January 4th, 2007


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1. Do you think it's possible to love/be in love with 2 (or more) people at once (not talking about being poly, but when you're in a monogamous relationship you fall in love with someone else)
a. Do you tell your SO?
b. What would you do if that other person confessed his/her love to you as well?
c. What would you do if that person told you (s)he wanted to have an affair with you, even if you don't want to end the original relationship?
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1) Ever had a weird feeling in the pit of your stomach only to learn not too long after something had happened to someone you cared about?
- I started to feel weird yesterday morning at work around 3:47am. I later learned that my sister was taken to the ER around that time because she was in very intense pain. I also woke up around 11am for some odd reason looked around my room and went back to sleep [I work from 6pm - 6am] and later learned that my mom was taken to the ER as well because she had some allergic reaction to something or other.

2) Can you recommend a good eyeliner and a good website with make-up applying techniques to someone who has yet to learn how properly apply make-up despite being 22 years old...?
- I was using a powder but that smudges after a while creating these awful black lines.

3) What's the most overtime you have ever accumulated in a month?
- So far that would be 76 hours, 40 of which was done in the span of week...

4) What are you looking forward to this weekend?
- Well my weekend official starts at 6am, in which case I plan to get my hair cut, see my best friend (haven't seen her in almost 2 months), visit my old job, pick up a friend from the airport, see another friend I haven't seen in over 4 years, visit my parents (haven't seen them in almost a month) and catch up on my FFXII game (my roommate is ahead of me). I'm just finally happy I don't have to work overtime and will get 3 days off rather than a span of 24 hours that was only done so I can swap from working 6pm - 6am one day to 6am - 6pm the next. Oy...
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For those of you who use yahoo mail....do they still have that picture showing thing so that you know it's a secure login?

I never actually set a picture or color display thing, because I'm too lazy, but now the option that used to show up (where the question mark is) isn't showing anymore. I haven't logged in tonight, just in case it's a fake page or something.

So...did they get rid of it, or am I getting redirected to a virusy/phishing page?

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1. Has anyone witnessed a family member/close friend on their death bed?

2. Has anyone seen or done something that you know you saw or did but when you tell someone about it, they don't believe you?

1a. I witnessed my grandpa dying. He had been sick for about 4 years before he passed.

2a. Yes, and it involves my grandpa. Something compelled me to go into his room about 5 minutes before he passed away. *Note, my grandpa had been unresponsive and an invalid for 4 years* I walked in and held his hand. He turned his head, winked at me, and passed. I told my dad and grandma about it and still to this day they don't believe me.
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Is it possible to get addicted to a certain type of drink after only having it once?

I had a mudslide for the first time on new years and didn't even want to leave the party without it. I've been thinking about it several times a day since new years and considering asking my friend to buy me the mix, which is extremely unlike me.

Alcoholism runs very strong in my family, could this have something to do with it?
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Show us your tatts

How many people have accidentally tattooed themselves? Where was it, how did you do it, how long ago was it?

I accidentally stabbed myself in the palm of my left hand with a felt tip pen about 4 and a half years ago. I thought the lid was on the pen. My girlfriend did much the same thing except with a pencil in her right hand, though I think that would classify as an implant. Accidental implants are also welcome, but you have to be able to confirm that they are still there. I don't want to see proof, you just have to know for yourself that they are definately still there.

Thursday Three

x posted to my journal, thursdaythree

01: When parking, do you circle the lot, or look for someong going to their car and wait for them to leave?

02: Do you have a favorite T shirt with a logo/graphic on it, what is the graphic of? Why is it your favorite?

03: When you order out, do you get a "usual" or do you try something new?

01: When parking, do you circle the lot, or look for someong going to their car and wait for them to leave?

I circle. I have too short an attention span, to sit and wait. I also don't care, if I have to walk a little further, I usually get there faster than the guy who sits for a stall ten feet from the door.

02: Do you have a favorite T shirt with a logo/graphic on it, what is the graphic of? Why is it your favorite?

I am a sucker for anything with: headphones, speakers, turntables, cassette tapes, on it for a graphic. I have favourite graphic shirts with turntables, cassette tapes and such on them. I love my graphic cotton shirts.

An old favourite of mine had an alien head on it, but it disappeared somehow *insert spooky alien abduction music*

03: When you order out, do you get a "usual" or do you try something new?

