating but lately I've been reading up on sexual cannibalism, cadavers, arachnids, and some recreational drugs.


so, there are tons of rumors floating around now about an xbox 360 v2 that will have an hdmi output and a 120GB HDD.

so, my question. should i start screaming obsenities now, or wait until an official announcement?
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So I just can't figure it out...I try looking it up-a bunch....I try practicing doing it-nothing.
Anyone know how to make a bloody smoke waterfall when you exhale?
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Multi-Part Questions.

1: Questions about sick people
1a. Are you unreasonably afraid of sick people?
1b. If you are, do you go way out of your way to avoid them?
1c. Does seeing people vomit - or even hearing them talking about vomiting - make you feel like vomiting too?

2: Questions about [Boxed Thoughts]
2a. Do you frequent BT?
2b. If you do, and you don't mind sharing, what is your number?

of course, there's some small motivation behind this

1. is it ever ok to go for co-workers?

there's a new girl at work who's wicked gorgeous (ok not the only reason i want to go out with her, but it helps). i know for a fact she's gay (that's enough awkwardness out of the way, at least) and i'm fighting with my voice of reason over if it would be worth the trouble of working together to possibly go out with her. i only work three days a week - we'd work max 10-12 hours together, and as a barista, that's not a lot of hanging out time, since we're a super busy store.

ok so i'm really justifying. but also, she's only working there temporarily.

2. should i just express my interest in sly ways, then try the whole dating thing after she's done working there?

bah i overthink things. i don't even know if she's interested yet. but advice is greatly appreciated, even if it is just "jump her in the backroom!" since i've considered it.

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I few nights ago I spilled water on my keyboard, thought I cleaned it fine, and about 45 minutes later QWERTY stopped working on my keyboard. Luckily I have an extra keyboard, so I switched it.

On the top right corner there are buttons for playing music which include stop, play/pause, back, forward, volume up, volume down, and mute. None of the buttons work properly. When I press stop, the volume mutes. When I press volume down, the calculator opens. None of the other buttons do anything.

There are also buttons at the top of the keyboard... their intended functions are internet, internet shopping, IBM web support, world book, option, help, and standby. I've tested all of them except standby (because if it works somehow, I don't feel like waiting for my computer to load up again), but the other 6 buttons do not work.

Is there any way to customize the functions of these buttons, or at least to get them to work for their original purpose? I tried going to Control Panel>Keyboard but nothing really seemed to pop out.


ETA: Standby works, Help makes the volume decrease, and Option makes the volume increase. Wtf?!
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World Wonders

If you discovered the next world wonder would you name it after yourself?

Okay, so pretend that you're in the Hellenic Republic and stumble upon some unknown temple that nobody has a written record of ever standing... what would you call it?


(no subject)

i made a post last month about my loud neighbors.  well, since then, i've been calling the police every time the music is unbearable.  so after a week and a half of getting the run around from dispatch, the sheriff's department, and the county prosecuter's office, i finally have proof that i called..(my apartment management wanted them to prosecute/evict my neighbors)..  so anyway, i had to fill out a freedom of information act request.  when i picked up the reports i have requested, i had to pay for them.  on the letter it says "per federal law and isabella county central dispatch policy, there are fees involved in releasing this information to you."  then it broke down the fees.  

do you think FOIA requests should cost money?

if so, how much per every 10 minutes of them finding and printing the report(s)?

if so, how much per page of the report(s)?

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I have two questions for you all today. Both of them are directed towards those of you that are or have been in a serious committed relationship.

1. Do/did you maintain a "mine" and "yours" mentality towards your stuff or was it "ours"? If your stuff was "ours" how long did it take for you to think of things like that?

This question arises because my boyfriend's brother (22) is an ass. He received an XBOX 360 for Christmas and proceeded to hook it up to his mother's monitor/speakers. She complained to us after he left for work and she discovered he had not hooked the monitor/speakers back up to her computer. We pointed out to him that evening that the monitor wasn't his and that he should put things back the way they belong when he is finished. His reasoning that he shouldn't have to was that the monitor wasn't hers, that it belonged to her husband, his stepdad. They've been married for 17 years and clearly have the "ours" mentality but he (the ass) maintains that it is not hers. We told him that any person that has been in a serious committed relationship knows that there is no such thing as "yours" and "mine" but he claims that since he has been engaged he has been in a serious relationship and that that isn't true. I pointed out that it couldn't have been that serious and committed if they aren't together anymore.

