January 5th, 2007

Georgie - Smiles


I was only in bed for 3 hours last night, so I've only slept for about 2 1/2 hours. It's currently 12am.

1 - Why am I not tired?

2 - 'Sup?

3 - Why is it an Easter
? Is it just seasonal, or...? Because here in Australia they're sort of trying to make it the Easter Bilby, but it's not really catching on.]

4 - Your ideal breakfast? What would the food be? Drinks? Where would you eat it? Who would be there? What would you all be wearing?

5 - What word or phrase do you say ALL the time in real life?


2 - Not much.

4 - Bacon, scrambled eggs & French toast. With pancakes (male syrup for some, lemon & sugar for others). With hot chocolate. I'd eat it out in some grassy area, under a weeping willow. My friends would be there, plus Matt, Jo Rowling, and James McAvoy. We would all be wearing pyjamas. =D I feel I would explode after such a wonderful breakfast.

ETA Plus scones, hash browns & strawberries.

5 - "Excellent" like Mr Burns, "eh?" because I'm a Kiwi and I am in serious danger of using the acronym "LOL" as an actual word in conversations. =D I also say "Random." instead of "Weird."

(no subject)

Have you had any interesting/funny dreams lately? What went on?

(I dreamt earlier today that my iPod was ringing, and I picked it up like a cell phone. The girl on the other end said "Hey, is this Anna? (she pronounched it 'Ah-nuh') I got your hash ready." I told her my name was Elizabeth, wrong number, and "hung up." That's all I remember. I am not a hash user. T'was amusing.)


Here's a three parter:

1. Did anyone make at least one new, good friend in 2006?
if so,
2. How did you do it?
and finally,
3. While I adore my friends, I constantly seek out new friendships. The problem is that as I get older, it just seems like it gets harder. I'm generally pretty awesome, as are most people, but everyone seems like they want to hide in their own group of friends instead of step outside. I remember when I was 8, and making a new friend consisted of anyone in my age bracket moving in on the street, or a new kid sitting next to me in class. How'd it get so hard? If you can offer any advice/tips/stories about new friendships, I would be much obliged.
Flaming Sikozu

Fun in the sun.

I've recently gotten a bit tanned, is there any way I can make it fade faster? I look rather odd.
Can you recommend a good quality, non greasy sunblock?
Is there any non-surgical way to get rid of freckles and moles?
for 65redroses :)

Ugly Friends

I once read somewhere, that psychologically, people can not be friends with people they think are ugly. According to the article, all the people you're friends with, you find to be attractive. Maybe you don't want to date them, but you think they're ok to look at.

Do you think this is true, or do you have some friend that you think is butt ugly? Is it possible to be even friends with someone you think is physically repulsive?
petit prince


1. do you view yourself more as "the scourge of carpathia" or "the sorrow of moldavia"? sorry, you can only pick one

2. have you seen the queen? how do you think the people were portrayed? is this what you expected?

3. considering that it features the songs "(your love keeps lifting me) higher and higher" by jackie wilson and "on our own" by bobby brown, could we safely say that ghostbusters ii has the best film soundtrack in history?

4. of the two songs i know that directly reference jackie wilson, "jackie wilson said (i'm in heaven when you smile)" by van morrison and "night shift" by the commodores* which do you like better?

5. what's the last pair of footwear you bought?

*edit: duh, it's by the commodores about marvin gaye and jackie wilson, my brane isn't functioning

6. how many questions based on song lyrics are we going to get in the next week or so?

ex: "meatloaf will do anything for love but 'that,' so what is that?"
"how will i know if he really loves me?"
"who let the dogs out?"
"tqc, am i pregnant?
"where did sexy go in the first place??"
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(no subject)

is there a lj community to buy (and sell, i suppose) textbooks?  i can't seem to find some of my texts on ebay, half, amazon, etc..

edit:  i have found a couple..but they are the same price, if not higher, than my university's bookstore.   my intention of buying them online was so save some money/do something with my money other than give it to the bookstore..haha.. 
New Camus

(no subject)

1. For those who have relocated, how long did it take you to memorize the tv channels in the new area?
I've been living here for over 3 months now and still don't know a single channel.  I watch a couple of hours of tv a day, so there's really no reason for me not to have remembered them by now.  When I was a kid, I could freaking memorize them in new places when I was on a vacation for a week.

2. How about radio stations?
Radio here sucks, so I haven't even bothered trying.

3. Why do you think John Basedow always stands like that?  And why won't he spend a bit more money on those freaking commercials that have been running for 10 years?
I ... have no idea.

4. How often do you replace your razor if you shave your legs?
Not often enough.

5. For those with external mice, is it a ball mouse or optical?
Bruins - shadow

(no subject)

1.Do you wear socks to bed?
God no, and I will not allow anyone else in my bed who does. (except my kid of course)

2.Have you been watching the ANTM marathon on Vh1?
Ive seen every cycle, yet I cant turn off my tv.
  • mizemm

(no subject)

1. Can you play any musical instruments?
I'm a painfully slow piano player, and I make a lot of mistakes. If you count a voice -- and I hope you do -- I'm a very talented voice player.

2. What are you afraid of?
House fires, loved ones dying, losing control of myself, being laughed at, being thought stupid.

