January 7th, 2007


Underachieving poll

I think it's time to start some new baseless racial and cultural stereotypes and rumors. Check the new stereotypes or rumors you think should be passed on to society at large

All Italians have a third nipple. Believe it or not, it's functional
All hispanics are allergic to shellfish and Celine Dion music
French people cannot float. Like chimpanzees, they posses such dense muscle systems that they sink like stones
Kentucky residents cannot detect the smell of paint or the color teal
All Canadians posses a superfilous second bellybutton
Black people can see in the dark
German people are born with a superfilous appendix
Texans have 380 words for horse
Russians have no word for 'horse'. Just 'very farking big dog'
Samoans are fireproof
Australian men do not have large penises, but posses enormous, cumbersome testicles
Egyptians posses an extra set of teeth
All people in Wyoming have been gentically bred to dance, through a government research product in genetic manipulation. Wyoming has no other function in the world
Swiss people are 1/100th beaver
Croatians cannot sweat. They pant like dogs
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mm phlegm

So who's sick right now? I mean the 'thing' that seems to be going around, the cough, snot, fever thing.

I'm an hour west of Toronto and it seems like half the people around are sick. I'm getting over pneumonia, and was told today I have pertussis (sp?). My dad's really sick, one of my coworkers had that norowalk virus thing, a couple of the girls I coach in hockey are sick.

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I bought myself a Nintendo DS lite for an after-christmas present, and three games... The Urbz, which I LOVE. ClubHouse Games, which I also LOVE. And Brain Boost, which I HATE :-(

So TQCers, what are your favorite Nintendo DS games?

Which Nintendo DS games do you wish you never bought?


i just got my belly button pierced just so my friend would be brave enough to get hers done. I don't really know if i want to keep it though. does anyone know any problems that might arise if i take the bar out with out the piercing healing completely? i've only had it for two weeks...
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Since everyone seems to be posting Qs relating to sex..

would you rather
a) have passionate "love making" complete with kissing and touching and all that nice stuff.
b) get rammed like a hooker. no more explanation needed.

option a please :) Im so lame.

Have you ever heard your parents.. you know.. doing it ?!?! ::giggle::

No, my parents divorced when I was 5. So if I ever did, I didnt know it.

Anddd. Favorite non conventional place to get it on.

Kitchen counter =] Im not lame all the time.

(no subject)

1. do you guys know what Asurion/ Lockline is?
2. did you ever have to call them up?
3.  good or bad experience? please describe!

I worked for them a while back, so if you have any questions about them i'll be happy to answer1

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This is kind of an odd question, but I don't know where else to ask:

Does anyone have that icon with the green dinosaur and the tiny picture of Pete Wentz that says something along the lines of "Let's be friends" "No, Pete Wentz"?

And speaking of funny icons - what's the funniest one you've seen?

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has anyone here ever gone to Toronto Film School?
if so is it a good place?

I am planing to take  Entertainment Business Management, basically I want to be an agent to a band or star or something in that field. is their any schools anyone can recommend for that? Canadian or American.

are you or anyone you know doing the job i want to do?

(no subject)

Why does my iHome occasionally make this weird buzzing, static sound late at night, making me think that aliens are somehow trying to contact me?

No seriously, why are iPods and everything iPod-related such pieces of crap?!

(no subject)

So after a VERY heated two day argument between my mom and dad (by heated, I mean dishes were broken), my dad went to his mom's to stay. My mom is on perminant disability, and my dad just lost his job. This is a very hard time for my family because if my dad doesn't come back to my mom with a job, she will not be able to afford the mortgage and we will lose the house. Now, my mom is powerless in this situation since she can't work so she is depressed and me being a college student I can't do much either.

MY QUESTION IS what book would you recommend for somebody to read if they were depressed, down on life, and needing something to help them pull through? I was thinking the book Way of the Peaceful Warrior.
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(no subject)

1. Favorite underappreciated woodland creature? Hedgehogs. They're oddly cute.

2. What do you do with underwear (panties, boxers, thongs) that, for whatever reason, you just don't want anymore? I myself just throw them away, because I don't know why anyone else, barring stalkers, would want my secondhand underwear.
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Seeing blue?

A friend of mine stayed the night last night, and this evening told me something odd: early this morning, while raiding the fridge, she noticed that everything she saw from her left eye had a distinct, light blue hue. This lasted for about an hour, before the blue hue gradually faded away. She likened it to looking through a blue sunglass lens. She told me it happened a few more times this afternoon, but only for a second or two each time.

Google has yielded nothing helpful**, so I thusly ask: Might anyone have any idea what that was about?