2. Do you play games in the shower with your SO?

My boyfriend and I spit water at each other and aim for parts of the other's body, exp: right foot, third toe.
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dog penis on TV, and cheese!

1. I had the misfortune of watching America's Funniest Home Videos today, and they completely blacked out a dog's penis. What is that about? Would dog penis offend you?
I thought it was strange to black it out, it wouldn't have been as strange had they just blurred it, but still I don't think it would offend that many people.

2. What are some things I could make with a little less than 3/4 lb of Fontina cheese?
My dad made the alfredo recipe located in the comments here. He only made a quarter of it so we didn't need much Fontina, but the smallest amount the store had was .75lbs. We have approximately .68lbs left. I tired eating it on crackers, but I'm not particularly fond of the flavor.

(no subject)

1. In your opinion, are all addictions created equally? Not just a habit, but also a compulsion. Whether meth, smoking, overeating, obsessively spending time on the internet, etc, are they equally tough to break? On the other hand, are addictions some "weaker" than others?

2. If you do not already have them, do you plan to have children? Is it the norm to have kids? What about people who say they do not want them? Do you take them seriously? Do you think their decision is age-related, or are they just plain selfish?

3. If you were offered (whether you intentionally applied for it or not) an extremely well-paying career with a religious organization that you were not affiliated with, and in order to accept the job you had to "convert," would you take the job? Would it depend on the religion? What if it was a known "cult"?
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Internet smilies...

What emotion/feeling/face is :3 ?

Theres a person in my WoW guild that does it after everything he says, and it just looks like boobs to me... and he cant possibly punctuate everything with boobs. or maybe he can I dont know. But its driving me crazy not knowing and he wont tell me.

xposted to wow_ladies
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(no subject)

don't you hate it when you need something from another room but then once you've dragged yourself to the other room, you've forgotten what it was you needed in the first place?
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(no subject)

in relation to the sickness post...

1. if seeing someone vomit in real life makes you feel like vomiting, what do you do when you see someone vomit in a movie or on tv?

2. I'm emetophobic... is anyone else? And to what degree?
-I can see it on the ground or on a movie or tv and can talk about it in all of its details all day long, but I still can't be around someone while they do it, or use public transportation when its crowded or hear it.

3. what about if you see it on the ground but never see it being done and never see the person who did it...do you still feel like you want to?

(no subject)

Do you find it weird that I've never actually gone on a "date"?

Have you ever just started going out with someone without "dating" first?

If yes, don't you just find it alot nicer?

extra extra!

1) Do you feel awkward watching SEX SCENES in movies or television shows? haha..
2) Would you feel more awkward if it was a homosexual sex scene?

How old were you when...
3)How old were you when you had your first kiss?
4)Drank for the first time?

5)Have you ever caved under Peer Pressure?

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(no subject)

so, in NJ (where i am :D) we have right on reds. which is pretty much self explanatory: you can turn right on a red light.

this is becuase we drive on the right side of the road.

the question is, in countries where they drive on the left side of the road (the UK, Jamaica, etc) do you have LEFT on reds?

(no subject)

1. Your best friend rocks up to your house, smelling like arse, drunk, generally acting like a twatmuffin and has alcohol with him (You're underage, don't drink, despise alcohol and your mother has a strict no-alcohol rule). What would you do?
(I don't know. That's why I'm asking you)

2. What does your handwriting look like?
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3. Your diary/organiser/thing you write appointments in?
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4. Why do(es) computers/electrical equipment tend to go "bang" around me and not work? Is it 'cause I'm cursed or something?