3. What are some common fears that don't bother you?
Heights, spiders, worms, the dark, snakes, being alone, needles.

4. What do you like and dislike about yourself?
I like my curiosity, my musical abilities, my independence, and my ambition. I don't like how hypocritical, forgetful, and twitchy I am, and I don't like how easily I fall into habits without noticing.

5. How many words per minute can you type? Do you use the right fingers without looking?
I can type about 50 WPM when I look at my fingers and use the wrong fingers, but I have to stop often to look at the screen and find my place; and I can do about 25 WPM when I type the right way. I'm trying to practice not looking for a few minutes every time I type. So far so good.

(no subject)

1. (I suppose this is mostly directed toward the Americans) Is there any way to teach myself how to speak like a newscaster?
I've done a pretty good job of neutralizing my accent, but I still have an almost nasally sound to my voice that sounds awful.

2. Do you know how to tie a necktie? A bowtie?
Necktie yes, bowtie no
  • mizemm

(no subject)

1. Do you believe that all parents do the best job they can? Edit: Maybe I should rephrase: We're all better at some things than we are at others. I am a terrible cook. I do the best I can, but it comes out awful every time. I certainly don't think that everyone who has kids is a good parent, but maybe the ones who do it are doing the best they can with the life they have. Even the ones who don't seem to care at all, because that's the life they are in and the kind of person they are. I'm not sure if that's making any sense, even to me.
Haven't decided.

2. Do you like The Afro Celt Sound System?
Sure do.

3. How many people do you love?

4. Take a look at my interests list. Pick something that you'd like me to tell you about.
N/A. :P


Seems to be a great deal of knowledge in this group!

So... I'm looking for sewing patterns, preferably downloadable (read free) online. One of my (semi-rare) hobbies is rennaissance reenactment, so preferably along that line, but anything's good. I'm also looking for Chinese clothing patterns (especially what I've heard called 'hanfu' and other traditional styles, if existant) and period Japanese patterns (kimono). Currently, I have a working generic European costume, and I'd rather not go the norm.

Anyway, here's the question: Anybody have any good leads for patterns?

(Yes, I've tried Google.)
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(no subject)

1)If you had twins tomorrow what would you call them?
Boy Boy/Girl Girl

2)What would you buy your Dad for his 50th birthday? (seriously throw ANYTHING out there, men are so hard to buy for!)


Lucas Alexander & Rory Sebastian
Evie Sophia & Amelia Juliet

I can't answer this because I don't have a clue and this is why i'm asking!
He likes gadgets and music and sport, namely golf, fotball & hockey. He's a scientist..hmm help! :-)
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Hey, here's another random one...

I'm moving in about a week. One of my cats scratched up a part of my carpet, about a palm's width, roughly round. It's a bit away from the wall. Anybody have an idea on how I can fix the damage (or fool the management)?
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(no subject)

There's a commercial on MTV advertising The Hills. At the end, it goes to a schedule showing two episodes of My Super Sweet 16, the Hills, and something else. Does anyone know what song is playing in the background during the commercial?

Is anyone else turned off by the anatomy (specifically the lower regions) of a certain gender? Of your preferred gender(s)?

(no subject)

1. if you saw someone walking out of the bathroom with their skirt tucked into their underware or toilet paper stuck somewhere on them, would you tell them?

2. when you're on the highway and you're behind the wheel do you look at other people in the next car that you pass or do you keep your eyes on the road?

3. if you saw a couple physically fighting would you do something about it? (whether it's the guy beating up the girl or the girl beating up the guy)

4. what color are your hair and eyes?

5. do you have a separate journal just for reading other communities?

(no subject)

Do you have a professional degree, license or designation? Do your parents believe you know what you're talking about in regards to it?

I just had an arguement with my mother over an auto insurance policy. I have an insurance license in two states, she does not, yet she thinks I have no idea what I'm talking about. She's been this way for my entire life, like it's so hard for her to believe I could know more about any subject than she does.

I could be a doctor, a lawyer , a judge, anything - and I would still have no idea what I'm talking about in her eyes.

Why is this?

(no subject)

1.) Is it just my imagination, or did the average IQ drop sharply in here over the past day or two?

2.) Who is your arch nemesis at work? I know you have one.

3.) What was the last thing you bought that was a waste of money?
Give a dog a home

(no subject)

1)Gin or juice?

2) Hookers or blow?

3) Should Jewish people be allowed to get welfare?

4) When you hear a screaming child in public, what is your reaction?

5) Should I place a big-ass order with Victoria's Secret?

6) I'm getting tattooed tomorrow. Would it be totally lame of me to bring the the guys there (it's a SMALL shop) some donuts or cookies or something? I love to bake and stuff.

7) Is a $50 tip on a $175 tattoo good?

8) What band/song are you currently obsessed with? (Mayday Parade)

9) What was the last movie you watched that was REALLY effin' good? (Little Miss Sunshine)

Of Shet.

1. How 'bout them Crocs?

2. If you don't think they are the most atrocious looking shoes on the planet, please explain.

3. Would you lose the least bit of respect for someone who wore a pair of these here Crocs to a wedding reception?

4. Would you lose respect for yourself if you found yourself starting to like these here Crocs? 

5. Do you own a pair of Crocs? Do you wear them in public? Do you find that people look at you funny when you do wear them? 

