January 6th, 2007


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I was having a random conversation with a friend, and somehow we came to the topic of guys and sex. He basically said that a guy will have sex with any girl (no matter how unattractive she is to him), if she goes after him enough, or "[not literally] continuously throws her pussy in his face".

so, how valid is this?
guys and girls respond please; i am very curious.

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1)Does anyone really drink sherry anymore or is it mostly just for cooking?

2)How was your first experience at a strip club?

3)How many remote controls do you have?

4)What's a movie that will be coming out that you definitely plan on seeing?

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ok so this is actually something The Todd says on Scrubs, but it was one of those things i kinda chuckled about, then thought about, then became curious about... and now i'm asking you all:

Do gay dudes get turned on by their own weiners?

lol yeah. i know. anyway. my guess is no, because i like boys but i'm not necessarily attracted to that particular part of them, so it seems like that would be the same regardless of gender etc? i don't know. any thoughts?



So so my parents got divorced in April and my mom was asking me tonight when the time come for my grandma on my dad's side to pass away should she go to the funeral? My grandma, and my cousins like my mom, but my dad and the rest of his family do not. Does my mom go to the funeral?
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Beware: Facebook question ahead...

Does anyone know how Facebook verify a name change before authorising it? I tried to change mine from Duckgirlie to my actual name, it didn't go through, I tried again and got this message:

"You have been blocked from using the name change feature for two weeks because a prior attempt was determined to be fake or offensive"

What's with that?
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1. Do you stereotype people from the midwest as hicks?

My brothers friend is from California and he goes to school here in Ohio (University of Cincinnati). Well he thought ohioans were a bunch of hicks. He found out he was wrong. The friend did say most californians think people from the midwest are rednecks.

2. Have you ever decided to not travel to a state or city because of a stereotype (ghetto, hickish, filthy)?

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1. So, how and what are you doing tonight/morning/early afternoon?
2. What's annoying you immensely right now?
3. If you could have any pet in the world -no matter what it was- wild or domesticated, extinct, rare, exotic or common, what would it be? Male or female? Why? What would you name it?
4. What's one of the silliest things your pets did today? [If not today, recently]
5. Have any random pictures you've taken/drawn recently that you really like? Brownie points if you post it.
6. What is your favorite quote?

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free couceling at Universities

I need help with this..

Is it just for the people who attend that school or can anyone walk in there?

Will I have to initiate the conversation with a coucelor/therapist or do they ask the questions to get it kicked off?

What kind of things do people generally discuss with a coucelor at a University?

Will I be speaking to a student or an adult professional you think?

ocala drive

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One of my favorite songs at the moment is Jique by Brazilian Girls. I know what most of the french in the song means, but I can't for the life of me figure out what "jique" means. She pronounces it "hee-ka" in the song.
Can anyone tell me what it means?
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What is your favourite section to go to when you go to the library or bookstore?

I love going to the humour section in Chapters. The art section is also one of my favourites.
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What time do you usually get up in the morning?

How many hours of sleep do you get?

I woke up at 6 this morning and I feel crappy. Monday I need to wake up around 5 so I'm trying to get used to it.
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Can't sleep.

1. Do you learn from your mistakes?
I try to.

2. Are you looking forward to this being the hottest year on record?
Yes, I love heat.

3. How long have you been a member of TQC?
Since I started this journal, I think. Back in 2003.. So, a while.

4. Musically, what are you looking forward to getting released this year?
I heard we're in for some new Modest Mouse. Sondre Lerche's "Phantom Punch" is out next month. I have it already, but I look forward to finally being able to google the lyrics.
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tv shows cast: "and [...] as [...]"

this question has been haunting me ever since i became a tv addict.

why is it that, in tv series, the last person in the theme song credits is listed like this: "AND [actor name] AS [character name]"?

why oh why? all the other actors just have their name listed, but the last one gets a special formula. it's in A LOT of american tv shows (everwood and buffy the vampire slayer for example).

i've been wondering for years, so i'd love it if anyone knew the reason. speculation is also welcome! (i have some theories of my own as well, of course.)