(Both my laptop and computer have died in the last few months. My old mp3 player won't mp3-play. It's kinda annoying)

(no subject)

Does anyone else daydream about pushing on a pregnant stomach and watching a fully formed/clothed baby slide out? I just want to get those things out of there, I feel so badly for the heavily pregnant.
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1. How do you keep yourself from "getting your hopes up" when something that you're excited about might not happen?

I dont know :(

2. Favorite old school Nickelodeon show
Salute your shorts!

3. Are you Team Simpson, Team Lachey, Team Britney, Team K-Fed, or Team I dont give a shit?

Team Simpson & Team Britney :)

4. What would your parents reaction be if you or your gf/wife got pregnant tomorrow?
my mom freeeeeaked out when I got pregnant, not that I blame her. =\

5. Favorite candle scent?


"So you wanna be in pictures"

1.) If you could remake a movie...

a. what movie would it be?

b.) who would you cast in each role?

c.) How would it be different/better than the original movie?

2.) If you could turn any book into a movie...

a.) What book would it be?

b.) Who would you cast in each role?

(no subject)

1)If you were a rap/hip hop artist, what would your name be?

2)When life gets you down, what do you do?

3)Are there any little cliques in this community?

4)How many times have you screwed up the date since January 1?

(no subject)

I'm trying to top up my cellphone online and it won't work =( I've tried five times to make sure that all my details were right, and they definately are. It keeps coming up with the same message.

Payment not accepted : Payment refused by merchant

The merchant is the site right, not the credit card company?
Why would the site refuse my payment? It would make sense if a bank refused an online transaction, but the site?

Also, anybody else celebrating their birthday today? If so, happy birthday!

(no subject)

Have you lived in the same town all of your life?
-did you like this, or wish it wasn't so?


Have you lived in a bunch of different towns?
-did you enjoy this/think it's craaazzyy for some people to be in the same town all their lives? or do you wish you had more stability when it comes to your home(s)?

I really don't know where I'm going with this...discuss

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what do you use as a bookmark when reading? do you fold the page over? or do you have a set bookmark you use every time? or do you, like me, just rip off any bit of paper you can find and use that instead?

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1a. Did you ever play Sega Genesis?
1b. Do you still play it?
1c. What was/is your favorite game?

2a. Have you ever been stood up on a date? If so, explain the situation.
2b. Have you ever stood anyone up?

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Do you wear a name tag at work? If so, does it bother you when a customer calls you by name?

I don't wear a name tag at work, but it really bugs me when I make a purchase with my debit/credit card and the cashier looks at my card and then says something like "thanks [my name]!" For some reason that just really bothers me.
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As much as I love this community I would like to ask.

1) Shouldnt there be a "cull" on the amount of Questions permitted every day?

I know there is a limit of 1 per day per person but every time I go on my friends page now I have to scoll through 4million pages to find some of my family/natural friends posts.

2)How many penguins are there on this earth?

3)Why does it always rain on me?

4)Why does "no-one" except Frank the Goat get like 2000+ comments?
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I'm in the mood to snack. I have to get up off my ass to get something to snack ON, but I can't think of anything that makes me feel like going out.

It's almost 9pm. I'm sitting in front of my computer playing games. What would YOU be snacking on?
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Picky eater here....

I was wondering if you kind folks could settle a dispute I am having with my father. It involves my pickiness when it comes to food. I do not like pickles at ALL. Whenever I order a burger, however, a pickle always winds up as part of the package. I always ask them not to give me a pickle because I say that if the pickle touches something else, the taste of the pickle is now on that area that it touched. My father says I'm crazy and it's all in my mind and that the taste is not transferred.

If a pickle touches, say, a bun...doesn't that area now have a pickle-y taste??

And a completely unrelated question: Is anyone else having trouble with YouTube videos not streaming smoothly all of a sudden?
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Bottled Water!

For my Ap Lang.Comp. class we are writing persuasive speeches.  Mine is on the negative side of dun dun dunnn...BOTTLED WATER!  I have 2 (of 4) pages written so far, and I'd like to know what strangers (because I'm self conscious) think about it.  

So!  What do you think of this?  Is there any awkward phrasing (I can spot two parts I don't like) that you would change?  How would you change it?  Just, please try to be kind.