I like to order something new. When I order Chinese, I get an old favourite with it, in case I totally bomb on the "something new." When I'm getting something like Vietnamese, I get something new. I will however, never eat, octopus...though I like squid. Perhaps because it's fried in batter.
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1. what's your favorite alcoholic drink and if it's mixed, what's in it?

2. Would you buy a dvd set of a tv show series if you've never seen it before but it looked interesting?

3. Is there a taste difference between brown shelled eggs and regular white shelled eggs? Or better yet, any difference period besides the color?

4. I've never seen brown eggs in the grocery store and I live in florida. Is it a regional thing?

5. What's your favorite non alcoholic drink?
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travel web sites

has anyone booked a vacation through travelzoo.com?
where did you go?
did you save a lot of money?
do you recommend using that site?

has anyone used any other discount travel/vacation sites, like orbitz or any others?
which site did you use?
what did you use it for (airfare, hotel, vacation package, etc)?
did you save a lot of money?
was it easy to use?
do you recommend the site?

any other info you'd like to share (about booking travel on discount websites)?

The Receptionist Classic

Celebrity Greatness and the internet

So, anyone you know have a listing on IMDB? Any corrections to their bio you wish you could make?

A guy I know has a profile on there and they fail to mention that he's an unemployed bum that mooches beer and smokes off his friends while bouncing from couch to couch. (Not that they'd actually put that in his bio. But still. It's annoying to read his bio and know that this is the same 'tard that sat next to me, grabbed my freshly-opened beer and chugged it, and proceeded to bitch about the cell phone reception in the house. Yeah, like you're really getting any important calls, dude. Your own Hollywood brother doesn't call you.)

That said, it's pretty fun to see him liked off an A-list actor's bio. I can point to that and say "That dude totally tried to grab my tits last weekend."
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Why do people allow themselves to be victimized/blame themselves for problems?

How can they get past it?

How much sleep did you get last night?

What taste do you have in your mouth right now?

When was the last time you pooped?

What are some good non-stressful hobbies? Think hard about it and if they would cause ANY amount of stress.

Hypothertical Question: single mother, two kids, three bedrooms, two doors.

Hypothetical question:
You are a single mother and you have two kids, a boy and a girl. You live in a three bedroom, relatively old, relatively small house.

The main bedroom is of course yours. Of the other two rooms, only one has a door. Which one of your kids would you put in the room with the door? Who deserves the privacy more? Why did you put that one in that room?

If it matters, the boy is younger than the girl and at this time, the boy is about 14 and the girl is 16.
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Brain-impaired girl to remain a child forever...

Parents under fire for making their mentally-retarded daughter be a child for forever.

"Three years ago, when Ashley began to display early signs of puberty, her parents instructed doctors to remove her uterus, appendix and still-forming breasts, then treat her with high doses of estrogen to stunt her growth.

In other words, Ashley was sterilized and frozen in time, for ever to remain a child. She was only 6 years old. Afflicted with a severe brain impairment known as static encephalopathy, she cannot walk, talk, keep her head up in bed, or even swallow food. Her parents argued that "keeping her small" was the best way to improve the quality of her life, not to make life more convenient for them.

By remaining a child, they say, Ashley will have a better chance of avoiding everything from bed sores to pneumonia — and the removal of her uterus means that she will never have a menstrual cycle or risk developing uterine cancer."

Do you agree or disagree with their actions? Why?

Snog: A Puppy's Guide to Love

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What's something that's ridiculously petty that your SO does or doesnt do that gets on your nerves?

--mine? He always takes a piece of pizza from the middle...never from one of the sides. Example: one person takes a peice, and normally, to keep the pizza warm, you take one of the two open peices..right? Well, my dear boyfriend takes from the middle...it drives me nuts, but it's so stupid!
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Does anyone have an 'aftertaste' problem? I love sweets, but can't stand the aftertaste of anything sweet. I have a toothbrush and toothpaste in my purse and in my desk at work for that very reason.

Anyone have this affliction to a certain food? All food? Onions? Garlic? LOL.