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Why do people think that LJ and other internet communities are good places for law and medical advice?

Would you trust the stuff some random stranger told you online, when it is in regards to law problems (such as getting out of a ticket) or medical advice? Why or why not?

DIY hair-colour

I'm going to dye my hair today.


And I don't have a choice either, because my sister, who SAID that she was going to help me, is occupied. Not to mention that it's my birthday tomorrow, and I wanted to get my hair done before then.

It is recommended that you start from the back of the head, working outwards - but how are you supposed to see whether or not the colour is applied evenly, when you can't see the back of your head? Also, does anyone have any tips for ending up with an even colour all over, even though you can only see two sides of your head plus the top?
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Airport Security

When you go through security, do you need to take everything out of your pockets? I know you need to take everything metal and electronic out, but I'm carrying three books, candy, and various papers in my pockets.

So, do I take it all out of my pockets? If I have to, I'll start unloading the pockets while waiting in line.

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so I was reading up online about HPV...and now I have some questions that I couldn't find the answers to...I know this isn't the best place to ask medical questions, but if you happed to know the answers to the following...

is HPV something everyone has and only some people show symptoms of?

can you only contract HPV and get warts from someone who has it?

are there some people who don't have it?

is some form of HPV always contracted when people have sex?

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Say your best friend is more, i guess i could say on the quiet side and more neutral on everything, would you still expect her to have your back on matter what. that means defend you, speak up for you when you're not there? if she doesnt would you just not consider her your best friend? what would you do?
Someday I'll be a flower

Chest pain...

A friend of mine began having chest pain yesterday afternoon around 3pm. By 5:00 his left arm was hurting and a few fingers were tingling. I told him he should go to the hospital to rule out heart attack (he does have anxiety, and thought it might be an anxiety attack. He has had chest pain before--but never this bad, or with arm pain.)

I called him this morning to check on him... He slept from 6pm last night until noon today. He says his chest is still hurting and his elbow hurts. No tingling fingers. He agreed that if it still hurts tonight he'll go to the hospital.

If he were having a heart attack, would it be over by now?


I had to uninstall Firefox so I used IE for awhile, during that time I added new favourites. But when I re-installed Firefox it never imported anything new, Firefox is exactly the same before I uninstalled it.

Is there anyway to re-import your favourites from IE to Firefox?

Edit: Answered, thanks!
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I guess this question is mostly for the guys here, or if you ladies have a guy friend you could ask, that would be cool.

Do you prefer long hair or short hair on a girl? Or, does it depend on the girl?

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I'm re-packing to go to uni again; nothing too new here. However, I will be home next weekend, and the weekend after that.  Should I just pack enough clothes for this week, and bring the other two in following weeks?  Or should I just man-up and pack everything and bring it up tomorrow?

My boyfriend WILL be helping me move things this weekend, but not the other two. 

Also, I would have to do alot of laundry if I pack everything >.<  blehg.
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At some point in the last eleven hours, the sound on my iBook has stopped working. I haven't done anything unusual to it, so I don't know what it could be...

Any ideas or solutions?

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Ok I am dead serious with this question.  

THE QUESTION: After you "take a crap"/"take a dump"/"shit"/"make a bowel movement" --- DO YOU LOOK AT THE POO BEFORE YOU FLUSH IT???

This may seem like a seriously ridiculous question, but I think it's interesting. I asked an old girlfriend if she looked and she thought I was so disgusting for looking... but I have asked many other people and they say "of course" they look... but the way I see it, isn't it our NATURE to look... I mean, animals always dig through their feces to check and see if they are healthy, doctors often suggest you can determine your health by the appearance/texture/etc of your feces, so shouldn't we look? I mean, you spend all that time purging it from your body... WHY NOT TAKE A LOOK?