(** I will say that "seeing blue out of one eye" is a difficult thing to google well.)
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(no subject)

1. What was the last dream you can remember?

2. How old are you?

3. What foods can't you stand?

4. What's the coolest prank?

5. Do you like posts with one question with a long back story or posts with many questions that have nothing to do with each other?

1. I was in a big room with lots of beds. My close friends were there, and a lot of my lj friends (some from this comm, some from the colbert report comm) but everyone was their icons, even the ones who i've seen/seen pictures of. we were all eating from a large cake. it was strawberry flavored and my dad got mad.

2. 18.

3. bananas. and ketchup. i've started telling people i just meet that i'm allergic to bananas so they'll stop saying "omgzzzzz bananas are awesome. here eat this one and you'll love them forever..."

4. Either saran wrapping someone's car from top to bottom, with baloney and silly string underneath (apparently it eats at paint if left on long enough) or smearing poop on the underside of someone's car door handles.

5. Those are pretty much the only 2 posts I make. I love posts with many questions with nothing to do with each other.

(no subject)

1. What is your favourite beverage? Is your favourite also the one that you drink most often?

2. After you wake up, do you brush your teeth before you eat/drink something? Or do you eat/drink, and then go brush the teeth? Anyone brush before and after? Anyone not brush at all?

3. Approximately how long has your current Internet session been so far?
? Gon

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What groups eat up your FList the most?
TQC and ONTD. That 50books challenge book on Spotlight started taking up so much I had to leave it!

Has anyone majored/minored in any of the following subjects? If so, what are your thoughts on them?
My current majors are Art and Humanities, but I've been thinking of switching to English with a minor in Classics.

Does anyone know what one studies to become either a fashion historian or a pop culture historian and where these classes/majors are offered?
Er, no, that'd be why I'm asking. I've seen people labeled as such on documentaries on TV and such, but I have no clue how to go about becoming one, which is something I'd like to look into.

What's your theme song in general?
Fear of Dying by Jack Off Jill is mine.

What is the best way to start independently studying philosophy?
No clue. When the new semester starts, I'll be taking some philosophy courses, but I'd like to study it on my own as well. I really want to start now, but I have no idea how to begin. Help?

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Is it better to have more RAM on your computer/laptop, or more hard drive space?

I can only purchase one of the two at the moment, and I'm not sure which is better to work on first.

edit-i use my computer mainly for music, word processing, photos/photoshop, and the internet.

edit-i decided to get more RAM, after reading that flaxen_curls said this: "Do you find your computer getting slow at everything, or do you find you're always having to delete stuff so you can make room for new stuff?"

i only have 256 MB of RAM (lol i'm embarrassed), but around 8 gigs of HD space left, so I think I can work on the RAM first

The Underdog

Did a search and saw it was a bonus question on one post and decided to expand it.

1) Why do most people root for the underdogs?
2) Is it a cultural or universal thing?
3) Any particular case wherein you wouldn't root for the underdog?
4) Have you ever been the underdog in a particular situation?
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my friend is having troubles with ecstasy. she's addicted to it and can't stay away. the last time my friend did it was last night and before she left to go from my house to do it she PROMISED that she wouldn't. the last time i did it with her we also promised eachother that would be the LAST time doing it. ever. i've done it 3 times.

i don't know what to do. should i still stay friends with her and try to continue to help her? or should i just forget it because i know she'd choose drugs over me?

what do i say to her to try and make her stop? i've said everything i could think of. we've even had crying fests together but i guess that doesn't mean anything.

thanks in advanced.

keep in mind my friend is only fourteen and has a line of addictions in her family.

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Questions! <3

1) What are you currently reading?

2) Anyone in the community seen Donnie Darko? (I'm assuming alot, but just asking). I'm interested in seeing it, but I haven't before. ;;

3) Last movie you saw?

4) Favourite author?

5) The worst/most unique name you know of?

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(no subject)

1.) Have you had the new "energy drink" "Cocaine"? What do you think about it?

My answer:

No, and frankly, I'm scared to. I heard it has some nasty side effects if you drink it in excess, and that it can cause your throat to burn and your hands to shake. there are even some rumors in my school about kids who drank it before gym and basically went ape shit in gym class. Also, I heard it is illegal in the state of New York...I'm not sure if I beleive it though.
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(no subject)

Anyone have any weird habits/compulsions?

I have soooo many....

- I can't sleep in my own bedroom if someone else has been in there, and if someone else stays in my bed, it'll take me atleast a week to get used to their presence.