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what is a print spooler and why wont my scanner software upload because of it?

i mean like, it says that the reason the software wont load is because it needs to fix the print spooler or something like that, but i dont even know what it is! ugggh :/
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So my boyfriend and I were thinking about getting the cheepest netflix plan. 1 DVD at a time, two DVDs a month for $6 or something.
But I was talking to somebody and they said that all the DVDs they got were scratched up and crappy. I don't really know anybody else that is in the program so I don't know if they just have horrible luck or if I should avoid joining.
Does anybody have experience with netflix? Would you recommend it? Are most, if not all, of their movies scratched up?

Can love really conquer all?

Would you date someone who was a bit different looking, physically? Assume this person is handsome/pretty, charming, intelligent, funny and attentive in each of the scenarios below. Would you date this person?

2)had that growth spurt dysfunction and they've grown into a gangly 7' giant
5)missing an arm
6)post-op sex change

Be honest

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I have 2 jobs and need to quit one..

Factory pays: 8.50 per hour for the first 20 days and then goes up to 9.50 after that. You can work over time if you want and on Sundays, it pays double time. people make you feel as though you are not wanted, they make fun of you if you are not like them (skinny, pretty, whatever) and it's boring as hell!!! and it's 3-11

papa johns: teenagers huff canned air to get high (and they are the management that run the shift), takes a toll on Gladys (my car), tips vary, theres room to get into management if I want, I get to drive (which I love to do), i'm semi-independent when i work there. And it's 5-9

what job do I keep?
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When you and your significant other go out to eat and are seated at a 4-person table, do you both sit on the same side or across from each other?

I'm specifically referring to situations where it's just the two of you having a casual meal, and not a date or some other significant event.

Edit: I should have specified a table like a booth, where there is only seating on 2 sides of the table.

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My sister is looking for a pair of boots, and every pair she finds is small enough to fit her feet, but won't zip up over her calves. Her calves are bigger because on her college campus, she walks everywhere. Does anyone know of a brand of boot that would zip up for her? If you've ever faced this problem before, what brand did you buy? Thanks :)
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1) If a situation ever arose where you might need to risk your life to save your pet (say rescuing it from a burning building) would you?

2)What kind of style would you say your furniture has?

3)What are some bands you think had a great first album but definitely went downhill after that?

4)If someone were to ask you to sing a song like Billie Holiday would sing it, could you do it?

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What are three things you can not stand?

mine are:
1. When people say that the best movie Tim Burton directed was The Nightmare Before Christmas. HE DIDN'T DIRECT IT!
2. The horrible movie catwoman.
3. High School Musical.

and who would win?
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Fruit, clothes, gender, and sex.

1. What kind of things would you make for a person who dislikes fruit (except in smoothies)? I love fruit, but my boyfriend doesn't so much... and he needs to be eating better. Doctor's orders. :)
He's trying Activia now, but I want some actual suggestions. Fruit salad?

2. Have you ever envisioned yourself on TLC's "What Not to Wear"? What's your style? What would they see "wrong" with it?
I love the show, and would love for them to make me wear something other than the clothes I've had since 7th grade. (I'm 22.)

3. Are you male? Female? None of the above? All of the above? One way physically, and another mentally?
Female, through and through. Inspired by an androgynous friend of mine. :)

4. What do you (or others!) think is the sexiest part of your body?
My boyfriend loves my ass and boobies -- duh. And my eyes. I like my hair -- it's curly and insane.

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People say everything bagels & poppy seeds can make you test positive for opium. Is there anything else that can make you test positive for any drugs, besides of course drugs themselves?
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Challenge of the Week

7:44 PM 1/3/07 · Unlike my usual movie related challenges, I don't mind if you decide to source info from the Internet Movie Database or Wikipedia. Feel free...although I would prefer you pick stuff you've actually seen. There's no way I can actually confirm that little fact though so we're gonna have to operate on faith.

How many movies can you name that had no more than 10 actors in it?
  • This counts both main characters, minor ones, & extras.

  • No listing porn films, that's too easy.

  • Big screen movies are preferrable but not necessary.

  • That's about it for any kinda rules.