So the question is, do you look before you flush or just wipe and go. 

I think this is an interesting question with scientific potential. Perhaps it's an evolutionary question... 

Anyway, that's the question.

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When did the phrase "man-up" (or the alternative, "Cowboy up" which is much better =P) become so popular. This last month I have been hearing it constantly.

Why aren't you out doing something fun on this fine Saturday afternoon?

Do you have cable? If not, do you use an antenna?

Do you ever read (leisure, not required for academics) non-fiction? Why/Why not? What is your favorite non-fiction book?

Can anyone tell me what "spic and span" really means? Where did it come from?

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So TQCers! Here's some questions for ya, because I don't believe in posting one question per post. ;)

1- How the hell are ya today?
2- Did you just take offense to me using the word 'hell' up there?
3- Aside from lazin about on LJ/TQC, what are you doing?
4- Do you find it hard to multi-task? Why (not)?
5- When's the last time (if ever) have you gone to a nearby 'big city' to have a vacation of sorts?
6- Are you still bitter about the LJ spotlight? ;P
7- What does being 'called out' mean to you?

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For some reason, American Idol season 5 is showing here at midday, which is amusing in itself, but after watching the several episodes they've lumped together, it made me wonder.

Seriously, is this the best they could find? Are they trying to find people who can't sing? They're all as boring as batshit, they seem to have trouble carrying a note and putting some personality into a song. It seems almost mean to make fun of them. Almost.
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I have some gift cards left over from christmas, not store cards but the Visa gift card type thing, that you can use anywhere.

I only have like $2.00 left on each of them. I can't use them on purchases unless I pay the bill with cash until we get down to the gift card balance. Most places won't let you split part on a debit card and part of a gift card. I don't think there is a way to combine the gift cards, as they are from different banks (one is actual Visa gift card, one is Harris bank, etc).

WTF do I do with this random change on a few gift cards? Is this how the banks make their money off of them - people don't end up using the last dollar or two on them?

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Do you know of any recipes where cucumbers are cooked?

I've only seen/eaten raw cucumbers and when I asked my mom if she ever heard of people cooking them she gave me a 'wtf' face.

If you like The Lord of the Rings, movies or books, who's your favorite character and why? What's your favorite quote?

My favorite character is Legolas because I love how he acts like such a badass in some parts of the movies. I've never read the books, I know I'm a horrible person for it. My favorite quote would have to be from Eomer to Eowyn when she gets Merry ready for battle:

Eomer: You should not encourage him.
Eowyn: You should not doubt him.
Eomer: I do not doubt his heart, only the reach of his arm.

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I'm making a mixtape for one of my mates. She has a crappy internet connection & no cable TV, so her ability to find new good music is very limited. The thing is, she likes a lot of emo style bands like Taking Back Sunday, Snow Patrol & the like, where I love rap & metal.

So, to get to the point. I'm fucked & have no idea what music to put on a mix for her as she hates rap & metal (her idea of metal is Avenged Sevenfold).

So (again), what are 1 or 2 songs that you would recommend for the mix?

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1) Would tea work as a hair dye?

2) How long could one survive by eating one's excrement alone? ((Not that one would particularly want to. Probably.))

3) Just what is the Question?

~Amy :)
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What words immediately come to mind when you think of:

1. a member of the Hells Angels?
2. a person who attempts to summit Mount Everest?
3. a woman in her fifties (or older) who has never had a single romantic partner in her life?


4. Have you ever been disappointed in a work of art once you saw it in person?
5. Have you ever discovered a work of art in person that caused you to be blown away?
6. When was the last time that you farted in public? Were there witnesses? Have you been judged harshly for it even though you are human and humans fart and it's not like I could help it because I didn't feel it coming at all?

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Messenger 'nEtiquette' Questions.