6. Maybe you don't think Crocs are that bad - are their any fashion trends that almost literally turn your stomach?


(no subject)

this might be a duplicate post. sorry if it is. i hate when my computer is weird.


have you ever been asked for ID when buying an R-rated movie?

ALSO: are walmart self-help stations programmed to card you?
my take on the world
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(no subject)

Are there ANY clothing styles with which opaque white tights don't look ugly as hell? I've never seen anyone wearing them where they didn't look horrible with the outfit.

(no subject)

1. How do you go about saying "I love you"? Do you just wait for the right moment/say it spontaneously, wait for a certain amount of time to pass, or do you depend on the other person to say it first?

2. Have you ever said it to someone and they didn't say it back?

3. Do you feel comfortable saying it?

Movie Question

Has anyone seen the movie about The Queen with Helen Mirren? What is the signifigance of the huge buck deer they showed in the ad for the movie? What was that scene about? Thanks in advance.
Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA
  • rufinia

Pet peeves

What's your biggest pet peeve right now?

I am torn betweeen two: Communties getting ruined by the LJ spotlight, and people saying "I could care less" when what they mean is "I could NOT care less." If you *could* care less, that means you care a least a little.
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Will men and women ever be satisfied when it comes to love...

Men and women have such different thoughts on love it seems. There is a saying, Men give love for sex and women give sex for love. Do you think this is true? And if so, then where is the hope for relationships, romance,the institution of marrige, or true love? Are they just fantasies that young girls are fooled into believing or can people actually make them work, truly? Is it possible for both parties involved in a relationship to love one another as madly as the day they met, never look at another person the same way again, and be completely loyal and faithful?

kinda boring but..

1.do you incorporate art into your everday life?

2.if yes, how? and why?

if no, why not?

3.and finally, how do you feel American culture influences your idea of what is and isn't art?

p.s. when I say "art" I mean anything expressive whether it be music, photography, or cake decorating.
Me-skateboard wedding

Most effective?

What's the most effective OTC pain meds have you taken?

My husband got 4 wisdom teeth, plus a partially done root canaled tooth, pulled on late Tuesday afternoon. The oral surgeon gave him Hydrocodone (generic form of Lortab I believe), and he's down to 4 of them. He wants a refill before the surgeon's office is closed for the weekend, since they say in his little 'instruction' book that today and tomorrow might be the worst, as far as pain and swelling. I call the office to get a refill, and they say that he shouldn't only have 4 left, and that he needs to use another pain relief med (anything BUT Tylenol), and to ice, heat, and rinse his mouth. He's supposed to take 2 Hydrocodone every 4 hours, so to me, the math is about right, but whatever, he's not getting a refill, so what other strong pain meds would YOU suggest?

LOL- I felt like we were pill poppers when I called for the refill. I honestly don't know how intense his pain is, or if he's just being paranoid. I've never had teeth pulled, let alone 5 of them at once.

Sorry that ended up being long winded, and thanks in advance.

(no subject)

This post reminded me to ask this question.

I was in the mall last night for the first time in over a year [I know, I know, I barely go out], and a lot of the IN fashion was atrocious, so this brings me to my question - what is the ugliest, ugliest thing you've ever seen for sale in a department/popular clothing store recently? Bonus points if it's on a company's website and you link to it. Accessories and handbags may be included.

I honestly can't pick one thing. While not everything was horrid, so much of that stuff was just so ugly, and when paired together with other things, it's just blech, and I'm not even fashion conscious but some of this stuff was out there. I could vomit on a canvas and it'd look better.

Also, the majority of this stuff looked like any average person could make it with a little glue, paint or glitter, so why would someone spend $50 plus on some of this stuff?
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Life insurance

1) Do you have a life insurance policy?
2) If yes, what made you decide to get one?

1) No, but I'm considering it
2) I'm thinking about it, now that I'm married; if something were to happen, I'm not sure that my husband or myself would be able to take care of expenses on our own. But since we don't plan to have children, I'm not sure if it's necessary.
The Dude Abides

Autobiography ?'s

If you were to write an autobiography about yourself (or get someone to write one for you based on anecdotes and such) how much do you think you would embellish?

What would the name of your autobiography be?

If it were picked up as a movie would you want to star in it, or would you get someone else to play your role? Who?
art » owls

(no subject)

Me and a lot of my coworkers think a women we work with is being abused by her husband. Does anyone know any good websites with information on how to go about reporting that? I'm not sure if it's a situation where they need definite proof before they can do anything, or if there is an inkling of anything going on then they check it out.

I tried google but it didn't really turn up anything good.
Someday I'll be a flower


Were you raised, at any point in your life, by a nanny? What did you think of that? Did you feel close to your parents, too? Did you ever feel they were too busy? If you could afford it, would you have a nanny if/when you have kids? Why or why not?
that is to say..., erm

What do you call...

What do you call an online romance who's not yet your committed love interest but has definite potential, in two words or less?