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    1. does your SO do anything that really disgusts you?
    my husband rubs his sweaty balls and wipe the smell on my forehead

    2. how much toilet paper do you go through in a week/month?
    we go through about 24 rolls in 2 weeks and there's jsut the 2 of us

    3. can one ever ask too many questions?
    yeah, I think I do sometimes
    Snog: A Puppy's Guide to Love


    I just moved into a new apartment, and the two girls I share it with have lived here for the past 6 months. There are these tiny bugs flying around (not like, a huge mess of them, but maybe 10 or so?) and one of my roommates thinks they're from her plants, so she started spraying them with Raid. I think it might be from thier lack of taking out trash and doing dishes (but I havent mentioned this). They kind of remind me of fruit flies, and may be those.

    Anyone know what these are, where they might have come from, and how I can get rid of them??

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    inspired by zonker25:

    play along w/me here:

    if i were forced to give up secrets, and the only way to do it was by using food, for me it would have to be SEE'S "nuts & chews"

    no lie...
    not only will i tell you deep dark secrets, but i will spill the beans on where jimmy hoffa is truly buried and who really shot jfk...
    or i'd just make that shit up and sound unbelievably convincing...

    1. given the same set of circumstances - what food/snack/choc. would it be for you to talk/spill the beans?
    2. to the questions of where jimmy hoffa is buried and who REALLY killed jfk - what convincing story would you make up?
    3. what was the last food/drink you had a craving for and did you get it?
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    Valmont's Cruel Liasons

    I love the movie Valmont. I liked the movie Cruel Intentions. I tolerated the movie Dangerous Liasons. They're all the same story, retold with different actors. In the poll below, pick who you think was the best player for each role. Try not to pick any if you've only seen one movie, for you don't know what the competition is, unless you feel that that actor was so great that you can't imagine anyone being better.

    Best Madame Merteuil/Katherine Merteuil?

    Glen Close
    Annette Benning
    Sarah Michelle Geller

    Best Sebastion/Valmont?

    John Malcovich
    Colin Firth
    Ryan Phillipe

    Best Madame Tourvel/Annette Hargrove?

    Michelle Pfeiffer
    Meg Tilly
    Reese Witherspoon

    Best Cecile?

    Uma Thurman
    Fairuza Balk
    Selma Blair

    Best Danceny?

    Keanu Reeves
    Henry Thomas


    When spring arrives, we are going to adopt a puppy. The only problem is that I haven't decided on a breed (mixed or not, still need an idea of what we're after)...what kind of dog would be right for our situation:

    We live in an apartment (large) with a weight limit (60lbs, but I might be willing to go bigger for the right dog, the apartment isn't strict at all, I'd just rather stick to the lease), but live in the middle of a huge park (we spend lots of time outside)
    Small children
    No yippie dogs

    When I was growing up, we had dogs but none were trained well (if at all)...I want to be able to teach our dog good habits. Especially regarding potty training, obviously...I'm not one of those people who find pee on my carpet endearing. Can anyone point me towards some puppy training resources online?

    What about links to training resources for older dogs specifically. We might end up adopting an older dog, because I turn to goo in the humane society, lol.


    You have five months off of school and you want to find a full-time, relatively high-paying job for those months so you decide to go to an employment agency. Would you tell them that you only needed a job for five months?
    Assuming that you didn't, they offer you some fantastic jobs that are well over 40-50K/ yr but require at least a month's worth of training, would you take it or look for something that required not as much training? Would you even worry about the employer or would you just do the job to the best of your ability for the five months and then quit at the end of that time with no regrets or anything on your conscience?
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    Mitty box

    (no subject)

    1) Does applesauce ever go bad?
    2) How about pudding?
    3) Do you ever actually eat any leftovers you bring home from a resteraunt?

    ETA: 4) Is there a certain word, that no matter how many times you see it spelled, you still misspell it? Mine? Resteraunt, obviously, lol.

    1) I have those little cups of applesauce in the fridge, but they don't have an expiration date on them. They've been in there for about 4 or 5 months. I am scared to open them and taste one.
    2) Same as above for the pudding.
    3) I have 4 boxes from 4 different resteraunts in the fridge and I think I may throw them out.

    ETA2: The applesauce definately has no expiration date, but the puddings say 08NOV06
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    Give Peace A Chance

    Heaters and hooters

    1) Has anyone here ever had to replace a water heater in their home? Has anyone ever used one of these: http://www.titanheater.com/whytankless.php ? My water heater has sprung a leak (pretty sure it's rusting) and I'm looking at around $500 to replace it, which I'd really not have to do.