- If i see a dirty dish, i have to clean it straight away or i can't sit still until i do.

and i almost always have to have music playing. if it's quiet, i start to fidget....

i was asked about my compulsions, and when you really start to think about it... the list gets soooo long..

Controversial Treatment Limits Disabled Child's Growth

n a case fraught with ethical questions, the parents of a severely mentally and physically disabled child have stunted her growth to keep their little "pillow angel" a manageable and more portable size.

What are your opinions on the parents' decision?

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Edit: Alright, someone pointed out that it was asked the other day, but I must have missed it. So you all can just ignore this question if you have already answered the other one. :)

dreams, decades and dishes

1. What is the proper way to refer to this decade? I mean, you've got the 80's, the 90's, so what is this?

2. What sort of dishsoap do you use?
3. Do you like citrus scented dish soaps?

4. Do you remember your dreams?
5. How often do you have "nightmares"
6. What did you dream last night?
7. Do you feel your dreams are significant/meaningful in your waking life?

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(no subject)

Does anyone know of any good websites to learn about the uses and side effects of pet medicines other than VeterinaryPartner.com?

Google is failing me right now, and I want to do a little more research on what was prescribed for my cat. I have a general idea of what each thing does, but a little more knowledge can't hurt. If anyone is a vet tech or well versed in these, the medications she has now are;

Clavamox (Amoxicillin trihydrate/clavulanate potassium)
Butorphanol Tartrate (Torbutrol)

The bolded are what appears on her medication.


For people who practice/are familiar with Buddhism (aka not looking for links to Wikipedia):
What are your beliefs? What does the religion mean to you? Are you vegetarian?
Give a dog a home

(no subject)

What are the beliefs of Buddhism?

Would it upset you if I edited my post, deleted your comments, and then deleted the entry because I didn't get the responses I wanted?

Where does wind come from?

Where did the stereotype that dogs like bones and cats like fish/tuna come from?

What are your plans for today?

Why the fuck won't my husband get up? He's been asleep for almost 12 hours, and no, he wasn't drunk or anything.
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(no subject)

1. What's your favorite kind of cereal?
2. Have you ever been called a racial slur? Not as a joke between friends, but somebody who meant it to insult you. What was it?


Did you know that Ando Momofuku invented Ramen noodles? Did you know he passed away on the 5th of January? Someone on my friend's list pointed it out.

"He has filled the bellies of bachelors and bachellorettes (and many others) the world over many billions of times, and we all owe him a debt of gratitude".

Can we have a moment of silence?
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The 20 / 30 / 40 -Year Old Virgin....

This question is mainly for the guys prespective but I'd also like some input from the girls as well. Is there some magic age after which if someone is still a virgin it makes them "weird"? Say you've just started dateing someone, or even just started talking and going in that direction, and this little bit of information came out..would it change your views/opinion of the person in any way?

Oh and the person is not a virgin because of religious views or because their waiting for marriage or anything, they just never got into a relationship before where they felt ready/comfortable enough. It's purely just circumstance and personal choice to make sure the relationship was worth it and not some quickie thing.
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(no subject)

I know everyone hates Myspace questions, but I tried Googling it and couldn't find any clear answers. For the last two days I haven't been able to log in to Myspace with Firefox. Every time I click the login button I get a blank page that says Bad Request (Invalid Header Name). I can still log in with IE, but I never really use that browser and so it's pretty annoying to have to open it up just to check Myspace. Does anyone have any possible solutions? Thanks muchly in advance.
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Video games!

1- Favourite video game ever? Console, PC or handheld, whatever.
2- First console you ever had as a kid? Or... ever, if you were one of those deprived kids. :(
3- Current pile of video games in need of playing?
4- Do you play the Sims (any series) just to torture the Sims?
5- If you play the Sims (2!) at all, what is your fave cheat? (Noo, not asking to get ideas, why would you think that?! ;P)
6- Do you find it hard to complete any games? Which one(s)?
7- What game would to recommend to anyone? :)

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The Receptionist Classic

(no subject)

Okay, so I'm thinking about buying a laptop/digital camera/MP3 player/cell phone/sausage and I was wondering if you could help me...

When I say "lounge lizard" what do you picture? As in "Dwyane was a lounge lizard" or "Spanky's was full of lounge lizards that night."
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The Suicide Club

The Suicide Club was an old japanese move about suicide. yes.

But what was the point of it? I didn't understand anything.

       i mean the movie version where a detective meets a lady whose husband/fiance/boyfriend fell on her while he committed suicide and he uses her to try and find out why everyone's been committing suicide lately. also, there's a girlgroup singing about mailboxes.