We're now definitely in the boyfriend/girlfriend phase, but could never think up a short, clever term or abbreviation to use during that previous period of time.
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credit to http://catty-laughs.livejourna

calling all parents!

so on sunday my brother in law's girlfriend gets in the car and says her daughter threw up in the playroom and bathroom yesterday evening.so of course we all say aww is she ok...blah blah blah. she says oh No her daughter feels fine now (the brother in law not saying much because the kids are from her previous marriage and he doesn't live with her so he didn't know anything about it till now) so we are at the stadium and get out and watch the football game and go home to the BIL's house and sit around not doing much till about 6:30 pm. She then announces that she has to get home and Clean up her daughter's puke. I say awww is she sick again? Her response (in a tone like its completely normal) oh no its from last night I was letting it soak in comet besises the kids only play up there.

So parents... is that something normal or is it safe to think the lady is nuts?

I don't have any kids yet but I would think you clean that up asap... She also wants me and my husband to move out there and have kids so she can "be their nanny"
I'm not questioning her ability to parent her children, but it can't possibly be healthy to leave puke in the floor overnight...can it?
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Why do you think so many women like bishies? Hell, I am one of them!

For those that that don't know, bishie literally translate to 'beautiful boy'

But lets be honest here, bishie's have many feminine characteristics.

So why would straight girls go bonkers over them?
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(no subject)

What's for lunch? my boss is treating us to some ~*San Marcos*~ (mexican food) i ordered some beef fajitas w/ frijoles & arroz.

ETA: Do you have an e-mail "buddy" that you just e-mail back & forth while you're at work!? i e-mail my best friend Cassandra and RICARDo [thegreatone0381]

(no subject)

i'm a nanny... the two year old girl i watch LOVES to play games on the computer... we went on fisher-price.com earlier and found a couple of really cute games that she had a blast with... when we were finished with that, i was trying to find some cute kids song cartoon videos to watch, specifically for "no more monkeys jumping on the bed," but after a ton of googling and youtubing (and searching through irrelevent search results) I thought it'd be a bit less time consuming to hop on thequestionclub after i put her down for her nap.

So... does anyone know where I can find a cartoon video to "no more monkeys jumping on the bed"?

Another couple of cop-related questions!

Ok, so my school is located in the middle of a neighbourhood, and to prevent people from parking in front of random houses, the town police have a policy that says if you go to the school and your car is parked out in the neighbourhood, you'll be ticketed. However, my grandma lives in the same neighbourhood (about a block from my school), and I plan on parking at her place when the weather's nice and all because I don't want the cops randomly searching my car like they do everyone else's in the parking lot. Even though it would be parked in front of a house in the neighbourhood, I have permission to do so, so could they legally ticket me for doing that?

Back to the searching: The paperwork that you sign when you get a parking permit at my school says that you automatically grant both the school and the police the right to search your car at anytime during school hours, but if (going back to the first question) I park it in, say, my grandma's driveway, do they still retain that right, and are they allowed to actually come on her property to do that, even if she tells them that they cannot without a warrant, since it's on her property?

Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

Two today.

Thinking about this, what would you stencil on your representative's window in gold paint?

And for pageless, who wants more bestiality questions, have you ever discovered that someone you know has, er, taken a walk on the wild side?
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[dance] pink side to side


1- Do you ever use a dictionary or a website like dictionary.com when you come across a word you don't understand?

2- Do you feel stupid when you don't understand a word, and just carry on in your ignorant bliss instead?

3- Have you ever sat down and read a dictionary? Either for pleasure or punishment in school, whatever.

Bonus Question!: 4- Should people research what words mean in other languages before trying to educate other people on its 'true' meaning? ;P

My answers...

1- Yep, that's where I got the idea for these questions. ;P
2- No. I like learning new things. :>
3- Yes. My teacher in grade 8 didn't like me and had me read parts of the dictionary whenever I didn't wanna do Gym. Haha. :>
4- Mais oui! XD
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penguin hijinks

Walk me plank!

Note: it was XMAS when I posted this originally...hence the font

Not entirely sure how I got onto this particular kick, as nothing even slightly related to it was going on, but this morning I got a craving for sexual pirate terms. Not like the ever fun "pirate booty" which isn't an actual pirate term anywhere excepting outside of the pirate genre but other stuff that you might hear in a pirate movie or read in a pirate book that could be taken sexually.

Unfortunately, the only thing I can came up with on my own is "shiver me timbers" and even that's kinda weak.

You got anything?
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Naming Beverages

This is the perfect community to try and help me out with a question that almost drove me insane last week.

In America and other coutnries outside Australia and New Zealand the drink of icecream mixed with a soda is called a 'Root Beer Float' or a 'Float' in general. Sometimes they're also called 'Ice Cream Sodas'
However Australia and New Zealand call them 'Spiders'.

Why do we call them Spiders?

I tried google and wikipedia and they would only tell me what the drinks were and that we called them Spiders.
If anyone else has come theories or facts I would gladly appreciate it.

People have already suggested the froth looks like webs or eggs but thats just not so.

Please help before I lose it completely.
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Kyouya - Outside the Lines

(no subject)

So has there been normal winter weather in your area at all this year? If not, what was abnormal about it?

We normally at least regularly get down to freezing temperatures at night here... but there's been a high of 70 for like the past couple of weeks, almost every day. :| I want snow, dammit!

Why oh why oh WHY was the only chem class I could take at 8 AM?!

Will you give me sympathy sex because of it?