1. When you need to do something, even if it'll be quick, do you tell people 'BRB' (Be Right Back) or give them some sort of an idea that you'll be away from the desk? (i.e. AFK, hold on a sec, etc.)
2. Do you consider it 'bad manners' when someone leaves you hanging without saying any of the aforementioned?
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3. How's the weather by you? How should it be by you? Where are you located?
It's 72 F here, and it really should be around 30 - 40 F. I'm in Central Jersey.

4. Do you ever think up some decent questions you'd like to ask your fellow TQCers, like before bedtime or while you're out, and when you want to ask them, you completely forget?
Yes. >.<
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dumb questions.

1) Most people agree that certain scents and certain songs remind them of a specific time in their life or a certain person. Does the same thing happen to you with the weather? Does a certain type of weather bring back memories for you?

2) Is your current place of employement a job or a career? How do you know when something is a career?

3) Is anyone else looking forward to the Season Premier of 24 next Sunday?

4) What non-prescription drug do you take most frequently?

5) Are there any movie-versions of a story that you like better than the book version?

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A question of questions

1. What is the answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything?

Better question,

2. What is the question of life, the universe, and everything?


3. Why do you drive on a parkway and park in a driveway?

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I'm trying to find a list of hair and makeup products frequently used on TLC's What Not to Wear but I'm not having any luck. Does anyone know what they use or know where I could find a list?
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I think I need a new sound card for my computer. Can I just get any kind or do I need to know a specific code to match my computer or something? Yeah, you can obviously tell that I don't know jack shit about computers.
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i'm looking to get a new cell phone.  i  have always replaced my phone at a sprint store and signed a new 2 year agreement.  this time, i don't want to keep my contract any longer.  so i know people buy new phones on ebay, amazon, etc..  but how does activation, keeping my phone number,  and all that work?

Some Questions.

1.  My memory is terrible and I've been looking for ways to improve it (both long term & short term).  Any ideas?

2.  In relation to the first question, I'm looking to broaden my knownledge of well, just about anything and everything.  Anyone know of a site or book or anything under the sun that would make this easy for me?  

3.  What are some good books to read?

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Toothpaste, and other things

These are just sone random questions. About random stuff.

1. Does toothpaste ever expire?

2. Are slim jims good for you?

3. When a guy asks for your number, and then gives you his, will he most likely call you?
EDIT: He did call me, so... yeah. I guess that would be a "yes," then.

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Sorry if any of these have been asked repeatedly, I'm new.

1.) How do you motivate yourself to exercise? I'm on four medications that counteract with each other to make me extremely tired, so it's very difficult to motivate myself to exercise with so little energy. And yes, I know, exercise gives you more energy, but how do you start?

2.) Because I'm watching them on TNT, favorite Austin Powers movie? If you don't like any of them, hey, not everyone likes it.

3.) Is Super-gluing your nails when they're breaking weird? Does anyone else do it?

4.) What do you/a woman you know use to counteract symptoms from "that time of month"?

5.) What are your plans for the weekend?

My answers:
1.) Don't know; that's why I'm asking.
2.) The first, because it's classic, but the second is close behind.
3.) Yeah, I do it, because I hate the feeling when a nail breaks and I have to adjust from a long nail to no nail.
4.) Dayquil. Oddly enough, it's the only medicine that eases my cramps.
5.) Hanging out with my boyfriend, maybe random shopping and seeing my best friend.

Death & Co

1. Do you think people know when they're about to die?

2. Have you ever heard of any tales or had any personal experiences where people have said something right before they're about to die? a message? something that came true later?

3. What's the best laptop to buy? I'm asking on behalf of my neighbour who's this old polish guy. So he's not going to need bells and whistles, but something with performance and battery life.
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What's the BEST brand of powdered hot chocolate, the kind you make with water?

edit: yes, we all know making hot chocolate with milk is better, but sometimes it's not possible and water is your only option. Therefore...

(no subject)

1. I've heard a ton of people say that the newest edition of Internet Explorer (7, I think) is really crappy. But I have it, and haven't noticed any problems (other than taking 3 hours to find the refresh button). Do you have it? Any problems?