They have nothing to do with each other but...

1: What do you treat a fruit with (or slice of fruit) to make it sort of Amber-ized and hardened? To use for an art project that will stand a good amount of the test of time... I have a slice of lemon that is hard as a rock, the skin is still yellow but the inside part of the slice is kind of an amber color and crystallized... and it's coated in some sort of shellac or resin but I don't think that simply coating a fruit in either of those is also going to harden the juicy part of the fruit as well. I don't know where it's from but anyone who has seen it is amazed in wonder as to how to do that to a lemon..

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(no subject)

Who is someone in TQC who is a "regular" that you haven't seen post or comment in a while?

I can think of four people: katyism, jennana, fiercerose, and I don't think I've seen disorderata around here lately either.
ETA: Oh! And that girl who used to be "ladybug4789" and then she changed her username and I don't remember what it is now.

This question is kind of morbid but I will ask anyway. For those of us whose grandparents have all passed on, how old were you when the last one died? The first one (anyone can answer that one)?

I was 18 when the last one died, and -15 when the first one died. (Yes, that's a negative sign. He died 15 years before I was born.) I am 23 now.
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(no subject)

Have you ever been attacked by something dressed up as a character like this kid was? When I was 16, a Turk from Tarzan took my hat and ran about with it at the Animal Kingdom and it really pissed me off because I had to chase it and feel like an idiot.

Are you afraid of people dressed up as characters? If you're not now, were you as a child?

Is seanutbutter going to use this as an example of why Disneyland is better than Disneyworld?

When your pickle jar lid is stuck, how do you get it off?
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(no subject)

1. what are some good exercises to do routinely, like 30 minutes a day or so? something simple i can do inside the house. i want to shed a few pounds but not get toned abs or anything.

2. also, does anyone else here get tanned way too easily in the summer? no amount of sunscreen will prevent this. i've mostly just settled with avoiding the sun as much as possible. does getting easily tanned mean my skin will get leathery later on?

Homework help

I hope this is allowed.

What are some good links that explains how to do a correlation test (for statistics)?
Or maybe some links that give a sample of what a well-ran experiment should look like.
Or, what are active forums that specifcally deal with statistics or homework help?

Thanks :D

Odd Stereotypes And Misconceptions Of Female Anatomy

Earlier, someone posted- and deleted shortly thereafter- something about having heard an odd misconception that Asian women's vulvas are positioned differently than other women's.

Are there other bizarre racial stereotypes and misconceptions about female genitalia?

We always hear the ones about penises (certain races being supposedly larger or smaller than average, or being shaped unusually), but never the ones about female anatomy.
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1a)Late for lectures, miss lectures/tutorials etc and cram study at exams?


b)Turn up on time, study all the time, no going out etc?

I'm definately the former because I just can t get motivated enough tostudy all year. 

2) Does anyone in this community love Scotland?

3)If you do, what do you love about it?

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Home Alone

When home alone, do you close the bathroom door when showering/using the bathroom?

My answer: I always close it out of habit and then realize it's pointless, but then I feel uncomfortable if I leave the it open, so it stays shut.

So I may be going to NYC a little earlier then I planned!

As a result I need to know of some really good, low priced places to shop at.

So far, I've decided on "Screaming Mimis" which is a retro, funky, vintage, flashy clothing store (which should tell you what kind of stores/fashion I'm into)

and "Houwing Works Used Books Cafe". Which is a used book store and cafe if you couldn't tell by the title.

I'm also really interested in some unknown/underground type music, so any stores that have relatively unknown singers/bands I'd like to know about.

Money is key,I don't have a lot to spend, so no Vera Wang or Macy's please.

So, to put it into question format, what are some really great places to shop at in NYC that you think I'd like?


EDIT: If you have any knowledge of where the store is, it is greatly appreciated. :) Also, I'm a teenage boy if that matters, just so you know not to put any stores meant for women or kitchen supplies or anything.
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(no subject)

1. Do you think that your country should require a year of service for all citizens like Israel and Greece do? It doesn't have to be military service - it could be something like AmeriCorps if that's what you chose to do instead.

2. Why or why not?

3. What country do you live in?


I know this is my second question today (are you going to kill me for it!?!) but I am kinda enjoying this community so I have to ask.

1. Does anyone like to really really really (not overstating) go on random long trips, at random times, and at random times of life?

I'm asking this because my friend and I went to Portree, Skye all the way from Glasgow on Tuesday Morning at 1.00am and came straight back again and will be planning many more.