Also, do you agree with my opinion?  Did I change your mind with my speech?

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If I'm mailing something to a foreign country which uses a *different* letter system, do I need to take potshots at how it would be written? Or would they be able to handle it more or less, maybe with some delays or "Hey, bob, can you read this?"

I have no idea how to write in Mongolian, but I can proooobably figure out my sister's handwriting well enough to spell everything the way she anglicised it.
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What happened to Ohio State? Do you think they will get their act together anytime soon? Do you want to vomit on them for playing this poorly?

Do you think Fox is the worst network to watch football on? I do.

Also, do you know of any good websites to look at hairstyles? I keep finding a lot of outdated, early 90s hairstyles or those "scene" haircuts, and I don't want either of those.
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My List

We were talking about our "list" at work today. This "list" being the one on which you state whom you would cheat on your significant other with kind of thing. :) Our only rule was that you can only list ten people. No one said you had/have to...it's more for fun/discussion. :)

Here's mine:

Justin Timberlake
John Mayer
Wentworth Miller
Dominic Purcell
Lance Armstrong
Matthew McConaughey
Ben McKenzie
Julian McMahon
Robbie Gould
Patrick Dempsey

Who is/would be on yours?? :)
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So let's say there's someone you're interested in. REALLY interested in...and you're pretty close to this person and you've known them a long time so they feel comfortable sharing personal things with you. One day, they tell you they have an infectious disease (HIV, hepatitis, herpes, take your pick) Do your feelings about this person change? Does it depend on which disease at all?

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What is the sales tax in England?
How do you file your taxes there?
What things can you do, in ONTARIO when you turn 18?

lol, the first two are so stupid, but it's been bugging me for a while.

Who is your favourite character in "Empire Records?" mine's a tie between
Mark, and AJ.

yay for being pretentious!

1. Are you a smart kid who always got put in a group with stupid kids? What did you do? Do the whole thing yourself, or suck it up and actually trust them?

2. Or, were you a teacher who ever did this to your students? What kind of sick monster are you?

This always, always happened to me in middle and high school. When I got sick of just doing all the work, I resorted to threatening my groupmates. It was nice being a badass and smart - when some girl in my Chem class I didn't even talk to chose me for her group when I was absent, I told her in front of the class that I would take a failing grade just to see her get a grade her lazy ass deserved.

We got an A :)

And to answer your potential questions: I'm not as much of a bitch as this sounds.
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A Question for the baseball fans

This story reminded me of something that's been bugging me for a while:

Why has there never been a single unanimous selection to the Baseball Hall of Fame?

The way I understand it, voters have to choose "yes" or "no" on each of the ballot's candidates.

Which means someone had to vote "no" for:

Babe Ruth
Mickey Mantle
Jackie Robinson
Joe DiMaggio
Willie Mays

I've never heard an explanation that didn't sound just plain silly. ("If _____ didn't get in with 100%, I can't let _______ get in with it", "It's tradition", etc.)

So seriously, why has no one gotten in with a vote on every ballot? Is there an actually sane reason?
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I'm in the middle of watching the Lifetime movie "To be fat like me" and I was wondering.

Do any of you guys judge fat people before you get to know them .. or even just as you're walking down the street?

What about the other way around? Do you judge skinny people before getting to know them?

I do both and I don't know why ..

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What is an old word that you just heard of recently? A word that should be commonly use, but isn't?

I just read my Motor Controls text book and learned of the word "nand". It is in the dictionary, but spell check does not recognize it. I had no idea what it meant as the books said "(AND, OR, NOT, NOR and NAND)". So I looked it up. Now I know.

Is there any commonly used words that you don't understand the meaning to nand use?

Computer question...

I'm having a strange problem with my computer monitor. It's a Dell flat panel, and I haven't had any trouble until now.

After leaving my monitor off for a short while -- namely when I go to bed, when I leave for school, or when I restart my computer -- I'll turn it on, and after a moment, it'll go black. It's not turning off by itself, but the screen just blacks out. I can see only a little of what's on the monitor when this happens, and when I turn it on and off for a bit, it finally stays on.