2. If you have a computer tablet, do you use it for everything, or just for art/photo editing/etc.?

3. Is it ect. or etc.?

4. Do you go to Starbucks regularly? If so, what do you get the same thing every time, or something different? What is your favorite?

5. What is your all-time favorite football movie?

6. What do you think is one of the most over-rated movies ever? Books?

7. Do you own any U2 albums? Which ones?

8. Do you hunt duck/pheasant/other water or ground fowl? If so, do you use a retrieving dog? Is it yours, or a hunting buddy's?

9. What is the plural of computer mouse? Computer mice?

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Okay, I'm confused. I've read a couple bt faqs but am still unsure.

At the moment I am downloading a file about 4 gigs in size. The seed/peer is 0/2 and the health is 32%.

Am I to understand that I will only be able to get 32% of this file unless someone seeds it? I'm at around 30% right now. And is the seed number is at 0... how did I get this 30% anyway? (I've been downloading this file for several days now and at no point has there been a seeder.)

National secrets

If you had the chance to get in on all of your nation's big secrets, would you take the opportunity to do so? Or would you prefer to be left in the dark? For example, let's say the conspiracy theorists on JFK's assassination were right, and the CIA really did take him out. Or that the moon landing was faked. Or that aliens really did land in Roswell. Would you take the opportunity to look at the "classified" files, if you had the chance to do so? Also, you would have a 0% chance of ever being caught or prosecuted as a spy.

I know a lot of people would just rather not know these things, but I'm interested to hear what you have to say. I'm not going to answer right away.
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So I'm watching awful man-hater Lifetime channel movies and now I have a question.

How many people actually get pregnant the first time they have unprotected sex? I know it's possible, but how probable is it?

EDIT: Obviously, I know the probability is the same for every other time a person has sex. I was asking how many girls actually get pregnant their first time.

Why only white cigarettes?

I don't know if there is an obvious answer to this question but its something that I've always wondered.

Is there a reason that cigarettes only come in either white or brown (cloves)? Why are there no colored cigarettes or patterened cigarettes? I think a yellow houndstooth cigarette would be great.

I always wondered why cigarette paper is so plain.

I know "smoking is bad mmmkay", its just a question.

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1) How and when do you think humanity will end?

2) How and when do you think the world will end?

3) What do you usually think about while waiting to fall asleep?

4) What do you usually think about while/if you take a long shower?

5) Have you ever shoplifted & what was it?
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I have a question about travelling to Canada from Michigan. I know that after January 23rd, 2007, one will need a passport to cross the border, but before that (say, next weekend), could one drive across the border with just a state-issued ID like a driver's license, or is a birth certificate also necessary? In that case, would a copy of a birth certificate do?

Thanks for the help. My friends and I are trying to make plans for a booze-fueled road trip of debauchery, and the Internet is being unhelpful.
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How does one lose weight from their face, specifically? I've lost a lot of weight all over lately, but my face is still chubby (I have this weird double-chin that will not go away). Am I just screwed?
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So if your friend was in jail and they called you to post bail and said that it was 25,000 dollars(but ya know the 10% thing) but would not say what your friend was in for,
What would you think he had done that would have such a high bail?
Selling drugs? murder? something with drugs. i dont know. i cant even think right now.
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ING Accounts

Does anyone have an ING account? We want to open a savings account for Omaha and this seems the best route. I'd just like to get some input from someone who actually has one.

I'm wondering if you can make direct deposits into it and if the only way you can get the money out is to transfer it back to your checking account and withdraw it that way.

Also, are there any fees associated with transferring it back to your checking account? I've looked thru their website and can't find those particular answers.


(no subject)

1) Ladies, how many people know your bra size?
2) Is there a specific day (eg: 3rd Dec) when more people are born than any other day? Like 9 months after Valentines Day, or 9 months after Christmas Day, lol?