I love randomness-es


Those of you that watch the show LOST, are you a Jater or a Skater?

Jater-someone that wants Jack and Kate together as a romance.
Skater-someone that wants Sawyer and Kate together as a romance.

I am a Jater. JATE IS FATE! :D

If you were stuck on an island, what would be the top 5 movies you would bring with you?

The Money Pit (it's hysterical!)
The Notebook (Such a lovely love story!)
Titanic (so sad!)
Pirates of the caribbean 1 (funny, hot and awesome!)
50 first dates (funny and cute!)

Again, if you were stuck on an island what show and what seasons would you bring?

Me: LOST season 1 and 2, and an upcoming seasons. :D


Is TQC serious business to you?

When someone breaks one of the golden rules, do you actually get upset?
For reals?
Do you have a hard time sleeping at night after someone has posted twice in a row?
Are you off your feed when GAWD FORBID someone deletes a post?
Do you become irregular when someone asks for homework help?

What office supply do you steal the most of?
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Can anyone translate this?

I got these little charms that are in Japanese I think but I don't want to do anything with them and later find out they say "stupid white girl will buy anything" or something like that. Can anyone here take a look at this and tell me what it might say?

[Edit] I'm told it might be Chinese, but since the only thing I recognize period looks like "onna" I really have no idea.

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For all the eBay users...

1. What's the last thing you bought off eBay?
Pump Up The Volume on DVD.

2. Do you have any negative/neutral feedback? If so, why?

3. What are the main types of items you buy off eBay?
T-shirts & video games.

4. Do you browse eBay when you're bored?
Yep, then make myself leave the computer when I'm trying to choose between 5 things to buy that I really can't afford.

5. Do you impulse buy on eBay?
Yes, quite a lot. I really need to stop that.
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Return a Gift?

I got a pair of Tiffany earrings from my brother who I see very rarely (He lives in another state). They are silver, like a tiny comma mark, and really pretty.

Two problems though. I am large, so little earrings look silly on me, and second, in order to wear this, I would have to get my ears re-pierced since my ears have closed from NOT wearing jewelry.

Would you return the earrings? Or re-pierce and wear them at least once? (The next time I see my brother)
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Weirdest problem ever

So I have a bunch of LJs: this one, my fandom journal, and several I use for RP (go ahead, laugh at me, I am a nerd). For some reason, whenever I log into my fandom journal and try to update, Firefox crashes -- but it doesn't do this for any of my other journals. WTF is going on? I want to post something over there and I can't. :/
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(no subject)

1) Have you noticed that other cultures (so, non-american from my perspective) seem to be more honest and do less sugar-coating? I worked with a bunch of non-American estheticians and hair stylists and they'd definitely never beat around the bush. They'd openly comment on your skin or your hair or whatever. I've encountered this in other areas of my life, too.

2) Do you prefer people to be blunt and honest or do you prefer them to say essentially the same thing but sugar-coat it?

3) What's the strangest compliment/comment someone has said in regards to your appearence?

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2 parter

If I have a laptop, and am able to access free wireless, but the signal gets sketchy, can I purchase a boosting type of device (er, booster) to strengthen the phenomenally free signal?


Does anyone have step-parents? If so, how well do you get along with them? 
(Example, I could never think of my stepmother as a relative, for some reason, the bond we have is our friend/enemy, if that makes sense)


1. Do you read the comics?
Every day, without fail. If I'm away from home my parents mail them to me or save them until I get back.

2. Are you sad that Fox Trot is now Sunday only?
Yes. :[

3. What are your favorite webcomics?
I'm looking for some new ones.

4. What are your favorite newspaper comics?
Calvin and Hobbes, Zits, Pearls Before Swine and Frazz are among the top.

5. Least favorite?
I really can't stand Marmaduke, or Fred Basset. I HATE them.

6. Do you cut out the comics that you like and save them?
I used to do that all the time, but I'm trying to be less of a packrat so I rarely do it anymore.