What do you do when one of your professors looks like your significant other/spouse/I'm running out of phrases? I'm stuck between "yay I get to stare at someone that looks like my girlfriend all through class!" and "this is kind of creepy."
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(no subject)

1)If your loved one was lost in a plane crash in the ocean or something and their body was never found, would you hold on to the hope that he/she was still alive and for how long?

2)What is a stereotype that someone might make about the people where you live?

3)What's your favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant where you live?

4)If you were to be attacked and killed by an animal, what animal would you want it to be?

5)Do you have a preference on people answering or not answering their own questions?
coffee hamster
  • misfit

To-do lists

1) Do you make to-do lists?
2) If so, are they for each day, week, month, or long-term?
3) What is on your to-do list for today?

1) Yes.
2) I like to post my long-term ones in my Livejournal, and I keep track of my short-term (daily and weekly) lists on my cell phone.
3) Empty the dishwasher. Finshing sorting the junk mail and shred it. Use my bellydancing DVD since I'm not going to the gym. Shower. Go see Children of Men.


how do you remove bleach that has seeped into wood?


what can you put on wood to seal it that is a) nontoxic to animals and; b) waterproof and bleachproof?



(no subject)

What do you do for work?
I slap dough and deliver your pizza's (free parm breadsticks w/ any one topping large pizza for 11.99 only at PJ's!)

What hours do you work?

Is that the career you planned on having?
Nope this is just what makes me happy for right now

What is your dream job?
ice cream sampler for ben and jerry's or a beer taster!

Who do you use for your email account?
and how many accounts do you have?
yahoo, msn, gmail
so 3
Give a dog a home

(no subject)

Did you know that Charles Manson is up for parole this year?

Is he does get paroled, what do you think he will do?

Why do my satin pajama pants get all static-y on my legs? I use fabric softener!

In honor of the influx of new members, do you think we should all use our syringe icons?

EDIT: Does it bother you when people say "Thanks in advance!" or something similar at the end of their TQC post?
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Flaming Sikozu

Randomness and stuff

What's fun to do in Melbourne? I'm going to be there in April, I don't drink and hate clubbing, but I'm pretty much open to anything else.
Have you ever had a pet cat? How long did it live for?
What do you do when things get a bit too much and you just want to escape for a few hours?
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(no subject)

TQC is keeping me (and has been for about eh.. 30 minutes now) from getting about 5 address block orders on my desk entered and ledgered.. what's it keeping you from doing?

Quiz time!

Would you rather...

Cause the destruction of the entire world, but escape with all of your friends and family to a distant but comfortably habitable planet.
Be responsible for the deaths of everyone you knew.

Would you prefer

To be in total bliss for the rest of your life.
To be the undisputed ruler and overlord of the universe.
To be able to communicate with animals.
To be able to communicate with the dead.
To be able to promise an afterlife.

You have discovered the secret to everlasting life! Do you...

Keep it to yourself and use it.
Share it among close friends and family.
Share it with the world.
Keep it secret/destroy it
Bottle it and sell it.
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Speaking of Wisdom teeth

Im getting mine out a week from today...all four. A few questions, first, is it really painful? How long does it take to heal? And since I am allergic to vikoden, I am taking darvocet. Does that stuff work ok? Make you nauseous? Im just really nervous about it so any type of advice you guys could give would be great. Its my first time under anesthesia.
  • jezemel

i am a weenie.

I'm watching The Pursuit of Happyness and I think I can actually feel myself becoming more and more bipolar. I don't want to spoil it for the rest of you. Suffice it to say, I think I hurt and identify with Chris so much that I'm not sure I can make it through the rest of this flick.

Have you ever quit watching a film not because it was bad, but because it was affecting or disturbing you too profoundly? If not, have you ever come close? Which ones?

I can remember feeling the same way during Schindler's List, The Joy Luck Club, and Empire of the Sun. And Serenity. I literally yelled, "Fuck you, Whedon," after the Wash kabob scene.

(no subject)

I am compiling a list (for an act of fiction) of little chores that you would rather not do yourself.

What is the most annoying thing that you have to do that you would (possibly) pay someone to do for you?

I appreciate it

(no subject)

1. What is your favorite quote?

Mine is "You learn to live a different life" or "There is no distance too great betweeen friends, for love gives wings to the heart"

2. I need a new myspace song. I would like something to go along with my layout that says "&& if one day I actually start to matter Please let me know"

Do you have any song suggestions? What are they?

3. Do you know anyone in military who is overseas? Where are they? When are they supposed to be back home? What branch of the military are they?

My friend Derick is in Iraq. He has been there since August and will be back in the US sometime in March. He is a
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stranger love
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(no subject)

Does anyone recognize this quote from anywhere? A song, movie, book, anything?

"I know I said I loved you when I was drunk
But that's because I do love you when I'm drunk"

I swear it's from a movie ..

If anyone can help, Thanks!

Do you believe in the supernatural?

Do you believe in the supernatural?
If so, *why*?