    2) Honestly, does anyone care about Britney Spears, KFed, and/or Lindsay Lohan? Why do we have to hear about them on the radio, tv, internet daily? Britney can't sing, Lindsay can't act, and I still haven't figured out what/why Kevin Federline is or why I even know who he is. On second thought, let's not give them any more attention than they already have. /rant
    that's what she said!
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    Joke from The Break-Up

    In the movie "The Break-Up" there's a scene toward the beginning where the family is sitting around the dinner table, and they start telling jokes.  The second joke only gets through like half the set-up and we never hear the punch line (something about a gay eskimo, I think?) - any one know the full joke, including the punch line?

    dwight working at staples
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    This is for those of you who watch the show The Office (US version):

    Who do you think Michael took to Sandals? That Benihana girl wouldn't go with him and Carol broke up with him, and in the last episode, it showed him on the phone, asking someone if they wanted to go with him.

    Personally I think it was Jan. I think she does have a thing for Michael, but is in denial about it because he asks so stupid.
    *betty draper reading

    slow LJ

    Anybody else getting their LJ comments e-mailed really SLOWLY today?

    I just received a notification for a comment that was posted four hours ago. WTF?
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    for my women's studies class

    Gender: M / F

    Age: ____

    What do you believe constitutes the perfect male body?

    What do you believe constitutes the perfect female body?

    Have you ever felt insecurities about your weight or body?

    What factors do you believe contributed to your insecurity?

    Have you ever had anyone call you fat or make a negative comment about your body?

    What feature are you most insecure about?

    Have you become more and or less comfortable with your body throughout the years?

    Would you prefer to have the perfect body or great conversational skills?

    What about for your partner (perfect body or great conversational skills)?

    Would you ever consider plastic surgery?

    (no subject)

    My computer has died: just switched itself off and refuses to come back on. I am guessing that either the power supply, the motherboard or the processor has somehow been damaged, possibly by overheating or an electric shock. (I've checked the plug's fuse.) Question: is there a way to tell which it is?


    1. When was the last time you went to the dentist? Do you dislike going to one?
    2. Are your teeth in good condition? If not, what do you have (cavities, impacted teeth, etc.)?
    3. Do you floss? If not, why?

    Edited to add:
    4. Have you ever had your teeth whitened professionally? If yes, which system did you use (Brite Smile, Zoom etc.) and did you like it?

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    Me-skateboard wedding


    For those of you that have been baptised and have Godparents, are they related to you?

    Are there any prerequisites and/or restrictions on who can become a Godparent?

    My In-Laws are insisting that my Sister in law become our son's Godmother. I have Godparents, but they happened to be my Mother's best friends at the time, in which we no longer keep in touch. We haven't even discussed baptismal yet, let alone us not stepping foot in a church for YEARS.

    I'm not sure if there are any 'rules' about who is to be a child's Godparents, so I thought I'd ask here.

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    (no subject)

    Can a university tell when you've gone to another university but don't put it on your application form?

    Like, if I wanted to go to University A but flunked out of University B 5 years ago and I don't put a trascript or anything on my application form do they have some sort of background check they do?

    (no subject)

    I'm trying to find a book, and this is gonna be vague. Sorry.

    It's a romance paper back. I thought it might be by Lori Foster but I've looked and I'm almost positive it's not. It's about a woman who's sister disappears and so she starts to work at a phone sex place because that's the last place her sister worked at, and there's a detective involved and she ends up falling in love with him and whatnot.

    It's fairly recent. Last five years or so I'd say.

    Anybody have an idea?

    x-posted to other communities.

    (no subject)

    I'd like to buy something off the Urban Outfitters website. Is there a way I can do this using my paypal account?

    I just don't want to have to use my credit card when there's money in my paypal account. Thanks in advance for helping!

    Gotta Catch 'Em All

    1.) How pissed would you be if one of your perverted guy friends said "When it comes to looks, you're only an 8 out of 10."

    2.) when I start my itunes, it says it can't find a quicktime file, i tried re-installing, but it hasn't worked... what's up with that?

    3.) how cool would i be if i brought my old Nintendo 64 to college?

    4.) You loaned your cousin about five Nintendo 64 games a few years ago, you always nagged him to bring them back, he always "forgot". Now you hear he's selling them, what do you do?