7. What word do you use to describe comics? Funnies or anything like that?

(no subject)

Acceptable reasons for punching someone in the face

They punched you first
You don't like their face
They were insulting you
They were insulting the person you were with
They didn't use the word 'sir' or 'ma'am' when addressing you
There's a deadly hornet hovering around they're face and they're too afraid to brush it off. However, your aim is bad
They won't give you their lunch money
You suspect they're a terrorist
You suspect they're George Bush
You suspect they're Michael Moore
They're sitting in your favorite barstool
They're hitting on your significant other
They got in your way
They knocked on your door and ask you about salvation and mention the Watchtower
There is no acceptable reason to punch someone in the face

Acceptable reasons for touching yourself

You're horny and no one else is going to top you off
To reduce the stray cat population in your area
It's still winter and your palms have been getting awfully cold at night
It hasn't rained in your area for a good while, and you figure if lightning strikes, it means rainclouds aren't too far behind
fourcorners fills you with lust and you can't help yourself
You like making the Baby Jesus cry
Yourself is on fire and excessive rubbing and bodily fluids will smother the flames
There's too many ugly things in this world and you feel it's better to not be able to see
Because touching others might lead to an arrest
There is no acceptable reason to touch yourself

Acceptable reasons for loving Disneyland

Because Disneyland is fun
High amount of furries found in the photo op area
Off-chance that those urban legends of Walt being buried under the castle are true, and at any given momen, he'll rise from the dead and devour brains
The churros
It has the 'other' park, California Adventures, next door, making it a fun twofer
Pirates of the Caribbean
I'm an agoraphile
Bestest rides
seanutbutter would be displeased if I didn't love it
Disneyland loves you back. Disneyland love you long time
Because Disneyworld is a feeble knockoff filled with tourists, old people and Cubans
The Indiana Jones ride
The other amusement parks are two-timing, backstabbing whores who just love me for my money
Wonderfully wholesome and brings back childhood memories
There is no acceptable reason for loving Disneyland

Webmaster Certification

I want to get into designing websites and small amounts of graphic design work to go along with the sites.  What online webmaster certifications are there that are really good and legitimate?  I have basic knowledge of HTML & CSS (I used to make sites for bands in my area) and I've worked with Dreamweaver and Photoshop as well.  Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

1) Can you guys give me some rap songs with some really awesome lyrics? Rap songs you really like basically.

2) What did you guys think of The Descent?
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(no subject)

There's a website that I heard of not too long ago, but I can't find the link to it anymore. You can buy items used in television shows (not the actual items, but the same items, if that makes any sense.) It's something like "Seen on TV" or "As Seen on TV", but Google searches are proving unhelpful.

Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? My girlfriend really wants a shirt she saw a character wear on one of her shows, and I'd like to see if I can find it.

EDIT: Answered, thanks!
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(no subject)

This question comes from my boyfriend. How does the porn industry find people willing to do scat porn? Especially the ones willing to be on the receiving end of various activities in scat porn. Are there exuberant fetishists who jump at the chance? Or are they regular porn professionals who are kind of just like "I'll do whatever as long as there's a paycheck and everyone involved has had their Hep vaccinations?" I know this is a dumb question but keep in mind, I try really hard not to actually watch any scat porn so I have no idea what the performers are even like.

(no subject)

okay so, does anyone know what that kind of white coloured stuff is that you find on grapes? it's kind of like a powder? they recommend you wash it off, but it's doesn't seem to do anyone any harm and it's been bugging me for a while.

have you ever watched a really stupidly pointless programme on tv just 'cause you couldn't bring yourself to get up and find the remote?

kinda clichéd but, what do you think about soul mates? do you think it's just wishful thinking or that there genuinely is someone out there for everybody?
Quinn Twin

Jobby McJobberson

So. Last week I had an interview with the Marriott. They asked me to return the very next day for my second interview - after mentioning they are 'slow to hire' because they 'want to ensure they hire the right people.' (My mom says this is a good sign.) And then they practically yelled OMG YOU'RE AWESOME!!1 at both interviews. They said they would call me by the end of the business day on Monday to inform me of their decision. Here's the part where I need your opinions/help...

As it is, with me not working at all right now, I feel I rarely get to see my husband (whom I married because, yanno, I want to hang out with him the rest of my life). The position is 40 hours a week, Monday through Friday. Normally I'd be jumping for joy, except my husband is in the restaurant industry. :( This means he is almost 100% gauranteed to work the weekends. Which means we'd have a really tough time seeing each other if those were my two days off. As far as working around it, I know now I would hate it if our time was cut even shorter.

However, we were in an accident in late September, which is why I lost my old job, so we could really use the money. (Especially the amount they're already tossing around in conversations with me.) So I am torn. I'd like your opinions on what you think the best coarse of action is, to give me a broader picture. Also, would it be incredibly bad form of me to ask for time to think it over if they do offer me the position? How long is acceptable and how would I word it. I only apply for jobs I think I'm well suited for, so I've never turned one down.

Thanks guys!
The Dude Abides

Job ?'s

What do you think the worst job to have would be?
Crack whore (yeah I stole it from Norm McDonald)

How much do you think your typical porn actor/actress makes? How much if the film involves scat or is some other 'niche' fetish?