My answer:
No. No ghosts, angels, God, Satan, heaven, hell, afterlife, magic, miracles, telepathy, psychics, etc.
There is no evidence for any of it, so why should I believe in it. That is my simple answer. Besides, even if it "exists", it exists in the supernatural realm, and therefore has no influence on the natural world, in which we live in.
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email harassment

My friend is being harassed via email by some crazy woman in costa rica. This girl has broken into a friend of her's account and has been fowarding personal (very VERY personal) emails she sent him to basically everyone she knows, including her parents. She's also including really horrible messages about her and other bizzare things. I can't even figure out how she got my address, but suddenly she's emailing me things about her. (I never emailed this guy, and my friend has never sent a message to the both of us, it makes no sense that she has my email) This has been going on for a few months now. She stopped for a little while, but today she's already sent out 2 to at least 15 people.

She's using a yahoo.es account, the one that was previously used by her friend. He's since abandoned it because of this girl and her insanity.

Is there something we can do to make this stop? Is contacting yahoo an option? [To clarify, I know it's an option, but has anyone ever had to do something like this? Will they actually do something?]

I'm really not sure what to do about this. It's getting actually pretty scary.

Here's Your Sign

They just gave me a sign with a box of organized 'sign' letters to play with - I'm a receptionist, si I suppose I am responsible for making the daily sign. I have lots of things I would like to say - but my office is pretty professional, so I can't be rude (of course) and I can't get too fresh on em with wisdom quotes. 

What would you put on my daily sign?

If you have a sign at your desk - use your imagination if you dont have one - what would you put on your sign?
Katrina and Harry Potter.

(no subject)

1.What is the sweetest thing your boyfreind/girl friend has ever done for you? 
~It's hard to say, probably randomly delivering me roses for my birthday and getting me a beautiful heart locket , hand carved.

2.Do you know about 'the game' and did you just lose it now? 
~Everyone seems to know about the game.

3.Favorite touch? 
~Hugging from behind.

4.Any near death experiences? 
~Struck by lightning.

5.Where is a good place to work for your first job?

6.Would it be weird if I got my boyfriend roses for Valentines day? And if yes, what would you recomend?

7. Anyone else find the Wii amazingly fun and addictive?

8.Met Anyone famous?
~Was an extra on Cheaper by the dozen 2, so I met all of them. Plus Young Jeezy when I went to New York and he was at mtv.

(no subject)

Okay, here's the situation.

Your friend's ex-boyfriend's sister wants to jump your bones. You've met her and at first glance, she's quite a knockout. The only problem is she's 14 or 15 (either way, she's still jailbait).

What would YOU do?

Me, I would avoid her like the plague until she either stops wanting to jump on me like a bitch in heat or turns 18.
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(no subject)

Yesterday I watched "The Virgin Suicides" and it was unbelievable silent. I barely understood a word, though I turned up the volume to the maximum. But when I watch a tv series like "Friends" or any other the sound is normal.
How is that possible? This didn't happen for the first time. I use a notebook and PowerDVD.

answered by a friend already.

"its about sound dynamics, usually sound on tv-series is compressed quite alot. better quality sound on dvd's..." if anyone needs to know.
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(no subject)

1 - What does your name mean? Does that describe you?

2 - What's your Sun/Star sign/s? Does that describe you?


1 - First name means "Chief", middle name means "Noble". I think they describe me to some extent...I'm a slightly lower calorie version of my name?

2 - Leo sun, Leo Rising & Cancer moon. It's quite accurate, actually.
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(no subject)

What did you do today?

I played with the baby, watched Oliver & Company, made some chocolate chip cookies, and vegged out on the internets. When the husband gets home, I am making tacos for dinner, then watching the ER I taped last night.
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(no subject)

when i put a cd into my cd drive, it will make that humming noise, but then it never shows up in itunes or wma.... i even checked my computer (the folder) and its not there. but i can still play dvds. is there something wrong? or something im missing?  
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ok, now that we have 5 billion new members, hopefully someone will answer this because it is probably the most earnest question i've ever put on tqc, but i haven't gotten a "real" answer yet.

how does the mental process work when someone pluralizes a word with an apostrophe? i mean, if you're writing something like "the rock's and the trees are beautiful," what is it that makes you put that apostrophe in? and particularly when you write the same plural word twice in the same paragraph, but you only put the apostrophe in once, why do you do that?

i'm not trying to be an anal grammar bitch, i am honestly curious as to why people pluralize with apostrophes and would appreciate if someone who does this could shed some light on it for me.
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This question has been on my mind for quite some time...

With the people that I've talked to, homosexuality is somewhat assigned from birth. You are or you aren't and it's not a concious decision to "switch over" or whatever. I don't think there's been any successful scientific studies to find out if it is possibly in their genes/dna/whatever.

That being said, is it possible to have a set up identical twins to have one gay twin and one straight twin?

Question about a late 80's early 90's Product

Hey guys! Asking a question for my friend here, she isn't on The Question Club but this seems like the perfect place to ask it:

In the late 80's/early 90's there was a product advertised on commercials that you could only get buy calling the 1-800 # listed. This product was an aide for crochet/knitting. It was all done on this little device where you would wind the yarn around it and it would pop out a square like an afghan square. It was advertised as fun for the whole family, and something anyone could do. After having a few of these squares, you would sew them together and make blankets and things of that nature. She's trying to find one and doesn't know what the name of the product is to search on Ebay and stuff. Does anyone remember something like this and what it's called?