    5.) I'm 19 years old and i still LOVE pokemon. I did a report on pokemon cards when I was 11 or 12 and I got laughed at and tormented by my fellow classmates. Does anyone else still love their childhood obsessions? Did you ever get picked on because of them?

    6.) Whats the weirdest childhood obsession you ever had? When I was 6 or 7 I read through entire dictionaries, encyclopedias and medical dictionaries.

    EDIT: is there an alternative to using itunes?.. I have an ipod, and I'm worried...

    (no subject)

    I know this has been posted before, but I couldn't find it in the FAQ's.

    How can I make it so I don't have to see other people's userpics? There are some I really like, but others that I find very inappropriate and would rather not look at them.

    Thanks guys!

    (no subject)

    i used photoshop six years ago in high school to create labels and tshirts in a graphic design class.
    well i have ps elements 5.0 now.  it's way different (and so much more complicated).  

    what do you suggest for a book or online tutorial to help me out?  i need something comprehensive..from making things like tshirts to editing photos..

    garden state, awesome flower

    The greatest show on earth

    I just found my program from when I went to the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus when I was 10 (six years ago).

    Have you ever been to the circus?
    Was it the Ringlingwhatever one or a different one? (Do you think it should have a shorter name?)
    How old were you?
    Did the clowns scare you?
    Did you eat too much cotton candy and throw up?
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    (no subject)

    1.) You're in a class that's a free period. You are joking around with a girl who is of a different race than you. You joke that you are too lazy to get your mp3 player, and she says

    "Oh, I'll get it for you. Wait, do you have (insert your race) music on it? You probably do, don't you? I don't want to get it."

    What do you say?

    2.) You're in a book discussion class. You attend a school that allows entrance only through competitive examinations, written recommendations and a prepared applications as well as written essays. For whatever reason, you're the only one of your race in the class. After the class, a very good friends tells you she overheard someone say this:

    "There's a (insert your race) kid in our group? I didn't know any (insert your race) kids went to our school!"

    Would this offend you? Would you believe your friend? What would you do?
    Team Clinton

    Bad Business

    About a month ago my mom paid $250 to a small, local roofing company to fix a leak in the roof of our sunroom. The work was "guaranteed." Said roof still leaks. Repeated phone calls to the business have gone unanswered and messaged are not returned. What should be the next step in this situation? One of my mother’s friends suggested small claims court, but we don’t know if that’s what should be done…not to mention how to start that process if it is what should be done.


    Burning questions

    1) In most scenarios, do the ends justify the means? Or is the ethical way of sorting it out more important than the results?

    2) Is truth always the best policy? Do you feel that truth should be offered in all situations, or are some lies preferable when the truth may be devastating?

    3) The Iraqi and Afghanistan wars have revealed some interesting things. Is Democracy the best thing for every country? The U.S. helped engineer free elections in both countries. Afghanistan appointed leaders the U.S. didn't agree with and in Iraq, we kind of tampered with the candidates so the leader elected would be less militant and more open to working with the U.S. Iraq didn't really have a free election. Is democracy just a buzzword or does it have meaning still?

    4) Can you have a crush on someone you've never laid eyes upon, someone whose picture you've never seen? Have you ever fallen for someone on the internet without/before images being swapped?

    (no subject)

    So I got this cool game the other day called 'A Bit of Banter' (sadly, it's the Jr edition). My mate & I thought it would be a cool game to play when we're drunk at 3am with nothing left to talk about. So it's pretty much just a whole heap of cards with questions on them & the person that wins is who is voted 'Best Banterer'.

    But whatever, I thought I'd pick out some random questions.

    1. What's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?
    2. Finish this sentence: I'd like to have...
    3. Is there something that your friend/friends own that you would love to have? What is it?
    4. Have you ever had a serious illness?
    5. What's the first thing you notice about a person?
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    cat mask

    (no subject)

    Do you know if there are any laws that prohibit the act of knowingly passing on an STD?
    I know there are laws in certain states about passing on HIV, but I wanted to know about STDs/STis.

    I live in NY.


    Edit: Answered.
    lulu guinness clutch


    A possible meteorite crashed into a house about a mile from me on Tuesday night. My dad was telling me about it, and I was kind of disappointed it didn't land on our house. I think it would be kind of exciting to have a meteorite crash through my roof. He told me I was crazy, and that it wouldn't be even a bit exciting.