What on earth could be happening? I'm hoping that someone here can help me out. It's really irritating. :(
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1. do you think your lj user info makes you look like a douchebag?

2. what's the best news you've gotten recently?

3. and the worst?

4. are all of the interests on your info page spelled correctly?

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6. how many schools have you attended over the course of your life? what are they called?
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1. How annoying do you find it when someone posts a question, you spend a few minutes composing a reply, and then when you hit post you find they've deleted their post?

2. Why is it that drama always seems to occur when I'm gone for a few days?

3. Do you recognize the person in my icon?

4. Have you ever superglued someone's lock? Does it strike you as a good idea?

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So, there's this new martial arts movie coming out, and I'm pretty sure it has Gong Li (but I could be terribly mistaken) in it- though I can't remember the name of the movie for the life of me! I can't find it anywhere, either, and I just saw a commercial for it. Help a girl out before I lose my mind. Anyone know what I'm talking about? I've looked up everything I can think of.
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cell phones..

I have an LG VX8100 from Verizon. Randomly on Friday night, the speakers became really static-y. Not the ear piece, but the speakers used for the speaker-phone and ring tones/alarms/etc. It got better for a little bit, but the static is completely back now. I can't use the speaker-phone and my ring tones sound fuzzy. It's really annoying. I plan on going to Verizon tomorrow to see what they can do, but before that...

Does anyone know what would have caused this? (Besides the fact that LG phones suck, I knew that already and stupidly got another one anyway). Are there any things I can do (besides *228 because that didn't work) to fix it?

And why do LG phones suck so much? Actually, why do cell phones in general suck so much?
I've had pretty much a new cell phone every year (even if it was the same model of the previous phone) because I've had problems with all of them. Freshman year of college I had Cingular & a Nokia phone. I replaced that with the same model after having it for less than a year. Then towards the end of the year, we left Cingular and got Verizon. I got my first LG. That had static on the line whenever I made phone calls making it difficult for me to hear people but not for them to hear me. I got a replacement of the same phone and had that until my "new every two" program kicked in last April. I got this new LG phone (it was free with the rebate, it's my only excuse) and less than a year later it's working like shit randomly.

Does anyone else have these problems or is it just me? Do cell phones hate me or something?
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Mutant Hair

I have a hair follicle on my chest that must just spasm from now and then, producing a long-ass hair that's as fine and nearly invisible as peach fuzz. I normally pull them out, just because. I just pulled out the last one, and I swear to god it's seven centimetres (juuust shy of three inches) long.

Now, why in god's name does this happen? It's awesome, but oh so confusing.
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Ooh, Controversy!

No, I don't want any drama, I'm just honestly curious about your opinions.

-If it were legal, and you could play a part in making such a decision, would you have certain people or even certain types of people sterilized? If yes, why and who?

Sorry, edited to add: If you've seen it, who is your favorite character in Band of Brothers? What was/is your favorite episode of the series?

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1. Have you ever lived in a place that is widely recognized as a paradise (Hawaii, Costa Rica, Jamaica, The Bahamas, Key West, Malibu, etc.)? Are these types of places as great as they're made out to be? Is life there much different than it is in "normal" places?

2. Have you ever lived somewhere that is in general considered boring (Oregon, Idaho, Kansas, etc.) and loved it?

3. Have you ever lived in a place where the majority of people speak a language totally foreign to you? What is it like?

4. Were you, or anyone close to you adopted? How has this affected you/them?

5. Were you or anyone close to you ever in foster care as a child? How has this affected you/them?
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1) If you have an interesting story about how you were named, what is it? 

2) Do you have any weird habits? what are they?

3) Here's a weird one: Ever get a strange fortune from a fortune cookie? ... once my sister and I got fortune cookies, hers said "You are a happy man." 


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Do you recognize LJ users and/or members of TQC by their icons? Does it throw you off if they change them?

I have to go back and look again if I see a familiar username with an unfamiliar icon.

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Ok, I'm a big guy, and I wanna start doing exercises in my apartment. Where do I even start?

Any good videos I might be able to look into purchasing? Any simple exercises any of you would recommend?