Thanks! :)
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"I Grieve"

Does anyone know if there's more than one version of Peter Gabriel's "I Grieve"? I've known the song for a while, but didn't quite like it, and then heard it in an episode of Smallville and enjoyed it. I'm almost sure it was a slightly different version, but I can only find one version online.

Does anyone know of a possible other version that was featured in the episode (or am I all wrong), and if possible, where I can find it?

Quinn Twin

Dave Chapelle

Let's start the weekend off with a giggle, shall we?

Assuming you are not incredibly lame, and you have one, what is your favourite Dave Chapelle quote/skit? Any particular reason why you love that one more than all his other funny goodness?

I LOVE the whole NIGGA WTF IS GRAPE JUICE?! I WANT GRAPE DRINK! MMM, MMM BABY - IT'S PURPLE! thing. I don't know why (other than as a kid I had friends who would call all juice/kool-aid type beverages "[fruit flavour or colour] drink.") but I find it super hilarious and love to randomly scream it at my husband and/or friends when they ask me what I'd like to drink. I am also very partial to CHIP, NO! (but it was too late!) because it's simplistic and you can use it a lot more widely without getting the evil eye from strangers for using the "N" word. Plus, if other people get it, you know they're cool.
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(no subject)

Here's the deal. You get $2000, and you can spend it on one of two things: a nice new matress (top of the line!), or a decent big screen TV. You have to spend all of the money on one of the two things, you can't split it up at all. What do you do, and why?

If given $2000 and you had to spend it all on one of the following, which would it be?

new bed
big screen TV

(no subject)

1. Do you think it would be a good idea to mix peanut butter into premade chocolate chip cookie mix? What if you were making them into cookie bars with chocolate chips melted on top?

2. Do you follow any internet shows? Examples are LonleyGirl15 and Sam Has 7 Friends.

3. Have you ever bought a house that you rented first?

(no subject)

If you met God, would you be more pleased to chat with God if God was married and heavily involved with God's spouse or if God was entirely single?

Does it matter?


(no subject)

1.So I was talking to my friend, when he said the phrase "liar liar pants on fire, hanging on a pee pee wire". I had never heard that ending about a pee pee wire. He grew up in LA so I figured his childhood might have been slightly skewed, but pee pee wires?! What are these things?!

2. Have you seen these things?

3. Do you know the song that is every so quietly playing in the background of that video?


Okay, So lets say you were dating this guy for awhile, and you two were madly in love, not just love, but "true love", you know I'll die for you, do anything for you thing. You two had major fights, you know trust issues but you guys were able to get through it, sort of. So one day you two break up..and the next day you find out that this guy that loved you moved on so quickly..how is that possible to move on after breaking up with your true love?
oh no!


1) Has anyone here attended a Catholic School?
a) What did you think about it?
b) Has your personal religion changed since then?
c) If you had to attend mandatory theology classes, were they separated every year by subjects like morality, scripture, world religion, and church history? Did you enjoy any of these particularly more than the others?

2) Have you read this book Collapse ), or any other books dealing with the Christian faith and logic itself?
a) Do you have any opinion on this type of book?
b) Did they change your mind about your previous perceptions about Catholicism or the Christian faith?

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(no subject)

When you make a mix CD for someone, do you just randomly put the songs on it, or do you arrange them in a certain way?

I usually arrange them from slow to fast tempo or from sad songs to happier songs.
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(no subject)

1) Is there a restaurant that no matter how many times they screw up your order, you always go back anyways? Why?

2) Is there one where you refuse to ever go back? Why?

1) There is a chinese/japanese food place in town that makes the most delicious teriyaki chicken. But they always mess up my order and me being stupid, I forget to check and then have to come all the way back. Last time, they forgot to put the teriyaki on, and tonight they gave me fried rice instead of white rice. But it's so delicious! And it's so cheap! So I forgive them.


2) I will never go back to O'Charley's. I've been to 3 different locations, and each time, at a slow lunch, it still took an hour to get our food. Their food is good, but not an hour wait good. And although it got comped a few times, I still just don't want to go back.
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Another food product question...

Around mid-late 80s to the very early 90s, Kellogg's made and sold a cereal called Kenmei Rice Bran which was essentially a lot like Corn Flakes, but it was made of rice, and it was really really good. I emailed Kellogg's via their website to ask them about this product and they said it was no longer available, but never directly answered my question as to whether it even existed in the first place.

To date, I have known no one who has either partken of or heard of the cereal Kenmei Rice Bran. Is there anyone in this community that remembers this product or was it just a glitch in the Matrix????
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(no subject)

Does anyone remember the name of a show where singers were competing for the best singer, supposedly all thinking they were really good, but at the end of the show it was revealed that the competition was actually for the worst singer?

I really can't remember anymore details...

Donnie Darko

Anyone know where I can find a Donnie Darko tshirt stencil?
On lj or otherwise?

I am thinking of the design with Frank the Bunny's head on the back saying 'wake up donnie..'

I have seen the design about on lj but not the stencil.

This is the stencil on a tshit;


Now I just need the stencil itself in a form I could print and use.
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(no subject)

Besides the obvious odd places (eg: privates), where is a strange place you've had a pimple or blackhead?
My leg the other day.  Wtf!?