    Do you think it would be even remotely exciting to have a meteorite hit your house?

    i like lists

    1) Do you take a multi-vitamin? Which one? Has it noticeably helped you in any way?

    2) I know variations of this get asked a lot, but how did you decide on your LJ name? I really like mine but I'd prefer a name that is one word and no underscores. I'm thinking of changing it, but I don't know how to come up with anything good. Did it just come to you, or did you look through song lyrics, books, a dictionary...anything?

    3) My boyfriend put a load of wash into the dryer...and one of his pockets held a blue ballpoint pen. One of my pyjama tops is now forever ruined. Even worse, the inside of the washer and the door are horribly stained with blue ink. We have a front loading dryer...what should we use to clean it? I tried a Magic Eraser but it didn't work and I was worried about damaging the enamel. My mom suggested Fantastik but I haven't tried it yet. Any other ideas?

    Attention electricians!

    So, I just got my first Hydro (electric) bill since my tenant moved in (yes, THAT tenant - the one with the loud boyfriend)  Imagine my shock when the bill was DOUBLE what it was this time last year!!!  Especially because last year, there were 5 people living here, and now it's (supposed to be) only 3!!  And that's not because of rate increases, the average kWh/day is nearly double as well.

    So I went to talk to the tenant about it this morning- she wasn't home.  I could hear her stereo was on, though (and it is nearly every day).  She came home about 7:00 this evening, and I went to talk to her about it.  I mentioned that one reason might be the fact that she always leaves her stereo and lights on when she leaves the house.  Her response was that it takes more power to turn something on and off than it would to just leave it on.

    So, is she right?  I'm sure it would depend on how long it's left on, but can anyone provide me with how much energy it takes to power something up/down?  Just a general idea, or even a site where you can figure stuff like that out would be awesome.  



    Entertainment with a faith-based origin

    a) How many of you are going to watch the christian horror film Thr3e? Yep, not a typo. Christian horror film. I guess it's more aggressively christian than The Visitation

    b) On a related matter, how many of you are going to eventually play the 'Left Behind' video game? I read you can play the Antichrist, but you're not allowed to win if you do. The sources of the devil's spies in this game are rock musicians and secular activists, and apparently all the christian insurgents lurk in coffeehouses. I kid you not

    c) Do you like it when religion gets involved in our media and entertaining distractions?
    bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

    (no subject)

    This has to be one of the dumbest things I've ever heard of...or not. But my mom is saying that when someone from another state puts cash into your checking account, you can't take money out until the next day or something. And when the person with the checking account is in another country, and someone from the states puts cash into their account...they don't receive it for 2 days. Is that even possible? Or does it differ from different banks?

    Washington Mutual is my bank and I'm in NYC...and whenever my friend from Chicago puts money in my account, I can take it out right away.

    Please...someone tell me how it works. My mom is driving me crazy.
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    Facebook weird guy

    First Q: Edit: I deleted the weird dude. I just was curious on what you guys thought of him, he's a friend of my friend from college. I put up with it because I always thought he was drunk at the time so I just ignored it.

    Thank you guys for the serious answers.

    Insults weren't appreciated.. there's no need to be an asshat over something stupid like this.

    Second Q: When I click control+alt+delete, the window comes up, but I can't click on the tabs that are usually there at the top.. and I can't x out of the window.. what happened? how can i fix it..?

    (no subject)

    So I'm on the website collegeboard.com, which has a really good search engine for schools, and it's really awesome for finding schools in the states....but I want to go to school in Canada. Does anyone know if there's a canadian school search engine out there?
    • gruyere

    Filling cracks in foam rubber

    I've had my desk chair for about four and a half years now. I like it a lot, but the armrests, which are made of foam rubber (mounted on metal), are cracking, and it's uncomfortable. Is there something I can use to fill in the cracks? Rubber cement, maybe?
    lulu guinness clutch

    23rd Street.

    The 23rd street subway station has mosaic hats on the walls (Picture #1, #2, and #3.) One day I would like to go there specifically to take pictures to make it look like people are wearing the hats (me, the people I'm with, strangers on the other side of the platform.) Whenever I tell someone they tell me it's stupid and ridiculous. Personally I think it would be ridiculously cool. I'm there at least 2 or 3 times a month so it's not like I'd have to go out of my way at all.