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Is there a website that will totally distract me from the fact that my I-only-see-you-twice-a-year-aussie-boyfriend is two and ahalf hours away?

Why does my geo. prof hate me?  Who demands the looseleaf edition of a textbook when there are hardbound and paperbacks?  (yes, it's cheaper.  no, i cannot sell it back)
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Lovey statues

Airport inspired post

1. I was supposed to be on a flight at 7 to Shannon, Ireland and then transfer to England and arrive by 9:15 in the morning.

Well, my flight has been delayed, and is not taking off until midnight! I won't get into Heathrow until 2:15 in the afternoon!


What is the longest delay you have experienced? What caused the delay?

2. The attendant said it was a mechanical error in Dublin, so the flight was delayed getting here. Do you think they are still using the same plane with the error, or do they switch vessels?

3. There is a restroom roughly 20 feet away from where I am seated, and there is indeed a baby changing area. A mother just changed her toddler's diaper right on the floor by me.

As a parent, would you do that? Just change the baby right on the floor without a mat or anything?

4. There is an electronics store in the airport, what game should I buy for my Nintendo DS? I already have The Sims 2

5. If a kid keeps whizzing past you obnoxiously on his sneaker skates, would you stick out your foot and trip him?
I'm tempted
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My first question(s)!

1) Who thinks tango-ing with random people when walking is totally awkward!?
I do!  Usually I freeeze and say "AWKWARD!" and the other person shifty eyes me and briskly trots away.  Trots.  Like a horse.

2) Have you seen Everything is Illuminated?  Yes?  Fav. quote?
"My bitch is my eyes."
Someday I&#39;ll be a flower

Interior Decorating

Are there rules for interior decorating corners? Like, big items (such as a full-size curio) shouldn't go in the corner (not diagonal, but against with a back against one wall and the side against the other) of the apartment dining area, but should be centered on the wall and have plants on both sides of it or something?

First Question.

Hi. I tried to google for the answer and got absolutely NO WHERES!

Okay, so my question is!

Tax-wise: what month is the best to move?

They had this lady, she was a tax consultant or something, on GMA, a loooong time ago, and she said that there was a month that was good to move, tax-wise.

I need to know because I'm 24 (almost 25), and still live at home, but wanting to move within the near (the nearer the better) future.

I just worry about it tax-wise, cause, like anyone else, I REALLY don't want to have to OWE the gubment moneys. :(

Oh, and if it helps anythang, I live in Missoura.


danke in advance.
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Film - Star Wars

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Apparently I'm kind of cell-phone incompetent -- anyone know how to use the sound clips from this website and use them as ringtones? The site says to put the URL in my phone's browser, but I don't know how. :P I have a Verizon phone, Audiovox 8600, I think. Thank!
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How long until I break a part of my body off?

(I keep slamming things into my various limbs.  Dropped a HUGE bottle of conditioner on my foot yesterday, and now I have a huge lump and bruise on my foot.  i JUST NOW slammed my hand into my desk, and cut myself.  BAH)
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inspired by talldan, cuz he got my b/f on a rant:

just humour me on this...
if public executions were still legal (and free) -

1. what singer/songwriter/band (any genre music) would you like to see hung or stoned or guillotined?
2. why that particular musical genius(es)?
3. what singer/band does your SO/bestfriend totally love that you simply cannot stand?

after discussing this at length and w/him shouting from the livingroom - phil said,
"and NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK, they sang dat dat dat dat, dat dat dat dat, but you know they really didn't mean it...."
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Do you have any pictures of you IN ACTION with a NINTENDO WII?!

So I am creating a few FAKE MYSPACES for a skit, is there any way I can get some FILLER friends for them real fast?

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Alright. I am a girlie who, in winter, gets horrible pain in her nipples. When I'm cold enough, they start to ache and I can't make it stop. If I put a warm washcloth on them or take a shower, it hurts more. I noticed today that only one of them hurt. So I looked at them. The one that didn't hurt was a normal pink nipple, hard, but pink. The one that was hurting was pink, and at the very tip, like, white. And I have talked to a few people I know with big breasts, and it seems only the heavier ones get it.

So, I ask you, women and men -

1.) Do you ever get this/have heard of this?
2.) Of those who DO know of this sort of thing with people, is it mostly heavier women who get this?

I'm just kind of curious to know if I'm a freak here.

Also - if you think this should be behind a cut for weird explicitness or deleted for being a stupid question, I'll do it.