Do you loves yourself some lil' smooches as much as I do?

Should I go to bed? (It would involves snuggles with an aussie if I do.)
I AM sleepy.

Edit: Are you wearing a bandaid?  what happened?
A dora the explorer one, I am wearing.  I cut my finger with on a medicine bottle while picking up meds for my dad, lol.  I was at my mom's high school at the time, and got one from her. 
My Point?


Say you had an animal emergency, like your dog got hit by a car, but you don't have the money to pay for vet care.

Would you get pissed off and blame the vet because they wouldn't treat your dog with out at least a partial payment up front?

If so, why?
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popping the tqc cherry


1. My 11 year old cousin is asking for an mp4 player, something with about 512mb capacity. Besides iPod and Creative, which brand would you recommend?

2. This has been bugging me in the last few months. I've always taken it for granted and never noticed it before, but the thing is, my mom really does not look like any of her siblings (one sister and two brothers) or either of her parents. They've all got large-ish noses and dark skin and thick hair while my mother has a button nose, fair skin, and really, really thin hair. Do you think she might have been adopted?

No one says anything in the family, and I wouldn't know if my mom knew it or not, and it just feels really rude bringing up a topic like this, but how could I maybe ask if she was, and who should I talk to? (If I had money to spare, I'd probably just get strands of hair from my mother and my grandparents and get a DNA test, but alas, for I am but a student.)


3. What's your zodiac sign? Do you believe what astrology says about your personality?
4. Without looking at my user info, what do you think my sign is?
5. Have you ever had your fortune told? What method did you use and what was your fortune? Did you believe it? Did it come true?

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Books 3

I need help finding a book!

This doesn't seem to be the standard kind of question-- but I *really* want this book and I can't remember author, title, anything!  Except:

- I saw it around X-mas maybe 3 or 4 years ago

- the cover's color-scheme was red and black (gift-sized hardcover, about the size of a manga)

- It was this cute little goth poem-story (with some illustrations) about 2 social outcast goth kids, a boy and a girl, who became friends... and at the end of the story, it turned out that their parents were Death and Satan, and all the kids who teased them got some kind of adorably appropriate come-upance. 

- Totally the kind of thing Edward Gorey or Neil Gaiman might have written... only it wasn't either of those, or anyone else I can think of!  And I've looked for this book everywhere, from Amazon.com to Hot Topic.

Please please *please*, if anyone knows what book I'm talking about, let me know!!!!!!
Thank you!!


Could anyone point me to either a video, or written account of Bill Clinton's Near-Death Experience? I've been up and down google and I cannot locate a thing! Any help would be appreciated!
Kyouya - Outside the Lines

(no subject)

So anyone here into wood staining and/or wood burning? Is it a hard thing to learn to do? Got any third degree burns or lost a substantial amount of braincells for fumes?

Know of any better community for me to ask this in?

What's the weirdest pet name you've ever given someone or been given? Currently a friend and I are calling each other "my shark" and "my remora". I'm the shark.

Are there any chain stores that sell REAL CLAY?! I friggin hate sculpey because it's NOT CLAY and this makes me sad. :(

EDIT: What do you see in this icon?

I see a cocker spaniel.
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MP3 players

I'm a bit late to the bandwagon, but I'm breaking down finally and want to buy an MP3 player. Here's the thing, though; there are so many out there now that I'm not sure what to get.

- I want to be able to jiggle it around without losing sound quality (excercising w/ it and such)
- I want to be able to choose which song I want to play without having to scroll through a lot of songs to get to it (from my research, I take it this rules out the iPod Shuffle?)
- I'm not too keen on paying over $150 and will not pay more than $200.
- I only need 1GB of space, 2 at the most since I want it for music, not for videos.

Any good recommendations? Or should I just pick blindly?
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Train cadence

I love the sounds of trains. There's never been a place I've lived where there wasn't a track or rail-yard nearby.
I once read that the sequence of a train's whistle means something, a Morse code, of sorts.
Does anyone know if this is true, or what the cadence means?
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New Camus

(no subject)

1. Don't you love it when your posts get deleted by a mod without them telling you first?
2. When's the last time you got friction burn? What was it from?
3. What sort of milk (skim, 1%, 2%, whole, etc.) do you like? Will you drink any other kind if you had nothing else available?
4. Is your blood pressure usually low, high or just about right?

(no subject)

Did you get holiday cards this year?
Did you display them?
When do you take them down?
What do you do with them when you take them down?

I took all my decorations down the day after Christmas, but all my cards are still on my door. I can't decide what to do with them!

Do you bite your nails?

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(no subject)

I remember watching a movie when I was little (late 80s or VERY early 90s) where a woman went to Europe and in one scene, she meets this guy on a boat who apparently can't speak English well. I think he was Greek or maybe Italian or something of the sorts. I think I remember him having a moustache. Anyway. So he speaks with this huge accent and tries to charm her with his broken English, and says, "Would you like to go on the beach and fuck?" The girl finds it funny and kind of cute that he would know such a word, but then later towards the end of the movie, she hears him use the same line on another girl and gets really angry.

That's all I can remember. :S If anyone can tell me what this is from, I'd be sooo glad...it's been bugging me for well over a decade now!

Thanks in advance...

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