(no subject)

1.  Is it just me, or are men in uniform incredibly hot?

2.  What makes them so appealing?

3.  What's your favorite color/flavor Kool-aid?

4.  If you could see any mythical creature, what would it be?

5.  Why is eBay so addiciting?

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What station do you use?
I got one for Xmas and so far every station I get it tuned into, works for a few minutes then goes all crazy and nothing but static.

(no subject)

If you have ever flown on an airplane...
1) How old were you when you took your first flight?
2) How many times have you flown?
3) Do you enjoy being on a plane?

If you have never been on an airplane...
a) What is the primary reason you've never gone on a flight?

I just need someone to confirm I'm an idiot


This guy really really liked me over the summer and I didn't feel that way then this fall I thought I might've felt that way but decided it was just friends. Now he's told me tonight he's moved on and I'm getting the whole shaky hands/beating heart/hot sweats kind of regret.

I've screwed up, huh?

and yes, I'm older than 12. I'm having one of those down in the dumps don't need your attitude shit moments, so thanks.

glue off a wall?

My boyfriend and I (stupidly) put a strip of fly-catching paper too close to a wall. Now there's a streak of brown glue down the wall.

Attempting to use typical household cleansers has not worked on this goop.

Any ideas on how to get this crap off of my wall?
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Keeping Bills after Payment

Do you keep copies of your monthly bills after you pay them? For example, your credit card statement, your gas bill, your phone bill, etc - after you've paid it,  do you keep a copy in your files or records? If so, how long do you keep it for, and when is it finally time to dispose of it?

I realize you're supposed to keep important papers - copies of tax returns, etc. I'm just not sure how necessary the rest of it is.

I used to keep them because I paid all my bills by check, and I would write on the statement the check number and the date I paid it. But now I pay most of my bills online, yet I'm still keeping them. Is there any real need to do this, or can I clear out some valuable filing space and be just fine?
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(no subject)

1. Do you normally find yourself initiating contact (i.e. IMs, phone conversations, etc.) with your friends, or vice versa?

2. How do you increase your willpower?

3. Don't you hate it when you totally forget something you were going to ask? How do you get rid of a pimple on your lip quickly, when you don't want to pop it and have no idea what you're doing? (It looks kind of whitish...)

4. What are your opinions on living in each of the following cities (preference, experience, what have you)?
a. NYC?
b. San Fransisco?
c. L.A.?
d. London?
e. Paris?
f. Other (just in case it's needed)?

5. Advice time! High School. Me: freshman. Him: senior, and best friend's brother. Barely know each other. Advice/likelihood of a relationship?

Like a moth to the LJ Spotlight

So I was in this toy store a few years ago, looking at their board games. I found one that involved you reading a card with apparently jibberish phrases on it. These phrases, when said out loud, phonetically formed a common saying, name, pop culture reference, etc. The point is to try and figure out what phrase is actually being said, since once you process the semantics of the jibberish, it's hard to pay attention only to the phonetics of what you're reading. I remember that the answer to the example on the box was "Michael Jackson," and I can't remember what the exact puzzle was, but for the sake of making an example I'll make something up. The puzzle went something to the effect of "my killjack sun". Only something even more misleading than that. The syllables were often emphasized differently in the clue, which throws you off.

Please, please, for my sanity, does anyone know the name of this game?! I should have bought it then.

If not...do you know of any other fun word games?
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I'm on Cingular. I can switch phones sometime in the first week of February. I'd really like to switch phones... because I've dropped mine a few times too many and the battery's dying. And it's time for some novelty in my life.

I use text messaging quite a bit and I use the camera part of my phone for the fun of it, I don't send picture messages. (Can't get it to work anyway.) I'd like to be able to put some fun ring tones on it. I don't use it for email, web, listening to music, GPS, or anything like that. What I really do need is something that picks up reception well -- I don't get good reception at my house unless I go outside. edit: some extra battery life would be nice too. My motorola v551 got about 3 days of standby before the battery started acting funny, and it was advertised to have 7 days of standby. I'm really leery of battery life on the websites, so personal experience on this would be much appreciated.