    So, is this really a stupid and ridiculous idea?

    no, it sounds fun!
    It's not stupid, but it isn't something I'd want to do.
    It's not particularly stupid, but it is horribly unorginal.
    • bentlie

    (no subject)

    1 - Are you sick right now?  Or in recovery?
    2 - Do you/did you have the viral sore throat that is "going around"?
    3 - how long is it lasting/did it last?
    4 - How did you treat it?
    5 - Is there any hope for me?  I've been sick since New Years Eve.  :(

    .the game is on!.

    (no subject)

    1. What are the origins of the phrase "...on the fritz" As in, 'His computer went on the fritz.'

    2. Favorite brand of potato chips?

    3. Who, in your opinion, is the wittiest historical figure?

    4. Which insect do you hate the most?

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    girls; sand
    • reeling

    (no subject)

    If you consider yourself straight/gay, have you ever had sex with someone of the gender you're not attracted to? If so, why?

    If you're bisexual/queer/whatever, do you tend to lean more towards one gender than the other? If so, why?
    got milk?

    (no subject)

    1)How often do you flake out on your friends?
    2)What's your favorite animal to see at the zoo?
    3)What do you think is the strangest food you've ever eaten?
    4)When you hear someone with a dry, raspy voice, does it make you want to constantly clear your throat?
    I like Bukkake
    • kcroft

    my shiny teeth & me

    I've got yellow teeth so I went and bought Arm & Hammer Whitening toothpaste.

    Any hazards or bad effects I need to know about?
    (like peeling away enamel layers,...)
    Any other ways to lessen that yellowness on my teeth?

    Collapse )
    I See What U Do


    OK, I'm trying to set up a wireless router so that my laptop doesn't have to be connected to the cable modem or the router.. according to the installation instructions, I did everything right.. but it doesn't work when I disconnect the laptop from the router.

    What am I doing wrong? I can't find anything else that I'm supposed to do....
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    lead me


    Anybody here drive a Ford Escape, a Mercury Mariner, or a Mazda Tribute?

    If you do -- tell me some stuff about it. What do you like and what would you like to see changed? What do you think about its cargo space/fuel mileage/other neat amenities? If you purchased the vehicle, why did you choose it over what you were looking at? What sold it for you? Do you have the safety canopy system? And have you had any problems with the vehicle?
    Hello Kitty -- multicolored

    Another cousin question.

    1. What is my mother's cousin in relation to me?

    2. What is my cousin's child in relation to me?

    3. My mother has a cousin who has children and grandchildren. What are the children in relation to me? The grandchildren?

    I've always been curious; ilumiari's question inspired me to ask. (I've always just said "second cousins," "fourth cousins," even though I'm thinking I may have been wrong!

    (no subject)

    I have a pair of leather & suede shoes. They are sopping, soaking, unbelievably wet, due to walking in them in the rain for what seemed like forever. I would like to get them dry before tomorrow, if possible. I have a dryer; however, it doesn't have a nifty shoe-drying setting or anything fancy. I have a hairdryer, but it's crap. Do I have any hope, Obi-Wan Kenobi?

    (no subject)

    I have a dilemma.
    I am going on a trip tomorrow evening that will involve a hotel and a pool and a hot tub. Unfortunately, the bathing suit I had last summer doesn't fit me (its too big). I don't have one that fits me, and I'm not about to buy one because I have been losing a lot of weight, and I most certainly will be much smaller by summer.
    I don't really have any friends who are my size, either.
    What do you suggest?

    (no subject)

    1. Am I total spoiled brat if it upsets me that neither my parents nor my best friend got me gifts for the holidays? I got them all gifts, and creative, personal well-thought out gifts, and I got nothing. I know the holidays aren't about presents, but I still am kinda bummed. Baby or no baby? And for that matter... do I bring it up? Let it slide? Oh I don't know.

    2. Even if you have nothing to do, do you force yourself to stay up late when you know you can sleep in the next morning?
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    (no subject)

    Is it possible for persons of the opposite sex to have truly platonic relationships? Or will the attraction that brought them together in the first place (be it personality or looks) always result in some form of sexual tension (which may or may not ever be acted upon or even acknowledged)?