Is there an AIM robot or support club for recovering bulimics? For example, they have the AIM robots for moviefone and AOLJournals and a couple other ones, but are there actual AIM/online members that show support or are there to help you? I've been searching but I don't know exactly how to go about it.

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Do you ever spit your gum out on the ground where someone can step on it or stick it on the underside of something? I was walking down South Street in Philadelphia and apparently everyone sticks their gum to the trees. It makes for some very colorful tree trunks. I didn't get any pictures though.

Where do you put the boogers that you pick?

Do you have an easy button?

What is the absolute worst thing about moving?

Question! I got questions!

1. What member of TQC would you most like to be president of the fan club? Which 5 would you be members of their fan club?

2. What is El Barrio and it's significance?

3. How do you make rice and beans? Where are you from?

4. Why does shit happen?
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Random questions

1a. Has anyone listened to the new Muse album, Black Holes and Revelations?
b. Have you noticed any theme in their lyrics?
c. What do you think of the first song?

2. Why is the title of the movie spelt the Pursuit of Happyness?
Why do they spell happiness incorrectly? or is that how americans spell it?

3a. Have you ever stolen anything? if so, what?
b. why?

4. Have you ever had a password that was like "i love ___"?
tralfamadore ampersand

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Pardon my extreme military ignorance, but I have a few questions.

1. What does a salute mean?
2. Can a superior salute an inferior?
3. Can a civilian salute a soldier?
4. Can a soldier salute a civilian?
5. Is there any difference for cross-branch salutes? For example, a Navy SEAL saluting a Marine?
6. In what situations are salutes most likely?

(no subject)

1. Is there any trick to getting the white tip in a french manicure to look good, apart from using the little stick on guides? (apart from getting it done professionally)

2. Favourite joke from Family Guy?

3. Favourite Eric Clapton song?

4. Directed to straight guys only: what little things does a girl do that makes them attractive in your eyes?

5. Harry will die in HP7, agree or disagree?

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In a fit of drunken range, one of my friends broke the inside part of the door handle of my other friend's '95 Jeep Wrangler. Only the plasic handle broke and theres still a part attached to the door but not enough to be able to open it from the inside. Does anyone have any idea how much it would cost to get this fixed? Would they really need to remove the whole door/door panel or is it easier that that? Thanks in advance.


All of my friends have been pestering me to get a facebook, and I finally caved in. However, when trying to register, I type in my high school's name, and there isn't any "drop down list" that it speaks of. I checked, and we have a network. What am I supposed to do?
Oh, and I am using a proxy.
cat tea


1. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/whatever, have you gained weight since being with them?
2. How much?
3. Does your SO care?
4. Have they gained weight? If so, how much?
5. Does it bother you?

What do you think Christians believe?

I sometimes see posts asking, "What do Christians think about [whatever]?" These questions seem to mostly come from non-Christians, often from non-believers.

So, I have a few questions:

1) What is your religious affilliation. If you have none, "atheist" or "agnostic" are appropriate responses.

2) What do you think Christians believe?

3) Do you think most Christians believe pretty much the same stuff?

4) What political issues do you think most Christians see as important?

5) Do you think most Christians think pretty much alike about these issues?

6) If you know, how did you develop your views of Christians/Christianity?

[Inspired by this post. Funny, I didn't realize this was an AMA post. I'll leave it here anyways. TQC is more active these days.]

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What is the name of the song that is sorta classic burlesque?! its like ba-ba-ba... ba-ba-ba-ba.. etcetc. i know thats not much to go on but its driving me crazy! any videos with this tune?

(no subject)

What some really strange or bizarre things you did as a kid?

When I was in first or second grade, I was learning all of the states. Whenever my family would go to Mexican restaurants (which was quite frequently) I would take the tortilla chips and bite them into the shapes of the various states. Yes, I was a strange child.
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Silly Question

Every time I have asked a friend about this, s/he has looked at me like I was crazy. Anyway, to preface, I'm 24 years old and I grew up in Indiana. When I was in kindergarten, when someone said, "So what?" to you, you were supposed to respond, "So, so, suck your toe all the way to Mexico. When you're there, comb your hair, and don't forget your underwear!" Did anyone else say this?

The Noob Whisperer

A word from someone who's been around here a little while

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My question, to justify this post.

1. How come only the peanut gets promoted to other culinary treats, like peanut brittle and peanut butter?
2. Who does pecan gotta blow to get some respect in the confection biz?
3. If peanut is the Michael Jackson (only successful member) of the tree nut Jackson 5, who would be Tito in this scenario? Walnut or almond?
4. And lastly, who would be Latoya?