That being said, do you have suggestions re: phones I can get from Cingular? I don't want a razr, my mom's getting one of those. (Unless you can convince me that's what I need.) I've been interested in the little Pantech phone for a while, so if you have experience with that one, I'm listening. :)
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What's the deal with this movie called Pan's Labyrinth? I hadn't heard a thing about it until yesterday, and people are peeing their pants over this movie.

For those of you with tattoos: Did your tattoo artist tell you to put saran wrap over your fresh tattoo? It's a pain in the ass, and if it's not necessary, I don't want to do it.

*obligatory TQC in the spotlight question here*
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I just realized something...I hate my husband's family. I've always hated his brother. He's a loser and a theif. His dad and I didn't get along for the longest time, but in the past few years we had become friends. His mom and I have always been iffy.

But now that I'm sitting here, thinking about everything that has been going on in my life lately, I realized I can't stand his family. I don't want to be around any of them. They hate the fact that I'm smarter than all of them put together. They hate how I raise my son. They treat me like dirt and talk smack about me to my best friend when I'm not around.

I obviously can't outright say, "You're all dirty bastards and I hate you." That's how I feel, though.

What can I do to "make nice"? I'm known for not being nice towards people I dislike. I can't help it.

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would you rather..
a) have a job that you absolutely hate but made you rich
b) have a job that you absolutely love but basically couldnt afford to live

is money more important than your happiness? having a job that you pretty much hate getting up every morning to do. or is money worth it tha tyou would endure it?

ps. i love you people with your c answers. haha. i guess there are always other choices.
BUT JUST CURIOUS. i've been asked this..and i bet its harder in teh actually situation

o yea..MY ANSWERS:
i've pretty much agreed to myself that i would never do anything that makes me unhappy..and if that means not making enough money then thats ok by me. maybe i exaggerated on the "basically couldnt afford to live"...but who wants to wake up every morning dreading what they're doing FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES?!! soemitmes money isnt worth it. and for me marrying rich isnt an option. thats the fuckin cheap, easy, LAZY way to go..and just basically selfish. there is always another way..so my options are pretty narrow. haha. i would rather be poor and do what i love..as long as it makes me happy..and if it makes me happy..i'm sure there is a way out as long as it makes me happy.

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I met this guy at my basketball game last night, and he's my coach's nephew. He's a year older than me, no big deal, and he's a good person, but I think my parent's will probably flip out if they find out about him calling me, and I don't know how to tell them.
"Oh, yeah, mom, I met this really hot older guy from out of town last night and I gave him my phone number and he called me. Did I mention I'd never seen him before until last night, but he's really nice, and a great person, and... mom? Why are you on the floor? Mom? Mom, wake up!"
Advice, please?
Books 3

similar to an earlier question...

.. Any idea where I can get/buy episodes of the anime "Sensual Phrase" (AKA "Kaikan Phrase") with an English translation (subtitles prefered, bt I'll accept dubbed as well)?  I've found clips on YouTube, but I'd like to actually own the series.  I'm not an expert at finding Japanese import stuff-- any suggestions?
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Yay, more questions.

1. Don't you hate it when--not only do you have to initiate contact with your friends--but you always have to offer to set up plans and they constantly bail on you? What am I doing wrong!?
2. How do you flirt? (Interpret this either as a plea for advice, or a question about your personal methods. Doesn't really matter which.)
3. What do you love more than anything else in the entire world? (For me, it is my cat, whose name is Donna, although I persistently call her "Kitty").
4. Do you love politics and chick lit? (I do. For reference, I'm a Collapse )
5. Who else's NEWish computer isn't working?

little miss sunshine question

ok. i just woke up from taking a nap. my parents are in the living room watching little miss sunshine right now. they just finished the part where they're all dancing to superfreak. i haven't seen the movie and don't want to go downstairs until its over cuz i don't want to spoil the ending for myself. about how long until the movie is over from the point they're at now?
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another tattoo question

For anyone with tattoos...did you pick your tattoo out of a book (or other media) the artist had, design/draw it yourself or tell the artist what you wanted and have him/her draw it? If none of these, how did you come up with your design/picture?

Here's your sign

What's one of the stupidest situations that you have come across lately?

Something stupid that someone said?

My answer:  I was working at a grocery store, and it was pretty dead.  I was just standing there bored.  This guy comes up and asks, "Are you open?"  I reply with, "Nope, just here to confuse the customers."  AND HE WALKS AWAY.  Here's your sign.

My answer #2:  My dad asked me when Cinco de Mayo was.  He didn't believe me when I told him that was like asking when the fourth of July was.

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1. If someone was in a store and used a bottle of nail polish to paint their nails without paying for it and then put it back, would you consider this stealing?

2. Does anyone else here live in a big tourist attraction town? If so, where? And how do you feel about living there?

3. Fess up, how many of you watch Firefly? It's my favorite show and the number of Firefly and Joss Whedon references here amaze me.

4. What age where you when you lost your virginity? Do you regret it losing it at that age?

5. Does the fact that I found this community because of the LJ spotlight make you automatically hate me?
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omg Halp!

I'll be nice and do some 'you guys' questions, then one for me. Awr.

1- Do you think it's strange for an adult to start learning to play an instrument?
2- Do the Truth commercials bug you? (There's commercials supposedly made by a group called "Truth" that are anti-smoking ads. They try to do things with 'shock value' to scare you out of smoking, USUALLY without actually showing any side effects of smoking. It's really strange...)
3- What would you do if you had one hour to live? (Stolen from TV/commercial for "Crank" ;P)
4- Question for me! How the hell do you 'prepare' rosin? I've tried to scratch it up with a nail file, but that didn't do very much. :(

I don't feel like giving my answers right now. Yippee.



Anyone commute/live in Boston?

Can you explain the difference between a Charlie Card and Charlie Ticket?

I actually have to use the T which I am fine with. I know I won't use the T enough to have a monthly pass. So that form of payment is out of the question.

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1)How much money would I have to pay you to bifurcate your tongue?
2)What would you write in a greeting card to tell someone you gave them the clap?
3)Did you ever go to summer camp? If so, how was your experience?
4)Do you prefer shower curtains or doors/sliding panels?

edit: when you see a music artist perform live do you enjoy seeing them do choreographed dancing, their own dance thing, or no dancing at all?
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Mmk! Just joined this community, having found it via the LJ Spotlight. Nothing new here, I'm sure. Anyway, on to the questions!

I. Let's say, hypothetically, there is an average man alone on an average city bus, aside from the driver, which is going at an average speed through an average city. The man stands approximately three feet from the back of the bus, and then jumps as high as he can. We'll assume that he has good hover time, or played basketball in high school or something, so he doesn't instantly drop to the ground. With the bus still moving, and him jumping up into the air, would he hit the back of the bus, or land in the relative same spot he started out in?

II. Again, hypothetically, you have a brand new deck of cards that have never before been opened. You open it, remove the jokers and extra cards that aren't part of the official deck, and start shuffling. What are the chances that you will eventually be able to shuffle the deck back into the original order that they came in?

III. Do you bite your nails? Have you ever? If you did bite them at one point in time, how did you stop?

IIII. What is your favorite band, and why?

V. What is your favorite flower, and why?
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Ok, so holy shit, I'm so bored that I can't even fall asleep, so I'm stuck up in front of the computer.

Best way that you guys have found to fall asleep?
Taking a shitload of Dramamines, but we don't have any in the house right now. D:
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inspired by this post

what books have you had a hard time reading/finishing because it bothered you? what books have left a lasting impact on you?

it's Lord of the Flies for me. it was just terrible, and i bawled so hard when i finished it. :(